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Hearth Tax Online [] is an ongoing project by Roehampton University London providing searchable, online records of the hearth tax. To date, no STERRY, STARIE or variants have been located for the following currently available counties.

London and Middlesex 1666 (Lady Day)
Durham 1666 (Lady Day)
Essex 1670 (Michaelmas)
Kent 1664 (Lady Day)
Surrey 1664 (Lady Day)
Westmorland 1670 & 74-5
Worcestershire 1664M-1665M
Yorkshire - East Riding 1672 (Lady Day)
Yorkshire - North Riding 1673 (Michaelmas)
Yorkshire - West Riding 1672 (Lady Day)


Hearth Tax Assessment 1666 (NFHS Vol 20) and 1664 (NFHS Vol 15)  No Sterrys located.


Hearth Tax Assessment 1674

Symon Sterry, Sudbury
Widow Sterry, Barnby-in-Mutford
Widow Sterry, Buxhall-in-Stow


William Sterry
St Ewan parish
2 Small Street [List 3, Fol. 63v, c.2]
[Bristol Hearth Tax, 1662-1673, BRS]