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Information on IGI coverage for New York was taken from the website by Hugh Wallis: IGI Batch Numbers for New York

NAVR = North America Vital Records

The following church records have been searched without finding any STERRYS or similar:

Adams (Jefferson County) First Presbyterian Church (Marriages 1824-1857-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) First Dutch Reformed Church (Birth/Baptisms 1683-1850-IGI; Marriages 1683-1855-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) Second Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1814-1850-IGI; Marriages 1814-1843-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) First Lutheran (Births/Baptisms 1774-1875-IGI; Marriages 1794-1880-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) First Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1785-1870-IGI; Marriages 1785-1870-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) Second Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1829-1869-IGI; Marriages 1829-1870-IGI)
Albany (Albany County) State Street Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptims 1861-1885-IGI; Marriages 1863-1871-IGI)
Angelica (Allegany County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1812-1875-IGI; Marriages 1856-1881-IGI)
Angola (Erie County) Most Precious Blood Catholic Church (Births/Baptisms 1871-1875-IGI; Marriages 1872-1885-IGI)
Annandale On Hudson (Dutchess County) Saint John The Evangelist Episcopal (Births/Baptisms 1854-1875-IGI)
Babylon (Suffolk County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1798-1857-IGI)
Ballston Center (Saratoga County) First Presbyterian Church at Ballston (Births/Baptisms 1783-1792-IGI; Marriages 1783-1793-IGI)
Bangall (Dutchess County) First Stanford Baptist Church (Marriages 1776-1805-IGI)
Berea (Orange County) Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1823-1871-IGI; Marriages 1822-1825-IGI)
Berne (Albany County) Beaver Dam Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1763-1861-IGI; Marriages 1787-1835-IGI)
Berne (Albany County) Saint Paul Lutheran Evangelical (Births/Baptisms 1790-1874-IGI)
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bronx (Births/Baptisms 1873-1874-IGI; Marriages 1873-1877-IGI)
Bethel (Sullivan County) White Lake Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1811-1875-IGI; Marriages 1841-1878-IGI)
Bethlehem Twp (Albany County) Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1799-1871-IGI; Marriages 1799-1861-IGI)
Blauvelt (Rockland County) Greenbush Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1815-1855-IGI; Marriages 1814-1855-IGI)
Blenheim (Schoharie County) Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1794-1825-IGI)
Blooming Grove (Rensselaer County) Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1814-1866-IGI); Marriages 1831-1866-IGI)
Bloomingdale (Essex County) Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1855-1859-IGI)
Broadalbin (Fulton County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1799-1860-IGI; Marriages 1838-1885-IGI)
Brooklyn (Kings County) Central Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1851-1875-IGI)
Brownville (Jefferson County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1818-1867-IGI; Marriages 1828-1829-IGI)
Brunswick (Rensselaer County) Gilead Evangelical Lutheran Church at Center Brunswick (Births/Baptisms 1777-1859-IGI; Marriages 1802-1859-IGI)
Buffalo (Erie County) Grace Episcopal Church (Marriages 1825-1885-IGI)
Buffalo (Erie County) Saint Pauls Episcopal Church (Births/Baptisms 1812-1875-IGI; Marriages 1825-1885-IGI)
Cambridge (Washington County) First United Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1794-1871-IGI; Marriages 1844-1875-IGI)
Cambridge (Washington County) The Protestant Presbyterian Congregation (Births/Baptisms 1784-1816-IGI; Marriages 1791-1868-IGI)
Canaan (Columbia County) Congregational Church and Society of New Canaan at Canaan Four Corners (Births/Baptisms 1743-1873-IGI; Marriages 1807-1829-IGI)
Canaan (Columbia County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1830-1843-IGI; Marriages 1830-1836-IGI)
Catskill (Greene County) Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1732-1800-IGI; Marriages 1732-1735, 1754, 1798-1833-IGI)
Catskill (Greene County) Kiskatom Reformed Protestant Dutch Church (Marriages 1842-1850-IGI)
Catskill (Greene County) Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Leeds (Births/Baptisms 1833-1875-IGI; Marriages 1833-1885-IGI)
Charlton (Saratoga County) Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1801-1855-IGI; Marriages 1801-1862-IGI)
Charlton (Saratoga County) West Charlton United Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1803-1823, 1836-1837-IGI)
Chatham (Columbia County) Congregational Church of New Concord (Births/Baptisms 1803-1832-IGI; Marriages 1821-1831, 1847-IGI)
Chenango Point (Broome County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1817-1850-IGI; Marriages 1827-1835-IGI)
Cherry Valley (Otsego County) First Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1799-1849-IGI; Marriages 1809-1849-IGI)
Clarkstown Twp (Rockland County) Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1795-1849-IGI)
Claverack (Columbia County) Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1727-1875-IGI)
Clinton (Oneida County) Congregational Church (Births/Baptisms 1788-1843-IGI)
Cobleskill (Schoharie County) Union Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1829-1848-IGI; Marriages 1828-1845-IGI)
Cobleskill (Schoharie County) Zions Evangelical Lutheran Church (Births/Baptisms 1795-1871-IGI; Marriages 1806-1821-IGI)
Coeymans (Albany County) Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1793-1845-IGI)
Colonie (Albany County) Boght Becker Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1784-1872-IGI; Marriages 1784-1871-IGI)
Columbia (Herkimer County) Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1802-1836-IGI; Marriages 1825-1836-IGI)
Cooperstown (Otsego County) Presbyterian Church (Births/Baptisms 1800-1863-IGI; Marriages 1800-1863-IGI)
Cortlandtown (Westchester County) Reformed Dutch Church (Births/Baptisms 1741-1748, 1781-1830-IGI)
Coxsackie (Greene County) Dutch Reformed Church (Births/Baptisms 1738-1800-IGI; Marriages 1797-1875-IGI)
Douglaston (Queens County) Zion Episcopal Church of Littleneck (Births/Baptisms 1830-1875-IGI; Marriages 1830-1879-IGI)
Durham (Greene County) First Presbyterian Church of Durham (Births/Baptisms 1798-1853-IGI)
Durham (Greene County) Reformed Dutch Church in Oak Hill (Births/Baptisms 1794-1832-IGI; Marriages 1798-1830-IGI)
Durham (Greene County) Second Presbyterian Church of West Durham (Births/Baptisms 1816-1872-IGI)

Christ Episcopal Church, South Broadway [Tarrytown NY]
%%___ ? Apr 8 [born 20 Oct ___ 1961? Kenneth Sterry III [Source: New York, Episcopal Diocese of New York Church Records image]
%%___? Apr 8 [born 3 Mar ___ 1940? Miriam Meek Sterry [Source: New York, Episcopal Diocese of New York Church Records image]
%%1967 Jul 16 [born 11 Jun 1967] Todd Franklyn Sterry [Source: New York, Episcopal Diocese of New York Church Records image]

Rochester (Ulster County) First Dutch Reformed Church

1849 Feb 21 (born 9 Oct 1848) Amarion De Witt Snyder son of Asa Snyder and Blandina Sterry (Source: New York Births and Christenings,; Baptisms 1796-1809-LDS Film 823668)

%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line