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David Everett has a private index to surviving Worcestershire settlement records. Sterry/Stary and similar names have been extracted and are listed below. With much thanks to John Todd.

1703 William Stery certificated from St Nicholas, Worcester to Birmingham
1717 Sep 2 John Stery, wife Mary and children Elizabeth 5, John 3 & William 6mos. And their two apprentices Leonard Jefferies and Joseph Archer removed from St Martin's to St Helen's, Worcester, where John had gained a settlement by serving an apprenticeship for 7 years to John Slye & his widow. (Comment: John Stery was clearly a clothier. The Worcester cloth industry was in terminal decline at this time.)
1741 Nov 24 Thomas Stary & his wife Mary Certificated by St Andrews to St Martins, Worcester
1751 Aug 6 Examination of William Steary of St Nicholas, Worcester, who stated that he had been born in St Nicholas parish where his father was also legally settled. He had done nothing to gain a settlement eleswhere [he signed his name]
1751 Aug 16 Examination of John Stery of All Saints, Worcester. He stated he was born in St Martin's parish in Worcester & about the year 1729 he was bound apprentice by indenture for 7 years to Richard Pateman of the parish of St Buttolf's (Botolph's) Aldgate in the county of Middlesex, cordwainer & served the whole term ... About 7 years ago, he was married to Catharine Burk his now wife, by whom he has three children living, to wit, Mary 6, John 2 & Thomas 7 mos. (signed)
1752 Jan 3 James Watkins, born Presteigne in Radnorshire examined in St Nicholas parish, Worcester. 4 or 5 years before he has been hired a servant for a year to Samuel Birch Esq of Weobley, Herefordshire. In May 1751 he was married to Priscilla Steary by whom he had one child, John one month or thereabouts.
1748 Nov 17 Mary Morris of St Helen's, Worcester, pregnant, deposed that in the month of September last one Samuel Steary had carnal knowledge of her body at his house in the parish of St Helen's.