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The surviving poll tax returns by Carolyn Fenwick's The Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379, and 1381 are in three volumes arranged by counties and then hundreds within counties and then parishes/hamlets within hundreds. The following counties have been searched and STERRY-like names recorded. There is no index.

No STERRY like names found for 1377 or 1379 poll tax. STERRY-like names identified for the following 1381 hundreds and parishes. Almost everyone is taxed 12d.

Salmonsbury Hundred [part of the 'modern' Slaughter hundred]
Broadwell [Brodewell] parish [abt 25km east of Cheltenham]
Walterus Stere, 12d

Kiftsgate Hundred [ajoining Salmonsbury Hundred]
Chipping Campden [Campodene] parish [about 5km east of Broadwell parish above]
Mat' Storre, 12d

Tibblestone [Tibaldstone] Hundred
Grafton [a hamlet in Beckford parish; abt 10km NE of Tewkesbury]
Willelmus Storre, cult', 12d
Jonannes Storre, s', 12d

Tibblestone [Tibaldstone] Hundred
Ashton under Hill parish [abt 2km NE of Beckford above]
Robertus Store', s', 12d

Most that survive are from 1379. No STERRY-like names.

No returns survive.

Only a single membrane survives from 1377. None from 1379 or 1381. No STERRY-like names.

Only 3 receipts survive for 1377. Majority of surviving details rolls relate to 1379. Some survive from 1381. Two STERRY like names.

Holt Hundred
Johannes Sterr' senior, 4d
Johannes Sterr' junior, 4d

Two membranes survive for Shrewsbury for 1377. All others surviving are from 1381. Hundred of Stottesdon is of particular interest.

Two STERRY-like names below were located in 1381 poll tax returns.

Ford Hundred
Duddlewick [Dodelewyk] [a township in Stottesdon parish; abt 10km NNW Cleobury Mortimer]
Willelmus Sterre, cult', 12d

Stottesdon Hundred
Eudon George [Eudon' Seingeorge] [a township in Chetton parish; abt 5km SW Bridgnorth]
Willelmus Sterre, molend', 20d

Only 22 of 384 returns for 1377 have survived. The returns for 1381 are fragmentary with only a single membrame surviving for many hundreds. Hundred of Mutford only contains one membrane and Hundred of Kessingland only contains 7 taxpayers of unidentified place and names of constables and collectors. No STERRY like names found.

None survive from 1377 or 1379. 1381 has membranes for Godalming, Blackhearth, Wotton and three membranes survive from Southwark hundreds. No STERRY-like names