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Ann Arbor [Washtenaw County]

%%1899 Oct 7 Lucy S Orcutt, age 68, born New York, Widowed, Farmer's Wife [Death Place] Ann Arbor Town, Michigan [Mother] Mag Sterry [Source: Michigan Deaths and Burials]

[Cass County]

%%1958 Aug 3 William Marvin Sterry, age 32 [Father] Marvin Sterry [Mother] Alice Flick & Pavlowa Velez Wagstaff, age 23 [Father] James Wagstaff [Mother] Hollie Pace [Marriage Place] Cass County [Source: Michigan Marriages image]

St Joseph [Berrien County]
%%1901 Sep 22 Emma Louise Sterry, aged 25 [Residence] Chicago Ill. [Born] Chicago [Father] William [Mother] Twing & Thomas B Johnson, aged 33 [Residence] Chicago Ill. [Born] Canada [Occupation] Barber [Father] Thomas [Mother] McFee [Place of Marriage] St Joseph [Witnesses] A L Church, Bella L Church, both resident at St Joseph [Minister] H P French
[Source: Dibean Marriage Index; Michigan Marriage Records]

Detroit [Wayne County]
Marriages [Source: Michigan, Marriage Records,]
+1933 Dec 23 Henry Rufus French, aged 54 born Houghton Michigan [Occupation] Truck Driver] [Residence] Ann Arbor Michigan [Father] Bennett French [Mother] Amelia Clark, previously married 2 times & Minnie Ruth Sterrie, aged 54 born Bristol England [Occupation] Housekeeper [Residence] Flint Michigan [Father] E Sterrie [Mother] Bessie Smith, previously married 1 time. Wit: Mr and Mrs C F Smith [Officiating Officer] R H Linhart, Lutheran Pastor
%%1947 Oct 6 William Arthur Tomkins, aged 44 [Born] Montreal, Quebec, Canada [Father] William C Tomkins [Mother] Florence Deverell & Lurleen M Sterry, aged 47 [Born] Providence Rhode Island [Father] George Sterry [Mother] L May Sutler [no image]
%%1947 Oct 6 William Arthur Tomkins, age 44, born Montreal, Quebec, Canada [Residence] Detroit Michigan [Father] William C Tomkins [Mother] Florence Deverell & Lurleen M Sterry, age 47, born Providence Rhode Island [Residence] Detroit Michigan [Father] George Sterry [Mother] L May Sutler [Marriage Place] Detroit Michigan [Source: Michigan Marriage Records image]

Detroit [Wayne County]
%%1948 Oct 16 May Lizzie Sterry, age 74, Widowed, born 4 Jul 1874 Worcester Mass. [Death Place] Detroit Michigan [Source: Michigan Death Certificates image; Michigan Death Records image]

[Genesee County]
Divorce [Source: Michigan, Divorce Records,
+1933 Dec 23 Minnie Low [Spouse] Joseph A Low [Decree Place] Genesee Michigan [Decree Date] 23 Dec 1933 [Marriage Date] 26 Dec 1931 [Marriage Place] Bowling Green Ohio [Number of children] 0

Pontiac [Oakland County]

%%1927 Sep 5 Georgina F Orcutt, age 66, born Michigan, Single [Death Place] Pontiac Michigan [Father] George W Orcutt [Mother] Lucy A Sterry [Source: Michigan Death Certificates image]

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, England line
%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line