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NBI = UK National Burial Index 3
SBI = Shropshire FHS Burial Index [13.8.2011]
SMI = Shropshire FHS Marriage Index [2008]
BIVR = British Isles Vital Records Index (LDS-2nd ed.)
Modern Transcripts SFHS=Transcriptions by Shropshire Family History Society
Most of the Mel Lockie Transcripts are from the published transcripts by the Shropshire Parish Register Society.

IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis: IGI Batch Numbers for Shropshire, England

Parishes searched without finding any Sterrys or similar:

Abdon St Margaret (Baptisms 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1561-1812, 1821-1857-IGI; Baptisms 1660-1857-BIVR; Marriages 1560-1838-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1614-1855-IGI; Marriages 1660-1855-BIVR; Marriages 1614-1812-SMI; Burials 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1615-1837-NBI)
Acton Burnell
St Mary (Baptisms 1541-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1568-1855-IGI; Marriages 1541-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1568-1838-IGI; Burials 1541-1813-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1800-1837-NBI)
Acton Burnell Roman Catholic (Baptisms 1769-1837-IGI; 1769-1838-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Acton Round
St Mary (Baptisms 1638, 1660, 1662-1713-BTs Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1585-1848-IGI; Marriages 1638, 1660, 1662-1713-BTs Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1585-1848-IGI; Marriages 1813-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1592-1753; 1809-1812-SMI; Burials 1638, 1660, 1662-1713-BTs Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Acton Scott
St Margaret (Baptisms 1690-1879-IGI; Marriages 1638-1876-IGI; Marriages 1638-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Peter (Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1692-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1692-1836, 1853-1855-IGI; Marriages 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1692-1812-Boyds; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Michael (Baptisms 1564-1575, 1608-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1660-1783-BIVR; Baptisms 1564-1574, 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1564-1849-IGI; Marriages 1564-1574, 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1564-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1660-1840-BIVR; Marriages 1564-1575; 1608-1812-SMI; Burials 1564-1574, 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1564-1576, 1609-1645, 1648-1708, 1813-1837-NBI)
Albrighton St John the Baptist
nr Shrewbury (Baptisms 1649-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1666-1741-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie-no marriages 1742-1852; Marriages 1684-1757-Boyds; Burials 1666-1812-Mel Lockie-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Albrighton St Mary Magdalene
nr Wolverhampton/Shifnal (Baptisms 1555-1866-IGI; Baptisms 1555-1653, 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1555-1835-IGI; Marriages 1555-1653, 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1555-1812-Boyds; Burials 1555-1653, 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Christ Church (Baptisms 1857-1868-IGI)
Ashford Bowdler
St Andrew (Baptisms 1601-1865-IGI; Marriages 1665-1835-IGI; Marriages 1601-1813-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ashford Carbonell
St Mary (Baptisms 1670-1846-IGI; Marriages 1670-1840-IGI; Marriages 1638-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Mary nr Shrewsbury (Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1695-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriage 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1726-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1830-1831-SMI; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1695-1754, 1813-46-NBI)
Astley Abbots
St Calixtus (Baptisms 1561-1852-IGI; Marriages 1561-1839-IGI; Marriages 1561-1642; 1754-1813; 1822-1824-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Aston Botterell
St Michael (Baptisms 1559-1867-IGI; Marriages 1559-1837, 1851-1852, 1862-1866-IGI; Marriages 1559-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Atcham St Eatta
(Baptisms 1621-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1621-1871-IGI; Marriages 1621-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1621-1630, 1681-1837-IGI; Marriages 1621-1837-Boyds; Burials 1621-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1840-NBI)
St Giles (Baptisms 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1602-1640, 1660-1870-IGI; Marriages 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1660-1870-IGI; Marriages 1662-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1662-1862-SMI; Burials 1660-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1660-1836-NBI)
St Giles (Baptisms 1813-1823-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1660-1824-IGI; Marriages 1661-1823-IGI; Marriages 1662-1812; 1823-1837-SMI; Burials 1727-1837-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1600-1868-IGI; Marriages 1600-1620; 1754-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1663-1848-IGI; Marriages 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1663-1774, 1814-1830-IGI; Marriages 1665-1775-Boyds; Burials 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Baystone Hill
Christ Church (Baptisms 1848-1869-IGI)
St Milburgha (Baptisms 1610-1638, 1661-1847, 1861-1878-IGI; Marriages 1610-1628, 1662-1846, 1863-1865-IGI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
St Mary (Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1660-1854-IGI; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1662-1836-IGI; Marriages 1720-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1720-1812-SMI; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Benthall St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1571-1812-IGI; Marriages 1558-1652, 1670-1842-IGI; Marriages 1640-1681-SMI; Burials 1800-1840-Modern Transcript-Carol Ryan; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1560-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1837-IGI; Marriages 1561-1837-Boyds; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1854-IGI; Marriages 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages 1638-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Bicton Holy Trinity
Bishops Castle
St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1876-IGI; Marriages 1716-1734; 1754-1779-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Bishops Castle Independent
(Baptisms 1814-1837-IGI)
Bobbington St Mary
Bomere Heath, Zions Hill Independent Chapel (Baptisms 1827-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1827-1837-IGI)
St Chad (Baptisms 1698-1875-IGI; Marriages 1698-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1698-1837-NBI)
(Marriages 1837-1878-IGI)
(Baptisms 1841-1877-IGI)
Brace-Meole All Saints

Bridgnorth Castle Street Baptist Chapel
(Births 1779-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births 1779-1836-IGI; Burials 1779-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Bridgnorth Stoneway Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1769-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1765-1837-IGI; Marriages 1769-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1822-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1769-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1822-1837-NBI)
Bridgnorth Catholic & Apostolic Church (Irvingite)
(Baptisms 1835-1840-IGI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1570-1750 Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1570-1750-IGI; Baptisms 1570-1700-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1570-1750, 1813-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1570-1700-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1571-1750-Boyds; Marriages 1600-1620-SMI; Burials 1570-1750-Modern Transcript-SFHS; 1570-1700-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Leonard (Baptisms 1813-1873-BIVR; Baptisms 1751-1830-IGI; Marriages 1751-1840-IGI; Marriages 1751-1802-SMI)
Broseley, Birchmeadow Particular Baptist Chapel
(Births 1835-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births 1794-1835-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births 1794-1835-IGI)
Broseley Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
(Baptisms 1817-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1819-1837-IGI)
Broughton St Mary
nr Bridgnorth
St Margaret/St Mary nr Shrewsbury/Wem (Baptisms 1586-1683, 1705-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie;
Baptisms 1630-1634, 1660-1856-IGI; Marriages 1586-1683, 1705-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1586-1812-Boyds; Burials 1586-1683, 1705-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Bucknell St Mary (Baptisms 1598-1675, 1703-1879-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1883-BIVR; Marriages 1598-1851-IGI; Marriages 1598-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Buildwas Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1659-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1659-1868-IGI; Baptisms 1659-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1659-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1665-1837-IGI; Marriages 1659-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1665-1837-Boyds; Burials 1659-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1659-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Calverhall Holy Trinity
(Baptisms 1791-1869-IGI; Burials 1815-1837-NBI)
(or Cardiston) St Michael (Baptisms 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1663-1846-IGI; Marriages 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1678-1706, 1813-1846-IGI; Marriages 1664-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1664-1812-SMI; Burials 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1695-1735-NBI)
St James (Baptisms 1598-1875-IGI; Marriages 1598-1876-IGI; Marriages 1664-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Chapel Lawn
nr Clun St Mary (Burials 1844-1987-Modern Transcript-SFHS)
St Swithin (Baptisms 1558-1868-IGI; Marriages 1558-1860-IGI; Marriages 1556-1662-Boyds; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Giles (Baptisms 1538-1879-IGI; Marriages 1538-1854-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Michael & All Angels (Baptisms 1585-1865-IGI; Baptisms 1838-1878-BIVR; Marriages 1585-1666, 1679-1845-IGI; Burials 1776-1837-NBI)
Childs Ercall St Michael (Baptisms 1569-1869-IGI; Marriages 1569-1844-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Michael (Baptisms 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1629-1860-IGI; Marriages 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1629-1837-IGI; Marriages 1629-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1629-1812-SMI; Burials 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Chirbury Baptist
(Births/Baptisms 1827-1834-IGI)
Chirbury Marton Independent
(Births/Baptisms 1829-1836-IGI)
Church Aston
St Andrew (Baptisms 1620-1856-IGI; Marriages 1620-1671, 1681-1844-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Church Stretton
St Lawrence (Baptisms 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1653-1865-IGI; Marriages 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1660-1851-IGI; Marriages 1663-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1812-SMI; Burials 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1662-1837-NBI)
Claverley All Saints
(Baptisms 1568-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1568-1836-IGI; Marriages 1568-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1568-1837-IGI; Marriages 1568-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1568-1812-SMI; Burials 1568-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Margaret (Baptisms 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1660-1876-IGI; Baptisms 1638-1735-BIVR; Marriages 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1663-1877-IGI; Marriages 1662-1812-SMI; Burials 1634-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Clee Hill [Caynham] Wesleyan Chapel
[Births/Baptisms 1796-1829-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1802-1829-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie]
Cleobury Mortimer Mawley Hall St Mary RC
(Baptisms 1763-1831-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Cleobury North
SS Peter & Paul (Baptisms 1680-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1660-1865-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1754, 1811-1847-IGI; Marriages 1637-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1667-1867-IGI; Marriages 1667-1750-Boyds; Burials 1678-1837-NBI)
Clive Independent Chapel
(Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Clun St George (Baptisms 1653-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1854-BIVR; Marriages 1653-1843-IGI; Marriages 1653-1812-SMI; Marriages 1813-1843-BIVR; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Swithin (Baptisms 1574-1812-Modern Transcript-SFH; Baptisms 1574-1827, 1838-1858-IGI; Marriages 1574-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1574-1827, 1843-1855-IGI; Marriages 1574-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1574-1837-SMI; Burials 1574-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Holy Trinity (Burials 1854-1998-NBI)
Coalbrookdale Quakers
(Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Simon & St Jude (Baptisms 1772-1875-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Cold Weston
St Mary (Baptisms 1689-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1663-1874-IGI; Baptisms 1663-1782-BIVR; Marriages 1689-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1684-1885-IGI; Marriages 1684-1812-SMI; Burials 1689-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1817-1835-NBI)
Condover Lyth Hill & Dorrington Independent Chapel
(Baptisms 1808-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
St Peter (Baptisms 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1562-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1562-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1562-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1565-1837-NBI)
Christ Church (Baptisms 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1660-1879-IGI; Marriages 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1661-1718, 1722-1741, 1841-1875-IGI; Marriages 1701-1775-Boyds; Burials 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1605-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1607-1631-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1579-1850-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1850-BIVR; Marriages 1575-1849-IGI; Marriages 1575-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Dawley Madeley And Shiffnal Circuit (Methodist New Connexion)
(Baptisms 1829-1837-IGI)
Dawley Malins Lee St Leonard
(Burials 1835-1837-NBI)
Dawley Magna
Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1666-1871-IGI; Marriages 1666-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1666-1837-IGI; Marriages 1666-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1829-1837-BIVR; Burials 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1666-1731, 1813-35-NBI)
Deuxhill & Glazeley
St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1718-1720, 1736-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1599-1868-BIVR; Marriages 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1599-1849-IGI; Marriages 1659-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1598-1812-SMI; Burials 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1718-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
St Peter (Baptisms 1583-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1583-1598, 1661-1859-IGI; Marriages 1583-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1583-1598, 1661-1837-IGI; Marriages 1583-1598, 1683-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1583-1812-SMI; Burials 1583-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ditton Priors
St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1673-1813-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1893-BIVR; Marriages 1813-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1673-1837-IGI; Marriages 1813-1837-BIVR; Marriages 1638-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ditton Priors Wesleyan Chapel
(Births/Baptisms 1801-1834-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1801-1834-IGI)
Dodington by Whitchurch Presbyterian Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1708-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1708-1812-Mel Lockie; Burials 1746-1777, 1822-Mel Lockie)
Dodington Independent Chapel
(Baptisms 1807-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS)
Dodington Unitarian Chapel
(Burials 1825-29, 1832, 1836-NBI)
St Cuthbert (Baptisms 1556-1878-IGI; Marriages 1556-1850-IGI; Marriages 1556-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Donnington Wood
St George (Baptisms 1813-1857-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Dorrington (Lyth Hill And Dorrington Independent)
(Births/Baptisms 1808-1837-IGI)
St Mary (Baptisms 1665-1856-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Peter (Baptisms 1624-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1623-1875-IGI; Marriages 1624-1830-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1625-1830, 1840-1895-IGI; Marriages 1625-1812-SMI; Burials 1624-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Eaton St Edith
aka Eaton-Under-Heywood (Baptisms 1593-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1875-1894-BIVR; Marriages 1581-1620, 1837-1875-IGI; Marriages 1581-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Eaton Constantine
St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1684-1812-IGI; Marriages 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1684-1812-Boyds; Burials 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1684-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
St Peter (Baptisms 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1668-1878-IGI; Marriages 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1559-1845-IGI; Marriages 1676-1812-Boyds; Burials 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1669-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
St Michael (Baptisms 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1660-1710, 1722-1812-IGI; Marriages 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1722-1811-Boyds; Marriages 1638-1837-SMI; Burials 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1722-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1722-1837-NBI)
St Mary (Baptisms 1646-1659, 1712-1875-IGI; Marriages 1712-1775-Boyds; Marriages 1729-1753-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ellesmere St Mary
(Baptisms 1630-1875-IGI; Marriages 1630-1836-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ellesmere Independent Chapel
(Baptisms 1809-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1787-1811-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1787-1837-IGI)
Eyton Upon The Weald Moors St Catherine (Baptisms 1698-1863-IGI; Marriages 1698-1837-IGI)
St Giles (Baptisms 1813-1861-IGI)
St Michael (Baptisms 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1569-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1812-1850-BIVR; Marriages 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1569-1856-IGI; Marriages 1569-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1877-BIVR; Marriages 1589-1812-SMI; Burials 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1596-1793-NBI)
Frodesley St Mark (Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1547-1862-IGI; Marriages 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1547-1557, 1567-1607, 1620-1630-IGI; Marriages 1547-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1612-1837-NBI)
Glazeley St Bartholomew [See Deuxhill and Glazeley]
Great Bolas St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1582-1868-IGI; Marriages 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1584-1836-IGI; Marriages 1584-1812-Boyds; Burials 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Great Dawley (See Dawley Magna)
Great Hanwood (See Hanwood)
Great Ness aka Ness Magna St Andrew (Baptisms 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1589-1665, 1676-1876-IGI; Marriages 1589-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1590-1837-IGI; Burials 1589-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Greete St James (Baptisms 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1663-1812-IGI; Marriages 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1663-1834, 1845-1847-IGI; Marriages 1666-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1666-1812-SMI; Burials 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1663-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1592-1856-IGI; Marriages 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1597-1833-IGI; Marriages 1595-1812-Boyds; Burials 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1592-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Habberley St Mary (Baptisms 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1598-1617, 1630-1638, 1663-1849-IGI; Marriages 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1663-1675, 1689-1745, 1813-1844-IGI; Marriages 1600-1812-Boyds; Burials 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1598-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Hadley Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1858-1877-IGI)
Hadnall St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1730-1856-IGI; Burials 1808-1837-NBI)
Hadnall (and Clive) Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1798-1837-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1798-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Halesowen SS. Mary and John the Evangelist [See Worcestershire]
Halesowen Independent (Births/Baptisms 1805-1821, 1831-1837-IGI)
Halford St Thomas (Baptisms 1594-1875-IGI; Marriages 1594-1759-IGI; Marriages 1595-1714-SMI; Burials 1818-1831-NBI)
Halston nr Whittington/Oswestry (Baptisms 1686-1897-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1686-1897-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1699-1826-Boyds; Burials 1686-1897-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1826, 1834-NBI)
Hampton Walsh St Michael
Hanwood St Thomas (Baptisms 1559-1763-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1560-1880-IGI; Marriages 1559-1763-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1560-1880-IGI; Marriages 1561-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1561-1756-SMI; Burials 1559-1763-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1560-1642, 1647, 1653-55, 1664-1763, 1813-33, 1836-NBI)
Harley St Mary (Baptisms 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1745-1858-IGI; Marriages 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1746-1877-IGI; Marriages 1601-1812-Boyds; Burials 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1590-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
High Ercall St Michael & All Angels (Baptisms 1585-1812, 1816-1861-IGI; Marriages 1585-1837-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Highley St Mary aka High Ley (Baptisms 1551-1812-IGI; Marriages 1551-1812-IGI; Marriages 1552-1838-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Hinstock St Oswald (Baptisms 1673-1868-IGI; Marriages 1676-1852-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Hodnet St Luke (Baptisms 1539-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1556-1849-IGI; Marriages 1539-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1540-1546, 1560-1567-IGI; Marriages 1540-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1819-SMI; Burials 1539-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1538-1837-NBI)
Holdgate Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1661-1851-IGI; Marriages 1662-1833-IGI; Marriages 1630-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Hope Bowdler St Andrew (Baptisms 1563-1837-IGI; Marriages 1563-1837-IGI; Marriages 1566-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Hopesay St Mary (Baptisms 1660-1812-IGI; Marriages 1662-1846-IGI; Marriages 1662-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1662-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Hopton Cangeford (Baptisms 1790-1875-IGI; Marriages 1806-1878-IGI; Marriages 1812-1837-SMI; Burials 1815-1836-NBI)
Hopton Castle St Edward formerly St Mary (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFH; Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1538-1850-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFH; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1549-1849-IGI; Marriages 1549-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1544-1812-SMI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1542-1837-NBI)
Hopton Wafers St Michael (Baptisms 1638-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1627-1630, 1661-1812-IGI; Marriages 1638-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1627-1630, 1664-1856-IGI; Marriages 1638-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1608-1812-SMI; Burials 1638-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1834-NBI)
Hordley St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1656-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1634-1869-IGI; Marriages 1656-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1686-1837-IGI; Marriages 1656-1812-Boyds; Burials 1656-1837-NBI)
Hughley St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1576-1875-IGI; Marriages 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1576-1833, 1839-1891-IGI; Marriages 1582-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1577-1812-SMI; Burials 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1576-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Hyssington [Montgomeryshire] Marriages 1743-1812 (SMI)
Ightfield St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1681-1830-IGI; Marriages 1681-1830-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Jackfield St Mary
Kemberton St Andrew (Baptisms 1659-1859-IGI; Marriages 1659-1859-IGI)
Kemberton St John the Baptist (Burials 1813-1836-NBI
Kenley St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1631-1637, 1659-1868-IGI; Marriages 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1682-1877-IGI; Mariages 1690-1812-Boyds; Burials 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Kinnerley St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1677-1840-IGI; Marriages 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1677-1836-IGI; Marriages 1677-1812-Boyds; Burials 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1677-1812 Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Kinnersley St Chad (Baptisms 1676-1869-IGI; Marriages 1676-1837-IGI)
Knockin St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1661-1846-IGI; Marriages 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1681-1812-IGI; Marriages 1679-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1818-1837-NBI)
Kynnersley St James (Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Leaton Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1859-1969-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1859-1877-IGI)
Leebotwood St Mary (Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1547-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1547-1812-Boyds; Burials 1547-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie;)
Lee Brockhurst St Peter (Baptisms 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1567-1838-IGI; Marriages 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1569-1837-SMI; Burials 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1569-1838-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1567-1838-NBI)
Leebotwood St Mary (Baptisms 1548-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1548-1856-IGI; Marriages 1548-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1549-1812-IGI; Marriages 1549-1837-SMI; Burials 1548-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Leighton St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1661-1812, 1816-1868-IGI; Marriages 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1813-1837-IGI; Marriages 1661-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1661-1812-SMI; Burials 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Lilleshall St Michael (Baptisms 1656-1877-IGI; Marriages 1653-1658; 1693-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Linley St Leonard
Little Dawley (Baptisms 1845-1855, 1858-1868-IGI)
Little Drayton (Baptisms 1848-1877-IGI)
Little Wenlock St Lawrence (Baptisms 1689-1812-IGI; Marriages 1689-1837-IGI; Marriages 1690-1801-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Llanvair Waterdine St Mary (Baptisms 1676-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1853-BIVR; Marriages 1813-1852-BIVR; Marriages 1605-1807-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Llansilin St Asaph
Llanyblodwel St Michael (Baptisms 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1599-1635, 1695-1850-IGI; Marriages 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1599-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1695-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Llanyblodwell Smyrna Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1825-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1825-1836-IGI)
Llanymynech St Agatha (Baptisms 1666-1857-IGI; Baptisms 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1683-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1666-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1678-1837-NBI)
Long Stanton St Michael (Baptisms 1546-1878-IGI; Marriages 1546-1548, 1568-1754, 1837-1877-IGI)
Longdon upon Terne St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1692-1812-IGI; Marriages 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1701-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1701-1837-SMI; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1700-1837-NBI)
Longford by Newport St Mary (Baptisms 1674-1868-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Longnor St Mary (Baptisms 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1584-1812-Boyds; Burials 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1586-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Loppington St Michael (Baptisms 1558-1864-IGI; Marriages 1559-1806, 1813-1837-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ludlow Broad St Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1815-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1815-1837-IGI)
Ludlow Old St Primitive Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1824-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1824-1837-IGI)
Ludlow Corve Street (and Old Street) Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1802-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; 1802-1836-IGI)
Lydbury North St Michael & All Angels (Baptisms 1563-1846-IGI; Marriages 1563-1846-IGI; Marriages 1564-1640; 1700-1782-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Lydham Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1596-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1596-1660, 1690-1880-IGI; Marriages 1596-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1596-1812, 1837-1876-IGI; Marriages 1596-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1598-1837-SMI; Burials 1596-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Lyth Hill and Dorrington Independent Chapel (Baptisms 1808-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Madeley St Michael aka Market Madeley (Baptisms 1645-1839-IGI; Baptisms 1638-1900-BIVR; Marriages 164-1675, 1695-1837, 1857-1858-IGI; Marriages 1645-1675; 1695-1728-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Madeley Wood Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1815-1837-IGI)
Mainstone St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1590-1875-IGI; Marriages 1590-1876-IGI; Marriages 1590-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1919-NBI)
Market Drayton St Mary (Baptisms 1742-1779, 1792-1872-IGI; Baptisms 1681-1742-BIVR; Marriages 1681-1837, 1855-1858-IGI; Burials 1813-1838-NBI)
Market Drayton Independent Chapel (Birth/Baptisms 1776-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1776-1836-IGI)
Mawley Hall St Mary RC (Baptisms 1763-1831-IGI; Baptisms 1763-1831-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Melverley St Peter(Baptisms 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1723-1860-IGI; Marriages 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1724-1811, 1815-1860-IGI; Marriages 1724-1812-Boyds; Burials 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1723-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Middleton Scriven St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1601-1604, 1631-1638, 1660-1812; Marriages 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1631-1638, 1662-1727-IGI); Marriages 1734-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1601-1812-SMI; Burials 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1728-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Mindtown St John the Baptist aka Minton (Baptisms 1660-1852-IGI; Baptisms 1630-1852-BIVR; Marriages 1661-1824-BIVR; Marriages 1638-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Minsterley Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1815-1829, 1842-1850-IGI)
Minsterley Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1806-1837-IGI)
Monkhopton St Peter (Baptisms 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1698-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1660-1698, 1813-1848-BIVR; Marriages 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1664-1698, 1813-1833-IGI; Marriages 1700-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1664-1833-BIVR; Marriages 1700-1837-SMI; Burials 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1698-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1835-NBI)
Montford St Chad (Baptisms 1573-1860-IGI; Marriages 1578-1602, 1613-1639, 1662-1836-IGI; Marriages 1573-1812-Boyds; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
More St Peter (Baptisms 1558-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1570-1812-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1574-1877-IGI; Marriages 1574-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1574-1812-SMI; Burials 1558-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Moreton Corbet St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1580-1876-IGI; Marriages 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1813-1878-IGI; Marriages 1580-1812-Boyds; Burials 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1580-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Moreton Say St Margaret (Baptisms 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1690-1875-IGI; Marriages 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1690-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1690-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1690-1837-NBI)
Morton St Phillip & St James (Burials 1823-1837-NBI)
Morville St Gregory (Baptisms 1562-1846, 1871-1876-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1876-BIVR; Marriages 1562-1812-IGI; Marriages 1813-1837-BIVR; Marriages 1562-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Mucklestone St Mary
Munslow St Michael (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1538-1859-IGI; Baptisms 1812-1859-BIVR; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1538-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1663-1844-BIVR; Marriages 1538-1837-SMI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Nabb Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1818-1837-IGI)
Nash St John the Baptist (Marriages 1837-1876-IGI)
Neenton All Saints (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1558-1846-IGI; Baptisms 1812-1846-BIVR; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1558-1812-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1805-SMI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1836-NBI)
Newcastle-on-Clun St John the Evanglist
Newport St Nicholas (Baptisms 1572-1877-IGI; Marriages 1572-1853-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Newport Independent or Dissenting Protestants Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1814-1837-IGI)
Newport SS Peter and Paul RC (Baptisms 1785-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1785-1843-IGI)
Newtown by Wem King Charles the Martyr (Baptisms 1763-1772, 1779-1874-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Norbury All Saints (Baptisms 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1560-1867-IGI; Marriages 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1570-1838-IGI; Burials 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Norton in Hales St Chad (Baptisms 1572-1860-IGI; Marriages 1573-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1574-1589; 1734-1737-SMI; Burials 1813-1844-NBI)
North Cleobury [See Cleobury North]
North Lydbury St Michael (Baptisms 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mark George; Marriages 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mark George; Burials 1682-1812-Modern Transcript-Mark George)
Oldbury St Nicholas (Baptisms 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1582-1872-IGI; Baptisms 1662-1872-BIVR; Marriages 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1583-1812-IGI; Marriages 1583-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1663-1857-BIVR; Marriages 1583-1837-SMI; Burials 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Oldbury Halesowen Presbyterian Chapel (Baptisms 1812-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1776-1837-IGI)
Oldbury by Halesowen Wesleyan Methodist (Birth/Baptisms 1832-1837-IGI)
Oldbury Old Dissenting Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1715-1813-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1715-1745, 1759-1813-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Oswestry St Oswald (Baptisms 1669-1717, 1727-18122-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1558-1640, 1653-1860-IGI; Marriages 1669-1717, 1727-17542-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1558-1837-IGI; Marriages 1551-1812-Boyds; Burials 1669-1812- Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1558-1837-NBI)
Oswestry Carnedan Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1813-1837-IGI)
Oswestry House of Industry (Births/Baptisms 1813-1833-IGI)
Oswestry Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1812-1836-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1812-1836-IGI)
Oswestry Old Independent Congregational Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1780-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1780-1812-IGI)
Oswestry Primitive Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1830-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Biths/Baptisms 1830-1837-IGI)
Oswestry, Pant Independent Chapel, Crickheath (Baptisms 1829-1836-Modern Transcript; Births/Baptisms 1829-1836-IGI)
Oswestry, The Old Chapel (Independent) Arthur St (Baptisms 1813-1816 and Burials 1812-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1813-1816-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Oswestry Chapel Castle Lane Calvinisitc Methodist or Welsh Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1819-1837-IGI)
Pant [See Llanymynech and Morton]
Pattingham St Chad
Penley St Mary Magdalene
Petton St Simon & St Jude (Baptisms 1677-1862-IGI; Marriages 1813-1834-IGI; Marriages 1698-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1698-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Pitchford St Michael & All Angels (Baptisms 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1543-1875-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1544-1834-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Boyds; Burials 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1558-1837-NBI)
Plowden Saint Francis RC Chapel (Baptisms 1826-1837-IGI; Baptisms 1826-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Pontesbury Baptist Chapel (Baptisms 1828-1836-Modern Transcript-SFHS-includes deaths; Burials 1830-1832-NBI)
Pradoe (Burials 1907-1984 - Modern Transcript)
Prees St Chad (Baptisms 1597-1868-IGI; Marriages 1653-1837-BIVR; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Prees Green Primitive Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1824-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS)
Prees Whixall Independent Chapel (Baptisms 1805-1823-Mel Lockie)
Preston Gobalds or Gubbals St Martin (Baptisms 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1560-1868-IGI; Marriages 1560-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1560-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1810-1837-IGI; Marriages 1575-1837-SMI; Burials 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1560-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1590-1837-NBI)
Preston-upon-the-Weald-Moors St Laurence (Baptisms 1679-1868-IGI; Marriages 1679-1860-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Priors Lee St Peter (Baptisms 1808-1875-IGI)
Pulverbatch [See Church Pulverbatch]
Quaker Marriage Lists for Hereford Worcester & Wales General Meeting (Marriages 1657-1836 - Modern Transcript)
Quatford St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1577-1812-IGI; Marriages 1577-1835-IGI; Marriages 1665-1700-BTs-Boyds; Marriages 1578-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Quatt or Quatt-Malvern St Andrew (Baptisms 1662-1664, 1672-1872-IGI; Marriages 1672-1812-IGI; Marriages 1672-1837-BIVR; Marriages 1666-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ratlinghope St Margaret (Baptisms 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-SFHS; Baptisms 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1794-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-BT-SFHS; Baptisms 1638-1880-BIVR; Marriages 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-SFHS; Marriages 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-BT-SFHS; Marriages 1755-1813-Boyds; Marriages 1665-1837-BIVR; Marriages 1638-1837-SMI; Burials 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-SFHS; Burials 1755-1812-Modern Transcript-PR-Mel Lockie; Burials 1661-1812-Modern Transcript-BT-SFHS; Burials 1794-1837-NBI)
Rodington St George (Baptisms 1632-1868-IGI; Marriages 1631-1637, 1659-1839, 1860-1868-IGI; Burials 1678-1837-NBI)
Rushbury St Peter (Baptisms 1538-1812-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-IGI; Marriages 1538-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ruyton-in-the-Eleven-Towns St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1630-1858-IGI; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1630-1837-IGI; Marriages 1719-1812-Boyds; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Ryton nr Shifnal St Andrew (Baptisms 1657-1860-IGI; Marriages 1659-1864-IGI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Saint Martins St Martin of Tours (Baptisms 1601-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1663-1841-IGI; Marriages 1601-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1663-1837-IGI; Marriages 1579-1837-Boyds; Burials 1601-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Selattyn St Mary (Baptisms 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1557-1860-IGI; Marriages 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1557-1812-IGI; Marriages 1559-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1860-BIVR; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1562-1837-NBI)
Shawbury St Mary (Baptisms 1561-1875-IGI; Marriages 1561-1876-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Sheinton SS Peter & Paul (Baptisms 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1658-1877-IGI; Marriages 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1667-1878-IGI; Marriages 1658-1812-Boyds; Burials 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Shelve All Saints (Baptisms 1584-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1862-BIVR; Marriages 1584-1835-IGI; Marriages 1585-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Sheriffhales St Mary (Baptisms 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1557-1812-IGI; Marriages 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1557-1812-IGI; Marriages 1551-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1557-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Shifnal Aston St Particular Baptist Chapel (Births 1811-1836-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1811-1836-IGI)
Shipton St James (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1538-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1538-1804, 1817-1880-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1804-SMI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Shrawardine St Mary (Baptisms 1638-1812-IGI; Marriages 1645-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Shrewsbury Holy Cross and St Giles (Abbey) (Baptisms 1540-1601, 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1540-1837-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Shrewsbury Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1841-1875-IGI)
Shrewsbury St Michael (Burials 1830-1837-NBI)
Shrewsbury Claremont Street Baptist Chapel (Births 1813-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births 1766-1837-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1766-1808-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Shrewsbury Court Castle Primitive Methodist Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1822-1837-IGI)
Shrewsbury Ebenezer Methodist New Connexion (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Shrewbury High Street Presbyterian/Unitarian Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1692-1812-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1692-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Shrewsbury Society of Friends (Births 1656-1811-IGI; Births 1657-1834-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1657-1794-Boyds; Burials 1815-1834-NBI)
Shrewsbury St John's Hill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1812-1837-IGI)
Shrewsbury St Mary Town Walls RC (Baptisms 1775-1837-IGI; Baptisms 1775-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Shrewsbury Swan Hill Independent Chapel (Baptisms 1813-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1767-1857-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1767-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1768-1836-NBI)
Sibdon Carwood St Michael (Baptisms 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1582-1653-IGI; Marriages 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1583-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1583-1837-SMI; Burials 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1582-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Silvington St Nicholas (Marriages 1663-1828-SMI; Burials 1663-1837-NBI)
Smethcote or Smethcott St Michael (Baptisms 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1609-1856-IGI; Marriages 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1612-1634, 1660-1667, 1794-1836-IGI; Marriages 1613-1812-Boyds; Burials 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1609-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Snead [Montgomeryshire] (Marriages 1813-1837-SMI)
Stanton Lacy St Peter (Baptisms 1561-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1561-1812-IGI; Marriages 1561-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1561-1812-IGI; Marriages 1561-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1561-1837-SMI; Burials 1561-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stanton Upon Hine Heath St Andrew (Baptisms 1636-1875-IGI; Marriages 1636-1837-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stapleton St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1635-1853-IGI; Marriages 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1546-1842-IGI; Marriages 1546-1812-Boyds; Burials 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1546-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1587-1837-NBI)
Stirchley St James (Baptisms 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1658-1876-IGI; Marriages 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1658-1837-IGI; Marriages 1658-1812-Boyds; Burials 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1658-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stockton St Chad by Bridgnorth (Baptisms 1664-1878-IGI; Marriages 1664-1683, 1701-1857-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stoke Saint Milborough St Milburga (Baptisms 1654-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1587-1876-IGI; Marriages 1654-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1663-1876-IGI; Marriages 1640-1837-SMI; Burials 1654-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stoke upon Tern St Peter (Baptisms 1668-1875-IGI; Marriages 1668-1840-IGI; Marriages 1662-1699-Boyds; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stokesay St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1559-1877-IGI; Marriages 1561-1876-IGI; Marriages 1561-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1561-1812-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Stowe St Michael (Baptisms 1576-1807-IGI; Marriages 1576-1811-IGI; Marriages 1576-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Sutton by Shrewsbury (Baptisms 1709-1868-IGI; Marriages 1754-1837-SMI)
Sutton Maddock St Mary (Baptisms 1559-1878-IGI; Marriages 1559-1647, 1679-1859-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Tasley SS Peter & Paul (Baptisms 1563-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1660-1848-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548; Baptisms 1563-1813-IGI; Marriages 1563-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1660-1848-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548; Marriages 1563-1777-IGI; Marriages 1564-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1564-1837-SMI; Burials 1563-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1660-1848-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548; Burials 1815-1837-NBI)
All Saints (Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1681-1856-IGI; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1719-1753-Boyds; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1719-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1719-1837-NBI)
Tilstock Christ Church (Baptisms 1836-1868-IGI; Burials 1836-1837-NBI)
Tong SS Mary & Bartholomew (Baptisms 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1629-1875-IGI; Marriages 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1629-1876-IGI; Marriages 1630-1812-Boyds; Burials 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1629-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Trefonen All Saints (Baptisms 1821-1855-IGI; Burials 1821-1837-NBI)
Tugford St Catherine (Baptisms 1755-1812, 1821-1855-IGI; Marriages 1754-1812-IGI; Marriages 1638-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Uffington Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1581-1868-IGI; Marriages 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1814-1834-IGI; Marriages 1581-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1581-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1578-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Uppington Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1650-1874-IGI; Marriages 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1680-1830-IGI; Marriages 1676-1812-Boyds; Burials 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1650-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Upton Cressett St Michael (Baptisms 1637-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1637-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1638-1800-SMI; Burials 1637-1840-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1957-NBI)
Upton Magna St Lucia (Baptisms 1577-1877-IGI; Marriages 1653-1756, 1810-1836-IGI; Marriages 1702-1782-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Upton Parva aka Upton Waters St Michael
Waters Upton St Michael (Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1547-1815-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1547-1646, 1660-1868-IGI; Marriages 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1815-1851-IGI; Marriages 1547-1815-Boyds; Marriages 1566-1815-BIVR; Burials 1547-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1547-1815-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Wellington All Saints (Baptisms 1628-1700, 1800-1825-Modern Transcript-SFH; Baptisms 1628-1643, 1668-1875-IGI; Marriages 1626-1679-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1626-1838-IGI; Burials 1626-1677-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Wellington Trench Lane Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1827-1835-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1827-1835-IGI)
Wellington Tanbank Independent (Baptisms 1829-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1829-1837-IGI)
Welshampton St Michael (Baptisms 1636-1856-IGI; Marriages 1653-1836-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Wem Cripple Street Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1823-1836-IGI)
Wem Chapel Street Independent (Birth/Baptisms 1755-1836-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1779-1837-IGI; Burials 1833-1835-NBI)
Wem Noble St Presbyterian Chapel (Baptisms 1822-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1822-1837-IGI)
Wem Presbyterian Chapel (Birth/Baptisms 1755-1814-IGI; Birth/Baptisms 1755-1814-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
Wentnor St Michael & All Angels (Baptisms 1660-1812-IGI; Marriages 1660-1755, 1767-1812-IGI; Marriages 1661-1693; 1752-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Westbury St Mary (Baptisms 1637-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1637-1812-IGI; Marriages 1637-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1637-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1638-1655; 1754-1760; 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1637-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Westbury Minsterley Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1806-1837-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Births/Baptisms 1807-1836-IGI)
West Felton St Michael (Baptisms 1810-1865-IGI; Marriages 1628-1747; 1813-1837-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Weston-under-Redcastle St Luke (Baptisms 1565-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1565-1875-IGI; Marriages 1565-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1574-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1574-1753-SMI; Burials 1565-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Whitchurch St Alkmund (Baptisms 1633-1858-IGI; Marriages 1627-1852-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Whitchurch Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1813-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1813-1837-IGI)
Whitchurch Dodington Presbyterian/Uniterian Chapel (Baptisms 1814-1836-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1814-1836-IG; Births/Baptisms 1708-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel LockieI)
Whitchurch Dodington Independent (Births/Baptisms 1807-1837-IGI)
White Ladies Priory RC (Burials 1816-1837-NBI)
Whittington St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1591-1840-IGI; Marriages 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1591-1837-IGI; Marriages 1591-1800-Boyds; Burials 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Whitton St Mary by Tenbury (Marriages 1840-1876-IGI)
Whixall St Mary (Baptisms 1757-1876-IGI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Whixall Independent Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1805-1837-IGI)
Willey St John (Baptisms 1644-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1644-1812-IGI; Marriages 1644-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1665-1703, 1728-1811-IGI; Marriages 1665-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1605-1837-SMI; Burials 1644-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS)
Withington St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Baptisms 1591-1868-IGI; Marriages 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Marriages 1592-1836-IGI; Marriages 1592-1812-Boyds; Burials 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1591-1812-Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Wollerton Independent (Births/Baptisms 1814-1837-IGI)
Wombridge SS Mary & Leonard (Baptisms 1721-1813-IGI; Baptisms 1721-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1721-1751, 1802-1836-IGI; Marriages (Marriage Bonds) 1787-1821-SMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Wombridge Hill Top, Coalpit Bank Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1817-1837-IGI)
Wolstaston/Woolstaston St Michael (Baptisms 1601-1812-Modern Transcript-SFH; Baptisms 1601-1812-IGI; Marriages 1601-1812-Modern Transcript-SFH; Marriages 1607-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1607-1837-SMI; Burials 1601-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1814-1837-NBI)
Woore St Leonard (Baptisms 1769-1804-IGI; Burials 1832-1837-NBI)
Worthen All Saints (Baptisms 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Baptisms 1558-1812-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Marriages 1558-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1719-1837-SMI; Burials 1558-1812-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Burials 1557-1837-NBI)
Wrexham Old Meeting House Chester Street Particular Baptists (Births/Baptisms 1779-1837-IGI)
Wrockwardine Wood Trench Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Baptisms 1827-1837-Modern Transcript-SFHS; Births/Baptisms 1827-1837-IGI)

Wrockwardine Wood Primitive Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1822-1837-IGI)

Parishes where Sterrys or similar were located:

Note: Estimates in the IGI have not been included here. The fact that the number of Stary (and variants) far exceeds the number of Sterry (and variants), suggests that Sterry is a local variant of Stary - as indeed also a local variant of Sturry. However, there does not appear to be any indication that the Sterry variant persisted beyond the occasional variant. Where the IGI records deaths (rather than burials) and births (rather than baptisms) this is shown in brackets against the event. Otherwise, events are baptisms and burials.

Alveley St Mary
1561-1837 (IGI)
1689 Jul 3 Edward s. William & Margrett Starie

Alveley St Mary
Marriages 1561-1837 (IGI); 1662-1750 (BTs-Boyds); 1561-1691 (SMI)

Alveley St Mary
Burials 1813-1837
1707 Jul 13 Edward Sterry son of Will, labourer
1729 Jan 18 Anne Stary wd
1741 Mar 29 Ann Starey

Billingsley St Mary
Baptisms 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1660-1854 (IGI); 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
1693 Jun 23 John s. Matthew Stary & Mary
1694/95 Feb 10 Matthew s. Matthew Stary & Mary
1698 Mar 27 George s. Matthew Starye & Mary
1702 Jun 14 Mary d. Matthew Stary & Mary, pauper

Billingsley St Mary
Marriages 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1625-1840 (IGI); 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1628-1812 (Boyds); 1628-1812 (SMI)
1692 Sep 25 Matthew Stary & Mary Woodward

Billingsley St Mary
Burials 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1625-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1813-1827 (NBI)
1693 Jul 6 John s. Matthew Stary & Mary
1730 Oct 3 Matthew Stary, infant

Bitterley St Mary
Baptisms 1658-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1658-1875 (IGI)

Bitterley St Mary
Marriages 1658-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1658-1876 (IGI); 1658-1812 (Boyds); 1658-1812 (SMI)
##1685 Feb 16 Thomas Stary & Miriam Pardo [Marriage Allegation: 1685 Feb 13 Lic inter Thomam Stary de Neen Sollars et Mariam Pardoe de Bitterley]

Bitterley St Mary
Burials 1658-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI)
##1698 Dec 22 Maria Starry

Bridgnorth Saint Leonard
Baptisms 1556-1835, 1848-1858, 1871-1873 (IGI)

Bridgnorth Saint Leonard
Marriages 1556-1835 (IGI); 1636-1812 (BTs-Boyds); 1656-1712 (SMI)

Bridgnorth Saint Leonard
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1771 Mar 28 Mathew Stary, pauper

Bridgnorth Saint Mary Magdalene
Baptisms 1610-1839, 1872-1877 (IGI)

Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalene
Marriages 1610-1839
(IGI); 1665-1725 (BTs-Boyds); 1613-1761 (SMI)
1734 Aug 1 Thomas Starey & Patience Southwell of Bridgnorth. Licence.

Bridgnorth St Mary Maddalene
Burials 1813-1837

Bromfield St Mary
Baptisms 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1559-1875 (IGI); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie)
1639/40 Jan 5 Richard s. Francis Stary & Dorethy

Bromfield St Mary
Marriages 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1559-1846 (IGI); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1559-1812 (Boyds); 1559-1812 (SMI); FindMyPast
1591 Sep 21 John Stery and Ales Hamond (also in Boyd's)
1743 Oct 30 Wm Starey and Anne Jones of Ludlow [FindMyPast]

Bromfield St Mary
Burials 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1643 Jun 17 Richard Stary s. Richard
1679 Mar 22 Elizabeth Sterry
1698 Mar 22 Elizabeth Sterry

Burford St Mary
Baptisms 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1558-1876 (IGI); FindMyPast
1560 May 23 Elizabeth d. Thomas Stary
1563 Jul 25 Elizabeth d. Thomas Stary
1564 Jun 21 Edwarde s. Thomas Stary
1564 Sep 30 Elizabeth d. Walter Starye
##1570 Apr 20 Nicholas s. Humphry Stary [inserted]
1570 Jun 21 Edwarde s. Thomas Stary
##1570 Aug 30 Elizabeth d. Walter Starye
##1578 May 8 Anne d. Humphrey Stary
##1580 Jun 3 Richard s. Humphrey Stary & _____(?)
##1582 Apr 3 Edward s. Humphrey Stary
##1586/87 Mar 16 John s. Humphrey Stary
##1590/91 Mar 24 Thomas s. Humphrey Stary
1599 Apr 5 Frauncis d. Henry Stary of Weston
1601 Sep 10 Elizabeth d. Henry Stary
1603 Aug 10 John s. Henry Starye
1610 Dec 5 Richardus s. Jacobi Starie? & Joanne? [FindMyPast only]
1610/11 Jan 1 Samuel s. Henrici & Johanne Starie
##1618 May 20 John s. John Stary
##1626 Jun 15 Frauncis d. John & Katherin Stary
##1631/32 Feb 13 Jane d. Richard & Katherin Stary
##1650/51 Mar 3 Margaret d. John & Margaret Stary
1653 Feb 3 child of Homfry & Katherine Stary [FindMyPast only]
##(birth) 1654 Apr 4 Thomas s. John & Margaret Stary of the Hem
1658 Apr 28 Cicilia d. Hommfry & Katherine Stary
##1662 Jun 5 Samuel s. Thomas & Francies Stary
1665 Jul 9 Ann d. Humphrey & Katherine Stary
1668 May 19 Humphrey s. Humphrey & Katherine Stary
##1677 Aug 23 Elizabeth d. John Stary of the Hem & Elizabeth
##1680 Nov 22 John s. John & Elizabeth Stary
##1701/02 Feb 18 Jo. s. Joh. Stary & Anna p. Mr Rusbatch [inserted]
##1703/04 Feb 25 Ann d. John Stary, jun. of Tilsop, yeo. & Ann
##1705 May 30 Wm s. John Stary of the Hem & Tilsop & Anna
##1718/19 Mar 6 Phebe d. John & Ann Stary

Burford St Mary
Marriages 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1559-1812 (IGI); 1559-1812 (Boyds); 1559-1837 (SMI)
1559 Jun __ Thomas Stary & Margaret Heycocke
1563 Jan 29 John Sanlfall & Margaret Stary
##1566 Jul 20 Walter Starey & Margaret Newton
##1573 Oct 29 Humfrey Stary & Margaret Nashe
##1609 Feb 19 Nicholas Starie & Joan Hoult
##1610 Nov 22 Richard Starey & Elinor Hill
##1611 Dec 21 Franciscus Barbar & Anna Stary
##1616 Mar 4 Joh'is Stary & Katherine Dyke
#1618 Apr 26 Peter Stirry and Alice Williams (also in Boyd's)
1620 May 11 Thomas Nicolls & Blaunch Stary (also in Boyd's but spelt Blanch Stirry. SMI has Blanche Stary)
1645 Apr 10 Thomas Stary & Elizabeth Banaster by license
1667 Jul 1 John Nicholls & Frances Stary by ban
1693 Jun 11 Francis Jucks & Mary Stary by banns
##1708 Nov 1 Tho. Morris & Elizabeth Stary (SMI has Thomas Morris of Eastham, Worcestershire)
##1726 May 18 James Nokes of St Leonards, Ludlow & Eliz Starie. lic.
##1732 Feb 4 Charles Nash of Milson & Ann Stary. lic.
1760 June 16 Edward Jones & Sarah Penny Wit: Margaret Starie, Elizabeth Nash
##1764 Oct 14 John Lambert, wid., of Hope baggot & Margaretta Starie lic. Wit: Josiah Starie, John Wall (SMI has John Lamber and Margaret Starie)
##1810 Aug 10 Humphrey Parsons of Hinkey, Leicestershire & Hannah Sterie lic. m. Nash Chapel Wit: Josiah Starie, Walter Tolley (SMI has Hannah Parsons)
##1823 May 14 Benjamin Bridgman, Burford, Bachelor & Margaret Starie, Burford, Spinster. Licence. Wit: William Poyser, Anne Waring

Burford St Mary
Burials 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1558 Aug 1 Richard Stary de Hem
1558/59 Jan 25 Johan Stary vid.
1559 Jun 24 Elizabeth d. Thomas Stary, 1m
1568 Oct 28 John Stary
1572 Sep 6 Anne Staery wieffe of Walter Starye
1572 Sep 7 Walter Starey
1573 Oct 7 Elinor w. Nicholas Starye
1573 Nov 31 Thomas Starye
##1585 Aug 7 Nicholas Stary
##1585 Aug 15 Margaret Stary, widow
1586/87 Feb 7 Margery Stary vid.
##1590 Jun 8 Elinor Stary
##1590 Jun 23 Thomas Stary
1592 Oct 22 Johana Stary
1594 May 17 Elizabeth wiefe of Thomas Stary
1598 Dec 28 Ann Stary of Weston
1600 Jun 6 Henry s. Henry Starye of Weston
1600/01 Mar 17 Thomas Stary
##1605 Apr 28 Humphrey Starey
##1608 Oct 22 Thomas Starie
##1608 Oct 31 Margaret Starie
1616 May 26 Joanna uxor Henricus Stary
1617 Aug 24 Henry Stary
##1617/18 Feb last day Elen w. of Richard Stary
##1617 Sep 20 Richard Stary [SBI only]
##1628 Feb 28 Katherine w. of John Starie
1632 Dec 26 Elizabeth Stary [FindMyPast only. Not in SBI.]
1633 Dec 4 Elizabeth Stary
1635 Apr 11 the supposed d. John Stary & Eleanor Stary
##1641 Oct 3 Nicholas Starie
1653/54 Feb 6 non-baptized child of Homfray Stary & Katharine bur at Coreley
1659 Mar 27 Wife of John Stary
1671 Sep 20 Richard Stary
1700 May 25 Elizabeth Stary of Boraston, widdow, aff. from Mr Rusbach


  • John Starie was church warden at Burford in 1635.
  • Preface to the Modern Transcription of Burford by the Shropshire Parish Register Society, 1915 states:
    "Adjoining the churchyard (of Nash Township) is Nash Court, belonging to Mr Pardoes - a narrow circuitous lane leads through the townships of Wetmore and Tilsop, and we find the timber dwellings of 'Ferne' fast falling into decay (but with its Jacobean fireplace) turned into a barn for cattle, Tilsop & the Hem, the old home of the Stareys partly destroyed by fire, built by John & Elizabeth Starey in 1682 .... All these are interesting as examples of the dweelings of yeoman of England in the Stewart times."

Burwarton Saint Lawrence
Baptisms 1575-1812 (IGI); 1575-1812 (BIVR)

Burwarton Saint Lawrence
Marriages 1575-1837 (SMI)

Burwarton Saint Lawrence
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1705 Dec __ Mary Starey, of Chitton, wife of James

Cainham (or Caynham) St Mary
Baptisms 1660-1874 (IGI)

Cainham (or Caynham) St Mary
Marriages 1660-1837 (IGI); 1558-1808 (SMI)
1672 Sep 21 Joseph Farmer & Margaret Stary of Burford (SMI only)

Cainham (or Caynham) St Mary
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Chelmarsh St Peter
Baptisms 1557-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1556-1879 (IGI)
1731 May 24 Matthew s. George & Mary Starie

Chelmarsh St Peter
Marriages 1557-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1556-1846 (IGI); 1558-1812 (Boyds); 1558-1812 (SMI)

Chelmarsh St Peter
Burials 1557-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1731 Jun 14 Mary Stary wife of George

Church Preen St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1680-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1605-1640, 1660-1879 (IGI)

Church Preen St John the Baptist
Marriages 1680-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1661-1679, 1813-1877 (IGI); 1680-1812 (Boyds); 1680-1812 (SMI)
1722 Jun 5 John Dickins & Ann Stary
##1743 May 11 John Kite p. Millson & Susannah Starey p. Nyend [Neen] Solars, lic

Church Preen St John the Baptist
Burials 1680-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1680-1837 (NBI)

Church Pulverbatch St Edith
1542-1860 (IGI)
1736 Apr 14 Thomas Sturye s. Mary Sturye

Church Pulverbatch St Edith
Marriages 1542-1832 (IGI); 1543-1812; 1833-1837 (SMI)

Church Pulverbatch St Edith
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Church Stoke St Nicholas
Marriages (FMP)
1716 Apr 10 Humphry Stary & Jana Morgan
1733 May 1 Humphrey Starey & Elinor Richards

Church Stoke St Nicholas
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI); FMP
1726 Oct 15 Jane wife of Humphry Stary
1750 Apr 10 Humphry Stary
1767 Dec 14 Elinor Starey

Cleobury Mortimer St Mary
Baptisms 1601-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1601-1861 (IGI)
##1707 Oct 29 Elizabeth d. Humfrey & Eliz. Starey, gent
##1729 Apr 8 Elizabeth d. Rich. & Eliz Starey

Cleobury Mortimer St Mary
Marriages 1601-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1601-1861 (IGI); 1601-1812 (Boyds); 1601-1812 (SMI)
1654 Feb 27 Willm Starie, tanner of Curdall & Ann d. Richard & Alice Chettwin, inholder
1660 Oct 14 Robert Baker, tailor and Susanna Sterrie, sp.
##1706 Jan 18 Humphrey Starey of Neen Sollars & Elizabeth Hayley
1714 Oct 8 John Roe of this parish & Anne Starey of Shotesdon (SMI has Anne Starey of Stottesdon)
##1724 Feb 7 Thomas Starey of Tenbury (Worcestershire) & Elizabeth Wigley of this parish, lic.
##1728 Jun 14 Rich. Starey of Knighton on Tenn & Eliz. Starey of C.M. lic. (SMI has Richard Starey of Knighton upon Teme and Elizabeth Starey of Cleobury Mortimer)
1743 Nov 2 James Starey & Mary Heming, lic.

Cleobury Mortimer St Mary
Burials 1601-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
##1711/12 Feb 12 Humphery Starey gent.
##1722 ___ Elizabeth Starey
1763 Sep 17 widow Stairey

On floor of nave:
Humphery Starey gent. departed this life Feb 1712
Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Starey 1722 born Elizth Hayley

Clungunford St Cuthbert
1559-1660 (LDS Vital Records British Isles); 1559-1850 (IGI); 1559-1660 (BIVR)
1595 Jan 15 Thomas s. Robert Stirry
1598 Feb 18 Francis Styrry died 28 Feb 1598
1598 Feb 18 Mary Styrry

Clungunford St Cuthbert
Marriages 1813-1849 (IGI); 1559-1812 (BIVR); 1638-1812 (SMI)

Clungunford St Cuthbert
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI); FMP
1598 Feb 28 Francis Stirry
1632 Sep 23 Robert Sterry [FMP]

Condover St Andrew & St Mary
Baptisms 1570-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1570-1870 (IGI)

Condover St Andrew & St Mary
Marriages 1570-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1570-1840 (IGI); 1570-1812 (Boyds)

Condover St Andrew & St Mary
1571-1837 [NBI]; 1570-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); also Parish and Probate Records for Shropshire on the site
1642 Jul 25 Walter Sterry

Coreley St Peter
1543-1623-1621/23 partly illegible in PR; 1697-1812 (PR-LDS Film 1701121]; 1638, 1660-1857 (BTs-LDS Film 992142; missing years 1729, 1833, 1834); 1543-1857 (IGI)
##1556 Nov 18 Margaret d. George Stary
##1564 Oct 19 Richard s. George Stary
##1567/1568 Mar 6 Anne d. George Stary
##1570/71 Mar __ Jane d. George Stary [Date not clear in PR: between Jan and Mar]
##1572/73 Mar 18 Ellinor d. George Stary [IGI has 1571. Date is 1572/73 in PR]
##1619/20 Feb 26 Gulielmus s. Edwardi & Dorothige Stary [Dorothy is only partially legible in PR]
##1635 Nov 10 Richard s. Edward & Dorothy Stary
##1683 Dec 24 Josephus s. Johanis & Eliz. Starie [Josephus filius Johanis Stary et Eliz uxoris ejus baptisatus 10th (month) 24 et sepultus fuit Jan 1]

Coreley St Peter
1543-1623-1621/23 partly illegible in PR; 1697-1754 (PR-LDS Film 1701121]; 1638, 1660-1857 (BTs-LDS Film 992142; missing years 1729, 1833, 1834); 1552-1812 (BIVR); 1552-1838 (SMI); 1813-1857 (IGI);
##1560/61 Jan 20 George Stary & Margery Hughes
##1601 Jun 30 Humfre Mantle & Margaret Stary (IGI has Jun 20. PR has Jun 30)
##1665 Nov 4 John Jones of the parish of Burford & Margarite Stary of the parish of Knighton on Teames. By licence.
##1716 Nov 28 John Reynolds of Wenlock & Anne Stary of Knighton. By licence.
##1822 Mar 4 John Jones, bachelor, of this parish & Sarah Starey, spinster, of Burford. By licence. With consent of necessary parties. Both signed. He signed John Jones Junior; she signed Sarah Starie. Wit: Benjamin Bridgeman, Susan Purstow [Not located in SMI]

Coreley St Peter
1543-1623-1621/23 partly illegible in PR; 1697-1812 (PR-LDS Film 1701121]; 1638, 1660-1857 (BTs-LDS Film 992142; missing years 1729, 1833, 1834); 1813-1837 [NBI]; SBI
##1565 Dec 28 Richard s. George & Margery Starye [SBI has Nov not Dec]
##1600 Nov 16 Margery wife of George Stary
##1605 Jun 16 Jane d. of George Stary
##1618 Aug 23 Georgius Starye
##1639 Apr 18 William Starie, son of Ed:
##1639 Dec 5 Edward Starie, of The Hill
##1653 Jun 19 Joanna Stary, wife of Edwardi
##1658 Aug 29 Edmundus Stary
1661/62 Mar 6 John Stary of the Nash
1663/1664 Feb 8 Martha d. of Humfrey Stary of Nash [not 1664/65]
##1664 Nov 17 Edward Stary
1667 Nov 7 Humfridus Stary de Tilsop
1683 May 10 Catharina Starie
##1683/1684 Jan 1 Josephus s. Johanes & Eliz Stary [not 1684/85]
##1705 Aug 10 Elizabetha uxor of Joh[annu]s Stary po[c]hia de Burford
1707 Jun 30 Anne Stary of parish of Burford (Name in film of PR is partially hidden and only the final 'e' is visible; date is not stated in PR but between Jun 28 above and Oct 15 in entry below. However, name and date is clear in BT.)
##1720 May 24 Mr John Stary of the Hem [BT has 'of the Nash']
##1720/21 Feb 18 Phoebe d. John Stary [In PR but not in SBI nor in BTs]
##1743 Dec 10 John Starie of Redford
##1805 Nov 8 William Stary of Burford
##1816 May 20 John Starie, Leominster, 34 yrs
##1820 Nov 14 Joseph Starie, 84 yrs, of Burford
##1831 Dec 1 Dorothy Staries, 84 yrs, of Burford [not located in BTs-page possibly missing]

Dowles St Andrew
Baptisms 1630-1638, 1660-1855 (IGI)

Dowles St Andrew
1614-1630 (IGI); 1575-1837 (SMI)
1659 Jun 30 John Wilcox of Ribbesford, Bewdley & Elizabeth Stirry, Lanthorne, Herefords (SMI only)
##1736 Apr 24 Stephen Oxenbold & Jane Starey [SMI has John Starey, both of Neen Sollars, licence]

Dowles St Andrew
Burials 1813-1963 (NBI)

Fitz SS Peter & Paul
Baptisms 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1560-1868 (IGI)
1568 Jun 30 Katheren Sturye, of Rossall
1570 Apr 30 Walter Sturye

Fitz SS Peter & Paul
Marriages 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie);1564-1836, 1848-1856 (IGI); 1564-1812 (Boyds)

Fitz SS Peter & Paul
Burials 1559-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1559-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1560-1837 (NBI)
1629 Mar 20 A man of Mr Walter Styrrie, of Rossall bur
1631 Apr 23 Elizabeth Lee, out of Mr Walter Styrries house of Rossall

Hope Bagot St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1714-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1661-1867 (IGI)
1669 Feb 21 Eleonor d. Eleoner Stary [IGI only]

Hope Bagot St John the Baptist
Marriages 1714-1837 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1661-1866 (IGI); 1661-1812 (SMI)

Hope Bagot St John the Baptist
Burials 1714-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1663/64 Feb 23 Richard Stary
1668/69 Jan 20 Dorothy Stary
1677 Dec 30 Francis Stary
1719/20 Feb 29 Elinor Stary

Kinlet St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1657-1840
(IGI); 1840-1848 (BIVR)
1676 Jan 1 Thomas s. Thomas & Aubury Starey
1678 Jun 3 James s. Tho. & Aubury Stary
1681 Apr 11 Edward s. Thomas & Aubury Starie
1684 Jun 3 Will. s. Tho. & Abrie. Starie
1687 Dec 12 Samuell s. Tho. & Aubra Stary
1691 Aug 23 Elizabeth d. Thomas & Aubury Starye
1715 Sep 4 [born Aug 11] Mary Starey d. William and Joane
1716/17 Jan 28 Joan Starey d. William and Joane born Jan 28 and baptised on the same night.
1719 Jun 29 [born Jan 26] Elizabeth Starey d. William and Joane
1722/23 Jan 27 Elizabeth d. Samuel & Eliz Starey

Kinlet St John the Baptist
1661-1846 (IGI); 1651-1837 (Boyds); 1657-1833 (SMI)
1713 May 4 William Starey & Joane Venables of Kinlet. Banns.
1715 Aug 2 Thomas Starey & Elizabeth Draper. Banns.
1717 Jan 21 Edward Brown & Elizabeth Starey. Banns.
1719 Aug 13 Samuel Starey & Elizabeth Cupper
1743 Oct 27 Benjamin Powney & Elizabeth Starey. Banns

Kinlet St John the Baptist
1813-1839 (NBI); SBI
1714 May 6 Auburah Starey wife of Thomas
1716 Jan 30 Joan Starey d. William & Joan
1726 Aug 14 Elizabeth Starey
1729 Apr 13 Thomas Starey
1754 Sep 10 Samuel Starey
1765 Jan 26 Elizabeth Starey

The following is in the IGI:
(death) 1716 and 1717 Jan 30 Joan d. William Starey & Joane Venebles

Ludford St Giles [Note: parish is partly in county of Herefordshire]
Baptisms 1647-1855 (IGI)

Ludford St Giles
1661-1839 (IGI); Herefordshire FHS Marriage Index; 1654-1812 (SMI)
##1743 Sep 17 Thomas Baldwin and Unity Starie. She is of Knighton (on Teme, Worcestershire), he is of Burford (Herefordshire FHS Marriage Index has Sep 14)

Ludford St Giles
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Ludlow St Lawrence
Baptisms 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1875 (IGI)
1734 Oct 18 Eliz d. Wm Starry & Eliz.
1743 Dec 29 Hanah d. Wm Starry & Ann
1794 Dec 24 Mary d. John & Theodosia Starie
1797 Oct 3 Thomas s. John & Theodosia Starie
1799 Dec 31 Henry s. John & Theodosia Starie
1802 Jun 23 Joseph s. John & Theodosia Starie

Ludlow St Lawrence
Marriages 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1645, 1661-1876 (IGI); 1558-1812 (Boyds); 1557-1635; 1685-1812 (SMI)
1634 Jun 16 John ap Bevan & Elizabeth Stury, L
1634 Aug 11 Phillip Stary & Elizabeth Dale [FMP only.]
1639 Jul 12 Henry Croftes & Anne Stairy, L
1688 Apr 17 John Stary & Anne Bennett of parish Shotesdon [Marriage Allegation: 1688 Apr 17 Lic inter Johem Stary et Ana Bennett de Stotesdon]
1688 Sep 27 William Lloyd & Ann Stery of Neene-Salvage (also in Boyd's; SMI has Ann Stary)

Ludlow St Lawrence
Burials 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1715 Dec 14 Ann d. of Ann Starey
1735 Aug 6 Eliz d. of Wm Starey
1736 Sep 14 Eliz w. of Wm Starey
1745 Oct 31 Wm Starry bur
1752 Jul 28 Hannah d. of Ann Stary
1778 Aug 8 Ann Sterrey, wid

The IGI has the following entry:
(death) 1735 Aug 6 Eliz d Wm & Eliz Starry

Meole Brace Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1660-1812 (Modern Transcript);

Meole Brace Holy Trinity
Marriages 1660-1837
(Modern Transcript); 1737-1801 (SMI)
1821 Apr 23 Joseph Harris & Jane Steary Wit: Wm Bowen, Elizabeth Bowen [also in Pallot Marriage Index]

The following marriage is in the IGI:
1821 Apr 23 Joseph Harris & Jane Steary

Meole Brace Holy Trinity
Burials 1660-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1660-1837 (NBI)

Milson St George
Baptisms 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1660-1812 (IGI)

Milson St George
Marriages 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1663-1837 (IGI); 1708-1812 (Boyds); 1662-1812 (SMI)
##1725 Jul 15 John Starie p. Burford & Elizabeth Hall of p. of Bayton (Worcestershire), lic [The IGI entry has Elizabeth Hull; SMI has Stary and Elizabeth Hall]

Milson St George
Burials 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1813-1837 (NBI)

Montford St Chad
Baptisms 1573-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1573-1860 (IGI)
1583 Dec 31 Susanna d. of Thomas Styrey, arm

Montford St Chad
Marriages 1573-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1573-1860 (IGI)

Montford St Chad
Burials 1573-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1578-1602, 1613-1639, 1662-1836 (IGI)
1585 Jul 14 Katherine Styreye, widow

Much Wenlock Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1558-1875 (IGI)

Much Wenlock Holy Trinity
Marriages 1558-1880-IGI; 1661-1768 (SMI)

Much Wenlock Holy Trinity
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)
1725 Aug 27 Maria wife of Thomas Stary? [FMP. Looks more like STACY but uncertain.]

Myddle St Peter
Baptisms 1541-1812 (IGI); 1813-1852 (BIVR)

Myddle St Peter
Marriages 1541-1837 (IGI); 1541-1837 (Boyds)

Myddle St Peter
Burials 1541-1892 [NBI]
1572 Jun 29 Helen Stury, wife of George, gent, of Haston
1573 Jul 28 George Stury, of Haston

Neen Savage St Mary
Baptisms 1575-1812 (IGI); 1824-1855 (BIVR)

Neen Savage St Mary
Marriages 1575-1812
(Boyds); 1824-1836 (BIVR); 1575-1837 (SMI)
##1667 May 18 Ricard Stary and Alice Shephard. Banns.

Neen Savage St Mary
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Neen Sollars All Saints
Baptisms 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1660-1812 (IGI); 1638-1846 (BIVR) [Note that the earliest parish records located for baptisms commences in 1707. The earlier register for baptisms 1558 to 1658 has been lost. Some Bishops Transcripts have survived from 1662.]
##1665 Jun 11 Richard s. John & Margreate Starie
##1667 Dec 15 Benjamin s. John & Margaret Starie
##1670 Apr 4 Humphrey s. John & Margarett Starie
##1702 Dec 6 Margaret d. Richard & Drusilla Starie
##1705 Apr 22 Elizabeth d. Richard & Drusilla Stary
##1707 Feb 29 Martha d. Richard & Drusilla Starie [FMP has Maria but David Sterry checked PR & almost certainly Martha]
##1707 Aug 29 Elizabeth d. Benjamin & Elizabeth Starey
##1708/09 Mar 6 Margret d. Benjamin & Elizabeth Stary
##1710/11 Jan 28 Elenor d. Richard & Drusilla Stary
##1711 Oct 20 Jane d. Benjamin & Elizabeth Stary
##1719 Apr 12 Susannah d. Benjamin & Elizabeth Stary
##1721 Apr 12 Ann d. Benjamin & Elizabeth Stary
1728 Aug 16 Thomas Stary s. of Elizabeth Pooler, a bastard child

Neen Sollars All Saints
Marriages 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1710-1851 (IGI); 1710-1851 (Boyds); 1668-1838 (BIVR); 1638-1812 (SMI) [Note that the earliest parish records located for marriages commences in in 1707. The earlier register for marriages 1558 to 1658 has been lost. Some Bishops Transcripts have survived from 1662.]
1678 Nov 25 George Tailor of Coreley & Catherine Starie of Neen Sollars. Banns. (SMI only)
##1683 Apr 26 Richard English & Margaret Starie (SMI only)
##1686 Jun 2 Thomas Hooper of Bayton (Worcestershire) & Elizabeth Starie. Banns. (SMI only)
##1722 Jan 31 Edward Wall and Margret Stary by lic.

Neen Sollars All Saints
Burials 1678-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI [Note that the earliest parish records located for marriages commences in in 1678. The earlier register for burials 1558 to 1658 has been lost. Some Bishops Transcripts have survived from 1662.]
1665 Aug 23 Mathias Starie [FMP only.]
1686 Nov 23 Eleanor Starie
##1691 Aug 10 John Starie was buried
##1712/13 Feb 12 Richard Stary
1713 Apr 23 Hannah Stary
##1713 Oct 12 Margret Stary, an antient
##1722 Jul 16 Margaret Stary
1728 Oct 24 Thomas Stary Pooler, a bastard child
1739 Sep 27 Elizabeth Stary
##1742 Apr 26 Eleanor Stary
##1742 Feb 5 Elizabeth d. of Benjamin Stary
##1752 Aug 28 Benjamin Starie s. of John & Susannah Kite
##1753 Aug 13 Benjamin Starey
##1756 Jan 9 Drusilla Starie
##1765 Jan 10 Elizabeth Starie
##1777 May 26 Martha Starie died May 23


  • There are no parish registers that survive before March 25, 1707/08. The earlier marriages in the IGI may be from surviving BTs.
  • Thomas Stary was church warden of Neen Solars in 1684. Richard Stary was church warden of Neen Solars in 1695 & 1705. Benjamin Stary was church warden for various years between 1704 and 1745. In 1717 'widow Sterry's man, for her estate' signed as church warden and 'widd. Stary' was church warden in 1728.
  • Notes prefacing the Modern Transcription of Neen Solars by the Shropshire Parish Register Society state:
    'Another parishioner married away was John Starey of Neen who in 1674 married Elizabeth Turdon at Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. The old house at Hem in Burford parish bears their initials and the date 1682. Martha Starie is named as leaving some money to the poor of Neen in 1777.'

Onibury St Michael
Baptisms 1577-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1577-1849 (IGI)

Onibury St Michael
Marriages 1577-1837
(Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1577-1836 (IGI); 1577-1836 (Boyds); 1577-1812 (SMI)
1690 May 14 Edward Powell of Stanton Lacy & Jane Stary

Onibury St Michael
Burials 1577-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1813-1837 (NBI)
1689/90 Feb 18 Ann Stary

Pontesbury St George
Baptisms 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1538-1875 (IGI)

Pontesbury St George
Marriages 1558-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1538-1882 (IGI); 1538-1812 (Boyds)
1552 Nov 22 Johannes Gretwoller et Johanna Sterrye nup. (Also in Boyd's Marriage Index; not found in SMI)

Pontesbury St George
Burials 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI)

Richards Castle St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1558-1836 (BIVR)

Richards Castle St Bartholomew
Marriages 1558-1837 (IGI); 1559-1753 (SMI); FMP
1774 Sep 11 Mary Starey & Edward Wright (FMP only)

Richards Castle St Bartholomew
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Shiffnal St Andrew
Baptisms 1679-1865 (IGI)

Shiffnal St Andrew
Marriages 1679-1838 (IGI)

Shiffnal St Andrew
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI, FMP)
1825 Apr 17 Marianne Sturrey 9 months old [FMP only]

Shrewsbury St Alkmund
Baptisms 1559-1654, 1672-1871 (IGI, FMP)
1761 Sep 13 (born 24 Aug 1761) Thos s. Thos & Jane Steary (FMP only)
1763 Apr 23 (born 8 Mar 1763) Margaret d. Thos & Jane Steary (FMP only)
1766 Nov 16 (born 16 Oct 1766) Mary d Thos & Jane Steary (FMP only)
1769 Mar 12 (born 24 Feb 1769) Samuel s Thos & Jane Steary (FMP only)

Shrewsbury St Alkmund
Marriages 1559-1837 (IGI)

Shrewsbury St Alkmund
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI); FMP
1789 Sep 6 Jane Steary, aged 60
1785 Jan 20 Thomas Steary, aged 54
1809 Nov 28 Thomas Steary

Shrewsbury St Chad
Baptisms 1616-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS. Note Part II of the transcript covering years 1717-1780 was missing at SAG. There was one entry on page 1231, probably the 1761 baptism shown in the IGI.); 1616-1868 (IGI)
1623 May 1 Elizabeth d. of Mr Carew Stury
1624 Nov 11 Apolina Stury d Carew Stury and Mary
1634 Dec 18 Rachell d. of Mr Carrow Storry of Rossall

There is one additional IGI baptism entry for Shrewsbury, St Chad:
1761 Aug 24 Thos. s. Thos and Jane Steary

Shrewsbury St Chad
Marriages 1616-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1616-1678, 1813-1838 (IGI); 1616-1812 (Boyds); 1792-1812 (BIVR)
1760 Oct 6 Thomas Steary & Jane Dallinar (Not found in SMI)
1786 May 9 William Butler & Catherine Stirrey (also in Boyd's; not found in SMI)

Shrewsbury St Chad
Burials 1616-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1669-1792, 1813-1837 (NBI)
1633 Oct 21 Mrs Lowry Sterry, wid. of Mr Walter Sterry
1648 Aug 21 Kerriway Sterrie Esq of Rossell
1658 May 2 William Gittings servant to Mr Stury of Rossell
1809 Nov 28 Thomas Steary, child

One burial above is listed in Parish and Probate Records for Shropshire on the site:
1633 Oct 21 Lowry Sterry, w. of Walter Sterry

Shrewsbury St Julian
1559-1711, 1801-1872 (IGI)
1570 Nov 22 Marye Sterrye d. Arthar Sterrye

Shrewsbury St Julian
Marriages 1559-1837 (IGI)

Shrewsbury St Julian
Burials 1813-1838 (NBI)

Shrewsbury St Mary
Baptisms 1584-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1584-1838 (IGI)

Shrewsbury St Mary
Marriages 1584-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1584-1812 (Boyds); 1813-1828 (BIVR); FMP
1808 (Banns Sep 11) Easter Steary & Saml Hotchkiss (FMP-Banns only)

Shrewsbury St Mary
Burials 1584-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI); SBI
1592 Apr 15 Edward s. Thomas Stury Esq., of Shrewbury St Mary's
1597 Jul 2 Thomas Stury, Esq. drowned at Little Berwick
1601 Dec 24 Mrs Elnor Sturry

Sidbury Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1560-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1560-1812 (IGI)

Sidbury Holy Trinity
Marriages 1560-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1560-1799 (IGI); 1560-1812 (Boyds); 1560-1837 (SMI)
##1701 May 22 Richardus Starie of Neene Sollars & Drusilla Wynn of p. of Sidbury

Sidbury Holy Trinity
Burials 1560-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI)

Stanton Long St Michael
Marriages 1664-1837 (SMI)
1679 May 1 Robert Teadstile & Ann Stary

Stanton Long St Michael
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Stottesden St Mary with Farlow
Baptisms 1565-1812
1688 Aug 19 Sam and Sarah the son and daughter of John Stary and Anne his wife
1690 Apr 6 Ann d. John & Ann Stary
1692 Jan 1 Elizabeth d. John & Anne Stary
1695 Jan 23 Mary d. John & Anne Stary
1700 Apr 1 John s. John & Ann Stary
1705 Dec 23 Jane d. John & Anne Stary

Stottesden St Mary with Farlow
1660-1837 (Worcestershire Marriage Index); 1565-1812 (IGI); 1565-1837 (SMI)
1729 Jan 6 Humphrey James of Lower Sapey (Worcestershire) & Jane Stary of Stottesdon [Worcestershire Marriage Index has 1730 and Jane Starey]

Stottesden St Mary with Farlow
Burials 1813-1837
1686 Dec 19 Will Stary illegitimate child of Ellenor
1711 Feb 19 Samuel Stary
1714 Oct 19 Sarah Starey d. John
1722 Nov 10 John Stary
1727 Nov 13 Mary Starey d. John
1731 Dec 3 John Stary
1732 Dec 30 Ann Stary, widow

Wem SS Peter & Paul
1583-1875 (IGI); 1583-1745 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); FMP
1590 Jan 21 Carew s Walter Stirry [FMP only]
1598/99 Jan 2 Eayen s. Walter Stirry (IGI has Jan 21 and Eaven)

Wem SS Peter & Paul
1582-1836 (IGI); 1582-1746 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1576-1812 (Boyds)

Wem SS Peter & Paul
1582-1746 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1813-1837 (NBI)

Wheathill Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1573-1812

Wheathill Holy Trinity
1573-1812 (IGI); 1573-1840 (SMI)
1648 Jan 2 Mary Stirry and Richard Loughton

Wheathill Holy Trinity
Burials 1813-1837

Wistanstow Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1661-1876
(IGI); 1638-1837 (Modern Transcript-SFHS)

Wistanstow Holy Trinity
Marriages 1661-1876
(IGI); 1638-1837 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1638-1837 (Boyds); 1638-1812 (SMI)
##1697 Dec 19 Richard Stary & Mary Poston (SMI adds both of Knighton on Teme, Wo)

Wistanstow Holy Trinity
Burials 1638-1837
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI)

Worfield St Peter
Baptisms 1562-1871 (IGI); FMP
1665 Apr 2 Debora d John & Rebecca Sterrye (FMP only)

Worfield St Peter
Marriages 1562-1839 (IGI)

Worfield St Peter
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Wrockwardine St Peter
Baptisms 1591-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1591-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1591-1877 (IGI)
1731 Jul 6 Matthew s. of George Starey of parish of Chelmarsh & Mary

Wrockwardine St Peter
Marriages 1591-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1591-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1591-1837 (IGI); 1592-1812 (Boyds)
1730 May 4 George Starey of parish of Chelmarsh & Mary Picken (Not found in SMI)

Wrockwardine St Peter
1591-1812 (Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1591-1812 (Modern Transcript-Mel Lockie); 1813-1837 (NBI)
1731 Jul 6 Matthew s. George Starey of par. of Chelmarsh & Mary bur.

Wroxeter St Andrew
Baptisms 1613-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1613-1681, 1700-1868 (IGI)

Wroxeter St Andrew
Marriages 1613-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1613-1679, 1700-1844 (IGI); 1613-1812 (Boyds)

Wroxeter St Andrew
Burials 1613-1812
(Modern Transcript-SFHS); 1813-1837 (NBI)
1656 Dec 16 Alice Stury, widow buried

Note: Entries for Boyd's Marriage Index are included under individual parishes above.

(b)otp = (both) of this parish
bp = baptism
s = son
dau, d = daughter
wit = witnessed by
vid = vidua or widow
uxor = wife
aff. = affadavit
L/lic. = by licence

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK line