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No Sterry or variants found in:

Allegations for Marriage Licences in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk, Parts I (1684 to 1754), Part II (1755 to 1781), Part III (1782 to 1814), & Part IV (1815 to 1839), Ed. by W Bruce Bannerman, FSA, and Capt G G Bruce Bannerman, pub. 1918-21, Harleian Society Vols 69-72 [With name indexes in vol 70 for Parts 1 & 2 and vol 72 for Parts 3 & 4]

Sterry and variants found in:

Archdeaconry of Suffolk 1613-1850
[John Glyde's index to marriage licence bonds and allegations, 1613-1636 [indexed in date order], 1675-1707, 1751-1800, 1806-1825, 1831-1850 Marriage licence bonds and allegations, 1663-1664, 1666, 1668 LDS Film 1657585. Also includes index Archdeaconry of Norwich 1801. Also Marriage licence bonds and allegations, 1711-1714, 1730-1746    LDS Film 1657587. Also Marriage licence bonds and allegations, 1869-1900 Marriage licence and administrative act books, index to licences, 1881-1900 LDS Film 1657690. Also Marriage licence and administrations act books, 1628-1647, 1663, 1673-1708 Family History Library British Film 1657691] Linked to full licence if obtained.
1701 Jun 20 Nathaniel Sterry of Mettingham, single man and Margaret Fayreweather of Loddon, single woman at All Sts [Mettingham] [Located licence on Film 1657691. Date is Jul 20 not Jun but otherwise no additional information.]
1701 Sep 8 John Blague of ___[?] and Mary Sterry of Lowestoft, single woman, at Lowestoft [Could not locate licence on Film 1657691.]
1742 Oct 4 Joseph Sterry, single and Lydia Newson, single, both of Blyford [not in Glyde's index]
1755 Jan 21 William Sterry of Lowestoft and Elizabeth Marges of Lowesoft, both single, at Lowestoft (Note: Should be Elizabeth Mayes) [Could not locate licence on LDS Film 1657599 but only two entries for 1725.]
1787 Feb 8 Charles Lockwood of Lowesoft and Sara Sterry of Lowestoft, both single, at Lowestoft
1819 Jun 2 Elisha Stannard, Cooper of Lowestoft and Mary Ann Sterry of Lowestoft, at Lowestoft
1825 Aug 31 James Sterry of Lowestoft and Hannah Masterton of Lowestoft, at Lowestoft

Archdeaconry of Sudbury 1577-1589, 1606-1611, 1660-1666 [occurring in administration books indexed on cards at Norwich Record Office. RO librarian has checked the entry indexed below in the administration book and advises no further information available.]
1608 Alexander Sterry, St Gregory's Parish Sudbury (ref 42v)

Licences Awarded to Suffolk people married in Norfolk 1754-1800
Sterry to Harrington MLB 56
Lilley to Sterrey MLB 72