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This is a link page to Sterry Wills and Probate in the USA.


Connecticut Probate Estate Papers Index
Probate Samuel Sterry [Connecticut, 1734]
Probate Zerviah Sterry [Connecticut, 1735]
Probate Samuel Sterry [Connecticut, 1737]
Probate Roger Sterry [Connecticut, 1780]
Probate Silas Sterry [Connecticut, 1783]
Probate Stephen Sterry [Connecticut 1813]
Probate Olive Sterry [Ledyard 1838]
Probate Parthena Sterry [Ledyard 1839]
Probate James Nelson Sterry [Connecticut, 1850]
Probate James M Sterry [Connecticut, 1867]
Probate John H Sterry [Lebanon 1870]
Probate Catherine A Sterry [Connecticut, 1874]
Probate Emily Sterry [Lebanon, 1883]
Probate John R Sterry [Morris, 1889]
Probate Francis A Sterry [Bozrah, 1902]
Probate Lewis Ferdinand Sterry aka Lewis Eaton Sterry [Kent, 1913]


Probate Christopher W Sterry [Pontiac, 1908]

New Jersey

Probate James Weaver Sterry [Middlesex, 1914]

New York

Probate Robert Sterry [City of New York, 1820]
Probate Eveline Sterry [Rensselaer County, 1875]
Probate James Nelson Sterry [Newtown, Queens, 1880]
Probate Frank W. Sterry [City of New York, 1886]
Probate Seneca E. Sterry [Lansingburgh, 1886]
Probate Marina Sterry [New York, 1888]
Probate Louisa A Sterry [Lansingburgh, 1891]
Probate George E. Sterry [Manhattan, City of New York, 1909]


Probate James Sterry [Pottsville, 1879]
Probate Sarah Sterry [Pottsville, 1884]

Rhode Island

Admon Robert Sterrey [Providence, 1772]
Probate Eliza Sterry
[Providence, 1860]

A summary of the Will of Robert Sterry [1711-1789] is included in the Bates Collection Rhode Island [LDS Film 22281 vol 48, p. 145]:
Robert Sterry A2219 6-78
May 4 1789 Will of Mr Robert Sterry presented for probate Caleb Godfrey, John Gonsolve, Rufus Waterman witnesses letters testamentary granted to Arthur Terence Esq and Samuel Sterry Executors