Hafslo, Norway

Jens Hess Jørgensen Sterri + Anna Margrethe Adamsdatter Reutz

2 children

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Marriage December 6, 1789
Publication: Email: dagarnedanielsen@gmail.com) Husband of Marta Hilleren (descendant of Iver Nielsen Sterri).
Hafslo Marriages 1789 Dec 6 Jens Jorgens Sterri & Anna Maria[sic] Reutz Engaged 1789 Nov 20 Jens Jorgens Sterrie & Anna Margrethe Reutz [best men] Anders Alme, Thomas Houge
Publication: Volume X: Hafslo 2, 2013
Note Luster County and Farm and Family History Book has married 6 Dec 1790.
Shared note: According to Luster County Farm and Family History Book, Vol 10 [p.660], they had another child in 1793 who was not baptised.
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