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Coreley St Peter
Emma wife of John STARIE (de HEMM) b. 6 May 1837 d. 13 Mar 1908. John STARIE d. 17 Apr 1928 aged 89. Sarah JONES youngest daughter of Josiah STARIE (de HEMM) d. 9 Apr 1856 aged 68. John JONES d. 30 Nov 1873 aged 81. [Transcribed by South Shropshire Group of Shropshire Family History Society. All on one headstone.]

[The following additional information was provided by the Church Warden at St Peters Coreley-the grave next to the above is]
Margaret Bridgman  d 17/6/1853
[The next grave to the right is]
John Starie  d 16/5/1816 
[The next grave to the right is]
Josiah Starie  d 14/5/1820
Dorothea Starie  d  1/12/1831
[The next grave to the right is]
Humphrey Parsons

[The next grave to the right is-]
John Starie of Redford  d 10/12/1743
Ann Starie d 15/9/1763

Neen Sollars
In the churchyard
Heanor[sic] da Rich'd & Drusilla Starge[?] 1743
Eliz'th da of Richd Starie ...
Martha d. of Rich'd & Drusilla Starie ...
Mr Benj'n Starie 10 Aug 17.. [Transcribed and indexed by Julia Howe and presented to the Shropshire Family History Society by Rev J H Bloom]