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The Diocese of London Consistory Court was responsible for proving wills of those testators with lands in more than one Archdeaconry within the Diocese, and is the middle tier of the hierarchy of courts dealing with probate matters.  Users should be aware that wills of those people with more wealth were generally proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (held at The National Archives), and those with less wealth in local Archdeaconry courts (some held at LMA, and others in appropriate local authority record offices). [Source: London Metropolitan Archives]

Diocese of London Consistory Court 1514-1520, 1540-1641, 1671-1858 (LMA Index)
Samuel Sterry, Jun 1812, Middlesex, Bunhill Row (9X020/355, Folio 371)
Henry Starie, 28 Aug 1849, Middlesex (Ancestry-London Wills & Probate)

Archdeaconry Court of Middlesex (Middlesex Division) 1609-1810 (LMA Index)

Commissary Court of London (London Division), 1374-1488 (BRS Vol I), 1571-1625 (BRS), 1629-1649 (BRS Vol VI), 1661-1700 (BRS)
STERRE, Christine, St Ant., 1393 (Register 1, Folio 282)
Elenora Sterry, 5 Mar 1829, Great Burstead, widow, Administration [Essex Record Office Archdeaconry Records: Commissary of Bishop of London: D/ABW 128/1/22]

Archdeaconry Court of London 1363-1649 (BRS Vol 1), 1661-1700 (BRS Vol II), 1701-1781 (SOG)
STERRE, Wm, vint; 1/c 1369/70 (Reg 1, Folio p 3)
Peter Sterry, Holborn, mariner, 21 Jan 1724

Deanery of the Arches 1620-1845 (BRS Vol II)

Court of Hustings, City of London 1268-1688 (Calendar of Wills)

"The charters of many boroughs and cities permitted them to have their own courts for civil and administrative (and some criminal) matters .... The City of London had a Mayor's Court, the Court of Husting, Sheriff's Court, a Court of Requests (for small debts) and an Orphan's Court... The Court of Hustings in the City of London proved wills until the 17th century.." (Ancestral Trails, Mark Herber, 1998, pp 446-447, 184)

Roll 76 (150)
Sterre (Thomas).—certain quitrents of a shop in Bridgestreet, parish of S. Magnus the Martyr, and a tenement in the parish of S. George de Estchep in the lane called " Seyntbotulfeslane," to be sold by his executors to pay his aforesaid (sic) legacies. Dated London, Sunday next after the Feast of Purification of V. Mary [2 Feb.], a.d. 1348.

Juliana, the relict and executrix of the testament of the said Thomas, did not come, but it was proved by the executors John de Chepsted, fishmonger, and Robert Pykeman.

Roll 78 (28)
Graspays (Henry), fishmonger.—To Henry his son divers chattels and household goods, including his wardrobe, his books of " Romanse," and others; a moiety of his ship called " le Lancastre," Gerald Goldyng being master, and a moiety of its apparel; and a half mark annual rent issuing from a tenement in Temisestrete parish of S. Michael in Candelwykstrete, to be held in tail; remainder to pious uses. To Roger Sterre, his nephew, ten marks of silver, a silver cup, and a small white mazer. Also to the aforesaid Henry his son, Roger Sterre, and John Gurtoy one moiety of a certain ship called " le Palmere," John atte Nasshe being master, and a moiety of a certain small creyer, of which John le Herde is master. Also to his said son the residue of his hall, chamber, and larder not otherwise disposed of, and the residue of all his other goods. Sir Peter de Wotton, prebendary of Brumeswode in the church of S. Paul, appointed one of the supervisors of his will. Dated London, Tuesday next after the Feast of S. Andrew, Apostle [30 Nov.], a.d. 1348.

creyer = a small merchant ship.    
Brumeswode = or Brownswood, the name of  a prebendal manor situate in the parish of Willesden, co. Middlesex.

Roll 47 (12). (A.D. 1318)
Sterre (Robert), fishmonger. — To Roger his brother the reversion of a tenement in the parish of S. Michael near Candelwykstret after the decease of Matilda his mother, which tenement formerly belonged to Robert Sterre, his father; remainder in default of heirs to Geoffrey his brother. Also to the said Matilda his mother his house in the vill of Jernemuth, and a shop in the parish of S. Magnus the Martyr in Bridge Street, for life; remainders to the aforesaid Geoffrey and Roger. No date.

Jernemuth = Yarmouth

Roll 56 (95)
Monday next after the Feast of S. Barnabas [11 June].
Sterre (Roger).—To Matilda his daughter the reversion of all his tenements in the parish of S. Michael del Crokedelane after the decease of Matilda his mother, together with divers chattels, comprising a savenape, a chest, a forcer, a coronal, and a garland of " perles " with silk streamers (flammis sericis). To Stephen de Yeddinge the reversion of a shop in the parish of S. Magnus; remainder to Matilda his daughter, charged with the mainenance of a chantry in the said parish church. Dated London, 15 April, A.D.. 1328.

savenape = or senap, a kind of napkin
a forcer = a strong box.        

Roll 56 (96)  
Sterre (Matilda).—To John Lambyn, chaplain, for life a tenement called " le brodegate " in S. Michael's Lane in the parish of S. Michael del Crokedelane, so that he celebrate in the said parish church for the good of her soul and the souls of Robert her late husband and others. After his decease the same to remain to the rector and two parishioners of the said parish to provide a chaplain therewith. Dated London; 15 April, A.D.  1328.

Roll 87 (67)
Monday the -Feast of S. Mary Magdalen [22 July].
Martyn (John).—To be buried in the church of Allhallows at the Hay. To Sarah his daughter for her marriage he leaves a sum of money and divers household goods, his said daughter being placed under the guardianship of Peter Sterre, who is to give security for the same. To Margery his wife one hundred marks, her entire chamber, and a cup of one pearl (de uno perle) called " Cokyld," with silver bands and stand and cover of silver, and two leather bags (cophinis de coreo); also his tenements in the parish of S. Michael upon Cornhull for life, with remainder to his aforesaid daughter in tail; remainder to pious and charitable uses. Dated London, Saturday, 2 March, A.D.. 1358.

Whereupon came Peter Vivian and put his claim upon the aforesaid testament, &c.

Roll 103 (21).
Monday next before the Feast of S. Peter in Cathedra [22 Feb.].
Mockyngg (Nicholaa, relict of John de, fishmonger).—To be buried in the chancel of the church of S.Magnus de Briggestrete near the tomb of her late husband. Bequests to the said church and ministers thereof. Provision made for funeral expenses, observance of obit, and chantries in the churches of S. Magnus aforesaid, S. George de Estchepe, and the parish church of Totenham for the good of her soul, the souls of her late husband, John her father, Mariota her mother, and others. Bequests of money, jewels, and household goods to Margaret and Idonia her daughters, Thomas and Nicholas her sons, John Mockyngg, son of John her son, John and Thomas her brothers, John Wroth, and others. To the aforesaid church of Totenham she leaves vestments, a chalice and paten, a missal, portifory, and all other ornaments belonging to her chapel. Guardians appointed for her children during minority. Thomas Sterre her brother appointed one of her executors. Dated London, Thursday next after the Feast of Exaltation of H. Cross [14 Sept.], A.D. 1348.

Be it known that the above testament was admitted to probate by assent of the Mayor and Aldermen, although the lay fee was not therein contained in accordance with the last will of the aforesaid John de Mockyngg her late husband, who devised a tenement, by will enrolled above, to be sold by his executors, and appointed the aforesaid Nicholaa his executrix, &c.

Roll 42 (12) A.D. 1313
Sterre (Robert). — to Matilda his wife all his houses and rents in the City and suburb of London for life. To Robert his son the reversion of his dwelling-house in the parish of S. Michael de Candelwikstrate and his shop in Bridge Street; and to Geoffrey his son the reversion of certain shops in the same parish. To the work of the bridge ten shillings. No date

Roll 63 (267)
Monday next after the F. of S. Nicholas, Bp. and Conf. [6 Dec]
Sterre (Richard).—to Johanna his wife a tenement and rents in the parish of S. Leonard in Estchepe for life. A certain sum of money owed to him by Thomas Doget to be devoted to the maintenance of chantries in the churches of S. Leonard in Estchepe and S. Margaret de Breggestrete, if ever the same should be paid to his executors. To Paul his servant and the aforesaid Thomas Doget rents also in the parish of S. Leonard in Estchepe. Dated Estchepe, Saturday next after the Feast of S. Peter ad Vincula [1 Aug.], A.D. 1336.

Roll 78 (111).
Monday next after the Feast of S. Dunstan [19 May].
Sterre (Henry) de Halibourne, fishmonger. -- Certain rents in the parish of S. Botolph near Billingesgate to be devoted to a chantry in the said parish church for the good of the souls of the testator, William his brother, and others. To Isabella his wife all his lands and tenements in the same parish for life; remainder to the infant en ventre sa mere in tail; remainder to pious uses. To James Sterre his late servant, his fishmonger's shop which he acquired by grant and release of Matilda Sterre in Bregestrete, parish of S. Magnus the Martyr. To William, Thomas, and Johanna, children of his said wife Isabella by Thomas de Farndon, her former husband, ten marks sterling to be divided equally among them. Dated London, Thursday the Feast of S. George [23 April], A.D. 1349

Roll 79 (6)
Greylond (William), fishmonger.—To the fabric of the church of S. Dunstan near the Tower and to the rector and clerks of the same pecuniary bequests. To Thomas Kyng, his apprentice, he releases the residue of term of service, so that the said Thomas may, with the aid of his executors, enjoy the franchises of the City; the term of Gregory de Fordham, another apprentice, being left to his executors. To Isabella atte Grene, his servant, a shop in Breggestrete for life. To Richard Greylond two chalons and a feather bed. Simon Chamberleyn, his brother, appointed one of his executors, who are to administer the goods of Thomas Fraunceys and Henry Cros, not yet administered by the testator. Dated London, 15 May, A.D. 1349.

Whereupon came Richard Sterre, fishmonger, and put his claim upon the aforesaid shop in Breggestrete.

Roll 79 (35).
Monday next after F. of Annunciation of V. Mary [25 March]. A.D. 1351
Colcestre (Johanna, late wife of John de, fishmonger). -  To be buried in the new churchyard of H. Trinity near the Tower. Bequests to the rector and church of S. Botolph near Billyngesgate of half a mark, two "Truwetes," [and] silver pix. To Katherine daughter of William Greyland, two feather beds and two best chalons. To Richard and William her sons, Johanna Pykeman, Johanna daughter of Richard de Evere, William Greyland, and Henry her servant divers household goods and chattels, including feather beds, chalons, washing basins, towels, mazer cups, brooches, &c. To Katherine daughter of William Greyland, her shop in Breggestrete for life; remainder to the said William. To the aforesaid Richard her son her brewhouse and shops in Tamestret for life; remainder to her son William for life ; remainder in trust for sale for pious uses. Dated London, 22 April, A.D. 1349.

Whereupon came Richard Sterre, citizen and fishmonger, and put his claim upon all the tenements in the said testament contained, &C.

Truwetes = Trivets, if not a clerical error for "cruwetes," concerning which see note supra, p. 644.
pix = A small box for holding the consecrated wafer