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List of Apprentices 1710-1811
Stamp duty became payable on apprenticeships from a statute passed in 1710 and a central register was kept.  Before that, the contact was just a private transaction between the master and the parents. The original PRO records, from which this index has been created,  have been filmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints. However, they contain little more detail than the indexes.

Also includes additional information from the online indexes available through the Society of Genealogists (London). This SOG index covers the period 1710-1811 but is not yet complete (it includes volumes 1-7,9-14,16,34 of the printed volumes and piece numbers 28-29,31-34 and 59-66 on film). Further surnames and years will be added as the work progresses over the next few years by volunteers from the Society of Genealogists.

Year of Indenture Surname of Apprentice Detail Vol/Folio
1713 STERRY Thos [Father] Thos of Southwark tallch to Jn Stager cit & clock £30 2/140
1716 STERRY Wasey [Father] Thos tallch to Lawford Godfrey of Southwark dist & chocolate maker £30 4/180
1719 STERRY Ben [Father] Jos cit & tinplat to Jn Crosby of Southwark salt £40 7/133
1728 STERRY Sam [Father] Abra to Thos Knight of Ross Hereford tay £5 49/20
1736 COPE Henry [Father] Parah, Burgher to Nuce Sterry of Wandsworth Burgher carpenter £4/4/0 14f/144
1737 STERRY Nath of Grays Thorock Esx to Wm Hall of Stanford Le Hope do wheeler £5/15/6 15/146
1737 COOPER James [Father] Joseph of City of London Burgher Tallowchandler to Henry Sterry of City of London Burgher tinplate maker £22 15f/39
1744 CLARKE Augustus [Father] William, Burgher to John Sterry of Bungay Suffolk Burgher cordwainer £3 50f/267
1746 STERRY Hen [Father] Hen decd to Geo Jervis cit & curr £80 17/221
1749 CROCKFORD James [Father] Edward of Wandsworth Burgher to Nuce Sterry of Wandsworth Burgher carpenter £10 18f/178
1752 STERRY Thos [Father] Sam to Thos Wightman of Wandsworth calico cutter £25 19/51
1757 STERRY Benj to Jas Hill cit & join £50 21/70
1760 STERRY Ann to Marmaduke Smith cit & stat £50 22/94
1769 STERRY Sam Harris to Rob Smith of Lowestoft cordw £5/5/- 57/70
1769 STERRY Benj to Jn Baynham of Newnham carp £7 57/52
1770 STERRY Jn to Rob Cullington of Wrentham brckl £5/5/- 57/133
1778 STERRY James to John Edwards of Southwold Suffolk Burgher wheelwright 60f/152
1778 PALMER Francis to Thomas Starie of Stoke Pryor Herefordshire cutler 61f/25
1784 STERRY Benjamin Wasey to William Perkins Manningtree Essex Burger attorney 32f/10
1785 STERRY T J to John Busck of Hingham Norfolk grocer 32f/122
1786 STERRY Samuel H Sterry to John Heatherley of Witham Essex surgeon 64f/221
1787 STERRY Henry to William Wallis of Cheapside London Burger linen draper 33f/94
1788 STERRY Richard Sterry to George Warren of Westbury Gloucestershire cordwainer 65f/50
1789 STERRY Peter Sterry to Stephen Gorle of Worcester St Martin Worcestershire glover 65f/133
1789 STARIE Thomas to John Beddoe of Ledbury Herefordshire mercer 65f/60
1791 STERRY Joshua to James Clements of Chippenham Wiltshire weaver 67f/88


The following indexes of London Apprenticeship records have been searched without finding any Sterrys:
Brewers' 1531-1685, Cutlers, 1442-1448, 1565-1800, Plaisterers' 1599-1662, 1698-1800, Apothecaries' 1617-1669, Wax Chandlers' 1666-1800, Brown Bakers' 1615-1646, Carmens' 1668, 1678-1800, Farriers; 1619-1800, Masons' 1663-1805, Cooks' 1654-180, Ironmongers' 1655-1800, Dyers' 1706-1746, Armourers' and Brasiers' 1610-1800, Coachmakers; and Coach Harness Makers' 1677-1800, Founders' 1643-1800, Paviors' 1568-1800, Upholders' 1704-1772, Poulters' 1691-1729, 1754-1800, Innholders 1642-1643, 1654-1670, 1673-1800, Makers of Playing Cards 1675-1760, Musicians 1765-1800, Saddlers 1657-1666, 1800, Tobaccopipemakers 1800, Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers 1693-1837, Spectaclemakers 1666-1800, Loriners 1722-1731, 1759-1800, Patternmakers 1673-1805, Distillers 1659-1811, Basketmakers 1639-1824, Needlemakers 1664-1801 and Pinmakers 1691-1723, Gunmakers 1656-1800, Glaziers 1694-1800, Broderers' 1679-1713, 1763-1800, Combmakers 1744-1750, Fanmakers 1775-1805, Frameworkknitters 1724-1730, Fruiterers 1750-1815, Gardeners 1764-1850 and Horners 1731-1800, Glass-Sellers 1664-1812 and Woolmens 1665-1828, Glovers 1675-1679, 1735-1748, 1766-1804, Bowyers 1680-1806 and Fletchers 1739-1754, 1764-1808, Longbowstringmakers 1604-1668, 1709, 1714-1717, Tylers and Bricklayers 1612-1644, 1668-1800, Brewers 1685-1800, Painters 1655-1805, Pewterers 1611-1800, Turners 1596-1800

Thames Watermen & Lightermen Bindings 1692-1908

Name of Apprentice
Date of Binding
Master's Name
Date of Freedom
Computer Reference
Nathaniel Sterry 28/11/1740 Grays Richard Hyder 29/4/1748 2893
Samuel Sterry 3/8/1711 Wandsworth Thomas Skinner 19/8/1720 2903
Abraham Sterry 19/4/1706 Christchurch Daniel Barrow Jnr 00/00/00 2894
George Sterry 19/4/1706 Christchurch John Powell Snr 00/00/00 2895

Notes: A waterman is a person who navigates a boat carrying paying passengers. These boats would have been some form of row boat, sometimes with sails. This service was very much in demand in early times as the river was a most important artery through London and the highways were in a very poor state and horse drawn transport slow. Prior to the nineteen century there were not many bridges over the Thames. The Waterman's Company dates from 1555 and in 1585 were granted their own coat of arms by Queen Elizabeth I.  Lightermen carried goods on the river in a lighter or barge.  In 1700 they were amalgamated with the watermen to form the Company of Watermen and Lightermen.

Originally boys were bound to a Master who was a Freeman of The Company for a period of between five and seven years. Records of these Apprenticeship Bindings were kept from 1688 to 1884 and have been deposited at the Guildhall Library in London. The Binding Books have been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah (Mormons). If no date is shown in the fifth column above it means that the boy never gained his freedom of the Court and this was the case for over half of all boys bound. Failure could be for various reasons, perhaps the boy did not satisfy the Court of his worthiness or his Master was not satisfied with his competence, or the boy or his Master may have died or as happened on frequent occasions the Company was charged with the task of providing large numbers of men for pressed service into the Navy and men and boys were drafted. Having found names of interest in the Apprenticeship Bindings, one should consult the series of six Affidavit Books which cover the years 1759-1897 and add detail about date of birth of apprentice and place of baptism. The Watermen and Lightermen were close knit communities and fathers apprenticed sons or nephews; brother apprenticed brother; sons of Watermen often married daughters of Watermen. (From notes provided by Society of Australian Genealogists, Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Tinplateworkers' Company 1666, 1668, 1676, 1681, 1683-1800
STEREY Joseph s. Joseph, Streatham, Sry, cooper to John WEST (snr) 1 Jan 1688/89
SALTER Nicholas s. Nicholas, Taunton, Som. to Joseph STERRY 1 May 1702
STERREY Wasey s. Thomas, St Olave Southwark, Surrey, tallow chandler to Joseph STERREY 8 Jan 1716/17
STERREY Samuel s. Thomas, Southwark, Surrey, tallow chandler to Joseph STERREY 1 May 1721
MILES Turner s. William, Watton, Hrt, gentleman to Richard LEA 1 Aug 1721 to 1 ___(?) 1725 master (dead) turned over to Joseph STERREY (jnr)
MILLIS William s. Michael, Newbury, Berkshire, clothworker to Henry STERRY 22 Aug 1729
COOPER James s. Joseph, citizen and tallow chandler to Henry STERRY 17 Mar 1736/37 to 1 May 1739 turned over to John HAGGARD
VANDEWALL Daniel s. Joseph, citizen and draper to Henry STERRY 8 Jan 1739/40 to 1 May 1744 master (dead) turned over to William MILLIS

Plumbers' Company 1571-1800

STERREY William s. George, St Mary Overy, Southwark, Surrey, blacksmith to Stephen ____(?), 3 Apr 1684
STERRY Robert s. Robert, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey, shipwright (dead) to William STERRY 25 Apr 1705

Curriers' Company 1628-1800

STERRY Henry s. Henry, Snow Hill (St Sepulchre). London, tinplate worker (dead) to George JARVIS 28 Aug 1746 (free)
BIRCH Richard s. William, Knockin, Sal., farmer (dead) to Henry STERRY 20 Feb 1761
GOODCHILD William s. Robert, Thames Ditton, Surrey, husbandman to Henry STERRY 2 May 1764
HORNE Benjamin s. Benjamin, Rotherhithe, Surrey, merchant to Henry STERRY 21 Feb 1756 (free)
KENNABY John s. John, Croydon, Surrey, labourer to Henry STERRY 24 Jan 1761 (free)

Tallow Chandlers Company 1632-1800

STERRY Thomas, New Apprentice [Place] Tooting Bec, Streatham, Surrey [Father] Joseph, cooper [Master] William Gurney, Tallow Chandler [Apprenticeship Date] 20 Jul 1685 [Year] 1685
[Source: Records of London's Livery Companies Online - Apprentices and Freemen 1400-1900 - http://www.londonroll.org/]

Feltmakers Company 1669-1800

STEARY, George, son of Samuel, Kieper, Durham, leatherdresser to Henry Wetherell, 3 Mar 1745/6, turned over to William Hall, 7 Nov 1748, Feltmakers' Company

Drapers', Roll of

STERRY Peter, New Apprentice [Place] London [Father] Peter Sterry, Yeoman, London [Master] George Juice, Citizen and Draper [Apprenticeship Date] 12 Feb 1689 [Year] 1690 [Bond] 7 years [Approx Date of death] 1703

STERRY Nathaniel, New Apprentice [Place] Worcestershire [Father] George Sterry, Wool Stapler, Worcester, Worcestershire [Master] Nathaniel Newberry, Citizen and Draper [Apprenticeship Date] 26 Jul 1762 [Year] 1762 [Bond] 7 years [Approx Date of death] 1816

STERRY Nathaniel, New Apprentice [Place] Worcestershire [Father] George Sterry, Wool Stapler, Worcester, Worcestershire [Turnover Master] Daniel Vandewall, Citizen and Tinplate worker [Apprenticeship Date] 11 Apr 1763 [Year] 1763

STERRY Nathaniel, New Apprentice [Place] Worcestershire [Father] George Sterry, Wool Stapler, Worcester, Worcestershire [Turnover Master] James Phillips, Citizen and Woolman [Apprenticeship Date] 6 Oct 1768 [Year] 1768

STERRY Nathaniel, New freeman, Draper Co [Father] George Sterry, Wool Stapler [Turnover Master] James Phillips, Citizen and Woolman [Freedom by] Servitude [Date] 18 Jul 1780 [Year] 1780

STERRY Richard, New Apprentice [Place] Surrey [Father] Benjamin Sterry, Oil & Colourman, Laytons Yard Southwark [Master] James Wrench, Seedsman, Citizen and Draper [Apprenticeship Date] 28 Feb or Mar 1799 [Year] 1799 [Bond] 7 years [Approx Date of death] 1864

STERRY Richard, New freeman, Co Draper [Father] Benjamin Sterry, Oil & Colourman, Laytons Yard Southwark, Citizen and Joiner [Freedom by] Servitude [Date] 23 Mar 1807 [Year] 1807

STERRY Alfred, New freeman, Co Draper [Father] Richard Sterry, Citizen and Draper, Witness [Witness] Henry Barrett, Oil Merchant Boro [Freedom by] Patrimony [Date] 27 Jan 1848 [Year] 1848 [Approx Date of Death] 1876
[Source: Records of London's Livery Companies Online - Apprentices and Freemen 1400-1900 - http://www.londonroll.org/]

Mercers' Company

STERRY Christopher, New Apprentice [Father] Peter Sterry, Clerk, Sheen Surrey [Master] John Eaton, Co Mercer [Apprenticeship Year] 1664 [Bond] 7 years

STERRY Peter, New Apprentice [Father] Peter Sterry, Clerk, West Sheene Surrey [Master] Rowland Hill, Co Mercer [Apprenticeship Year] 1662 [Bond] 7 years from 20 July or 12 Sept

STERRY Thomas, New Apprentice [Father] Thomas Sterry, Clerk, Finesham Kent, dead [Master] Thomas Threkeld, Co Mercer [Apprenticeship Year] 1664 [Bond] 7 years from 24 June next [Source: Records of London's Livery Companies Online - Apprentices and Freemen 1400-1900 - http://www.londonroll.org/]


COPE Hy s Sar of Wandsworth to Nuce STERRY of Wandsworth 14 Ap 1736 7 years from 2 Mar 1735 4 pounds-4s (24 Apr 1736:144)

CROCKFORD Jas Edw of Wandsworth to Nuce STERRY of Wandsworth carp.; 30 Mar 1748; C.I.C.; 7 years to Mar 1748; 10 pounds. (19 Apr 1749: 178)

Abbreviations Used:
C.I.C. = common indenture and counterpart
s = son of
Sar = Sarah
Hy = Henry
Jas = James
Edw = Edward

[Source: Index of Surrey Apprentices 1731 - 1749, West Surrey Family History Society]


Great Yarmouth Apprenticeship Indentures 1563-1665 (NFHS)
No Sterrys

Note: A bound apprentice could be freed by years of service or patrimony ie father was a member of the guild