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Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records provide information on men pensioned out of the British Army between 1760 and 1913. The connection with ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ is that the pensions were administered through The Royal Hospital at Chelsea. The great majority of pensioned soldiers were out-pensioners and did not reside at the Hospital itself. [FindMyPast]

Many thanks to David Sterry for extracting the following detail on STERRYs located in this record collection and made available online by Find My Past.

Charles Sterrey
Regiment: Scots Guards
Army Rank: Private
Born:  Ross Herefordshire 1825
Joined: 25th February 1845 at Gloucester aged 19 years 3 months
Occupation: Labourer
Army Service:
Most service served at home except
Alma 28th February 1854 to 4th July 1856
Served for 12 years 156 days, including Crimea. Present at the Battle of Alma, and awarded a Crimea medal.
Discharged: 21st March 1857 in London, because ‘affected with a severe form of epilepsy’. The fits started whilst serving in the East, and since his return, they have become more frequent and severe. 
Next of Kin: Not given.
[Charles Sterry 1825-1860-Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line]

George William Sterry
Regiment: Royal Field Artillery 44th Battery
Army Rank: Driver
Born: Yoxford Saxmundham Suffolk 1874
Joined: 10th October 1892 at Woolwich, having previously been rejected on 24th November 1891 because under age
Occupation: Labourer
Army Service:
Home 6th October 1892 to 28th October 1987
India 29th October 1897 to 23rd April 1905
Home 23rd April 1905 to 5th February 1908
India 6th February 1908 to 30th October 1913
Home 31st October 1913 to 15th November 1913
Commended for gratuity and bounty whilst in Bangalore India 25th September 1901. Reengaged whilst in Madras India 30th December 1903
Discharged: 15th November 1913 at Gosport Hampshire, serving for 21 years 41 days
Intended Place of Residence: c/o Mrs Middleditch Church Lane Yoxford Suffolk
Next of Kin: John Sterry Fife and Drum Cottage Haggs Hill Yoxford
Other Information: ‘accustomed to care of horses, good rider and groom, can drive 4 in hand, thoroughly sober and reliable’
[George William Sterry bn 1874 s. John Sterry 1831-1910 and Mary Ann Naphine - Pakefield, Suffolk, UK line]

George Sterry
Regiment: North Staffordshire
Army Rank: Drummer
Born: St Mary’s parish Wolverhampton Staffs 1886
Joined: 23rd November 1901 aged 15years 9 months
Occupation: None
Army Service:
Home 23rd November 1901 to 22nd November 1913
Discharged: 22nd November 1913 at Lichfield Staffs aged 27 years 9 months after 12 years service, considered unfit for further military service
Intended Place of Residence: The Malt Shovel Market Square Lichfield
Next of Kin: Wife Edith Mary Sterry (formerly Hitchens) married on 19th February 1907. Children Edith Florence born 19th May 1907 baptised 26th May 1907, and Gertrude Mary born 10th April 1910 baptised 11th May 1910.
Brother Arthur Sterry 34 Low Lichfield Street Willenhall Staffordshire
Other Information:
‘Intelligent civil and obliging, has been employed as a musician’
[George Sterry bn 1886 at Newport, Monmouthshire son of Arthur Charles Sterry 1853-1887 and Mary Pitt – Longhope line]

Isaac Sterry
Regiment: 54th Regiment of Infantry
Army Rank: Private
Born: Lee Bailey Gloucester Gloucestershire 1824
Joined: 21st December 1841 in Coventry Warwickshire age 17years 10 months
Occupation: Tailor
Army Service:
Gibraltar 1 year 9 months
Montevideo 10 months
Cape of Good Hope 2 years 6 months
Discharged: at Chatham Kent 25th September 1849, aged 25 years, having been found unfit on 27th August 1849. Disability due to ‘ophthalmia, anasarcia, and general bad health caused by constitutional disposition and climate, and not aggravated by vice or intemperance’.
[Isaac Sterry bn 1823 s. Thomas Sterry 1783-1864 and Sarah Niblett on Longhope line]

James Sterry
Regiment: Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Army Rank: Private
Born: St John’s parish, Kidderminster Worcestershire in 1870
Joined: 15th February 1888, aged 18 years 1 month
Occupation: Labourer
Qualifications: Groom
Army Service:
Home 13th February 1888 to 4th November 1899
South Africa 5th November 1899 to 15th September 1900
Home 16th September 1900 to 12th December 1902
Received 2 good conduct badges
Discharged: 12th February 1902 at Birmingham after 13 years service
Intended Place of Residence: 233 Halford Lane Smethwick Birmingham.
Next of Kin: Wife Elizabeth Sterry (formerly Turner), married at St Mary’s church, Kidderminster on 16th February 1895, children George born 5th September 1895 and Margaret born 5th September 1897
Also mentions a Mrs Annie Sterry 15 Crowther Street Kidderminster
[James Sterry 1868-1909 on the Worcestershire, UK line]

John Sterry
Regiment: Royal Brigade R.A. Cinque Ports Division
Army Rank: Gunner
Born: Blo Norton East Harling Norfolk 1846
Joined: 29th March 1871 at Thetford Norfolk, aged 24 years 6 months
Occupation: Carpenter and Wheelwright
Army Service:
11 years 139 days service, locations not given but included overseas posting in Bermuda
One good conduct badge
Discharged: 15th August 1882 at Woolwich London, aged 35 years and 9 months, due to being medically unfit as a result of compound fracture of the leg incurred in August 1881, ‘whilst unloading a cart of hay he slipped and fell heavily’. 
Intended Place of Residence: Felwell near Brandon Norfolk
Next of Kin: Not given
[John Thomas Walton Sterry 1845-1910 on the Bury St Edmunds line]

John Sterry
Regiment: Royal Worcestershire
Born:  St George’s parish Kidderminster Worcestershire 1877
Joined: 24th July 1895 at Kidderminster aged 18 years 3 months
Occupation: Groom
Army Service:
Home 24th July 1895 to 3rd March 1896
Malta 4th March 1896 to 3rd October 1897
Bermuda 4th October 1897 to 26th November 1899
Home 27th November 1899 to 16th December 1899
South Africa 17th December 1899 t15th August 1900
Home 16th August 1900 to 26th April 1901
 5 years 277 days service
One good conduct badge, and South Africa war medal
Discharged: 26th April 1901 at Aldershot Hampshire aged 24, due to being medically unfit for further service. 
Intended Place of Residence: 190 Mill Street Kidderminster Worcestershire
Next of Kin: Father, James Sterry 107 Mill Street Kidderminster.
[Brother of James Sterry 1868-1909 above on the Worcestershire, UK line]

Thomas Sterrey
Regiment: 19th Prince of Wales Own Hussars
Born: Kilmerston Bath Somerset 1863
Joined: 25th March 1884 at Colchester Essex aged 21 years 2 months
Occupation: Ticket Collector
Army Service:
Home 26th March 1884 to 29th August 1884
Egypt 30th August 1884 to 15th January 1885
Home 16th January 1885 to 8th March 1886
Egypt 9th March 1886 to 5th June 1886
Home 6th June 1886 to 23rd March 1896
Discharged: 25th March 1896 in London, suffering from muscular rheumatism. 
Next of Kin: William Sterring (sic) Great Western Cottage Bath.
[Thomas Geers Sterry bn 1863 s. William Sterry 1823-1893 on Longhope line]

William Sterry
Regiment: Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Born:  Kidderminster Worcestershire 1869
Joined: 13th July 1888 at Kidderminster aged 18 years 8 months
Occupation: Labourer
Army Service:
Home 13th July 1888 to 10th December 1891
India 11th December 1891 to 16th February 1896
Home 17th February 1896 to 4th November 1899
South Africa 5th November 1899 to 19th July 1901
Home 19th July 1901to 20th July 1901
13 years 8 days service
Tried and imprisoned for 28 days for disobeying order on 1st July 1891
Discharged: 20th July 1901 at Bodmin Cornwall due to termination of period of engagement 
Intended Place of Residence: 99 Mill Street Kidderminster Worcestershire
Next of Kin: Father, James Sterry 15 Crowther Street Kidderminster.
[Thomas William Sterry, brother of James Sterry 1868-1909 above on the Worcestershire, UK line]

William Sterry
Regiment: Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regiment)
Born:  Middlesbrough Yorkshire 1872
Joined: 29th July 1891 at Kidderminster aged 18 years 11 months
Occupation: Labourer
Army Service:
Home 29th July 1891 to 12th September 1892
India 13th September 1892 to 21st November 1892
Burma 22nd November 1892 to 16th January 1896
India 17th January 1896 to 28th December 1898
Home 29th December 1898 to 23rd November 1899
South Africa 24th November 1899 to 7th June 1902
Home 8th June 1902 to 28th July 1903
South Africa Medal, Punjab and Frontier Clasp 1895, Kimberley Clasp 1900, King’s Medal and Clasp 1900
Discharged: 28th July 1903 due to termination of period of engagement 
Next of Kin: Father James William Sterry 17 Garret Street Middlesbrough, mother Margaret Ellen Sterry, brothers John and Albert, sisters Margaret Ellen, Harriet and Edith.
[William Sterry born abt 1871 s. James William Sterry 1840-1915 and Margaret Waugh on Southwold, Suffolk line]

William Sterry
Regiment: Royal Fusiliers City of London
Born:  Limehouse London 1882
Joined: 5h December 1900 at Hounslow Middlesex aged 18 years
Occupation: Carman
Army Service:
Absent without leave 16th February 1901
Absent without leave 18th March 1901
In prison for 28 days 12th April 1901 to 10th May 1901
Tried and convicted of desertion
In prison for 56 days from 29th May 1901 to 23rd July 1901
Tried and convicted of absenting himself 4th November 1902
Discharged: 17th November 1902 due to being ‘incorrigible and worthless’ 
Next of Kin: Father William Sterry 10 South Street Limehouse London.
[William Frank Alfred Sterry bn 1883 s. William Thomas Sterry1858-1938 and Elizabeth Fluen on Lowestoft, Suffolk line]