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Probate records consulted: Index of Wills, Archdeaconry Court of Surrey 1752-1858 and Index of Surrey Wills & Admins Commissary & Peculiar Courts 1752-1858; Archdeaconry Court of Surrey Wills (Dioces of Winchester) 1725-1750; Archdeaconry Court of Surrey (Diocese of Southwark) 1728-1730; Commisary Court of Surrey 1697-1728; Surrey Will Abtracts 1470-1856 (OriginsNetwork)

Surrey Will Abstracts 1470-1856

Thomas Stary 1561 [SW/6_285]
Thomas Stary (X) of St Olave Southwark, sick 14 Jan 1560/61 (to be buried in the churchyard)
to my eldest daughter Sarah [? Sarah Stary] a bedstead with featherbed and bolster lying on said joined bedstead; to my daughter Ellen [? Ellen Stary] three hatmakers' basins of copper and a brass kettle commonly called a walking kettle; my wife [unnamed] to be exec.
Witnesses: Thomas Harrold, curate; John Holdesworth
Proved: 31 Jan 1560/61 to exec. [DW/PA/7/6 ff.224r-224v]

Mark Harrison 1632 [SW/12_149]
Mark Harrison of St Saviour Southwark, sick 16 Mar 1631/2 (to poor of Clink Liberty 10s)
to my cousin John Harrison 10s and to four children of his 5s each; to my cousin William Harrison his brother 10s; to my cousin Judith Iremonger, widow the 8s she borrowed from me; to Catherine Wooders, widow 5s; to my cousin Joan Burch, Judith's daughter 5s; residue to my wife Margaret Harrison, exec.
Witnesses: Thomas Butler; John Sterry; Thomas Bell
Proved: 10 Apr 1632 to exec. [DW/PA/7/12 f.76v; DW/PA/5/1632/44]

Anthony Sterry 1633 [ SW/12_176]
Anthony Sterry of St Olave Southwark, cooper 17 Mar 1631/2
to my son Peter Sterry my messuage, etc. called the Black Bear, Horsleydown Lane, St Olave with all wainscot portions therein and all my inheritance of same; to my son Nathaniel Sterry all my messuages in my tenure in Mill Lane, St Olave Southwark with wainscot portions therein but gift to Nathaniel to be enjoyed for life by my wife Juliana Sterry; residue to wife, exec.; if both my wife and sons die house etc. to my brother John Sterry
Overseers: brother John Sterry (£1 for a ring)
Witnesses: Robert Windsor, writer; Michael Peack his servant; John Lamperd
Proved: 26 Jan 1632/3 to exec. [DW/PA/7/12 ff.93r-v; DW/PA/5/1633/108]

(Also in Surrey Probate Record to 1649 -BRS)

Thomas Weston 1636 [SW/12_464]
Thomas Weston (X) of St Saviour Southwark, gardener, weak 24 Nov 1635
to my son in law John Stirrey £4 and to his wife my daughter Margaret Stirrey (who has already had her portion) £4; to my grandsons Thomas Stirrey, John Stirrey and Joseph Stirrey children of said John and Margaret £4 each; to my daughter Ann Weston £5 at marriage or 21; residue to my wife Ann Weston, exec.
Witnesses: John Wells; Henry Holt; William Richbell, writer
Proved: 17 Feb 1635/6 to exec. [DW/PA/7/12 ff.251v-252r; DW/PA/5/1636/112]

Leonard Tattersall 1663 [SW/20_307]
Leonard Tattersall (X) of St Saviour Southwark, chandler, sick 24 Dec 1658
to John Tattersall and his wife £1 and to their child 10s; to Thomas Tattersall and his wife £1 10s over what he has had already; to Sarah wife of John Tattersall 'my brother's child' 10s; to Leonard son of Robert Tattersall £1 2s piece of gold and all my books; Robert Tattersall, exec.
Overseers: Thomas Steed; George Sterry, neighbours (a pair of gloves each)
Witnesses: Frances Crowder; Edward Dedford, scr.
Proved: 30 Oct 1663 to exec. [DW/PA/7/14 Q.23; DW/PA/5/1663/79]

Charles Calfe 1665 [SW/19_86]
Charles Calfe (X) of South Lambeth, gardener 15 0ct 1665
to my wife Catherine Calfe, exec. and son Charles jointly 2 acres of garden ground and house with three rooms and a shed; to my son Francis Calfe three acres of garden and if he marries at his marriage day two rooms upright over each other
Overseers: George Sterey of St Saviour Southwark, nailor
Witnesses: Samuel Sterey (X), Thomas Vale Proved: 31 0ct 1665 [DW/PC/5/1665/32]

Philip Graves 1666 [SW/20_883]
Philip Graves of St Saviour Southwark, shipwright, sick and weak 30 Oct 1665
all to my brother John Graves and sister Elizabeth Sterrey wife of George Sterrey, execs.
Witnesses: Peldeth(?) Saword; Richard Freame
Proved: 14 and 18 Apr 1666 to execs. [DW/PA/5/1666/38]

John Sterry 1672 [SW/21_103]
John Sterry of St Saviour Southwark, cooper 21 Jul 1671
to my grandsons Samuel and Benjamin Sterry, linen drapers £10 each out of freehold tenements on the Backside, St Saviour and then freehold to my son Joseph; to wife Joan all household goods; residue to son Joseph, exec. Witnesses: Edward Brooker; Francis Bunting, scr.
Proved: 21 Feb 1671/2 to exec. [DW/PA/7/15 Q.5; DW/PA/5/1672/72]

James Collins 1677 [SW/25_169]
James Collins of Sutton, yeoman 28 Mar 1676
to my wife Joan Collins a featherbed, a bolster, feather pillow, two pairs of flaxen sheets, b2, a green rug, a brass kettle, an iron pot, a brass skillet with use of room in her widowhood; to my son William Collins all my messuage in Sutton for life and after to my grandson William Collins with remainder to my grandson James Collins; to my son Henry Collins £50; to my son Thomas Collins 10s; to my daughter Mary Collins £50, a bedstead, a featherbed and a bolster in my chamber and its trappings and my brewing furnace; residue to my son William, exec.
Overseers: kinsman James Collins, jnr. and James Best of Cheam, yeoman (5s each)
Witnesses: Edward Seddon; Nicholas Sterrey
Proved: 30 Jul 1677 to exec. [DW/PC/7/1 QQ.10-11; DW/PC/5/1677/20] (£140 11s 6d)

Dorothy Wheelewright 1686 [SW/25_768]
Dorothy Wheelewright (X) of St Olave Southwark, widow, sick and weak 31 Jan 1683/4
to Joshua son of Joshua Burle of Hornchurch, Essex, mercer my two tenements in Romford, Essex in occupation of Thomas Oakefeild alias Scotford; to my nephew John Sterry £5; to my niece Hannah Sterry £10; to my nephews Richard, John and Mathew Baker 1s each; to my nephew Robert Baker £1; to my former servant Alice wife of Philip Lopton £2; to nephew William Dawkins 1s; residue to my nephew Joshua Burle of Hornchurch, mercer, exec.
Witnesses: John Tidman; John Allen; Susan Richards (X)
Proved: 3 Jun 1686 to exec. [DW/PC/7/1 Q.56; DW/PC/5/1686/42] (died about a week ago)

Richard Post 1691 [SW/23_207]
Richard Post of St Olave Southwark, barber, weak 1 Oct 1690
to my daughter Martha Post £4 p.a. which my son Benjamin Post to pay during lease of house I live in; to my son Jacob Post £100 at 21 which £100 three months after I die to my brother Thomas Huttson and friend Richard Dimond in trust for son; to my son Jacob my old house adjoining house I now live in (paying to my son Benjamin £1 10s towards ground rent) and they to apprentice Jacob; to my son in law Thomas Hill 5s; to my grandson Thomas Padley son of John Padley £50 at 21; to my sister Ann Huttson a broad piece of old gold worth £1 3s 6d; to my brother in law Thomas Huttson 10s and my best cloak; to my nephews and nieces Emanuel Huttson, John Huttson, Thomas Huttson, Elizabeth Huttson and Mehatabel Huttson 5s each; to my sister Joan Burtwell a £1 3s 6d piece of old gold; to my brother William Burtwell and to their three children William Burtwell, Ann Burtwell and Elizabeth Burtwell 5s each; to my son John Padley and Mary Padley £2 6s and to John my best cloth coat lined with Bengal; to my brother in law Thomas Smith at Margaret's Hill 5s; rest of clothes to my son Jacob; all household goods to my children Benjamin, Martha, Mary and Jacob; to my brother Thomas Huttson and Walter Miers £20; to my friend Robert Rainer a £1 3s 6d broad piece of gold; to my uncle Robert Lock £1; to my son Benjamin house I live in and £50; residue to my son Benjamin, daughter Martha and son Jacob; son Benjamin and son in law John Padley of St Olave Southwark, execs.
Overseers: brother Thomas Huttson; friends Stephen Crisp; Walter Miers; John Feild
Witnesses: Charles Payne; John Allin; John Sterrey (X)
Proved: 22 Apr 1691 to execs. [DW/PA/7/16 Q.17; DW/PA/5/1691/98] (£508 16s 6d)

George Long 1705 [SW/26_765]
George Long (X) of St Saviour Southwark, cooper, sick 22 Feb 1704/5
to my wife Elizabeth Long £30 and furniture in my lodging chamber except the press and chest there, also to her my best silver tankard and 12 pewter plates; to my daughter Elizabeth Long £25 and my second best silver tankard; to my granddaughter Elizabeth Russell £30 out of £50 owed me on bond from her father John Russell at marriage or 21; to my grandson George Russell £10 out of said £50 at 21 with remainder to his brother Jonathan Russell; to my said grandson Jonathan Russell out of said bond at 21 with remainder to his brother George Russell; to my granddaughter Elizabeth Russell a silver tankard at marriage or 21; to my brother Henry Long and his wife 5s each; to my son in law John Russell 5s; to my wife's son Thomas Gregory and his wife 5s each; residue to my son George, exec.
Witnesses: George Sterry; William Bingham; Samuel Hilliard, jnr.
Proved: 17 Apr 1705 to exec. [DW/PA/7/18 Q.29; DW/PA/5/1705/52]

Alice Elles 1717 [SW/29_185]
Alice Elles of London, widow 17 Nov 1713 (to be buried in St Mary Overy Southwark)
to John Mason £1; to Ann Stery £1; to John Webe £1; to Henry Holt £1; to (Mr) Hunt in Crutched Friars £1; to John Gesse £1; to Mary Cook £1; to John Elles £1; to James Torland £20; to Richard Torland £20; to Catherine Torland £10; to John Torland and William Torland her sons £5 each; to Elizabeth Holt £10 and to her daughter Elizabeth £5 and her son Henry Holt £5; residue to John Humfreyes of London, periwigmaker, exec.
Witnesses: John Skynner; Ann Weblay
Codicil 19 Jan 1714/5: I have left to my cousin Catherine Thurland [sic] £10 she is now dead and
legacy now to her two sons and if James Turland dies to his brother Richard and if Elizabeth Holt dies to her children
Witness: John Gase
Proved: 31 Jul 1717 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1717/32] (d. last Monday in St Saviour Southwark)

(Also in Archdeaconry Court of Surrey (Will Abstracts) 1716-1721)

Thomas Sterry 1726 [SW/33_61]
Thomas Sterry of St Thomas Southwark, tallow chandler 3 Jun 1723
to wife Elizabeth freehold messuage in Water Lane, Bermondsey and leasehold messuage; to son Samuel £100 his uncle Thomas Wasey left him at 21; to son in law John Gobsill and his wife Mary £5 each; after death of my wife leasehold houses in Fair Street and Artillery Lane, St Olave as follows: to son Thomas house and yard Clenton and Chilman now have and house in Artillery Lane Winter has and stable there Chappello holds; to son Wasey house, yard and workshop Copper now has and house in Artillery Lane Richard Rutt has and house in St Thomas I live in; to daughter Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Reeve of St Saviour, blueman bakehouse and yard Henry Allen has and house Robert Reeve holds of me; to son Samuel house Thomas Anderson holds of me and room William Hedges has and cellar Elias Symes has and room John Bentham has and house in Artillery Lane (widow) Howard has, house of easement at end of Artillery Lane to be used in common; re house Isaac Levy lives in and house Joseph Hickman holds rents to be divided between my four children; freehold estate which I bought from Henry Wilson in Water Lane, Bermondsey after the death of wife first to son Thomas houses and ground (widow) Bowry lives in and house and ground Susanna Dewley lives in and house and ground Thomas Bacon lives in (£17 p.a. in all); to son Wasey house and ground James Cannadee has by lease of £8 p.a. and house and ground Robert Wells has at £4 10s p.a. and house and ground Samuel Motley lives in at £4 10s p.a.; to daughter Elizabeth Reeve house and ground Jacob Perkins lives in and house and ground John Woodworth lives in and house and ground William French lives in and house and ground Samuel Foyller lives in (£17 p.a. in all); to son Samuel houses and ground (widow) Farrier lives in at £4 8s p.a., house and ground John Archer lives in at £4 p.a. and house and ground John Wright lives in at £4 8s p.a. and house and ground John Grant lives in at £4 p.a. and house in Three Oak Lane, St Olave John Beazley late held at £5 p.a. (£22 p.a. in all) sharing the bridge belonging to the houses in Water Lane of 10s p.a. and keeping same in repair; residue to wife Elizabeth, exec. with sons Wasey and Samuel
Witnesses: Mary Bright; Martin Watson; John Bright, scr.
Proved: 19 Apr 1726 to execs. (who affirm as Quakers) [DW/PA/7/20; DW/PA/5/1726/127]
(d. within a month)

Ann Webber 1738 [SW/34_546]
Ann Webber of Bermondsey, widow, weak 29 Jul 1738
to friend Ann Jostling £1 1s; to my friend Wasey Sterry, jnr. 10s 6d; residue to my son John Johnson of Bermondsey, house carpenter, exec.
Witnesses: William Coake; Hannah Hammock (X); John Shuckford; Peter Shuckford
Proved: 6 Sep 1738 to exec. [DW/PA/7/23; DW/PA/5/1738/116]

William Chaplin 1740 [SW/32_270]
William Chaplin of Lambeth, gardener, weak 12 Apr 1740
residue to my friend Benjamin Sterry of St George Southwark, seedsman, executor in trust for my wife Elizabeth Chaplin. Witnesses John Cock, Francis Preist (case of Benjamin Sterry vs Robert Sneed pretended creditor). Proved 6 Jun 1740 to exec. who affirms as a Quaker. Died last May.
[DW/PC/7/3; DW/PC/5/1740/5]
(Also in Commissary Court of Surrey: Will Abstracts 1729-1762)

Mary Ealand 1744 [SW/36_549]
Mary Ealand of St Thomas Southwark, widow, infirm 22 Nov 1744
to my daughter Mary Gray wife of Robert Gray 1s; residue to my daughter Ann Ealand; friend Wasey Sterry of St Thomas Southwark, distiller and daughter Ann, execs.
Witnesses: William Clark; William Adams
Proved: 27 Dec 1744 to execs. (Wasey affirms as a Quaker) [DW/PA/7/25; DW/PA/5/1744/26]

Samuel Massey 1751 [SW/37_528]
Samuel Massey of Wandsworth, victualler 5 Jun 1751
all to my wife Dorcas Massey, exec.
Witnesses: Beaum Beaumont; Nuce Sterry; Richard Greening
Proved: 6 Jun 1751 to exec. [DW/PA/7/27; DW/PA/5/1751/60] (died this morning)

John Keeler 1755 [SW/38_278]
John Keeler of Wandsworth, gardener, very weak and infirm 10 Jun 1755
all to my wife Mary Keeler, exec. for life and then to my son William Keeler and then to my next son John Keeler and then to my third son Joseph Keeler and then to my son Charles Keeler
Witnesses: Nuce Sterry; Simon Temple; John Jordan
Proved: 9 Aug 1755 to exec. [DW/PA/7/28; DW/PA/5/1755/49] (died last Jun)

Elizabeth Vickers 1766 [SW/39_263]
Elizabeth Vickers (X) of St Olave Southwark 11 Jun 1766 (stone over my grave)
to William son of William Breach and Mary Breach and Catherine Robinson a diamond ring each; to Wasey Sterry £5; residue to my servant Elizabeth Percival, exec.
Witnesses: William Breach; Rachel Hall
Proved: 22 Nov 1766 to exec., sp. [DW/PA/7/29 ff.210r-v; DW/PA/5/1766/70] (died this month,
widow) <14 Feb 1767 transferred to Prerogative Court of Canterbury>