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[Rhode Island, USA, 1 Jan 1960]


Edgewood, R. I.
Jan 1, 1960

Dear Eva & family

I remember I sent the letter you speak of to the box at East Andover - as I thought  then you’d be sure of getting it.

If I hadn’t I should have sent it to the West Peru as that was where I thought you were living.

How fast the children do grow up don’t they? Arlene’s children are all in school now the youngest only in the P. M.

Anne who is now 15 and a soph[omore]] Richard - 12 - in Grammar School, Judy (Judith) 9 in Grammar School, Bobo (Barbara) 7 in Grammar School and Marjorie Lucy 5 – named for the two grandmothers.

Was very glad to have the pictures.  The one of Patty looks like you I think.

It sure did rain on that ride and you sure did better than I did the first time I was ever on a horse.

Leona used to like to ride & have us lead the different horses that Edna’s boyfriend who boarded at our house there and swapped for.

The one I was on was a lean chestnut and there was only a blanket & sursingle [surcingle].  And I didn’t but a step or two before I wanted Leona to let me get off.  Seeing I was so frightened I didn’t see why I kept wanting to learn – but I did want to and have only since you understand.

The last I knew they were both in Starks also Lynn’s boy Raymond.  He received a divorce from his wife last term of court.  And the children were given to him – so guess she “stepped out” as the saying is.

He was married once before but he & his first wife only lived together a few weeks.

Don’t know what her name was nor his 2nds except the first name of his 2nd wife was Clarice.

Was pleased to have your invitation & hope to make use of it.

I want a real vacation this spring & to spend part of it in Farmington & Waterville, Me.  Haven’t had a real one for three years now. So seems as if one is due.

We came down here last Feb 14th – Harold – Arlene’s husband is with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co and he was promoted & sent here.

The Company payed for the moving.  We had so many things it didn’t all come in one van.  And Arlene left a lot of things there & gave to the movers many things.

She was afraid all the jam jelly & honey she’d canned & vegetables & sauce would freeze on the way down – so she gave them away.

But as one would suppose the weather came off nice and warm.

We spent Hal’s two weeks’ vacation in Maine – a this mother’s and father’s camp at China Lake.

But I baby sat – otherwise stayed with the children only went to Waterville one day.

Do you ever go to the parks for swims & cook outs.

We do very often.  There’s a nice sandy beach at Narragansett – that we often go to – tho’ there aren’t any trees there.  Then we’ve been twice to the “Purgatory Chasm” picnic area in Mass. The wood is furnished there which I don’t suppose should be surprising.

And then to Goddard Park where there are trees as well as fire places but you have to furnish your own wood.  And once we went to Lincolns Woods Park. There were large boulders there which the children had fun climbing.

There were bridle paths at the two latter places and so saw quite a few riders.  Can you guess which places I enjoyed most?

Well I don’t know as much as I wish I did about the connections.  But will write some facts I came across that I’d written down a while ago.  Think I have the dates of mother’s families’ deaths also somewhere only not of Uncle Mark’s (Libby & Lynn’s father) girl Lena & I don’t really remember just what year Aunt Netta died but it was in the year (Fall) of 1930 - 1 - or 2.

Nor don’t know what  year Lynn’s 1st wife died – but she was Elvira Nichols – and Libby’s wife was Ellen Oliver. Ellen died last year. Think I have the notice somewhere & will look it up, providence permitting.

Lynn & Elvira had three children Raymond (I think he was born the same year Robert Prince Clark Edna’s boy was in 1913.) Then there were two girls Althea & Helen.  Don’t know who Helen wed but she was div[orced]  And Althea wed Elliott Rackliff of Industry.  She had 5 children – the youngest a boy Elliott Jnr who was brought up by his grandparents on his father’s side as his mother died of T.B. when he was a baby.

I don’t know anything about Herman [Allen] & Otis brother Ellsworth as far back as I can remember he always lived out in the Western States.  I think he lived in Calif[ornia] when Herman & his father Osborne went out there to live (in 1908) – but they didn’t like so came back to Maine in about a year.

I remember one thing Herman said that you could smell the peach blossoms from a mile away and that the best kind were the Freestone not the Clingstone.

At the time of Herman’s death Nov 6, 1958, Ellsworth was living out in Durango, Colorado.

But back in 1950 when Herman went out to visit him he lived in Farmington New Mexico.

Herman was born Apr 5, 1875.  So he was 83 years old when he passed away.

David Sterry born Mar 27, 1816.

He was son of Samuel and Hannah Harding Sterry.  He was one of 5 boys.  His youngest brother Christopher was just a baby when their father died (he fought  in the war of 1812) and their grandfather in the Revolutionary.

Hannah Brown Frederick Sterry was born Mar 27, 1818.

They had 13 children – the oldest –
Albert was born Apr 20, 1837
Meron was born Aug 22, 1839
Lizzie was born Dec 20, 1841
Corrie was born Apr 5, 1844
Rose A was born Mar 27, 1846
Hannah Sophia was born June 1, 1848
Mark Danville was born July 14, 1850
David Orlando was born Aug 21, 1852
David Edward was born May 21, 1854 (always called Edward)
Phoebe was born July 31, 1856
Henry Harrison was born Apr 24, 1859
Addie Angela was born Sept 1, 1861
Emma Frances was born Aug 2, 1863

Albert [Sterry] wed Lois Williamson and they had no children.  Meron wed Charles Farrington and they had four children Wellington, John, Olney & Lois.  Lizzie wed John Standish & had no children.  They adopted a boy Alton son of Peter Nadeau.  Corrie (her name was Corrisanda) wed Osborne Allen.  (At the time of Osborne’s death the paper stated that there were three girls – Carrie was one  - but don’t remember the name of the other two.  Mother never mentioned any of these three girls but she did say that Herman had as sister and her name was either Rose Lillian or else Lilly Eva. And the other one of these two was Rosa’s girl.

Ellsworth, Otis and Herman [Allen]

Rose [Sterry] wed Henry Thompson and had two children Charlie & either Rose Lillian or Lilly Eva.

Hannah [Sterry] was never wed.  She was engaged to Commodore Decatur Greenleaf of Starks and had bought up some of the furniture.  He went for two year to the goldfields of Venezula and saved up $400 to be married on but his father asked him for the money to pay off the mortgage on his home and Cate let him have same so they were never wed.  She died young.

Mark Danville wed Netta Worthen of Mercer Me and they had three children, Lena, Libby & Lynn. David Orlando died young – just a baby I believe.  David Edward never wed - died in young manhood.

Phoebe died young of diphtheria as also did Henry Harrison.

Addie [Sterry] – her middle name was Angela but mother never liked it so she called herself Addie Lillian I think, though don’t know for sure that she had it changed legally to Lillian.  She wed Geo A Prince and they had five children. Edna, the oldest – Albert Lynn who died when he was four year old, Leona, Ellen and Lucy. 

Emma Francis [Sterry] wed Charles Clark Hatch.  They had no children. When Aunt Em was real young she used to say I can’t say Emma Chauncey – but when I say Emma Chauncey, I mean Emma Chauncey – Chauncey was the nearest she could come to pronouncing Frances.

Libby & his wife & Richard lived the last I knew in a house belonging to Richard. Either an aunt or his grandmother left the place to him – and it is next to the Post Office in Starks Village.

Lynn lived in the old home place.  Herman once said that grandpa Sterry (David) built the place.

Aunt Netta changed the house on the inside considerably.  What was once their sitting room she made into a kitchen and the kitchen into a bedroom.

Hope this helps Caroline out some.  Wish I knew more.  Did you know that Starks once had a lighthouse?

Will sign off now.

Love Ellen

I took a fresh sheet before I noticed that this one hadn’t been used.  Shouldn’t let it go to waste though so’ll fill in.

Do your other girls look like you?  I don’t think I ever saw your husband but Wilbur was going with Mae – the time I visited at your home back in 1927 or 8 I guess it was.

Anyhow it was before I worked for your uncle Geo. Stowe in Mechanic Falls.

Do your children any of them ski or ride?  I used to snowshoe but haven’t much in late years.  Though I’ve done quite a lot of walking since I came down here.

At the Gables there weren’t any sidewalks and the cars went by so fast – but I never enjoyed walking down the highway there.  Lucy and I once walked twenty miles in one day – that’s the longest hike we ever took though we used to go for walks most every pleasant Sunday.

I had two puzzles (crosscut ones) for Christmas and have just got them done.  Do you ever do the crossword puzzles in the daily papers?  I like to – but those in the New York Times Sunday paper are so hard I cannot do but a few words.  How’s this for a letter?

[Letter written by Ellen Prince to Eva Chenery nee Farrington and kindly made available by Eva’s daughter Carol for use in family research. Ellen Prince was the daughter of Adeline Angela - or Adeline Lillian- Sterry who was the daughter of David Sterry [1816-1884] on the Starks, Maine, USA Sterry line.]