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Births 1869-1911
(Source: Ancestry.com and Family Search Labs)

Birth Date Name Gender Birth Place Father's name Mother's name
1873 Feb 9
Candace V Sterry F South Crosby, Leeds & Grenville, Ontario Albert Sterry, Labourer of South Crosby Ann Mary Warren
1873 Mar 6 Nellie Mary Sterry F Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario William Sterry, Hair Dresser Sarah Pratt
1873 Mar 7
Ann Mary Sterry F South Crosby, Leeds & Grenville, Ontario Albert Sterry, Labourer of South Crosby Ann Mary Warren
1875 Jul 14
Winfield Sterry M Leeds & Grenville Albert Sterry, Labourer of South Crosby Ann Mary Warren
1877 Feb 28
William George Sterry M South Crosby Division, Leeds, Ontario Albert Sterry, Labourer of South Crosby Annie Mary Warren
1880 Feb 15 Edith Bragg F City of London Division, Middlesex, Ontario Henry Bragg, Farmer Clara Sterry
1881 Jul 27
Elswood Sterry M South Crosby Division, Leeds, Ontario Albert Sterry, Mechanic Ann Mary Warren
1883 Mar 8 John Kirkby M Brantford, Brant, Ontario George Kirkby, Carpenter, of Brantford Hannah P Sterry
1888 Mar 15
Albert Sterry M South Crosby Division, Leeds, Ontario Albert Sterry, Mechanic & Farmer of South Crosby Ann Mary Warren
1890 Jul 12
Serena Sterry F South Crosby, Leeds, Ontario Albert Sterry Ann Mary Warren
1890 Dec 27 Isabela Sterry/ Starry F McKillop Division, Huron, Ontario Samuel Sterry/ Starry, Farmer of Lot 30 C[oncession]5 McKillop Isabella Shair
1892 May 16
Leonard Sterry M R.R. #1, Village of Lyndhurst, Township of Lansdowne, Leeds, Ontario George Sterry, of Lyndhurst, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne, Citizenship Canadian, Racial Origin Dutch, age 41, born Ontario, labourer Elizabeth Killingbeck, of Lyndhurst, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne, Citizenship Canadian, Racial Origin English, age 35, born Ontario, house wife, 3 children 1 living
1893 Oct 14 Samuel Sterry/ Storey M McKillop Division, Huron, Ontario Samuel Sterry [Storey written beside as apparent correction], Farmer Isabella Shair
1894 Jan 27[?]
Nathan Hayden Sterry M South Crosby Division, Leeds, Ontario Albert Sterry, Cooper, of South Crosby Ann Mary Warren
1894 Oct 15 Stanley Newton M Oxford, Ontario Sylvester Newton, labourer. of Docwich[?] Hannah Melinda Sterry[?]
1894 Nov 9
Ethel Maud Pennock F South Crosby Division, Leeds, Ontario Orange M Pennock, Farmer, of South Crosby Candace V Sterry
1895 Sep 18 James Le[o]nard Neve[s] M Ekfrid Division, Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve[s], [watchman] [G T] railway employee, of Ekfrid Clara Jane Sterry [Oath by Mary Jane Shrimpton that she is the older sister of James Leonard Neve, 20 years his senior and both parents are dead and she was present at his birth - dated 1987] Note there are two different entries for this birth. Variations are shown in brackets.
1899 Aug 17 William George Neve M Ekfrid, Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve Clara Sterry
1900 Jun 15
Orange Carman Pennock M Leeds, Ontario Orange Pennock Candace V Sterry
1902 Feb 28 Howard Stanley Neve M Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve Clara Sterry
1903 Feb 17
Ketha Mabel Sterry F Leeds and Lansdown Division, Leeds, Ontario Frank Sterry Ella Jones
1903 Jun 16 Helena Marjoy Neve F Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve Clara Sterry
1904 May 9
Elina Laura Sterry F Leeds, Ontario Frank Sterry Ellen Elizth Jones
1905 May 31 Florence Luella Neve F Longwood, Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve, Watchman on G[?] T[?] Railway, of 20 Holman St Longwood Clara Sterry
1905 Dec 7
Percy Pennock M Leeds, Ontario Orange Pennock, Farmer, of Elgin, South Crosby Candace V Sterry
1907 Nov 9 Albert Earl Neve M Middlesex, Ontario Charles Neve, labourer C N R, age 78, Citizenship Canadian, Racial Origin English Clara Jane Sterry, age 64, Citizenship Canadian, Racial Origin English, house wife, 12 children 8 living
1908 Jan 4
Violet Jones F Bastard & Burgess Division, Leeds, Ontario Thomas Jones, labourer of Delta Theresa Sterry
1909 Nov 29
Everett Nesbit Simpson M Lot 11 Con[cession] 3 South Crosby, Leeds, Ontario John Nesbit Simpson, labourer, of Elgin Serena Sterry, married March 11 1908 at Elgin Out, house wife
+1910 Oct 28 Stanley Harold Sterry M 421 Catherine Street, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario Percy Harold Sterry, Collector Beatrice Emily Gadd, married East Dulwich, London 6 Aug 1908
%%1911 Dec 13 Vernes Sterry F Leeds, Ontario Frank Sterry [residence] Bastard [Occ] Farmer Ella Jones
1912 Nov 28 Constance Beatrice Sterry F Ottawa, Co. Carleton, Ontario Percy Harold Sterry [Residence of child's birth] 25 Baldwin St [Father's Occ] Salesman [Parents married] London, 6 Aug 1908 Beatrice Emily Gadd
%%1912 Feb 17 Frances Juanita Sterry F South Crossby, Leeds, Ontario Manford Albert Sterry [Occ] Driver [Address] Elgin Ont Mary Elizabeth Tole

Marriages 1801-1926
(Source: Ancestry.com and Family Search Labs)

Date Name Est. Birth Year Spouse Location
1864 Jun 13
Stephen Sterry, born Connecticut, age 60, Father: Stephen Sterry, Mother: Elizth Sterry abt 1804 Mary Mason, age 16, born Farmersville, Father: Harvey Mason, Mother: Mary Mason Leeds and Grenville
1870 Sep 7
Albert Sterry, born South Crosby, age 21, Father: Stephen Sterry, Mother: Sarah Sterry abt 1849 Ann Mary Warren, born South Crosby, age 20, Father: Noel Warren, Mother: Lydia Warren Leeds and Grenville
1882 Nov 20
George Sterry, 29 yrs, Residence: Lansdowne, born Yonge co Leeds, widower, Methodist, Farmer, Parents: Stephen & Sarah Sterry abt 1853 Elizabeth Kelsey, 27 yrs, Residence: Leeds, born Lansdowne, Widow, Methodist, Parents: William and Hannah Killinbeck Elgin, Division South Crosby, County Leeds, Witness: Mrs J S Bell, Elgin
1886 Jul 26 John Sterry, 30 yrs, Residence: Renfrew, born Germany, bachelor, laborer, Religion: R Catholic, Parents: John & Bridget Sterry abt 1856 Mary Robokonski, age 23, Residence: Renfrew, born Germany, Spinster, Religion: R Catholic, Parents: Andreas & Rosa Robokonski Renfrew, County of Renfrew, Division of Renfrew. Banns Wit: Thomas Denne of Renfrew; John Kenny of Renfrew
1893 Feb 8 Francis Jane Sterry, age 20 yrs, Residence: McKillop T[ownshi]p, born McKillop T[ownshi]p, Spinster, Presbyterian, Father: Joseph Stery, Mother: Margret Clayton abt 1873 Job Hully, age 34, Residence: McKillop T[ownshi]p, born King T[ownshi]p, Bachelor, Laborer, Methodist, Father: Emanuel Hully, Mother: Margret Prentess McKillop. Wit: Susannah Musgrave of McKillop, Adaline Sparling of McKillop
1906 Jan 23
William Sterry, age 27, Residence: Lyndhurst, born Long Point, Bachelor, Farmer, Methodist, Father: George Sterry, Mother: Maggie Kelsey abt 1879 Edith Tye, age 22, Residence: Lyndhurst, born Alliston Ont[ario], Single, Tailoress, Methodist, Father: William Tye, Mother: Susan Devell Lyndhurst, County Leeds, Divison Leeds & Lansdown R. By licence. Wit: John Gibson of Lyndhurst and Ethel Nelta Tye of Lyndhurst.
1908 Mar 25
Albert Sterry, born Long Point Ontario, age 22, Bachelor, Farmer, residence: Athens, Methodist, Father: George Sterry, Mother: Elizabeth Kalinbeck[sic] abt 1886 Donna Wiltse, born Soperton, age 18, Spinster, House Keeper, residence: Soperton, Father: Martin Wiltse, Mother: Emma Marshall Athens, Ontario. Witness: Allan Gibson of Lyndhurst; Rosa Sterry of Lyndhurst. By licence.
1909 Feb 17
Serena Sterry, age 18, Residence: South Crosby [Elgin], Spinster, Father: Albert Sterry Occ: Mechanic, Mother: Ann Mary Warren abt 1891 John Nesbit Simpson, age 21, Residence: South Crosby, Bachelor, Farmer, Methodist, Father: Robert Simpson Occ: Farmer, Mother: Julia Ann Hughson Elgin, Co. Leeds. By licence. Wit: Manford Sterry of Elgin and Edna Pearl Simpson of Jones Halls
1911 Dec 2
Albert Manford Sterry, age 25, Bachelor, Laborer, residence: South Crosby, Methodist, Father: Albert Sterry, Labourer; Mother: Mary Warren abt 1886 Elizabeth Tole, age 18, Spinster, Domestic, Residence: South Crosby, Methodist, Father: James Tole, Cooper; Mother: Nella[?] Grey[?] Phillipsville, Bastard, Ontario. Wit: M C Chisholm of Bastard; F B Chisholm of Bastard [Surname spelt both STERRY and STEERY in register]
1912 Dec 18 Jessie Bell Sterry, age 17, born Lyndhurst, Residence: Lyndhurst [Township of Lansdowne Rear], Methodist, Father: George Sterry Occ: Farmer, Mother: Elizabeth Kelsey abt 1895 George Howard Latimer, age 21, born Charleston, Residence: Charleston Lake [Township of Escott Rear], Widower, Canadian, Methodist, Father: Edward Latimer Occ: Farmer, Mother: Shata[?] Kelsey Suleys Bay, Co. Leeds. With consent of father Geoege Sterry. By licence. Wit: Leonard and Maggie Sterry of Lyndhurst
1913 Sep 17
Winfield Sterry, 37 yrs, Residence: Lyndhurst, Leeds & Lansdowne Rear T[ownshi]p, born Elgin, Bachelor, Canadian, Methodist, Father: Albert Sterry Occ: Cooper, Mother: Mary Warren abt 1876 Addie Jacques, 26 yrs, Residence: Soperton, Leeds & Lansdowne Rear T[ownshi]p, born Charleston, Spinster, Canadian, Methodist, Father: John Jacques Occ: Farmer, Mother: Margret Dunn Suleys Bay, Leeds County, Ontario. Miss C J Curtis, Clarence Curtis of Suleys Bay[?], Charles[?] Curtis
1915 Sep 15
Alice Sterry, age 31, Residence: Philipsville, born Lansdowne, Spinster, Methodist, Father: George Sterry, Mother: Elizabeth Killingbeck abt 1884 John Jacques, age 32, Residence: Township of Bastard, born Lansdowne, Bachelor, Farmer, Anglican, Father: John Jacques, Mother: Maggie Dunne Elgin, Co Leeds. Wit: Stella Lane of Elgin and Georgia Macfarland of Elgin Ont[ario]
1917 Jun 20
Harry William Sterry, 43 yrs, Residence: 111 Lappin Ave Toronto Ont[ario], born Hirwich [sic] England, Widower, Carpenter, Religion: Church of England, Father: William Sterry, Mother: Emily Pudney abt 1874 Fanny Heyes, 40 yrs, Residence: 111 Lappin Ave Toronto Ont[ario], born Elton Fold Lancaster England, Spinster, Housekeeper, Religion: Paptist [sic] Baptist, Father: Samuel Heyes, Mother: Priscilla Gibbs. Toronto, York County. Wit: Iris Elsie Holding of 845 Lansdowne Ave Toronto and Frank Thwaite of 260 and a half Dufferin St Toronto
1920 Apr 5
William J Sterry, age 22, born Harrow England, Residence: 111 Lappin Ave Toronto, Bachelor, Painter, Methodist, Can read and write, Father: Harry W Sterry born Ipswick[sic] England, Mother: Elizabeth Sheward abt 1898 Annie Heyes, age 20, born Rochdale England, Residence: South Barre Mass. US, Spinster, Operator, Methodist, Can read and write, Father: Samuel Heyes born Lancashire England, Mother: Mary Jane Thwaites 675 Shaw Street Toronto Ont, Co York. Witness: S H and Bessie Morgan of 829 Shaw Street Toronto Ont and
1920 May 24
Henrietta Rose Sterry, age 24, born Toronto, Residence: Jarvis St Toronto, Spinster, Catholic, Father: Harry Wm Sterry, Mother: Elizabeth Sheward abt 1896 John Joseph Tahaney, age 27, born Orillia Ontario, Residence: Toronto, Bachelor, Occ: C P R Roadman, Catholic, Father: James Tahaney, Mother: Ann Jane Boyd Toronto, Co. York. Wit: Addis Joseph Byrne of 253 Brock Ave and Mary Margaret Thompson of 13 Margaretta St.
1920 Aug 21
Mercia Gwendoline Sterry, age 22, born Gaulstown [sic] Gt Yarmouth, Residence: 134 Lee Ave Toronto, Typist, Anglican, Father: Ernest Victor Sterry, Mother: Ellen Maude Farrar abt 1898 Frank Winton, age 23, born Brighton England, Residence: 13 Cherobee Toronto Island, Bachelor, Occ: Assistant Manager, Anglican, Father: Francis Winton, Mother: Lucy Godfrey St John's Church, Norway, Co. York. Wit: Ernest Victor Sterry of 201 Waverly Road and Lucy Winton of 9 Mengier Ave
1921 Jun 30 Violet Sterry, age 27, Residence: Toronto, born England, Single, Ch of England, Father: Edward Sterry, Mother: Mary Lisdale abt 1894 Wm Harrison Wallace, age 29, Residence: Toronto, born City of Watertown Jefferson Co Toronto New York State, Bachelor, Clerk, Ch of England, Father: Samuel Wallace, Mother: Emma Mitchell. Co. York, Ontario. Wit: Edward and Elizabeth Sterry of 54 Fulton Ave.
1922 Jun 30
Ivy Rebecca Sterry, age 19, born England, Residence: 317 Franklin Ave, Spinster, Church of England, Father: Harry W Sterry born England, Mother: Elizabeth Sheward, can read and write abt 1903 Leslie James Gould, age 26, born England, Residence: 41 Gilbert Ave, Bachelor, Occ: Pressman, Church of England, Father: James Gould born England, Mother: Fanny Richmond, can read and write St Edmunds Church, Toronto, Co. York. Wit: Cecil Aiken of 345 Westmoreland and Emily Coppack of 28 Somerset.
1924 Mar 24 Laura Eleanor Steary, born Bathurst Ontario, age 20, Spinster, Methodist, residence: Brockville, Father: Frank C Sterry, Mother: Ella Jones, Birthplace of Father: Bathurst, Ontario, can read and write [Note: surname is spelt both STEARY and STERRY in register] abt 1904 Samuel Kearns, born Bathurst Ontario, age 22, Bachelor, Roman Catholic, residence: Brockville, Occ: Hat Maker, Father: Patrick Kearns, Mother: Susanna Tobey, , Birthplace of Father: Iceland, can read and write Leeds, Ontario. Witness: Wesley Earl, of Brockville; Bernadine Leclare, of Brockville
1924 Oct 18 William George Sterry, age 45, Residence: Lyn[d]hurst, born Elgin, Bachelor, Cheesemaker, Anglican, Father: Albert Sterry born Canada, Mother: Mary Warren, can read and write abt 1879 Norma May Todd, age 20, Residence: Lyn[d]hurst, born Kingston, Spinster, Anglican, Father: Wm Jas Todd born Canada, Mother: Henrietta M Kirkland, can read and write Kingston. Witness: R E Warner and Amanda Warner both of Lyndhurst
**1933 Aug 7 Ralph Stark, Clerk, 22 yrs, Bachelor, Presbyterian, residence: Hespeler, Ont., born: Hespeler, Ont., father: Charles W. Stark, born Canada, mother: Blanche Reed abt 1911 Kathleen Sterry, Waitress, 24 yrs, Spinster, Presbyterian, residence: 33 Asquith Ave., Toronto, born: Golston, Great Yarmouth, England, father: Earnest Sterry, born England, mother: Ellen Maude Farrar St Catharines United Church, City of St Catharines, County of Lincoln. Wit: __ B Culp, Burgess Culp. Marriage License issued 3 Aug 1933 at town of Hespler, County of Waterloo.

Methodist Church, Danville, Quebec
[Quebec, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1968-Ancestry]
1924 Feb 10 Daniel Kent Sterry, daughter of [blank] Sterry of this town of Asbestos, County of Richmond, Province of Quebec was born in the year 1923 and was baptized on 10 Feb 1924. [Entry has been crossed out]

Deaths 1869-1936 (Note: Registration entries for death 1939-1947 are for overseas deaths only.)
(Source: Ancestry.com and Family Search Labs)

Death Date Name Death Place/County Date Born Gender Additional Information
1877 Jul 12 William Sterey[?] Renfrew Co. abt 1815 M Aged 62yrs. Born England. Labourer. Cause of death: Paralysis. Religion: Episcopalian.
1879 Mar 13
Stephen Sterry South Crosby Division, Leeds Co. 1805 M Born USA. Age at death: 74. Labourer or Cooper. Cause of death: Paralysis [10 mths]. Informant: By letter from Albert Sterry, Labourer, South Crosby.
1886 Apr 11
Louisa Sterry Leeds Co., Division South Crosby 1879 F Died South Crosby Leeds. Father: Albert Sterry. Aged 7 yrs at death. Minor. Born South Crosby. Cause of death: Congestion of the lungs [9 days] Informant: Albert Sterry, Mechanic, South Crosby. Methodist.
1886 Apr 24
Ellswood Sterry Leeds Co., Division South Crosby 1882 M Age at death: 4yrs. Minor. Born South Crosby. Cause: Congestion of lungs [9 days] Informant: Albert Sterry, Mechanic, South Crosby. Methodist.
1891 Sep 30 William Sterry Huron Co., Division: McKillop abt 1806 M Aged 85yrs 4mths. Born Ireland. Farmer. Cause of death: old age; Presbyterian; Informant: Samuel Sterry of Seaforth
1905 Sep 6 Verna May Starry Paris, Brant Co. 1905 F Age at death: 4mths. Father: R Starry.
+1909 Mar 27 Constance B Sterry Division Ottawa, Carleton Co. 16 Mar 1909 F Died at 221 Frank St. Born 16 Mar 1909 at Ottawa. Canadian. Father: Percy Harold born London, England; Mother: Beatrice Emily Gadd born London. Single. Age at death: 11 days. Certified by Percy Harold Sterry of 221 Frank St. Cause: Alelestasis pulmonism.
1913 Jan 18
Harriet A Stannard Guelph General Hospital, Division Guelph, Wellington Co 1843 F Age at death: 70 years. Residence: Guelph. Born Guelph Canada. Single. Father: James Henry Stannard. Mother: Elizabeth Sterry. Cause: Bronchial Pneumonia. Informant: Mrs Jno McConnell of 25 Kent St Guelph.
1916 May 13
Elizabeth Sterry Division South Crosby, Leeds Co. 1894 F 22 yrs. Died General Hospital, Brockville. Father: James Tole; Mother: Ella Warren. Birthplace: Bedford Mills, Ont. Married. Housewife. Cause of death: Septicemia [2 weeks]. Informant: James Tole, of Elgin.
^1916 May 23 Lizzie Sterry York Co., Division Toronto 1878 F Age at death: 38 yrs. Place of death: 111 Lappin Ave. Born England. Married. Housewife. Name of father and mother: not stated. Cause of death: Parturition, Pulmonary Embolism. Informant: W Speers of W Toronto.
%%1917 Sep 30 Helen Victoria Pennock South Crosby, Leeds Co. 1917 F Age at death 1 month. Father: Orange Pennock. Mother: Candace Sterry
1918 Aug 21 Henry Isaac Sterry Grey Co. abt 1842 M 76 yrs 10 mths. Born Ontario. Died Durham. Buried: Durham. Widowed. Waggon Maker. Father: John Sterry. Cause of death: Appendicitis. Informant: Wes[?] Sterry of Durham.
**1920 Dec 2 Caroline Eliza Mcconnell Guelph, Wellington Co. 26 Jun 1846 F Age at death: 74 years 5 months 6 days. Birth place: Guelph. Widowed. Race: English. Father: James Henry Stannard. Mother: Elizabeth Sterry
1920 Dec 24
Ann Mary Sterry Division of Brockville, Leeds Co. 1848 F Died General Hospital. Address: Elgin, Ont. Aged 73. Born South Crosby; Irish; Widow. Occ: House Work. Father: Noel Warren born South Crosby. Mother's Name: Liddie Whallen born South Crosby. Informant: Winfield Sterry, Lyndhurst, son. Buried 26 Dec 1920 at Elgin, Ont. Cause of death: Cerebral Apoplexy.
1923 Mar 3 Emily Chant Bastard & Burgess Twp., Leeds Co. 19 Dec 1852 F Age at death: 70 years 2 months. Born England. Married. Father: Wm. Haletta. Mother: Mary Sterry
1927 May 24
Albert Sterry Leeds Co., Division Rear Leeds & Lansdowne 4 May 1885 M born Tp Rr Lansdowne(?); Occ: Farmer; Married; Racial Origin: Irish; lived all life in Lansdowne, Canada; age at death: 41yrs, 6mths, 20 days; Father: George Sterry born Tp Rr(?) Lansdowne(?); Mother: Elizabeth Killingbeck born Tp Lansdowne Rr; Informant: George Sterry, Father, of Lyndhurst. Buried 27 May 1927 at Lyndhurst. Cause: Carcenoma of stomach, anaemia.
1929 Jul 31 Bridget Renaud Windsor Co. 29 Sep 1866 F Age at death: 62 years 10 months 2 days. Born: Belle R Ont. Married. Father: Joseph Starry. Mother: Margaret Mullen
1930 Jul 9 Clara Jane Neve Glencoe, Middlesex Co. 07 Mar 1863 F Aged 67 at death. Born England. Widowed. Ethnicity: English. Father: Wm Sterry. Mother: Vail Sterry
1932 Jan 22 Joan Winnifred Sterry Windsor, Essex Co 22 Jan 1932 F Born Windsor, Ontario. Race: English. Father's name: Stanley Sterry. Mother's name: Mary Ann Browning
1932 Mar 22 Alice Painter Ottawa, Carleton Co. 9 Oct 1873 F Age at death: 58 years 5 months 13 days. Married. English. Father: Robert Trott. Mother: Emma Starry
1932 May 11 Kearns Brockville, Leeds Co. 11 May 1932 M Stillborn. Father: Samuel R. Kearns. Mother: Laura E. Sterry
1932 Jul 18
Wm Todd Sterry Town: Leeds. Village: Lyndhurst, Leeds Co. 29 Nov 1924 M Born 29 Nov 1924 at Co. Leeds. Residence: Lyndhurst Ont. Died Lyndhurst Leeds. Father: Wm Geo Sterry born co. Leeds. Mother: Norma May Todd born co. Frontenac. Age at death: 7 years 7 months 19 days. Racial origin: Irish. Lived all life at Lyndhurst. Informant: Wm Geo Sterry of Lyndhurst Ont., Father. Buried 20 Jul 1932 at Lyndhurst Ont. Cause of death: Septicaemia.
1934 Nov 4
Geo W Sterry Leeds Co., Township Rear of Leeds and Lansdowne. 5 Nov 1848 M Residence: Lyndhurst Ont. [for 2 weeks] Widowed. Aged 86 years 11mths 29 days. Laborer. Father: Stephen Sterry, born USA; Mother: ___ Kelsey, birthplace unknown. Racial Origin: Anglo-Saxon. Born:5 Nov 1848 Ontario. Informant: Mrs George[?] Jacques of ___ Ont, daughter. Buried: Delta Ont. Cause: Artero Sclerosis of 10 yrs. Buried: 6 Nov 1934 at Elgin.

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line
^ = Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK