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[NEW JERSEY, 1914]


Probate James W Sterry
New Jersey 1914

Application having been made by William DeWitt Sterry, for Probate of the last will and testament of James W. Sterry, late of the County of Middlesex, deceased, and Letters Testamentary thereon, and the Surrogate having inquired into the circumstances and taken proof, and being satisfied of the genuineness of the Will produced, the validity of its execution and the competency of the testator and the probate of said Will not having been contested.

And it appearing that the testator died more than ten days ago, it is, on this fourteenth day of January A.D. nineteen hundred and fourteen (1914) adjudged that the instrument offered for probate in this matter is the last Will and Testament of said James W. Sterry, late of the County of Middlesex, deceased, and the same is hereby admitted to probate.

And it's further ordered that Letters Testamentary be issued thereon to said William DeWitt Sterry, the executor named in said Will.

Daniel W Clayton, Surrogate

I James W Sterry of the City and County of New York, do hereby make, publish and declare my last Will and Testament as follows, -
FIRST I appoint my brother William De Witt Sterry to be the sole executor of this my will, and direct that no bonds or security be required of him by any Court or judicial officer.
SECOND I direct my said executor as soon as may be after my death to pay my funeral expenses and all my debts.
THIRD I give and bequeath to my cousin Harriet Sterry Park the sum of five thousand dollars ($5000)
FOURTH All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal and wheresoever situated, I give, devise and bequeath to my said brother William De Witt Sterry.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this twenty seventh day of October in the year one thousand nine hundred and eleven.
Subscribed and sealed by the said testator and by him published and declared on the day of its date to be his last Will and Testament in our presence, and we at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other have at the same time hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses.
Thos J Danson, East Orange N.J.
Anthony W. Pieper, 449 West 35th St., N.Y. City

State of New Jersey
Middlesex County
Be it remembered, that on this fourteenth day of January A.D. nineteen hundred and fourteen personally appeared before me John F. Downing, Deputy-Surrogate of the said County of Middlesex Thomas J Sanson, one of the witnesses to the annexed Will, who, being by me duly sworn according to law, on his oath says that he saw James W. Sterry, the Testator therein named, sign and seal the same and heard him publish, pronounce and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament, and that at the doing thereof, the said Testator was of sound disposing mind and memory as far as he knows and as he verily believes and that Anthony W. Pieper, the other subscribing witness was present at the same time, and signed his name as witness to said Will, together with deponent in the presence of the Testator and at his request.
Sworn and subscribed at New Brunswick in said County, this fourteenth day of January A.D. 1914, before me John F Downing, Deputy-Surrogate. Thomas J Sanson.