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Pallot's Index had its beginnings in the early 1800s, with the creation of an English firm of heir searchers. Subsequently it became the property of Messrs Pallot and Co. who gave the index its name. Today, Pallot's Index belongs to the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies at Canterbury, Kent. They made it available for consultation at their library or allowed searches for a fee. Recently, Ancestry.com has joined with the Institute to produce the index on CD-ROM and offer it through the Ancestry.com databases online.
At one time, Pallot's Index was much larger. Unfortunately, it suffered severe damage during World War II. What survives is roughly 1.5 million references to marriages and 200,000 references to births. It is the marriages, which are most useful, for London and environs in particular; there are entries for 101 of the 103 ancient parishes. Of the county marriages, there are listings for thirty-eight counties, and for nine of these more than one hundred parishes are represented in the index: Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Middlesex/London, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Somerset, and Yorkshire is close behind with ninety- three. Probably less than half of all parishes have been indexed for the full fifty-seven years, most are 1790 to 1812. [Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot) in the Ancestry Daily News 7th May 2002]

Pallot's Marriage Index for 1780-1837 has excellent coverage of the City of London and good coverage of Middlesex. Like the Pallot's Baptism Index it was started in 1818 and contains entries from registers now destroyed, but this index survives intact. The card index is owned and held at the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, who sell copies on CD, and it is available online via Ancestry. The original handwritten slips are hard to read and thus many errors have crept into the electronic version. [GENUKI]

STERRY, STARIE/STARRY and variants have been extracted from Ancestry.com and are included below:

City of London
1809 Elizth Brown, s & Robert Starry, b, St Botolph Without Aldersgate
1812 Thomas Johnson Sterry, b & Hester Horner, w, of Christ Church Sy, Lic, All Hallows Staining
1825 Sarah Sterry, s & John Chapman, w, St Giles Cripplegate
1782 Joanna Sterrey, s & Thos Sterrey, b, Christchurch N’wgt
1787 Dec 27 Jane Starey, of St Mary Colechurch & Thomas Lyttleton Green, of Tenbury Worcs, Clerk, Lic, St. Mildred Poultry
1788 Jan 31 Benjamin Starey & Frances Mander, of St Botolph Bishopsgate, Lic, St. Mildred Poultry

1781 Danl Sterry [Longney] & Mary Harris, Standish Glouc Marr Vol 6
1791 Susannah Sterry & Joseph Jordan, Maisemore
1794 Edward Sterry & Ann Toomey, Minsterworth
1795 Nov Thos Sterry & Sarah Jellf, Gloucester St Michael
1799 Phoebe Sterry & Samuel Dobbins, Huntley Glos
1801 Sep 22 Jane Sterry & Samuel Kerton, Huntley Glos
1802 May Benj Starey [of St Mildred Ldn] & Elizth Bletchly, Lic, Gloucester St Michael
1808 May Mary Sterry & Sam Gwilliams, Gloucester St Michael
1833 Wintour Sterry, of St Mary’s Glos’ter & Alice Wathan, Lic, Minsterworth Glouc
1833 Wm Sterry, of St Caths Gloucs & Ann Tucker, Gloucester St Mich

1789 Ann Starrey, s & Richd Dutton, w, St Ives Hunt

1781 Benjn Sterry & Sarah Cheney [St Bennet Gracechurch St London] Lic, St. Martin In The Fields
1785 John Starey [St Ann Westmr], b & Margt Good, s, Lic, St. Marylebone
1788-1809 Prudence Sterrey  & [blank], St. George Hanover Square
1791 Richd Starey & Elzth Hughes, S G H Sq, con[sent]of Elizth Hughes Wd[?] her mother, Lic, Westminster S James
1794 Nathaniel Sterry, b, [St Bot Aldgate London] & Catherine Rathbone, w, Lic, Stepney St Dunstan
1795 Jos Sterry & Eliz Wardman, St Anne Soho
1796 Ellen Sterry, s [d Eleanora] & John Newman, Rev, b, [S Weald], Holborn St Andrew
1796 Jas Steary & Elizth Cooper, St. Martin In The Fields
1803 Richd Starey, w & Rachel Matthews [St Alban Wood St London], s, Lic, St. Marylebone
1808 Geo Starry [Starey?] & Sarah Moseley   St. Martin In The Fields
1809 Elizth Sterry, s & John Haskins, w, Islington S Mary
1815 William Storry, of St Paul Covent Garden, bachelor & Kezia Osmond, s, lic, St Geo H Sq
1816 Mary Sterry & Wm Mills, Holborn St Andrew
1818 Sam Starey [Croydon Surrey], b & Beatrice Mary Kay, s, St Anne Soho
1819 Mary Ann Starie, s & Wm Shepherd [Shepperd?], Lic,  St Jas Westmr
1822 Mary Starey & John Wilding Collier [St And Holborn], Westminster St James
1820 Thos Davis, b & Sarah Starey, s, [both of M E O T], Stepney St Dunstan
1822 Mary Sterey & John Chapman, Holborn St Andrew
1825 Richd Starey, b, [sd Stacey], [St Bot Aldergate] & Elizth Jones, s, Lic, Westminster S Jas
1829 Charlotte Starey, of Croydon co Surrey, s & Geo Wm Cook, w, Lic, St. Geo H Sq
1832 Thos Sterrey, w & Betsy Johns, Islington S Paul
1833 Sophia Sterry, s & Wm Hollis, b, Shoreditch [St Leonard's]
1834 Wm Sterry, b & Lucy Saker, s, St. Pancras Mid
1834 Wm Starie, b, of St Mark’s Kennington co Surrey & Jane Cort, s, minor, with the consent of her father John Cort, Lic, St. George Hanover Square
1835 Sophia Starie, s & Edwin Wright [Brightelmstone Sussex], b, Lic, St. Martin in the Fields
1837 Jos Haydon Starie, b & Hester Gosden, Bloomsbury St Geo

1801 Jane Williamson & John Starey, Lic, Nottingham St Peter
1809 Eliza Ann Gardiner & Jno Starey [Storey?], Radford

1822 Jane Steary & Joseph Harris, Meole Brace

1791 Rebecca Sterry, s & Thos Weeden, b, St Jas Bury St Edmunds
1794 Sarah Sterry & Thomson Swan, Lowestoft
1795 Robert Sterry & Mary Chambers, Lowestoft
1796 Elzth Sterry & Saml Chambers, Lowestoft
1800 John Sterry, b & Mary Balls, s, Lowestoft
1802 Susanna Sterry, s & John Cornaby Boyce, b, Lowestoft
1804 Jane Sterry & Jas Spurding, b, Lowestoft
1804 Mary Sterry, w & Robert Cooke, Lowestoft
1808 Joseph Sterry, b & Mary Goffin, s, Lowestoft

1790 Benjn Wasey Sterry [Christ Church Surrey] & Mary Davis, s, Lic, Bermondsey [St Mary Magdalene]
1795 Saml Hy Sterry [St My Mag Bermondsey] & Mary Dowley, Lic, Southwark St Thomas
1817 Thos Starey [Croydon Sy], b & Mary Ann Adams, w, Lic, Southwark Christ Church/Christch Blckfrs Rd
1827 Robt Sterry, w & Joanna Joan Wright, s, Lic, St Jno Horsleydown

1811 Edwd Easton, of Codford St Peter & Mary Starey[Storey?], lic, Salisbury St Thomas Wilts