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Birdseye [Dubois County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
2000 Jan 9 Frank Hall [Age] 70 [Born] Indiana, [Residence] Dubois [Father] Elmer E Hall born Indiana [Mother] Fionia Mae Andrews born Indiana, previously married once & ended in death & Gladys R Sterry [Age] 74 [Born] Indiana [Residence] 504 N. Hopkins St West Baden Indiana [Father] Harley Cox born Indiana [Mother] Ella Belle Taber born Indiana, previously married twice and ended in death [Officiant] Jack Wilson, Minister

[Clark County]
[Source: Indiana Marriages]
%%1885 Jun 2 James S. Lauder & Emma E. Sterry [Marriage Place] Clark County, Indiana [Married by] George P Jenkins, Minister
%%1911 Oct 24 Clarence A Frank, Single [Born] 20 Feb 1877 at Jeffersonville, Indiana [Father] George H Frank [Mother] Anna M Karbel [Residence] Jeffersonville, Indiana & Carnelia B Lauder, Single [Born] 14 Mar 1886 at Jeffersonville, Indiana [Father] James S Lauder [Mother] Emma Sterry [Residence] Louisville, Kentucky [Marriage Place] Clark co., Indiana [Marriage License Date] 24 Oct 1911 [Officiator] Louis M Hammer

Fort Wayne [Allen County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
1973 Aug 7 James Sterry [Age] 33 [born] Alb(Alabama?) [Race] Negro [Residence] 3/17 Homedale, Fort Wayne [Occupation] General Labor [Religion] Protestant, divorced & Ovallia Beatrice Mitchell [Age] 36 [Race] Negro [Residence] 3/17 Homedale, Fort Wayne [born] Tennessee [Religion] Protestant, divorced. James signed 'James Terry'

Fort Wayne [Allen County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
1975 Jan 1 W. C. Sterry [Age] 31 [Race] Negro [Residence] Fort Wayne [Occupation] Painter, 9 previous marriages & divorced & Interior Decorator & Lavenia Brigak [Age] 35 [Race] Negro [Born] ___ [Residence] Fort Wayne [Occupation] Nurse, 9 previous marriages & divorced [Officiant] Rev C E Walker, Minister

French Lick [Orange County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriages; Indiana Marriages 1810-2001-Ancestry]
%%1919 May 3 Marvin Sterry [Born] 14 Feb 1890 at Kent, Connecticut [Residence] French Lick Indiana [Occupation] Soldier, first marriage [Father] Ferdinand Sterry born Kent, Connecticut, occupation farming, residence South Kent, Connecticut [Mother] Flora Jennings, born Kent, Connecticut, occupation housewife, residence South Kent, Connecticut & Alice L Flick [Born] 15 Apr 1897 at French Lick Ind. [Occupation] Housewife, first marriage [Father] Madison Flick, born French Lick Indiana, occupation farming, residence French Lick, Indiana [Mother] Rosetta Thurston, born French Lick Ind, occupation housewife, residence French Lick, Indiana [Person performing ceremony] John Asher, Minister of the Gospel in Orange Co. [LDS Film No] 1316744
%%1919 May 3 Marvin Sterry, aged 29, born Kent Connecticut [Father] Ferdinand Sterry [Mother] Flora Jennings & Alice L Flick, aged 22, born French Lick Indiana [Father] Madison Flick [Mother] Rosetta Thurston [Officiating Officer] Thomas G Ellis [FHL Film No: 001316744, no image]

Kokomo [Howard County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
%%1984 Aug 4 Leland Gerald Sterry Jr [Age] 25 [born] Connecticut [Residence] Dunstan St, Dallas, Texas [Occupation] Sales Engineer, never married & Katherine Ellen Lacey [Age] 23 [Born] Indiana [Residence] 8849 Fair Oaks Crossing, Dallas, Texas [Occupation] Airline Stewardess, never married [Officiant] Rev George M Davis, Rector St Andrew's Episcopal Church

Mishawaka [St Joseph County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
2005 Oct 1 Phillip Roy Sterry Jr [Age] 23 [Born] Indiana [Residence] 610 Hubbard St Mishawaka [Occupation] Painter [Father] Phillip Roy Sterry Sr., born Indiana [Mother] Virginia Highland, born Indiana, never married & Stephanie Marie Calderone [Age] 22 [Born] Indiana [Residence] 610 Hubbard St Mishawaka [Occupation] Optician [Father] Angelo Francisco Calderone, born Indiana [Mother] Misty Lynn Inghels, born Indiana, never married [Officiant] Barbara Vandegenahte, St Joseph County Deputy Clerk

Muncie [Delaware County]
Births [Source: Indiana, Birth Certificates,]
%%1923 Jul 28 Dorothy Louise Sterry [Father] Marvin Sterry, aged 33 born Connecticut, Macinist [Mother] Laura Alice Flick, 26, born Indiana, House wife [Residence], Muncie
%%1925 Aug 25 William Marvin Sterry [Father] Marvin Sterry, aged 35 born Connecticut, Laborer [Mother] Laura Alice Flick, 28, born French Lick Indiana, House wife [Residence] Macedonia, Muncie
%%1927 Feb 19 Eugene Flick Sterry [Father] Marvin Sterry, 37, born Kent Connecticut, Laborer [Mother] Laura Alice Flick, 29, born French Lick Indiana, Housewife [Residence] 820 Macedonia Ave, Muncie

Osceola [St Joseph County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
1982 Oct 19 Phillip Roy Sterry [Age] 18 [Born] Indiana [Residence] 115 Laing, Mishawaka, never married & Virginia Gail Highland [Age]19 [Born] Arkansas [Residence] 443 N. Ballard, Mishawaka, never married [Officiant] R H Derrickson, Minister

Paoli [Orange County]
[Source: Indiana, Death Certificates,]
%%1965 Jun 1 Laura Alice Sterry, aged 68, Widowed [born] 15 Apr 1897 at Indiana [Father] Madison Flick [Mother] Rosetta Flick [Place of Death] Orange Co. Hospital, Paoli [Residence] West Baden Indiana [Informant] Ms Louisa Lewis [Cause of death] Acute myocardial infarct, arteriosclerotic heart disease [Buried] 3 Jun 1965 at Cane Creek Cemetery, Orange co.

[St Joseph County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriages 1958-2018, Indiana State Library]
2010 Sep 20 Garrett Klaus Baumann & Melissa Lynn Sterry [St Joseph County]
2013 Mar 30 Amado Elrichfran Sterry & Kasandra Kay Horvath [St Joseph County]
2013 Aug 22 Aaron Alex Paul Sterry & Savanah Ray Holt [St Joseph County]
2015 Oct 3 Jeremy Matthew Johnson & Melissa Lynn Sterry [St Joseph County]
2016 Mar 18 Eric Erakose Sterry & Abigail Esther Burkett [St Joseph County]
2017 Feb 22 Kasandra Kay Sterry & Joel Eric Anderson [St Joseph County]

South Bend [St Joseph County]
[Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
1996 Feb 9 Phillip Roy Sterry [Age] 32 [Residence] 329 Ballard Mishawaka [Born] Mishawaka Indiana [Occupation] Printer [Father] Bill Sterry [Mother] Parlova born West Virginia, previously married & divorced 5 May 1993 & Meredith L Bella [Age] 26 [Residence] 329 Ballard St Mishawaka [Occupation] Office Manager [born] Indiana [Father] Martin McCoy born Indiana [Mother] Mary Loll Sanders born Indiana, previously married & divorced Aug 1993 [Officiant] R W Chamblee Jr, Judge at Joseph Superior Court
1998 Oct 21 Virginia G Sterry [Age] 36 [Born] Arkansas [Residence] 1004 Roosevelt Dr Apt C Mishawaka Indiana [Occupation] Cashier [Father] Gene Higland born Arkansas [Mother] Doris Highland born Arkansas, married previously & divorced June 1993 & Richard E Hunt [Age] 32 [born] Indiana [Residence] Mishawaka Indiana [Occupation] Carpenter [Father] Noel Hunt born Mishawaka [Mother] Roxanna Macri born Mishawaka, never married [Officiant] Ann A Noens, St Joseph County Deputy Clerk

[Steuben County]
Marriage [Source: Indiana, Marriages, 1810-2001-Ancestry; Indiana Marriages]
+1937 Sep 30 Minnie E French, aged 58, born 18 Mar 1879 in England [Residence] 127 Wayne St, Pontiac Michigan [Occupation] Rooming House, married twice before, first marriage ended in death, second marriage ended in divoce Aug 1925 [Father] Emanuel Sterry born Chelton England, occupation insurance, deceased [Mother] Elizabeth Smith, born Herefordshire England, deceased & Clarence C White, aged 59, born 22 Aug 1878 at Des Moines Iowa [Residence] Pontiac Michigan [Occupation] Landscape gardener, married once before who died 28 Aug 1932 [Father] Peter White born Ohio, occupation gold prospector, deceased [Mother] Clara Near born Pennsylvania, deceased [Marriage Place] Steuben Co. Indiana [Officiant] G Kenneth Hubbard, J.P.

West Baden [Orange County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
%%1965 Dec 5 William Marvin Sterry [Age] 40 [born] Indiana [Residence] West Baden [Occupation] Cab Driver], twice married & divorced, Protestant & Gladys Ruth Young [Age] 40 [Born] Indiana [Residence] West Baden, previously married & spouse deceased, Protestant [Officiant] Paul Purkhim, JP

West Lafayette [Tippecanoe County]
Marriages [Source: Indiana Marriage Certificates 1960-2005-Ancestry]
1979 Aug 11 Brent Allan Sterry [Age] 20 [Residence] 120 E Navajo, W Lafayette [Born] Lafayette, never married & Ann Marie Ferris [Age] 22 [Residence] 1316 N. Salisbury, W. Lafayette [Born] San Jose, California, never married

%%= Stonington, Connecticut, USA
+++ = Starks, Maine, USA
$ = Hafslo, Norway
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire