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Marriage Licence Books and Bonds 1663-1696 [LDS Film 991486]

1664 John Stary and Mary Jones

1672 Edward Stary and Bridgett Good

1685 Feb 13 Lic inter Thomam Stary de Neen Sollars et Mariam Pardoe de Bitterley

1688 Apr 17 Lic inter Johem Stary et Ana Bennett de Stotesdon

1689 Oct 13 Lic inter Franc[is]cum Flellow de Lindridge et Elianoram Stary de Bayton

1690 Jun 16 Lic inter Thomam Stary et Elizabetham Perks de Tenbury

Marriage Licence Books and Bonds 1709-1762 [LDS Film 991487. Note the second half of the index is missing for the period 1749-1762 and only the period 1760-1762 was searched.]

1716 Nov 26 Licen inter Johem Reignolds po[chi]a de Wenlock Mag[na] et Annam Stary po[chi]a de Knighton Sup[er] Team [Licence between John Reignolds of the parish of Wenlock Magna and Ann Stary of Knighton-on-Teme] Full Bond not located.

1722 Lic Inter Poston Starye de London ca[e]l[ebs] et Anna Cornwall de Clifton sup Team solut[am] 29 Sep 1723 [Licence between Poston Stary of London bachelor and Anne Cornwall of Clifton-upon-Teme Worcestershire spinster] See full Bond below.

1724 Lic Inter Thoma Stary de Tenbury ca[e]l[ebs] & Eliz[abeth]am Wigley de Cleobury Mort solut[am] 1 Feb 1724 [Licence between Thomas Stary of Tenbury bachelor & Elizabeth Wigley of Cleobury Mortimer spinster] See full Bond below.

1725 Lic Inter Johem Stary de Burford ca[e]l[ebs] et Eliz[abeth]am Hall de Bayton vid[uam] 5 Julii 1725 [Licence between John Stary of Burford and Elizabeth Hall of Bayton widow] Full Bond not located.

1728 Lic Inter Rich[ard]um Starye de Knighton sup Team ca[e]l[ebs] et Eliz[abeth]am Starye de Cleobury Mortimer solut[am] 1 Junii 1728 [Licence between Richard Stary of Knighton upon Teme bachelor and Elizabeth Stary of Cleobury Mortimer spinster] See below for full allegation.

1729 Lic Inter Johem Starie de Bayton vid[uum] et ___ Banister de Knighton sup Team solut[am] 25 Apr 1729 [Licence between John Starie of Bayton widow and ___ Banister of Knighton upon Teme spinster] See full Bond below.

1736 Apr 22 Lic inter Stephanus Oxenbold ca[e]l[ebs] et Jana Stary respe po[chi]a de Neen Sollars solut[am] 22 Apr 1736 [Licence between Stephen Oxenbold, bachelor and Jane Stary, both of the parish of Neen Sollars]

1738 Licen Int Jacobum Stary po[chi]a de Hereford vid[uum] et Jana Waindrid po[chi]a de Ludlow solut[am] 9 Martii 1737 [Licence between James Stary of Hereford widow and Jane Waindrid of Ludlow spinster] See full Bond below.

1743 Lic Int Guil[iemum] Starie vid[uum] et Ann Jones sol[utam] respe[?] po[chi]a de Ludlow 30 Octobris 1743 [Licence between William Starie widow and Ann Jones spinster both[?] of the parish of Ludlow] See full Bond below.

1743 Lic Int Jacob Stary ca[e]l[ebs] et Maria Heming sol[utam] respe[?] po[chi]a Cleobury Mortimer 31 Octobris 1743 [Licence between James Stary bachelor and Mary Heming both[?] of the parish of Cleobury Mortimer] See full Bond below.

Marriage Licence Books and Bonds 1762-1808, 1834-1843 [LDS Film 991488]

1766 Jul 15 Licence between Josiah Starie of Burford, Bachelor and Mary Broadhurst of Habberley, Sp[inste]r

1769 Nov 23 Licence between Thomas Starie of Stoke Prior, Bachelor & Mary South of Bodenham, Spinster

1773 Apr 10 Lic bet. Josiah Starey of Kyre, widower & Dorothy Caldwell of Pencombe, spinster

1774 Sep 10 Lic bet Edward Wright of Kidderminster, Bachelor and Mary Starey of Richard's Castle, Widow

1803 Jan 21 Jno Powell of M. Marcle, widr & Sarah Stary of the same, widow

Marriage Licence Bonds 1716-1729 [LDS Film 991624]
None located. However, very few bonds after 1721 or before 1718.

Marriage Licence Bonds 1722-1723 [LDS Film 991583]
1722 Poston Starye & Anne Cornwall

Marriage Licence Bonds 1724-1726 [LDS Film 991584]

1724 Thomas Stary & Elizabeth Wigley

1724 Luke Hall & Elizabeth Stary

1725 John Stary & Elizabeth Hall [Not located on film. Very few 1725 bonds on film. Bond probably did not survive.]

Marriage Licence Bonds 1727-1729 [LDS Film 991585]
1728 Richard Starye & Elizabeth Starye

Marriage Licence Bonds 1729-1730 [LDS Film 991586]
1729 John Starie & Unity Banister

Marriage Licence Bonds 1738-1739 [LDS Film 991589]
1738 James Stary & Jane Waindrid

Marriage Licence Bonds 1742-1743 [LDS Film 991591]
1743 William Stary & Anne Jones
1743 James Stary & Mary Heming

Marriage Licence Bonds 1742-1745 [LDS Film 991625]
None located. However, very few bonds before 1744.