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William Sterry 1638

William Stirry of Ruardean in the county of Glour Blacksmith aged fiftie three yeares or thereabouts sworne & examed (examined?) deposeth as followeth

To the third interr (interrogatory?) he saith that the defts (defendants?) Sr (Sir?) Baynham Throcknorton Sr Sackville Crowe Mr Taylor & Mr Goninge are the new ffarmers of his matr (master?) from worke in the fforrest of Deane And that they first entred upon the paid worke in or about the month of July 1636.

To the xxviiith Interr he saith, that he hath heard that Sr Robte Cooke Mr James Kirk Mr Michaell Meredith Willm Brothers Alexander Lambe and Willm Gilbert have been exaied (examined?) as witnesses for the defts (defendants?) at this comission And believeth that the said Willm Brothers is a servant to the deft (defendant?) Sr Baynham Throckmorton for that he hath often heard him saie that he was to attend the busines of the said Sr Bayneham Throckmorton his master And that the said Alexander Lambe hath bene of late a workeman to the new ffarms And beleiveth that the said Mr Kirke & Mr Meredith the deputie surveyor who ought to have let out the ffelletts(?) to the ffarms and have taken care for the makinge of such timber as should arise therein for his matr (master's?) use as he conceiveth have bene faultie in the pformance thereof for that he hath seene at Cannopp Fellett many timber trees cutt out into cordwood that have layen eight dayes & eight daies and some fewer dayes after they were felled and yet never viewed to this deponts (deponents?) knowledge beinge then a workeman there

To the xxxith Interr he saith that he was formly exaied (examined?) as a witnes before Sr Willm Russell Sr Henry Spiller & others Comrs (Commissioners?) touchinge the matters now in question And saith that he hath considered of & remembreth the substance of what he then deposed And that the same is true in each respect and that he will neither add to nor otherwise alter the same.

[Glous Chas 1 Mich 42 1638 Exchequer Deps P C Knapp. William Sterry, called to answer interrogatories by deposition in a legal action before the Court of Exchequer 1636, is almost certainly William Sterry baptised Feb 16, 1582/3 in Ruardean, Gloucestershire, son of Henry Sterry and Joliada Somner and buried Sep 13, 1663 in Ruardean, Gloucestershire].

Edward Sterry 1637

Edward Sterrey of Grand borough (Granborough?) in the County of Bucks carpenter aged three score and tenn years or thereabouts sworne and examined deposeth and sayth as followeth

To the fifth Interr (Interrogatory?) this dept (deponent?) sayeth he doth not knowe that any of the ..ramdeas fa...(?) the defes (defendants?) orchyarde doth belonge or __ might ought where large(?) laye(?) churchyard of Addington neither doth he knowe by whose appoymts (appointments?) the olde(?) trees(?) in the fut.. mencomer (?) were lopped(?) And he further sayth that he himselfe and Ffrancis Ffritwell another carpenter did by the appoyntmt (appointment?) of Sr John Carson putt up the timber frame of the wall now standing and demdnice(?) betwixt the defs (defendant's?) orchyarde on the one side and the churchyard and alsoe(?) psnage(parsonage?) yarde and both side on thother (the other) side he sayth that he and the sayd Ffrancis Ffritwell wth the helpe of one Ralph Warde (?) a laborer did then take up the old mounde heape(?) of pale(?) posts(?) and rayles(?) as I did lade(?) in the verie(?) same place thring(?) ___(?) the whole length thereof where the well now standeth soe farr(?) as they could discerne And he further saith that the ..als(?) in the Interr menconed(?) were by the old and one by the wall now stand niye(inge?) mis..nded (?) in the defde(defendant's?) orchyarde and excluded(?) out of the sayd churchyarde alsoe he sayeth he hath not herde(heard?) of any question that hath bene made concerning these clames whether they should(?) belonge to the churchyarde or not but thinketh there was noe sa.. question or doubt made thereof by pson(?) Stanmanio herease that duringe the tyme whilst this dept (deponent?) was workinge in pullinge downe and puttinge up the mounde as aforesaid the sayd pson(?) often(?) came in the work now there and never found fault nor spoke one word in dislike of the sayd mounde or of any clayme or ade(?) to the sayde _es(?) but sayth that he was verie merry(?) and talked much(?) or I then(?) but whose(?) mounde is was he cannot positivly say but doth beleive it wasSr John Carson where sett him or swore(?) and payde him his wages

[Bucks. 13 Chas I Mich 48 1637 Exchequer Deps P C Knapp]