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NBI = UK National Burial Index 3

The following parishes records have been searched without finding any STERRYS or similar:


The following parishes have been searched and have located STERRYS or similar:

Armley St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1813-1906
[Parish Register:]
+1900 Oct 18 [born 1 Oct 1900] Albert Miles s. William and Sarah Elizabeth Sterry, 14 Avery View, Striker
+1902 Aug 3 [born 9 Jun 1900] Dorothy May d. Albert John & Elizabeth Sterry, 13 Cecil Mount, Frame-builder
+1902 Aug 3 [born 25 Dec 1901] Albert William s. Albert John & Elizabeth Sterry, 13 Cecil Mount, Frame-builder

Armley St Bartholomew
Marriages 1872-1921 [Parish Register:]
+1897 May 29 Edwin Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Engine Driver, Armley [Father] Samuel Sterry, Pit Sinker & Phyllis Dyson, 29, Spinster, Upper Armley [Father] Joseph Dyson, Shoemaker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: J H Greaves, C Hickson

Earlsheaton St Peter
Baptisms 1827-1906
[Parish Register:]
+1874 Nov 1 [born 18 Aug 1874] Mary Elizabeth d. Sam & Ann Sterry, Lowside Earlsheaton, Miner
+1880 Nov 10 [born 20 Aug 1880] Eda d. Samuel & Ann Sterry, Earlsheaton, Pit Sinker

Earlsheaton St Peter
Marriages 1837-1921
[Parish Register:]
+1905 Jun 24 [Banns May 28, Jun 4m 11 and again Jun 4, 11, 18] Charles Henry Hansard, 25, Bachelor, Railway Signalman, Ingrow [Father] Henry Hansard, Labourer & Ada Sterry, 26, Spinster, Earls Heaton, [Father] Samuel Sterry [deceased] Pit Sinker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Sam Sterry, Eda Sterry, Esther Ann Hemingway
+1905 Sep 7 Harold Almond, 29, Bachelor, Confectioner, Earls Heaton [Father] James William Almond [deceased], Bleacher & Eda Sterry, 25, Spinster, Earls Heaton [Father] Samuel Sterry [deceased] Pit Sinker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: James Almond, Mabel Maria Scott
+1909 [Banns only Aug 22, 29, Sep 5] Sam Sterry, Earls Heaton, Bachelor & Ethel Brown, Thornhill, Spinster
+1912 Aug 7 [Banns Jun 20, Jul 7, 14 ] Archibald Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Accountant, "Lyriton" Dewsbury [Father] Samuel Sterry [Deceased] Sinker & Bertha Haigh, 23, Spinster, "Fairmount" Earls Heaton [Father] Fred Haigh, Carbonizer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Arthur Jubb, Annie Fox, Emma Haigh

East Ardsley St Michael
1813-1918 [NBI]
*1887 Apr 9 James Sterry aged 69
*1891 Jul 14 Eliza Sterry aged 77

Halifax St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1813-1906
[Parish Register:]
+1875 Feb 18 [privately bap] William Henry s. John Henry & Fanny Sterry, Halifax, Outfitter
1876 Oct 17 Frederick John Henry [of] John Henry & Fanny Sterry, Halifax, Outfitter

Baptisms 1824-1906
[Parish Register:]
+1888 Jul 9 private [born 7 Jul 1888] John Ward s. John Henry & Mary Ann Sterry, Malvern House Cambridge Rd, Merchant

Huddersfield St Peter
Marriages 1854-1921
[Parish Register:]
+1901 Jun 27 Arthur Slater Lodge, 36, Bachelor, Manager, Spring Side Prestwich [Father] Matthew Lodge, Merchant & Fanny Elizabeth Sterry, 29, Spinster, 74 South Street [Father] John Henry Sterry, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Henry Sterry, Isabel Mary Sterry, Frederic Sterry, Henry Alieckley? Lodge

Burials 1813-1946
[Parish Register:]
1899 Jun 14 Hannah Sterry?, 57 yrs, Abode: Kellington

Leeds St Mary
Baptisms [Ancestry]
1866 Dec 2 James Wilfred [of] Frances & Mary Sterry, Richmond Hill, Book keeper

Leeds St Peter
Baptisms [Ancestry]
1703 May 16 [born 27 Apr] Tobias Sterry? of Kirkstall had a child born 27 Aprilis bap 16 May named Mary

Leeds St Peter
Marriages [Ancestry]
1827 May 3 Henry Sheffield, of this parish, Waterman & Margaret Sterry, of this parish, Spinster. Banns. He signed, she made her mark. Wit: Mark Hansen, Robert Hargrave

Leeds Beckett St Cemetery
Burials 1845-1995
1908 Florence Eileen Sterry, chd

Manningham St Luke
Marriages 1881-1921
[Parish Register:]
+1920 May 8 Harry Kitson, 24, Bachelor, 39 Victor Rd [Father] Timothy Kitson, Butcher & Minnie Sterry, 20, Spinster, 46 Newport Rd Bradford [Father] Leonard Sterry, Miner. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Tmothy Kitson, Benjamin Schofield

New Wortley
Burials 1863-1912
[Parish Register:]
1907 Feb 11 Minnie Sterry, 3 yrs, Abode: New Wortley

Sheffield Gleadless Christ Church
Burials 1839-1953
1910 Dec 3 Elizabeth Starey, 30 yrs

Sheffield Tinsley Park Municipal Cemetery
Burials 1857-1993
1935 Dec 21 Margaret Mary Sterry, 7 yrs

Thornhill St Michael and All Angels
Marriages 1813-1921
[Parish Register:]
+1909 Sep 16 [Banns Aug 22, 29 Sep 5 Parish Thornhill and Earlsheaton St Peter] Sam Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Painter, Earlsheaton [Father] Samuel Sterry, Pit Sinker & and Ethel Brown, 22, Spinster, Thornhill Combs, [Father] Henry Brown, Miner. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Archibald Sterry, Bertha Haigh

Warmfield St Peter
l [Ancestry]
1828 Dec 21 William Sterry, Warmfield 33 years Sexton, 70 yrs

Woodkirk St Mary
Burials 1813-1960
[Parish Register:]
+1944 May 12 Sam Sterry, 59 yrs, Abode: Sunny Dene Haig Moor Rd West Ardsley [F Row 4, 13]
+1946 Jul 22 Ethel Sterry, 58 yrs, Abode: Sunnymede Haig Mor Rd West Ardsley [F Row 4, 13]

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line