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Unknown Sterry

Unknown Sterry
Given names
Marriage of a childWilliam SterrySarah BakerView this family
October 14, 1628
Marriage 1628 Oct 14 William Sterrey & Sara Baker
Birth of a grandson
Richard Sterry
about 1629

Christening of a grandsonRichard Sterry
July 26, 1629
Baptism 1629 Jul 26 Richard s. of William Sterry, of W
Birth of a granddaughter
Margaret Sterry
about 1631

Christening of a granddaughterMargaret Sterry
July 3, 1631
Baptism 1631 Jul 3 Margaret d. of William Sterrey
Birth of a grandson
Timothy Sterry
about 1633

Christening of a grandsonTimothy Sterry
January 31, 1633
1632/33 Jan 31 Timothy d. (sic) of William Sterry
Birth of a granddaughter
Elizabeth Sterry
about 1634

Christening of a granddaughterElizabeth Sterry
February 28, 1634
1633/34 Feb 28 Elizabeth d. of William Sterrey
Birth of a granddaughter
Sarah Sterry
about 1637

Death of a granddaughterMargaret Sterry

Death of a granddaughterElizabeth Sterry

Christening of a granddaughterSarah Sterry
January 22, 1637
1636/37 Jan 22 Sarah d of William Sterey baptised. (William Sterey signed the register as 'economis')
Burial of a granddaughterMargaret Sterry
July 25, 1637
1637 Jul 25 Margoret Stery buried
Burial of a granddaughterElizabeth Sterry
August 14, 1637
1637 Aug 14 Elizabeth Sterry buried
Death of a granddaughterSarah Sterry

Burial of a granddaughterSarah Sterry
January 4, 1639
1638/39 Jan 4 Sarah d. of Willm Sterry buried
Birth of a grandchild
about 1640

Death of a grandchildSterry

Burial of a grandchildSterry
October 15, 1640
Burial 1640 Oct 15 The unbap. child of William Sterie buried
Death of a sonWilliam Sterry

Burial of a sonWilliam Sterry
August 27, 1646
1646 Aug 27 William Sterrey buried
Death of a grandsonRichard Sterry
about 1672
Citation details: 1672, Richard Sterry; FHL microfilm 95,654
Will Richard Sterrey, 1672, yeoman, West Bromwich Staffordshire 1672 Aug 13 Richard Sterrey West Bromwich In the drinke buttery«tab» li«tab»s«tab»d «tab»«tab» one great whiche two eele fatts one tub«tab»«tab»1«tab»2«tab»0 one cheese prese three shelves three barrels two bigger baskets and one lesser one plate and one grid iron «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» In the dayrie house «tab» one ponderinge tube one churne«tab»«tab»0«tab»16«tab»0 one water tube one shelve and one dresser seaven cheese fats one tree and one little kneading tube «tab»«tab»«tab» In the brew house «tab»«tab»«tab» One inruase two brewing lombes«tab»«tab»4«tab»0«tab»0 two tubes and one keeling sombe and one kneedinge tube and lidd eight pailes & two gannes & one bench «tab» Three bottles & two searches and«tab»«tab»0«tab»6«tab»8 one clensinge sive Three flichins of bacon and one peece«tab» three peeces of beefe«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»13«tab» In the parlor over the seller «tab»«tab»«tab» One joined bed steed one plaine bed steed«tab»«tab»«tab» One joined chest eight coffers one«tab» 3«tab»0«tab»0 Prese one paire of tables«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab»«tab» One feather bed two bolsters & two pillos«tab»«tab»«tab» Two blankes and one ruge one paire of sheets one other feather two bolsters and foure blankets & one paire of sheets«tab»«tab»«tab»3«tab»10«tab»0 In the seller «tab»«tab»«tab» Nine hogesheads two halfe hogsheads and one butt and beare therein«tab»«tab»«tab»5«tab»10«tab»0 In the chamber over the hall «tab»«tab»«tab» One longe table one forme two joined stooles and three chaires«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»2«tab»0 One fire shovel & tonges and one andiron«tab»0«tab»3«tab»0 two feather beds one paire of blankets one coverlet one bolster & two pilloes«tab»«tab»4«tab»0«tab»0 one carpet and seaven quishens«tab»«tab»0«tab»13«tab»0 In the eagle chamber «tab»«tab»«tab» one andiron one little table one forme foure joined stooles foure chaires and one twigen chaire«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»15«tab»0 one joined bedsteed one feather bed and one chasebed under three blankets and one ruge two bolsters & a pillow«tab»«tab»«tab» with curtains and vallense«tab»«tab»«tab»4«tab»15«tab»0 one truckle bed one feather bed two«tab»«tab»«tab» blankets one bolster one pillow«tab»«tab»2«tab»5«tab»0 one carpet & five quishens«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»5«tab»0 In the three munes «tab»«tab»«tab» one longe table and one forme one chaire«tab»«tab»8«tab»0 two joined bedsteeds one truckle bedsteed two feather beds one flocke bed and one chasebed two paire of blankets two coverlets two paire of curtains and vallense and foure bolstersand one carpet«tab»«tab»«tab»7«tab»19«tab»0 At James Buns house two joined bedsteeds«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 In the ___[?]«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»li«tab»s«tab»d one forme and one bench«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»1«tab»6 one joined bedsteed one feather bed one flocked bed two bolsters two blankets one cover with curtains & valence one truckle bedsteed one feather bed«tab»«tab»«tab» one bolster and a pillow and two blankets«tab»«tab»6«tab»0«tab»0 In the seller chamber «tab»«tab»«tab» one halfehead bedsteed and two plaine bedsteeds one feather bed and two chase«tab»«tab»«tab» beds and c__les belongeinge to them«tab»«tab»2«tab»2«tab»0 In the litle __te chamber «tab»«tab»«tab» One halfe headed bedsteed one feather bed«tab»«tab»«tab» Two bolsters and two blankets«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 In the chamber over the drinke buttery «tab» «tab»«tab» one joined bedsteed one feather bed and one chase bed three blankets and«tab»«tab»«tab» one ruge two bolsters & two pilloes«tab»«tab»6«tab»0«tab»0 one half headed bed and one truckle bed«tab»«tab»«tab» one featherbed three blankets two bolsters«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 two sheets two boxes one little cubbert«tab»«tab»«tab» one glase crate foure swords«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»14«tab»0 one chaire one little trunke«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»2«tab»6 one cofer and one little box«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»3«tab»6 foure __bles and twelve other books«tab»«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 In the great cocklast «tab»«tab»«tab» one bo_e of hopes«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»15«tab»0 flax hempe and hurds«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»10«tab»0 hempe and flaxen yarne«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»10«tab»0 woole«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»4«tab»0«tab»0 cheese __ and old oatemeal and greats«tab»«tab»0«tab»3«tab»0 loose feathers in a bag & a tube«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 fourteen loves of bread «tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»7«tab»0 one peec of new woollen cloth«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»10«tab»0 one peec of new flaxen cloth«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»10«tab»0 one peec of new hurdon cloth«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»16«tab»0 fifteen paire of flaxen sheets twelve paire of hempen sheets nine paire of hurdon sheets, ten tab clothes«tab»«tab»«tab» 9«tab»0«tab»0 one dozen and a halfe of flaxen napkins«tab»«tab»0«tab»13«tab»6 one dozen and a halfe of course napkins«tab»«tab»0«tab»8«tab»0 two towls and a paire of pillow beers«tab»«tab»0«tab»5«tab»0 three ca__ts and six cushins«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»10«tab»0 In the barn «tab»«tab»«tab» one great harrow & two small harrows one longe ladder one wheele barrow«tab» and two _lankes«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 one haru_t wagon three plowes and«tab»«tab»«tab» one ode paire of wheeles & a tumbell barg«tab»3«tab»0«tab»0 one great trough a bucket and chaine«tab»«tab»«tab» and other small troughts«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 rakes and forkes«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»10«tab»0 one cow of iron two matockes a spade«tab»«tab»«tab» and a rake and one axe«tab» 0«tab»10«tab»0 for the __e trunke & other ode timber«tab»«tab»1«tab»10«tab»0 plankes over the stuble«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 One mault mill & a tutow«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 In the shop «tab»«tab»«tab» one paire of bellows one _ull«tab»«tab»«tab» and one vice«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»10«tab»0 brickes and limbe«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»8«tab»0 In the stable «tab»«tab»«tab» seaven wagon horses and __ geeres[?]«tab»«tab»28«tab»0«tab»0 one great whiche craches & regns«tab»«tab»0«tab»10«tab»0 the wagon and two cart wagons and two paire of geeres __ timber chaine and old iron«tab»7«tab»0«tab»0 the hickney horse and a bridle sadle«tab»«tab»«tab» and two colts«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»8«tab»10«tab»0 the mucke«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»3«tab»0«tab»0 twenty loade of coles«tab»«tab»«tab»5«tab»0«tab»0 eight great swine & six h_ones«tab»«tab»«tab»9«tab»0«tab»0 eight cowes and a bull«tab»«tab»«tab»20«tab»0«tab»0 foure heifers«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»5«tab»0«tab»0 nineteen sheep«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»3«tab»0«tab»0 In the barne foure calves«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 corne in the barne unthrashed«tab»«tab»«tab»8«tab»0«tab»0 wheat and barley thrashed & unthrashed«tab»«tab»1«tab»15«tab»0 five and twenty strike of oates«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»5«tab»- In the ground about home «tab»«tab»«tab» six ackers of mastline«tab»«tab»«tab»9«tab»0«tab»- ten acres of oates & flax & hempe«tab»«tab»9«tab»0«tab»- twenty five acres of oates in the«tab»«tab»«tab» ground at West Bromwich hall«tab»«tab»«tab»16«tab»0«tab»- in the barne at West Bromwich hall«tab»«tab»«tab» oates to thrash«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»5«tab»0«tab»- rie to thrash«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»6«tab»0«tab»- twelve bags and one winoing sheet one strike & peckes & halfe peckes«tab»«tab»«tab» and fines and riddles«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 geese turkes pee cokes & hennes«tab»«tab»«tab» and other poultery«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»13«tab»4 the lease of Dayes house«tab»«tab»«tab»5«tab»0«tab»0 book debts oweinge to him«tab»«tab»«tab»14«tab»14«tab»4 desperate debts oweing«tab»«tab»«tab»30«tab»3«tab»0 his weareinge reparrell t__ purse «tab»«tab»«tab» and money therein«tab»«tab»«tab» 13«tab»14«tab»4 all thinges forgotten & out of sight«tab»«tab»0«tab»5«tab»0 sum totall «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»338«tab»13«tab»2 Humfrey Euston Richard Jesson John Hawkes Henry Hunt Richard B Bun his marke Sarah Sterry her mark Margret Hawkes Imps in the hall house«tab»«tab» li«tab»s«tab»d one longe table boards two joined formes one joined stoole two chaires one screene and one cubbert & one little table«tab»«tab»2«tab»3«tab»0 one andiron one fire shovel & tonges and one bucke plate«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 one jacke and one clocke & waughts«tab»«tab»1«tab»10«tab»0 three smothinge irons one morter and pestell one paire of belloes one tosteinge«tab»«tab»«tab» iron and three little stooles«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»7«tab»0 In the parlor «tab»«tab»«tab» one little andiron one fireshovell & tonges one little table & a forme and thre chaires«tab»«tab»«tab» and one joined stoole«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»12«tab»0 one joined bedsteed one truckle bedsted one feather bed and one chase bed under it one paire of blankets and a coverlet two bolsters and one pillow one paire of sheets and one pillow beeare with curtains and valence upon the truckle bed one feather bed one pillow and one bolster two blankets and one coverlet one warmeinge pan«tab»«tab»6«tab»0«tab»0 In the kitchen «tab»«tab»«tab» one andiron one paire of pot gailes five broaches two paire of cobberts«tab»«tab»«tab» and one paire of rackes«tab»«tab»«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 foure dreepinge pans«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»14«tab»0 five brasse pots & one brasse morter«tab»«tab»4«tab»10«tab»0 two brasse pans & six brass ketles and three bigger brasse ketles«tab»«tab»«tab»2«tab»0«tab»0 One iron pot one skimmer two basting ladles one fryinge pan & two cheeners one swredinge knife & two flesh forkes«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»8«tab»0 one peele«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»0«tab»6 three pweeter voyders three & twenty dishes of pweeter & one be_pan«tab»«tab»4«tab»2«tab»0 five sawcers foure salts foure pollender dishes and dozen and a halfe of spoons«tab»«tab»«tab» one tinn dreepinge pan«tab»«tab»«tab»0«tab»?«tab»? six pweeter chamber pots nine flagons«tab»«tab»«tab» two gu_nes and one can & three candlestiks«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 one whiche one forme & two benches«tab»«tab»«tab» three shelves & one stoke & one hackinebord«tab»1«tab»0«tab»0 one dozen and a halfe of noggens six dozen of bowl«tab»«tab»«tab» In the name of God Amen The fourth day January in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seventie and one an[n]oq[u]e regni Caroli s[e]c[un]d[u]s nunc reg Anglus &c xxiii I Richard Sterry of Westbromwich in the county of Stafford yeom[an] being weake in body but of a good and perfect meoire & understanding (praised be almighty God therefore) and considering that it is appointed for all men once to dye and the tyme to have of beinge alltogeather unknown do therefore make this my last will and testament in maner following that is to say First I do comitt my selfe into the hands of almighty God my creator trusting to obtayne the full pardon of all my sins through his tender mercy in and through Jesus Christ our only lord and saviour and to be made ptaker of a joyfull resurrection unto everlasting life and my body to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried at the discretion of Alice my wellbeloved wife. And for such worldly goods and estate which God hath given me here I do dispose of as followeth vizt First I do give and devise unto the said Alice my wife her executors and assigns all my messuages cottages lands tenements meadows pastures and hereditaments whatsoever to hold the same lands & premises with their appurtenances unto the said Alice her executors and assignes for and during the terms of eight years next after my decease to the nitem[?] that she the said Alice shall with the rents issues and profits thereof to ensure as __ the ca__[?] raise porcons f__[?] my children hereafter in this my present named and pay the same unto them as herein hereafter is menconed and what shall be wanting of their said porcons to pay the residue__ of their porcons out of my personal estate Also __ my sone Richard Sterry or the __[?] heires shall well and truly pay unto my sone Thomas Sterry the sume of forty__[?] pounds of lawfull English money within three months next after the said Thomas shall come to his age of one and twenty yeares Then I do give unto the said Richard Sterry and his heirs after the said eight years all that parcel of ground now or heretofore divided into severall parts now or late called or knowne by the name of Wall Hayes lying in West Bromwich aforesaid in the said county of Stafford between the land of the lord of the manor of West Bromwich aforesaid the land late of Francis Hawke and now of John Hawke the land late of Thomas Sheldon and the lane leading from greate bridge towards West Bromwich church. But if my said sone Richard Sterry and his heirs shall fayle to pay unto my said sone Thomas the said sume of forty pounds within the said tyme of three moneths next after the said Thomas Sterry shall come to his said age of one and twenty years then I do give and devise unto the said Thomas Sterry my said sone and his heirs foe ever all the said parcel of ground with the appurtenances called Wall Hayes as the same is now divided unto severall parts. Also whereas John Shelton of West Bromwich aforesaid isqe [?] by inventure beareinge date the six and twentieth day of March in the yeare of our lord one thousand six hundred fifty and nyne did devise unto me one messuage or tenement wth a barne shop garden and croft to the same belonging lying in West Bromwich aforesaid for the term of fourefree and nineteen years determineable upon the decease of me Alice my wife and Richard my sone I do give and devise the rents issues and profits of the said messuage and premises unto the said Alice my wife dureing her natural life and after her decease I do give the same messuage and premises and all my interest therein to my said sone Thomas and his assignes dureing all the remainder of the__ terme he and they paying the rent for the same to the said landlord thereof. Also I do give and bequeath unto him the said Thomas Sterry the sume of forty pounds of lawful English money to be paid unto him by my Executrix when he shall come to his age of one and twenty years. Also I do give unto my sone William the sume of five pounds of good English money to be paid to him when he shall come to his age of one and twenty yeares. Also I do give and bequeath unto my daughters Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Alice, Ann and Margaret to every one of them the sume of fifty pounds of lawfull English money. All the said legacies in money above mentioned to be paid o them who are under the age of one and twenty yeares at five tymes as they shall severally and respectively come to have severall and respective ages of one and twenty years or days of marriage whichever shall first happen without any deductions out of the same __ames for anything whatsoever. And these of my said children who are above the age of one and twenty years to be paid within two yeares next after my decease. Also I do give unto my said daughter Sarah one joined bed which now standeth at my house in the occupation of James Bunn with one feather bed two blankets one coverlet two bolsters and one payre of sheetes. Also I give unto her the said Sarah one new cheast. Also I do give and bequeath unto my said daughter Mary one joined bedstead one feather bed two bolsters two blankets one coverlet and one payre of sheets and also one cheast. Also I do give and bequeath unto my said daughter Elizabeth the bed bedstead and all the furniture thereunto belonging or therewith used on which I now usually do lye and also one cheast which is called my cheast. And of this my present testament I do make and ordayne the said Alice my wife sole Executrix and my wellbeloved friends Richard Jesson of Wednesbury and John Hawke overseers thereof desireing them to see it performed according to my mine. Also I do give and bequeath unto Thomas Kendrick the suite of cloathes I now do weare except the buttons where and thereon. Also I do give unto my servants James Bunn, Richard Hampton and Kathren Dymming to each of them ten groats. Also I do give to Elizabeth Kendrick daughter of the aforesaid Thomas Kendrick one yeare old heifer. Also I do give unto the said Richard Jesson and John Hawkes the sume of three pounds a peece of good English money. And my will is that if any of my aforesaid daughters shall depart this life before the tymes of my payment of these severall legacies as above mentioned (not being then married) that then the part or parts of her or their so dyeing be equally devided amongst the other surviving. Sealed subscribed declared and published and the words (and their appurtenances) (landlord) (so much as she can) (and his house) (Sterry) (into severall parts) (and all my interest therein) (he and they paying the rent for the same to the landlord thereof) (of lawfull English money) (or dayes of marriage) (legacies of) first interlined in the absence of Richard Jesson. John Hawkes the marke of Richard Bunn Miles Cooke the marke of Thomas Kendrick Richard Sterry
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