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1921 - ESSEX

Dedham Parish
**Lexden RD
Leonard William Sterry, 43, born Suffolk
Florence Sterry, 40, born Suffolk

Great Clacton Parish
*[Tendring RD]
3 Ferndale Terrace Holland Rd Great Clacton
Martin W Sterry, Head, 68 yrs 3 mths, born Rickinghall Suffolk, Labourer at Burrs Farm for Mr Tenant, Farmer
Sarah Ann Sterry, Wife, 60 yrs 7 mths, born Great Holland Essex
Daisy Hilda Sterry, Dau, 18 yrs 10 mths, Single, born Clacton on Sea Essex, Dairy Maid for Mrs Clay at The Shrubbery Great Clacton [A number of visitors are also in residence with the family - Winifred C Reapath, aged 38 yrs 6 mths, born Islington London and her apparent children: Thomas D aged 14, Winifred I aged 13, Cecil J aged 11 and Leonard G aged 8, all born at Fulham London. No stated relationship.]

Great Clacton Parish
*[Tendring RD]
Sidney George Sterry, 27, born Clacton on Sea Essex
Jessie Sterry, 28, born Clacton on Sea Essex
Albert George Sterry, 3, born Clacton on Sea Essex
Doris Emmerly Sterry, infant, born Clacton on Sea Essex

Great Clacton Parish
*[Tendring RD]
Amy Beatrice Sterry, 34, born Clacton on Sea Essex

Little Holland Parish
*Tendring RD
Harriet Sterry, 38, born [not stated] [Harriet nee Frisby wife of deceased Arthur William Sterry]
Cecil A Sterry, 9, born London

West Ham Parish
West Ham RD
John Sterry, 19, born Silvertown Essex

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
%%%=Worcestershire, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK