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NBI = UK National Burial Index 3
SMI = Shropshire Marriage Index (2008)

The Worcester Marriage Index is available from the Worcester Branch of the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldy. The index contains 'all Worcestershire parishes 1660-1837 including those added to or lost to the County by boundary changes etc. The index also contains many non-conformist, Quaker, Roman Catholic plus many Strays.' All STERRY, STARRY and variants have been searched and results are included below.

The excellent transcripts of parish registers of Worcestershire by William Good are acknowledged.

IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register or BT extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis:

An excellent guide to availability of parish information for Worcester is the Worcester Branch of the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldy - A-Z List of Parishes [Note where there is a difference in the IGI coverage between this site and the site of Hugh Wallis above, the lesser of the ranges has been recorded below.]

The following parishes records have been searched without finding any Sterrys or similar:

Abberton St Edburga (Baptisms 1661-1875-IGI; Burials 1661-1840-NBI)
Abbots Morton St Peter
(Baptisms 1611-1641, 1660-1700-IGI; Burials 1728-1964-NBI)
Acton Beauchamp St Giles
(Baptisms 1577-1885-IGI; Marriages 1577-1835-IGI)
Alderminster St Mary
(Baptisms 1611-1877-IGI; Marriages 1654-1842-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1613-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire)/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
Alfrick St Mary Magdalene
(Baptisms 1622-1640, 1656-1661, 1684-1867-IGI; Marriages 1696-1755, 1813-1876-IGI; Burials 1656-1862-NBI)
Alstone St Margaret (Baptisms 1550-1812, 1816-1857, 1880-1885; Marriages 1550-1805-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1550-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
Alvechurch St Lawrence (Baptisms 1545-1875-IGI; Marriages 1545-1876-IGI; Burials 1660-1883-NBI)
Astley St Peter
(Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1885-IGI; Marriages 1539-1630-Boyds; Marriages 1539-1755-SMI; Burials 1670-1866-NBI)
Aston Magna St John the Evangelist
(Burials 1847-1891-NBI)
Aston Somerville St Mary
(Baptisms 1617-1639, 1660-1812-IGI; Marriages 1617-1639, 1664-1812-IGI)
Astwood Baptist Church
(Births/Baptisms 1788-1837-IGI)
Badsey St James
(Baptisms 1538-1877-IGI; Marriages 1538-1876-IGI; Marriages 1539-1733-Boyds; Burials 1538-1906-NBI)
Belbroughton Holy Trinity
(Baptisms 1540-1877-IGI; Marriages 1540-1876-IGI; 1660-1897-NBI)
Beoley St Leonard
(Baptisms 1771-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1875-IGI; Burials 1660-1881-NBI)
Berrow St Faith
(Baptisms 1611-1700-IGI; Baptisms 1698-1871-Transcripts William Good; Marriages 1698-1923-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1698-1900-NBI;Burials 1698-1919-Transcripts William Good)
Besford St Peter
(Baptisms 1539-1699, 1751-1875-IGI)
Bewdley Meeting House High Street Presbyterian
(Births/Baptisms 1772-1823-IGI)
Bewdley Particular Baptist
(Births/Baptisms 1776-1836-IGI)
Birlingham St James the Great
(Baptisms 1566-1835-IGI; Marriages 1566-1895-IGI)
Birtsmorton St Peter & St Paul
(Baptisms 1539-1812-IGI; Marriages 1539-1837-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Burials 1650-1812-NBI)
Bishampton St James
(Baptisms 1616-1700, 1738-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1880-IGI; Burials 1644-1884-NBI)
Bordesley Chapelry, St Stephen
(Burials 1713-1769-NBI)
Bradley St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1612-1640, 1660-1700, 1719-1875-IGI; Marriages 1645-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1630-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1813-1840-NBI)
St James the Less (Baptisms 1702-1877-IGI; Burials 1662-1839-NBI)
Bredon St Giles
(Baptisms 1562-1812-Transcripts William Good; Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1562-1753-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1660-1852-NBI; Burials 1561-1812-Transcripts William Good)
Bredons Norton Chapel of Ease
(Burials 1788-1891-NBI)
Bretforton St Leonard
(Baptisms 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1876-IGI; Burials 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1539-1860-NBI)
Bricklehampton St Michael
(Baptisms 1718-1875-IGI; Marriages 1611-1695, 1725-1727, 1740-1749, 1756-1884-IGI; Burials 1722-1968-NBI)
Broadwas St Mary Magdalene
(Baptisms 1612-1700-IGI; Burials 1676-1851-NBI)
Broadway St Eadburgha
(Baptisms 1541-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1880-IGI; Burials 1539-1851-NBI)
Broadway Congregational (Births/Baptisms 1801-1837-IGI)
Bromsgrove All Saints
(Baptisms 1874-1875-IGI)
Bromsgrove Meeting Yard Independent (Burials 1771-1837-NBI)
Bromsgrove Quakers
(Burials 1669-1797-NBI)
Bromsgrove Chapel Lane High Street formerly Upper Meeting Independent
(Births/Baptisms 1739-1837-IGI)
Bromsgrove Little Cats Hill Baptist
(Births/Baptisms 1828-1837-IGI)
Bromsgrove Wesleyan
(Births/Baptisms 1815-1837-IGI; Burials 1835-1837-NBI)
Bromsgrove Worcester Street Independent Baptist
(Births/Baptisms 1785-1836-IGI)
Broughton Hackett St Leonard
(Baptisms 1611-1700, 1761-1875-IGI; Marriages 1611-1700, 1759-1881-IGI; Burials 1636-1965-NBI)
St Peter (Baptisms 1616-1877-IGI; Marriages 1616-1799, 1809-1876-IGI)
St Peter (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1538-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1843-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1538-1680 & 1696-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1660-1851-NBI; Burials 1538-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire)
Castle Morton St Gregory
(Baptisms 1558-1878-IGI; Marriages 1609-1885-IGI; Marriages 1609-1641-Boyds; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Catshill Christ Church
(Baptisms 1839-1875-IGI; Marriages 1862-1882-IGI)
Chaceley St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1613-1833-IGI; Baptisms 1538-1812-Transcripts William Good; Marriages 1540-1812-IGI; Marriages1540-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1540-1873-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1538-1812, 1838-1873-Transcripts William Good)
Chaddesley Corbett St Cassian
(Baptisms 1538-1877-IGI; Marriages 1538-1643, 1660-1876-IGI; Burials 1660-1882-NBI)
Chaddesley Corbett RC
(Baptisms 1752-1824-IGI)
Chadwick Quakers (Burials 1689-1796-NBI)
Church Honeybourne St Ecgwyn
(Baptisms 1614-1641, 1660-1661, 1673-1812-IGI; Marriages 1581-1832-IGI; Burials 1666-1851-NBI)
Church Lench
All Saints (Baptisms 1615-1700-IGI; Marriages 1702-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1680-1951-NBI)
Churchill by Kidderminster St James [nr Blakedown] (Baptisms 1612-1640, 1660-1700-IGI; Burials 1540-1901-NBI)
Churchill in Oswaldslow St Michael aka Churchill nr Worcester
(Baptisms 1564-1794-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1564-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1564-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire; Marriages 1564-1839-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1539-1864-IGI; Marriages 1601-1625, 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1564-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1564-1794-Modern Transcript; Burials 1566-1955-NBI; Burials 1564-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire)
Cleeve Prior St Andrew
(Baptisms 1598-1875-IGI; Marriages 1599-1875-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Burials 1599-1851-NBI)
Cofton Hackett St Michael aka Corton Hackett
(Baptisms 1550-1700-IGI; Marriages 1580-1619-IGI; Burials 1654-1960-NBI)
Cotheridge St Leonard (Baptisms 1611-1636, 1653-1660, 1660-1812-IGI; Marriages 1653-1659, 1669-1672, 1690-1882-IGI; Burials 1669-1812-NBI)
Cowleigh St Peter
(Marriages 1871-1885-IGI)
Cradley St Peter
(Baptisms 1785-1877-IGI; Marriages 1802-1877-IGI; Burials 1785-1878-NBI)
Cradley Park Lane Presbyterian
(Births/Baptisms 1789-1837-IGI)
Cradley Particular Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1795-1837-IGI)
Croome D'Abitot St Mary Magdalene
(Baptisms 1608-1700, 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1873-IGI; Burials 1560-1851-NBI)
Cropthorne St Michael
(Baptisms 1577-1717-IGI; Marriages 1557-1751-Boyds; Burials 1661-1851-IGI)
Crowle St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1539-1855-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1885-Modern Transcript; Burials 1539-1890-Modern Transcript; Burials 1539-1925-NBI)
Cutsdean St James aka Cuttesdean
(Baptisms 1634-1675-IGI)
Daylesford St Peter
(Baptisms 1661-1700-IGI)
Dormston St Nicholas
(Baptisms 1613-1700, 1813-1862-IGI; Marriages 1612-1736-Boyds; Burials 1731-1965-NBI)
Doverdale St Mary
(Baptisms 1615-1700, 1704-1875-IGI; Burials 1704-1966-NBI)
Droitwich St Andrew
(Baptisms 1571-1769-IGI; Marriages 1571-1583, 1594-1875-IGI; Burials 1660-1899-NBI)
Dudley St Edmund
(Baptisms 1540-1611-IGI; Marriages 1540-1611)
Dudley St Thomas
(Baptisms 1540-1646-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1541-1876-IGI;; Marriages 1540-1646-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1540-1877-IGI; Burials 1540-1646-Modern Transcript)
Dudley Baptist Chapel
(Births/Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI)
Dudley Old Meeting House Presbyterian
(Births/Baptisms 1743-1837-IGI)
Dudley Quakers
(Baptisms 1656-1801-IGI)
Dudley Independent Chapel, King St
(Births/Baptisms 1803-1836-IGI)
Dudley Wesleyan
(Births/Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Earls Croome St Nicholas
(Baptisms 1612-1875-IGI; Marriages 1644-1836-IGI; Burials 1658-1850-NBI) Eckington Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1612-1875-IGI; Marriages 1612-1639, 1660-1876-IGI; Burials 1678-1883-NBI)
Eldersfield St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1611-1640, 1660-1717-BT and 1718-1920-PR-Transcripts William Good;Baptisms 1611-1640, 1660-1700-IGI; Marriages 1611-1640, 1660-1717-BT and 1718-1920-PR-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1712-1867-NBI; Burials 1611-1640, 1660-1717-BT and 1718-1920-PR-Transcripts William Good)
Elmley Castle St Mary
(Baptisms 1612-1812, 1831-1879-IGI; Marriages 1612-1836-IGI; Burials 1665-1850-NBI)
Elmley Lovett
St Michael (Baptisms 1780-1820-PR; Baptisms 1608-1700-IG; Burials 1628-1869-NBI)
Evesham All Saints with Bengeworth
(Baptisms 1613-1700-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Boyds; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Evesham St Lawrence
(Marriages 1556-1725-Boyds; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Evesham Meeting House Oat Street Presbyterian
(Births/Baptisms 1777-1837-IGI)
Evesham Wesleyan
(Births/Baptisms 1813-1837-IGI)
Feckenham St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Burials 1660-1901-NBI)
Finstall St Godwald
(Baptisms 1869-1875-IGI; Marriages 1869-1885-IGI)
Fladbury St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1560-1850-IGI; Marriages 1560-1885-IGI; Burials 1560-1851-NBI)
Flyford Flavel St Peter
(Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Burials 1677-1928-NBI)
Frankley St Leonard
(Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Burials 1702-1840-NBI)
Grafton Flyford St John the Baptist (Baptisms
1676-1874-IGI; Marriages 1749-1875-IGI; Burials 1678-1906-NBI)
Great & Little Hampton St Andrew
(Baptisms 1611-1700, 1753-1875-IGI; Marriages 1756-1874-IGI)
Great Comberton St Michael
(Baptisms 1756-1875-IGI; Marriages 1755-1885-IGI; Burials 1694-1851-NBI)
Great Kyre
See Kyre Wyard
Great Malvern
St Mary & St Michael (Baptisms 1556-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1709-1868-IGI; Marriages 1556-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1709-1875-IGI; Burials 1556-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1660-1860-NBI)
Great Malvern Countess of Huntingdon Nonconformist Chapel (Baptisms 1828-1837-IGI)
Hadzor St James (Baptisms 1555-1875-IGI; Marriages 1554-1745, 1750-1877-IGI; Burials 1660-1947-NBI)
Hagley St John the Baptist (Burials 1709-1873-NBI)
Hall Green Church of the Ascension (Burials 1705-1840-NBI)
Hallow St Philip & St James (Baptisms 1583-1875-IGI; Marriages 1584-1874-IGI; Burials 1661-1881-NBI)
Hanbury St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1577-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1577-1875-IGI; Marriages 1577-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1577-1754-IGI; Burials 1577-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1599-1869-NBI)
Hanley Castle St Mary & Hanley Swan St Gabriel
(Baptisms 1537-1740-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1537-1740-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1539-1885-IGI; Burials 1537-1740-Modern Transcript; Burials 1661-1851-NBI)
Hanley Child St. Michael & All Angels aka Lower Hanley
(Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1816-1885-IGI)
Harvington by Evesham St James (Baptisms 1734-1875-IGI; Marriages 1734-1837-IGI; Burials 1570-1851-NBI)
Hill Croome St Mary
(Baptisms 1611-1700-IGI; Burials 1721-1851-NBI)
Himbleton St Mary Magdalene
(Baptisms 1611-1700, 1711-1875-IGI; Marriages 1713-1812-Boyds; Burials 1713-1881-NBI)
Hindlip St James
(Baptisms 1612-1875-IGI; Marriages 1612-1875-IGI; Burials 1662-1881-NBI)
St Martin (Baptisms 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1538-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1660-1900-NBI)
Huddington St James
(Baptisms 1695-1872-IGI; Burials 1663-1964-NBI
Inkberrow St Peter
(Baptisms 1613-1632, 1634-1640, 1661-1674-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1598-1700, 1733-1875-IGI; Marriages 1613-1632, 1634-1640, 1661-1674-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1598-1875-IGI; Burials 1613-1632, 1634-1640, 1661-1674-Modern Transcript; Burials 1671-1911-NBI)
Ipsley St Peter
(Baptisms 1601-1885-IGI; Marriages 1615-1885-IGI)
Kempsey St Mary the Virgin
(Baptisms 1608-1640, 1660-1857-IGI; Marriages 1608-1687, 1690-1852-IGI; Marriages 1690-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1688-1851-NBI)
Kidderminster Countess of Huntingdon Ebenezer Nonconformist Chapel
(Births/Baptisms 1790-1806, 1819-1840-IGI)
Kidderminster New Meeting House Presbyterian/Unitarian
(Births/Baptisms 1783-1836-IGI)
Kidderminster Old Meeting House Presbyterian/Unitarian
(Baptisms 1727-1837, Births 1782-1837-IGI)
Kidderminster Sion Field Primitive Methodist
(Births/Baptisms 1833-1837-IGI)
Kidderminster Wesleyan
(Births/Baptisms 1788-1837-IGI)
Kington St James
(Baptisms 1587-1863-IGI; Marriages 1588-1812-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1588-1836-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1661-1871-NBI)
Knightwick St Mary
(Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1544-1880-IGI; Burials 1672-1881-NBI)
Leigh St Edburga with Bransford St John the Baptist
(Baptisms 1538-1877-IGI; Marriages 1538-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Leigh Sinton Countess of Huntingdon Nonconformist Chapel
(Births/Baptisms 1818-1837-IGI)
Little Comberton St Peter
(Baptisms 1757-1875; Marriages 1754-1885-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Burials 1586-1866-NBI)
Little Malvern St Giles Priory
(Baptisms 1691-1836-IGI; Marriages 1695-1836-IGI; Burials 1691-1884-NBI)
Little Washbourne St Mary
(Baptisms 1789-1811-IGI)
St Mary nr Upton on Severn (Baptisms 1538-1812-Forest of Dean Family History Project; Baptisms 1612-1700, 1737-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Forest of Dean Family History Project; Marriages 1737-1837-IGI; Marriages 1538-1837-Boyds; Burials 1538-1812-Forest of Dean Family History Project; Burials 1538-1851-NBI)
Lower Sapey St Bartholomew aka Sapey Pritchard
(Baptisms 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages 1661-1845-IGI; Burials 1878-1900-NBI)
Lulsley St Giles
(Baptisms 1783-1875-IGI; Burials 1779-1839-NBI)
Madresfield St Mary the Virgin
(Baptisms 1611-1640, 1661-1700, 1742-1812-IGI; Marriages 1742-1836-IGI; Burials 1742-1851-NBI)
Malvern Link St. Matthias
(Baptisms 1846-1875-IGI; Marriages 1846-1895-IGI)
Martin Hussingtree St Michael
(Baptisms 1539-1708-IGI; Burials 1662-1881-NBI)
Mathon St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1613-1808, 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1613-1836-IGI)
Moseley St Mary
(Baptisms 1761-1841-Modern Transcript; Burials 1762-1850-Modern Transcript; Burials 1761-1880-NBI)
Naunton Beauchamp St Bartholomew
(Baptisms 1559-1812-IGI; Marriages 1559-1812-IGI; Burials 1661-1901-NBI)
Newland St Leonard
(Baptisms 1612-1700-IGI; Marriages 1612-1700-IGI; Burials 1732-1851-NBI)
North And Middle Littleton St Nicholas
(Baptisms 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1662-1845-IGI; Marriages 1662-1675-Boyds; Burials 1661-1851-NBI)
North Piddle St Michael
(Baptisms 1612-1700, 1776-1875-IGI; Marriages 1612-1700, 1754-1875-IGI; Marriages 1571-1810-Boyds; Burials 1660-1900-NBI)
St Laurence (Baptisms 1560-1850-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1560-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1560-1850-Modern Transcript; Burials 1547, 1560-1837, 1891-NBI)
Norton and Lenchwick St Egwin
(Baptisms 1610-1700, 1868-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1609, 1701-1836-IGI; Burials 1660-1860-NBI)
Norton Juxta Kempsey St James the Great
(Baptisms 1613-1700, 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1875-IGI; Burials 1660-1899-NBI)
Oddingley St James (Baptisms 1611-1875-IGI; Burials 1673-1899-NBI)
St Mary & St Milburgh (Baptisms 1538-1875-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1539-1621-IGI; Marriages 1543-1899, Banns 1761-1844-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1576-1581, 1594-1617-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1543-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1538-1899-Modern Transcript; Burials 1538-1899-NBI)
Old Swinford
St Mary (Baptisms 1647-1692, 1719-1819-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1602-1877-IGI; Marriages 1647-1692, 1719-1813, Banns 1763-1771-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1602-1877-IGI; Burials 1647-1692, 1719-1813-Modern Transcript; Burials 1679-1857-NBI)
Oldberrow Christ Church
(Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Overbury St Faith
(Baptisms 1748-1875-IGI; Marriages 1755-1882-IGI; Burials 1563-1851-NBI)
Pedmore St Peter
(Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1875-IGI; Burials 1660-1870-NBI)
Pendock Holy Redeemer
(Baptisms 1559-1812-Transcripts William Good; Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1755-1836-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1558-1812-NBI; Burials 1558-1812-Transcripts William Good)
Peopleton St Nicholas
(Baptisms 1612-1879-IGI; Marriages 1665-1885-IGI; Burials 1665-1900-NBI)
Pershore Holy Cross
(Baptisms 1540-1597, 1614-1812-IGI; Burials 1682-1851-NBI)
Pershore St Andrew
(Baptisms 1609-1812-IGI; Burials 1641-1851-NBI)
Pinvin St Nicholas
(Baptisms 1559-1800, 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1796, 1823-1885-IGI; Burials 1662-1881-NBI)
Pirton St Peter
(Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Redditch St Stephen
(Baptisms 1770-1875-IGI; Marriages 1808-1882-IGI; Marriages 1808-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1705-1840-NBI)
Redditch Independent/Congregational
(Births/Baptisms 1824-1837-IGI)
Redditch Wesleyan Methodist
(Births/Baptisms 1810-1837-IGI)
Ripple St Mary (Baptisms 1568-1875-IGI; Marriages 1568-1717-IGI; Burials 1646-1860-NBI)
Romsley St Kenelm (Baptisms 1736-1841-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1736-1875-IGI; Marriages 1736-1753-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1738-1742, 1752-1753; 1847-1882-IGI)
Rous Lench St Peter (Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1814-1875-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675; Marriages 1539-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1660-1882-NBI)
Rushock St Michael (Baptisms 1780-1820-PR; Marriages 1667-1675-Boyds; Burials 1667-1840-NBI)
Salwarpe St Michael (Baptisms 1608-1875-IGI; Burials 1666-1899-NBI)
Sapey Pritchard See Lower Sapey
Sedgeberrow St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1782-1875-IGI; Marriages 1566-1885-IGI; Burials 1647-1863-NBI)
Severn Stoke St Dennis (Baptisms 1538-1851-IGI; Burials 1660-1851-NBI)
Shipston on Stour St Edmund (Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1572 to 1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1813-1921-NBI)
Shipston On Stour Particular Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1783-1836-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Shipston On Stour Quakers (Births 1777-1814-IGI)
Shrawley St Mary (Baptisms 1759-1875-IGI; Marriages 1755-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1840-NBI)
South Littleton St Michael the Archangel (Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1637, 1661-1895-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Burials 1661-1868-NBI)
Spetchley All Saints (Baptisms 1813-1874-IGI; Marriages 1764-1870-IGI; Burials 1661-1881-NBI)
Stanford on Teme St Mary (Baptisms 1594-1875-IGI; Marriages 1596-1885-IGI; Burials 1594-1851-NBI)
Staunton nr Ledbury/Newent (Baptisms 1559-1916-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1559-1812-Transcripts William Good; Marriages 1800-1837-GMI; Marriages 1559-1936-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1559-1837-Transcripts William Good; Burials 1559-1783, 1783-1917-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1559-1916-Transcripts William Good)
Stock and Bradley See Bradley
Stone St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1601-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1754-1875-IGI; Marriages 1601-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1754-1882-IGI; Burials 1601-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1660-1840-NBI)
Stoulton St Edmund (Baptisms 1721-1875-IGI; Marriages 1722-1837-IGI; Burials 1678-1840-NBI)
Stourbridge High Street Independent Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1776-1837-IGI)
Stourport Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1788-1837-IGI)
Strensham St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1569-1906-IGI; Marriages 1569-1837-IGI; Burials 1659-1851-NBI)
Tardebigge St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1730-1882-IGI; Burials 1693-1840-NBI)
Teddington St Nicholas (Baptisms 1550-1875-IGI; Marriages 1560-1885-IGI; Burials 1560-1850-NBI)
Throckmorton Chapel of Fladbury (Baptisms 1546-1812-IGI; Marriages 1545-1754-IGI; Burials 1661-1751-NBI)
Tidmington (Marriages 1693-1812-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1611-1851-NBI)
Upper Arley (See Staffordshire)
Upton Snodsbury St Kenelm (Baptisms 1577-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1577-1836-Ancestry Worcestershire; Marriages 1577-1876-IGI; Marriages 1651-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1577-1836-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1661-1840-NBI; Burials 1577-1836-Ancestry Worcestershire)
Upton Warren St Michael (Baptisms 1723-1875-IGI; Marriages 1723-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1888-NBI)
Warndon St Nicholas (Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1759-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1840-NBI)
Welland St James (Baptisms 1608-1637, 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1608-1637, 1660-1885-IGI; Marriages 1605-1812-Boyds; Burials 1669-1851-NBI)
White Ladies Aston St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1558-1875-IGI; Marriages 1813-1882-IGI; Burials 1660-1840-NBI)
Wichenford St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1599-1875-IGI; Marriages 1690-1812-Boyds; Burials 1599-1852-NBI)
Wick St Mary near Pershore (Baptisms 1608-1725, 1745-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1882-IGI; Burials 1695-1900-NBI)
Wickhamford St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1613-1875-IGI; Marriages 1700-1882-IGI; Burials 1538-1850-NBI)
Wolverley St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1539-1837-Modern Transcription; Baptisms 1616-1700, 1743-1828 (IGI); Marriages 1539-1837-Modern Transcription; Marriages 1616-1640, 1660-1700, 1743-1837-IGI; Burials 1539-1837-Modern Transcription)
Worcester St Mary (Cathedral) (Baptisms 1693-1811-IGI; Baptisms 1693-1811-Ancestry Worcestershire; Marriages 1693-1811-Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online; Burials 1685-1811-NBI; Burials 1693-1811-Ancestry Worcestershire)

Worcester St George (Baptisms 1834-1846; 1862-1876-IGI; Marriages 1862-1885-IGI; Burials 1834-1880-NBI)
Worcester Angel Street Congregational (Births/Baptisms 1699-1878-IGI)
Worcester Birdport Street Countess of Huntingdons or Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1784-1836-IGI)
Worcester Saint Helen Pump Street Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1803-1837-IGI)
Worcester Silver Street Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1780-1836-IGI)
Worcester St George Roman Catholic (Births/Baptisms 1685-1837-IGI)

Wribbenhall Christ Church/All Saints (Burials 1841-1903-NBI)
Wyre Piddle St Anne (Baptisms 1716-1871-IGI; Marriages 1716-1837-IGI)
Wythall St Mary (Baptisms 1760-1875-IGI; Marriages 1854-1885-IGI)

Yardley St Egburga (Baptisms 1539-1676-Acocks Green History Society; Baptisms 1608-1701-IGI; Marriages 1539-1676-Acocks Green History Society; Burials 1539-1855-NBI; Burials 1539-1676-Acocks Green History Society)

The following parishes have been searched and have located Sterrys or similar:

Abberley St Mary
Baptisms 1558-1875
[IGI]; 1662-1856 (LDS Vital Records British Isles)

Abberley St Mary
1662-1885 [IGI]; 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1662-1853 (LDS Vital Records British Isles)
##1766 Aug 31 Josiah Starie yeoman of Burford & Mary Broadhurst of Abberley. By licence. [John Todd found this marriage detail from the marriage bond and parish register for Abberley. The IGI has transcribed it as '1766 Aug 21 Josiah Stavie & Mary Broadhurst' as an extracted marriage.]
1791 May 16 Mary Starry & Edward Bevan [Worcestershire Marriage Index has BIVAN]

Abberley St Mary
1661-1840 [NBI]
##1768 Feb 1 Mary Stary
##1768 Feb 1 Thomas Stary
1795 Jun 7 Thomas Starry

Areley Kings St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1539-1807
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 994247); 1608-1700 (IGI)
1696 Sep 30 John s. John Stary and Margery [also IGI]
1698 May 22 Elisabeth d. John Stary and Margrey [also IGI]
1700 Apr 21 William s. John Starey and Margerey [also IGI]
1701 Feb 15 Phillip s. John Starey and Margrey
1704 __(?) Anne d. Jo. Stary
1708 Apr 18 Thomas s. John Stary and Margery

Areley Kings St Bartholomew
Marriages 1539-1812

Areley Kings St Bartholomew
Burials 1660-1893 [NBI]
1702 Aug 7 John? Stary
1705 Mar 1 Elizabeth Stary
1725 May 4 Margery Stary
1727 Aug 23 John Stary
1733 Oct 19 John Stary
1733 Oct 28 John Stary

Bayton St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1564-1877 (IGI)

Bayton St Bartholomew
1564-1885 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1689 Oct 15 Elinor Stary & Francis Flellow [Marriage Allegation: 1689 Oct 13 Lic inter Franc[is]cum Flellow de Lindridge et Elianoram Stary de Bayton]
1691 Oct 31 Mary Stary & Richard Jones
##1700/01 Mar 3 John Stary of Burford (Salop) & Anne Hall (IGI also has Hull)

Bayton St Bartholomew
Burials 1660-1899 (NBI)
1728 Nov 1 Elizabeth Starey

Bengeworth St Peter
Baptisms 1611-1700; 1838-1867
(IGI); 1700-1837 (PR-poor condition 1700-1725-LDS Film 383530]
1784 Sep 5 [born Aug 14] Elizabeth a spurious child of the body of Ann Sterrey

Bengeworth St Peter
Marriages 1611-1700 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1788 Jan 1 Absalom Birch, of this parish, bachelor & Ann Steary, of same parish, spinster. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: Lucy Knight, Robert Limes [additional information from PR]

Bengeworth St Peter
Burials 1668-1851 (NBI)

Bockleton St Michael
Baptisms 1574-1761

Bockleton St Michael
1575-1850 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1718 May 1 Bridget Stary & James Williams

Bockleton St Michael
Burials 1686-1839

Bromsgrove St John the Baptist
1590-1873 (IGI)
The following entry is from the IGI:
%%%1840 Mar 29 Eliza d. William Starey & Mary

Bromsgrove St John the Baptist
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
John Todd found the following marriage at Bromsgrove:
%%%1860 Oct 24 William Sterry & Jane Wright

Bromsgrove St John the Baptist
Burials 1660-1886

Claines St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1797-1806, 1831-1837
(Researched by John Todd); 1538-1875 (IGI)
1808 May 1 [died 5 May 1808] Peter s. Peter Sterry & Charlotte
1809 Jun 20 [died 11 Dec 1810] Martha d. Peter Sterry & Charlotte

Claines St John the Baptist
1539-1864 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1807 Aug 4 Paul Sterry & Margaret Thomas
1814 Jul 18 Lucy Sterry, widow & William Oliver, widower
1819 Aug 26 Newberry Sterry & Elizabeth Broomhall [Worcestershire Marriage Index has Newber Sterry & Elizabeth Broomhal]
1831 May 26 Richard Sterry & Jane Young

Claines St John the Baptist
1609-1837 [NBI]
1675 Sep 15 Edward Stary
1685 Apr 13 ____ Stary
1808 May 5 Peter Sterry (Additional information found on familyhistoryonline website: 'son')

Clent St Leonard
1612-1700 (IGI); 1562-1812 (LDS Vital Records British Isles)
1785 May 12 John s. Edward Stary & Eleanor
1797 Dec 24 John s. William Starry & Sarah

Clent St Leonard
(Worcestershire Marriage Index )

Clent St Leonard
Burials 1660-1860 (NBI)
1790 Sep 30 John Stary

Clifton on Teme St Kenelm
Baptisms 1598-1840
(Modern Transcript); 1598-1877 (IGI)

Clifton on Teme St Kenelm
1598-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1598-1875 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1689 Apr 25 John Price of Knighton & Mary Sterry of Hanley

Clifton on Teme St Kenelm
Burials 1598-1837
(Modern Transcript); 1660-1899 (NBI)
%%1680 Jul 11 Owen Sterry, stranger bur

Defford St James
Baptisms 1797-1806, 1831-1837 (Researched by John Todd); 1540-1812 (IGI)

Defford St James
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index ); 1838-1900 (PR-LDS Film 435357)

Defford St James
Burials 1813-1900
(PR-LDS Film 435357) (Partly also researched by John Todd)
1844 Mar 19 Peter Newbry Sterry, Defford, Aged 75
1844 Nov 13 Elizabeth Sterry, Defford, Aged 65
(John Todd has aged 63)

Doddenham St Mary
Baptisms 1538-1779, 1813-1875

Doddenham St Mary
1538-1649, 1662-1809, 1813-1855 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1678 Jun 29 Anne Sterry & Robert Vicaridg (IGI also has Vicaris)

Doddenham St Mary
Burials 1662-1698

Dodderhill St Augustine
1613-1641, 1774-1875 (IGI); 1651-1780 (PR-LDS Film 352024)
1746/47 Feb 4 Mary d. Thomas Stary
%%%1834 Sep 7 William s. Thomas Starry & Mary
%%%1870 Jan 9 Thomas William s. William James Sterry & Anne
%%%1860 May 20 Sarah Sterry, aged 9, accidently drowned at Henbrook [Provided by John Todd]

Dodderhill St Augustine
Marriages 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
%%%1863 Dec 21 Mary Starey, 21, [Father]William Starey [Residence] Endbrook [Henbrook?] & Moses Workman, 21, Lab[ourer] [Provided by John Todd from Modern Trasncript]

Dodderhill St Augustine
Burials 1660-1840 [NBI]
1745/46 Feb 9 Michael Stary [Checked against PR]

Droitwich St Peter
Baptisms 1544-1840
(Modern Transcription. Supplied by John Todd.); 1544-1875 (IGI)

Droitwich St Peter
Marriages 1544-1837
(Modern Transcription. Supplied by John Todd.); 1544-1761, 1792-1882 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1781 Jun 27 Susanna Sterry & George Harrison (Worcestershire Marriage Index has STEARY)

Droitwich St Peter
Burials 1544-1838
(Modern Transcription. Supplied by John Todd.); 1660-1918 [NBI]
1690/91 Jan 9 Elisabeth Stary buried

Eastham St Peter & St Paul
1572-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1571-1875 (IGI); 1572-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire);
1639 Apr 28 John s of Thomas Freeman & Mary of Hanley Castle baptised; John Lea, Curate; Edmund Newman, John Stary, Church Wardens
%%1646 Nov 5 Elinor d. of Owen Stirry & Anne bap.
%%1648 Oct 4 Henry s. of Owen Sterry & Anne of Hanley Castle, bap.
1675 May 29 William, the base s. of William Sterry (ut asseritur) & of Anne Tayler bap.
1692 Jul 31 Susanna d. William & Dorothy Rowbery [ transcript only]
1693 Dec 16 Sarah d. William & Dorothy Rowbery [ transcript only]

Eastham St Peter & St Paul
Marriages 1572-1753
(Modern Transcript); 1571-1880 (IGI); 1651-1675 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1572-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
1690 Jun 18 William Rowberry & Dorothy Sterry

Eastham St Peter & St Paul
Burials 1572-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1660-1900 (NBI); 1572-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)
1639 Oct 4 A poore wench unknown lay in ye Church porch of Eastham and dyed. bur; John Lea, Curate; Edmund Newman, John Stary, Church Wardens
1653 Mar 21 Thomas Starie snr bur.
%%1670 Nov 13 Anne w. of Owen Sterry, bur.

Elmbridge St Mary
1613-1700, 1764-1875 (IGI)
%%%1851 Feb 2 Sarah illegitimate d. Mary Sterry, Elmbridge, Widow

Elmbridge St Mary
Marriages 1755-1837
(IGI); 1651-1675 (Boyds); 1570-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)

Elmbridge St Mary
Burials 1664-1862

Great Witley St Michael & All Angels
Baptisms 1538-1874
(Modern Transcript); 1757-1875 (IGI)
1674 Sep 15 Ann Stary d Samuel
1681 May 1 Samuel Stary s. Samuel
1684 Oct ___ Elizabeth Starry of Samuel
1704 Nov 17 Samuel Stary s Samuel & Martha
1721 Jul 13 Elizabeth Stary d Edward & Elizabeth
1722 Dec 7 Edward Stary s Edward & Elizabeth
1724 Nov 1 Thomas Stary s Edward & Elizabeth
1726/27 Mar 8 John Stary s Edward & Elizabeth
1737/38 Feb 27 Ann Stary d Thomas & Elizabeth
1740 Sep 14 Elizabeth Stary d Thomas & Elizabeth
1742 Aug 17 Samuel Stary s Thomas & Elizabeth
1743/44 Jan 22 Mary d Robert & Elizabeth Stary (John Todd found this entry in the parish register for Great Witley as follows: '1743/44 Jan 22 Mary the daughter of Thos & Eliz: Stary'. The Modern Transcription would appear to be in error.)
1789 Feb 18 James Stary s Richard & Susanna
1806 Sep 7 Susanna Stary base born d Jane

Great Witley St Michael & All Angels
Marriages 1538-1835, Banns 1754-1812 (
Modern Transcript); 1739-1875 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1737 Apr 17 Thomas Stary & Elizabeth Collins. By Banns.
1804 Aug 11 Edward Philpot widr & Sarah Turford, both of this parish Wit: Susanna Stary, Samuel Edwards

Great Witley St Michael & All Angels
Burials 1538-1849
(Modern Transcript); 1661-1861 (NBI)
1681 Dec 10 Ann Stary d Samuel
1686/87 Mar 19 Ursula Stary wife Samuel
1686 Nov 14 Elizabeth Stary d Samuel [NBI has 1687]
1708 Jul 18 Elizabeth Stary [NBI has 1709]
1713 Sep 8 Samuel Stary Senior [NBI has Sep 9]
1720/21 Mar 6 Alice Stary
1727 Sep 10 Elizabeth Stary
1728 Sep 10 Elizabeth Stary [NBI only]
1732/33 Jan 12 Edward Stary
1742 Sep 1 Samuel Stary s Thomas & Elizabeth, Gt Witley [NBI has 1743]
1743/44 Jan 22 Elizabeth Stary wife of Thomas
1747 Apr 7 Thomas Stary [NBI has 1748 but both parish register and BT shows 1747]
1751 Nov 27 Martha Stary wife Samuel
1755 Aug 10 Samuel Stary
1757 Dec 4 Elizabeth Stary, Gt Witley

Grimley St Bartholomew
1573-1875 (IGI)
1732 Aug 27 John s. John Stary & Eliz.

Grimley St Bartholomew
Marriages 1573-1875 (IGI)

Grimley St Bartholomew
Burials 1661-1925 (NBI)
1763 Mar 6 James Stary?

Baptisms 1583-1875

1660-1837(Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1584-1876 (IGI); marriage entries checked against PR in LDS Film 415181)
1703 Dec 15 Samuel Stary of Great Witley & Martha Wyer of Hallows
1719 Oct 19 Edward Stary & Elizabeth Pricket [See Marriage Allegation. Edward was of the parish of Great Witley, a bachelor, aged 34; Elizabeth PRITCHETT was of the same parish, a spinster, aged 30.]
1822 Apr 15 John Turberfield, Bachelor, of this parish & Mary Anne Sterry, spinster. By banns. Both put marks. Wit: John Woodyatts/Woodgatts[?], Mary Ann Teberex[?] [Worcestershire Index has STEERY. STERRY is correct]

Burials 1652-1871
(LDS Film 415181)

Halesowen St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1717-1736
(Modern Transcript); 1559-1643, 1736-1875 (IGI); 1559-1643 (Ancestry Worcestershire)

Halesowen St John the Baptist
Marriages 1717-1736
(Modern Transcript); 1559-1642, 1736-1881 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1559-1643 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
1727/28 Feb 28 Richard Starey & Mary Brooks both of this parish [Worcestershire Marriage Index has STARRY]

Halesowen St John the Baptist
Burials 1717-1736
(Modern Transcript); 1579-1854 (NBI); 1559-1643 (Ancestry Worcestershire)

Hampton Lovett St Mary & All Saints
Baptisms 1666-1881
(Modern Transcript); 1615-1700 (IGI)

Hampton Lovett St Mary & All Saints
Marriages 1666-1837, Banns 1755-1879
(Modern Transcript); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
%%%1831 Nov 21 William Stary & Mary Tyler Wit: Ann Fiernell

Hampton Lovett St Mary & All Saints
Burial 1666-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1600-1840 (NBI)

Hanley William All Saints [A chapelry of Eastham]
1586-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1586-1812 (IGI); 1586-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)
1679 Oct 14 Thomas illeg. s. of Thomas Penny (ut asseritur) & Dorothy Sterry bap. [Not in IGI]
1684/5 Feb 2 William s. Edward & Mary Sterry bap.
1781 Nov 12 John s. of Josiah & Dorothy Starie bap.
1783 May 11 Margaret d. of Josiah & Dorothy Starie bap.
1785 Dec 18 Sarah d. of Josiah & Dorothy Starie bap.

Hanley William All Saints [A chapelry of Eastham]
1586-1753 (Modern Transcript); 1586-1831 (IGI); 1651-1675 (Boyds); 1586-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
1623 Nov 29 Thomas Starye & Constance Walker mar.

Walter Smith includes the following marriage in his Miscellaneous Sterrys for Worcester: 1678 Jun 28 Anne Sterry married Robert Vicaris at parish of Hanley William. Anne of Doddenham, Worcester. (Unable to locate in Modern Transcript. But see Doddenham St Mary above.)

Hanley William All Saints [A chapelry of Eastham]
1586-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1660-1950 (NBI); 1586-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)
1683 Jul 7 Mary d. of Edward & Mary Sterry bur.
1687 May 6 Edward Sterry bur

Hartlebury St James
Baptisms 1745-1812
(Modern Transcription-kindly provided by John Todd); 1540-1842 (IGI)

Hartlebury St James
Marriages 1745-1812
(Modern Transcription-kindly provided by John Todd from the parish register); 1813-1886 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
%%%1754 Oct 24 Thomas Starey & Sarah Forsbrooke (The Worcestershire Marriage index now lists this as Thomas Starey and Sarah Forsbrooke - corrected from the previous 'Trotsbrook' - and the parish register transcription at the Society of Genealogists in London transcribes it as Thomas Harvey. John Todd located the Banns from the PR for Hartlebury: Thomas Sterry and Sarah Forsbrook published 29th Sept and 6th and 13th October. Both were of the parish of Hartlebury; Sarah was a spinster.)

Hartlebury St James
Burials 1745-1812
(Modern Transcription - kindly provided by John Todd); 1755-1840 (NBI)
1751 May 11 Mary daughter of Thomas Starey
1785 Apr 8 Sarah Steary, a pauper was buried (A close examination of the Bishop's Transcript for Hartlebury clearly identifes Sarah as 'Heary' and not 'Steary')

Kidderminster St Mary
Baptisms 1539-1875 (IGI); 1722-1759 [LDS Film 435261]

Kidderminster St Mary
Marriages 1539-1875
(IGI); 1707-1761 (LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 436261); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1722-1759 [LDS Film 435261]
1725 Mar 30 John Sterry and Elisabeth Southal of this parish by banns
1735 Jan 27 Joseph Sysam[?] and Ann Steary[?] (IGI extracted has both SYSAM and . Not in Worcestershire Marriage Index. Checked PR. SYSAM in entry looks like SYSAM but is probably WYSAM as baptism entries for children of a Joseph and Ann WYSAM appear in register for 1742, 1748 and 1751 and there are no entries for SYSAM. The surname STEARY is also uncertain in register. Might be HEAVY or KEARY. Both surnames are obviously transcribed as something other than SYSAM and STEARY in Worcestershire Marriage Index.)
1735 Apr 7 Richard Stringer and Elizabeth Sterrey. Banns. (IGI extracted record. Also see Lower Mitton below. Worcestershire Marriage Index only shows this marriage for Lower Mitton. Checked PR and marriage appears in both Kidderminster and Lower Mitton.)
%%%1860 Jul 22 Mary Sterry & Richard Tain (Worcestershire Marriage Index has 'Taim' but this would appear to be incorrect. Marriage certificate and other family documents all have 'Tain')
%%%1915 Nov 22 Albert Dodson, 39, Bachelor, Gardener, Blackwell St, [Father] John Dodson, Licensed Victualler & Elizabeth Sterry, 40, Widow, Winder, Blackwell St, [Father] George Turner, Engineer. Wit: John Dovey, Ebba Hopkins [Provided by John Todd from Marriage Certificate]

Kidderminster St Mary
Burials 1626-1882 (NBI); 1722-1759 [LDS Film 435261]
1758 Feb 10 Matthew Stary

Kings Norton St Nicholas
Baptisms 1546-1844 (Modern Transcript)

Kings Norton St Nicholas
Marriages 1754-1837; Banns 1754-1771(Modern Transcript); 1546-1754 (Boyds); 1549-1749 [Modern Transcript LDS Film 504475]

Kings Norton St Nicholas
Burials 1792-1998 (Modern Transcript); 1546-1893 (NBI)
1746 May 7 William Sturoy

Knighton-on-Teme St Michael & All Angels
Baptisms 1661-1717
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 992215); 1560-1635,1654-1875 (IGI); 1559-1635, 1654-1748, 1824-1833-PR [LDS Film 374913; register is damaged and partly illegible esp 1654-1665; gap in register 1636-1653]; 1631, 1634, 1638, 1661-1710, 1740-BTs [LDS Film 992215]
##1612/1613 Feb 28 William s. Richard Stary
##1615 Sep 10 Anne d. Richard Stary & Elioner of Over Aston
##1617/18 Feb 15 Elizabeth d. Richard Stary & Elioner of Over Aston
##1626 Apr 30? Richard s. Richard Starie & Elinor [IGI states Apr 30 but day is illegible in PR]
##1670 Apr 30 Mary d. Richard Stary and Alice [Not located in PR but found in BT]
##1672 Dec 12 Richard s. Richard Stary and Alice [Looks like STACY not STARY in PR but very clearly STARY in BT]
##1677 Apr 11 Hanna d. Richard Stary and Alice [Surname and day almost illegible in PR. But entry very clear in BT.]
##1680 May 21 Anne d. Richard Stary and Alice [Surname almost illegible in PR but clear in BT.]
##1698 Oct 3 Poston s. Ricd Starey Jnr and Mary [In the PR the child's name is cut off and only 'ston' is visible plus 'son'. The surname is unclear and uncertain. But entry is clear in BT.]
##1700/01 Feb 15 Richard s. Richard Starie and Mary [Not located in PR. This part of the PR is missing. Entry located in BT.]
##1703 May 18 Elizabeth d. Richard Starey and Mary [Not located in PR. This part of the PR is missing. Located in BT.]
##1705 May 9 Anne d. Richard Starie and Mary [ In the PR the child's name is torn off and not legible whether daughter or son. Date is May 9. Entry is clear in BT but date is Mar 13]
##1706 Oct 2 Elizabeth d. John Starie and Anne
##1707 May 2 Mary d. Richard Starie and Mary
##1707/08 Feb 9 Thomas s. John Starie and Anne
##1710 May 9 Thomas s. Richard Starie and Mary [Not located in PR. Year missing. Located in BT.]
##1712 Jun 13 Lydia d. John Starie and Anne
##1717 Aug 28 Hanna d. John Starie and Anne
##1729/30 Mar 22 Anne d John Starie & Unitie
##1731 Sep 27 John s. John Starie & Unity
##1731 Sep 13 Mary d. Richard Starie & Elizabeth
##1733 Aug 13 Margaret d. John Starie & Unitie
##1734 Nov 14 Richard s. Richard Starie & Elizabeth
##1735 Jun 12 Thomas s. John Starie & Unity
##1737 Apr 13 Josiah s. John Starie & Unity
##1739 Apr 10 Elizabeth d. John Starie

Knighton-on-Teme St Michael & All Angels
Marriages 1689-1701, 1706-1708
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 992215); 1560-1874 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1559-1635, 1654-1748, 1824-1833-PR [LDS Film 374913; register is damaged and partly illegible esp 1654-1665; gap in register 1636-1653]; 1631, 1634, 1638, 1661-1710, 1740-BTs [LDS Film 992215]
1689 Sep 14 Edward Tovey of Felton in count Heref and Elizabeth Starey of the psh of Knighton [Not located in PR but this part of register in poor condition and partly illegible. Located in BT.]
##1694 May 12 Mathew Dickens of Church Preen in coun Salop and Mary Starie of this parish by banns [Partly illegible in PR. Name of groom illegible in PR. Surname of wife is partly cut off in PR and is uncertain. Entry very clear in BT.]
##1698 May 26 Thomas Partridge of parish of Coddington in the county of Herefordshire and Hannah Starie of this parish [Worcestershire Marriage Index has Stary and PR has Starie. BT has Stary. Surname of groom is given in Marriage Index but illegible in PR; surname clear in BT.]
1708 May 7 James Starie of Greet [Salop] and Elenor Williams of this parish by banns
##1729 May 2 John Starie & Unitie Banister by licence [John Todd checked the PR entry for this marriage: 1729 May 7 John Starie Widower of Bayton & Unity Banister of Knighton-on-Teme. By licence.]

Knighton-on-Teme St Michael & All Angels
Burials 1560-1851 (NBI); 1559-1635, 1654-1748, 1824-1833-PR [LDS Film 374913; register is damaged and partly illegible esp 1654-1665; gap in register 1636-1653]; ; 1631, 1634, 1638, 1661-1710, 1740-BTs [LDS Film 992215]
##1638 Jun 3 William s. Richard Stary buryed [BT only]
##1654 Feb 8 Richard Stary was buryed [not in NBI but located in PR]
##1702 Sep 19 Richard Stary senr of Aston Superior buried [BT only]
##1706 Jun 23 Anne Starie the daughter of Richard and Mary Starie buried affid. the 25th
##1710/11 Jan 10 Mary wife of Richard Stary affid. the 17th. [Day is uncertain in PR but clearly 10 in BT.]
##1718 Nov 4 Alice Starie widdow buried
##1730 Sep 29 Anne d John Starie & Unity affid Oct 3
##1740 Apr 15 Elizabeth d John Starie
##1740 Jun 10 John Starie [Day is uncertain in PR but clearly 10 in BT]
1739/40 Jan 22 Edward s. Rebecca Stary? [This is shown as a possible Stary in the NBI. Checked PR and BT. Surname is definitely BURY not STARY]
##1743/44 Jan 19 Thomas Starie
##1750 Nov 16 Richard Starey
##1807 Mar 22 Richard Stary

Richard Starie church warden 1681-1682

Kyre Wyard St Mary aka Kyre Magna
1594-1638, 1661-1859 (IGI)
##1774 Feb 17 Josiah s. Josiah Starie & Dorothy
##1776 May 9 Hannah d. Josiah Starry & Dorothy
##1778 Jan 5 Thomas s. Josiah Starrie & Dorothy

Kyre Wyard St Mary aka Kyre Magna
Marriages 1594-1638, 1661-1875 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Kyre Wyard St Mary aka Kyre Magna
Burials 1694-1851 (NBI)

Lindridge St Lawrence
1574-1711, 1721-1875 (IGI); 1574-1728 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1629 Nov 15 Thomas s. Richard Starie & Ele. [Modern Transcript has 'Thomas Stary s. Richard Starie & Ele:']
1686 May 2 John s. Jane Stary [Only checked against Modern Transcript]
1687 Nov 7 Elizabeth d. Ric. Stary & An. [Only checked against Modern Transcript]
1698/99 Jan 25 Richard s. Richard Stary & Anne [Only checked against Modern Transcript]

Lindridge St Lawrence
1574-1885 (IGI); 1574-1727 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1574-1728 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1705 Apr 18 James Starey of Bayton and Mary Buckingham [not in IGI. Modern Transcript has James Starey of Bayton and Mary Buckingham of this parish with bans]
1751 Jun 19 Mary Starey & Henry Griffiths

Lindridge St Lawrence
1660-1840 [NBI]; 1574-1728 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1638 Jun __ [between Jun 3 & 5] William s. of Richard Stary
1708 Aug 19 Elizabeth Starey, pauper of Tembury [Only checked against Modern Transcript]
1714/15 Jan 22 Anne Stary wife of Richard Starey [Only checked against Modern Transcript]
1715 Nov 8 Richard Starry [Only checked against Modern Transcript. Transcript has Starey]

Little Witley St Michael and All Angels
Baptisms 1680-1846
(Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.); 1680-1875 (IGI)

Little Witley St Michael and All Angels
Marriages 1680-1836
(Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.); 1688-1754, 1813-1875 (IGI)
1808 Mar 14 Benjamin Edwards of this parish & Jane Starey, of Great Witley. Banns. Wit: James Hodges, Betty Panier/Pamer and Nathaniel Carpenter. Banns.

Little Witley St Michael and All Angels
Burials 1680-1744
(Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.); 1661-1835 (NBI)

Lower Mitton St Michael
Baptisms 1693-1841
(Modern Transcription-with much thanks to John Todd); 1603-1700 (IGI)
1728 Sep 6 Elizabeth d. John & Elizabeth Sterry
1729 Dec 29 Elizabeth d. John & Elizabeth Sterry [also IGI]
1755 Aug 3 Thomas s. Thomas & Sarah Stery

Lower Mitton St Michael
Marriages 1693-1840
(Modern Transcription-with much thanks to John Todd); 1603-1700 (IGI)
1735 Apr 7 Elizabeth Steary and Richard Stringer (See Kidderminster St Mary above. Lower Mitton was a chapelry of Kidderminster.)

Lower Mitton St Michael
Burials 1693-1840
(Modern Transcription-with much thanks to John Todd); 1693-1840 (NBI)
1728 Oct 31 Elizabeth d. John & Elizabeth Sterry

Mamble St John the Baptist
1638-1871 (LDS Vital Records: British Isles)
##1734 Jan 6 John s. Thomas Stary & Patience
##1736 Sep 28 Thomas s. Thomas Stary & Patience

Mamble St John the Baptist
(Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Mamble St John the Baptist
Burials 1679-1964 (NBI)

Martley St Peter
Baptisms 1626-1838
(Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.)

Martley St Peter
1626-1837 (Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1735 Dec 24 William Turner & Anne Stary (also in IGI)

Martley St Peter
Burials 1626-1837
(Modern Transcription. Checked by John Todd.); 1660-1890 (NBI)
1694/95 Mar 1 Thomas Stary buried
1722/23 Mar 3 John Stary buried [NBI has Mar 5]

Oldbury Christ Church
Baptisms 1714-1812
(Modern Transcription)

Oldbury Christ Church
Marriages 1660-1837
(Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Oldbury Christ Church
Burials 1714-1812
(Modern Transcription); 1682-1828 (NBI)
1744 Jan 20 Mary Sterrey bur

Ombersley St Andrew
Baptisms 1574-1877 (IGI)

Ombersley St Andrew
Marriages 1574-1882 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1759/1760 Feb 27 George Southal of Kidderminster & Elizabeth Starey

Ombersley St Andrew
Burials 1660-1861 (NBI)

Pensax St James the Great
Baptisms 1620-1638, 1662-1875

Pensax St James the Great
1630, 1664-1885 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1783 Mar 27 Rich. Stary & Susannah Palmer (IGI has 'Richard Slarey')

Pensax St James the Great
Burials 1663-1840

Powick St Peter
Baptisms 1611-1875

Powick St Peter
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1697 Apr 20 Thomas Stery & Sarah Knight [IGI personal submission only. Not in Worcestershire Marriage Index]

Powick St Peter
Burials 1662-1851 (NBI)
1733 Mar 11 Humphry Starey

Queenhill St Nicholas
Baptisms 1585-1731, 1790-1812 (PR-LDS film 994255-poor condition/partly illegible)

Queenhill St Nicholas
Marriages 1585-1731 (PR-LDS film 994255-poor condition/partly illegible); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Queenhill St Nicholas
1585-1731 (PR-LDS film 994255-poor condition/partly illegible); 1634-1851 (NBI)
1675 Mar 28 __ward Stary [NBI has 1674 Mar 28 Edward Sterry(?)]
1675 Aug 2 ___ widow of Edward Sterry [NBI has 1676 Aug 2 Unknown Sterry, widow]
1675/76 Mar 7 ___ daughter of Edward Sterry & Mary his wife [not in NBI]

Redmarley d'Abitot St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1542-1916 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1542-1875 (IGI)
1875 Sep 12 Frank s. Matthew and Julia Ann Sterry, Redmarley, Labourer [not in IGI]

Redmarley d'Abitot St Bartholomew
Marriages 1800-1837 (GMI); 1539-1751, 1755-1930 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1695-1885 (IGI)

Redmarley d'Abitot St Bartholomew
Burials 1539-1916 (Forest of Dean Family History)

Ribbesford St Leonard [with Bewdley and Dowles]
Baptisms 1660-1881
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 992393); 1574-1765 (Modern Transcription)
1732 Sep 18 Elisabeth d. Samuel Stary and Ann

Ribbesford St Leonard [with Bewdley and Dowles]
Marriages 1696-1812
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 992393); 1660-1812 (IGI); 1574-1765 (Modern Transcription); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1718 Aug 18 George Warrall and Elizabeth Starey [Worcestershire Marriage Index has WORRAL]
1730/31 Feb 1 Samuel Stary and Ann Griffen [Worcestershire Marriage Index has Samuel STARIE and Anne GRIFFIN]
1739/40 Jan 6 Richard Gorway and Elisabeth Starey
1793 Jul 29 Richard Steary and Mary Griffiths

Ribbesford St Leonard [with Bewdley and Dowles]
Burials 1574-1907 (NBI); 1574-1765 (Modern Transcription)
1683 Dec 3 Thomas Starye
1784 Nov 15 Elizabeth Stary

Rochford St Michael
1561-1875 (IGI)
1646 Sep 20 Phillippe s. John Stary & Margery
1649 Mar 27 John s. John Stary & Margery
1651 Sep 18 Elizabeth d. John Stary & Margery

Rochford St Michael
1561-1963 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1736 Jun 15 Elizabeth Stary of Tenbury & William Brunt

Rochford St Michael
Burials 1660-1851 (NBI)

Rock St Peter & St Paul
Baptisms 1548-1641, 1653-1654, 1678-1875 (IGI)

Rock St Peter & St Paul
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1738 Apr 24 Benjamin Willey & Mary Starey
1741 Dec 31 John Boraston of Great Shelsley & Elizabeth Starey

Rock St Peter & St Paul
Burials 1678-1881 (NBI)
1724 Apr 20 Elizabeth Starey, inf
1727 Dec 15 John Starey
1757 Oct 4 Joan Starey

Shelsley Beauchamp All Saints [aka Greater Shelsley]
1538-1875 (IGI); 1538-1929 (LDS Film 55480)
1763 Apr 3 Richard s. Edward Starey & Anne (IGI personal submission states that Richard died on 23 Jan 1838 and that his wife was Susannah Heyton)
1764 Jul 8 Anne d. Edward Starey & Anne
1766 May 4 Edward s. Edward Starey & Anne
1771 Dec 22 Mary d. Edward Starey & Anne
1784 Oct 19 Jenny d. Richard Starey & Susanna (Personal IGI entries list name as Jane - this is incorrect - and mother as Susannah Heyton, husband as Benjamin Edwards and died 16 May 1853 at Little Witley, Worc.)
1815 Jul 17 Anne d Richard & Betty Starey, Shelsley Beauchamp, Carpenter
1821 Aug 21 Susan d. Edward & Hannah Starey, Shelsley Beauchamp, Carpenter

Shelsley Beauchamp All Saints [aka Greater Shelsley];
Marriages 1538-1885 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1538-1967 (LDS Film 55480)
1762 Nov 16 Edward Starey, bachelor, of the parish of Great Shelsley & Anne Bishop, spinster, of the same parish. He signed, she made her mark. By licence. Wit: Thomas Wainwright, W Jetlow(?) (Not in Worcestershire Marriage Index but located in parish register)
1787 May 28 James Glasard, of Great Shelsley, bachelor, & Ann Starey, of this parish, spinster. By banns. Both put their marks. Wit: William Piper, __(?) Clayton
1787 Nov 21 Edward Starey, of the parish of Great Shelsley & Sarah Starling, of same parish, wids (plural?) By banns.Wit: William Piper, Anne Jenkins. [Name spelt both Starlin and Starling in same entry]
1815 Jul 10 Richard Starey, of this parish, widower & Betty Palmer, of this parish, spinster. By banns. He signed, she made her mark. Wit: Catharin Pritchard, Wm Caswell Clark (Not in Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Shelsley Beauchamp All Saints [aka Greater Shelsley]
Burials 1660-1936 (NBI); 1538-1966 (LDS Film 55480)
1712 Sep 6 Elizabeth Stary wife of William Stary
1730 Apr 17 William Stary
1784 Mar 10 Anne Starey
1796 Mar 20 Edward Starey
1796 Jun 26 Sarah Starey
1810 Dec 16 Anne Starey
1813 Sep 17 Susanna Stary, Gt Witley, 64 yrs
1816 Nov 20 Ann Starey, Shellesley Beauchamp, 1 yr
1827 Jan 14 Edward Starey, Kingswood, 62 yr
1838 Jan 23 Richard Sterry, Martley, 75 yr
1840 Jun 21 Elizabeth Sterry, Martley, 64 yr

William Stary churchwarden at Shelsley Beauchamp in 1701.

Shelsley Walsh St Andrew
1598-1600, 1614, 1620, 1623, 1630, 1638, 1663-1664, 1666-1812 (BTs-LDS Film 992446); 1598-1729 (LDS Vital Records: British Isles); 1729-1875 (IGI)
#1620/21 Jan 13 John s. Peter Stirrie and Allis
#1623 Apr 6 Jone d. Peter Stirrie & Allis

Shelsley Walsh St Andrew
Marriages 1598-1600, 1614, 1620, 1623, 1630, 1638, 1663-1664, 1666-1812(BTs-LDS Film 992446); 1600-1630, 1666-1882 (IGI)

Shelsley Walsh St Andrew
Burials 1598-1600, 1614, 1620, 1623, 1630, 1638, 1663-1664, 1666-1812(BTs-LDS Film 992446); 1731-1900 (NBI)
1675 Jul 18 John Sterry
1694/95 Jan 30 Susanna Sterry widow
1695/96 Dec 4 Susanna Sterry

Stockton on Teme St Andrew
1539-1875 (IGI)
1784 Nov 14 Thomas s. Anne Stary

Stockton on Teme St Andrew
Marriages 1660-1837(Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Stockton on Teme St Andrew
Burials 1661-1840

Stoke Prior St Michael
Baptisms 1564-1710, 1813-1875
%%%1844 Jul 7 James s. William Starey & Mary
%%%1861 Jun 9 Agnes d. William Sterry & Jane

Stoke Prior St Michael
Marriages 1574-1710, 1755-1882 (IGI)

Stoke Prior St Michael
Burials 1660-1840 (NBI)

Suckley St John the Baptist
1613-1877 (IGI)
The following entry is from the IGI:
1680 Nov 6 Alice d. John Starey

Suckley St John the Baptist
Marriages 1660-1837
(Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Suckley St John the Baptist
Burials 1674-1840

Tenbury St Mary the Virgin
1553-1661 [PR-Searched by Ian Preece-but register in very poor condition]; 1662-1812 [BT-LDS Film 992548]
1662/1663 Jan 12 [illegible] s. Samuel & Elizabeth Stary
##1690 Apr 23 [illegible] daughter of Samuell & Ann Stary
##1692 Aug 10 Samuell s. Samuell & Ann Stary
##1692/93 Feb 10 Elizabeth d. Thomas Stary & Elizabeth
##1697/98 Jan 22 Thomas s. Thomas Stary & Elizabeth
##1725 Oct 28 Thomas s. Thomas & Eliz: Stary [John Todd also supplied this baptism from the parish register]
1739 Sep 29 Thos s. Richd & Eliz Starie
##1755 Feb 14 Thomas s. Thomas & Jane Stary
##1756 Dec 29 Samuel s. Thomas & Jane Starey
##1757 Dec 1 Benjamin s. Thomas & Jane Stary
##1759 Feb 15 John s Thos & Jane Stary
##1760 Jan 9 William s. Thomas & Jane Stary
##1761 Feb 7 Henry s. Thos & Jane Stary
##1762 Apr 27 Peggy & Richd childn of Thos & Jane Starey
##1763 Jun 30 Jane d. Thos & Jane Starey
1772 Oct 30 Ann Elizabeth d. Mary Starey

Tenbury St Mary the Virgin
1553-1661 [PR-Searched by Ian Preece-but register in very poor condition]; 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1662-1812 [BT-LDS Film 992548]
##1688 May 15 Samuel Stary & Anne Amies [Name of groom illegible in BT]
##1690 Jun 30 Thomas Stary & Elizabeth Perkes. By banns. [Marriage Allegation: 1690 Jun 16 Lic inter Thomam Stary et Elizabetham Perks de Tenbury]
##1754 Mar 24 Thomas Stary and Jane Bishop by licence [John Todd kindly supplied this marriage. John has May 1]
1792 Aug 19 Thos Starey & Elizth Cresswell by licence

Tenbury St Mary the Virgin
1553-1661 [PR-Searched by Ian Preece-but register in very poor condition]; 1653-1862 (NBI); 1662-1812 [BT-LDS Film 992548]
1662 Mar 28 Edmund Stary
##1682/83 Mar 14 Thomas Stary a shoemaker buryed
##1684 Oct 15 Frances Stary [not located in BT]
1690 Dec 7 Samuel Stary
1690/91 Feb 7 Thomas Stary of psh Burford
##1692 Nov 5 Samuell s. Samuell & Ann Stary
##1696 Jul 20 Samuell Starey
##1698 Aug 13 Ann Stary wid[ow]
##1725 Oct 31 Thomas Stary junr
##1725 Nov 14 Thomas Stary senr
##1735 Oct 1 Elizabeth Starye[?] widow
1764 Feb 22 Henry Starey s Thos & Jane Starey
1784 Jul 17 William Starey
##1795 Sep 15 Thomas Starey, 70 yrs [Also supplied by John Todd; John has Aug 15]
1796 Nov 4 Jane Starey
1799 Dec 30 John Starey
1802 Nov 4 Margaret Starey
1813 Jul 4 William Starey, 26 yrs

Thomas STAREY was churchwarden at Tenbury in 1783.

Tibberton St Peter ad Vincula
Baptisms 1612-1700, 1761-1877

Tibberton St Peter ad Vincula
1612-1700, 1813-1876 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1662 Jun 29 Mary Sterrey & William Fleete

Tibberton St Peter ad Vincula
Burials 1565-1840 (NBI)

Upton on Severn St Peter & St Paul
1546-1875 (IGI)
+1820 Jan 16 James s. James Steroy & Sarah

Upton on Severn St Peter & St Paul
Marriages 1814-1882

Upton on Severn St Peter & St Paul
Burials 1591-1851

Upton Warren
Baptism 1661-1906
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 465301; IGI); 1813-1883 (PR-LDS Film 465301)
%%%1838 Feb 4 (born 28 Dec 1837) William s. William Sterry and Mary, Wychbold parish of Dodderhill, Labourer

Upton Warren
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)

Upton Warren
Burials 1793-1938
(PR-LDS Film 465301)
%%%1845 Jul 10 William Sterry, Upton Warren Village, age 44
%%%1845 Nov 27 Thomas Sterry, The Village, age 11

Whittington St Philip & St James
Baptisms 1796-1875 (IGI)

Whittington St Philip & St James
Marriages 1755-1877 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1741 Jun 9 George Sterrey & Elizabeth Newbery. By licence.

Whittington St Philip & St James
Burials 1655-1851 (NBI)

Worcester All Saints
1560-1875 (IGI)
1749 Feb 12 John s. John Sterry & Catharine
1751 Jan 6 Thomas s. John Sterry & Catharine

Worcester All Saints
Marriages 1560-1820
(IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
(The following marriage is listed under Stafford All Saints in index-BTs Diocese of Worcestershire. There is no Stafford All Saints. Possibly Worcester All Saints)
1706 Dec 5 Richard Eckl & Mary Sterrey [Not in IGI or Worcestershire Marriage Index]

Worcester All Saints
1645-1840 (NBI)
1765 Sep 26 John Steary (See Worcester St Oswalds Hospital)
1772 Jan 13 Mary Sterry, widow (Additional information of 'widow' found on familyhistoryonline website. See Worcester St Oswalds Hospital.)

Worcester St Alban
1630-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1630-1875 (IGI); 1630-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)
1717 Sep 16 Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary Stery bap Septemb 16
1718 Jun 16 Anna Maria daughter of William & Mary Stery bap 16 Jun
1719 Oct 8 Hester daughter of Samuel Stery & Margaret his Wife Bap 8th October
1720 Oct 9 James ye son of Thomas Stearey & Mary his wife was Baptized ye 9th day of october, 1720
1725 May 9 Mary ye Daughter of Thomas Sterry & Mary was baptized ye 9 of May
1737/38 Feb 19 Thomas & George sons of Thos & Elizth Sterry, prly
1738/39 Feb 21 Elizabeth Daur of Thomas & Elizth Sterry, privly
1741 Jun 22 Thomas Son of Thoms & Elizabeth Sterry, privly
1742 Oct 26 John Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, priv.

Worcester St Alban
1630-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1630-1880 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1630-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
1734 Apr 15 Thomas Sterry & Elisabeth Pilkington, Banns

Worcester St Alban
1630-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1630-1905 (NBI); 1630-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)
1637 Jun 27(?) Fortune Stary was buried of the 27th(?) day of June of the plauge
1720 Oct 15 Mary the daughter (of) Thomas Starey buried Oct the 15, 1720
1733 Jan 15 Mary wife of Edmund Jones Affidt Mary Sterry
1738/39 Feb 20 Thomas & George sons of Thomas & Elizth Sterry [NBI has 1737/38]
1738/39 Feb 22 Elizabeth daur of Thomas and Elizabeth Sterry
1741 Jun 30 Thomas son of Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry
1742 Oct 27 John son of Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry

Worcester St Andrew
1656-1769 [PR-LDS Film 1041504]; 1770-1875 (IGI)
1706 Sep 22 Anne d Will: Steary by Mary [Listed under Stafford St Andrew in index-BTs Diocese of Worcestershire]
1708 Apr 24 Thomas s. Tho: Stery & Mary
1710/11 Jan 29 Anne d. Tho: Stery & Mary
1714 Apr 25 George s. Thomas Stery & Mary
1720 Mar 25 Prissilla d William Stery & Mary
1721/22 Jan 1 Rachel d. Wm, Stery & Mary
1722/23 Jan 20 Comfort d. Will: Stery & Mary
1726 May 10 Hester d. William Sterey & Mary
1745 Oct 31 Mary d. Thos & Eliz Sterey
1753 Oct 28 Elizabeth d. the widow Steary
1767 Dec 5 Stephen s. Thos Sterry & Ann
1794 Nov 21 Lucy d George Sterry & Lucy (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1796 Dec 27 ______ son of George & Lucy Steary (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)

Worcester St Andrew
1656-1755 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1748 Nov 6 John Hambury and Mary Sterey, B (Checked against PR-LDS Film 1041504-Worcestershire Marriage Index has date Nov 16)
1763 May 28 Thomas Sterry Junr of this parish of St Andrew and Ann Bradly of the same parish. By Licence. Wit: Richard Perrins, Herbert Shaw. Both put their marks.(Checked against PR-LDS Film 354323)
From Marriage Licence:
1763 May 27 Appeared personally Thomas Starey of the Parish of Saint Andrew in the City and Diocese of Worcester Glover and being sworn on the Holy Evangelists alledged and made oath as follows That he is of age of fifty five years and upward a widower and intends to marry Anne Bradly of the said Parish of Saint Andrew aged twenty five years and upwards a Spinster and knowing or believing any lawful letter impediment by reason of any precontract entered into before the 25th of March 1754 consanguinity affinity or other cause whatsoever to hinder the said intended marriage and he prayed a Licence to solemnize the same in the Parish Church of Saint Andrew in Worcester aforesaid And the said Thomas Starey further made oath that he hath had his usual abode in the aforesaid parish of Saint Andrew for the space of four weeks last past. [Signed Edward Taylor, Surrogate and the mark of Thomas Starey] The Bond names Richard Perrins of the Parish of St Nicholas, Glover and is dated 27 May 1763. [Kindly provided by John Todd]
1804 Mar 12 Christopher Brain, of this parish & Elizabeth Sterry, of the same. By banns. Both signed; she signed 'Elizabeth Sterey'. Wit: John Cox, Sarah Potter. (Checked against PR-LDS Film 1041504)

Worcester St Andrew
[PR-LDS Film 1041504]; 1660-1891 (NBI)
1745 Nov 21 Mary d. Tho Sterey [not in NBI]
1753 Jun 2 a child of James Steary [not in NBI]
1753 Sep 21 James Steary [not in NBI]
1753 Dec 18 a child of widd Steary [not in NBI]
1760 Jan 9 Ann Sterry wife of Thos ['wife of Thos' has been added with different handwriting]
1760 Jul 5 Ann Sterry
1765/66 Feb 4 Thos Sterrys child
1765 Nov 12 Tho Sterry Senr
1782 Dec 31 Thomas Steary (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1801 Feb 16 Natl Sterry (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322. Not in NBI.)
1801 Apr 26 Peter Paul Sterry (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1801 Jul 3 John Sterry (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1801 Jul 15 Lucy Sterry (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1805 May 20 Valentine Bridges Steary (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1808 May 19 Rich'd Sterry (Checked against PR-LDS Film 354322)
1823 Jul 28 Margaret Sterry, age 14

Worcester St Clement
1608-1875 (IGI); 1694-1812 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1769 Jun 19 Sarah d. Thos & [blank] Steary [Only checked against Modern Transcript]

Worcester St Clement
1694-1754 (Boyds); 1608-1875 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1694-1753 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1753 Dec 21 James Stary & Susannah Colley [Boyds has 'Colly'. Only checked against Modern Transcript. Transcript has Colley.]
+1884 Sep 16 John Henry Sterry & Mary Ann Ward

Worcester St Clement
Burials 1694-1877 (NBI); 1694-1812 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]

Worcester St Helen
Baptisms 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1875 (IGI); 1813-1837 (PR-LDS Film 354311)
1701 Aug 7 James ye son of William Stary was bapt the 7th of Augt
1708/09 Jan 30 Ann daughter of William Stery & Mary his wife bap 30 Jan
1722 Apr 15 Betty Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Steary Aprill 15
1723 Dec 25 William son of Samuel & Margaret Steary Dec 25
1725 Aug 22 Margaret ye Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Steary Aug 22
1727 Dec 11 Mary Daughter of Samuel & Mary Steary Dec 11 [Mary should clearly be Margaret and is presumably a mistranscription]
1729 Oct 27 Thomas son of Samuel & Margaret Steary Oct 27
1731 Apr 11 Abigail the Daughter of Saml & Margaret Steary April 11
1733 Oct 21 Mary Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Steary Oct 21
1740 Jun 2 Sarah Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Starey June 2nd
1742 Sep 20 Sarah Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Stery Septembr 20
1816 Oct 30 Eliza d. George & Mary Sterry, High St, Carver
1818 Jan 27 Ann Catherine d. George Sterry & Mary Ann, High St, Carver
1819 Cornelia Sarah d. George Sterry & Mary Ann, , High St, Guilder

Worcester St Helen
1538-1754 (PR-LDS Film 354311-only checked index from 1717-1754); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1717 Nov 18 William Stery & Mary Price
1724 Oct 8 William Moor & Anne Steary, both of this parish. Banns.
1745 Aug 19 John Thomas & Margaret Starey, both of the parish of St Helens. Banns.
1745 Sep 15 George Hinsley & Elizabeth Starey, both of the parish of St Helens. Banns.
1755 Feb 9 Elizabeth Stery & Charles Lea of Claines
1764 Nov 25 Ann Stary & Joseph Frost

Worcester St Helen
1587-1861 (NBI); 1538-1812 (PR-LDS Film 354311-only checked indexed entries)
1709/10 Jan 26 Anne d. William Stery
1721 Sep 17 Hester d. Sam: Steary
1723/24 Jan 13 William s. Samuel Steary
1724 Oct 22 Mary d. Samuel Steary
1730 Sep 30 Mary d. Saml & Margaret Steary
1732 Jul 29 Abigail d. Samuel & Margaret Steary
1741 May 25 Sarah d. Samuel & Margaret Starey
1745 Nov 10 Sarah d. Samuel & Margaret Starey
1748 Aug 20 Margaret wife of Samuel Starey
1764 Apr 13 Jane d. Ann Steary
1823 Apr 29 Cornelia Sterry, 4 years, High St (Additional info from familyhistoryonline)
1828 Jan 25 Martha Sterry, aged 62
1834 Dec 31 Mary Sterry, aged 47 (Also found on familyhistoryonline website.)
1836 Dec 5 Paul Sterry, aged 63, Friar St (Also found on familyhistoryonline website.)

Worcester St John Bedwardine
Baptisms 1558-1875 (IGI)

Worcester St John Bedwardine
1548-1880 (IGI); 1559-1812 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1696 Aug 3 John Stary, husbandman, 25, Bachelor & Margaret Nott, 25, Spinster. Both of the parish of Lower Areley, Worcester. By licence. Parents are both dead. Bondsman is William Gillam, St John Bedwardine, Tanner. (Additional information from the parish register, with much thanks to John Todd. IGI has 'Margery Nott'. Additional information from the marriage bond/allegation is also included. Worcestershire Marriage Index has 'Margery or Margarett Nott')

Worcester St John Bedwardine
Burials 1559-1851

Worcester St Martin
1538-1788 (PR-LDS Film 415131); 1788-1872 (IGI)
1685 Dec 11 Tho s. Tho Stery
1688 Jul 8 John s. Tho Stery
1710/11 Jan 9 Elizabeth d. John Stery and Mary
1711/12 Feb 26 Elizabeth d. John Stery & Mary
1714 Mar 28 John s. John Sterry & Mare
1716/17 Feb 11 William s. John Stery & Mare
1735 Sep 7 Smll s Smll & Margret Steery
1738 Apr 4 Ann d. Smll & Margret Stery
1741 Aug 12 Anne d George & Eliz. Sterey
1742/43 Feb 22 Elizabeth d. George & Eliz. Sterey
1744/45 Jan 1 Lucy d. George & Elizab. Sterey
1744/45 Feb 24 Thomas s. James & Mary Sterey
1746/47 Jan 7 James s. James & Mary Sterey
1746/47 Feb 24 Nathaniel s. George & Elizabeth Sterey
1746/47 Mar 3 John s. William & Elizabeth Sterey
1748/49 Jan 23 Mary d. George & Elizabeth Stery
1750/51 Jan 7 (born Dec 28 1750) Elizabeth d. George Sterey
1762 Jul 9 James s James & Susanna Steary
1793 May 14 George s. George Sterry & Lucy
1802 May 14 Richard Maurice s. George Sterry & Lucy
1804 Mar 7 Valentine Bridges s. George Sterry & Lucy

Worcester St Martin
1538-1632, 1637-1721 (PR-LDS Film 415131); 1762-1878 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1672 John Stary and Elizabeth Smith [Marriage Bond only located]
1689 May 25 Samuel Stary of Great Witley & Alice Price of Evesham. Married by Mr Henry Panting. [Checked against PR]
1763 Jun 27 James Steary & Catherine Smith [IGI extraction has both Jun 26 and 27]
1765 Oct 6 or 7 Mary Steary & William Leyes [IGI extraction only-two entries with alternate dates; Worcestershire Marriage Index has '1765 Oct 7 William Leyes & Mary SLEARY']
1793 Jan 15 George Sterry & Lucy Maurice of Worc St Michael. By licence.

Worcester St Martin
1637-1680, 1684-1788 (PR-LDS Film 415131); 1681-1851 (NBI)
1700 May 9 Mary wife of Thomas Stery
1710/11 Mar 8 Elizabeth d. John Stery
1735 Nov 24 Mary d. Smll Stery [Not in NBI]
1736 Nov 14 Smll s. Smll Stery [Not in NBI]
1745/46 Mar 6 Lucy d. George Sterey [Not in NBI]
1745/46 Mar 18 Elizabeth d. George Sterey [NBI has Starey]
1747 Mar 25 John s William Sterey [Not in NBI]
1750 Oct 31 Mary d. Thos Steary
1787 Feb 20 Charles Sterry, Pauper [Not in NBI]

Worcester St Michael Bedwardine
Baptisms 1546-1875 (IGI); 1546-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)

Worcester St Michael Bedwardine
1548-1880 (IGI); 1548-1755 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1546-1754 (Ancestry Worcestershire/Phillimore's Marriages LDS online)
1684 Dec 30 Thomas Sterry of Worcester St Martin & Mary Bate of Worcester St Martin
1707 Sep 25 Thomas Starey & Mary Cash [Worcestershire Marriage Index has 'Thomas STOREY']

Worcester St Michael Bedwardine
1546-1812 (Ancestry Worcestershire)

Worcester St Nicholas
Baptisms 1564-1812 (PR-LDS Film 991658); Births 1696-1707 (PR-LDS Film 991658)
1609 Jun 24 (xxiiii) Margarett d. George Stary
1612/13 Jan 17 (xvii) Fortune d. George Stary
1614 May 31 (xxx1) Edward s. George Stary
1616/17 Mar 4 Susans d. George Stary
1618 Sep 29 Elizabeth d. George Starye
1620 Jun 15 George s. George Starye
1622/23 Jan 24 Henry s. George Starie
1625 Aug 7 Phillip s. George Starye
1627 Jul 21 Thomas s. George Starye
1663/64 Jan 16 Thomas s. Thomas Starye
1665/66 Feb 20 John s. Thomas Stary
1668/69 Feb 16 Will s. Thomas Stary
1672 Jul 9 Anne d. Thomas Starie
1692 Mar 29 William s. William Starie
1694 Apr 8 Samuel s. William Starie
1730 Apr 12 Timothy s. William & Mary Stary
1761 May 11 George s. George & Elizth Steary
1762 Sep 30 Richard s. George & Elizabeth Sterry
1765 Nov 20 Theodosius s. George & Elizabeth Sterry
1770 Mar 23 Robert s. George & Elizabeth Sterry

Worcester St Nicholas
Marriages 1563-1693
(PR-LDS Film 991658); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1611 Nov 25 George Stary & Margaret Goulde
1724 May 14 John Till & Elizabeth Stary, both of parish. Banns. [Checked against PR]
1742 Aug 21 John Stary & Mary Read. Banns. [Checked against PR]
1746 May 20 Thomas Mence & Sarah Stary. Banns. [Checked against PR]
1746 Jun 8 William Stary & Elizabeth Elcox. Banns. [Checked against PR]
1748 Oct 3 Joseph Chillingsworth & Esther Steary. Banns. [Checked against PR. NBI has Chillings.]
1751 Jul 1 James Watkins & Priscilla Steary. Banns. [Checked against PR]
1760 Dec 8 George Sterry, Worc. St Andrew & Elizabeth Southan. By licence.
(From familyhistoryonline website)

Worcester St Nicholas
1563-1693 (PR-LDS Film 991658); 1660-1852 (NBI)
1617/18 Feb 16 Susans d George Stary
1624 Jul 30 Henry s. George Starie
1641/42 Feb 25 Margery the wife of George Stary
1680 Dec 14 Anne d. Thomas Starry [Checked against PR]
1709/10 Jan 26 Ann d. William Sterry[? Checked against PR. NBI has Stary]
1712 Oct 31 Ann Stary, wid, an Almswoman [Checked against PR]
1730 Apr 30 Timothy s. William & Mary Stary [Checked against PR]
1743/44 Feb 19 Mary wife of John Stary [Checked against PR]
1753/54 Jan 28 William Steary, pauper [Checked against PR]
1754 Feb 6 Mary Steary, widow [Checked against PR]
1763 Nov 16 Mary d. George & Elizabeth Sterry [Checked against PR]
1766 Mar 3 Katherine Stery, pauper [Checked against PR]

Worcester St Oswalds Hospital
Births 1695-1696, Baptisms 1700-1769 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]

Worcester St Oswalds Hospital
Marriages 1700-1754 (Boyds); 1700-1754 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]

Worcester St Oswalds Hospital
Burials 1700-1896
(NBI); 1700-1833 [Modern Transcript of PR-LDS Film 416734]
1763 Nov 2 John Starey of the Hospital [Only checked against Transcript]
1765 Sep 28 John Steary of All Saints [Only checked against Transcript. See Worcester All Saints.]
1772 Jan 13 Mary Steary of All Saints [Only checked against Transcript. See Worcester All Saints]

Worcester St Peter the Great
Baptisms 1686-1797
(PR-LDS Film 916183); 1752-1875 (IGI)
1727 Sep 29 Sarah d. James & Katharine Stary
1731 May 9 James s James & Katharine Starey
1733 Apr 10 Thomas s James & Anne Starey
1735 Jul 10 Elizabeth d. James & Katharine Stary
1750 Jul 16 Edward s. James & Mary Steary
1755 Feb 2 Sarah d. James & Susannah Steary
1757 Jun 26 William s. James & Susan Stearey
1759 Jul 15 Susanna d. James & Susanna Steary
1792 Aug 26 Mary Ann d. James & Elizabeth Steary

Worcester St Peter the Great
1700-1754 (PR-LDS Film 916183); 1754-1864 (IGI); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index)
1719 Oct 1 Samuel Starie & Margaret Oseland [See Marriage Allegation. Samuel was of parish of Worcester St Alban, a bachelor, aged 24; Margaret was of Worcester St Peter, a spinster, aged 18]
1722 May 1 James Sterey & Katharine Friend. Banns.
1759 May 30 Thomas Philpots & Mary Starry. By licence. [Checked against PR. Worcestershire Marriage Index has May 13. This is incorrect.]
1780 Jul 16 [Banns Jul 2, 9, 16] James Steary of this parish, widower & Mary Butler of this parish widower [sic]. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: Joseph Harris, Henry Griffiths [Checked against PR up to 1812.]
1790 Jan 11 James Stary of this parish, jockey & Elizabeth Page of this parish. Banns. Both out their marks. Wit: Catharina Whetstone, John Jones [Checked against PR up to 1812.]
1847 Mar 17 Harriet Sterry & John Alexander [IGI extraction only]

Worcester St Peter the Great
1686-1856 (NBI); 1700-1812 (PR-LDS Film 916183)
1733 Mar 30 William s. James Starey [not in NBI]
1735 Jul 20 Elizabeth d. James Starey
1741 Oct 30 James Sterey
1756 Mar 26 Sarah d. James Stery
1762 Jan 31 William s. James Steary
1762 Oct 28 Susanna wife of James Stearey [not in NBI]
1778 Feb 5 Catherine Steary
1789 Mar 30 Mary Steary
1796 Jan 10 Elizabeth wife of James Steary

Worcester St Swithin
1538-1875 (IGI)
1773 Jun 27 Clary d. Tho. Steary & Ann

Worcester St Swithin
1538-1875 (IGI); 1538-1754 (Boyds); 1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index )
1709 Jan 13 John Starye & Mary Lea [Boyds has 'Stary' and 'Lee']
1735 Aug 31 Elizabeth Starey & Ezekiel Potter [not In Boyds]

Worcester St Swithin
Burials 1538-1860

There is a marriage record in the Bishop's Transcripts for the Diocese of Worcester, Pershore Deanery [ England Marriages, 1538–1973: Film Number 0350529: Indexing Project IO4111-7]
1818 Jul 28 Richard Dicken & Theodosia Sterry

There is one entry in the Index to Marriage Bonds and Allegations for Worcestershire 1660-1673 [LDS Film 352602]: John Stary Ref: 3898 [1671-1673]

Will Index Worcerstershire RO:
7.12.1844  Peter Newbury Sterry, Defford
7.12.1844  Elizabeth Sterry, Defford

John Todd checked these wills. Peter Newberry Sterry died 14 Mar 1844 and appointed his wife Elizabeth Sterry Sole Executrix and Universal Legatee. In Elizabeth Sterry's will she bequethed 500 pounds  all her household furniture, plate and effects to her sister Martha Broomhall. Martha Broomhall was sole executrix. Letters of Administration were granted to Martha Broomhall of Defford, Spinster on 7 Dec 1844, along with Thomas Woodward of Pershore, gent and Elizabeth Kirley of the College Precincts in the City of Worcester, Widow.

Oxford Journal [Oxfordshire] on Saturday 07 January 1797 reported the death of a Mrs E. Sterry of Worcester

Additional research on Worcestershire Sterrys/Starys kindly provided by John Todd, England.


+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA (formerly Roger Sterry Branch)
%%% = Worcestershire, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK line