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IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis:

NBI = National Burial Index (3rd ed.)
BIVR = British Isles Vital Records Index (LDS-2nd ed.) [Note: Dr William's Library of Nonconformist Registers is also included on this index]

The following parishes were searched without finding any STERRYs:

Abinger St James (Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1876-IGI; Marriages 1559-1812-Boyds; Burials 1559-1604, 1607, 1610-1865-NBI)
Addington St Mary (Baptisms 1559-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1560-1653-IGI; Marriages 1559-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1560-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1561-1653, 1702-1707, 1724-1754, 1773-1812-IGI; Burials 1559-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1559-1637, 1640-44, 1647-53, 1689, 1692-94, 1702-9, 1721-1840-NBI)
Addlestone Saint Paul (Baptisms 1841-1867-IGI; Burials 1838-65-NBI)
Albury St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1559-1623, 1641-1875-IGI; Marriages 1734-1837 -PR Transcript; Marriages 1559-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1623, 1663-1875-IGI; Burials 1559-1623, 1663-1865-NBI)
Albury, The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church or Irvingite (Baptisms 1833-1840-IGI)
Alford St Nicholas (Baptisms 1658-1875-IGI; Marriages 1659-1837 -PR Transcript; Marriages 1659-1876-IG; Burials 1587-88, 1658-1865-NBI)
Ash St Peter(Baptisms 1548-1874-IGI; Marriages 1550-1876-IGI; Burials 1549-54, 1560-84, 1587-88, 1594-1719, 1722-1865-NBI)
Ashstead St Giles(Baptisms 1662-1857-IGI; Marriages 1663-1837 -Transcript/Index; Marriages 1663-1876-IGI; Burials 1662-80, 1683-1865-NBI)
Bagshot St Anne (Baptisms 1837-1865-BIVR; Burials 1837-65-NBI)
Banstead All Saints (Baptisms 1547-1789-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1547-1876-IGI; Marriages 1547-1837-PR Transcript; Marriages 1754-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1547-1876-IGI; Burials 1547-1789-PR Transcript; Burials 1548-61, 1582-1613, 1617-60, 1663-1840-NBI)
Barnes St Mary (Baptisms 1813-1839-IGI; Marriages 1813-1837-IGI; Burials 1538-1657, 1660-1840-NBI)
Bermondsey, Ebenezer Chapel Neckinger Road Independent (Baptisms/Births 1813-1836-IGI)
Bermondsey, Jamaica Row Independent (Baptisms/Births 1771-1837-IGI)
Bermondsey, Southwark Chapel Long Lane Wesleyan (Baptisms/Births 1809-1837-IGI)
Bermondsey Tanner St. Workhouse (Baptisms 1839-1868-IGI)
Betchworth St Michael (Baptisms 1801-1875-IGI; Marriages 1562-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1801-1836-IGI; Burials 1653-57, 1661-62, 1668-70, 1674-80, 1683-86, 1689-92, 1695-1840-NBI)
Betchworth, Brockham Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1781-1837-IGI)
Bisley St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1561-1875-IGI; Marriages 1561-1753, 1813-1882-IGI; Burials 1561-86, 1593-1669, 1673-1865-NBI)
Bletchingley St Mary (Baptisms 1538-1596, 1654-1857-IGI; Marriages 1654-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1596, 1653-1672, 1683-1695, 1705-1843-IGI; Burials 1538-54, 1559-1654, 1657-1840-NBI)
Botleys & Lyne Holy Trinity (Burials 1849-65-NBI)
Bramley Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1566-1875-IGI; Marriages 1696-1744, 1754-1881-IGI; Burials 1676-1758, 1762, 1765-67, 1772-1865-NBI)
Brixton Hill Poor Law Union Chapel (Burials 1834-37-NBI)
Brixton Hill Wesleyan Methodist (Baptisms/Births 1825-1837-IGI)
Buckland St Mary (Baptisms 1560-1837-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1560-1875-IGI; Marriages 1560-1837-PR Transcript; Marriages 1560-1878-IGI; Burials 1560-1837-PR Transcript; Burials 1560-67, 1573-1620, 1623-1840-NBI)
Burpham St Luke (Burials 1859-65-NBI)
Burstow St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1547-1850-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1813-1848-IGI; Marriages 1547-1839-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1813-1841-IGI; Burials 1547-1815-Modern Transcript; Burials 1547-1745, 1757-1840)
Byfleet St Mary (Baptisms 1698-1840-Index; Baptisms 1800-1844-IGI; Marriages 1717-1718 [BT], 1729-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1800-1843-IGI; Burials 1728-1812-Index; Burials 1728-1865-NBI)
Camberley York Town St Michael (Baptisms 1851-1875-IGI; Marriages 1852-1876-IGI; Burials 1851-65-NBI)
Camberwell Christ Church (Baptisms 1838-1851-IGI)
Camberwell St George (Baptisms 1826-1837-Index; Baptisms 1826-1830-IGI; Marriages 1826-1837-Index)
Camberwell Saint Philip The Apostle (Baptisms 1866-1875-IGI)
Camberwell - Camden Chapel (Baptisms 1907-1951-Index)
Camberwell Albany Chapel Independent (Baptisms 1836-1841-IGI)
Camberwell Grove Independent (Baptisms/Births 1806-1837-IGI)
Camberwell Mansion House Independent (Baptisms/Births 1801-1837-IGI)
Camberwell Marlborough Independent (Baptismjs/Births 1833-1837-IGI)
Camberwell Peckham Hanover Chapel Independent (Baptisms/Births 1801-1837-IGI)
Capel St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1653-1876-IGI; Marriages 1653-1876-IGI; Burials 1653-60, 1663-1865-NBI)
Carshalton All Saints (Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1837 -PR Transcript; Marriages 1538-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1875-IGI; Burials 1699-1840-NBI)
Caterham St Lawrence (Baptisms 1543-1837-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1543-1875-IGI; Marriages 1543-1837-PR Transcript; Marriages 1543-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1543-1598, 1611-1672, 1684-1876-IGI; Burials 1543-1837-PR Transcript; Burials 1543-47, 1550-52, 1555-60, 1566-80, 1583-1600, 1611-17, 1626-54, 1659, 1662-1840-NBI)
Chaldon St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1564-1836-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1564-1612, 1650-1855-IGI; Marriages 1564-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1570-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1564-1612, 1650-1837-IGI; Burials 1564-1836-Modern Transcript; Burials 1568, 1571-77, 1581-84, 1587, 1590-1605, 1608-13, 1650-53, 1657-62, 1668-79, 1683-1732, 1739-1840-NBI)
Charlwood St Nicholas (Baptisms 1595-1840-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1860-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1579-1886-BIVR; Marriages 1595-1840-PR Transcript; Marriages 1837-1906-BIVR; Burials 1595-1840-PR Transcript; Burials 1595-1622, 1629-35, 1651-53, 1663-1840-NBI)
Charlwood Union Independent (Births/Baptisms 1813-1837-IGI)
Charlwood Poor Law Union Chapel Burial Ground (Burials 1823-26, 1829-35-NBI)
Cheam St Dunstan (Baptisms 1538-1728-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1837-Boyds; Burials 1538-1728-Index; Burials 1539-1840-NBI)
Cheam Roman Catholic (Baptisms 1757-1788-IGI)
Chelsham St Leonard (Baptisms 1680-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1669-1857-IGI; Marriages 1680-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1681-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1678-1857-IGI; Burials  1680-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1680-93, 1696-1700, 1703-17, 1720, 1723-1841-NBI)
Chertsey St Peter (Baptisms 1616-1800, 1853-1890-BIVR; Baptisms 1800-1852-IGI; Marriages 1616-1649, 1660-1755, 1800-1843, 1874-1880-IGI; Marriages 1844-1874-BIVR; Burials 1607-52, 1661-1705, 1708-1865-NBI)
Chertsey Protestant Dissenters Chapel (Baptisms 1758-1864-Index only; Burials 1783-1865-Index only; Burials 1841-65-NBI)
Chertsey Presbyterian Chapel (Burials 1783-85, 1790-91, 1794-1800, 1803-12, 1816-31, 1834-37-NBI)
Chertsey Old Presbyterian Meeting House Modern Congregational or Scots Church (Births/Baptisms 1758-1810, 1821-1837-IGI)
Chertsey Workhouse (Baptisms 1866-1875-IGI)
Chessington St Mary (Baptisms 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1656-1875-IGI; Marriages 1656-1835-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1656-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1656-1876-IGI; Burials 1656-1813-Modern Transcript; Burials 1656-80, 1684-1756, 1761-1840-NBI)
Chiddingfold St Mary (Baptisms 1573-1875-IGI; Marriages 1563-1881-IGI; Burials 1563-88, 1594-1645, 1653-1865-NBI)
Chipstead St Margaret (Baptisms 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1656-1876-IGI; Marriages 1656-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1663-1812;Marriages 1663-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1663-1876-IGI; Burials 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1656-59, 1664-1840-NBI)
Christchurch & Upton Congregational Church, Kennington Road (Baptisms 1836-1850-Modern Transcript)
Chobham St Laurence (Baptisms 1654-1875-IGI; Marriages 1687-1858[BT], 1655-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1654-1876-IGI; Burials 1587-88, 1654-1865-NBI)
Chobham Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1843-1854-IGI)
Chobham West End Baptist (Baptisms 1810-1836-IGI; Burials 1810-12, 1824-NBI)
Clapham Baptist (Baptisms 1781-1836-IGI)
Clapham Independent (Births/Baptisms 1808-1837-IGI)
Clapham Park Road Independent (Birth/Baptisms 1819-1837-IGI)
Claygate Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1841-1875-IGI; Burials 1841-65-NBI)
Cobham St Andrew (Baptisms 1562-1812, 1859-1875-IGI; Marriages 1562-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1562-1812, 1837-1880-IGI; Burials 1563-64, 1610-44, 1656-78, 1684-1865-NBI)
Coldharbour Christ Church (Baptisms 1848-1876-IGI; Marriages 1849-1877-IGI; Burials 1848-65-NBI)
Compton St Nicholas (Baptisms 1641-1876-IGI; Marriages 1800-1838-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1638-1876-IGI; Burials 1639-1865-NBI)
Coulsdon St John the Evangelist (Baptisms 1653-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1653-1862-IGI; Marriages 1653-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1655-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1655-1876-IGI; Burials 1653-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1655-1840-NBI)
Crowhurst St George (Baptisms 1567-1885-IGI; Marriages 1573-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1573-1677, 1703-1712, 1732-1882-IGI; Burials 1567-70, 1575-77, 1580-1615, 1618-44, 1652-53, 1656-81, 1702-7, 1710-15, 1718, 1730-1840-NBI)
Croydon All Saints (Burials 1830-40-NBI)
Croydon George St Chapel (Burials 1832-NBI)
Croydon St Augustine (Marriages 1885-1895-IGI)
Croydon St James (Burials 1829-1840-IGI; Burials 1829-1840-NBI)
Croydon St Michael and All Angels (Baptisms 1871-1885-IGI; Marriages 1884-1895-IGI)
Croydon Congregational Church (Baptisms 1869-1876-Modern Transcript-East Surrey FHS)
Croydon George Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1797-1836-IGI)
Croydon North End Wesleyan Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1829-1837-IGI; Baptisms 1829-1837-Modern Transcript-East Surrey FHS; Burials 1831-1837-IGI; Burials 1831-1847-Modern Transcript-East Surrey FHS; Burials 1831-1837-NBI)
Dorking St Martin (Baptisms 1538-1640-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1640-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1539-1876-IGI; Burials 1538-1640-Modern Transcript; Burials 1538-71, 1579-1728, 1733-1865-NBI)
Dorking West Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1718-1843-IGI; Marriages 1732-1801-IGI; Burials 1730-50, 1754-97, 1801-3, 1813-37, 1840-NBI)
Dorking Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1836-1848-IGI)
Dorking Municipal Cemetery (Burials 1855-1999-NBI)
Dorking Quakers (Burials 1865-NBI)
Dulwich College (Baptisms 1616-1826, 1834-1845-IGI; Marriages 1634-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1634-1754-IGI)
Dunsfold St Mary (Baptisms 1628-1875-IGI; Marriages 1628-1876-IGI; Burials 1588, 1628-41, 1652-1865-NBI)
East Clandon St Thomas of Canterbury (Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1813-1838-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1560-1876-IGI; Burials 1558-65, 1569-83, 1586-1645, 1654-1706, 1709-1864-NBI)
East Horsley St Martin (Baptisms 1666-1875-IGI; Marriages 1667-1750-Boyds; Marriages 1755-1878-IGI; Burials 1666-1865-NBI)
East Molesey St Mary (Baptisms 1668-1876-IGI; Marriages 1695-1876-IGI; Burials 1681, 1695-1861-NBI)
East Sheen (Baptisms 1864-1885-IGI; Marriages 1865-1895-IGI)
Effingham St Laurence (Baptisms 1565-1724-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1565-1569, 1660-1676, 1725-1785, 1800-1844-IGI; Marriages 1565-1724-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1565-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1660-1772-IGI; Burials 1565-1724-Modern Transcript; Burials 1566-1865-NBI)
Egham St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1560-1886-IGI, Marriages 1560-1895-IGI; Burials 1592-1865-NBI)
Elstead St James (Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1876-IGI; Burials 1543-54, 1557-68, 1571-77, 1580, 1586-96, 1602-3, 1607-9, 1614-18, 1628-42, 1653-1865-NBI)
Englefield Green (Baptisms 1866-1875-IGI; Marriages 1860-1876-IGI)
Epsom St Martin (Baptisms 1695-1894-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1686-1852-IGI; Marriages 1695-1894-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1695-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1695-1874-IGI; Burials 1695-1894-Modern Transcript)
Epsom Christ Church (Burials 1695-1705, 1719-1840-NBI)
Epsom Church Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1826-1837-IGI; Burials 1829-36-NBI)
Epsom Little Chapel Independent (Birth/Baptisms 1779-1811-IGI; Burials 1807-NBI)
Epsom Workshouse (Baptisms 1838-1875-IGI)
Esher St George (Baptisms 1682-1875-IGI; Marriages 1688-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1688-1876-IGI; Burials 1678-95, 1698-1865-NBI)
Ewell St Mary (Baptisms 1597-1855-IGI; Marriages 1608-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1604-1875-IGI; Burials 1608-41, 1663, 1669-1840-NBI)
Ewhurst St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1614-1875-IGI; Marriages 1614-1838-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1614-1877-IGI; Burials 1614-33, 1642-1865-NBI)
Farleigh St Mary (Baptisms 1678/9-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1678-1875-IGI; Marriages 1679/80-1832-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1678-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1679-1879-IGI; Burials 1678/9-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1679-91, 1695, 1698-1715, 1718-24, 1727-31, 1734, 1737-58, 1761-68, 1772-74, 1777-87, 1791-96, 1800-22, 1825-40-NBI)
Farncombe St John the Evengelist (Burials 1850-1865-NBI)
Farnham St Andrew (Baptisms 1539-1840-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1539--1876-IGI; Marriages 1539-1840-PR Transcript; Marriages 1539-1874-IGI; Burials 1539-1840-PR Transcript; Burials 1539-55, 1560-1657, 1660-1865-NBI)
Farnham Bible Christian (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Farnham Ebenezer Chapel East Street formerly Dogs Flue Street Independ. or Presby. (Births/Baptisms 1794-1837-IGI; Burials 1827-36-NBI)
Fellbridge (Baptisms 1864-1876-IGI; Marriages 1866-1876-IGI)
Fetcham St Mary (Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1805, 1813-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1565-1753-Boyds; Marriages 1560-1659, 1685-1876-IGI; Burials 1562-63, 1584-1643, 1646-52, 1655-57, 1685-1865-NBI)
Frensham St Mary (Baptisms 1650-1810-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1650-1875-IGI; Marriages 1649-1792-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1649-1876-IGI; Burials 1650-1810-Modern Transcript; Burials 1649-1705, 1713-1865-NBI)
Frimley St Peter (Baptisms 1590-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1681-1876-IGI; Marriages 1606-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1813-1875-IGI; Burials 1606-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1606, 1609-76, 1684-1725, 1728-59, 1764-1865-NBI)
Godalming St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1582-1688-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1582-1863-IGI; Baptisms 1688-1840-Index; Marriages 1582-1688-PR Transcript; Marriages 1583-1688-Boyds; Marriages 1583-1794, 1813-1837-IGI; Burials 1582-1688-PR Transcript; Burials 1583-1866, 1870-80, 1886-88, 1895, 1903, 1909-11, 1916, 1919-20, 1934, 1948-NBI)
Godalming Harts Lane Independent (Baptisms/Births 1786-1837-IGI; Burials 1786-92, 1795, 1801-3, 1827-28-NBI)
Godalming Eashing Cemetery (Burials 1900-2003-NBI)
Godalming Nightingale Cemetery (Burials 1857-1967, 1970-74, 1978-84, 1987-88, 1991-98-NBI)
Godstone St Nicholas (Baptisms 1662-1876-IGI; Marriages 1662-1663-Boyds; Marriages 1662-1876-IGI; Burials 1662-1840-NBI)
Grafham St Andrew (Burials 1863-1865-NBI)
Great Bookham St Nicholas (Baptisms 1680-1812-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1632-1875-IGI; Marriages 1680-1812-PR Transcript; Marriages 1632-1753, 1813-1876-IGI; Burials 1680-1812-PR Transcript; Burials 1632-1865-NBI))
Guildford Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1813-1840-PR Transcripts; Baptisms 1558-1875; Marriages 1813-1837-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1558-1739, 1754-1876-IGI; Burials 1558-1642, 1645-1865-NBI)
Guildford St Mary (Baptisms 1813-1840-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1540-1876-IGI; Marriages 1540-1877-IGI; Burials 1813-1840-Modern Transcript; Burials 1540-42, 1545-56, 1559-1865-NBI)
Guildford St Nicholas (Baptisms 1562-1840-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1561-1875-IGI; Marriages 1562-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1561-1876-IGI; Burials 1562-1840-Modern Transcript; Burials 1561-92, 1597-1617, 1621-42, 1645-1865-NBI)
Guildford Workhouse (Baptisms 1836-1848, 1866-1875-IGI)
Guildford Black Horse Lane or Chapel Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1707-1733-IGI; Burials 1708, 1717-21, 1725-27, 1730-31, 1765, 1771-72-NBI)
Guildford New Chapel Independent (Births/Baptisms 1803-1838-IGI)
Gumshall Felday and Ewhurst Independent (Births/Baptisms 1823-1837-IGI)
Hale St John the Evengelist (Burials 1845-1865-NBI)
Ham St Andrew (Burials 1838-40-NBI)
Hambledon St Peter (Baptisms 1587[BT], 1617-1773[PR]-Index; Baptisms 1756-1876-IGI; Marriages 1586-1587[BT], 1617-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1617-1751-Index; Marriages 1755-1875-IGI; Burials 1587[BT], 1617-1773[PR]-Index); Burials 1587-88, 1617-49, 1652-54, 1657-78, 1681-1865-NBI)
Hascombe St Peter (Baptisms 1646-1869-IGI; Marriages 1658-1754-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1658-1837-IGI; Burials 1659-74, 1677-1764, 1769-1865-NBI)
Haslemere St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1573-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1594-1876-IGI; Marriages 1573-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1573-1812; Marriages 1573-1876-IGI; Burials 1573-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1573-91, 1596-1612, 1622-24, 1627-53, 1668, 1674-1865-NBI)
Haslemere Independent (Births/Baptisms 1789-1836-IGI; Burials 1808-9, 1824-NBI)
Hatchford St Matthew (Burials 1865-NBI)
Headley St Mary (Baptisms 1663-1875-IGI; Marriages 1695-1837-PR Transcript; Marriages 1663-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1664-1836-IGI; Burials 1663-1814, 1817-40-NBI)
Herne Hill Saint Paul (Baptisms 1845-1850, 1861-1867-IGI)
Hersham Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1842-1895-IGI; Marriages 1851-1895-IGI; Burials 1851-65-NBI)
Holmwood St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1838-1875-IGI; Marriages 1839-1876-IGI; Burials 1838-65-NBI)
Hook St Paul (Burials 1839-40-NBI)
Horley St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1695-1847-PR Transcript; Baptisms 1578-1876-IGI; Marriages 1695-1847-PR Transcript; Marriages 1578-1876-IGI; Burials 1695-1847-PR Transcript; Burials 1578-1646, 1654-1840-NBI)
Horne St Mary (Baptisms 1614-1840-gap 1694-1711-Index; Baptisms 1614-1667-IGI; Baptisms 1614-1854-BIVR; Marriages 1709-1710-Boyds; Marriages 1614-1837-IGI; Burials 1614-1840-Index; Burials 1813-40-NBI)
Horsell St Mary (Baptisms 1653-1875-IGI; Marriages 1654-1876-IGI; Burials 1587-88, 1653-82, 1689-90, 1696-1865-NBI)
Horsleydown Goat Yard Passage Congregational (Marriages 1660-1700-PR Transcripts)
Kew St Anne (Baptisms 1714-1791, 1800-1820, 1822-1840-Index; Baptisms 1800-1840-IGI; Marriages 1714-1783, 1800-1837-Index; Marriages 1800-1837-IGI; Burials 1714-1785, 1800-1820, 1822-1840-Index; Burials 1714-85, 1800-40-NBI)
Kingston by Reigate (St Andrews) (Baptisms 1836-1875-IGI; Marriages 1841-1876-IGI)
Kingston upon Thames Brick Lane Baptist (Baptisms 1781-1837-IGI)
Kingston upon Thames Heather Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1776-1857-IGI)
Kingston upon Thames Independent (Births/Baptisms 1698-1803-IGI)
Kingston Eden St Chapel Nonconformist (Burials 1815-20, 1824-32, 1835-36, 1839-40-NBI)
Kingston Particular Baptist (Burials 1810, 1813-19, 1822-33, 1836-37-NBI)
Lambeth Saint Ann (Baptisms 1869-1875-IGI; Marriages 1825-1832, 1869-1875-IGI)
Lambeth, St Luke, W. Norwood (Baptisms 1825-1862-PRs)
Lambeth China Terrace Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1808-1837-IGI)
Lambeth Holland Chapel Brixton Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1824-1837-IGI)
Lambeth Kennington Independent (Births/Baptisms 1817-1834-IGI)
Lambeth Southville Chapel Wandsworth Road Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1823-1837-IGI)
Lambeth Stockwell New Chapel Independent (Births/Baptisms 1802-1837-IGI)
Lambeth Trinity Chapel Brixton Lady Huntingdons Connexion (Births/Baptisms 1829-1837-IGI)
Lambeth Vauxhall Chapel Kennington Lane Independent (Births/Baptisms 1817-1835-IGI)
Lambeth Waterloo Road New Jerusalemite (Births/Baptisms 1816-1834-IGI)
Leatherhead St Mary & St Nicholas (Baptisms 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1656-1875-IGI; Marriages 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1656-1876-IGI; Burials 1656-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1656-77, 1684-1865-NBI)
Leatherhead Independent (Births/Baptisms 1832-1837-IGI)
Leigh St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1579-1838-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1579-1858-IGI; Marriages 1579-1838-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1581-1836-BIVR; Marriages 1837-1876-IGI; Burials 1579-1838-Modern Transcript; Burials 1579-1653, 1661, 1670, 1674-75, 1678-82, 1690, 1694-1701, 1705-41, 1744-1840-NBI)
Limpsfield St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1540-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1540-1876-IGI; Burials 1540-1664, 1671-1840-NBI)
Lingfield St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1663-1780-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1559-1812, 1834-1864-IGI; Marriages 1663-1780-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1561-1586-Boyds; Marriages 1561-1562, 1575-1587, 1602-1609-IGI; Burials 1663-1780-Modern Transcript; Burials 1561, 1566-1653, 1663-69, 1672-1840-NBI)
Little Bookham (Baptisms 1642-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1631-1835-IGI; Marriages 1670-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1632-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1631-1632-IGI; Burials 1642-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1588, 1642-70, 1673-76, 1680-87, 1690-1723, 1726, 1729-93, 1797-98, 1801-65-NBI)
Long Cross Christ Church (Burials 1848-1990-NBI)
Lower Norwood Independent (Births/Baptisms 1820-1837-IGI; Burials 1821-1837-NBI)
Malden St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1677-1875-IGI; Marriages 1676-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1676-1839-IGI; Burials 1678-82, 1686-1840-NBI)
Merrow St John the Evangelist (Baptisms 1538-1732, 1754-1875-IGI; Marriages 1814-1836-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1544-1726, 1750-1876-IGI; Burials 1537-40, 1543-53, 1561-68, 1572-1643, 1648-50, 1654, 1657, 1661, 1669-70, 1678-82, 1687-1729, 1740, 1753-73, 1776-1865-NBI)
Merstham St Catherine (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1876-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1540-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1541-1636, 1654-1678, 1724-1837-IGI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1541-1637, 1646, 1654-57, 1661-79, 1724-27, 1731, 1734-70, 1780-1840-NBI)
Merton St Mary (Baptisms 1559-1656, 1693-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1655, 1694-1876-IGI; Burials 1679-80, 1685-86, 1692-1840-NBI)
Mickleham St Michael (Baptisms 1549-1875-IGI; Marriages 1713-1881-IGI; Burials 1549-54, 1558-66, 1571-80, 1583-85, 1591, 1597-1620, 1629-1865-NBI)
Milford St John the Evangelist (Baptisms 1848-1876-IGI; Burials 1855-65-NBI)
Mitcham St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1563-1679-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1563-1876-IGI; Marriages 1563-1778-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1563-1753-Boyds; Marriages 1563-1876-IGI; Burials 1563 -1678-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-40-NBI)
Morden St Laurence (Baptisms 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1634-1865-IGI; Marriages 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1634-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1734-1865-IGI; Burials 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1634-1707, 1714-20, 1724-1840-NBI)
Mortlake Non-Conformist (Births/Baptisms 1719-1751-IGI)
Newdigate St Peter (Baptisms 1728-1855-IGI; Marriages 1706-1836-IGI; Burials 1559-62, 1565-70, 1576-1602, 1605-1865-NBI)
Newington, St Peter Walworth (Liverpool Grove) ( Baptisms 1825-1837-PR)
Newington Saint Mary Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1841-1861-IGI)
Norwood (West) St Luke (Marriages 1825-1837-PR Transcripts)
Oakwood St John the Baptist (aka Okewood) (Baptisms 1700-1875-IGI; Marriages 1697-1751-Boyds; Marriages 1853-1876-BIVR; Burials 1701-7, 1727-1865-NBI)
Ockham All Saints (Baptisms 1568-1875-IGI; Marriages 1568-1840-IGI; Burials 1568-76, 1581-1865-NBI)
Ockley St Margaret (Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1754, 1807-1876-IGI; Burials 1539-40, 1543-54, 1561-62, 1565-81, 1584-92, 1595-1668, 1671-1865-NBI)
Oxted St Mary (Baptisms 1613-1682, 1705-1875-IGI; Marriages 1655-1837 -PR Transcripts; Marriages 1655-1813-Boyds; Marriages 1655-1678, 1705-1876-IGI; Burials 1603-78, 1681-82, 1689-90, 1705-1840-NBI)
Oxted and Limpsfield Oxted And Pains Hill Independent (Births/Baptisms 1812-1836-IGI)
Penge Saint John (Baptisms 1850-1875-IGI; Marriages 1851-1876-IGI)
Peperharow St Nicholas (Baptisms 1697-1875-IGI; Marriages 1699-1833-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1697-1885-IGI; BuriaLS 1698-1706, 1709, 1712-16, 1720-46, 1749-76, 1779-93, 1796-99, 1802-8, 1811-65-NBI)
Petersham St Peter (Burials 1578-79, 1587-1638, 1650, 1654-55, 1668-1840-NBI)
Pirbright St Michael (Baptisms 1574-1733-Transcript/Index; Baptisms 1785-1876-IGI; Marriages 1574-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1754-1876-IGI; Burials 1574-1733-Transcript/Index; Burials 1574-1639, 1642, 1651, 1654-77, 1681-84, 1687-1865-NBI)
Putney Saint Mary Independent (Births/Baptisms 1817-1834-IGI)
Puttenham St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1813-1840-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1562-1882-IGI; Marriages 1695-1882-IGI; Burials 1562-1642, 1647, 1654-60, 1666-78, 1692-1735, 1752-1865-NBI)
Pyrford St Nicholas (Baptisms 1665-1875-IGI; Marriages 1666/7-1837-Transcript/Index; Marriages 1666-1876-IGI; Burials 1665-1753, 1767-71, 1776-1865-NBI)
Ranmore aka Ranmer St Barnabas (Baptisms 1859-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1861-1906-BIVR; Burials 1861-65-NBI)
Redhill Saint John (Baptisms 1843-1875-IGI; Marriages 1848-1876-IGI)
Redhill Saint Matthew (Baptisms 1866-1874-IGI; Marriages 1867-1876-IGI)
Reigate St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1800-1869-IGI; Marriages 1559-1698-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1608, 1800-1812, 1826-1869-IGI; Burials 1561-82, 1587-1840-NBI)
Richmond St John (Baptisms 1839-1875-BIVR; Marriages 1839-1880-IGI)
Richmond Saint Elizabeths Church RC (Baptisms 1794-1839-IGI)
Richmond Vineyard Independent (Births/Baptisms 1831-1836-IGI)
Ripley St Mary Magdalene (See Send and Ripley)
Rotherhithe Christ Church (Baptisms 1840-1844-IGI; Marriages 1840-1841-IGI)
Rotherhithe Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1838-1841-IGI; Marriages 1839-1841-IGI)
Rotherhithe Albion Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1812-1836-IGI)
Saint Martha on the Hill (Marriages 1794-1835-Transcript/Index; Burials 1780-1802, 1805, 1808, 1811-41, 1847-59, 1862-65-NBI)
Sanderstead All Saints (Baptisms 1565-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1565-1875-IGI; Marriages 1564-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1564-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1564-1876-IGI; Burials 1567-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1567-75, 1578-92, 1595-1632, 1635-1708, 1715-1840-NBI)
Seale St Laurence (Baptisms 1539-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1730, 1740-1876-IGI; Burials 1539-43, 1547-54, 1557-58, 1562-1620, 1634-43, 1653-1711, 1734, 1740-70, 1773-1865-NBI)
Shackleford St Mary (Burials 1865-NBI)
Shalford St Mary (Baptisms 1564-1875-IGI; Marriages 1564-1875-IGI; Burials 1559-60, 1566-77, 1581-1616, 1624-51, 1654-1871-NBI)
Shottermill St Stephen (Burials 1846-65-NBI)
South Kennington (Saint Barnabas) (Baptisms 1850-1875-IGI; Marriages 1876-1880-IGI)
Southwark St Jude (Baptisms 1850-1875-IGI; Marriages 1851-1880-IGI)
Southwark St George the Martyr Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1835-1875-IGI)
Southwark Saint Saviour Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1848-1875-IGI)
Southwark Baptist Christchurch (Births/Baptisms 1772-1826-IGI)
Southwark Christ Church Church Street Baptist (Baptisms 1772-1826-IGI)
Southwark Colliers Rents White Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1751-1836-IGI)
Southwark Globe Alley Independent (Births/Baptisms 1756-1798-IGI)
Southwark Goat Yard Cater Lane New Park Street Baptist (Baptisms 1656-1712-IGI)
Southwark Guildford Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Southwark Maze Pond Baptist (Baptisms 1770-1830-IGI)
Southwark Mr Roger’s Meeting House at Colliers Rents (Burials 1783-1812-Modern Transcript & Index)
Southwark Newington Butts Primitive Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1806-1837-IGI)
Southwark St George's Chapel (Catholic) (Baptisms 1788-1809-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1823-1837-Modern Transcript)
Southwark Saint Georges London Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1791-1825-IGI)
Southwark Saint Thomas Chapel Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1723-1833-IGI)
Southwark Surrey Chapel Blackfriars Road Lady Huntingdons (Births/Baptisms 1787-1837-IGI)
Southwark Trinity Street Irvingite (Births/Baptisms 1832-1840-IGI)
Southwark Union Chapel Parish Street Horsleydown Independent (Births/Baptisms 1824-1838-IGI)
Southwark Union Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1805-1837-IGI)
Southwark Walworth Beresford Street Calvinist Independent (Births/Baptisms 1821-1837-IGI)
Southwark Walworth Locks Fields Chapel York Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Southwark Walworth Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1817-1837-IGI)
St Martha on the Hill (Baptisms 1779-1812-IGI; Marriages 1794-1875-IGI)
Stoke D'Abernon St Mary (Baptisms 1619-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1619-1876-IGI; Marriages 1619-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1620-1835-Boyds; Marriages 1620-1877-IGI; Burials 1619-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1619-51, 1654-58, 1661-78, 1689-93, 1732-1865-NBI)
Stoke next Guilford (Baptisms 1662-1875-IGI; Marriages 1662-1883-IGI; Burials 1662-1865-NBI)
Streatham Union Chapel Independent (Burials 1834-1837-NBI)
Surbiton (Baptisms 1879-1881-IGI; Baptisms 1845-1881-BIVR; Marriages 1801-1843-IGI)
Surrey Quakers (Burials 1813-40-NBI)
Sutton St Nicholas (Baptisms 1636-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1636-1866-IGI; Marriages 1636-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1636-1882-IGI; Burials 1636-1837-Modern Transcript)
Tandridge St Peter (Baptisms 1800-1861-IGI; Marriages 1695-1837-Transcript/Index; Burials 1695-96, 1705-20, 1723-74, 1779-1840-NBI)
Tatsfield St Mary (Baptisms 1679-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1689-1875-IGI; Marriages 1679-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1689-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1700-1733, 1756-1844-IGI; Burials 1679-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1691-1719, 1730-34, 1745-48, 1753-62, 1769-1840-NBI)
Thames Ditton St Nicholas (Baptisms 1633-1689, 1813-1881-IGI; Marriages 1663-1693, 1753-1875-IGI; Burials 1663-95, 1763-1865-NBI)
Thames Ditton Weston Green Independent (Births/Baptisms 1816-1839-IGI)
The Bourne [Farnham] St Thomas (Burials 1875-1955, 1959-61, 1967-NBI)
Thornton Heath (Saint Paul) (Baptisms 1871-1885-IGI; Marriages 1872-1887-IGI)
Thorpe St Mary (Baptisms 1802-1846-IGI; Marriages 1802-1806-IGI; Burials 1653-55, 1661-90, 1696-1865-NBI)
Thursley St Michael (Baptisms 1613-1876-IGI; Marriages 1613-1876-IGI; Burials 1613-1865-NBI)
Tilford All Saints (Burials 1858-65-NBI)
Titsey St James (Baptisms 1579-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1579-1812, 1828-1844-IGI; Marriages 1581-1812, 1815-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1579-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1581-1811-IGI; Burials 1586-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1586-1684, 1687-1813, 1816-42-NBI)
Tooting (Baptisms 1555-1840-Index; Marriages 1649-1837-Index; Burials 1555-1841-Index)
Tooting Independent (Births/Baptisms 1786-1837-IGI; Burials 1821, 1829-30, 1833-34-NBI)
Virginia Water Christ Church (Burials 1839-65-NBI)
Walton on Thames St Mary (Baptisms 1639-1796-BIVR; Baptisms 1797-1875-IGI; Marriages 1639-1754-BIVR; Marriages 1754-1883-IGI; Burials 1639-1865-NBI)
Walton-on-the-Hill St Peter (Baptisms 1581-1875-IGI; Marriages 1631-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1631-1878-IGI; Burials 1631-1742, 1746-1840-NBI)
Walworth St Stephen (Baptisms 1866-1875-IGI)
Wanborough St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1561-1774-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1561-1675-IGI; Marriages 1598-1658-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1561-1658-Boyds; Burials 1591-1786-Modern Transcript; Burials 1591-99, 1602-4, 1607-12, 1615-35, 1638-40, 1664, 1777, 1784-86, 1861-65-NBI)
Wandsworth St John Hill (Baptisms 1866-1875-IGI)
Wandsworth Bridge Field Baptist (Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI; Burials 1825-36-NBI)
Wandsworth Independent (Births/Baptisms 1811-1837-IGI; Burials 1815, 1824-28, 1836-37-NBI)
Warlingham All Saints (Baptisms 1653-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1653-1875-IGI; Marriages 1653-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1667-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1667-1876-IGI; Burials 1653-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1666-1727, 1731-1840-NBI)
West Clandon St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1536-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1536-1875-IGI; Marriages 1536-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1537-1735, 1778-1877-IGI; Burials 1536-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1536-44, 1547-48, 1551-55, 1558-61, 1564-1662, 1669-1741, 1746, 1756-70, 1775, 1778-80, 1783-1865-NBI)
West End Holy Trinity (Burials 1842-65-NBI)
West Horsley St Mary (Baptisms 1600-1840-Index; Baptisms 1771-1875-IGI, Marriages 1600-1840-Index; Marriages 1754-1875-IGI; Burials 1600-1840-Index; Burials 1600-46, 1651-60, 1663-66, 1669, 1675-1865-NBI)
West Norwood Saint Luke (Baptisms 1825-1844-IGI)
Westcott Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1852-1875-IGI; Marriages 1852-1876-IGI; Burials 1852-65-NBI)
Weybridge St James (Baptisms 1625-1875-IGI; Marriages 1813-1836-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1625-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1625-1636, 1645-1876-IGI; Burials 1625-49, 1653, 1657-1865-NBI)
Weybridge Woburn Lodge Chapel and Weybridge RC (Births/Baptisms 1750-1855-IGI)
Windlesham St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1783-1899-Index; Baptisms 1717-1875-IGI; Marriages 1695-1697, 1717-1753, 1824-1839-IGI; Burials 1783-1865-Index; Burials 1695-98, 1717-1865-NBI)
Witley All Saints (Baptisms 1653-1900-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1753-1875-IGI; Marriages 1653-1900-Modern Transcript; Burials 1653-1900-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1736-1812, 1837-1875-IGI; Burials 1653-1865-NBI)
Woburn (Lodge Chapel) and Weybridge (Catholic) (Baptisms 1750-1870-Modern Transcript; Burials 1846-1870-Modern Transcript)
Woking Saint John the Baptist (Baptisms 1842-1876-IGI; Marriages 1849-1876-IGI; Burials 1842-65-NBI)
Woking Saint Peter (Baptisms 1800-1846-IGI; Marriages 1653-1837-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1800-1837-IGI; Burials 1653-1865-NBI)
Woking Independent (Births/Baptisms 1778-1793, 1817-1820-IGI)
Woldingham St Agatha (Baptisms 1765-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1766-1875-IGI; Marriages 1765-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1679-1810-Boyds; Marriages 1837-1877-IGI; Burials 1765-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1765-67, 1771-72, 1777, 1789-90, 1797-1802, 1810-11, 1814-21, 1826, 1830-32, 1836, 1839-40-NBI)
Wonersh St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1539-1880-IGI; Marriages 1539-1881-IGI; Burials 1539-54, 1557-1640, 1667-72, 1675-1865-NBI)
Woodmansterne St Peter (Baptisms 1568-1876-IGI; Marriages 1568-1837-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1568-1843-Boyds; Marriages 1568-1876-IGI; Burials 1566-72, 1575-83, 1586-87, 1592-93, 1597-98, 1601-6, 1609, 1612-20, 1623-68, 1671-89, 1695-1706, 1709-10, 1730-1840-NBI)
Worplesdon St Mary (Baptisms 1540-1541, 1570-1875-IGI; Marriages 1570-1837-PR Transcripts; Marriages 1570-1876-IGI; Burials 1570-1643, 1652-71, 1674, 1678-1719, 1726-1865-NBI)
Worplesdon Perry Hill And Normandy Chapels Independent (Births/Baptisms 1823-1837-IGI)
Wotton St John (Baptisms 1596-1876-IGI; Marriages 1603-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1603-1876-IGI; Burials 1752-1865-NBI)
Wrecclesham St Peter (Burials 1840-65-NBI)
Wyke St Mark (Baptisms 1847-1875-IGI; Marriages 1847-1877-IGI; Burials 1848-65-NBI)

STERRYs or similar were located at:

Acton St Mary
Marriages 1754-1921
+1872 Jan 15 William Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Brewer's Servant, St George the Martyr Southwark, Father: Thomas Sterry, deceased, Farm labourer & Ellen Chad, fullage, Spinster, Acton, Father: Josiah Chad (deceased), Farmer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Godley, Ellen Sophia Allone (Banns at Southwark St George the Martyr 1871 Dec 17, 24, 31)

Acton St Mary
Burials 1813-1980 (Ancestry)
+1878 Jun 19 Laura Ellen Sterry, South Acton, 3 weeks

Balham St Mary
Baptisms 1855-1906
1884 Jan 4 Leonard Ralph (of) Frederick Luke & Mary Starey, Dumfries Balham Park Rd, Brush Manufacturer

Battersea St Mary
Baptisms 1684-1718, 1778-1781, 1801-1875 (IGI)

Battersea St Mary
Marriages 1802-1837 (Transcript/Index BTs); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
*1902 Feb 22 [Banns Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, both of this parish] David Sterry, 40, Widower, Inspector N.S.P.C.C., 40 Rosenau Cescent, Father: Robert Sterry, Farmer & Eleanor Maud Payne, 22, Spinster, 40 Rosenau Cescent, Father: Joseph Payne, Warehouseman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Joseph Day Payne, Emily Gertrude Payne, Emma[?] F Sweet, W H Sterry

Battersea Rise, St Marks
Marriages 1873-1921
##1917 Jun 23 Herbert Thomas Starey, 42, Bachelor, Plate-man, 11 Ilminster Gardens, Father: William Henry Starey, Bank Clerk & Elizabeth Jane Walker, 21, Spinster, Upholster, 52 Cranbury Rd Eastleigh Hants, Father: Edward Walker, Carpenter. Banns. Wit: Eleann Eliza Brumfitt, Arthur Cooper Bennett

Beddington St Mary with Wallington (with Wallington from 1802)
Baptisms 1538-1673
(PR Transcript); 1561-1875 (IGI)
#1869 May 12 Gertrude Edith Sterry d. Arthur Sterry & Anna Gertrude
#1872 Jul 27 Elspeth Maude d. Arthur Sterry & Anna Gertrude

Beddington St Mary with Wallington (with Wallington from 1800)
Marriages 1538-1673
(PR Transcript); 1561-1812 (Boyds); 1538-1660, 1800-1876 (IGI)
#1867 May 15 Arthur Charles Sterry & Eleanor Brogden Ford

Beddington St Mary with Wallington
Burials 1538-1673
(PR Transcript); 1538-53, 1557-1650, 1654-62, 1668-1840 (NBI)

Howard's Visitation of England and Wales (1895), i, pp180-182 lists the following burial at Beddington:
#1874 Aug 26 Arthur Sterry

Bermondsey St Augustine
Marriages 1875-1920
%1917 Oct 21 John Harty, 29, Bachelor, Railway Porter, 245 Lynton Rd, Father: John Harty (deceased), Van Driver & Ada Emily Sterry, 23, Spinster, 245 Lynton Rd, Father: John Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Percy Abraham, Emily Sterry

Bermondsey Christ Church
Baptisms 1813-1906
**1851 Sep 28 (born 3 Sep 1851) Alicia Elizabeth Susannah (of) William Walker & Alicia Susannah Sterry, 1 Packer Terrace, Sailmaker
**1853 May 22 Eliza Mary Ann (of) William and Alicia Sterry, 26 East Lane, Sail Maker
**1855 Dec 23 (born 30 Nov 1855) Adelaide Susannah (of) William Walker & Alicia Susannah Sterry, 70 East Lane, Sail Maker
**1858 May 16 (born 21 Apr 1858) William Thomas (of) William Walker & Alicia Susannah Sterry, 70 East Lane, Sail Maker

Bermondsey Christ Church
Marriages 1832-1920
%1912 May 26 Joseph William Chandler, 23, Bach:, Miller, 52 Fendall Street, Father: Joseph William Chandler, Carman & Emma Florence Sterry, 20, Spin:, 52 Fendall St, Father: William George Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William James George John Sterry, Eliza Elizabeth Sterry, Alice Thorby

Bermondsey, St James [Jamaica Road]
Baptisms 1830-1838 (PR); 1830-1848, 1854-1855 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry) [Records commence 1830]
**1847 Jan 21 (born 10 Aug 1846) Onslow (of) Robert Dunnell & Hannah Amelia Sterry, Blue Anchor Road, Perfumer [In the IGI this baptism is shown as Milow]
**1874 Apr 26 Robert Henry (of) Robert & Olive Sterry, 13 Ter[?] Lane Bermondsey, Engineer in Navigation

Bermondsey, St James [Jamaica Road]
Marriages 1830-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1830-1930 (Ancestry) [Records commence 1830]
#1837 Jun 22 Henry Greenwood of St John Southwark, widower & Mary Sterry, of this parish, spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Samuel Henry Sterry, George Greenwood, Edward Forster, Hester[?] Gatskill[?], Emily Hall and Mary Ann Greenwood.
**1866 Aug 6 William Sterry, of full age, Bachelor, Smith, Salisbury Street, Father: William Sterry, Green Grocer & Ann Twelves, of ful age, Spinster, Marigold Street, Father: William Twelves (decd), Market Gardiner. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: Frances Twelves, L Goombryo
##1910 Oct 9 William Henry Starie, 38, Bachelor, Manager, 73 Abbey Street, Father: John Starie (Deceased), Oil Colourman & Ellen Elizabeth Gertrude Goom, 25, Spinster, 73 Abbey Street, Father: Robert Goom (deceased), Window Cleaner, Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry King, Amy Louise Hotstone
%1930 Jan 4 Robert Leonard Sterry, 23, Bachelor, Chef, 13 Clements Rd [Father] William James George Sterry, Putty Powder Manuf. & Adelaide Eleanor Burrows, 24, Spinster, 9 Storks Rd [Father] Thomas John Burrows, Labourer. Banns. Wit: William Horace Sterry, T J Burrows, M F Burrows

Bermondsey, St James [Jamaica Road]
Burials 1813-1980 (Ancestry) [Records commence 1830]
**1830 Aug 24 John James Sterry, Jamaica Row, 1 week
#1831 Jul 18 Ellen Frances Sterry, Grange Rd, 5 mo
**1835 Apr 10 John Wright Sterry, St Mary Rotherhithe, 7 mo
**1848 Mar 17 William Bristow Sterry, Nutkins Corner, 55 years

Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene [Bermondsey St]
Baptisms 1548-1642
[gap 1643-1652], 1825-1839 (PR); 1653-1658, 1763-1782, 1803-1805 (Index); 1659-1682 (PR); 1782 to 1829 (Docklands Ancestors); 1548-1609 (IGI); 1548-1914 (Ancestry)
1558 May 27 Anne the daughter of Thomas Starry
#1796 Oct 28 Mary (born 29 Sep 1796) d. Samuel Henry Sterry and Mary, By Square, Surgeon
#1801 Dec 29 (born 20 Nov 1801) Henry s. Samuel Henry Sterry & Mary, By Square. Surgeon.
**1824 Feb 25 (born 28 Jan 1824) William Walker (of) William Bristow & Betsey Louisa Sterry, Abode: Folley, Sail Maker.
**1827 Apr 29 (born 31 Mar 1827) Robert Dunnell (of) William and Betsey Sterry, Abode: East Lane, Sailmaker
**1829 Nov 8 (born 11 Jan 1829) Betsey Patience (of) William Bristow and Betsey Sterry, Abode: Nutkins Corner, Sail Maker
**1831 Jan 30 (born 9 Jan 1831) Adelaide Drummond (of) William Bristow and Betsey Louisa Sterry, Abode: Nutkins Corner, Sail Maker
#1831 March 18 Ellen Frances (of) Henry (&) Ellen Sterry, Abode: Grange Road, Surgeon
**1836 July 6 James Laing (of) William Bristow (&) Betsy Louisa Sterry, Abode: Nutkins Corner, Sail Maker
%1867 May 5 (born 11 Mar 1867) Rosena (of) George & Elizabeth Sterry, 5 York St, Labourer
%1869 Jul 4 (born 14 Jun 1869) William James George John s. George & Betsy Elizabeth Sterry, York St, Labourer
%1871 Apr 2 John Henry s. George & Elizabeth Sterry, 69 Beckway St, Labourer
%1891 Feb 22 George William (of) William James George John & Florence Alora Sterry, 33 Pages Walk, Labourer
%1892 May 1 Emma Florence (of) William James George & Florence Alora Sterry, 177 Grange Road, Labourer
%1894 Jul 29 George Albert (of) William James George John & Florence Alora Sterry, 177 Grange Road, Labourer
%1896 Aug 9 William Horace (of) William & Florence Alora Sterry, 177 Grange Rd, Labourer
%1900 Apr 1 (born 11 Mar 1900) George Thomas (of) George & Mary Ann Sterry, 23, Alfreton St, Warehouseman
%1901 Feb 10 Florence Alice Caroline (of) William James George John & Florence Alora Sterry, 41 Lucy Road, Calcina[?]
%1902 Oct 1 (born 17 Sep 1902) George William (of) John Henry & Alice Sterry, 67 Beckway Street, Labourer
%1904 Aug 21 Henry Thomas (of) William & Florence Sterry, 41 Lucey Road, Milkman
%1906 Dec 5 Alice Ethel (of) William James George John & Florence Laura Sterry, 5 Freda Street, Labourer
%1906 Dec 5 Robert Leonard (of) William James George John & Florence Laura Sterry, 5 Freda Street, Labourer
**1911 Aug 30 William Henry s. James & Polly Louisa Sterry [index only]
**1913 Jan 12 [born 7 Dec 1912] Jessie Mabel d. James & Polly Sterry [index only]
%1914 Jan 18 [born 29 Dec 1913] George Albert s. George Albert & Agnes Sterry [index only]
**1914 Nov 8 [born 29 Sep 1914] Henry s. James & Polly Louisa Sterry, 38 Extham[?] St, Carter

Note: Additional/Variation Baptisms in St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey are noted in Smith's The Sterry Family:
1555 Mar 21 Unknown STARRIE Baptised child of Thomas STARRIE [Not located in parish register]
1557/8 Feb 5 Katherine STARY Baptized daughter of Thomas STARY [Not located in parish register]
1558 May 27 Mary STARY Baptised daughter of Thomas STARY [Located in parish register with surname STARRY]

Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene [Bermondsey St]
Marriages 1548-1642
[gap 1643-1652], 1653-1813 (Index & Modern Transcript); 1674-1700 (Index); 1830-1839 (1548-1609-PR); 1842-1870 (Index);1548-1700 (Boyds); 1548-1609, 1801-1841 (IGI); 1754-1930 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index]
1571 Jul 15 Wm Stary & Margarett Ireland
1572 May 15 Jo: Smyth & Eliz: Stary
1587 May 8 William Stary & Cassander Burton
#1611/12 Jan 21 Edward Adkins and Agnes Stiry
1677 Nov 8 Thomas Starey and Valeanna Clerke [Entry checked against PR. Note in Index for 1674-1700 at SOG, this entry has been transcribed as Thomas Storey & Valentine Clerke]
#1790 Jul 24 Benjamin Wasey Sterry ofthe parish of Christ Church Surrey, Bachelor and Mary Davis of this parish spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wit: Jno Davis, Hester Hitchen[?]
#1837 Jun 22 Henry Greenwood of St Johns Southwark in the Co of Surry Widower and Mary Sterry Spinster by licence (both signed) in the presence of Samuel Henry Sterry, George Greenwood, Edward Forster, Henrietta Gaitskill, Emily Hall, Mary Ann Greenwood
%1891 Aug 2 John Henry Sterry, 21, Bachelor, General Labourer, Beckway Street, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Engineer & Alice Osborne, 20, Spinster, Barlow Street, Father: John Osborne, Plasterer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Bland, Emily Osborne
**1894 Aug 26 Arthur James Day, 22, Bachelor, Cast Maker, Deptford, Father: William George Day, Deceased & Annie Sterry, 19, Spinster, Deptford, Father: William Sterry, Bolier Maker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Thomas Sterry, Mary Elizabeth Sterry
%1907 Dec 25 William Thomas Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, 3 Clancy Place, Father: George Henry Sterry, Labourer & Mary Ann Ellen Wheelwright, 20, Spinster, 3 Clancy Place, Father: John Charles Wheelwright, Fish Porter. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: Thomas George, Florence Clara Porter
%1910 Nov 27 George Frederick Sterry, 18, Bachelor, Packer, 52 Hurall St, Father: William Sterry, Labourer & Agnes Sophia Duckman, 19, Spinster, 21 Wolseley Btop, Father: Francis George Duckman, Stoker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William James George John Sterry, Harriet E Duckman
%1911 Aug 6 John Henry Sterry, 40, Widower, Labourer, 4 Havelock House Crosslett St Sth[?], Father: George Thomas Sterry, Deceased & Mary Connell, 35, Widow, 4 Havelock House Crosslett St Sth[?], Father: Michael Hurley, Deceased. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Charles Terry, Elizabeth Terry
**1917 Jun 3 Charles Eccleston, 27, Bachelor, Soldier, 19 Herrand[?] St, Father: Charles Eccleston (deceased), Coal Miner & Mary Ann Sterry, 23, Spinster, Munition Worker, 19 Herrand[?] St, Father: James Sterry (deceased), Fishmonger. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William McGuire, Jane Sterry
1918 Apr 20 Henry Albert Scroggs, 51, Widower, Labourer, 19 Herrand St, Father: Henry Scroggs (deceased), White Smith & Jessie Sterry, 51, Widow, Munition Worker, 19 Herrand St, Father: Joseph Lee (deceased), Slatemaker. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: Joseph Philby, Elizabeth Philby
%1918 Dec 25 Percy Edward Abraham, 24, Bachelor, Carman, 21 Aberdour St, Father: Percy Edward Abraham (deceased), Carman & Emily Rose Sterry, 21, Spinster, Munition Worker, Father: Jack Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Henry G Sterry, Elizabeth May Sterry
%1919 Aug 10 Henry Murray, 22, Bachelor, Leather-dresser, 135 Bermondsey St, Father: John Murray (deceased), Labourer & Mary Lavinia Sterry, 20, Spinster, Soldier, 135 Bermondsey St, Father: George Thomas Sterry (deceased), Labourer. Banns. He marked, she signed. Wit: Charles Dunn, Bridget Murray
**1920 May 8 Ellen Caroline Heald, 34 [Father] James Sterry & William John Murphey, 35 [Father] William John Murphey [index only]
%1923 Apr 14 Horace Gilbert Woodhead, 26, Bachelor, Motor driver, 20 Grange Walk [Father] Edmund Charles Woodhead, Drayman & Florence Alice Caroline Sterry, 22, Spinster, Leather-case liner, 52 Hudall St [Father] William James George John Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Wit: Violet Somerville, William Horrace Sterry
%1926 Apr 4 Arthur Manning Harvey, 23, Bachelor, Motor driver, 89 Abbey St [Father] Robert Manning Harvey, Labourer & Elizabeth May Sterry, 25, Spinster, Tinworker, 21 Aberdour St [Father] Jack Henry Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Wit: J H Sterry, Annie Elizabeth Evans
%1927 May 8 Alfred George Hardinges, 21, Bachelor, Fishmonger, 53 Abbey St [Father] Alfred Hardinges, Fishmonger & Ethel Alice Sterry, 20, Spinster, Machinist, 52 Hudall St [Father] William James George John Sterry, Putty powder maker

Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene [Bermondsey St]
Burials 1548-1642
[gap 1643-1652], 1825-1839 (PR); 1658/59-1663, 1674-1738, 1760-1785, 1817-1832 (Indexes only); 1653-1675 (PR); 1548-1812 (Ancestry)
1549 Jul 22 Symond Starry
1558/59 Jan 9 John Starry
1562 Sep 1 Mary Stary
1609 Aug 6 Thomas Stirry a yougue[sic] man, cons[umption]
1610 Nov 14 Joyse Stirry an old woman
1668 Sep 8 Isabell Starie
1682 Nov 21 Thomas Stary
1765 Apr 7 Sterry Jas (5), Pages Wlk [Checked against parish register. Entry in parish register reads: ‘James Sterry from pages walk 5 years’ together with  costs for burial: Min 2/4, ee: 0/6, Sex: 0/6, Gd:0/6, Bell:1, Qrd:1]
#1793 Jun 14 Wasey Sterry, aged 1 year, deliently[?] - from Christ Church in a vault in church yard Desk[?] Service[?]
1828 Apr 29 George Sterrey Abode: Water Lane. 24 yrs.
**1830 Aug 24 John Jas Sterry Abode: Jamaica Rowe. 1 week.
#1831 June 18 Ellen Frances Sterry 5 months. Abode: George Rd
**1835 Apr 10 John Wright Sterry 7 months. Abode: Rotherhithe
**1835 Nov 16 Patience Sterry Haughton 70 years. Abode: Nuthews Corner

Brixton St John
Baptisms 1842-1906
##1862 Dec 17 Sarah Mary daughter of William Henry & Mary Starey, Vassall Rd, Gentleman
##1865 Sep 27 (born 12 Sep) Frederick Ellicott (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, No 2 Caroline Cottages St Anns Rd Brixton, Clerk in Bank of England
##1873 Nov 25 Major Samuel Rawstorn son of William Henry & Mary Starey, Vassall Rd, Gentleman

Brixton St John
Marriages 1842-1921
##1889 Jul 23 John William Brumfit, 21, Bachelor, Managing Clerk, 18 Severus Road St John's Hill New Wandsworth, Father: Marshall Brumfit, Merchant & Mary Sarah Starey, 25, Spinster, 54 Knowle Road, Father: William Henry Starey (deceased), Clerk Bank of England. Banns. Wit: Francis Wilson Verming, Elizabeth Isabel Rayner

Brixton St Matthews
Baptisms 1825-1845
(IGI); 1826-1906 (Ancestry)
##1886 Oct 31 (born 13 Aug 1886) William Frederick (of) William John Coleman & Rosina Susan Starey, 14 Tunstall Rd, Builder's Clerk
##1891 Sep 23 (born 13 May 1888) Jessie Rose (of) William John Coleman & Rosina Susan Starey, 40 Trinity Square, Builder's Clerk

Brixton St Paul
1920 Apr 4
%Henry Robert Sterry, 27, Bachelor, Metal Manufacturer, 4 Industry Terrace Brixton [Father] John Henry Sterry, General Labourer & Dorothy Elizabeth Abraham, 25, Spinster, 4 Industry Terrace Brixton [Father] William John Abraham, Printer. Banns. Wit: Elizabeth May Sterry, Percy Edward Abraham

Camberwell St Giles
Baptisms 1557-Mar 1749/50 (PR); 1750-1838 (Index); 1813-1906 (Ancestry); 1763-1764, 1801-1845 (IGI)
1831 Oct 2 John Robert son of Robert & Elizabeth Stary, Camberwell, Gardener [Checked against parish register]

Camberwell St Giles
Marriages 1557-Mar 1749/50
(PR); 1558-1725 (Boyds); 1763-1764, 1801-1820, 1823-1831, 1833-1837 (IGI); 1750-1837 (Index only); 1803-1808 (Modern Transcript); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
1833 Oct 30 William Bawcomb, of this parish, Bachelor  & Hannah Sterrey, of this parish, Spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wit: George Smith, Sarah Croydon
##1849 Jan 22 Major John Starey, Minor, Bachelor, Gentleman, Bath Place Peckham, Father: Major Coleman Starey, Gentleman & Sarah Maria Astell, Minor, Spinster, Bath Place Peckham, Father: William Astell, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Astell, M C Starey

Camberwell St Giles
1557-Mar 1749/50 (PR)

Camberwell St Mark
Baptisms 1890-1914
%1913 Jul 13 [born 22 Jun 1913] Edith Frances d. George & Mary Ann Sterry [index only]

Clapham Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1552-1815
(Index); Baptisms 1792-1866 (IGI)

Clapham Holy Trinity
Marriages 1551-1688, 1702, 1792-1837
(Transcription/Index BTs); 1551-1754 (Boyds); 1792-1873 (IGI); 1551-1921 (Ancestry)
#1725 May 25 Samuel Sterry and Frances Heath
##1905 Jul 6 Herbert Norris Starey, 29, Bachelor, Merchant Clerk, 33 Cedars Road, Father: John Starey, Trade Mark Agent & Mary Stinton, 27, Spinster, 11 Orlando Road, Father: Alfred Stinton (deceased), Hotel Proprietor. Licence. Wit: Pollie Stinton, C L Payloy[?]

Clapham Holy Trinity
Burials 1555-1854
(Index); 1813-1980 (Ancestry)
##1823 Aug 1 Benjamin Starey, a married man, a merchant, [Abode] Clapham Terrace, age 66
1829 Mar 20 Samuel Sterry, Workhouse, 78 years

Clapham St John the Evangelist
Baptisms 1842-1906
*1891 Oct 24 (born 22 Oct 1881) Ernest David (of) David and Elizabeth Sterry (Roper), 23 Clarence Street, Police Sergeant

Clapham Park St James
Baptisms 1854-1906
*1874 Nov 28 Clara Louise (of) Edward[sic] & Eliza Sterey, Clapham, Engineer
1953 Jul 17 Herbert Norris Starey, 77 yrs, 7 Brearwood[?] Rd Streatham[?] Park

Clapham Park St James
Marriages 1854-1921
*1873 Dec 25 Ellis Sterry, 30, Bachelor, Labour, Clapham, Father: Thomas Sterry, Farm Bailiff & Eliza Pyett, 29, Spinster, Clapham, Father: Robert Pyett, Farm Bailiff. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Stephen Smith, Emily Pyett

Clapham Park St James
1957 Nov 20 Charlotte Starey, 91 yrs, Elms[?] Rd

Clapham Workhouse

There is an entry in the SOG Great Card Index:
**1829 Mar 20 Samuel Sterry, age 78, Workhouse Clapham London

Cranleigh St Nicholas
Baptisms 1566-1567, 1608-1875

Cranleigh St Nicholas
Marriages 1609-1837 (Boyds); 1609-1877 (IGI)
1852 Feb 5 James Steerey & Mary Ann Balchin

Cranleigh St Nicholas
Burials 1609-13, 1616-1865

Croydon St Andrew
Marriages 1861-1917
+1894 Dec 20 Edward Frank Sterry, 24, Bachelor, School master, 1 West Street [Father] George Sterry, Gentleman & Elizabeth Looker, 24, Spinster, Highworth Wilts, [Father] Richard Looker, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Fisher Looker, Elizabeth Lydia Mary Radwell

Croydon St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1602-1800,
1811-1838, 1859-1885 (BIVR); 1538-1601, 1653-1769, 1800-1859 (IGI)
##1793 Aug 11 (born 16 Jul 1793) Anna Maria d. Samuel Starey and Elizabeth
##1795 Jan 30 (born 1 Jan 1795) Elisabeth d. Samuel Starey and Elisabeth
##1799 Oct 2 (born 2 Sep 1799) Major Coleman s. Samuel Starey and Elizabeth
##1819 Feb 20 (born 24 Dec 1818) Thomas Rawstorn s. Thomas Starey and Mary Anne
##1820 Apr 3 Samuel Roberts s. Thomas Starey and Mary Ann
##1822 Jun 23 Mary Ann d. Thomas Starey and Mary Ann
##1823 Jun 8 (born 22 Apr 1823) James Richard s. Thomas Starey and Mary Ann
##1825 Jan 1 (born 26 Oct 1824) George Coleman s. Thomas Starey and Mary Ann
##1829 Jan 20 (born 5 Sep 1828) Major-major John s. Major-major Coleman Starey and Sarah (not in IGI)

Croydon St John the Baptist
Marriages 1813-1829, 1836-1847, 1860-1866, 1876-1881, 1887-1895
(BIVR); 1538-1846 (IGI); 1800-1812 (Modern Transcript); Ancestry
1560 Jun 19 Edmonde Starye and Ursula Woodstock
1628 Apr 27 Richard Sterry[?] and Clemence Fynch [IGI has Sherry. Checked original. Probably SHERRY and there are Sherry baptisms in same parish about this time with father Richard]
##1817 Jan 1 George Coleman of Christ Church, London, Bachelor and Elizabeth Starey of this parish, spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wit: Thos Starey, Saml Starey, Major Coleman Starey
##1821 Aug 1 Edward Ellicott and Ann Prudence Starey

Croydon St John the Baptist
Burials 1538-1704, 1708-1840 (NBI); 1847-1851, 1854-1857 (Ancestry: Family Search Film 1835912)
Nil [Ancestry has a burial in this parish of a Henry Sterry in 1629 but original checked and almost certainly SHERRY.]
##1856 Jul 12 Samuel Starey

Croydon St Luke Woodside
Baptisms 1872-1885 (IGI); 1872-1900 [Ancestry]
+1895 Dec 15 Ella Mary d. Edward Frank & Elizabeth Sterry, 35 Denmark Road, School Master
+1898 Nov 20 Lilian Elizabeth Florence d. Edward Frank & Elizabeth Sterry, 35 Denmark Road, School Master

Croydon St Luke Woodside
Marriages 1873-1895 (IGI)

Dulwich St Barnabas
Marriages 1894-1920
**1913 Sep 14 [Banns Aug 24, 31 & Sep 7; he of parish of St Mary S Harrow, she of this parish] Alan Ernest Sterry, 26, Bachelor, Carpenter, 8 Eastcote Road S Harrow, Father: William Cook Sterry (decd), Carpenter & Eliza Steward, 32, Spinster, 89 Dulwich Village, Father: Jack Steward (decd), Painter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Staff, Arthur Sterry

Earlsfield St Andrew
Baptisms 1911-1914
1907 Jan 30 Ellen Mary d. William Henry & Sophia Ellen Victoria Sterry[?] [index only]

East Dulwich St John
Baptisms 1865-1906
+1886 Jan 3 Louise Lilian (of) Walter & Mary Ann Sterry, 13 Arnott Road E Dulwich, Hair Dresser

East Dulwich St John
Marriages 1865-1920
+1908 Aug 6 Percy Harold Sterry, 25, Bac, Traveller, 14 Blackwater Street, Father: Walter Sterry, Hairdresser & Beatrice Emily Gadd, 28, Spin, 14 Blackwater Street, Father: Charles Gadd, Carpenter. Both signed. Wit: Edward Keeble, Phoebe Elizabeth Gadd

East Molesey St Paul
Marriages 1857-1937
**1898 Dec 14 Arthur Sterry, full age, bachelor, baker, Prittlewell Essex [Father] William Cook Sterry, Carpenter & Caroline Sparkes, full age, spinster, East Molesey [Father] William Sparkes, Foreman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Ada Mary Sparkes, William Mills

Gatton St Andrew
Baptisms 1599-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1599-1875 (IGI)

Gatton St Andrew
Marriages 1599-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1599-1812 (Boyds); 1813-1836 (Transcript/Index); 1599-1882 (IGI)
1661 Jul 9 Henry COATES & Joane STERYE both of Rusper
1661 Sep(?) 18(19?) George BATCHELOR & Jone STERYE (Boyd's has John Bachelor; IGI has Sep 18)

Gatton St Andrew
Burials 1599-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1600, 1603-20, 1623, 1627-49, 1652-63, 1666-86, 1689-1702, 1708-60, 1763-69, 1775-1802, 1805-20, 1823-41(NBI)

Hatcham St James
Marriage 1854-1921
**1904 Jul 2 William Herbert Finch, 25, Bachelor, Plumber, 94 Malpas Road, Father: Alfred John Finch (deceased), Gardener & Alma Harriett Sterry, 21, Spinster, 12 Luxwore Street, Father: Alfred Sterry (deceased), Seaman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Arthur Daniel Sterry, Eva Ethel Sterry

Kennington St Agnes
Baptisms 1874-1906
*1902 Oct 31 (born 19 May) Philip Alexander (of) Maurice Philip & Christina Clara Sterry, 101 Royal Road, Porter

Kennington St Mark
Baptisms 1825-1837
(PR Transcript); 1825-1875 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1831 Dec 9 Elizabeth Jane (of) John Joseph & Elizabeth Starie, York Terrace, Ironmonger
##1837 Jul 12 Jane (of) William & Jane Starie, Dorset Place North, Builder
##1840 Nov 4 (born 8 Oct) Augusta Marie (of) William & Jane Starie, Dorset Place North, Builder
##1842 Jul 20 (born 22 Jun) Fanny (of) William & Jane Starie, Dorset Place North, Builder
##1849 May 27 [born 20 Dec 1848] Major s. Major Starey & Sarah Maria (IGI/FamilySearch only)
##1852 Sep 17 (born 21 Aug 1852) Sarah Elizabeth d. Major John Starey, Gentleman and Sarah Maria, Normandy Place

Kennington St Mark
Marriages 1825-1837 (PR Transcript); 1826-1839 (IGI)

Kennington St Mark
Burials 1825-1837 (PR Transcript)

Kingston on Thames All Saints
Baptisms 1542-1882 (PR Transcript); 1541-1875 (IGI)
1804 Jul __ [born 5 Jun 1804] John Sterry s. Richard Holden & Frances Webb

Kingston on Thames All Saints
Marriages 1542-1880 (PR Transcript); 1543-1740 (Boyds); 1543-1876 (IGI)

Kingston on Thames All Saints
Burials 1542-1919 (PR Transcript); 1543-56, 1560-1665, 1668-1840 (NBI)
**1911 Apr 18 Albert Thomas Sterry, 121 Shortlands Road Kingston, 7 months
**1911 May 18 Caroline Sterry, 121 Shortlands Road Kingston, 39 years

Kingston on Thames St John
**1906 Feb 19 Ivy Nellie d. Arthur & Caroline Sterry, Horace Rd Kingston, Traveller
**1907 Mar 27 Harry s. Arthur & Caroline Sterry, Horace Rd Kingston Traveller
**1907 Mar 27 Ivy Nellie d. Arthur & Caroline Sterry, Horace Rd Kingston Traveller

Kingston on Thames St Luke
**1907 May 19 [born 22 Mar] Ivy Florence d. William Thomas & Florence Emily Sterry, 9 Bearfield Rd, Florist

Lambeth All Saints [Lower Marsh, cnr York St]
Marriages 1847-1921
**1852 Aug 23 John Kippen, full age, Bachelor, Huckster, 3 Harriet Street, Father: William Kippen (decd.), Waterman & Mary Ann Sterry, Minor, Spinster, 3 Harriet Street, Father: James Sterry, Huckster. Banns. He signed; she put her mark. Wit: David Lloyd, Rebecca Lloyd, James Butterworth

Lambeth Holy Trinity (Tulse Hill)
Marriages 1856-1921
##1894 Jul 23 Frederic Daniel Brumfitt, 24, Bachelor, Clerk, Wyndham Villa Sisters Avenue Clapham Common, Father: Marshall Brumfitt, Merchant & Eleanor Eliza Starey, 27, Spinster, 54 Craster Road, Father: William Starey, Clerk. Banns. Wit: John William Brumfitt, Sydney Philip Thomett

Lambeth St Andrew [Stockwell Green]
Baptisms 1860-1868 (IGI); 1868-1914 (Ancestry]
##1897 Mar 7 (born 17 Dec 1896) Mavis Lily (of) Frederick Ellicott & Lily Starey, 12 Landon Rd, Coffee House Manager
##1899 Apr 30 (born 30 Jan 1898) Ivy Constance (of) Frederick Ellicott & Lily Starey, 436 Cold Harbour Lane Brixton, Coffee House Keeper
**1912 Jan 25 John William s. James & Honor Elizabeth Sterry [index only]
**1912 Jan 25 Frederick Charles s. James & Honor Elizabeth Sterry [index only. Note birth in GRO is recorded as 'Alfred C Sterry']

Lambeth St Andrew [Stockwell Green]
Marriages 1868-1875 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
**1861 Jul 29 Henry Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Huckster, 10 Windmill Row, Father: James Sterry, Huckster & Eliza Willman, 22, Spinster, 10 Windmill Row New Cut, Father: Charles Willman, Chimney Sweep. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: John Kippen, Mary Ann Kippen
**1886 Mar 28 James Mortimer, 24, Bachelor, Gentleman's Servant, 8 Friar St, Father: William Mortimer, Bird-fancier & Caroline Sterry, 23, Spinster, 25 Gun St Friar St, Father: Henry Sterry, General Dealer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry Sterry, Jane Mortimer
**1888 Sep 3 Henry Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Fishmonger, 3 Windmill St, Father: Henry Sterry, Fishmonger & Isabella Martha Ross, 19, Spinster, 3 Windmill St, Father: Henry Ross, Bootmaker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Frederick Upton, Mary Ann Upton
##1895 Nov 24 Frederic Ellicott Starey, 30, Bachelor, Manager, 26 Hubert Grove, Father: William Henry Starey (dec), Clerk & Lily Dove, 25, Spinster, 6 Dalyell Rd, Father: Henry Dove, Pianoforte Maker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry Dove, Ada Dove

Lambeth St Andrew, Coin Street
Baptisms 1854-1906

Lambeth St Andrew, Coin Street
Marriages 1856-1921
1881 Oct James Wellman, 22, Bachelor, General Dealer, 25 Gun St, [Father] Henry Wellman, General Dealer and Jessie Lee, 20, Spinster, [Father] Joseph Lee, Slate Maker. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: James Carter, Jane Wellman

Lambeth St James the Apostle [Knatchbull Road]
Marriages 1874-1930
*1914 Dec 20 Ernest Charles Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Salesman, 2 Roslyn Terrace, Father: William Martin Sterry, Bailiff & Alice Florence Sawyer, 25, 2 Roslyn Terrace, Father: George Sawyer, Grocer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Frederick George Dermond Sawyer, Maude Beatrice Sawyer
*1927 Jun 4 Frederick James Pennell, 23 [Father] Frederick James Daniel Pennell & Daisy Hilda Sterry, 24 [Father] William Martin Sterry [index only]

Lambeth St John the Evangelist [Waterloo Road]
Baptisms 1825-1827, 1829-1832, 1834-1836, 1853-1875
(IGI); 1824-1914 (Ancestry)
1827 May 13 Celia dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Sterry, Tower St Waterloo Road, Baker
**1859 Jul 31 (born 14 Jul 1859) James Henry (of) Henry & Eliza Sterry, 3 Harriet Street, Huckster
**1861 Aug 25 (born 7 Aug 1861) Mary Ann (of) James & Eliza Sterry, Windmill Court, Labourer
##1862 Dec 17 Sarah Mary Starey d. William Henry Starey & Mary
**1863 May 3 (born 17 Apr 1863) Caroline (of) Henry & Eliza Sterry, Windmill Street, General Dealer
##1863 Nov 25 Samuel Rawston Starey s. William Henry Starey & Mary
**1864 Nov 13 (born 27 Oct 1864) Eliza (of) Henry & Eliza Sterry, Windmill Row, Huckster
**1865 Dec 24 (born 10 Dec 1865) Teddy (of) Henry & Eliza Sterry, Windmill Row, Dealer
**1868 Jan 5 (born 14 Dec 1867) Henry (of) Henry & Eliza Sterry, Windmill Row, General Dealer
**1872 Nov 10 (born 29 Oct 1872) William s. Henry & Eliza Sterry, 12 Lower Marsh, Dealer
**1874 Mar 29 (born 12 Mar 1874) Caroline (of) John & Harriet Sterry, 20 Hooper Street Waterloo Road, General Dealer
1880 Sep 26 (born Sep 2) Lillian (of) William & Mary Anne Starie, 3 R. Peabody Square Blackfriars, Photographer
**1881 Aug 28 [born 6 Aug 1881] Eliza Lee Caroline d. James and Jessie Stery, 49 Oakley St, General Dealer
**1883 Jun 17 [born 28 May 1883] James Henry s. James and Jessie Stary, Windmill St, General Dealer
**1885 Jul 19 [born 25 Jun 1885] Ellen Caroline d. James & Jessie Stery, 3 Windmill St, General Dealer
1887 Oct 26 (born 17 Apr 1840) Eliza Wellman (of) Charles & Jane Sterry (nee Wellman), 25 Gunn St Friar St, General Dealer
**1887 Aug 14 (born 18 Jul 1887) Harriet (of) James & Jessie Sterry, 40 Gunn St Blackfriars Rd, General Dealer
**1888 Dec 2 (born 11 Nov 1888) Eliza (of) Henry & Isabella Sterry, 10 Pocock St Blackfriars Rd, Fish-curer
**1891 Sep 20 (born 1 Sep 1891) Isabella Jessie (of) James & Jessie Sterry, 25 Gun St Southwark, Fish-curer
**1891 Feb 22 (born 30 Jan 1891) Isabella Martha (of) Henry & Isabella Martha Sterry, 3 Martin St Friar St, Fish-Curer
**1892 Oct 16 (born 23 Sep 1892) Henry Albert (of) Henry & Isabella Sterry, 3 Wellington Place Friars St, General Dealer
**1894 Jul 15 (born 23 Jun 1894) Mary Ann (of) James & Jessie Sterry, 15 Delf St Tabard St Borough, Fish Curer
**1895 Oct 16 (born 27 Sep 1895) John (of) James & Honor Elizabeth Sterry, 44 Caffyn St, Labourer
**1896 Aug 23 (born 5 Aug 1896) John (of) Henry & Isabella Sterry, 3 Miniva St Blackfriars, General Dealer
**1896 Nov 1 (born 16 Oct 1896) Charlotte (of) James & Jessie Sterry, 15 Delf Street, General dealer
**1898 Aug 14 (born 31 Jul 1898) Joseph (of) Joseph & Mary Sterry, 56 Turwell St Waterloo Rd, General Dealer
**1900 Mar 11 (born 19 Feb 1900) Janie (of) James (decd) & Jessie Sterry, 41 Friar St, Fishmonger
**1900 Feb 25 (born 7 Feb) John (of) Joseph & Mary Sterry, 56 Tanwell St Waterloo Rd, General Dealer
**1902 Jun 6 (born 30 May) James (of) Joseph & Mary Sterry, 56 Tanswell Street, General Dealer
**1902 Jul 6 (born 18 Jun) Walter Edward (of) Henry & Isabella Sterry, 3 Minerva St, General Dealer
**1905 May 14 (born 29 Apr 1905) Mary (of) Joseph & Mary Sterrey, St Mary's Buildings Oakley Street, General Dealer
**1910 May 11 [born 1 Apr 1910] Jane Elizabeth d. James & Honour Elizabeth Sterry [index only]

Lambeth St John the Evangelist [Waterloo Road]
Marriages 1834-1836, 1853-1875 (IGI); 1824-1921 (Ancestry)
**1831 Feb 14 James Sterry of this parish, Bachelor and Caroline Walton, of this parish, spinster. Banns. Both put their marks. Sarah Coxon[?], Will Sterry
1834 Mar 9 Thomas Starey, of this parish, Bachelor & Eliza Palmer, of this Parish, Spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Elizabeth Palmer, Thomas Palmer
%1845 Dec 29 Henry Biddiss, full age, Widower, Twine Spinner, Waterloo Road, Father: William Biddiss, Twine Spinner & Elizabeth Ann Sterry, full age, Spinster, Waterloo Road, Father: Thomas Geog Sterry, Smith. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: Elizabeth Franklin, James Green.
%1854 Feb 27 George Thomas Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Book binder, New Cut, Father: George Sterry, Baker & Elizabeth Tremain Jolley, full age, Spinster, New Cut, Father: William Jolley, Bricklayer. Banns. He put his mark; she signed. Wit: Carolin Downes, G Cleaver

Lambeth St Mary [Lambeth Road]
Baptism 1700-1765 (Index only); 1788-1907
(Index); 1800-1837 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
**1835 Aug 2 William Henry s. Major Coleman & Sarah Starey, Brook St, Coal Merchant [P85/MRY1/359/1-page 6]
**1836 Apr 27 Caroline dau of James & Caroline Sterry, Brooks' Court, Labourer [P85/MRY1/359/1-page 264]
**1838 May 13 Henry son of James & Caroline Sterry, Marsh, Labourer
**1842 Feb 13 John son of James & Caroline Sterry, Granby Place, Labourer
**1848 Dec 3 Emma daughter of James & Caroline Sterry, Workhouse, Costermonger
**1863 Jul 12 John Joseph son of John and Harriet Sterry, Jurston Street, General Dealer [P85/MRY1/371-page 160-index has STARY.]
1864 Oct 23 Owen son of Joseph & Mary Sterry, Hooper Street, Costermonger [P85/MRY1/372-page 10.]
**1865 Feb 5 Emma daughter of John & Harriet  Sterry, Jurston Street , Costermonger [P85/MRY1/372-page 43.]
**1866 Dec 2 Mary Ann Jane daughter of James & Catherine Sterry, Lucretia Street, General Dealer [P85/MRY1/372-page 247.]
**1867 Jun  30 James s. of John & Harriet Sterry, Jurston Street, General Dealer [P85/MRY1/373-page 4.]
**1872 May 26 Mary Ann  dr of John & Harriet Sterry, Hooper St, General Dealer [P85/MRY1/374-page 143.]
1894 Jun 24 (born 1 Jun 1894) Alfred Thomas (of) Alfred & Elizabeth Starey, 59 Commercial Rd, Printer

Lambeth St Mary [Lambeth Road]
Marriages 1695-1710
[Draft-Modern Transcript], 1718-1882 [Index-males only except for 1754-1761]; 1754-1930 (Ancestry)
1792 Dec 25 Thomas Storry, a Bachelor of this parish & Sarah Berry of the same parish spinster. By banns. Both put marks. Wit: Joseph Wheatley, James Singleton [P85/MRY1/392-page 362. Checked against parish register]
##1825 Mar 28 Major Coleman Starey, Bachelor, of this parish & Sarah Smith, Spinster a minor of this parish. With consent of father of said minor. By banns. Both signed. Wit: John Ray[?] Smith, Mary Slaye[?] [Dec 1824-Jan 1826-P85/MRY1/403-page 64. Checked against parish register]
##1830 Nov 13[not 15]John Joseph Starie, of this parish, Bachelor & Elizabeth Pember, of the parish of St Ann Blackfriars London a Spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wit: George Harrison, Fredck Pember, John Pember, Mary Ann Pember  [Dec 1829-Sep 1831-P85/MRY1/407-page 208. Checked against parish register]
**1862 Nov 17 John Steary, Minor, Bachelor, General Dealer, Charles Street, Father: James Steary, General Dealer & Harriet Rowe, of full age, Spinster, Charles Street, Father: Jonathan Rowe, Commercial Traveller. By banns. He put mark, she signed. Wit: Joseph Steary, Charlotte Rowe [Banns 2, 9 & 16 Nov.][23E-Film X38/32-Aug 1862-Mar 1863-page 109.Checked against parish register]
**1869 Jan 25 James Sterry Junr, full age, Bachelor, General Dealer, Granby Place, Father: James Sterry, General Dealer & Catherine Lapworth, full age, Spinster, Granby Place, Father: James Lapworth, Ostler. By banns. Both put marks. Wit: Ed Powell, Ann Miles [36R-Film X38/36-Oct 1868-May 1869-page 143. Checked against parish register. Banns published 1869 Jan 10, 17 & 24 have bride as Catherine Lethwood - presumably an error.]
*1880 Nov 28 [Banns Oct 24, 31 & Nov 7] David Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Police Constable, Brixton Rd, Father: Robert Sterry, Farm Bailiff & Lizzie Roper, 23, Spinster, Brighton Terrace, Father: George Roper (dec.), Carriage Proprietor. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Walter Lee, Alice Lee. [L2-X38/57-Mar 1880-Dec 1880-page 465]
%1882 Dec 19 [Banns 1882 Nov 26 & Dec 3 & 10 at Lambeth St Mary] Joseph Henry Sterry, 28, Bachelor, Labourer, James Street, Father: George Sterry, Labourer & Eliza Charlotte Sharland, 38, Widow, James Street, Father: Robert Thomas, Boot Maker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: H W Nettlebold, Ellen Roberts
**1885 Aug 31 William John Coleman Starey, 25, Bachelor, Clerk, Ryvil Rd, Father: William Henry Starey, Clerk & Rosina Susan Ford, 21, Spinster, Methley St, Father: Thomas Ford dec., Butcher. Banns. Both signed. Wit: F A Ford, E E Starey
**1897 Aug 1 Charles Bushnell, 24, Bachelor, General Dealer, 6 Lambeth Walk, Father: Charles Bushnell (dec.), General Dealer & Caroline Sterry, 23, Spinster, General Dealer, 6 Lambeth Walk, Father: John Sterry (dec.), General Dealer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Fred Charnock, Mary Ann Leach
**1922 Sep 24 [Sep 3, 10, 17] Joseph Sterry, 24, Bachelor, of this parish [Father] Joseph Sterry & Beatrice Green, Spinster, of this parish, 19 [Father] Henry Green [index only]
**1925 Aug 2 [Banns July 5, 12, 19] John Sterry, 23 [Father] Joseph Sterry & Lilian Rose Williams, 24 [Father] George Williams, both of this parish [index only]

Mike Cole supplied the following marriages for Old Lambeth Church:
##1830 Nov 15 John Joseph Starie & Elizabeth Pember [Located in Index 1812-1882 as above]

Lambeth St Mary [Lambeth Road]
Burials 1788-1860
(Index); 1813-1980 (Ancestry)
1806 George Starey [page 6]
1843 Sep 2 Elizabeth Starie aged 46

Mike Cole provided the following MIs at Old Lambeth Church:
Sacred to the memory of Mr John Pember many years of this parish and St Anns Blackfriars who died Jan 6, 1835 aged 66 years. Also Mary his wife who died Jan 22, 1825 aged 48 years. Of their children these are also interred the following:
Henry Pember of Crescent Place Blackfriars who died Jul 21 1838 aged 25 years
Ellen Woodhouse who died Apr 2 1824 aged 15 years
Ann Hester who died Jul 5 1820 aged 10 years
Edward & Catherine who died in their infancy
Also to the memory of Mrs Mary Sherinette sister of the above Mr John Pember who died Feb 3 1842 aged 84
Also of Elizabeth Starie daughter of the above John & Mary Pember and wife of John Joseph Starie of King Street Long Acre who departed this life Sep 2 1843 aged 40 yrs
(on the footstone) Sacred to the memory of Frederick the youngest son of Mary & John Pember who died at Sea looking for the Resurrection when the Sea shall give up the dead what are in it [All from Starie, Shropshire, UK line]

Lambeth, Renfrew Road Workhouse
Baptisms 1803-1875 (IGI)
**1848 Dec 3 Emma Sterry d. James Sterry & Caroline

Lambeth St Saviour [Herne Hill Rd]
Baptisms 1866-1906
##1869 Sep 3 (born 9 Jun 1869) George (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 65 Hackford Rd Brixton, Bank Clerk

Lambeth, St Thomas
Baptisms 1857-1906
##1860 Jun 19 William John Coleman (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 11 Vassall Rd Brixton, Clerk [Performed by J R Starey]
**1868 May 31 Joseph (of) John & Harriett Sterry, 29 Jurston Street, Costermonger
##1868 Oct 9 Ebenezer (of) James Richard & Mary Starey, St Thomas' Vicarage 82 Westminster Rd, Clerk in Orders
##1870 Sep 24 George William Beckett (of) James Richard & Mary Starey, St Thomas; Vicarage, Clerk in Orders [Performed by J R Starey]

Long Ditton St Mary and Tolworth
Baptisms 1564-1840 (Index); 1564-1812, 1838-1869(IGI)

Long Ditton St Mary and Tolworth
Marriages 1564-1837 (Index); 1564-1652 (Boyds); 1564-1605, 1615-1752 (IGI)

Long Ditton St Mary and Tolworth
Burials 1566-1858 (Index); 1566-1606, 1615-24, 1627-34, 1638-54, 1659-1747, 1751, 1758-1840 (NBI); 1813-1963 [Ancestry]
**1902 Dec 30 Clement W Sterry, Tolworth, aged 22
**1903 Aug 29 William Cook Sterry, Tolworth, aged 54
**1930 Dec 23 Emily Sterry, 46 Ouseley Road Balham, aged 83

Mitcham St Barnabas
Marriages 1914-1937
*1936 Jul 25 Walter Sydney Sterry, 30, Bachelor, Insurance Agent, 10 Currie House New Park Rd Clapham Park [Father] Edward Eustace Sterry, Motorman & Edith Gertrude Williams Alderson, 30, Spinster, Schoolmistress, 17 Edenvale Road Mitcham, [Father] James Williams Alderson, deceased. Banns. Wit: N V Marsden, David Pitt.

Mortlake St Mary the Virgin
Baptisms 1599-1678
(Modern Transcript); 1599-1677, 1813-1846 (IGI); 1677-1881 (BIVR)

Mortlake St Mary the Virgin
Marriages 1599-1678
(Modern Transcript); 1599-1676, 1813-1837 (IGI); 1678-1881 (BIVR)
1620 Sep 17 Crips, Ric & Eliz Starre

Mortlake St Mary the Virgin
Burials 1599-1678
(Modern Transcript); 1599-1603, 1613-43, 1649-1840 (NBI)

Newington All Saints [aka Walworth All Saints, Surrey Square. Newington All Saints was abolished in 1956 to create Walworth All Saints]
Baptisms 1870-1875 (IGI); 1866-1914 (Ancestry)
%1883 Apr 1 (born Mar 8) Henry (of) George Thomas & Lavinia Harriet Sterry, 80 Rodney Road, Labourer
%1904 Jan 8 Lily Eliza (of) John Henry & Alice Sterry, 67 Beckway St, Labourer
%1910 May 1 [born 11 Apr 1910] Joseph Edward s. George & Mary Ann Sterry [index only]

Newington All Saints [aka Walworth All Saints, Surrey Square. Newington All Saints was abolished in 1956 to create Walworth All Saints]
Marriages 1866-1930
%1889 Dec 25 [Banns Nov 24, Dec 1., 8] William James George John Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, 69 Beckway Street, Father: George Sterry, Stoker & Florence Laura Wells, 18, Spinster, 69 Beckway Street, Father: Henry Wells, Salesman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry Wells, Emma Elizabeth Wells.
%1890 Dec 25 [Banns Nov 30, Dec 7, 14] Charles Henry Norton, 31, Widower, Labourer, 67 Beckway Street, Father: Charles Norton, Labourer & Rosetta Sterry, 25, Spinster, 69 Beckway Street, Father: George Sterry, Engineer. Banns. Both put marks. Wit: George Watson, Elizabeth Watson
%1890 May 25 [Banns Apr 27, May 4, 11. She was of this parish, he was of parish of Camberwell. Eliza's surname is given as BANKING.] Joseph Henry Sterry, 34, Widower, Labourer, 15 Devonshire Street, Father: George Sterry, Labourer & Eliza Mary Ann Bantting, 35, Widow, 15 Devonshire Street, Father: Charles Winter (deceased), Cabinet Maker. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: George Watson, Elizabeth Watson
%1921 Apr 2 [Banns Mar 13, 20, 27 - both of this parish] Arthur William Gadsby, 26, Bachelor, Storesman, 1 Hopwood Street, Father: Charles William Gadsby (deceased), Lithographic Printer & Elizabeth Emma Lavinia Sterry, 20, Spinster, 1 Hopwood Street, Father: George Sterry, Paper Warehouseman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Edward Conolly, George Sterry, Isabelle Frances Conolly
%1924 Nov 9 Thomas Lonsdale, 20 [Father] William Augustus Lonsdale & Rosina Henrietta Sterry, 20 [Father] George Sterry [index only]

Newington, Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1825-1838 (Modern Transcript and Index); 1825-1842, 1860-1875 (IGI); 1900-1923 (Modern Transcription Index)

Newington, Holy Trinity
Marriages 1825-1837 (IGI); 1825-1830 (Modern Transcription Index); 1830-1835 (Modern Transcription Index-males only); 1826-1921 (Ancestry)
**1850 May 2 William Walker Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Sail Maker, East Lane, Father: William Bristow Sterry, Deceased & Alicia Susannah Ling, full age, Spinster, East Lane, Father: Thomas Ling, Mariner. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Dunnell Sterry, Eliza Ling

Newington, Holy Trinity
Burials 1825-1837 (Modern Transcription Index)

Newington St Andrew
Marriages 1877-1920
%1911 Aug 20 Charles Dunn, 19, Bachelor, Carman, 284 Tabard Street, Father: John Dunn, Wood Chopper & Elizabeth Lavinia Sterry, 19, Spinster, 284 Tabard Street, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Warehouseman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Vance[?] ___[?], Rosina Sterry

Newington St Mary [Kennington Rd]
Baptisms 1707-1867
(Index only); 1813-1834 (Modern Transcript), 1835-1836 (PR), 1837, 1849-1851 (Index), 1829-1842, 1902-1922 (Dockland Ancestors); 1813-1824, 1828-1837 (IGI); 1561-1914 (Ancestry)
1675/76 Nov 22 Jane d. John Sterrey
1722 Dec 15 Jane d. Wm Sturry
##1790 Jun 18 [born 28 Apr] Mary Ann d. John and Margaret Starey
%1837 Jun 30 (born 29 May) Caroline dr. of Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, Kent Street, labourer
**1837 Jun 30 (born 14 Apr 1837) Caroline dau of James & Caroline Sterry, New St, labourer
**1837 Jun 30 (born 1 Apr 1833) Mary Hannah dau of James & Caroline Sterry, New St, labourer
%1858 Dec 19 (born Nov 17) Joseph Henry Sterry s. of George & Elizabeth Sterry, New Street, Hawker
%1862 Nov 30 William Sterry (born Nov 4, 1862) s. of George & Elizabeth Sterry, Cross St, Labourer [checked against PR]
%1865 Feb 12 (born 27 Dec 1864) Lucy d of George & Elizabeth Sterry, King St East St, Labourer
%1875 Dec 5 (born 5 Nov 1875) Robert Charles son of George Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, 26 Crampton Street, Labourer
*1901 Mar 3 (born 16 May 1900) Victor Baden Powell (of) Maurice Phillip & Christina Clara Sterry, 79 S Agnes Place, Engineer
*1905 Mar 26 (born 17 Dec 1904) Gertrude Augusta Pearl (of) Hubert Samuel [should be Lemuel] Sterry and Gertrude Selina, 122 Cumsworth Road Wandsworth Road, Fireman S.W. Railway
*1907 May 19 Maurice Hubert s. Maurice Philip Sterry & Christina Clara, Barnaby Buildings Old Kent Road, Railway Clerk
*1907 May 19 Alice Louise Christina d. Maurice Philip Sterry & Christina Clara, Barnaby Buildings Old Kent Road, Railway Clerk

Newington St Mary [Kennington Rd]
Marriages 1669-1798
(Index only-1707-1798 grooms only); 1813-1834; 1830-1853 (Modern Transcript); 1813-1837 (IGI); 1561-1921 (Ancestry)
1667 Jul 20 Richard Sterry and Sarrah Eldon
1671 Jun 15 John Symons & Grace Sterrey
1672 Oct 17 William Beck & Jone Sterrey
1739 Nov 18 James Silvester of St Dunstans [in] the East, b[achelo]r & Mary Sterry of St Peters Cornhall[sic], spinster
**1853 Jul 30 Joshua Hunnex, full age, Bachelor, Tea Dealer, St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, Father: Joshua Hunnex, Mathematical Instrument Maker & Joanna Wright Sterry, full age, Spinster, Mina Road, Father: Robert Sterry, Master Mariner. Licence. Both signed. Wit: John Oliver, Mary Jane Oliver
%1860 Jun 11 George Biddle, full age, Bachelor, Labourer, Market Street, Father: Henry Biddle, Labourer & Caroline Sterry, full age, Spinster, Market Street, Father: Martin Sterry, Labourer. Banns. He signed; she marked. Wit: Thomas Carpenter, Mary Ann Biddle
1870 [Banns May 1, 8, 15] Major John Starey, Bachelor and Elizabeth Crocker, Spinster, both of this parish
%1875 Feb 14 George Watson, Full age, Bachelor, Cellarman, 71 Beckway Street, Father: William Watson, Labourer & Elizabeth Sterry, full age, Spinster, 69 Beckway Street, Father: George Sterry, Engineer. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: G Sterry, Elizabeth Sterry [Banns 1875 Jan 24 and 31 and Feb 7 at St Mary Newington. Both of this parish.]

Newington St Mary [Kennington Rd]
Burials 1707-1745
(Index only); 1813-1834 (Modern Transcript); 1837-1854 (Index); 1561-1812 (Ancestry)
1679 Jul 11 George Sterrey
1679 Jul 28 Elizabeth Sterrey
1802 Aug 30 John Sturry[?], a child

Newington Saint Matthew
Baptisms 1864-1875 (IGI); 1868-1906 (Ancestry)
%1901 Sep 1 (born Jul 31) Elizabeth Emma Lavinia Sterry [of] George & Mary Ann Sterry, 16 Tidestor[?] St, Warehouseman
%1901 Jun 9 (born 15 Apr) Frederick George (of) George Thomas & Lavinia Harriet Sterry, Ventry[?] Place, Warehouse man

Newington St Peter Walworth
Baptisms 1825-1897
#1851 Feb 21 (born 5 Jan 1849) Dunnell son of Robert Dunnell & Hannah Amelia Sterry, Norfolk Place East Street, Victualler (Bk 11 page 108) [Ref: X087/180. Checked against parish register]
#1851 Jan 5 (born Dec 10 1850) Mary Ann Adelaide dr of of Robert Dunnell & Hannah Amelia Sterry, Norfolk Place East Street, Victualler Sterry (Bk 11 page 108) [Ref: X087/180. Checked against parish register]

Newington St Peter Walworth
Marriages 1825-1841 (Index)

Newington St Peter Walworth
Burials 1825-1838 (Index)

New Malden and Coombe Christ Church
Marriages 1866-1937
**1912 Sep 29 Arthur Sterry, 36, Widower, Commercial Traveller (Confectioner), 26 Kingscote Rd New Malden [Father] William Cook Sterry (decd.), Carpenter & Mary Jessie Brenton, 37, Spinster, 33 Avenue Road New Malden [Father] Samuel Ball Brenton, Foreman on Farm. Banns. Wit: Alan Ernest Sterry, Alice Williams, George Spencer
*1931 Aug 12 Cecil Leonard Elvy, 35, Bachelor, Engineer, 18 Albany Road New Malden [Father] William Elvy, Retired & Hilda Maud Sterry, 26, Spinster, 27 Byron Avenue Motspur Park [Father] David Sterry deceased, Inspector N.S.P.C.C. Banns. Wit: William Elvy, Emily Elvy, Eleanor M Sterry, Cyril D J Sterry.

Norbiton St Peter
Marriages 1842-1937
**1919 Dec 20 Leonard Bullen, 30, Bachelor, Royal Navy, 13 Linden Crescent Norbiton [Father] Henry Bullen, Labourer & Gladys Sterry, 25, Spinster, 13 Linden Crescent Norbiton, [Father] Robert Sterry deceased, builder

Norwood Cemetery [Norwood Rd, Lambeth]
##1878 Feb 25 Major Coleman Starey, 104 Brixton Road, age 78
##1878 Feb 8 Florence Starey, 48 Knowle Road Brixton, 10 wks
## 1880 Apr 19 William Henry Starey, 48 Knowle Road Brixton, 45, years
##1889 Aug 30 Samuel Major Royston Starey, 2 Wesland Road Cavendish Road Clapham Common, aged 26
##1893 Jul 5 James Richard Starey, St Thomas's Vicarage Westminster Bridge Road, 70yrs
##1906 Jun 13 Mary Starey, [Abode] Esturmey Carew Road Eastbourne, 79yrs

Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, Southwark
Burial 1843-1854
1854 May 25 Eliza Mary Ann Sterry, East Lane Bermondsey, age 1 yr

Nutfield St Peter & St Paul
Baptisms 1559-1876 (IGI); 1813-1900 [Ancestry]
#1868 Mar 21 Henry Sterry s. John Sterry & Emma Percival, Dell Croft, Esquire
#1870 Feb 24 John Sterry s. John Sterry & Emma Percival, Dell Croft, Esquire
#1871 Aug 9 Perceval Sterry s. John Sterry & Emma Percival, Dell Croft Nutfield, Esquire
#1872 Dec 16 Henry Sterry s. John Sterry & Emma Percival, Dell Croft, Esquire

Nutfield St Peter & St Paul
Marriages 1813-1837
(PR Transcripts); 1558-1807 (Boyds); 1558-1876 (IGI); 1754-1937 [Ancestry]
#1866 Apr 17 John Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Gentleman, Nufield [Father] Henry Sterry, Esquire & Emma Percival Stringer, full age, Spinster, Nutfield, [Father] John Stringer, Esquire. Both signed. Wit: Rose M Q Nash, Frederick Berwell, Edgar P. Stringer

Nutfield St Peter & St Paul
Burials 1558-1658, 1661-1728, 1731-1840 (NBI); 1813-1952 [Ancestry]
#1868 Mar 24 Henry Sterry, Dell Croft, 2 days
#1872 Mar 8 Henry Sterry, 4 mths
#1900 Jun 14 Perceval Sterry, Folkstone, age 28

Peckham All Saints [Blenheim Grove]
Marriages 1872-1921
+1901 Jun 30 Frederick Percy Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Engineer, 120 Sumner Rd Peckham, Father: Thomas Perkins Sterry, Laundryman & Ena Elizabeth Welch, 24, Spinster, 102 Sumner Rd Peckham, Father: Henry Tattam Welch, Strapper. Banns. Bothy signed. Wit: Henry Tattam Welch, Grace Edith Welch, Thomas Wilfred Dagley Sterry

Peckham St Andrew
Baptisms 1865-1906
**1868 Oct 9 (born 18 Aug 1868) Joanna Edith (of) Robert Wright & Olive Sterry, 26, Radnor Street, Master Mariner

Putney St John the Evangelist
Marriages 1859-1921
##1914 Jun 30 Bernard Starie, 27, Bachelor, Signal Engineer, 58 Nurrey Road, Father: George Starie, Farmer & Nellie Louisa Pawsey, 27, Spinster, "Thrupp" Feltham Avenue East Molesey, Father: James Pawsey (deceased), Sadler. Licence. Botyh signed. Wit: L E Bartholomew, Arthur Hinton

Putney St Mary
Baptisms 1620-1870
(Modern Transcript); 1620-1686, 1700-1837 (IGI)

Putney St Mary
Marriages 1620-1870
(Modern Transcript); 1620-1837 (Boyds); 1620-1870 (IGI); 1774-1930 (Ancestry)
1929 Aug 31 Winifred Maud Sterry, 24 [Father] William Henry Sterry & Harold Victor Smith, 29 [Father] William Harold Smith

Putney St Mary
Burials 1620-1870
(Modern Transcript)
1765 May 25 Samuel Starey, aged 77

Richmond St Mary Magdalene
Baptisms 1583-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1583-1875 (IGI)

Richmond St Mary Magdalene
Marriages 1583-1780
(Modern Transcript); 1583-1780 (Boyds); 1583-1876 (IGI)

Richmond St Mary Magdalene
Burials 1583-1780
(Modern Transcript); 1584-87, 1591-1840 (NBI)
1651 Sep 15 Fraunc. Sterrey

Rotherhithe All Saints
Baptisms 1840-1844 (IGI)

Rotherhithe All Saints
Marriages 1840-1841 (IGI); 1839-1921 (Ancestry)
*1897 Dec 5 [Banns Oct 24, 31, Nov 7] Edward Eustace Sterry, 29, Bachelor, Carman, 7 Newington Crescent, Newington Butts, Father: Phillip Beach Sterry, Carpenter & Annie Jemima Moye, 25, Spinster, 9 Pedworth Road, Father: John Moye, Steward. Banns. Both signed. John Moye Junr, Mary Moye.

Rotherhithe, St Mary (Church Street)
Baptisms 1715-1861 (Index only); 1832-1837
(PRs); 1834-1870 (Docklands Ancestry Ltd); 1783-1785, 1800-1868 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
1824 May 26 (born 23 Apr 1824) Thomas son of Thomas & Sarah Starey, Eve's Place, Waterman
1826 Jun 18 (born 26 May 1826) Emily d of Thomas & Sarah Starey, Edward's Place, Waterman
**1831 Nov 6 (born 27 Aug 1831) Joanna Wright dr of Robert & Joanna Jone Sterry, Augusta Place, Master Mariner
**1834 Oct 19 (born 23 Aug 1834) John Wright son of Robert & Joanna Joan Sterry, Augusta Place, Master Mariner
**1836 Sep 28 (born 23 Aug 1836) John Wright son of Robert and Joanna Joan Sterry, Goldsworthy Terrace, Master Mariner

Rotherhithe, St Mary (Church Street)
Marriages 1722-1847
(Index only-1722 to 1765 and 1813-1837 is  grooms only)

Rotherhithe, St Mary (Church Street)
Burials 1722-1878
(Index only)

St Olaves Union Workhouse [Rotherhithe]
**1881 Feb 7 Hannah Sterry [Age] 79 [Parish] Rotherhithe [where buried] taken out
**1885 Feb 24 William Sterry [Age] 84 [Parish] Rotherhithe [where buried] To Woking 27 Feby '85

Selhurst Holy Trinity (aka Croydon Holy Trinity)
Baptisms 1867-1885
(IGI); 1867-1898 (BIVR)

Selhurst Holy Trinity (aka Croydon Holy Trinity)
Marriages 1867-1899
##1897 Mar 13 Sydney Philip Thornett, age 27, Father: John Thornett and Martha Starey, age 23, Father: William Henry Starey

Send St Mary the Virgin & Ripley St Mary Magdalene
Baptisms 1653-1875

Send St Mary the Virgin & Ripley St Mary Magdalen
Marriages 1654-1837 (Transcript/Index); 1654-1876 (IGI); 1754-1937 [Ancestry]
1667 Mar 23 Katharine Stary & Edward Bacchelor
1864 Oct 15 Charles Goldsmith, 25, Bachelor, Saddler, Ripley, [Father] William Goldsmith, Saddler & Eliza Sterry, 26, Spinster, Lady's Maid, Ripley, [Father] William Sterry, Shipowner. Both signed. Wit: George Wakeford, Sarah Sterry

Send St Mary the Virgin & Ripley St Mary Magdelane
Burials 1743-1865 (NBI-Ripley); 1653-60, 1666-1764, 1783-1865 (NBI-Send)

Shere St James
Baptisms 1547-1603, 1813-1875
(IGI); 1604-1812 (BIVR)

Shere St James
Marriages 1547-1884
(IGI), 1604-1830 (BIVR)
1618 Sep __ Morgan Shyclock & Mary Steery

Shere St James
Burials 1546-1630, 1653-1865

Shirley St John the Evengelist
Burials 1836-40 (NBI);1836-1974 [Ancestry]
1921 Oct 4 Edith Mary Sterry, Newdigate House Bexhill, 49years

South Acton All Saints [Boll Bridge Rd]
Baptisms 1873-1906
+1876 Oct 11 Kate Marion (of) William & Ellen Sterry, Strafford Road, Laundry-master
+1876 Oct 11 Alice Maud Mary (of) William & Ellen Sterry, Strafford Road, Laundry-master
+1878 Jun 12 Laura Ellen (of) William & Ellen Sterry, Strafford Rd South Acton, Laundry Master

South Lambeth All Saints
Baptisms 1878-1906
*1904 Feb 7 Maurice Eustace Beach (of) Hubert Lemuel & Gertrude Selina Sterry, 122 Crimsworth Road, Fireman

South Lambeth St Anne
Baptisms 1869-1906
##1867 Jun 12 (born 16 May 1867) Eleanor Eliza (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 2 Caroline Cottages St Anns Rd, Banker's Clerk
##1871 May 3 (born 8 Apr 1871) Harriet Catherine Roberts (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 65 Hackford Rd, Bank Clerk
##1875 Jul 14 (born 21 Jun 1875) Herbert Thomas (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 48 Knowle Road Brixton, Bank-Clerk
##1877 Dec 19 (born 22 Nov 1877) Florence (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 48 Knowle Rd, Bank Clerk
##1879 Nov 19 (born 22 Oct 1879) Louisa (of) William Henry & Mary Starey, 48 Knowle Rd, Bank Clerk

Southwark Christchurch [Blackfriars Rd]
Baptisms 1671-1710, 1807-1830, 1834-1844, 1867-1877 (IGI); 1671-1697/98, 1710-1751 (PR); 1752-1770, 1770-1801, 1802-1819, 1832-1837 (Index only); 1802-1837 (Surname Index); 1825 and 1829 and 1831(Modern Transcript); 1838-1851 (PR); 1671-1812 (Ancestry)
1674/1675 Feb 26 Then baptized Sara Sterrey the daughter of Richard Sterrey Shipwright & Sara his wife borne the same day
1677 Sep [day illegible but between Sep 13 and 23] Then baptized Richard Sterrey son of Richard Sterrey Shipwright & Sara born the same day
1679 Feb 22 Then baptized Mary the daughter of Richard Sterrey Shipwright (and Sara his wife) born the 21 of the same
1682/1683 Mar 18 Baptised Richard the sonne of Richard Sterrey, Shipwright by Sara his wife born the same day
1684 Apr 19 Baptised Rebecca the daughter of Robert Sterrey, Shipwright & Ann his wife born the same day
1685 Jun 29 Baptised Robert the son of Richard Sterrey, Shipwright by Sara his wife born the 28 of the same
1686/1687 Jan 20 Baptiz: Eliza the dau of Robert Sterrey, Shipwright by Ann his wife born the 6: of the same
1687/1688 Jan 29 Baptiz Eliza: the d of Rob Sterrey, Shipwright by Ann his wife born the 2: of the same
1688 Aug 29 Bapt: Geor the s of Rich Sterrey, Shipwright by Sara his wife born the same day
1689/1690 Feb 16 Bapt: Rob the s of Rob Sterrey, Shipwright by Ann his wife born the same day
1691 Apr 15 Bapt: Abrah the s of Rich Sterrey, Shipwright by Sarah his wife born the same day
1693 Sep 7 Bapt: George the s of Rob Sterrey, Shipwright by Ann his wife born the 18 Aug
1695/1696 Feb 25 Bapt: Will the s of Rob Sterrey, Shipwright by Ann his wife born 18: Jan
1702 May __ [born 13 May] Henry s. Henry & Frances Stury [IGI only]
#1792 Feb 15 (born Jan 19) Wasey son of Wasey Sterry, Attorney at Law & Mary his Wife [Checked against parish register]
#1793 May 22 Mary Johnson Sterry [Not located in register]

Southwark Christchurch [Blackfriars Rd]
Marriages 1807-1812, 1828-1880
(IGI); 1781-1837 (Surname Index); 1825 (Modern Transcript); 1792-1920 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index) [Note: The church was bombed during WW2 and registers are badly affected by fire and water. The extant marriage register begins in 1792 and there is an index only from 1781]
##1817 Oct 13 Thomas Starey, of the parish of Croydon, Bachelor & Mary Ann Adams, of this parish, widow. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Thos Starey, Harriet Phillips
1823 Jun 2 John Storry of this parish & Ann Garbutt of this parish spinster. By licence. Wit: F F Fothergill, Elizabeth Pulleyn
**1858 Apr 10 John Riches, full age, Bachelor, Mariner, Bennett Street, Father: Watson Thomas Riches, Lieut R N & Betsy Sterry, full age, Spinster, Yarmouth Norfolk, Father: William Bristow Sterry, Sail Maker. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Betsy Riches, S G Watson
**1912 May 13 Thomas Henry Williss, 21, Bachelor, Costermonger, 109 Broadwall, Father: Thomas Henry Williss, Costermonger & Harriett Frances Sterry, 21, Spinster, 109 Broadwall, Father: James Sterry, Costermonger. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Henry Williss, Elizabeth Geary

Southwark Christchurch [Blackfriars Rd]
Burials 1671-1718 (PR); 1671-1812 (Ancestry)
1674 Jul 23 Then buried Elizabeth Sterrey the daughter of Richard Sterrey shipwright and Sara his wife
1681 Sep 25 Buried Richard the sonne of Richard Sterrey shipwright and Sara his wife
1682 Apr 5 Mary d. Thomas Stary by Mary his wife
1682 Jul 10 Buried Mary the daughter of Richard Sterrey shipwright by Sara his wife
1684 Jul 8 Buried Rich the sonne of Rich Sterrey shipwright by Sara his wife
1687 Mar 27 Buri: Eliza the d of Rob: Sterrey shipwright by Ann his wife
1694/95 Jan 6 Buri: George the s of Rob Sterre[sic] shipwright by Ann his wife
1694/95 Jan 22 Ann Stanfield a widow the mother of Rob Sterreys wife
1698 Aug 7 Robert Stery[?] Boat Bilder
1708 Jun 3 Buried a s: of Wido: Sterrey
1728 Dec __ Sarah Sterry

Southwark St Alphege
Baptisms 1872-1906
**1894 Dec 2 Sidney Charles (of) Henry & Isabella Sterry, 34 Minever St, Costermonger

Southwark St George the Martyr [Borough High Street]
Baptisms 1602-1812
(PR); Births 1653-1665 (PR); Baptisms Jun 1778-May 1789 (Parish Clerk's Rough Note Books-LDS Film 394837); Baptisms 1825-37 (PR); Baptisms 1800-1805, 1807-1829, 1831-1836 (IGI); 1602-1906 (Ancestry)
1676 Aug 29 Mary daughter of John Stirre
1752 Mar 1 James s. Simon [and] Mary Sterry Workhouse
1895 Jun 17 (born 17 Jun 1895) George (of) Mary Ann Sterry, St Georges Workhouse, [no occupation]
+1900 Jul 15 (born 8 Mar 1894) Alice (of) William Thomas & Alice Sterry, 7 Bolton Rd Luton Beds Chil__: Hospital, Hawker

Southwark St George the Martyr [Borough High Street]
1602-1754 (Boyds); 1754-1839 (Index); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1800-1805, 1807-1829, 1831-1836 (IGI)
1602/3 Jan 30 Richard Cossens & Margery Stery. Banns [Checked against PR. Boyd's has Cosens and STERRY. Could be STORY.]
1603 Aug 1 Henry Fregg & Alce Stery[?] banns
1613 Jul 26 Edmond Stone & Elizabeth Soughwist [Checked against PR. Boyd's has Edmund STERRY]
1617/1618 Jan 22 Walter Starre & Maryan Clarke [Checked against PR]
1618/19 Jan 10 John Wright & Mary Stary
1618 Jul 8 John Stare & Elizabeth Fuller [Checked against PR.]
1618/1619 Jan 10 John Wright & Mary Stary [Checked against PR. Boyd's has RIGHT. Could be STORY.]
1668 Dec 10 John Cooke & Ann Starre [Checked against PR. Boyd's has STARY]
1677 Oct 28 Thomas Thornton & Margaret Sterry [Checked against PR]
1728 Tho Dewsal & Dy Storry
##1872 Apr 29 William Starie, full, Bachelor, Shopowner, High Street Borough, Father: Joseph Haydon Starie, Printer & Mary Ann Dowdney Dicker, full, Spinster, White Street Borough, Father: Robert Dowdney Dicker, Boatswaine. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Dicker, Sarah Jane Dicker
**1881 Dec 25 [Banns at St George the Martyr Southwark on Dec 4, 11 & 18. Both of this parish.] Frederick Exuperious Turner Upton, full age, Bachelor, Barman, Gun St, Father: Edward John Upton (deceased), Greengrocer & Mary Ann Sterry, full age, Spinster, Gun St, Father: Henry Sterry, General Dealer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: T W Bolton, C Sterry
**1901 Apr 7 [Banns Mar 10, 17, 24] William James Chester, 21, Bachelor, Boiler Maker, 121 Queens Building Scovell Road, Father: Thomas John Chester, Boiler Maker & Eliza Caroline Sterry, 20, Spinster, 34 Kecia[?] James Street, Father: James Henry Sterry (deceased), General Dealer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Arthur West, Ann Chester
**1913 May 11 Alfred John Benton, 21, Bachelor, Cycle Rider[?], 36 Esham St, Father: Frank Benton, Fish Monger & Isabella Sterry, 21, Spinster, 36 Esham St, Father: James Sterry, Fish Monger. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Henry Smart, Liley Allam
%1920 Feb 29 Albert Sterry, 26, Bachelor, Joiner, 15 Lansdown Place, Father: George Thomas Sterry (dec.), Wool Sorter & Elizabeth Constable, 22, Widow, 15 Lansdown Place, Father: Frederick Nash, Trap Maker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: James Law[?], Rose Burfield

Southwark St George the Martyr [Borough High Street]
Burials 1800-1812, 1831-1834
(PR); 1602-1980 (Ancestry)
1603 Sep 5 Richard s Simon Stery[?]
1612 Aug 10 Symond Stery[?]
1614 Jun 8 Mother Sterry
1644 Jul 26 John s. John Sterry
1644 Aug 23 [blank] s. Robert Sterry
1814 Dec 3 John Sterry, Workhouse, 37 years
1827 Dec 23 Cicely Sterry, Tower Street, 1 year
1832 Oct 24 Thomas Sterry, Workhouse, 32 yrs
1834 Jan 8 Thomas Sterry, Workhouse, 9 years
%1833 Aug 23 William Sterry, aged 3, Castle St (Kindly supplied by Dianne Brooks)
[There is a reference in the index by Peter Shilham to the poor of the parish of St George the Martyr in 1833 (vol 589 & 733) as follows: Elizabeth Sterry, Residence: 45 Castle St, Kent St, Age: 27, Children: 3: 2 boys and 1 girl: two of children are listed: Elizabeth aged 10 and William aged 2, Notes: needlework, young child]

Southwark [now Bermondsey], St John Horsleydown [Tooley Street]
Baptisms 1733-1790 (PR); 1785-1799; 1809-1837 (Modern Transcription & Index); 1799-1809 (PR); 1803-1853 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
**1828 Jul 11 (born 6 Jun) Robert Wright (of) Robert & Jonana [sic] Joan Sterry, Bermondsey, Mariner
1872 Jun 16 (born 24 May 1872) Thomas Robert (of) William & Mary Ann Starie, Barnham Street, Photographer

Southwark [now Bermondsey], St John Horsleydown [Tooley Street]
Marriages 1733-1791
(Modern Transcript); 1762-1837 (Transcript/Index); 1733-1791 (Boyds); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
**1827 Aug 22 Robt Sterry, of this parish, widower & Joanna Joan Wright, of this parish, spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Richd Gibbs, Maria Gibbs [Also Pallot Index]

Southwark [now Bermondsey], St John Horsleydown [Tooley Street]
Burials 1733-1790 (PR); 1790-1799
(Transcript); 1800-1837 (Selon Index)

Southwark [later Bermondsey] St Olave (Tooley Street)
1589-1608 (Index); 1608-1627 (PR); [gap 1628-1638]; 1639-1665, 1685-1875 (IGI); 1660-1684/85 (PR); 1832-1843 (BT); 1583-1906 (Ancestry)
#1613 Sep 19 Peter son of Anthony Sterrey Coop
#1615/1616 Jan 2 Daniell son of Anthoney Sterrey
#1617/1618 Mar 3 John son of Anthony Sterrey Coop
1618 Apr 19 Theophelus son of John Stary weaver
#1620 Mar 26 James son of Anthoney Sterrey Coop
1621 Jul 1 Theophelus son of John Starey, weaver [Walter Smith lists this entry in The Sterry Family]
#1621/1622 Mar 10 Hanna d. of Anthony Sterrey Coop
#1625 Nov 6 Sara d of Anthony Sterrey Coop
1663 Jul 2 Mary d. Nathaniell Sterry, Cooper
1664 Jun 5 Mary d. Nathaniell Sterry, cooper
1713 Nov 11 Martha d. William & Frances Stary, Whitingman

Southwark [later Bermondsey] St Olave  (Tooley Street)
1589-1608 (Index); 1609-1627 (Modern Transcript); 1614-1653 [Index]; [gap 1628-1638]; 1660-1663 (PR); 1583-1754 (Boyds); 1639-1837, 1855-1885 (IGI); 1813-1821 (Index only); 1829-1837 (Index and brides only); 1832-1843 (BT); 1583-1918 (Ancestry)
#1612 Jun 2 Anthony Sterrey and Julian Votiar [Checked against parish register]

Southwark [later Bermondsey] St Olave (Tooley Street)
Burials 1589-1608
(Index); 1608-1627 (PR); [gap 1628-1638]; 1639-May 1716 (PR-partially illegible 1640-1646); 1716-1747 (PR); [gap 1748-1777]; 1778-1812 (PR); 1583-1853 (Ancestry); 1832-1843 (BT)
#1615 Apr 14 Ansell Sterry son wth Anthony Sterrey
#1617 May [illegible] Daniell son of Anthony Sterrey Coop
1618 Oct 30 Sara Fishar Serv with Anthony Sterrey
#1618 Nov [illegible] John son of Anthoney Sterrey
1619 Sep [illegible] George son of John Starey
1619 Oct 16 Theophelus son of John Starey
#1620 Aug 9 James son of Anthoney Sterrey
#1623 Apr 22 Hanna d of Anthony Sterrey
#1627 Sep 3 Sara d of Anthony Sterrey
1641 May __ John Starey
1657 Dec __ Frances Starey, Widd
1663 Jul 7 Mary d Nathaniell Sterry
1691 Jun 21 John Sterry
1692 Nov 27 Mary d. Nathanael Sterry

Southwark Saint Olave Workhouse
Births/Baptisms 1848-1866 (IGI); 1889-1906 (Ancestry)

Southwark Saint Olave Workhouse
Deaths 1848-1919 (Ancestry)
1881 Feb 7 Hannah Sterry [Age] 79 [Parish] Rotherhithe [where buried] taken out
1885 Feb 24 William Sterry [Age] 84 [Parish] Rotherhithe [where buried] To Woking 27 Feby ‘85

Southwark Saint Paul (Westminster Bridge Road)
Baptisms 1858-1875 (IGI); 1858-1906 (Ancestry)
##1885 Apr 20 (born 1 Apr 1885) Emily Edith (of) William & Mary Ann Dowdney Starie, 3R Peabody Square SE, Photographer
**1890 Jun 13 (born 12 May 1890) Harriet Frances (of) James & Honor Elizabeth Starey, 20 Mary's Buildings Waterloo Rd, Labourer

Southwark Saint Paul (Westminster Bridge Road)
Marriages 1858-1885 (IGI); 1858-1920 (Ancestry)
%1915 Dec 25 William George Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Soldier, 58 Webber St, Father: Joseph Henry Sterry, Labourer & Kate Ives, 23, Spinster, 58 Webber St, Father: Frederick Thomas Ives, Horse Keeper. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Frederick Thomas Ives, Joseph Frank Ives

Southwark Saint Paul [Lorrimore Square]
Marriages 1905-1920
*1925 Nov 29 Maurice Hubert Sterry, 21 [Father] Maurice Philip Sterry & Florence Rose Packer, 20 [Father] Walter Edward Packer [index only]

Southwark St Saviours [Borough High Street]
Baptisms 1538?-1812
(Ancestry), 1570-1609 [some illegible entries before 1594], 1609-1619; 1616-1624; 1624-1651; 1651-1653 (PR); 1653-1673 [Modern Transcript-names of children only]; 1674-1705 (PR); 1705/06-1720 (Index only); 1720-1757 (PR-mostly illegible 1720-1724 and at least half entries illegible 1733-1757); 1757-1781 (Index only); 1781-1785 (BTs-LDS Film 307706); 1786-1790 (Index only); 1791-1792, 1795, 1797 (BTs-LDS Film 307706); 1810 - 1816 (BTs); 1759-1835 (IGI). (There is an index to baptisms 1571-1653 at the LMA for STERRY(E), STERRIE, STERY(E). However, the index refers to page numbers in the PR that do not exist and is therefore of limited value. However, it includes some entries that are not included below, probably because I transcribed them as STORY(E) rather than STERY(E) as follows: Philadelphia [bet. 1652-1653], Hester, John, Jonathan, another Sarah and another William [bet 1624-1651])
1596 May 11 Anne Sterrey d. of Francis, Baker
#1606 Oct 12 Debora Steerye d. of Richard, a smith
#1609 Nov 14 Richard Steerne [Steerye?] s. of Richard, a smith
#1611 Sep 29 Thomas Steerye s. of William, a smith
#1614 Apr 3 Debora Steerye d.Richard, a smith
#1616 May 12 Edmond Steerye s. of Richard, a smith
#1617/18 Mar 15 Edmond Sterrye s. of Richard, a smith
1619 Dec 5 Thomas Sterrye s. of Thomas, waterman
#1620 Feb 11 Thomas Steery s. of John, a cooper
#1622 Nov 21 John Sterry s. of John, a coop
1622/23 Jan 26 Alexina Sterry d. of Thomas, a waterman
#1626 Sep 21 James Sterrey s. of John, a coop
1628 Oct 8 William s. of Thomas Sterye [Storye?], a waterman
1629 Jun 14 Thomas s. of Thomas Sterye [Storye?], a shoemaker
1631 Jul 1 Abigall d. of Giles Stary [Stacy], a brewer
#1631 Jul 14 Sara d. of John Sterry, a cooper
1632 Apr 8 William s. of Thomas Stery [Story?], a waterman
#1634 May 22 Joseph s. of John Sterry, a cooper
1636  Sep 15 Mathew s. of Peter Stery [Story?], a waterman
1636 Sep 25 Elizabeth d. of Richard Sterryes, a tanner
#1636 Dec 29 Peter s. of John Sterry, a  cooper
1639 Jun 30 Nathaniell s. of Nathaniell Sterry, a coop
#1641 Aug 26 James s. of John Sterry, a cooper
1642 May 22 Willm s of Arthur Stary[?], a waterman
1643 Sep 17 Nicholas s. of Thomas Sterry, a shoemaker
1644 Sep 1 Rose d. of Josias Starie, a smith
1644 Sep 5 Richard s. of Nathaniell Sterrie, a coop
#1644 Dec 22 Hester d. George Sterry, a shipwright
1646 May 10 Sarah d. Thomas Sterry, a Shoemaker
#1655 Aug 19 Eliz d. of George Sterry, a smith [a birth not a baptism but transcriber believes all are in fact baptisms; cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1656 Oct 26 Phelix [Felix in transcription] s. of George Sterry a nayler [a birth not a baptism but transcriber believes all are in fact baptisms; cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1657/58 Mar 14 George s. of George Sterry, a shipwrite other nayler [a birth not a baptism but transcriber believes all are in fact baptisms; cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1658/59 Mar 13 John s. of George Sterry a smith [a birth not a baptism but transcriber believes all are in fact baptisms; cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1660 Sep 16 Richard s. of George Sterry, a blacksmith nayler [Cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1663 Jul 5 William s. of George Sterrye, a nayler, 20 [Cross referenced to entry in PR; ‘20’ is presumably date of birth but no month given]
#1666 Aug 5 Thomas s. of George Sterrey, a nayler & Elizabeth his wife, July 23 [Cross referenced to entry in PR; July 23 is presumably date of birth]
1668 Jun 21 Nathaniel s. of Richard Sterrey, a shipwright & Sarah his wife [Cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1668/69 Feb 14 [born Jan 31] Phillip Sterry s. of George Sterry, Smith & Elizabeth his wife
1669 Sep 12 Thomas s. of Thomas Sterry, shipwright & Eliz: his wife [Cross referenced to entry in PR]
1670 Sep 22 John s. of Anthony Sterry, shipwright & Matilda his wife [Cross referenced to entry in PR]
#1678 Sep 19 (born Sep 15) Hannah d of Samuel Sterry
1678 Oct 27 (born Oct 8) John s: of Robert Sterry, a shipwright
1680 Sep 27 (born Sep 27) Sarah d: of Robert Sterry, a shippwright
#1684 Jul 13 Ann d. of Benjamin Sterry, Linnendraper & Ann
#1685/1686 Jan 26 Elizabeth d: of Benjamin Sterry, Linnendraper & Ann
#1686 Jun 15 William s: of Samuell Sterry, Linnendraper & Sarah
1694/95 Feb 1 Warman s of Daniell Sterry, buttonmaker & Elizabeth
#1697 Jun 3 Elizabeth d of George Sterry & Frances
#1699 Oct 2 Grace d: of George Sterry, a Brewer & Frances
#1701 Sep 4 George s: of George Sterry, Nayler & Frances
#1703 Aug 31 George s: of Geo: Sterry, a Shipwright & Frances
#1704 Nov 17 Mary d: Geo: Sterry, a Victler & Fra:
#1705/06 Jan 20 William Sterry s. George Sterry, a victualer & Frances his wife [checked against PR]
#1707 Dec 14 Mary Steery d. of Geo: Steery, a victualer and Frances his wife [checked against PR]
#1709/10 Jan 15 Ann Sterry d. George Sterry, a victualer and Frances his wife [checked against PR]
1792 May 13 Jane d. Richard Stary[?], Taylor [&] Hannah

Southwark St Saviours [Borough High Street]
Marriages 1538?-1812
(Ancestry); 1571-1705 [partly illegible before 1588] (PR); 1571-1753 (Index-grooms only-LMA version); 1571-1754 (Index-grooms only-SOG version); 1605-1625 (Modern Transcription); 1605-1625 (Boyds); 1705-1755 (PR); 1759-1835 (IGI); 1754-1758, 1773-1837 (Index only); 1810 - 1816 (BTs); 1538-1921 (Ancestry)
1595 Dec 6 Nicholas Chapman & Annes Sterre
1597 Nov 23 Jefferhy Starye & Ursela Thomson
#1605/06 Feb 19 Richard Sterrye & Margaret James
1617 Jun 1 Thomas Steerye & Anne Carver
#1619/20 Jan 6 John Stirrey & Margaret Weston wth licence
1621 Aug 2 John Lushe & Margrett Steery
1634 Aug 11 John Meade & Martha Sterry
1635 Oct 13 Nathaniell Sterry & Elizabeth Leman p lic
1642 Dec 11 George Sterrie & Christian Jolly
1655 Jun 25 Mr William Morris a Brewer and Ms Ann Sterry widd both of the pish of S Saviors Southwark
1664 Sep 6 Thomas Marley of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk & Avis Storey [Sterry? Storry?] of Wapping in White Chappell parish by licence
1668 Dec 30 Anthony Sterrey & Matilda Francklin, both of this parish [checked against PR]
#1675/6 Jan 26 Samuel Stery & Sarah Webb, lic [Licence information: Jan 24 Samuel Sterry & Sarah Webb at St Mary Woolnoth, London. Samuel was of this parish, linen draper, aged 29. Sarah, aged 21, was daughter of William Webb of St Mary Woolnoth, London, gent.]
1677/78 Jan 6 Robert Sterrey & Ann Stanfeits
1697 Sep 26 Daniell Britt and Elizabeth Sterry
1697 Nov 9 William Tompson and Elizabeth Sterry
1737 Apr 19 James Sterry & Eliz Gordin, both of this parish
1776 Jun 9 William Sunderland of this parish, widower & Ann Sterrey of the same parish, widow. By banns. Both put marks. Wit: James James, John Rider [checked against PR]
+1878 Aug 25 [Banns Aug 4, 11, 18 at Southwark St Saviours] Thomas Perkins Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Engineers Clerk, Park Street, Father: Winter Sterry, Fruit Merchant & Elizabeth Mary Dagley, full age, Spinster, Park Street, Father: William Dagley, Cheese-monger. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Wm Webb. Anne Marie Sterry

Southwark St Saviours [Borough High Street]
Burials 1538?-1812
(Ancestry);1570-1609 [PR-a few illegible entries before 1605]; 1609-1776 (PR); 1759-1795 (BTs-LDS Film 307706-gaps Mar 1762-Mar 1765, Mar 1767-Dec 1769, Mar 1771-Mar 1775, Mar 1787-Mar 1788, Mar 1793-Mar 1795); 1810 -1816 (BTs); 1813-1853 (Modern Transcript and Index)
1540 Sep 21 Thomas Sterre
1596 May 14 Anne Sterry, a childe
#1606 Dec 13 Debora Steerye, a childe
#1618 Apr 1 Edmond Steerye a crisam
1624 Sep 26 George Sterrye a crisam
1624 Dec 18 John Sterry a childe
1625 Apr 5 Thomas Steerie a childe
1625 Sep 1 Ann Sterrye a woman
1627 Jul 6 Sarah Sterrey an infant wylde[?] poore
1628 Oct 11 Willm Sterry an Infant
1631/32 Mar 10 Sara Stery[?], Inf.
1632 Apr 8 William s. Thomas Stery[?], Waterman
1633/34 Feb 10 Thomas Sterry
1639 Aug 16 Catharen Sterry
1640 Jul 30 Hanah Sterry Inft
1644 Apr 12 James Sterry infant
1652 Sep 8 Jonathan Sterry [or Storry] an infant
#1653 Nov 3 Philadelphia d. George Sterry
#1654 May 2 A crison of George Sterry a smith
#1655 Oct 16 Elizabeth Sterry d of George a smith
#1656 Apr 10 Hester d. George Sterry a shipwright
#1658/59 Mar 13 John s. George Sterry a smith
1660 Apr 29 Elizabeth Sterry wife of Nathaniell, a cooper
1660 May 3 Phillip Sterrye (Stenye?) s of George a nayle smith
#1661 Aug 18 Richard Sterry sonne of George a naylesmith
#1661 Oct 22 Margret Sterry wife of John a Cooper in the Church
#1664/1665 Feb 12 John Sterrye the younger a cooper in the church
#1665 Apr 28 William Sterrye s of George a Naylesmith
#1665 Sep 26 John Sterrey s. of George a nailor
1665 Nov 2 Charles Sterrey s of Thomas a Clarke
1665 Nov 10 Thomas Sterrey s. of Thomas a Minister
1668 Oct 4 Thomas Sterrey inft s of Thomas a Shipwright
#1669 Apr 16 Phillipp Sterry inft s of George a Nayler
1669 Sep 17 Thomas Sterry infant of Tho: a shipwright
1670 Apr 4 Nathaniel Sterry infant of Richard a shipwright
1671 Jun 29 Nicolus Sterry a Gardyner
1671 Jul 10 John Sterry infant of Anthony a Shipwright
#1671/1672 Feb 20 John Sterry a cooper
#1679 Aug 3 Hannah Sterry Inf: of Samuel, a Linnendraper
1679 Dec 23 Martha Sterry wife of Anthony, Shipp Carpenter
#1681 Apr 22 Ann Sterry Inf of Benjamin, Linnendraper
#1682 Nov 6 Ann Sterry inf of Samll, Linnen Drap
#1683 Jun 3 Benjamin Sterry Inf: of Benjamin, a Linnendraper
#1685 Dec 15 George Sterry, a Smith
#1685/86 Feb 26 Elizabeth Sterry Inf of Benjamin, a Linnen Draper
#1687 Aug 1 William Sterry Inf Samuel, a Linnen Draper
#1689 Jun 21 ___ Sterry wife of Sam:, Lynnen Draper
1697 Sep 16 Samuell Sterry, weaver
1699/1700 Jan 31 William Sterry, hospt pent
#1699/1700 Mar 4 Grace Sterry inf of George, a Brewer
#1703/04 Jan 13 Elizabeth Sterry, wid
#1704 Aug 1 George Sterrey Infant of George, a victualer
#1705 Nov 30 Samuell Sterry Linnendraper
#1706 Aug 4 Wm Sterry inf of [blank] a victler
1708 Oct 3 Widow Sterry, Pentioner
#1708 Nov 10 Benj: Sterry, Linnendraper
#1715/1716 Feb 25[27?] Mary d of George Sterry, victualler
#1718 Nov 12 Anne Sterry, wid
#1719 Sep 10 Elizabeth d of George Sterry, victualler
#1720 Sep 3 William Sterry, Plummer D:D:
1722/23 Feb 24 Elizabeth Sterry, Widow
#1725 Sep 8 Frances w: of George Sterry, a Smith
1729 Nov 9 Partrick Storry, casuall poor, gratis
1729/30 Jan 25 Susannah w. of William Storry, a Waterman
#1735/36 Mar 5 George Sterry from Xt Church Surry
1740/41 Feb 10 James s of James Sterry, a Breeches Maker
1745 Apr 14 Eliz. d of James Sterry, a Breeches Maker
1745/46 Feb 6 James Sterry, P
1746 Oct 3 Jane d. of Eliz Sterry

[Note: According to Walter Smith in his 'The Sterry Family' John STERRY on Feb 6, 1643/44 was relieved, by the Royal Committee for the Advancement of Money, from duties as a tax collector in St Saviour's Parish, Southwark, because he had been appointed a collector of royal subsidies.]

Southwark, St Stephen
Baptisms 1893-1914
%1908 Apr 19 [born 23 Mar 1908] John Charles s. William Thomas & Mary Ann Ellen Sterry, Stainer's Cottage Staple St, Labourer
%1910 Nov 13 (born 12 Oct 1910) William Thomas s. William Thomas & Mary Ann Ellen Sterry, 30 Wickham Place, Warehouse Man
%1911 Nov 19 (born 28 Oct 1911) Mary Ellen d. William Thomas & Mary Ann Ellen Sterry, 42 Staple St, Leather Workhouse Man
%1913 Nov 14 [born 29 Oct 1913] Thomas Henry s. Wiliam Thomas & Mary Ann Ellen Sterry [index only]

Southwark, St Thomas [Saint Thomas Street]
Baptisms 1614-1653, 1732-Dec 1810
(Index); 1653-1731 (PR); 1811-1837 (PR); 1801-1866 (IGI); materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supplied the following baptisms [Notes suggest a search of baptisms 1732-1810];  1811-1837 (Index); 1614-1898 (Ancestry)
#1730 Jun 21 Hannah d. of Wasey & Hannah Sterry
#1731 Oct 22 Elizabeth d. of Wasey & Hannah Sterry
#1732 Feb 23 Mary d. of Wasey & Hannah Sterry [checked against PR]
#1734 Aug 25 Wasey s. of Wasey & Hannah Sterry [checked against PR]
#1736 Dec 11 Hannah d. Wasey & Hannah Sterry [checked against PR]
#1738 Dec 22 Jane d. Wasey & Hannah Sterry [checked against PR]
#1741/42 Jan 10 Sarah d. Wasey & Hannah Sterry [checked against PR]
The following event at Southwark St Thomas is listed in Smith's The Sterry Family:
1627 Dec 30 Margaret STARYE Baptized daughter of John STARYE [Checked this baptism in the original PR and it is probably STACYE not STARYE. There is another STACY entry in 1624 for another son of John.]

Southwark, St Thomas [Saint Thomas Street]
1614-1753 (Modern Transcript); 1614-1753 (Boyds); 1754-1837 (Index); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index]

#1756 May 29 Job MARKS of St Mary Woolnoth, London, abode 4 years, Gent, bachelor 24 and Mary STERRY of St Thomas, Southwark, abode from birth, spinster, 22, at St Thomas, Southwark. Fine sign of J.M.  Witnesses Sam Gardner, Ann Pearce junr (Marriage Licence has date May 21 and provides additional information included in above.)
Note: Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply this marriage:
#1795 Dec 8 Samuel Henry Sterry of the parish of St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey and Mary Dowley of this parish, by Licence. Both signed. Wit: Wm Gates, Sarah Stretton, Mary Dowley, E. Graham, Sarah Sterry, Jane Stretton, E M Noble

Southwark, St Thomas [Saint Thomas Street]
Burials 1653, 1670-1671, 1715/16-1725, 1727, 1731-1812 (PR); 1614-1812 (Ancestry)
#1740 Sep 17 Elizabeth Sterry
1760 Jul 12 Mary Sterry[?]
#1766 May 30 Hannah Sterry, P
#1773 Aug 6 Jane Sterry
#1796 Nov 15 Hannah Sterry

Southwark, Society of Friends

There is one  STERRY marriage in Surrey listed in Boyd's Miscellaneous Series for Southwark:
#1772 Richard STERRY of Southwark Surrey (Friends) and Mary BOWMAN of Southwark Surrey, Herts.

These other Quaker marriages also in Boyd's are possibly from the Surrey area:
#1694 Thomas STERRY and Mary Ellis, Friends
#1696 Joseph STERRY and Sarah COOK, Friends
#1696 Thomas STERRY and Elizabeth Wasy, Friends
#1730 Benjamin STERRY and Anne GERRY (Friends)
#1730 Henry STERRY and Martha UNDERWOOD, Friends
#1756 Henry STERRY and Martha HORN, Friends
#1757 Richard STERRY and Mary NEATBY, Friends
#1768 Henry STERRY and Mary FLEATHAM, Friends

Stockwell St Michael
Marriages [Ancestry]
##1858 Jul 6 William Henry Starey, full age, Bachelor, Clerk, 5 Elizabeth Place Brixton Road [Father] Major Coleman Starey, Gentleman & Mary Smith, minor, Spinster, 18 Holland Place Clapham Road [Father] Joseph Smith, Surgeon. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Joseph Smith, Sarah Starey. Minister: J N Starey, Incumbant of St Thomas Lambeth

Streatham St Leonard
Baptisms 1754-1837
(Index); 1813-1831 (PR); 1801-1872 (IGI)

Streatham St Leonard
Marriages 1660-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1538-1663 (Boyd); 1801-1843 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
**1904 Aug 1 Thomas Harrison Sterry, 25, Bachelor, Painter, "Beaumont" S. Hilda's Road South Harrow, Father: William Cook Sterry (dec), Carpenter & Elizabeth Louisa Fowler, 31, Spinster, Domestic Service, 11 Thirlmere Road Streatham, Father: Edward Abraham Fowler, Bricklayer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Cook Sterry, Hebe Lilian Pidgeon Howlett, Allan Ernest Sterry

Streatham St Peter
Marriages 1870-1921
##1878 Oct 15 Augustus Starey, 29, Bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, Tottenham, Father: Benjamin Helps Starey (deceased), Merchant & Helen Mary Bradbury, 25, Spinster, Streatham, Father: Augustus Bradbury (deceased), Solicitor. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Bradbury, Blanche Marian Bradbury, John H Starey, William Starey
##1882 May 23 John Helps Starey, 34, Bachelor, Mercantile Clerk, Tottenham, Father: Benjamin Helps Starey, Merchant (deceased) & Grace Katherine Dingwall, 27, this parish, Father: Charles Dingwall, Gentleman. Wit: Julia Blanche Dingwall, Wlm Dingwall, C W Hathorne. Celebrant: William Starey Vicar of Horton cum Studley Oxford

Surbiton St Matthew with Tolworth St George
Baptisms 1875-1902 [Ancestry]
**1902 Feb 26 [born 19 Nov 1886] Grace Mary d. William & Emily Sterry, 2 Thornton Villas, Carpenter
**1902 Feb 26 [born 19 Apr 1884] Agnes Emily d. William & Emily Sterry, 2 Thornton Villas, Carpenter
**1902 Apr 13 William Horace s. Arthur & Caroline Sterry, 79 Brighton Rd, Traveller
#1905 Sep 24 Gwenyth Reinagle Sterry d. Alfred & Charlotte Reinagle Sterry, Oakleigh Ewell Road, Solicitor

Surbiton Hill Christ Church
Baptisms 1864-1912
#1903 Jun 21 [born 10 May 1903] Rex Batthyany s. Alfred & Charlotte Reinagle Sterry, Oakleigh Ewell Road, Solicitor

Surbiton Hill Christ Church
Marriages 1864-1937
**1915 Jan 14 Ernest Bullen, 26, Bachelor, Petty Officer R.N., 13 Linden Rd Norbiton [Father] Henry Bullen, Labourer & May Sterry, 27, Spinster, Nara(?) Ap__(?) B___(?) Road Surbiton [Father] Robert Sterry, Builder. By licence. Both signed. Wit: W Bullen, H Bullen.

Tooting Graveney
Baptisms 1800-1844 (IGI)
1840 Aug 30 James Starey s. William Starey & Elizabeth

Tooting Graveney
Marriages 1800-1842 (IGI)

Walworth All Saints (Surrey Square) See Newington All Saints

Walworth St Christopher (Pembroke College Mission)
Baptisms 1886-1906 (Ancestry)
%1899 Apr 7 Emily Rose (of) John & Alice Sterry, 67 Beckway St, Labourer
%1901 Mar 22 Elizabeth Margaret (of) John Henry & Alice Sterry, 57 Beckway St, Labourer

Walworth Saint Peter
Baptisms 1825-1861

Walworth St John the Evangelist
Baptisms 1860-1875 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1878 Nov 3 John William (of) William & Mary Ann Starie, 11R Peabodys Square, Photographer
##1878 Nov 3 Minnie Ann (of) William & Mary Ann Starie, 11R Peabodys Buildings, Photographer
%1880 Feb 24 William Robert (of) George & Lavinia Sterry, 5 Rooney Road, Laborer
1881 Dec 11 Mary Lavinia (of) George Thomas & Lavinia Stery, 80 Rooney Road, Laborer
%1881 Dec 11 George (of) George & Lavinia Sterry, 80 Rooney Road, Laborer
%1891 Nov 22 John William George (of) John and Alice Sterry, 118 Barlow Lane, Emery Cloth Maker
%1895 Aug 18 (born 5 Aug 1895) Alice Elizabeth (of) John Henry & Alice Sterry, 67 Beckway St, Labourer
%1896 Oct 18 (born 5 Oct 1896) Ada Emily (of) John Henry & Alice Sterry, 67 Becway[sic] St, Labourer
%1905 May 7 (born 16 Apr 1905) Henrietta Rosina (of) George & Mary Anne Sterry, 23 Alfreton St, Warehouse man

Walworth St John the Evangelist
Marriages 1838-1921 (Ancestry)
%1879 Nov 2 George Thomas Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Labourer, 5 Rodney Road, Father: George Sterry, Engineer & Lavinia Harriet Newman, full age, Spinster, 5 Rodney Place, Father: George Newman, Dairy-man. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: William Eidle, Lavinia Newman
**1886 Sep 20 [Banns at Lambeth St Mary 1883 Dec 9, 16, 23 and at Walworth St John the Evangelist 1886 Sep 5, 12 & 17] Robert John Owen, 21, Bachelor, Cooper, 23 Townsend Ct., Father: Robert John Owen, Cooper & Emma Sterry, 21, Spinster, 23 Townsend Ct., Father: John Sterry, deceased. Banns. He signed; she marked. Wit: A Leach, Ellen Dwyer
**1890 Mar 10 James Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Labourer, 27 Gaywood St [Father] John Sterry, Labourer & Honor Elizabeth Barker, 21, Spinster, 27 Gaywood St [Father] William Barker, Labourer. Banns. Wit: William Jamison[?] Barker, Rith Eliza Hydes
1890 Jul 6 [Banns May 11, 18, 25] Henry Leonard, 24, Bachelor, Engineer, 4 Manor[?] Place, Father: John Leonard, Bricklayer & Caroline Sterry, 21, Spinster, 3 Kerry[?] & Queen[?] Streets, Father: Henry Sterry, deceased. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Edward Buckthorpe, Caroline Smith
**1892 Jan 24 [Banns Jan 3, 10, 17] Edward Sterry, 24, Bachelor, General Dealer, 15 Sib[?] Cl:, Father: Henry Sterry, General Dealer & Amelia Jane Frost, 19, Spinster, 15 Sib[?] Cl:, Father: William Gaclar[?] Frost, deceased. Banns. He marked, she signed. Wit: William Frost, Sarah Elizabeth Addington.
**1894 Apr 22 Alfred Charles Leach, 23, Bachelor, Labourer, 4 Draper St, Father: George Leach, Portamnteau Maker & Mary Ann Sterry, 21, Spinster, 5 Draper St, Father: John Sterry, Hawker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Owen, Carrie Sterry
**1898 May 8 Joseph Sterry, 29, bachelor, General dealer, 7 Deacon Street, Father: John Sterry, General Dealer and Mary Emerick, 27, spinster, Confectioner, 7 Deacon Street, Father: Philip Emerick, Labourer. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: J Horne, M Horne
St John the Evangelist, Walworth
%1899 Apr 2 George Sterry, 20, Bachelor, Warehouseman, 42 Elstead St, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Warehouseman & Mary Ann Conolly, 20, Spinster, Laundress, 16 Tiverton St, Father: Joseph Conolly, Coal porter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: R Ash, A Procter.
%1913 Aug 3 Wallace Woodall, 21, Bachelor, Fish Curer, 54 Brandon St, Father: John Woodall, Fish Curer & Rosina Sterry, 22, Spinster, Papertester[?], 75 Brandon St, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Warehouseman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: J Woodall, E Woodall
%1918 Jan 13 Henry Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Soldier, 11 Eltham St, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Leather Merchant & Ellen Amelia Woodall, 20, Spinster, Housemaid, 11 Eltham St, Father: John Woodall, Fish Curer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: J Woodall, R Woodall

Walworth Saint Peter
Baptisms 1813-1906
**1851 Jan 5 (born 21 Feb 1849) Dunnell son of Robert Dunnell & Hannah Amelia Sterry, Norfolk Place East Street, Victualler
**1851 Jan 5 (born 10 Dec 1850) Mary Ann Adelaide dr of Robert Dunnell & Hannah Amelia Sterry, Norfolk Place East Street, Victualler

Walworth Saint Peter
Marriages 1825-1840 (IGI), 1825-1921 (Ancestry)
%1881 Jun 5 George Bagnall, 27, Bachelor, Tanner, 6 Pleasant Row, Father: William Bagnall (deceased), Bricklayer & Caroline Sarah Sterry, 23, Spinster, 69 Beckway St, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Engineer. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: G[?] Sterry, Emma Witts[?]
%1884 Feb 17 George Sterry, 48, Widower, Stoker, 69 Beckway St, Father: George Sterry (deceased), Baker & Joanna Maunder, 42, Spinster, 3 Regent St Old Kent Rd, Father: Nathaniel Maunder (deceased), Currier. Banns. Both signed. Wit Horatio Grumner[?], Eliza Grumner[?]
%1909 May 30 Thomas Henry Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Warehouseman, 164 East St, Father: George Thomas Sterry, Warehouseman & Sarah Dodson, 25, Spinster, Paper Tester, 164 East St, Father: James Thomas Dodson, Decorator. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Sterry, Elizabeth Sterry

Wandsworth All Saints
Baptisms 1603-1787
(Modern Transcript with Index), 1816-20, 1827-39 (PR - register in poor state); 1801-1854 (IGI); 1827-1839, 1852-1916 (Ancestry)
#1689 Nov 21 John son of John STERRY
#1700 Sep 15 Rachel dau. John STERRY
#1703 Mar 21 Benjamin son of John STERRY
#1707 Dec 4 Nuce son of John STERRY
#1726 Apr 11 Frances dau of Samuel STERRY
#1729 Jun 8 John son of Samuel and Frances STERRY
#1731 Oct 9 Samuel son of Samuel and Frances STERRY
#1734 Jun 19 John son of  Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1735 Jun 7 Anne daughter of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1736 Jun 22 Thomas son of Samuel and Frances STERRY
#1736 Nov 6 John son of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1740 Sep 1 Martha daughter of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1743 Jul 4 Margaret daughter of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1747 Sep 4 Mary daughter of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1749 Oct 8 John son of Nuce and Ann STERRY
#1750 Nov 2 Rachel daughter of Nuce and Ann STERRY
#1756 Oct 18 Elizabeth daughter of Nuce and Jane STERRY
1905 Aug 13 Winifred Maud d. William Henry & Leonard[sic] Maud Storry? [index only. Ancestry has Storry.]

Wandsworth All Saints
1603-1787 (Modern Transcript with Index); 1603-1788 (Boyds); 1603-1788, 1801-1854 (IGI); 1788-1837 (Index)
#1733 Nuce STERRY and Ann PRAED, Bishop of London (Boyd's Miscellaneous Series; not in IGI)
#1746 Sep 20 Nuce STERRY , Widower and Anne HOLLAND, spinster were married at Barnes Church by licence by me Tho. Cawley
#1755 Feb 11 Nuce STERRY, Widower and Jane ARNOLD, Widow [Marriage Licence: 1755 Feb 8 Nuce STERRY of Wandsworth, abode 4 weeks, Carpenter and Jane ARNOLD of Wandsworth, abode 4 weeks, widow; at Wandsworth]
#1772 Dec 29 Nuce STERRY, Widower and Sarah ILES, Widow, Licence

Wandsworth All Saints
Burials 1603-1787
(Modern Transcript with Index)
#1729 Jun 26 John inf. son of Samuel STERRY
#1734/35 Jan 26 John STERRY, 68
#1741 Jun 21 John son of Nuce and Anne STERRY
#1743 Jul 9 Anne wife of Nuce STERRY, 33
#1744/45 Feb 12 Martha, a child, dau of Nuce STERRY
#1747 Oct 4 Mary, inf dau of Nuce STERRY
#1749 Oct 12 John inf. son of Nuce and Ann STERRY
#1753 Oct 11 Anne wife of Nuce STERRY, 33
#1754 Feb 7 Cornelia, Widow of John STERRY, 77
#1756 Oct 29 Eliz dau of Nuce and Jane STERRY
#1763 Dec 15 Anne STERRY, 90
#1769 Feb 3 Jane, Wife of Nuce STERRY, 56
#1769 Oct 11 Thomas STERRY, 33
#1774 Sep 25 Nuce STERRY, 68

Wandsworth St Anne
Baptisms 1847-1906
**1866 Dec 7 Maud Helena (of) James & Eliza Sterry, Wandsworth, Warehouseman

Wandsworth St Anne
Marriages 1847-1921
**1863 Aug 19 James Masterson Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Warehouseman, Wandsworth, Father: James Sterry, Merchant & Eliza Tapley, full age, Spinster, Christchurch Blackfriars, Father: George Tapley, Silversmith. Licence. Both signed. Wit: George Tapley, Eleanor Tapley

West Molesey St Peter
Baptisms 1729-1875 (IGI)
1788 Jan 20 James Steery s. William Steery & Mary

West Molesey St Peter
Marriages1729-1812, 1837-1876 (IGI)

West Molesey St Peter
Burials 1730-58, 1762-73, 1777-1865 (NBI)

Wimbledon St Mary
Baptisms 1539-1684, 1679-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1871 (IGI)
1719 Dec 31 Hannah dau of Thos Sterrey

Wimbledon St Mary
Marriages 1594-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1594-1812 (Boyds); 1594-1876 (IGI)

Wimbledon St Mary
Burials 1593-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1594-1840 (NBI)
1721 Jun 1 Thomas STERREY
1722 Apr 21 Hannah STERY from Loveland
1797 May 25 Mary STERRY, Infant

Baptisms 1667-1900

Marriages 1666-1833 (Transcript/Index); 1666-1878 (IGI); 1813-1900 (Index)
1676 Sep 12 John Stary & Ann Best

Burials 1657, 1669-73, 1677-98, 1701-4, 1707-12, 1716-19, 1724-29, 1732-41, 1744-46, 1749-53, 1769-71, 1775-83, 1786-1811, 1815-65
(NBI); 1669-1900 (Index)

* Source of Marriage Licence: Allegations for Marriage Licences: Commissary Court of Surrey 1673-1770, A. Ridley Bax (ed.) (1907)

Mike Cole supplied the following events for Surrey/Middlesex copied from the bible of his mother's family:
1802 Sep 4 Thos Starie & Mary Ann Harrison married at St Georges Church Middlesex
1803 Jul 29 Mary Ann Starie born at 2 o'clock Registered in Marylebone
1806 Jul 1 John Joseph Starie born 7 o'clock Registered at James's
1807 Sep 22 Harriet Starie born St James's 2 o'clock
1809 May 27 William Starie born 1 o'clock morning in Lambeth Parish Surry. Registered in St Giles 1815.
1811 Jan 26 Sophia Starie born 1 o'clcok morning in Lambeth Parish Surry. Registered in St Giles 1815.
1812 Dec 10 George Starie born 9 o'clock in Lambeth Parish Surry. Registered St Giles Dec 21 1816.
1815 June 14 Thomas Starie born. Registered Dec 21 1816 St Giles. Died in Herefordshire Stoke Leominster
1817 Feb 14 Maria Ann Starie born 6 o'clock morning. Registered St Giles. Died Feb 9 1842 in Herefordshire Stoke Prior
1830 Nov 13 Married John Joseph Starie and Elizabeth Pember. On Saturday 15th of November at 10 o'clock in Old Lambeth Church [See Lambeth St Mary above]
1831 Nov 13 Born Elizabeth Jane Starie. On Sunday 13th of November 1831 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at No 9 York Terrace Camberwell New Road in the Parish of Lambeth. Christianed Friday Decr 9/31 in the same Parish. Godmothers Mrs G Harrison, Miss M J Pember Godfather Mr J E Pember [See Kennington St Mark above]
1836 Jun 21 Died Elizabeth Jane Starie, my poor Child died June 21/36 aged 4 years & 7 months buried at Stoke near Leominster Herefordshire. Epitaph: Blameless & happy soon I haped away, Like flowers that in their early bloom decay
1833 Mar 8 Born Sophia Ellen Starie. On Friday the 8th of March 1833 at __ ___ 9 o'clock in the morning at No 10 King St Long Acre in the Parish of St Giles and Christened in the Parish Church on Thursday Apl 4/33 Godmothers Mary Ann & Sophia Starie Godfather William Starie [See Holborn St Giles Middlesex]
1843 Sep 2 Died. My poor Wife departed this life on September 2/1843 and left me indeed truly unhappy (but for my dear child Sophia). Buried in Old Lambeth Church. [See Lambeth St Mary above]
1866 Nov 29 Mary Jane Pember died Thursday Novr 29/66 aged 70. Buried at Norwood Cemetery
1878 Oct 9 John Joseph Starie died at 6 Tyndale Terrace Canonbury on Wednesday 9th October 1878. Buried on the 14th at Highgate Cemetery.
1881 Jun 9 Mary Ann Sirrell died at Drumleigh Stoke Leominster June 9th 1881. Buried at Stoke Church June 14th
1893 Jan 2 Harriette Starie died at 6 Tyndale Terrace Canonbury on Monday 2nd January 1893. Aged 86 years. Buried at Highgate Cemetery January 1893. [All from Starie, Shropshire, UK line]


  1. There is an IGI entry for Southwark (no parish indicated):
    Marriage 30 Jan 1661 Alice Stary & John Dowding
  2. There are Sterry-related burials in Quakers Register, Surrey, in the National Burial Index (FFHS) 2nd ed:
    #1816 Oct 27 Mary Sterry, age 72
    #1817 Feb 28 Elizabeth Sterry, age 29
    #1826 Mar 29 Anthony Sterry 67
    #1833 Apr 17 Arthur Sterry 5 mths
    #1834 Apr 30 Caroline Sterry 15mths
    #1836 Jun 25 Unnamed Sterry 10mths
  3. There is a burial in Bermondsey in the Boyd's London Burials 1538-1872 (Origins Network):
    1549 Sim Starry
  4. Checked the Wesleyan Methodist Metropolitan Registry 1773-1840 [Surrey Extracts] online records provided by the East Surrey FHS.
  5. MIs checked for:
    Southwark St Saviours
    Southwark St Olave
    Southwark Christchurch
    Southwark St George the Martyr
    Burial Ground Tooley Street of St Olave and St John

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
% = Bermondsey, Surrey, UK
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK