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Will of Joan Stearye, Widow, St Ives, 1633

In the Name of God Amen.

I Joan Stearye, of the town of St Ives in the county of Cornwall, widow, being in body sick but in mind & remembrance I praise God perfect, I make this my last will and testament revoking all other and former wills and the legacies there in contained.

In the first place I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God praying him of his great mercy to forgive me of all my sins and my body I commit to Christian burial.

Item I give & bequeath towards the relief of the poor of the town & parish of St Ives ten shillings and for and towards my burial and interning in the church of this town ten shillings.

Item I give & bequeath to Joan Hockin my grandchild my best petticoat & truckle bed, a little feather bed & bolster, a pair of sheets and a coverlet, the great chest to hold her clothes in and my best smock and forty shillings in money.

Item I give to Sibel, the daughter of Jon Nancemolken, five shillings and to each of other his daughters two shillings 6d a piece.

Item I give unto Joan So… who hath attended me in my sickness, five shillings.

Item I give unto each of my God children five pence a piece but to Henry Lawrye, my godson, I give him 7d. I give unto Joan Gilbarte of St Earthe the petticoat I used to wear the week days & my waste coat and the hat I wear Sundays. Item I give unto my loving neighbour Miss Christian Payne ten shillings and my best cloak. Item I give towards the good education of Hector Taylor’s children forty shillings. Item I give to Alice, the grandchild of Jon Browne, a silver spoon. Item I give to John Nancemolken my biggest crock. Item I give & bequeath to Grace Laitye of St Issye, my God daughter, twelve pence. Item I also give and bequeath towards the relief of the poor of the said parish of St Issy, ten shillings. All other my goods and chattels not given or bequeathed I do give devise and bequeath to my dear and loving cousin, John Launder, whom I make my sole and whole executor, praying him to perform & pay these my legacies according to my true extent & meaning herein and to desire my good neighbours, John Sprigge, John Cosen & John Brown to be aiders & assistants to mine executor.

Witness my hand & seal the last day of December in the year of our Lord 1632
Signed Johane Stearye
Witnesses here to
John Sprigge
John Browne
John Randell
J Henry Symons

Probate granted St Ives, 30 April 1633.