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[LEDYARD, 1839]


TOWN: Ledyard
DATE: 1839
NO: 853
[1 Will, 1 Bond, 1 Inventory, 1 Account of Administration]

In the name of God Amen
I Parthania[sic] Sterry of Ledyard in New London County and State of Connecticut being of sound disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in the manner and form following viz
1st I will that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my executor hereafter named
2nd I will that my executor furnish a pair of grave stones and set them to my grave
3rd I will that Anna Chapman daughter of Levi Chapman have one featherbed
4th And lastly I give to Levi Chapman after my funeral charges debts and the above named legacy all my moveable property consisting of household furniture Bank stock notes &c
I also nominate, constitute and appoint Levi Chapman my sole executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me at any time heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty eighth day of February in the year of our Lord 1839
Parthena Sterry
Signed and published in presence of
John Chapman
Roswell Chapman

Parthena Sterry’s Will
Proved & approved 1st of April 1839

Bond on Estate No 23
Know all men by these presents, that we Levi Chapman & Daniel Lamb both of the town of Ledyard in New London County & State of Connecticut are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Christopher Newton Esq. Judge of the Court of Probate for the District of Ledyard
in the penal sum of one thousand dollars
To be paid to the said Judge
or to his certain Attorney or successor in said office
To the which payment well and truly to be made, we the said Levi Chapman & Daniel Lamb do bind ourselves, and each of us, our heirs, executors, and administrators, and each and every of them for, and in the whole sum aforesaid, firmly by these presents. Signed with our hands and sealed with our seals. Dated at Ledyard the 4th day of April Anno Domini 1839
The condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden Levi Chapman who is appointed and hath accepted of the trust of Executor of the last will and testament of Miss Parthena Sterry late of Ledyard deceased, shall well and truly execute said will and settle estate according to law, the provisions of said will and order of Court, within one year from the date hereof, then this obligation is to be void; but on default thereof, to remain and abide in full force, power and virtue.
Levi Chapman
Daniel Lamb

A true and duplicate inventory and appraisement of all the Estate both real and personal of Parthenia[sic] Sterry, late of Ledyard, deceased, together with all her choses[sic] in action, so far as has come to our knowledge made and taken by us the subscribers, duly appointed appraisers of said Estate by the Court of Probate for the Distrcit of Ledyard, viz
Three Bonnets at 2 shillings each $ 1.00
Four calico dresses $ 2.50
Three rapper dresses $ 1
Eight under dresses $ 2.75
Five under rappers $ 0.25
Twelve shirts $ 2.40
Ten aprons $ 1.65
One lot of caps $ 1.20
One woollen shawl $ 1.00
Two cotton shawls $ 1.50
One circassian cloak $ 3.00
One lot of handkerchiefs $ 1.70
Two veils and one handkerchief black crape &c $ 0.30
One lot of gloves &c $ 0.08
One black silk dress $1.50, one woollen dress 75 $ 2.25
One pair morocco shoes $ 1.00
One lot of side pockets, thread cases &c $ 0.30
Eight pairs of cotton and linen stockings $ 1.75
Four pairs of woollen stockings $ 1.00
One feather bed weight 33 lbs at 20 cts $ 6.60
One feather bed weight 31 lbs ar 15 cts $ 4.65
Two under beds, bedsteads and cords $ 2.50
One pair silver bowed spectacles $ 1.50
Seven linen sheets $ 2.75
Two pairs bed blankets $ 3.00
One lots of pillow cases $ 0.90
One table spread, 75 cts, one lot of towels, 25 cts $ 1.00
Two old chests $ 0.50
Two cotton bed spreads $4, three comfortables $2 $ 6.00
One bolster case and pillow case, new cloth $ 0.50
One lots of squares for bedquilts 20 cts one pair cords 16 cts $ 0.36
One lots of baskets &c $ 0.80
One desk $5, one old chest with drawer $1 $ 6.00
Two meal bags 25cts, one brass kettle $2.25 $ 2.50
One lots of ironware $2.30, one pail 16 cts $ 2.46
One lot of stone jars 75 cts, two small jugs 10 cts $ 0.85
One pessel and mortar 25 cts, seven lbs of old pewter at 10 cts $ 0.95
One lot of tin pans, pails &c $1, one tin baker 75 cts $ 1.75
One chopping knife 16 cts, one lot of wooden trays 34 cts $ 0.50
One crane 50 cts, one pair of andirons 50 cts shovel and tongs 50 cts $ 1.50
One lot of earthen bowls 25 cts, one pair steelyards 50 cts $ 0.75
One tea set $1.22 one set of tea spoons 56 cts $ 1.78
One case and bottles &c 50 cts one candle mould 17 cts $ 0.67
Two mugs 20 cts, one tea pot 10 cts 5 table spoons 15 cts $ 0.45
One lot of knives and forks 65 cts $ 0.65
One lot of old chairs 67 cts one small table 75 cts $ 1.42
Two coffee mills old, 34 cts, one stand 50 cts $ 0.84
Seventy five lbs pork at 10 cts $ 7.50
One corner cupboard 50 cts one keg and one meat tub 60 cts $ 1.10
Two old tubs 10 cts two old stands 15 cts $ 0.25
One soap jar 12 cts one looking glass small 25 cts $ 0.37
One meal tub 34 cts, one candlestick 6 cts $ 0.40
One pair of bellows 10 cts $ 0.10
Twelve dollars 25/100 silver, forty dollars bank notes $ 52.25
Money in Samuel W Woods hands $ 59.57
Seven shares stock Merchants Bank $244.75
One dividend of Bank Stock $ 10.50
Forty dollars cash in Theophilus Avery’s hands $ 40.00
Total $497.55
Daniel Lamb, Jacob Gallup, Appraisers
April 20th 1839

Levi Chapman’s administration account for the estate of Miss Parthena Sterry late of Ledyard deceased
Attending & probating will of s’d deceased $ 1.00
publishing limitation $ 1.00
going to Norwich to have limitation published $ 1.00
Attending Probate Court for an order to exhibit admn acct $ 1.00
publishing it, carising[?] to be published $ 2.00
Paying appraisers $ 6.00
Paying funeral expenses & sickness expenses $ 30.00
Attending Court to exhibit administration acct $ 1.00
Graves stones & setting $ 10.00
Probate fees $ 5.00
Ledyard 13th Nov 1839 $ 58.00

Parthena Sterry
Administration account thereon approved and accepted the 14th day of Nov 1839