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The STERRY WORLDWIDE website has two major components:

  • collections of historical records relating to the name STERRY - and surname variants
  • compilations of this information into family trees

The Family Trees

Before looking at particular Family Trees on the website, it is important to read the Family Trees Overview to understand how the trees have been created and how they interconnect. For example, two Family Trees are not, strictly speaking, STERRY Family Trees at all.

The Hafslo, Norway Tree is descended from the STERRI family in Norway. However, when the Norwegian Sterris emigrated to the USA in particular, they changed the spelling of the surname to STERRY. The Norway STERRI line has therefore been included in the STERRY family trees collection.

The Burford, Shropshire Family Tree is descended from the STARIE/STARY family of Shropshire. However, there is documentary evidence that at least some of the STARIE/STAREY families from the Worcestershire/Herefordshire area of England changed the spelling of their surnames from STARIE to STERRY - in particular the Worcestershire Sterry line. The Burford STARY/STARIE line has therefore been also thoroughly researched and included in the STERRY family trees collection.

Historical Records

Most of this information has been grouped under particular countries - where there are large numbers of STERRY records - or under Records-Other for countries where records are more limited. The information collected is very extensive and covers civil records of births, marriages and deaths, church parish records, Wills, Census records, historical Directories, historical Newspapers and Magazines, Poll books and Electoral Rolls and records relating to Taxation, Crime, Courts, Property, Trades, Shipping and the Military. All these can be accessed from the main menus.

In addition to the major components of the website above, there are sections for Photo Collections of places of particular interest to STERRY families and links to Biographies and Authorship, the Origins of the Sterry name and Distribution Maps showing how STERRY families spread out from their origins. Photos of individuals can be found within the individual Family Trees.

The boxes on the right of the home page highlight links to the STERRY DNA Project, the Sterry Family History Blog and the What's New page where you can register to be kept up to date on the latest additions to the website. There are also links to the STERRY Facebook and Google Plus pages.

The material on the website represents an enormous amount of time and effort by STERRY researchers over a great many years and is freely shared for those with a particular interest in the surname STERRY.

You are very welcome to download, display, print and reproduce material from this site for your personal, non-commercial use and for the purpose for which it was intended. A suitable acknowledgment of the source would of course be much appreciated.

Hopefully you will find something on the STERRY website of assistance in your own family research. Feedback, corrections and additional family information is warmly welcomed.