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Sterry, Catharine A
TOWN OF Norwich
DATE 1874 NO 10283
Norwich Probate District
1 Bond
1 Total Document

Know all Men by these Presents: THAT WE
Edward A Sterry of Norwich as principal, and John A Sterry of Norwich as surety, are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto EDWARD HARLAND, Esq., Judge of the Court of Probate for the District of Norwich, in the penal sum of six hundred dollars, to be paid to the said Judge, or his certain attorney or successors in said office. To the which payment, well and truly to be made and done, we the said obligors do bind ourselves and each of us, our heirs, executors and administrators, and each and every of them, for and in the whole, firmly by these presents. Signed with our hands and sealed with our seals.
Done in Court at Norwich, the 21st day of November 1874

The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden Edward A Sterry Administrator of the estate of Catharine A Sterry late of Norwich in said District, deceased, shall make a true and perfect inventory of all good, chattels , credits and estate of the said deceased which have come or shall come to his hands, possession or knowledge, or into the hands or possession of any other person for him, and shall exhibit the same into the registry of the Court of Probate in the District of Norwich, within two months from ___ date, and shall well and truly administer the said estate according to law, and make a true and just account of his administration, within one year from the above date, and shall deliver all the residue of said estate, which shall be found remaining on his said account, the same being first examined and allowed by the Court of Probate, unto such person or persons as said court, by de___

Bond Adm Estate of Catharine A Sterry