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The following parishes records have been searched without finding any STERRYS or similar:
Newark St Mary Magdalene (Burials 1656-1853-NBI]
Nottingham Holy Trinity (Burials 1843-1874-NBI]

The following parishes have been searched and have located STERRYS or similar:
Nottingham St John the Baptist, Leenside
Baptisms 1882-1913 [Parish]
**1896 Feb 26 Dorothy [of] Alfred & Gertrude Sterry, 53 Queen's Road, Traveller

Nottingham St James
Baptisms 1880-1914 (
**12 Apr 1905 [born 2 Mar 1872] Gertrude Ellen Sterry d. James Masterson Sterry & Eliza, aged 33

** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line