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Arlington County
1966 Jun 23 Patricia Ann Barras Sterry, age 24, married once previously and divorced [Born] Richmond Virginia [Father] Nick Barras [Mother] Virginia A Carden [Residence] 822 S. Ponca St, Baltimore Md & Charles Warren Christiansen, age 42 [Born] York, Penna., married once previously and divorced [Occupation] Salesman [Residence] 513 S. Oldham St Baltimore Md [Father] Christian C Christiansen [Mother] Anna M Zeigler [Person performing marriage] Francis E Thomas Jr appointed by Arlington Circuit Court (Source: Virginia, Marriage Records, [Note: There is another marriage record for this couple also at Arlington by an Arthur L Maiden of the Ev. United Brethren Church on 15 April 1966. Married twice?]

Hot Springs, Bath County

%%1901 Dec 14 Gertrude Virginia Sterry [Father] Frederic Sterry died in New York City July 11, 1933, aged 67, born Lansingburgh N Y, occupation Hotel President [Mother] Catharine Cleveland [Present address] 166 E. 71st St New York City, aged 52, born Hot Springs Bath County Va, occupation housewife, 2 children living, none dead (Source: Virginia Birth Records 1912-2016, Delayed Birth Records Also IGI personal submission)

Hot Springs (Bath County)

1916 Oct 21 George Watson Hall Smith & Prudence Cleveland Sterry (Source: IGI personal submission)
1924 May 31 Hanford Mead Twitchell & Virginia Sterry (Source: IGI personal submission)

Roanoke (Roanoke County)

*1917 Aug 24 Earl Marshall Sterry s. Albert Earl Sterry & Mary Belle Stewart (Source: IGI personal submission)
*1921 May 8 Warren Stewart Sterry s. Albert Earl Sterry & Mary Belle Stewart (Source: IGI personal submission. Warren Stewart died 26 Dec 1957)

Winchester (Frederick County)

1961 Oct 13 Ray M Sterry, age 25, Single [Occupation] Elect. [Born] Lewisburg Pa [Residence] 302 Arch St, Milton Pa [Father] Russell D Sterry [Mother] Velma Morse & Louise M Matrulli, age 22, Single [Born] Milton Pa [Residence] 116 Walnut St, Milton Pa [Father] Isaac Matrulli [Mother] Elizabeth Ticconi [Minister] Norman E Cooper of Corp-Court Church (Source: Virginia, Marriage Records,

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line