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New Orleans [Orleans County]

1852 Apr 22 John Robert Hamilton, above 21 yrs & Susannah Sterry, above 21 yrs [Marriage Place] Orleans co. [Source: Louisiana Parish Marriages only]
1866 Nov 10 Charles Sterry, above 21 yrs & Miss Mary Ellen Thompson, above 21 yrs [Source: Louisiana Parish Marriages only]
+++1888 Sep 5 James Sterry, aged 31, born Texas [Father] James Sterry [Mother] Nancy Wright & Miss Mary J. Perrier, aged 26, born New Orleans [Father] George P Perrier [Mother] Ellen McCarthy [Marriage Place] City of New Orleans [Wit] James L Champagne, Maggie Goodman [Officiant] Rev Fr. M J Fanelby
1880 Jun 15 George Foster, born North Carolina [Father] unnamed Foster [Mother] Mary & Miss Carrie Sterry, born Louisiana [Father] William Sterry [Mother] Lavinia? [Marriage License Place] Orleans co.[Wit] Geo A Kelly, Alice Murray [Officiant] C H Thompson, Rector of St Philips [Episcopal Church] [Source: Louisiana Parish Marriages]
+++1883 Feb 5 John L Sterry, aged 70, born Maine [Father] Samuel Sterry [Mother] Hannah Harding & Miss Mary C Vahle, aged 20, born Louisiana [Father] Franz Vahle [Mother] Catherine Burkett [Marriage Place] City of New Orleans [Wit] Mrs C Vahle, Franz Vahle [Officiant] Rev Fr. J F Lambert [Source: Louisiana Parish Marriages]
+++1886 Oct 26 Hermann John Nill, age 23, born New Orleans, La [Father] Charles H Nill [Mother] Mary Scherschmidt & Mrs Caroline Vahle Sterry, widow of John L Sterry, age 24, born New Orleans [Father] John Vahle [Mother] Catharine Burkett [Wit] August Nill, John N Vahle, Casper Vahle [Officiant] Rev Fr George Grimm [Source: Louisiana Parish Marriages]

New Orleans [Orleans County]

%%1864 Mar 7 Phineas B Sterry, buried Conn. [Source: LDS Family New York Deaths and Burials, 1795-1952]
%%1956 Apr 12 Edgar Moore Waterman, Age 68 [Born] 5 May 1887 [Father] James H Waterman [Mother] Hattie Belle Moore [Spouse] Ora Sterry [Death Place] New Orleans, Orleans co. [Source: Louisiana Orleans Parish Vital Records]
%%1957 May 26 Ora Sterry Waterman, Age 66 [Born] 20 Jan 1891 [Father] Thomas Hunt Sterry [Mother] Annie Elsie McGinnis [Spouse] Edgar Waterman [Death Place] New Orleans, Orleans co. [Source: Louisiana Orleans Parish Vital Records]

%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line