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The County Quarter Sessions was a court with administrative and judicial functions until the 1888 Local Government Act transferred most of its administrative powers to the County Council. Each sitting was held within 21 days of the Quarter Day (Easter, Midsummer, Michaelmas and Epiphany), with occasional adjournments.
The administrative duties of the Justices had been considerable, for example they licensed alehouses and were responsible for the county's roads and bridges.

It is worth remembering that the Quarter Sessions dealt with relatively minor criminal offences. It was the Assize Courts which dealt with more serious crimes, principally those involving the death sentence.

Quarter Session papers that have been referenced without finding any STERRYs or similar are:

  • Surrey Quarter Sessions 1700-1799 [a name index to the Surrey Quarter Session Calendars for 1700-1799]. LDS Film 6036505.

Middlesex Quarter Sessions

Shropshire Quarter Sessions