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The following parishes records have been searched without finding any STERRYS or similar:


The following parishes have been searched and have located STERRYS or similar:

Ashted St James the Less
Baptisms 1813-1912 [Ancestry ]
+1884 Jan 24 [born 30 Dec 1883] Ethel Mary d. William Mainwaring & Katherine Sterry, Curzon St, Timber Merchant [Private baptism. Received 22 Jun 1884.]
+1902 Feb 5 [born 18 Jan 1902] Lavinia d. Lambert Hollie & Alice Jane Sterry, 9 Poplar Terrace Charles Arthur St, Stamper

Ashted St James the Less
Marriages [Ancestry ]
+1882 Dec 5 William Manwaring Sterry, 28, Bachelor, Timber Merchant, Curzon Street [Father] William Sterry, Timber Merchant & Katherine Crutchley, 28, Spinster, Ashted Row [Father] Henry Crutchley, Butcher. Both signed. Wit: Henry Crutchley, Minnie Crutchley
+1879 Oct 21 William Henry Brittain, 22, Bachelor, Carriage Builder, Bristol Street [Father] Thomas Brittain, Carriage Builder & Mary Ella Sterry, 23, Spinster, Curzon Street [Father] William Sterry, Timber Merchant. Both signed. Wit: William Manwaring Sterry, Annie Marriott Sterry
+1900 Aug 5 Lambert Hollie Sterry, 22, Bachelor, Stamper, 152 Lawley St [Father] Charles Sterry, Labourer & Alice Jane Burden, 23, Spinster, 152 Lawley St [Father] Walter George Burden (deceased), Engraver. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Arthur Burden, Amy Harper
1935 Dec 21 Charles Wallace Sterry, 23, Bachelor, Fitter, 3/157 Inkerman St [Father] Albert Sterry, Fitter & Violet Garfield, 24, Spinster, 3/157 Inkerman St [Father] William Henry Garfield (deceased), Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: May Garfield, Albert Cushead

Ashted St James the Less
Burials 1813-1912 [Ancestry]
1861 Nov 18 William Henry Sterry s. William & Ellen Starry, Ashted Row, aged 2

Aston St Peter and St Paul
Marriages [Ancestry]
1824 [Banns Feb 1, 8, 15] William Dyer aged 29 years, a bachelor & Mary Sterry aged 25 years a spinster
+1842 Jul 3 James Steary & Lucy Hopkins [Family Search]
+1858 Dec 12 John Marriott, 27, Bachelor, Office Clerk, Bordesley [Father] Joseph Marriott, Chandler & Mary Ann Stacy[sic], 35, Spinster, Bordesley [Father] William Stacy, Publican. Banns. Both signed. She signed Mary Ann Sterry. Wit: Edwd H Keeling, Susan Keeling
+1894 Oct 8 Joseph Sheffield, 38, Bachelor, Foreman Shunter, 189 Albert Road Aston [Father] Samuel Sheffield, Farmer & Katherine Sterry, 40, Widow, 64 Curzon Street Birmingham [Father] Henry Crutchley, Gentleman. Both signed. Wit: John Fisher, Charlotte Jane Evans

Aston St Peter & St Paul
1543-1903 [NBI]
1723 May 13 John Stery

Barton On The Heath
Baptisms 1813-1906
+12 Aug 1900 Aug 12 Emily Gladys d. Margaret Bertha Sterry, Barton, Servant

Barton On The Heath
Marriages 1754-1910
+1900 Aug 11 [Banns Jul 15, 29 and Aug 5] Herbert Dyer, 20, Bachelor, Bricklayer Labourer, Barton on the Heath, [Father] Alfred Dyer, Woodman & Margaret Bertha Sterry, 18, Spinster, Servant, Barton on the Heath, [Father] Hiram Sterry, Farmer. Both signed. Banns. Wit: Alfred Dyer, Evelyn Sterry

Barton On The Heath
Burials 1813-1910 []

Birmingham All Saints
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1868 Aug 23 John Jeffries, 17, Bachelor, Gun Implement Maker, 38 Camden St [Father] Charles Jeffries, Gun Implement Maker & Sarah Ann Steary, Spinster, 18, Gold Brater, 17 Camden St [Father] James Steary, Coach Painter. Banns. Wit: Frederick Steary, Lucy Steary
+1874 Aug 15 George Allen & Lucy Elizabeth Steary [Family Search]

Birmingham Christ Church, New Street
Baptisms [Ancestry]
+1887 Feb 23 [born 24 Apr 1886] Emily d. Winter & Emma Sterry, King Edward's Road, Fruit Dealer

Birmingham St David
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1869 Mar 21 Wintour Sterry, 59, Widower, Salesman, Rea St [Father] William Sterry, Dealer & Elizabeth Hayward, 53, Widow. Rea St [Father] Richard Drinkwater, Surgeon. Both Signed. Wit: Edward Davis, Henry Davis

Birmingham St George
Burials [Ancestry]
+1850 Jul 14 William Winter Sterry, Summer Lane, 7 months

Birmingham St Martin
Baptisms 1554-1912
1794 Sep 29 Susanna d. Thomas & Mary Steary 10 months old
+1849 Dec 28 Sarah Ann d. James & Lucy Sterry, Camden St, Labourer
+1852 Oct 4 Lucy Elizabeth d. James & Lucy Sterry, Bromsgrove St, Coach Builder

Birmingham St Martin
Marriages 1554-1912 [Ancestry]
+1849 Mar 20 Thomas Smallwood, 20, Bachelor, Engineer, Essington Street, [Father] Thomas Smallwood, Carpenter & Sophia Sterry, 20, Spinster, Essington Street [Father] William Sterry, Innkeeper. Both signed. Wit: Wintour Sterry, Emma Vaile
1879 Mar 2 Alfred Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Blacksmith, Digbeth [Father] James Sterry, Coppersmith & Betsy Marson, full age, Spinster, Digbeth [Father] Charles Marson, General Dealer. Banns. He signed, she made her mark. Wit: Charles Marson, Esther Marson

Birmingham St Mary Whittall St
Burials 1682-1929 [NBI]; 1813-1964 [Ancestry]
1798 Apr 3 Thomas Steary
+1826 Sep 1 Elizabeth Steary, 6 weeks
1847 Nov 14 Richard Sterry, Pritchet St, 45 years [See Tentative line of George Sterry of Worcestershire]

Birmingham St Paul [Chapelry of St Martin]
Burials 1813-1964
1854 Sep 19 Wintour s. James & Lettita Sterry, Moor St, aged 3 mths

Birmingham St Philip
Baptisms 1813-1912
+1827 Sep 27 [born 8 Aug] Richard s. James & Sarah Steary, Northwood Street, Sawyer
+1847 Apr 5 [born 25 Jun 1846] George Frederick s. James & Lucy Sterry, Camden St, Plater

Birmingham St Philip
1753 Sep 24 William Cook and Mary Sterry
1763 Sep 15 James Timms & Mary Starrey
1800 Mar 5 James Andrews & Mary Stary

Birmingham St Philip
1798 Apr 3 Thomas Steary
1848 Oct 31 James Starey, Workhouse Lichfield St [aged] 69

Birmingham St Thomas
Baptisms 1813-1912 [Ancestry]
+1852 Jun 2 [born 13 May 1852] Mary Ella Boucher Wright d. William & Mary Sterry, Fordrough St, Innkeeper
+1854 Feb 9 [born 12 Jan 1854] William Manwaring s. William & Mary Sterry, Fordrough St, Innkeeper
+1856 Jan 13 [born 24 Dec 1855] Mary Ella d. William & Mary Sterry, Fordrough Street, Innkeeper
+1857 Oct 25 Anne Marriott d. William & Mary Sterry, Fordrough St, Innkeeper
+1860 Aug 5 Walter Ball s. William & Mary Sterry, Fordrough St, Licensed Victualler

Birmingham St Thomas
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1850 Jul 21 William Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Innkeeper, Parish of St Thomas [Father] William Sterry, Innkeeper & Mary Manning, full age, Parish of St Martin [Father] Thomas Manning, Innkeeper. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Howell, Mary Ann Stery [Mary signed Wanwaring. Manning is an error in the register.]
+1878 May 1 Edward Parker, 23, Bachelor, Wheelwright, Washington Street [Father] William Parker, Wheelwright & Elizabeth Rose Sterry, 21, Spinster, Gough Street [Father] Wintour Sterry, Salesman. Both signed. Wit: Wintour Sterry, Elizabeth Levy

Birmingham St Thomas
Burials 1813-1964 [Ancestry]
+1850 Sep 26 William Sterry, infant, Fordrough Street, 1 day
+1855 Jun 10 Mary Ella Sterry, Fordrough Street, aged 3
+1855 Apr 19 Samuel Sterry, Fordrough Street, 2 days

Bordesley St Andrew
Marriages [Ancestry]
1848 Oct 16 Henry Goodman, 47, Widower, Messenger to the Court of Bankrupty, St Andrew's Bordesley, [Father] John Goodman, Coal Merchant & Jane Sterry, 43, Widow, Needlewoman, St Andrew's Bordesley, [Father] James Young, Glover. He signed, she put her mark. Wit: Frederic Powney, Ellen Young [See Tentative line of George Sterry of Worcestershire]
+1852 Oct 25 William Rock, full age, Bachelor, Shoemaker [Father] Thomas Rock, Gardener & Martha Sterry, full age, Spinster, [Father] Thomas Sterry, Farmer. Both signed. Wit: George Sterry, Mary Baylis
+1852 Oct 25 George Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Green Grocer, Aston, [Father] Thomas Sterry, Farmer & Jane Measson, full age, Spinster, Aston, [Father] Richard Measson, Miner, He signed; she put her mark. Wit: William Rock, Mary Baylis

Bordesley Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1813-1912 [Ancestry]
1888 Feb 5 Julia Mary Ann d. Charles & Charlotte Sterry, 57 Miles Street, Brass Founder
1894 Aug 26 May Elizabeth d. Charles Edward & Charlotte Sterry, Miles St, Cabinet Worker
1899 Sep 27 Letitia Lillian d. Charles Edward & Charlotte Sterry, Miles St, Cabinet Maker

Bordesley Holy Trinity
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1894 Jan 20 [Banns Dec 31, Jan 7, 14] George Ewings, 21, Batchelor, Tube Drawer, 20 Dymake Street [Father] George Ewings (deceased), Labourer & Sarah Kate Sterry, 20, Spinster, 79 Upper Highgate Street [Father] Miles Sterry (deceased), Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: R Checketts, E Beale

Coventry St Michael
Burials 1769-1881 [NBI]
1799 Apr 3 Thomas Starey

Duddeston St Matthew
Baptisms 1813-1912 [Ancestry]
+1855 Aug 28 [born 15 Aug 1855] Laetitia Maria d. Charles & Elizabeth Sterry, 12 weeks old, Duddeston Mill Cottages, Carpenter, PB [private baptism]
+1855 Aug 28 [born 15 Aug 1855] Winter Harris s. Charles & Elizabeth Sterry, 12 weeks old, Duddeston Mill Cottages, Carpenter, PB [private baptism]
+1909 May 16 Edgar Walker s. William Edgar Walker & Gertrude Sterry, 151 Scholefield St, Grocer

Edgbaston St James
Baptisms [Ancestry]
1859 Feb 27 Alfred John s. James & Letitia Sterry, 52 Coventry Road, Silversmith
+1859 Feb 27 Eliza Sophia d. Charles & Elizabeth Sterry, Lee Bank Road, Carpenter
+1859 Feb 27 Sarah Jane d. Charles & Elizabeth Sterry, Lee Bank Road, Carpenter
+1859 Feb 27 Mary Ann d. Charles & Elizabeth Sterry, Lee Bank Road, Carpenter

Edgbaston St Bartholomew
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1869 Sep 5 Frederick Thomas Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Carpenter, Edgbaston [Father] William Sterry, Carpenter & Emma Partridge, full age, Spinster, Edgbaston, [Father] Thomas Partridge, Porter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Bubb, Sarah Bubb
+1875 Oct 24 George Frederick Steary, full age, Widower, Manager, Edgbaston[Father] James Steary, Painter & Julia Compson, full age, Spinster, Birmingham [Father] John Compson, Carpenter. Banns. Wit: George Allen, Elizabeth Compson
+5 Nov 1882 Henry Heatley, 30, Bachelor, Carter, Edgbaston, [Father] John Heatley, Carter & Mary Ann Ellen Sterry, 29, Spinster, Birmingham [Father] Charles Sterry, Carpenter. Both signed. Wit: Charles Sterry, Eliza Ada Sterry
+1881 Mar 28 Sidney Francis Allday, 22, Bachelor, Butcher, Aston [Father] Richard Allday, Butcher & Annie Marriott Sterry, 23, Spinster, Edgbaston [Father] William Sterry, Publican. Both signed. Wit: Williaqm Wanwaring Sterry, Helen Mary Allday

Hockley All Saints
Marriage [Ancestry]
+1868 Dec 19 George Frederick Steary, 22, Bachelor, Electroplate worker, 17 Camden St [Father] James Steary, Coach Painter & Ann Allen, 19, Spinster, 75 New John St [Father] Thomas Allen, Pearl Worker. Banns. Wit: Thomas Allen, Lucy Steary

Nechells St Clement
Baptisms 1813-1912 [Ancestry]
+1902 Feb 23 [born 1 Feb 1902] Frank Sylvester s. William Henry & Sarah Sterry, 47 St Clements Rd, Grocer

Saltley St Saviour
Burials 1813-1964 [Ancestry]
+1874 Mar 9 Mary Sterry, Curzon St Duddeston, aged 51
1874 May 12 Elizabeth Sterry, Bloocher St Hollowayhead (Coroner's order), aged 55
+1876 Nov 17 William Sterry, Curzon St Duddeston, aged 57
+1880 Mar 27 Walter Ball Sterry, Curzon St Birmingham, aged 19
+1889 Feb 27 William Mainwareing Sterry, Curzon St, aged 35

Sparkbrook Christ Church
Marriages [Ancestry]
1887 Oct 30 Charles Sterry, 25, Bachelor, Brassfounder, Port Hope Road [Father] John Sterry [dec], Cooper & Charlotte Ada Whichello, 25, Spinster, 25 Port Hope Road [Father] Samuel Whichello, Bedstead Worker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Samuel Whichello, Elizabeth Duke

Yardley St Edburgha
Marriages [Ancestry]
+1929 [Banns Oct 13, 20, 27] Tom Barclay Eastwood, Widower, parish of Anfield Liverpool & Mary Alice Sterry, Spinster, of this parish

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line