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This is a link page to the stories, biographies, bibles and personal correspondence that reside within families and are generally never published: a family's own records of births, marriages and deaths; of family gatherings and special events; sometimes amusing and occasionally amazing anecdotes and reminiscenses of family members, their achievements and their disappointments.

Starks, Maine, USA Sterry line

Letter written by Ellen Prince to Eva Chenery nee Farrington and kindly made available by Eva’s daughter Carol for use in family research. Ellen Prince was the daughter of Adeline Angela - or Adeline Lillian- Sterry who was the daughter of David Sterry [1816-1884] on the Starks, Maine, USA Sterry line.

Tennessee, USA Sterry line

Bible of Family of William Williston Sterry This is an excellent example of how a family bible can supply family birth, marriage and death information that is not available elsewhere. Tennessee birth and death civil records did not commence until 1881 [marriages from 1778 for some counties but not generally until 1838]. This is the bible belonging to the family of William Williston Sterry and records births, marriages and deaths of the family in Tennessee from 1851. With much thanks to Carolyn Magruder for making this available.