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[Gloucestershire England Prison Records 1728-1914-Ancestry] Note: Some of these are also recorded in the Criminal Records at the National Archives.

+Alice Sterry [Age] 19 [Almost certainly the same Sarah Sterry below]
[Committal Date] 19 Sep 1870
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 ft 2 and a half inches; brown hair; brown eyes; round visage; fresh complexion; several moles on neck
[Charge] Idle and disorderly in the streets at Gloucester on the 16th of Sept 1870
[Sentence] 14 days hard labour 19 Sep 1870
[Discharge Date] 1 Oct 1870 - term expired
[Regigion, Habits etc] Church. Single. Native Glo'ster. Known to PC McRea 12 mos. Nothing previously known of her. Mother Sarah Sterry, Micheldean Glo. Is a prostitute.

+Ann Sterry [Age] 40
[Admission] 30 Oct 1861
[Residence/Trade] Longhope/Labourer
[Description] 4 foot 11in; dark brown hair; dark brown eyes; thin visage; dark complexion; boil scar back of neck, the joints of each little finger enlarged
[Offence] Stealing one towel and other articles the property of John Dee at Longhope on 19th of October 1861
[Sentence] Imprisoned for 14 days
[Gaol] Gloucester County Gaol
[Discharged] 12 Nov 1861
[Remarks] Native of Longhope. Single. Three children. Has been working for Mr Martin of Blaisdon 12 months also Mr Rufs of same place.

+Ann Sterry [Age] 21 [Almost certainly the same Sarah Sterry below and Alice above]
[Committal Date] 10 Dec 1873
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 ft 1 and a half in; brown hair; brown eyes; round face; dark complexion; 'J W' tattooed on right arm, small mole on right side of neck
[Offence] Drunk and riotous in the public street at Gloucester on the 8 Dec 1873
[Sentence] 7 days hard labour 10 Dec 1873
[Discharged] 16 Dec 1873 - term expired
[Religion, Character etc] Church. Single. Native Forest of Dean. Known to PC Griffin 5 years. Nothing else against her. Friend Jane Barnett Columbra Street Gloucester

+Ann Sterry [Age] 21
[Committal Date] 29 Apr 1874
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 ft 1 and a half in; brown hair; brown eyes; round face; dark complexion; Mole and 'J W' right arm, small mole on right side of neck
[Offence] Together with Lilley Cook also charged, assaulting and beating one Sarah Ann Griffiths at Gloucester on 27 Apr 1874 -
[Sentence] Pay fine and costs 11s or seven days hard labour
[Discharged] 5 May 1874 - term expired.
[Religion, Character etc] Church. Single. Native Mitcheldean. Known to PC Griffin 2 years as a prostitute. Grand mo Sarah Sterry Mitcheldean Glos.

+Ann Sterry [Age] 22
[Committal Date] 24 Mar 1875
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 ft 1 and a half in; brown hair; brown eyes; round face; dark complexion; The letter 'J W' tatooed on right arm, a mole on right arm above elbow, ears pierced.
[Offence] Drunk and disorderly in the public street at Gloucester 22 Mar 1875
[Sentence] 10 days hard labour
[Discharged] 2 Apr 1875 - term expired.
[Religion, Character etc] Independent. Single. Native Swanley. Known to PC Griffen 3 yrs. Has been here for assault and drunkeness. Grand mother Sarah Sterry, Mitcheldean.
City Prison

+Charles Sterry [Age] 31
[Committal Date] 18 Dec 1829
[Charge] On the oaths of Richard Matthews and Thomas Simmonds, with stealing, on Tuesday 15th day of December instant, at the Hundred of St. Briavel's, five leather girths, of the value of one shilling and two hempen bags, of the value of six-pence, the property of the said Richard Matthews.
[Sentence] Guilty. To be imprisoned in the Penitentiary House 1 week

+Charles Sterry, 31, [Parish] Cliffords Mine Newent
[Brought in] 18 Dec 1829
[Charge] same as above
[Marks] Dark brown hair dark grey eyes fresh complexion large flat nose large flat face a scar on his forehd a scar on his left hand wrist right instep has been injured and lame in consequence a mole on his left shoulder a scar on right shoulder a mark on his right cheek read a little Labourer Height 4' 11 and three quarters.
[Hearing] Epiphany Sessions Jan 12 1830
[Sentence] Seven days in penitentiary
[Discharged] 16 Jan 1830

+Charles Sterrey [Age] 20
[Date of Conviction] 19 Nov 1840
[Gaol] Gloucester
Read/Write well [Crime] Rogue and vagabond [Sentence] three calendar months

+Eli Sterry [Age] 28
[Conviction/Newent] 7 Aug 1890
[Offence] Unlawfully obtaining game & trespass in pursuit of game
[Sentence] Pay £3-10-0 or 6 wks HL
[Description] 5ft 10 and a quarter inches, brn hair
[Trade] Labourer
[Religion/Birthplace] C.E. Longhope
[Previous Convictions] 21.7.90; 5 at Newport
[Discharged] 9 Aug 1890
[Remarks] Militiaman reported 8 Augt. Paid 9 Augt 1890

+Elizabeth Sterry [Age] 58 [Maiden name Dawes]
[Admitted] 2 Sep 1876
[Gaol] Gloucester County Gaol
[Residence] Cheltenham
[Description] 5 foot 1 and a half in.; grey hair; blue eyes; long visage; sallow complexion; cut mark on forehead and 2 scars right arm and several teeth out
[Charge] Feloniously stealing one pair of damask curtains one night dress and other articles the property of William Henry Harker at Cheltenham on or about 12th June 1876.
[Sentence] 14 days hard labour
[Discharged] 15 Sep 1876
[Remarks] Widow 2 ch. nat [born?] Goodrich. Known to Supt Day 5 years, Nothing previously known against. Son Eli Sterry 30 White Hart Street Cheltenham

Hannah Sterrey [Age] 45
[Committed] 15 Mar 1830
[Prison] Littledean
[Discharged] 15 Apr 1830
[Trade] Labourer
[Remarks] Parish Lea, read a little not write, black hair, light hazel eyes, brown complexion, a mole in the corner of the right eye, stands 5 feet 3 inches high
[Crime] Charged, together with Sophia Stephens aged 18, on the oath of Hannah wife of William Barnett and William Dawes with having on the eleventh day of March instant stolen and carried away a quantity of turnips out of a field the property of the said William Dawes
[Sentence] Committed for one calendar month

+Hubert Sterry [Age] 21
[Committed Date/Place] 5 Feb 1909/Littledean
[Offence] Stealing 6lbs of sugar, half lb tea
[Sentence] 14 days HL
[Height/hair] 5ft 7 and 3 quarter in./light brown
[Trade] Labr
[Religion/Birth place] C.E. May Hill Glos
[Previous Convictions] Littledean P.S, 9.8.07 Riding without reins - fined 2/6
[Discharged] 18 Feb 1909

+Jerry Sterry [Age] 31
[Date Brought in] 28 Mar 1836
[Parish] Longhope
[Crime] Charged, together with Thomas Griffen aged 21 from parish of Arlingham, with feloniously receiving forty fowls and two cheeses, the property of Peter Powell and three fowls and a gander, the property of William Burcher well knowing the same to have been stolen [Marks, Stature] Brown hair, light hazel eyes, long visage, dark complexion, a mark on the right side of the breast froma pimple. Waterman. Height: 5 ft 6.
[When Tried and Outcome] Lent Assizes Mar 29 1836. Not guilty.
[Discharged] Apr 2, 1836

+Joseph Sterry [Age] 20
[Date of Admission] 25 Apr 1864
[Discharged] 24 May 1864
[Residence/Trade] Longhope/Wood Turner
[Description] 5 ft 4 and a quarter in; brown hair; grey eyes; oval visage; sallow complexion; large cut on 2nd joint of left fore finger
[Offence] Absenting himself from the service of his master Peter Constance at East Dean on the 24 Dec 1863 he being bound to the said Peter Constance.
[Sentence] One calendar month hard labour
[Discharged] 24 May 1864 - term expired
[Character, Habits] Native of Longhope, Single, Wood Turner Mr Constance of East Dean 5 years

+Martha Sterry [Age] 20
[Date of Admission] 12 Jul 1871, Wales
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 foot 1 and a quarter in., brown eyes, brown hair, 'J W' on right arm
[Offence] Assaulting and beating one Harriet Drinkwater at Gloucester on 10th July 1871
[Sentence] To pay a fine of 5/- and 9/6 costs or seven days hard labour
[Gaol] Gloucester County Goal
[Discharged] 18 Jul 1871
[Remarks] Church, single, Wales. Known to P.C. Law. 12 mos. Nothing after - grandmother Sarah Sterry Mitcheldean Glo.

Martha Sterry [Age] 22
[Committal] 14 Dec 1874
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Prostitute
[Description] 5 foot 1 and a half in., brown eyes, brown hair, round visage, dark complexion. The letter 'J W' on right arm; mole on right arm above elbox; small mole right side of neck. Ears pierced.
[Offence] Using obscene language in the public streets at Gloucester on 10th Dec 1874.
[Sentence] 10 days hard labour
[Discharged] 23 Dec 1874 - term expired
[Character, Habits] Independent. Single. Native Mitcheldean. Known to PC Griffin 3 yrs. Has indifferent character. Grandmother Sarah Sterry, Mitcheldean Glos.
[Remarks] City Prison

+Miles Sterry
[Admission] 9 Nov 1870
Debtors' Register
[Plaintiff] John Townsend
[Sums in Execution/of Detainees] 9/6 debt and costs
[Period of remand] County Court at Gloucester for 14 days
[Discharged] 22 Nov 1870; term expired

^^Richard Sterry [Age] 63
[Date of Conviction] June 23, 1828
[House of Correction] Little Dean
[Crime] Want of sureties
[Term of Imprisonment] Six months
County Goal City of Gloucester

^^Richard Sterrey [Age] 49
[Date of Conviction] Jan 10 1873
[Prison] Littledean
[Residence/Trade] Lydney, Carpenter [Description] 5 foot 10in in height, dark brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, squin[squint?] with both eyes [Born] Blakeney Gloucestshire
[Crime] Stealing timber the property of T Alloway? Esqr at Lydney
[Sentence] Remanded to be at Lydney 11am 15th Jany 1873

+Samuel Sterry [Age] 44
[Committal Date and Place] 3 Mar 1892 at Newent
[Offence] Nonpayment of costs
[Sentence] 14 days hard labour or pay £2 2s 5d halfpenny
[Trade] Labourer
[Education] N
[Religion/Birthplace] Dis/C'ham
[Born] Cheltenham
[Discharged] 16 Mar 1892

+Sarah Sterry [Age] 49 [Maiden name Taylor]
[Date of Warrant] 1 Dec 1890
[Bailed] 1 Dec 1890, City [of Gloucester]
[Received into Custody] 9 Jan 1890
[Date of Assize] 9 Jan 1891 Sess
[Offence] On 27th September 1890 at the Hamlet of Barton St Mary, feloniously receiving 12 pairs of boots, the property of Thomas Higgs Rumsey, well knowing them to have been stolen.
[Tried] 9 Jan 1890
[Sentence] Acquitted
[Height and colour of hair] 5 ft f in and dk brn
[Trade] Clothes Dealer
[Religion and Place of Birth] C of E and Glos'ter
Previous Convictions] Nil
[Discharged] 14 Dec 1890

+Thomas Sterry
[Admission] 4 Apr 1876
[Offence] Stealing a quantity of potatoes of the value of two shillings and sixpence the property of William Hemmings at Gloucester on the 18th March 1876
[Court] City Quarter Sessions
[Religion/Character] Church. Married. 2 children born Longley. Known to PC Griffin. Nothing else against him. Wife Charlotte Sterry. 5 Regent St Gloucester.
[Discharged] Acquitted 1876

+William Sterry [Age] 19 and Charles Sterry [Age] 22
[Trial Date and Place] 14 Apr 1801 at Booth Hall, City of Gloucester
[Date of Conviction] 30 Mar 1801
[Gaol] City of Gloucester
Together with William Walwyn committed by Charles Sandiford, clerk, to answer to the complaint made against them by Timothy Blewett and Sarah his wife, for having riotously, routously and tumultously assembled together at the dwelling house of the said T. Blewitt, at Westbury on Severn
[Sentence] Guilty. 4 months plus 50 pound bond to keep peace.

+William Sterry [Age] 20
[Commencement] 29 Oct 1813
[Occupation] Servant in Husbandry
Register of Prisoners
[Gaol] Northleach House of Correction
[Offence] Leaving his master's service
[Sentence] 3 months
[Discharge Date] 21 Jan 1814

+William Sterry [Age] 48
[Committed] 9 Feb 1841
[Gaol] Littledean House of Correction
Could read/write. Labourer.
[Offence] Charged on the oath of Robert Bader one of the police constables for the said Forest Division for that he the said William Sterry on the 3 day of February inst. at the Hundred of Saint Biavels in the said County .. had in his premises the skin of a deer
[Sentence] 3 months or 10 pounds 11-6.
[Discharged] 11 Feb 1841 the fine paid.

William Sterry
[Brought in] 29 Jan 1842
[What Authority] Ca Sa in Debt
[Whose Suit] George Smith
[Amount] £25 10s
[Discharged] 15 Mar 1842

William Sterry
[Date of Admission] 7 Nov 1843
[Place of Abode] Westbury on Severn
[Plaintiff] Michael Sumsion
[By whose Authority] Sheriffs Order 3 Feb 1844
[Sum in execution] £18 5s 6d

William Sterry the younger [Aged 28]
[Committed] 13 May 1863
[Residence/Trade] Gloucester/Carpenter
[Place] Gloucester City
[Offence] Stealing bread and cheese
[Sentence] 2 months hard labour, first offence
[Description] 5 foot 4 and a half in.; brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion; hare lip, injury to left knee
[Remarks] Native of Gloucester, Single, Carpenter at Mr Sussex? of Gloucester
[Discharged] 11 Jul 1863

William Sterry [aged 24]
[Conviction/Place] 12 Sep 1885/Gloucester
[Offence] Stealing 6 swedes
[Sentence] 14 days HL F 10/- C 11/6
[Description] 5 ft 4" brn hair
[Religion/Birthplace/Education] CE/Gloster/Imp
[Trade] labourer
[Previous convictions] nil
[Discharged] 13 Sep 1885
[Remarks] Paid fine and costs including conveyance

+William Sterry [aged 28] [Despite his age, probably William Meek aka Sterry bn 1886 East Dean]
[Record Type] Record of Previous Conviction
27 Mar 1907 [Court and Place] Lydney [Offence] Drunk and disorderly [Sentence] Fined 2/6 & costs
29 May 1907 [Court and Place] Lydney [Offence] Committing nuisance [Sentence] Fined 10/- & costs
26 Feb 1908 [Court and Place] Lydney [Offence] Refusing to quit licensed premises [Sentence] Fined 5/-& costs - paid fine at Police Court
26 Feb 1908 [Court and Place] Lydney [Offence] Drunk & disorderly [Sentence] 14 days HL
[Height] 5ft 5"

+William Sterry [aged 28]
[Conviction Date/Place] 26 Feb 1908/Lydney Recd 26 Feb '08
[Offence] Drunk & disorderly
[Sentence] 14 days HL or pay 17/3
[Height/Hair] 5' 5" brn
[Religion/Birth place] Prim. Methodists/Lydney
[Trade] Collier
[Previous Convictions] 1908
[Discharged] 10 Mar 1908

+Wintour Harris Sterry
[Date of Admission] 14 Apr 1839
Insolvent Court
[Plaintiff] Silas Enser and Samuel Keyte
[Discharged] 17 Jul 1839
[Sum arrested for] £37 7s 6d besides interest

+Wintour Harris Sterry
[Date of Admission] 1843 June 10
Debtors Register Gloucester County Goal
[Place of Abode] Stroud
[Plaintiff] Lewis Pesman Capna
[Authority and when discharged] Insolvent Court 4 Nov 1843
[Sums in Execution] 11-2-10
[Period of Remanded] Discharged forthwith 4 Nov 1843
[When before Court] Admitted to Bail 20 Jul 1843

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
% = Bermondsey, Surrey, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
*** = Lambeth, Surrey, UK line