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David Eric Sterry

David Eric Sterry belongs to the Middlesbrough branch of the Southwold Sterry Tree. David's g.g.grandfather, William Sterry [1817-1872], took this branch of the Southwold line to Middlesbrough about 1865.

David`s father, Eric Thomson Sterry moved from Middlesbrough around 1936. A Plater, having served his time at Smiths Docks Teesside, he found new employment with Baker Perkins Ltd, Peterborough where he remained until his death in 1978.

David Eric retired from the Merseyside Probation Service in 2001 after 32 years service as a Probation Officer and has been engaged in family history research ever since. Very approachable, he can be contacted on Runcorn (01928) 560918 or at .

In addition to his knowledge of the Southwold Sterrys, David has researched his maternal Williamson and Wilkinson lines, his father's maternal Thomson line and his grandfather's maternal Smith line.



David Robert Sterry

David Robert Sterry belongs to the Bury St Edmunds tree. His ancestors moved from Suffolk to London in the 1870s.

He has lived in South Hampshire for over 40 years, having spent most of his youth in East Yorkshire.

He is particularly interested in economic history and hence the changes that caused families to move or migrate from the lands of their forefathers.