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Acknowledgement is made of reference to the excellent transciptions of Middlesex parishes by the Harleian Society.

NBI = National Burial Index (3rd ed.)
BIVR = British Isles Vital Records Index (LDS-2nd ed.) [Note: Dr William's Library of Nonconformist Registers and Wesleyan Methodist Peternoster Row is also included on this index]

IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis:

The following parishes have been searched but without finding any STERRYs or similar:

Acton (Marriages 1566-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1566-1812-Boyds)
Aenon Baptist Chapel, Church Street, St Marylebone (Marriages 1927-1940-FindMyPast)
All Saints, Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge (Baptisms 1849-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1849-1945-FindMyPast)
All Saints, Grosvenor Road (Baptisms 1863-1940-FindMyPast)
Ashford St Matthew (Marriages 1696-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1696-1710-Boyds; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Bethnal Green, Saint Andrew (Baptisms 1843-1876-IGI; Marriages 1843-1875-IGI)
Bethnal Green Cambridge Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1704-1755, 1771-1858-IGI)
Brentford Old Albany Independent (Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Brunswick Methodist Chapel, St Marylebone (Baptisms 1844-1906-FindMyPast)
Cambridge Road Methodist Church, Paddington (Baptisms 1876-1922-FindMyPast)
Camden Town Independent (Births/Baptisms 1817-1837-IGI)
Chapel Royal, St James Palace [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Chapel Royal, St James Palace (Hugenot) (Marriages 1700-1702-Boyds)
Chapel Royal, Whitehall (Marriages 1704-1754-Boyds) [Records still at the church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Charter House Chapel, Finsbury (Baptisms 1686-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1640-1754, 1837-1890-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1671-1754-Boyds; Burials 1813-1854-Modern Transcript)
Chelsea All Souls Catholic Cemetery (Burials 1845-1858-NBI)
Chelsea College Street Catholic Apostolic And Irvingite (Births/Baptisms 1834-1840-IGI)
Chelsea Cooks Ground Independent (Births/Baptisms 1772-1827-IGI)
Chelsea Ranelagh Chapel George Street Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI)
Chelsea Ranelagh Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1837-1838-IGI)
Chelsea Sloane Terrace Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1810-1840-IGI)
Chiswick St Nicholas (Marriages 1678-1800-Boyds) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset
Christ Church, Broadway (Baptisms 1843-1941-FindMyPast; Marriages 1876-1945-FindMyPast)
Christ Church, Down Street, Mayfair (Baptisms 1865-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1865-1945-FindMyPast)
Clapton Independent (Births/Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell St John (Burials 1813-1853-NBI)
Clerkenwell St Paul (Islington) (Baptisms 1865-1876-IGI)
Clerkenwell Bartholomew And Woodbridge Independent (Births/Baptisms 1827-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell Northampton Tabernacle Calvanistic Methodist Nonconformist (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell Northampton Tabernacle Rosoman Street Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell Pentonville Claremont Independent (Births/Baptisms 1819-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell Spa Fields Lady Huntingdons (Births/Baptisms 1783-1837-IGI)
Clerkenwell Wesleyan Chapel Nonconformist (Births/Baptisms 1824-1836-IGI)
Congregational Church, Harrow Road, Kensal Town (Chelsea) (Marriages 1903-1945-FindMyPast
Covent Garden St Paul (aka St Paul Covent Garden) (Baptisms 1653-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1653-1837-IGI; Marriages 1653-1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1653-1853-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1653-1837-IGI)
Cowley (Marriages 1563-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1563-1812-Boyds)
Ditchling Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1798-1832-IGI)
Ealing St Mary (Marriages 1582-1775, 1801-1837-Boyds)
Ealing Christ Church (Baptisms 1852-1875-IGI; Marriages 1852-1875-IGI) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
East Bedfont St Mary (Burials 1678-1797, 1803-38-NBI)
Edmonton All Saints (Marriages 1557-1837 - Phillimores; Marriages 1557-1837-Boyds)
Edmonton Edmonton And Tottenham Independent (Births/Baptisms 1830-1837-IGI)
Edmonton Winchmore Hill Independent (Births/Baptisms 1819-1837-IGI)
Edmonton Saint Paul (Baptisms 1834-1876-IGI)
Ely Chapel (Marriages 1705-1759-Boyds)
Enfield Saint Andrews (Baptisms 1550-1875-IGI; Marriages 1550-1837 - Phillimores; Marriages 1550-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1550-1874-IGI)
Enfield Baker Street Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1727-1837-IGI)
Enfield Chase Side Independent (Births/Baptisms 1808-1836-IGI)
Enfield Highway Independent (Births/Baptisms 1830-1838-IGI)
Feltham (Baptisms 1813-1875-IGI; Marriages 1634-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1634-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1875-IGI)
Fernhead Road Methodist Church, Paddington (Baptisms 1885-1945-FindMyPast)
Finchley (Marriages 1560-1837 - Phillimores; Marriages 1560-1837-Boyds)
Finsbury, Saint Pauls Bunhill Row (Baptisms 1839-1877-IGI; Marriages 1842-1876-IGI)
Finsbury Saint Thomas Charterhouse (Baptisms 1842-1876-IGI; Marriages 1846-1876-IGI)
Finsbury Charterhouse Chapel (Births/Baptisms Baptisms 1696-1836-IGI; Marriages 1671-1754, 1837-1876-IGI) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset
Finsbury Bunhill Row Independent (Births/Baptisms 1793-1799-IGI)
Finsbury City Road Chapel Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Finsbury City Road Tabernacle Independent (Births/Baptisms 1768-1796, 1833-1840-IGI)
Finsbury Saint Lukes Great Mitchell Street Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1758-1837-IGI)
Finsbury Tabernacle Independent Saint Luke (Births/Baptisms 1768-1840-IGI)
Glasshouse Street (Hugenot) (Marriages 1688-1693-Boyds)
Gray's Inn Chapel (Marriages 1695-1754-Boyds)
Great Greenfield (Marriages 1539-1812-Boyds)
Great Stanmore (Baptisms 1755-1876-IGI; Marriages 1599-1837-Phillimores; Marriages 1699-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1875-IGI)
Greenwich Hospital (Baptisms 1813-1838, 1865-1869-IGI)
Greenford Holy Cross (Marriages 1539-1812-Phillimores) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset
Hackney Kingsland Independent (Births/Baptisms 1787-1848-IGI)
Hackney Old Gravel Pit Independent (Births/Baptisms 1802-1837-IGI)
Hackney Pleasant Place Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1818-1837-IGI)
Hackney Saint Thomas Square Independent (Births/Baptisms 1765-1837-IGI)
Hackney Well Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1815-1838-IGI)
Hadley, Monken (Marriages 1619-1837-Boyds)
Hammersmith St Paul (Baptisms 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs; Marriages 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs; Burials 1666-74, 1682-1718, 1723-1837-NBI; Burials 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs)
Hammersmith Ebenezer Independent (Births/Baptisms 1773-1835-IGI; Burials 1786-1787-NBI))
Hammersmith George Yard Chapel Broadway formerly White Horse Chapel Independent or Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1758-1837-IGI)
Hammersmith, Hammersmith Roman Catholic (Baptisms 1710-1838-IGI)
Hammersmith Waterloo St. Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1807-1837-IGI; Burials 1814-16, 1819-20, 1823-54-NBI)
Hammersmith West End Trinity Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1783-1837-IGI; Burials 1784-90, 1795-1837-NBI)
Hampstead Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1850-1862-IGI)
Hanwell (Marriages 1570-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1570-1812-Boyds)
Hanwell Cemetery (City of Wetminster Cemetery) (FindMyPast)
Hanworth (Marriages 1732-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1732-1837-Boyds)
Harefield (Marriages 1546-1837-Boyds)
Harlington St Peter & St Paul (Marriages 1540-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1540-1812-Boyds; Burials 1540-53, 1557-1837-NBI)
Harmondsworth Saint Mary (Baptisms 1670-1876-IGI; Marriages 1671-1876-IGI; Burials 1629-31, 1639-40, 1670-1837-NBI)
Harrow on the Hill Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Hayes (Marriages 1557-1813-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1813-BIVR)
Hendon (Marriages 1726-1775, 1801-1837-Boyds)
Hendon Mill Hill Grammar School Independent (Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Hendon Mill Hill Independent (Births/Baptisms 1784-1830-IGI)
Heston (Marriages 1559-1812-Boyds)
Highbury Park Presby Nonconformist (Births/Baptisms 1859-1875-IGI)
Hillingdon St John the Baptist (Marriages 1559-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1559-1813-Boyds; Burials 1813-38-NBI)
Hinde Street, Manchester Square (Wesleyan Methodist) (Baptisms 1837-FindMyPast; Marriages 1864-1945-FindMyPast)
Holborn Holy Trinity Kingsway (Baptisms 1841-1876-IGI)
Holborn Lincolns Inn Chapel (Baptisms 1716-1749-IGI; Marriages 1695-1754-IGI) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Holborn Brownlow Street and Dudley Court Swedenborgian (Births/Baptisms 1805-1814-IGI)
Holborn Cross Street Hatton Garden New Jerusalemite (Births/Baptisms 1796-1837-IGI)
Holborn Eagle Street Red Lion Square Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1770-1813-IGI)
Holborn Great Queen Street Lincoln Inn Fields Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1812-1837-IGI)
Holborn Hatton Garden Cross Street and Trinity Chapel Leatherlane Dissenters (Births/Baptisms 1808-1833-IGI)
Holborn Keppell Street Russell Square Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1759-1837-IGI)
Holborn Leather Lane Trinity Chapel Independent (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Holborn Lincolns Inn Fields Gate Street Lady Huntingdons (Births/Baptisms 1827-1837-IGI)
Holborn Lincolns Inn Fields Roman Catholic (Baptisms 1730-1772-IGI; Marriages 1730-1822-IGI)
Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road (Baptisms 1852-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1852-1945-FindMyPast)
Hornsey (Marriages 1654-1700-Boyds)
Hornsey Highgate Salem Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1835-IGI)
Horseferry Road Wesleyan Chapel (Baptisms 1887-1928-FindMyPast; Marriages 1874-1926-FindMyPast)
Hounslow Ship Lane Chapel (Marriages 1708-1812-Phillimores; Marriages 1708-1753; parents of bapt. children 1754-1812-Boyds; Burials 1829-33-NBI)
House Of St Barnabas Chapel, Manette Street aka St Thomas Regent Street (Baptisms 1875-1945-FindMyPast)
Hoxton Christ Church (Baptisms 1839-1857-IGI; Marriages 1841-1875-IGI)
Hoxton Saint Aske Hospital (Baptisms 1731-1744-IGI; Marriages 1696-1753-IGI)
Hoxton Academy Chapel Independent (Births/Baptisms 1800-1836-IGI)
Hoxton French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1751-1783-IGI)
Hoxton Old Town Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1817-1837-IGI)
Hoxton Pavement Chapel New North Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1778-1828-IGI)
Hungerford Market (Hugenot) (Marriages 1688-1753-Boyds)
Ickenham St Giles (Baptisms 1813-1874-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-Phillimores; Marriages 1558-1812-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1841-IGI; Marriages 1558-1812-BIVR)
Isleworth All Saints (Baptisms 1768-1769-Ancestry; Baptisms 1813-1852-IGI; Marriages 1768-1769-Ancestry; Marriages 1813-1875-IGI; Burials 1768-1769-Ancestry; Burials 1566-1838-NBI)]
Isleworth Roman Catholic (Baptisms 1746-1835-IGI)
Islington Balls Pond Road Maberley Chapel Independent (Births/Baptisms 1826-1837-IGI)
Islington Barnsbury Independent (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
Islington Duncan Street Irvingite (Births/Baptisms 1834-1840-IGI)
Islington Holloway Independent (Births/Baptisms 1815-1837-IGI)
Islington Liverpool Road Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1828-1837-IGI)
Islington Lower Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1769-1837-IGI)
Islington Scotch Church Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1835-1851-IGI)
Islington Union Independent (Births/Baptisms 1805-1837-IGI)
Islington Upper Street Independent (Births'Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Islington Upper Street Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1847-1852-IGI)
Kensington, St Mary Abbots (Baptisms 1539-1675-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1539-1675-IGI; Baptisms 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs; Marriages 1539-1675-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1539-1675-Boyds; Marriages 1539-1675-IGI; Marriages 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs; Burials 1539-1675-Modern Transcript; Burials 1800-1812-Ancestry-BTs)
Kensington Hornton St. Independent (Births/Baptisms 1825-1837-IGI)
Le Carre Soho Sq. (Hugenot) (Marriages 1691-1753-Boyds)
Leicester Fields (Hugenot) (Marriages 1693-1752-Boyds)
Limehouse St John the Evengelist (Baptisms 1853-1865-IGI; Marriages 1853-1876-IGI)
Limehouse Brunswick Chapel Colt Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Limehouse Coverdale Chapel Commercial Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1849-1857-IGI)
Lincolns Inn Chapel (Marriages 1695-1754-Boyds)
Littleton (Baptisms 1579-1679-IGI; Marriages 1564-1652-IGI)
Marylebone Presbyterian Church, Upper George Street, Bryanston Square (Marriages 1900-1945-FindMyPast)
Methodist Central Hall (Marriages 1913-1945-FindMyPast)
Mile End All Saints (Baptisms 1840-1880-Docklands Ancestry Ltd)
Mile End Old Town (Marriages 1856-1866-IGI)
Mile End Old Town Sion Chapel Union Street Lady Huntingdons Nonconformist (Births/Baptisms 1791-1837-IGI)
Monken Hadley St Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1732-1876-IGI; Marriages 1619-1837-Phillimores; Marriages 1755-1885-IGI)
Moorfields St Mary Catholic (Burials 1819-53-NBI)
New Brentford (Marriages 1618-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1618-1812-Boyd's)
Notting Hill Saint John the Evangelist (Baptisms 1845-1876-IGI; Marriages 1845-1886-IGI)
Oxford Chapel, Vere St (Marriages 1736-1754-Boyds)
Paddington Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1846-1875-IGI)
Paddington Street Cemetery (FindMyPast)
Paddington Harrow Road Catholic Apostolic (Baptisms 1824-1840-IGI)
Pentonville (Baptisms 1810-1864-IGI; Marriages 1847-1885-IGI)
Percy Road Methodist Church, Paddington (Baptisms 1876-1936-FindMyPast)
Perivale Saint Mary the Virgin (Baptisms 1707-1875-IGI; Marriages 1720-1844-IGI)
Peter Street, Soho (Wesleyan Methodist) (Baptisms 1841-1851-FindMyPast)
Petit Charenton Newport Market (Hugenot) (Marriages 1701-1705-Boyds)
Pinner (Marriages 1654-1837-Phillimores; Pinner 1654-1837-Boyds)
Ponders End Independent (Births/Baptisms 1783-1836-IGI)
Poplar Hale Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1812-1837-IGI; Marriages 1711-1754-IGI)
Poplar Mill Wall Independent (Births/Baptisms 1823-1836-IGI)
Poplar Union Chapel Bow Lane Calvinist Independent (Births/Baptisms 1812-1837-IGI)
Poplar Union Workhouse (Baptisms 1837-1859-IGI)
Rider Court (Hugenot) (Marriages 1700-1747-Boyds)
Rolls Chapel (Marriages 1736-1749-Boyds)
Salisbury Street, St Marylebone (Wesleyan Methodist) (Baptisms 1838-1853-FindMyPast)
St Andrew, Ashley Place (Baptisms 1850-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1876-1945-FindMyPast)
St Anselm, Davies Street (Hanover Chapel) (Baptisms 1874-1938-FindMyPast; Marriages 1868-1938-FindMyPast)
St Barnabas, Pimlico (Baptisms 1850-1969-FindMyPast; Marriages 1866-1945-FindMyPast)
St Gabriel, Warwick Street, Pimlico (Baptisms 1853-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1905-1945-FindMyPast)
St George's Chapel, Albemarle Street (Baptisms 1888-1903-FindMyPast; Marriages 1899-1909-FindMyPast; Burials 1894-1903-FindMyPast)
St George's Chapel, Mayfair (Baptisms 1740-1753-Modern Transcript/Ancestry; Baptisms 1740-1753-IGI; Marriages 1735-1754-Modern Transcript/Ancestry; Marriages 1729-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1728-1754-IGI; Marriages 1735-1754-FindMyPast)
St George the Martyr, Queen Square (Marriages 1706-1801-Boyds)
St George's Union Workhouse (Baptisms 1879-1900 -FindMyPast)
St Giles in Fields (Marriages 1561-1650-Boyds) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset
St James The Less, Thorndike Street (Baptisms 1862-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1862-1945-FindMyPast)
St James Chapel Burial Ground (FindMyPast)
St James, Hampstead Road Cemetery (FindMyPast)
St John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street [created 1871] (Baptisms 1871-1876-FindMyPast; Marriages 1886-1936-FindMyPast)
St John The Evangelist, Causton Street (Baptisms 1871-1937-FindMyPast; Marriages 1959-1945-FindMyPast)
St John The Evangelist, Smith Square (Baptisms 1729-1941-FindMyPast; Burials 1782-1853-FindMyPast)
St John's Wood English Presbyterian Church, Marlborough Place (Marriages 1914-1945-FindMyPast)
St Luke, Berwick Street (Baptisms 1846-1935-FindMyPast)
St Margaret's Workhouse (Baptisms 1863-1763-FindMyPast)
St Mark North Audley Street [created 1828] (Baptisms 1835-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1863-1945-FindMyPast; Burials 1828-1852-FindMyPast)
St Mary Le Strand (Marriages 1558-1945-FindMyPast; Burials 1558-1853-FindMyPast)
St Mary the Virgin , Crown Street/Charing Cross Road [created 1851] (Baptisms 1850-1932-FindMyPast)
St Mary, Bourdon Street (Baptisms 1882-1939-FindMyPast)
St Mary, Tothill Fields (Baptisms 1837-1923-FindMyPast; Marriages 1841-1923-FindMyPast)
St Mary's Lutheran Church of the Savoy (St John) (Marriages 1694-1771, 1839-1907-FindMyPast)
St Matthew, Great Peter Street (Baptisms 1851-1930-FindMyPast; Marriages 1851-1938-FindMyPast)
St Martin in the Fields Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1848-1857-IGI)
St Martin-In-The-Fields, Tavistock Chapel (Baptisms 1838-1853-FindMyPast)
St Marylebone, Oxford Chapel Vere St (Marriages 1736-1754-Boyds)
St Marylebone St Thomas (Baptisms 1858-1875-IGI; Marriages 1858-1875-IGI)
St Marylebone Workhouse Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1839-1865-IGI)
St Marylebone Albany Chapel Frederick Street Regents Park Congregational (Births/Baptisms 1835-1837-IGI)
St Marylebone Hinde Street Manchester Square Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1812-1837-IGI)
St Marylebone New Road Paddington Independent (Births/Baptisms 1813-1836-IGI)
St Marylebone Newman Street Catholic Apostolic(Births/Baptisms 1832-1840-IGI)
St Marylebone Providence Chapel Tichfield Street and Grays Inn Lane Independent (Births/Baptisms 1782-1835-IGI)
St Marylebone Salisbury Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1811, 1829-1837-IGI)
St Marylebone Tichfield Street Calvinist Independent (Births/Baptisms 1815-1847-IGI)
St Marylebone Wells Street Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1753-1837-IGI)
St Mary le Strand, Westminster (Baptisms 1732-1775, 1813-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1558-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1606-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1714-1782, 1813-1885-IGI; Burials 1705-1853-FindMyPast)
St Michael, Burleigh Street (Baptisms 1849-1905-FindMyPast; Marriages 1849-1905-FindMyPast)
St Michael, Chester Square (Baptisms 1846-1913-FindMyPast; Marriages 1846-1945-FindMyPast)

St Pancras St Peter (Baptisms 1829-1875-IGI; Marriages 1858-1885-IGI)
St Pancras Foundling Hospital (Baptisms 1741-1838-IGI)
St Pancras Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1834-1841-IGI)
St Pancras Euston Road (Marriages 1701-1754-Boyds)
St Pancras Kings Cross Liverpool Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1820-1840-IGI)
St Pancras New Road Tonbridge Independent (Births/Baptisms 1811-1837-IGI)
St Pancras Kings Cross Liverpool Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1820-1840-IGI)
St Pancras New Road Tonbridge Independent (Births/Baptisms 1811-1837-IGI)
St Pancras Regent Square Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1822-1856-IGI)
St Pancras Tottenham Court Road Independent (Births/Baptisms 1805-1840-IGI)
St Paul Covent Garden (Baptisms 1653-1945-FindMyPast; Baptisms 1800-1812-Ancestry; Marriages 1653-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1653-1945-FindMyPast); Burials 1653-1853-FindMyPast; Burials 1800-1812-Ancestry)
St Paul, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge (Baptisms 1843-1929-FindMyPast; Marriages 1845-1904-FindMyPast)
St Peter, Eaton Square, Pimlico (Baptisms 1831-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1844-1945-FindMyPast)
St Peter Great Windmill Street [created 1861] (Baptisms 1851-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1865-1945-FindMyPast; Marriages 1875-1883-IGI)
St Peter, Palace Street (Baptisms 1822-1831-FindMyPast)
St Peter's Chapel, Palace Street (Baptisms 1890-1921-FindMyPast)
St Philip, Buckingham Palace Road (Baptisms 1888-1919-FindMyPast; Marriages 1890-1919-FindMyPast
St Philip, Regent Street (Baptisms 1861-1903-FindMyPast)
St Michael, Burleigh Street (Marriages 1849-1905-FindMyPast)
St Thomas Regent Street (Baptisms 1854-1945-FindMyPast; Baptisms 1854-1876-IGI; Marriages 1870-1876-IGI; Marriages 1870-1945-FindMyPast)
Savoy (Hugenot) (Marriages 1684-1753-Boyds)
Savoy Chapel or the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy St John the Baptist [Note: Records still at church. Only baptisms 1813-1905 included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.] (Baptisms 1680-1945-FindMyPast)
Shoreditch Saint Leonard Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1834-1861-IGI)
Shoreditch Shoreditch Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1836-1873-IGI)
Shoreditch Cumberland Street Curtain Road Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1788-1815-IGI)
Shoreditch Ebenezer Old Street Road Bible Christian (Births/Baptisms 1823-1837-IGI)
Shoreditch Gloucester Independent (Births/Baptisms 1814-1837-IGI)
Shoreditch Holywell Mount Independent (Births/Baptisms 1783-1837-IGI)
Somerset House Chapel (Marriages 1714-1776-Boyds) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Southgate Chase Side Independent (Births/Baptisms 1812-1836-IGI)
Southgate Weld Chapel (Birth/Baptisms 1805-1864-IGI; Marriages 1838-1875-IGI)
South Mimms (Marriages 1558-1837 - Phillimores; Marriages 1558-1837-Boyds)
Spitalfields Church Street Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1815-1837 (IGI)
Spitalfields Crispin Street French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1694-1716-IGI)
Spitalfields Hope Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1828-1835-IGI)
Spitalfields La Patente French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1689-1785-IGI)
Spitalfields Saint Jean French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1687-1823-IGI)
Spitalfields The Artillery French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1691-1786-IGI)
Spitalfields Saint Mary Spital Square or Wheeler Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1733-1876-IGI; Marriages 1720-1754, 1845-1875-IGI)
Spitalfields Wheeler Street (Hugenot)(Births/Baptisms 1703-1742-IGI; Marriages 1720-1752-Boyds)
Spitalfields Whites Row Independent (Births/Baptisms 1756-1837-IGI)
Spring Gardens (Hugenot) (Marriages 1684-1754-Boyds)
Staines St Mary (Baptisms 1644-1694-IGI; Marriages 1653-1660-Boyds)
Staines Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1837-IGI)
Stanwell Poyle Chapel (Baptisms 1820-1837-IGI; Marriages 1632-1818-Boyds; Marriages 1632-1812 - Phillimores; Burials 1826-1835-NBI)
Stanwell St Mary the Virgin (Baptiisms 1632-1812-Ancestry; Marriages 1632-1754-Ancestry; Burials 1632-1812-Ancestry)
Stepney All Saints (Baptisms 1840-1864-IGI; Marriages 1840-1867-IGI)
Stepney Christ Church (Baptisms 1842-1860-Docklands Ancestry Ltd)
Stepney Saint Peters (Baptisms 1839-1876-IGI; Marriages 1840-1875-IGI)
Stepney Saint Philip the Apostle (Baptisms 1838-1876-IGI; Marriages 1845-1852. 1863-1886-IGI)
Stepney Spitalfields Christ Church (Baptisms 1721-1876-IGI; Marriages 1729-1875-IGI)
Stepney Whitechapel St Jude (Baptisms 1848-1859-IGI)
Stepney Workhouse (Births/Baptisms 1854-1875-IGI)
Stepney Baptist Beulah Chapel St. George In The East (Births/Baptisms 1771-1837-IGI)
Stepney Bell Lane And Browns Lane And Marche Church French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1709-1740-IGI)
Stepney Bull Lane Independent (Births'Baptisms 1644-1837-IGI; Marriages 1646-1677-IGI)
Stepney Crispin Street (Hugenot) (Marriages 1696-1711-Boyds)
Stepney Goodmans Fields Somerset Street Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1756-1817-IGI)
Stepney Little Prescot Street Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1772-1803-IGI)
Stepney Mile End Latimer Chapel Bridge Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1825-1837-IGI)
Stepney Mulberry Gardens Pell Street Lady Huntingdons (Births/Baptisms 1784-1838-IGI)
Stepney Old Gravel Lane Saint George In The East Independent (Births/Baptisms 1704-1837-IGI)
Stepney Parliament Court Old Artillery Ground Irvingite (Births/Baptisms 1829-1840-IGI)
Stepney Pearl Street (Hugenot) (Marriages 1700-Boyds)
Stepney Pell Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1736-1829-IGI)
Stepney Ratcliff Queen Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1698-1728, 1741-1783, 1796-1837-IGI)
Stepney Ratcliff Queen Street Non Conformist (Births/Baptisms 1760-1764-IGI)
Stepney Ratcliff Rose Lane Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1837-IGI)
Stepney Saint Vincent Street Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1741-1840-IGI)
Stepney Shadwell Ebenezer Independent (Births/Baptisms 1820-1837-IGI)
Stepney Wycliffe Chapel Philpot Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1837-IGI)
Stoke Newington Church Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1770-1801, 1817-1836-IGI)
Tabernacle Milk Alley (Hugenot) (Marriages 1696-1719-Boyds)
Teddington (Marriages 1560-1837 - Phillimores; Marriages 1560-1837-Boyds)
Tottenham Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1821-1837-IGI)
Tower Hamlets Cemetery (Burials 1841-1852-NBI)
Trinity Baptist Chapel, Crawford Place, St Marylebone (Marriages 1932-1934-FindMyPast)
Uxbridge (Marriages 1538-1694 - Phillimores; Marriages 1538-1694-Boyds)
Uxbridge Independent and Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1790-1836-IGI)
Uxbridge Providence Independent (Births/Baptisms 1789-1837-IGI; Burials 1812-1837-NBI)
Wells Street Scotch Church, St Marylebone (Baptisms 1753-1875-FindMyPast)
Wesleyan Methodist Church [Romney Terrace] (Baptisms 1816-1837-FindMyPast)
Westbourne Grove Baptist Chapel, Paddington (Marriages 1907-1974, 1982-1945-FindMyPast)
Westbourne Park Baptist Chapel, Paddington (Marriages 1917-1940-FindMyPast)
West Drayton (Baptisms 1813-1847-IGI; Marriages 1568-1812 - Phillimores; Marriages 1568-1813-Boyds; Marriages 1813-1837-IGI)
Westminster Abbey (of St Peter) (Baptisms 1607-1875-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1607-1860-IGI; Marriages 1655-1875-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1655-1775-Boyds; Burials 1607-1875-Modern Transcript) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Westminster Saint John The Evangelist Drury Lane (Baptisms 1855-1875-IGI; Marriages 1855-1875-IGI) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
Westminster St Luke (Baptisms 1846-1875-IGI; Marriages 1853-1876-IGI)
Westminster St Mary Soho (Baptisms 1850-1876-IGI; Marriages 1857-1876-IGI)

Westminster St. Peter, Great Windmill Street (Baptisms 1875-1913-BIVR; Marriages 1775-1883-BIVR)
Westminster Carre Street and Berwick Street French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1690-1788-IGI)
Westminster Chapelle Royale De Saint James French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1738-1756-IGI)
Westminster Craven Chapel Marshall Street Independent (Births/Baptists 1823-1837-IGI)
Westminster Crown Court Russel Street Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1793-1837-IGI)
Westminster Crown Street Soho Independent (Births/Baptisms 1824-1837-IGI)
Westminster Ebenezer Chapel Market Street Mayfair Independent (Births/Baptisms 1804-1837-IGI)
Westminster Essex Street Strand Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1814-1827-IGI)
Westminster Glasshouse Street And Leicester Fields French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1688-1783-IGI)
Westminster Hungerford Market or Castle Street French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1688-1756-IGI)
Westminster Lisle Street Scotch Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1740-1814-IGI)
Westminster Little Chapel Street Soho Independent (Births/Baptisms 1796-1837-IGI)
Westminster Orange Street Leicester Square Independent (Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Westminster Patente Soho or Le Temple French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1689-1782-IGI)
Westminster Peter Street Soho Wesleyan (Birthsd/Baptisms 1826-1838-IGI)
Westminster Petit Charenton French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1701-1705-IGI)
Westminster Pimlico Palace Street Buckingham Independent (Births/Baptisms 1820-1837-IGI)
Westminster Portland Street Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1825-1837-IGI)
Westminster Rider Court French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1700-1738-IGI)
Westminster Robert Street Grosvenor Square Independent (Births/Baptisms 1827-1836-IGI)
Westminster Rochester Row Irvingite (Births/Baptisms 1835-1840-IGI)
Westminster Romney Terrace Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI)
Westminster Savoye De Spring Gardens and Des Grecs French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1680-1871-IGI)
Westminster Swallow Street (Hugenot) (Births/Baptisms 1687-1708, 1721-1735-IGI; Marriages 1691-1709-Boyds)
Westminster Swallow Street Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1750-1840-IGI)
Westminster Tabernacle Milck Alley French Huguenot (Births/Baptisms 1696-1719-IGI)
Westminster Trevor Chapel Arthur Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1816-1837-IGI)
Westminster West Street (Hugenot) (Baptisms 1706-1743-IGI; Marriages 1706-1741-Boyds)
Whetstone Independent (Births/Baptisms 1788-1836-IGI)
Willesden (Marriages 1573-1775, 1801-1838-Boyds)

STERRYs or similar were found in the following parishes:

Bayswater, St Matthew
Marriages 1858-1921
+1893 Sep 23 Francis James Oakes, 53, Widower, Cutter, Somerset Road Frome Somerset, Father: James Edmund Oakes, Cutter & Caroline Amelia Sterrey, 38, Spinster, 23 Bark Place, Father: William Sterrey, Station Master. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Phillips, William Geach, Annie Ellen Layzell[?]

Bayswater St Peter
Marriages 1871-1921
##1905 Jan 25 Arthur Wilson Starey, 50, Bachelor,Gentleman, Milton Ernest Beds, Father: Benjamin Helps Starey dec., Gentleman & Elsie Forrest Rollo, 43, Spinster, 5 Stanley Gdns, Father: William Rollo dec., Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: E B Rollo, Roger Sry[?] Gresley. Minister: William Starey

Bethnal Green, St James the Great
1844-1930 (Ancestry)
**1878 Sep 8 William Thomas Sterry, 19, Bachelor, Case maker, Bethnal Green [Father] William Walker Sterry, Sailmaker & Elizabeth Fluen, 18, Spinster, Bethnal Green [Father] Joseph Fluen, Sawyer. Banns. Wit: William W Sterry, E Fluen

Bethnal Green, St James the Less
Burials 1813-1980
1855 Jun 16 Fanny Sterry, John's Row St Lukes, 1 and 1 quarter years

Bethnal Green, St Matthew
Marriages 1746-1766
(BIVR); 1766-1872 (IGI)
**1878 Sep 8 William Thomas Sterry & Elizabeth Fluen [See Bethnal Green St James the Great above. Bethnal Green St Matthew was not united with Bethnal Green the Great until 1984.]

Bethnal Green, St Matthew
Burials 1745-1812 (Ancestry)
1792 Sep 20 Anne Sterry

Bloomsbury St George
Baptisms 1813-1906
1735 Oct 26 Richard s. Richard & Mary Starey
##1839 Feb 25 (born 31 Dec 1838) John (of) Joseph Haydon & Hester Starie, Museum Street, Printer
##1841 Oct 15 (born Sep 26) Mary Hester (of) Joseph Haydon & Hester Starie, High Holborn, Printer
##1844 Feb 28 (born Feb 2) Kate (of) Joseph Haydon & Hester Starie, High Holborn, Printer
##1845 Aug 26 (born 3 Aug) Thomas Parker son of Joseph Haydon & Hester Starie, High Holborn, Printer
##1847 Nov 13 (born Aug 25) Margaret Sarah daughter of Joseph Haydon & Hester Starie, High Holborn, Bookseller
#1855 Sep 15 (born 27 Nov 1805) John son of Henry and Beatrice Sterry, Trinity Square, Merchant

Bloomsbury St George
Marriages 1754-1921
(Ancestry) ; 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
**1791 Sep 5 Samuel Sterrey & Elizabeth Killing, both of this parish. Banns. He signed; she made her mark. Wit: R Harrison, John Brinsden [Not in Pallot Marriage Index under either surname]
##1837 Feb 7 Joseph Haydon Starie, of this parish, Bachelor & Hester Gosden, of this parish, Spinster. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Kate Haverson, Henry Starie
##1868 Aug 29 Thomas Henry Staton, full age, Bachelor, Clerk, 50 Lincoln's Twn Fields, Father: William Staton, Tailor & Kate Starie, full age, Spinster, 1 Great Russell St, Father: Joseph Haydon Starie, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: J H Starie, Mary Hester Starie
##1871 Jul 9 Joseph Thomas Starie, full, Bachelor, Bookbinder, 1 Great Russell St, Father: Joseph Haydon Starie, Publisher & Emily Caroline Hill, full, Spinster, 1 Great Russell St, Father: William Hill, Egg Salesman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Carey Coombs, Margaret Sarah Starie
**1881 Jul 27 James George Sterry, 42, Bachelor, Gentleman, 37 Great Russell Street, Father: James Sterry, Sea Captain and Mary Hulbert, 42, Widow, 37 Great Russell Street, Father: Isaac Coppen (deceased), Corn Chandler. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Frederic Goodfellows, Catharine Lowles[?]

Bloomsbury St George
1730-1812 (Ancestry)
1753 Apr 24 Mary Sturry from the Hole in the Wall

Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply further information on this burial. Notes suggest records searched included burials 1802-1849:
1816 Sep 23 Nathaniel Sterry, Southampton Row St George's Bloomsbury, 71 years
1850 Aug 20 Henry Sterry, Liquorpond Street, 8 mo

Bromley St Gabriel
Marriages 1869-1921 (Ancestry)
**1899 Jan 29 Walter Francis German, 25, Bachelor, Labourer, 85 Kerbey Street, Father: John German (deceased), Ship Carpenter & Rosina Felicia Sterry, 19, Spinster, 85 Kerbey Street, Father: William Thomas Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Thomas Sterry, Emily Louisa Smith
**1899 Dec 10 William Thomas Sterry, 42, Widower, Labourer, 56 Kerby Street, Father: William Walker Sterry (dec), Sail Maker & Charlotte Louisa Davies, 35, Widow, Artificial Florist, 56 Kerby Street, Father: John Murrey (deceased), Timber Porter. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: Walter Francis German, Rosina Sterry
**1906 May 27 William Thomas Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Stevedore, 24 Flint St, Father: William Thomas Sterry, Stevedore & Georgina Alice Cremer, 20, Spinster, Factory Hand, 24 Flint St, Father: Charles Cremer, Shop Seregar[?]. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Rosein German, Elizabeth Evans
**1908 Dec 17 George William Beadle, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, 24 Flint St, Father: Albert James Beadle, Deceased & Ethel Elizabeth Sterry, 20, Spinster, 24 Flint St, Father: William Thomas Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: George Henry Shepherd, Ada Rose Lawrence
1912 Aug 29 William Thomas Sterry, 24, Bachelor, Reversads-man[?],24 Flint St, Father: William Thomas Sterry, Deceased & Alice Elizabeth Sterry, 23, Spinster, 24 Flint St, Father: William Thomas Sterry, Reversads-man[?]. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Walter Francis German, Ada Alice Osborne

Canonbury St. Paul [Essex Road, Ball's Pond]
Marriages 1828-1837
[Pallot Marriage Index]; PR [found by Hilary Blandford]
1832 Jun 3 Thomas Sterry, widower, of this parish & Betsy Johns, bachelor[sic], of this parish. Both signed. Banns. Wit: William Francis Cherry, Lydia Cherry
[Banns only] 1915 [Banns Aug 15, 22, 29] Victor Leopold Duncan Evans, B[achelor] of this parish & Clara Maria Sterry, S[pinster], of the parish of St Gabriel's Hulme Manchester [See Hulme St Gabriel, Lancashire for marriage]

Chelsea St Luke
Baptisms 1558-1841 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1846 Jun 10 (born 18 May 1846) Lucy Harriette (of) William & Jane Starie, 6 Paulton Square, Surveyor
##1848 Apr 12 (born 6 Feb 1848) Ellen (of) William & Jane, 12 Paulton Sq, Surveyor
##1850 Feb 1 (born 9 Jan 1850) Edith dr William & Jane, 12 Paultons Sq, Surveyor
##1852 Jun 30 (born 6 Jun 1852) William Cort son of William & Jane, 12 Paulton Sq, Surveyor

Chelsea St Luke
Marriages 1701-1754 (Boyds); 1559-1753, 1761-1800, 1865-1876 (IGI); (West Middlesex Marriage Index)
1699 Dec 29 Henry Trent & Elizabeth Starey, both of Chelsea (IGI has STARCY. Checked PR-STARCY is correct.)

Clerkenwell St James
Marriages 1754-1930
1852 Aug 23 James Miller Campbell, 65, Widr, Tailor, Rosemary Street [Father] James Campbell, Weaver & Mary Elizabeth Taylor, 47, Widw, Rosemary Street [Father] John Sterry, Mariner. Banns. Wit: W H Burwash, Mary Lucy Eveleigh [See St Martin the Fields for third marriage of Mary Elizabeth Sterry]

Clerkenwell St Mark
Marriages 1829-1921
##1903 Apr 13 Frederick Mills, 25, Bachelor, Laundry Man, 9 Brewer St North, Father: John Mills, Watchmaker & Kate Starie, 24, Spinster, 14 Northampton Row, Father: John Starie, Book-binder. Banns. Both signed. Wit: W J Pearce, Marion Wholley, Albert Thomas Mills

Clerkenwell St Peter
Marriages 1871-1921
##1901 Feb 3 Percy Clifford Beckley, 23, Batchelor, Gilder, 47 St John's Ss Rd, Father: Arthur Beckley, Gilder & Maud Mary Starie, 21, Spinster, 14 Northampton Rd, Father: Joseph Thomas Starie (dead), Book binder. Both signed. Wit: Byron Smith Bradshaw, Kate Starie, William John Pearce

Davies Street St Anselm aka Hanover Church, Regent Street [Westminster](Find My Past)
**1878 Mar 25 Ada Kate Lorina, d. of William Dex[Jex] and Catherine Sterry

East Finchley All Saints
Marriages 1900-1921
##1921 Nov 12 Horace James Roberts, 44, Bachelor, Engraver's Manager, 15 Park Hall Rd E. Finchley, Father: William James Roberts, Engraver & Winifred Cort Starie, 34, Spinster, Stenographer, St Alban's House Windsor, Father: William Cort Starie, Retired Engineer

Fulham, St Oswald [Anselm Road]
Baptisms 1899-1906
+1896 Sep 2 (born 7 Aug 1896) Gladys Louisa (of) Charles Ernest & Amy Jane Sterrey, 41 Lillie Rd, School Master

Hackney St John
Baptisms 1750-1820 (Modern Transcript); 1545-1812 (IGI); Ancestry
1656 Oct 22 John & Jone of Thomas Strey[?] by Sarah his wife was borne the 21st and baptized the 22nd October [Ancestry]

Hackney St John
Marriages 1589-1754
(Boyds); 1750-1820 (Modern Transcript); 1589-1754 (IGI) ; 1590-1921 (Ancestry)
1602/03 Jan 30 Mary Sterry & Richard Holder (Boyd's has Mary Stirrey)
##1878 Feb 3 William Chantler Starie, full age, Bachelor, Chemist, Mare Street, Father: Thomas Starie, Farmer & Fanny Starie, full age, Spinster, Islington, Father: William Starie, Surveyor. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Bernard Starie, Ellen Starie, Jane Starie
##1911 Dec 30 William Frederick Starey, 25, Bachelor, Signalman Royal Navy, Father: William John Coleman Starey, Builder's Clerk & Ada Louisa Franklin, 25, Spinster, 6 Pembury Grove Hackney, Father: William Curtis Franklin, Baker. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Henry Anderson, William Charles Risley
##1915 Feb 28 William Henry Gibson, 24, Bachelor, Shop Assistant, 32 Churchill Rd Hackney, Father: William Gibson, Coachman & Gertrude Alice Starey, 23, Spinster, 32 Churchill Rd Hackney, Father: William John Starey, Builder's clerk. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry Thomas Starey, Maude Edith Hockley

Hackney St John
Burials 1750-1820
(Modern Transcript); 1556-1812 (Ancestry)
1678 May 11 Nathaniell Sterrey a nurse child

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground
[BMD Registers]; 1567–1970 (Ancestry: UK, Nonconformist Registers)
1855 Nov 26 Elizabeth Sterry, St Geo Southwk, 63 years

Haggerston St Stephen
Marriages 1865-1921
**1905 Apr 26 Alfred Richard Heald, 21, Bachelor, Carman, 1 Gonan Street, Father: Alfred Edward Heald (deceased), Clerk & Ellen Caroline Sterry, 19, Spinster, 1 Gonan Street, Father: James Sterry (deceased), Fishmonger. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Dora W Beerbohn, Elizabeth Poole

Hammersmith St Stephen
Marriages 1850-1921
##1912 Aug 31 William Chantler Starie, 29, Bachelor, Warehouseman, 59 Loftus Road, Father: William Chantler Starie (deceased), Chemist & Alice Gibbs, 33, Spinster, 30a Dunraven Road, Father: James William Gibbs, Gilder. Wit: T W Gibbs, Louisa Gibbs

Hampstead Emmanuel
Marriages 1885-1921
**1898 Jul 9 Robert Henry Sterry, 25, Bachelor, [no occupation stated], 62 Ommaney Road New Cross S.E., Father: Robert Wright Sterry, Nautical Engineer to the Board of Trade & Florence May Atkins, 25, Spinster, 27 Agamemnon Road West Hampstead, Father: Walter George Atkins, Engineer. Both signed. Wit: Walter George Atkins, Minnie Sophie Leamer[?], Albert Hy Worrell[?]

Hampstead St John
Marriages 1860-1921
1867 Nov 21 Charles Green, full age, Bachelor, Gardener, Hampstead, Father: Robert Green, Labourer & Sarah Sterry, full age, Spinster, Hampstead, Father: William Sterry, Shipowner. Banns. Both signed. Wit: James Gooding, Ann Green.

Hampton, St Mary
Baptisms 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1854 May 24 Bernard (of) William & Jane Starie, Hampton, Gentleman
##1856 Apr 16 Warner John (of) William & Jane Starie, Hampton, Gentleman

Hampton, St Mary
Marriages 1657-1812 (Phillimores); 1657-1812 (Boyds)

Harrow on the Hill St Mary
Baptisms 1562-1597, 1602-1653 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
**1899 Apr 26 William John (of) Harry William & Lizzie Sterry, Louisa Cottage Sherwood Road Roxeth, Carpenter

Harrow on the Hill St Mary
Marriages 1558-1653 (Boyds); 1558-1599, 1601-1653 (IGI)

Hendon St Mary
Burials 1813-1980
#1872 Dec 24 Sarah Maria Sterry, 53 Tregunter Rd Brompton, 42 years
#1873 Nov 11 Charles Sterry, 53 Tregunter Rd West Brompton, 62 years

Marriages 1559-1812
These marriages were obtained from an online database:
1562 Sep 6 Jacobus Stere and Johana Bennett
1606 Jun 23 Timothy Stere and Jana Abraham

Highbury, Christ Church
Marriages 1849-1921
***1921 May 14 Francis Bertie Sterrey, 29, Bachelor, Railway Servant, 16 Leigh Rd N5, Father: Henry Sterrey, Carpenter & Lydia Ellen McLean, 23, Spinster, 64 Highbury Grove N5, Father: John Herbert McLean (dec), Steward. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Charles Gilbert Lewis, Marion Grace McLean.

Highgate Cemetery of St James [Parish of St Pancras]
Burials (Ancestry)
##1849 Aug 1 Richard Starey, 18 Noel Street Islington, 58 years
##1855 Mar 1 Thomas Starey, Ampton Grays Inn Lane, 68 years
1868 Sep 3 Anne Catherine Starey, 18 Noel Street Islington, [age] adult
1870 Jul 29 Willoughby Frank Starey, Mortimer Road West Hackney, 6 months
##1871 Aug 22 Mary Ann Starey, [Abode) St Thomas Vicarage Westminster Bridge Road, 86 years

Highgate St Michael
Baptisms 1832-1906
##1845 Jan 6 Lucy (of) Benjamin Helps & Ann Starey, Millfield Lane, Merchant

Holborn, St Andrew
1558-1693, 1716-1875 (IGI)
1707 Aug 31 Susanna Starey d. Thomas Starey & Rose

Holborn, St Andrew
Marriages 1754-1812
(Origins Network); 1754-1821 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
#1796 Dec 23 Rev John Newman, Age: Not stated, Batchelor, Clerk, South Weald Essex & Ellen Sterry, Minor, Spinster, Holborn St Andrew. By licence. Wit: Jno Newman, Rd Perry. Remarks: The groom was a Reverend Minister. The bride was a Minor. Married by and with the consent of Eleanora Sterry, widow, the natural and lawfull mother of the said Minor. (Also in Pallot Index)
1816 Dec 31 William Mills of this parish and Mary Sterry of this parish. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Crosby, Sarah Sterry (Also Pallot Index)
1822 Jul 15 John Chapman, of this parish and Mary Sterey, of this parish. Banns. He made his mark, she signed. Wit: James Samwell, Elizabeth Tyler

Holborn, Lying in Hospital Endell Street
1749-1830 (IGI); 1567–1970 (Ancestry: UK, Nonconformist Registers)
1752 Apr 12 [born Apr 8] Elizabeth d. William & Elizabeth Sterry

Holborn St George the Martyr (Ormond St and Queens Square)
Baptisms 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
*1902 Dec 27 (born 14 Dec) Cyril David Joseph (of) David & Eleanor Maud Sterry, 9 Harper Street, Inspector NSPCC

Holborn St Giles in the Fields
Baptisms 1858-1875 (IGI); 1813-1890 []
##1816 Dec 21 William s. Thomas & Mary Ann Starie, 10 King St Seven Dials, Ironmonger
##1816 Dec 21 Sophia d. Thomas & Mary Ann Starie, 10 King St Seven Dials, Ironmonger
##1816 Dec 21 George s. Thomas & Mary Ann Starie, 10 King St Seven Dials, Ironmonger
##1816 Dec 21 Thomas s. Thomas & Mary Ann Starie, 10 King St Seven Dials, Ironmonger
##1819 Oct 14 Anna Maria d. Thomas & Mary Ann Starie, King St Seven Dials, Smith
##1833 Apr 4 Sophia Ellen d. John Joseph & Elizabeth Starie, 10 King St 7 Dials, Burnishing(?) Ironmonger
##1840 Aug 5 Joseph Thomas s. Joseph & Hester Starie, 166 High Holborn, Printer

Holloway St Barnabas [Hornsey Road]
Baptisms 1856-1864 (IGI); 1866-1906 (Ancestry)
+1888 May 10 (born 6 Oct 1864) Alice (of) William & Emma Sterry, 18 Toonans[Toriani?] Avenue, Fruit Merchant

Holloway St Barnabas [Hornsey Road]
Marriages 1866-1875 (IGI)

Holloway St James (Victoria Road)
Marriages 1839-1921
+1906 Aug 19 [Banns Jul 29, Aug 5, 12, both of this parish] Thomas Wilfred Dagley Sterry, 26, Bachelor, Engine Driver, 125 Georges Rd, Father: Thomas Sterry, Farmer & Eveline Edith Baker, 25(28?), Spinster, 13 Eden Grove, Father: Charles Baker (deceased), Mail Driver. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Frederick Clendon Sterry, Kate Maggridge

Homerton St Pauls
Marriages 1885-1921
##1909 Mar 21 Albert Thomas Smith, 25, Bachelor, Milk Carrier, 3 Daubeney Rd, Father: Samuel Smith, Metal Spinner & Lilian Starie, 27, Spinster, 3 Daubeney Rd, Father: John William Starie, Photographer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: J Moore, V Smith

Hornsey Christ Church (Crouch End)
##1899 Aug 17 Robert Starey, 66, Widower, Accountant, Mildura Haringey Park, Father: Richard Starey (deceased), Line-factor & Arabella Harrison Bibby, 29, Spinster, 26 Haringey Park, Father: John Bibby (deceased), Coal-marchant. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Sam Bibby, N Bibby, E Bibby, R E Starey
##1901 Sep 17 Alfred Edward Starey, 41, Bachelor, Accountant, 18 Ashley Rd Hornsey Rise, Father: Charles Richard Starey, Gentleman & Alice Maria Ashley, 39, Spinster, 68 Cecile[?] Park Hornsey, Father: Alfred Ashley, Artist. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Phillip Arthur Ashley, Lucy H Ashley, Katherine Ashley, Selina Starey, Richard C Starey

Hornsey Rise St Mary
Marriages 1865-1921
##1901 Jun 1 Frederick Haynes Stringer, 31, Bachelor, Clerk, Stockport, Father: Frederick Henty StringerArchitect & Selina Starey, 30, Spinster, Ashley Road, Father: Charles Richard Starey, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Selina Starey, Marianne Stringer, Charles Richard Starey

Hoxton St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1830-1875

Hoxton St John the Baptist
1836-1875 (IGI); 1830-1921 (Ancestry)
1840 March 1 Jonathon Chadderton, of full age, Bachelor, Hatter, New North Road, Father: James Chadderton (deceased) Hatter & Maria Sterry, Minor, spinster, Salisbury Street (Maria's father unnamed). Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Chapman and Mary Ann Mills. [Note: Maria and Jonathon had two children: John and Amelia.]
*1871 Dec 25 Mercy Sterry & Harry Giles

Hoxton St John the Baptist
Burials 1830-1980 (Ancestry)
1831 Jul 17 Mary Ann Sterrey, 32 years, Phillip Street

Islington St Mary
Baptisms 1813-1906
1848 Apr 23 (born 29 Mar 1848) Charles Frederick son of Joseph & Mary Ann Starey, Bride St, Grocer

Islington St Mary
Marriages 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Index)
1809 [Banns Sep 3, Sep 11 and Sep 17] John Haskins, widower and Elizth Sterry, spinster, both of this parish. [Also in Pallot Index]
1821 Apr 22 Thomas Sterry, Bachelor, of this parish and Mary Ann Wells, spinster, of the same parish. Banns. He signed; she marked. Wit: H Brice [Banns Feb 25, Mar 4 and Mar 11, 1821] [Not in Pallot Index under either surname]
**1872 Apr 9 Onslow Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Publican, Packington St, Father: Robert Dunnell Sterry, Perfumer & Elizabeth Ann Higgins, full age, Spinster, 314 Essex Rd, Father: Thomas Higgins, Farmer. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Higgins, Sarrah Higgins
1880 [Banns Jun 13, 20 & 27] Francis William Sterry, Bachelor, of this parish and Clara Ann Gardner, Spinster, of Christchurch, Gloster [No marriage corresponding to the banns located in PR]
+1892 Jun 4 Edward Sterry, 27, Bachelor, Butler, 21 Arthur St, Father: Winter Sterry, General Dealer & Elizabeth Ann Newell, 31, Spinster, 13 North Portman Mews Marylebone, Father: William Newell, Shoemaker. Both signed. Wit: W Croft, Hannah Bella Newell
+1893 Sep 30 Harry Mose, 35, Bachelor, Grocer, 15 Whitehall Parade, Father: William Henry Mose, Grocer & Alice Sterry, 28, Spinster, 21 Arthur Road, Father: Winter Sterry, Mercht. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thos P Sterry, Fanny Sterry

Islington St Mary
Burials 1709?-1812
#1682 Jul 3 Joseph Lee Sterry from Ralph Suckleys Estate
#1682 Jul 21 Francees Sterry Madam Suckling ____
1770 Sep 20 Patience Sterry, aged 70
1776 Feb 4 William Sterry, aged 76

Islington St Peter (Devonia Road)
Marriages 1836-1921
##1866 May 10 John Elye Norris, full age, Bachelor, Clergyman, Ashby by Partney Lincolnshire, Father: Thomas Norris (deceased), Clergyman & Albertina Starey, full age, Spinster, 18 Noel St, Father: Richard Starey (deceased), Linen Factor. Licence. Wit: J R Starey, Thomas Elye Norris, Elizabeth Starey, Gertrude Cheales

Kensington St Philip
Marriages 1858-1921 (Ancestry)
**1873 Sep 15 William Smith, 24, Bachelor, Porter, 66 Earls Court Road, Father: Edwin Smith, Wire Worker & Emma Sterry, 22, Spinster, 66 Earls Court Road, Father: James Sterry (dec), General Dealer. Banns. He signed; she marked. Wit: F W Cooper. Mary Ann Kippen

Kensington St Stephen [Gloucester Road]
Marriages 1867-1920
**1895 Apr 27 Telford Telford-Smith, full age, Bachelor, M D, Scotforth Lancans:, Father: Thomas Smith, Gentleman & Ada Kate Lorina Sterry, full age, Spinster, S Stephen's S Kensington, Father: William Jex Sterry, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Jex Sterry, J Farrar Ranson, Selina Martha Dryland[?]

Kilburn St Mary 
Marriages 1869-1921 (Ancestry)
##1914 Apr 22 Leonard Starey, 32, Bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, Christchurch Hampshire, Father: Augustus Starey (deceased), Clerk in Holy Orders & Hilkda Muriel Cooper, 24, Spinster, Queen's Lodge Wast-End Lane, Father: John Robert Cooper, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: A Helps Starey, M Cooper

Knightsbridge Holy Trinity [Chapel-of-Ease to St Margaret Westminster]
Baptisms 1674-1695, 1866-1903
(FindMyPast) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]

Knightsbridge Holy Trinity [Chapel-of-Ease to St Margaret Westminster]
Marriages 1658-1681 (Boyds) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1658-1752, 1866-1903 (FindMyPast)
1687 Dec 9 John Sterry & Elizabeth Ives[Jues? Jnes?]
1693 Apr 16 William Sterry & Dorothy Willdon

Knightsbridge Holy Trinity[Chapel-of-Ease to St Margaret Westminster]
Burials 1658-1681 [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]

Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge (Baptisms 1674-1695, 1866-1903-FindMyPast; Marriages 1658-1752, 1866-1903-FindMyPast)

Limehouse St Anne (Commercial Road)
Baptisms 1854-1877 (Docklands Ancestry Ltd); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
**20 Jul 1873 (born 6 Jun 1873) Annie Augusta Sterry d. Onslow and Elizabeth Ann Sterry, Blue Park Tavern West India Dock Rd, Licensed Victualler
**6 Dec 1874 (born 12 Oct) Blanche Adelaide d. Onslow & Elizabeth Ann Sterry, 73 West India Dock Rd, Licensed Victualler
**13 Feb 1876 (born 1 Dec 1875) Harriett Amelia d. Onslow & Elizabeth Ann Sterry, 73 West India Dock Rd, Publican
**1884 Jan 10 (born 17 Dec 1883) William Alfred (of) Wm Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, 2 South St, Carman
**1890 Jul 20 (born 3 Oct 1887) William (of) Alfred & Elizabeth Sterry, 81 Augusta Street Poplar, Fireman
**1905 Jan 29 (born 10 Jan) Eliza Elizabeth Rose (of) William & Georgina Alice Sterry, 2 New Alley, Stevedore, Godparents: Father, Ethel Sterry, 10 South St

Limehouse St Anne
Marriages 1754-1921
**1893 Aug 29 Percy Livingstone Hibbert, 27, Bachelor, Clerk, 133 Narrow Street, Father: James Hibbert (deceased), Shipowner & Annie Augusta Sterry, 19, Spinster, 133 Narrow Street, Father: Onslow Sterry,(deceased), Licensed Victualler. Licence. Both signed. Wit: John Chatterton, Frederick Jack
**1915 Aug 8 [Banns Jul 18, 25 & Aug 1 - both of this parish] Dunnell Sterry, 26, Bachelor, Mineral Water Manufacturer, 143, Narrow Street, Father: Dunnell Sterry (deceased), Mineral Water Manufacturer & Hannah Fern, 27, Spinster, 143 Narrow Street, Father: Charles Fern (deceased), Tradesman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: James West, Lillie Low

Limehouse St Luke
Baptisms 1869-1914
**1908 Sep 5 [16 Aug 1908] William Thomas George Alfred s. William & Georgina Sterry [index only]

Limehouse St Peter (Garford Street)
Baptisms 1866-1903
(Docklands Ancestry Ltd); 1813-1916 (Ancestry)
**1885 Oct 14 (born 21 Sep 1885) George Alfred s. William Thomas Sterry and Elizabeth, 10 South Street Limehouse, Carman
**1890 Jan 9 (born 15 Jan 1888) Harriet Ethel d. William Thomas Sterry and Elizabeth, 10 South Street Limehouse, Labourer
**1890 Jan 9 (born 14 Dec 1889) Alicia Elizabeth Susannah d. William Thomas Sterry & Elizabeth, 10 South Street, Labourer
**1892 Feb 4 Alfred (of) William & Elizabeth Sterry, 10 South Street, Carman
**1894 Jun 7 Frank s. William Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, 10 South Street, Labourer
**1903 Jul 2 Dunnell (born 5 Apr 1893) Dunnell (of) Dunnell & Caroline Sterry, 143 Narrow St, Mineral Water Manfr
**1903 Jul 2 (born 28 Jul 1894) Percy (of) Dunnell & Caroline Sterry, 143 Narrow St, Mineral Water Manfr
**1903 Jul 2 (born 26 Jun 1895) Blanche Caroline (of) Dunnell & Caroline Sterry, 143 Narrow St, Mineral Water Manfr
**1903 Jul 2 (born 19 Mar 1903) Cordelia (of) Dunnell & Caroline Sterry, 143 Narrow St, Mineral Water Manfr
**1911 Sep 3 Rose Elizabeth d. William & Georgina Sterry [index only]

Limehouse St Peter (Garford Street)
Marriages 1887-1930 (Ancestry)
**1902 May 11 John Foley, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, 12 Grenade St, Father: John Foley (deceased), Labourer & Emily Adelaide Sterry, 20, Spinster, 47 Pack St, Father: William Sterry, Labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Henry Sansum, Florence Sarah Drew
**1925 Mar 7 William George Brown, 21 [Father] Edward John Brown & Elizabeth Rose Sterry, 20 [Father] William Thomas Sterry [index only]
**1929 Nov 25 John Mitchell, 21 [Father] Robert Mitchell & Rose Elizabeth Sterry, 18 [Father] William Thomas Sterry [index only]

Lincoln's Inn Fields Baptist Chapel On Wild Street (Parish of Whitehall)
Burials (BMD Registers)
1827 Feb 12 William Sterry, 6 New Road St Pancras, Monday February 12, aged 45yrs

Mile End Old Town, St Luke
Marriages 1870-1921 (Ancestry)
*1899 May 22 William John Moorhouse Hughes, 22, Bachelor, Bacon curer, 58 Coults Road, Father: William John Hughes, Stoker & Louisa Sterry, 21, Spinster, Machinist, 58 Coults Road, Father: Walter Sterry, Agricultural labourer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Benjamin Winterson, Lavinia Sheppard

Muswell Hill St James
1843-1906 (Ancestry)
1900 Aug 18 Arthur William (of) Arthur John & Elizabeth Macartney Starey, Blythwood Muswell Avenue, Analyst
1902 Jun 7 Herbert Charles (of) Arthur John & Elizabeth Macartney Starey, Blythwood Muswell Avenue, Analyst
1904 Nov 7 Alexander George (of) Arthur John & Elizabeth Macartney Starey, 39 Woodlands Gardens, Analytical Chemist

Northolt St Mary, Ealing Road
Baptisms 1560-1812 (Ancestry)
1606 Jul 20 Ann d. John Starry (Rechecked PR. This is STANY/STANNY)

Northolt St Mary, Ealing Road
Marriages 1575-1812 (Phillimores); 1575-1812 (Boyds); 1581-1812 (BIVR)

Northolt St Mary, Ealing Road
Burial 1560-1812 (Ancestry)
1622 May 4 John Starry (Rechecked PR. This is STANNY)

Notting Hill Saint Mark
Baptisms 1863-1875 (IGI); 1864-1906 (Ancestry)
##1852 Sep 17 (born 21 Aug 1852) Sarah Elizabeth (of) Major John & Sarah Maria Starey, Normandy Place, Gentleman [See Kennington St Mark]
**1865 Aug 6 Olive Ellen (of) Robert Wright & Olive Sterry, Dorset Place, Master Mariner

Notting Hill Saint Mark
Marriages 1864-1885 (IGI)

Old Ford St Mark, Victoria Park
Marriages 1873-1921 (Ancestry)
##1903 May 31 Alfred William Birch, 20, Bachelor, Packing Case Maker, 45 Locton Street, Father: Charles Christopher Birch, Shipping Packer & Hester Starie, 19, Spinster, 45 Locton Street, Father: William Starie, Photographer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Charles Christopher Birch, Lilian Starie

Paddington Holy Trinity
Marriages 1846-1921
+1890 Oct 1 Henry Castle, 32, Bachelor, Porter, Hinckley Leicestershire, Father: Charles Castle, Farmer & Louisa Sarah Sterrey, 40, Spinster, 93 Gloucester Terrace, Father: William Sterrey, Station Master. Banns. Both signed. Wit: R Phillips, K Anderson

Paddington St James
Baptisms 1655-1875 (IGI)

Paddington St James
Marriages 1656-1875 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
+1881 Sep 26 Austin Edwin James, 19, Bachelor, Clerk, 46 Gloucester Mews East, Father: Austin William James, Builder & Rhoda Sterry, 19, Spinster, 46 Gloucester Mews East, Father: George Sterry, Publican. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Myers, Annie Bollard

Paddington St John
Marriages 1834-1921
1873 Dec 25 William Norman, full age, Widower, Night Watchman, 161 Edgware Road, Father: Thomas Norman, Farmer & Maria Sterry, full age, Spinster, 161 Edgware Road, Father: John Sterry, Farmer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Cory, Christina Borne[?], F H Cory

Paddington St Luke
Marriages 1868-1921
+1868 Dec 29 Benoni Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Joiner, 15 Sutherland place, Father: William Sterry, Builder & Maria Buck, full age, Spinster, Sutherland place, Father: Simon Buck, Builder. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Hannah Buck, F C Richardson

Paddington St Mary Magdalene
Marriages 1870-1930
1910 Mar 7 Thomas William Perrett, 32 [Father] Lewin Perrett & Mary Lydia Sterry, 30 [Father] William Sterry [index only]

Paddington St Paul
Marriages 1874-1921
##1883 Jun 21 William Henry Reed, 43, Widower, Cabdriver, 17 Waverley Road, Father: Henry William Reed (deceased), Baker & Louisa Starie, 36, Widow, 67 Waverley Road, Father: Edward Elkins, Dyer

Pimlico St Peter, Eaton Square
[Marriage details kindly searched and provided by Sian Plant as part of a GOONS Marriage Challenge]
+1911 December 22 Frederick John Henry Sterry, 35, bach, shipping representative, Berwick Street, Father: John Henry Sterry, secretary & Enid Mary Hill, 36, sp, Jesinrid Newcastle on Tyne, Father: Charles Dennis Hill, decd, gentleman. Banns. Signed: D--- Hill, Lola Hill [signed without k on Frederick]

Poplar, All Saints
Baptisms 1817-1906 (Ancestry)
1825 Jan 2 Emma d Thomas & Margaret Starry, Poplar, Labourer
##1887 Aug 23 (born May 24 1887) Ernest Leslie Ponder (of) Ernest Ponder & Caroline Starie, 262 High Street, News Agent
##1891 Mar 24 (born 22 Jul 1890) William Henry Ponder (of) Ernest & Caroline Starie, 27 Prestage Street, Shipping Clerk

Poplar, All Saints
Marriages 1754-1930
[Banns only] 1932 [Banns May 29, Jun 5 & 12] Stephen James Williams, Bachelor, of this parish & Alice Sterry, Spinster, of the parish of St Michael's Bromley [Noted in entry: "Wedding 3rd July at 12.45"] [Entry has been crossed out in register. There is a matching GRO marriage 2Q 1932, Poplar RD.]

Poplar St Saviour
Baptisms 1867-1906
**1891 Dec 17 (Born 24 Nov) Alfred Ling (of) Alfred Ling & Elizabeth Sterry, 81 Augusta St, Fireman

Poplar St Stephen 
Baptism 1867-1906 (Ancestry)
##1886 Apr 25 (born 28 Jan 1886) Warner John Ponder (of) Ernest Ponder & Caroline Starie, 4 Evans St, Solicitor's Clerk

Royal Hospital Chelsea (non-parochial)
Baptisms 1692-1796 (IGI)

Royal Hospital Chelsea (non-parochial)
Marriages 1701-1765 (Boyds); 1691-1753 (IGI)

Royal Hospital Chelsea (non-parochial)
Burials 1692-1713 (BMD Registers: RG4/4330/99); 1567–1970 (Ancestry: UK, Nonconformist Registers)
1779 Apr 12 Christian Sterry, L.H. (=Light Horse)

Roxeth, Christ Church
Baptisms 1902-1913
**1905 Aug 20 Edith Mary Louisa d. Thomas Harrison & Elizabeth Louisa Sterry, 11 Eastcote Road, Painter
**1907 Sep 18 Thomas Harrison s. William & Emily Sterry, aged 28 years, 11 Eastcote Road South Harrow, House Painter
**1908 Aug 16 Harry Walter s. Harry William & Lizzie Sterry, Vine Cottage Northolt Road Roxeth, Carpenter
**1908 Sep 16 Emily Polly d. Thomas Harrison & Emily Louisa Sterry, 11 Eastcote Road Roxeth, Painet
**1913 Oct 1 Rose Olive Beatrice d. Thomas Harrison & Elizabeth Louisa Sterry, 11 Eastcote Road, Painter

St Anne Soho [aka Westminster St Anne Soho]
Baptism 1686-1875
(IGI); 1872-1925 (BIVR); Pallot Baptism Index [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1686-1931 [FindMyPast]
##1785 ___ Thos s. Saml & Eliz Starey [Pallot Baptism Index]
##1787 Feb 11 Samuel Starey s. Samuel Starey & Elizabeth
##1797 Mar 5 George Holyoake Starey s. Richard Starey & Elizabeth

St Anne Soho [aka Westminster St Anne Soho]
Marriage 1686-1754
(Boyds); 1686-1879 (IGI); 1876-1906 (BIVR); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1686-1940 [FindMyPast]
1795 Nov 28 Joseph Sterry & Elizabeth Wardman
##1818 Jan 15 Samuel Starey, of the Parish of Croydon in the County of Surrey, Bachelor & Beatrice Mary Kay, of this parish, Spinster. Licence. Wit: Robert Alfred Freebourn, D Heard, Anne Kay [Marriage Allegation dated 12 Jan 1818 states Samuel Starey, Bachelor, 21, Gentleman of parish of Croydon and Beatrice Mary Kay, Spinster, 21, of parish of St Ann Westminster, licenced to marry parish of St Ann Westminster- Allegation Ref MS10091/196.]
##1878 May 11 Thomas Parker Starie, 32, Father: Joseph Haydon Starie & Kate Fowler, 22, Father: Frederick Fowler [IGI and LDS Vital Records British Isles]
##1882 Jul 1 Byron Smith Bradshaw, 32, Father: Thomas Bradshaw & Margaret Sarah Starie, 34, Father: Joseph Haydon Starie [LDS Vital Records British Isles]

St Anne Soho [aka Westminster St Anne Soho]
Burials 1686-1853
1696 Apr 19 Thomas Sterrey
1777 Jan 5 Thomas Starey

St Clement Danes
Baptisms 1558-1639, 1728-1875 (IGI); 1640-1671 (BIVR) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1558-1945 [FindMyPast]
1719 Nov 12 William s. Thomas & Anne Starey

St Clement Danes
Marriages 1558-1675, 1716-1885
(IGI) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset except for marriages 1807-1811]; 1558-1945 [FindMyPast]
#1733 Jul 1 Nuce Sterry & Jane Matthews of Fulham
##1838 Apr 19 Benjamin Helps Starey, full age, Bachelor, Patent Candle Maker, Newington Green [Father] Benjamin Starey, Linen Draper & Ann Humphryes Butterfield, full age, Spinster, 13 Water Street [Father] William Butterfield, Chemist. By licence. Wit: Wm Butterfield, Caroline Trumper. Both signed.

St Clement Danes
Burials 1558-1890
1625 Sep 14 Thomas Starie
1702 Aug 8 James Sterry a child
1713 Nov 4 Robert Starie
1717 Mar 12 William Starey
1717 Jun 28 Alexander Starey
1731 Sep 18 Michael Starey
1817 Oct 2 Elizabeth Starey of 2 Palsgrave Place, age 54

St George Hanover Square
Baptisms 1725-1914
[FindMyPast]; 1800-1812 (Ancestry)
1800 Sep 8 John s. John & Elizabeth Starey
1844 Nov 1 [born Oct 5] Emily Sophia d. William & Jane Starie
1839 Feb 20 [born 11 Dec 1838] Mary Elizabeth d. William & Jane Starie

St George Hanover Square
Marriages 1725-1837
(Boyds); 1724-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1780-1837 (Pallot Index) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1725-1945 [FindMyPast]
1765 Aug 5 Christian Sterry, B. & Mary Frazier, W. L.A.C. (Licence Arch. Canterbury)
1795 Eliz Storry & Wm Walker [not in Pallot Marriage Index under either surname]
1798 May 3 Charles Smith & Prudence Sterry [Pallot Marriage Index has Prudence Sterrey with no spouse and date is 1788-1809]
##1802 Sep 4 Thomas Starie, Bachelor & Mary Ann Harrison, Spinster. Both of this parish. By licence. Wit: John Harrison, Sophia Harrison [Not in Pallot Marriage Index under either surname]
1813 Aug 22 1813 Aug 22 Simon Sterry & Sarah Lovell, both of this parish. Banns. Simon put his mark; Sarah signed. Wit: James Lovell, Mary Emit[?] [Not in Pallot Marriage Index under either surname]
1815 Dec 2 William Storry, Bachelor, of parish of St Paul Covent Garden & Kezia Osmond, spinster, of this parish. Bt licence. Wit: John Osmond, Margaret Osmond. Minister: John Bridges Storry [Pallot Index provides additional information: William Storry, of St Paul Covent Garden, bachelor & Kezia Osmond, spinster, by licence]
##1829 Jul 4 George William Cook, Widower, of this parish & Charlotte Starey, Spinster, of the Parish of Croydon in the County of Surrey, Licence. Wit" R Carter, E Carter
##1834 Dec 2 William Starie, B of St Mark's, Kennington, co. Surrey & Jane Cort, Spinster, a minor.  Licence. With consent of her father John Cort.
#1878 Sep 25 Ernest Jerdein, Full Age, Bachelor, Solicitor, 11 Davies Street, [Father] John Jardein, Gentleman & Alice Rosine Sterry, Full Age, Widow, 33 Devonshire Street, [Father] Henry Crasonhay, Ironmaster. Licence. [Located as part of a GOONS Marriage Challenge]

St George Hanover Square
Burials 1800-1812
(Ancestry); 1725-1874 (FindMyPast)
1872 May 9 Edith Emily Starie, aged 7m, Little Windmill St St James

St George in the East St Mary
Baptisms 1842-1906 (Ancestry)
**1865 Apr 30 Frank Alfred (of) William Walker & Alicia Susannah Sterry, Sail Maker, 17 Ann Street
**1866 Dec 30 (born 26 Nov 1866) Alfred Ling (of) William Walker & Alicia Susannah Sterry, Sailmaker, 17 Ann Street Devonport St

St George in the East St Mary
Marriages 1842-1921 (Ancestry)
**1861 Nov 16 Robert Wright Sterry, of full age, Bachelor, Master Mariner, St Mary St George in the East, Father: Robert Sterry, Master Mariner & Olive Diaper, of full age, Spinster, Fareham Hants, Father: Mark Diaper, Decoration Painter. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Mark Leonard Diaper, Joanna Wright Hunnex

St George in the East St Mary
Burials 1842-1980 (Ancestry)

St James Clerkenwell
Baptisms 1551-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1551-1754 (IGI); 1551-1906 (Ancestry)
1817 Sep 22 Mary (born 1 May 1794) (of) Samuel & Elizabeth Sterrey, Peartree Court, Letter Founder. Wit: James Sully, Elizabeth Sully

St James Clerkenwell
Marriages 1551-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1551-1754 (Boyds); Marriages 1551-1754 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
1764 Dec 10 Maynard Wolsoncroft of this parish & Henritetta Storry of the same. Banns. He signed, she put her mark. Wit: John Kippen, Thomas Godfrey
##1892 Sep 17 George Pearce, 25, Bach:, Book-binder, 6 Myddleton St, Father: Edwin Pearce, Book-binder & Margaret Charlotte Starie, 19, Spin:, 14 Northampton Row, Father: Joseph Thomas Starie (deceased), Book-finisher. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Parker Starie, Minnie Hester Staton
##1900 Jul 14 William John Pearce, 26, Bachelor, Warehouseman, 141 Compton Bldgs, Father: John Pearce (deceased), Tailor & Esther Emily Starie, 22, Spinster, 14 Northampton Row, Father: Joseph Thomas Starie (deceased), Bookbinder. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Parker Starie, Maud Mary Starie

St James Clerkenwell
Burials 1666-1754
(Modern Transcript)

St James Westminster aka St James Piccadilly
1685-1730, 1796-1812, 1817-1875 (IGI); 1575-1816, 1854-1881 (BIVR); 1685-1945 (FindMyPast); 1800-1812 (Ancestry)
1787 Dec 1 (born 22 Dec 1786) John s. James Sterry and Elizabeth
##1791 Sep 24 (born 12 Sep 1791) Rebecca d. Richard Starey and Elizabeth
##1792 Dec 6 (born 16 Nov 1792) Elizabeth d. Richard Starey and Elizabeth
##1795 Jan 7 (born Dec 15) Charlotte Starey d. Rich: & Elizth
##1797 Mar 5 (born Dec 8) George Holyoake s. Richard Starey and Elizabeth
##1806 Jul 22 (born 1 Jul 1806) John Joseph s. Thomas Starie and Mary Ann (There is a duplicate entry in IGI but baptised 18 Nov 1807; FindMyPast has same entry as above)
##1807 Nov 18 (born 22 Sep 1807) Harriott d. Thomas Starie and Mary Ann
##1842 Feb 6 [born 20 Dec 1841] Henry s. Henry and Rebecca Maria Starie
##1843 Jun 12 [born 27 Mar 1843) John s. Henry and Rebecca Maria Starie
##1845 Mar 24 (born 20 Feb) Rebecca d. Henry & Rebecca Maria Starie
##1846 Nov 6 [born 6 Nov] Thomas s. Henry & Rebecca Maria Starie
##1848 Apr 9 [born 14 Feb 1848] Mary d. Henry & Rebecca Mariane Starie

St James Westminster aka St James Piccadilly
Marriages 1723-1785, 1833-1841, 1853-1882
(IGI); 1685-1723, 1847-1853 (BIVR); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index] [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1701-1754 (Boyds); 1685-1945 (FindMyPast)
##1790 Jan 28 Richd Starey of this parish & Elizabeth Hughes, of the parish St George Hanover Square, minor, with con[sent]of Elizth Hughes Widow her mother, Licence. Wit: George Holyoake, E. Starey [Pallot Marriage Index has 1791]
##1819 Jun 1 Mary Ann Starie & William Shepard [Pallot Marriage Index has additional information: William is a bachelor, Mary Ann is a spinster and marriage is by licence; surname is Shepherd or Shepperd. Marriage Allegation dated 25 May 1819 states Mary Ann Starie, age: 21, of parish of Westminster, St James and William Shephard, age: 21, Bachelor, of parish of Westminster, St James licenced to marry St James Westminster
Event Type: Allegation, Reference Number: DL/A/D/008/MS10091/197]

##1822 Oct 19 John Wilding Collier, St Andrews Holborn & Mary Ann Starey of this parish. Banns. Wit: Richd Starey, Margaret Osment? [Pallot Marriage Index and Ancestry]
##1825 Apr 16 Richard Starey, of St Botolph Aldersdate London, a Bachelor & Elizabeth Jones, of this parish, Spinster. Licence. Wit: Charles Jones, Thos Starey
1839 Nov 6 Henry Starie, of full age, Bachelor, Stationer, Tichbourn St [Father] John Starie, Cutter & Rebecca Maria Thresher, of full age, Spinster, High St Kensington [Father] John Thresher, Hatter. By licence.

St James Westminster aka St James Piccadilly
(FindMyPast); 1800-1812 (Ancestry)
1713 Nov 4 Robert Starie
##1819 Aug 7 Mary Ann Starie of King Street, age 42

St Katherine by the Tower
Baptisms 1584-1695
(Modern Transcript); 1584-1875 (IGI) Note: Records still at church. Only baptisms 1813-1905 included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.
1726 Nov 6 Benjamin Starey s. Thomas Starey & Ann, aged 1

St Katherine by the Tower
Marriages 1584-1726
(Modern Transcript); 1584-1625 (Boyds); 1584-1753 (IGI); 1754-1825 (Ancestry) Note: Records still at church. Marriages before 1754 not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.
1680 Aug 19 John Stary to Frances Rob___
1696 Aug 4 George Sterry of St Savory [Saviours], Southwark, brewer, bach, aged 39 years and Frances Midwinter of Lambeth, spr, aged 26 years.

St Katherine by the Tower
Burials 1584-1695
(Modern Transcript); 1813-25, 1832, 1839, 1850, 1854 (NBI) Note: Records still at church. Only burials 1813-1856 included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset

St Luke City Road

1846 March 20 Maria STERRY, aged 27 years of Ironmonger St. Death notified by Mary Ann Mills "a friend of 27, Ironmonger St"

St Luke Old Street
1733-1875 (IGI); 1733-1812 (Ancestry)
1784 May 2 (born March 31, 1784) Thomas Sterry son of Thomas Sterry, Letter Founder and Joanna
1788 Jan 6 Elizabeth Sterry d. Thomas Sterry, Letter Founder and Joanna (born Dec 5), 3d [threepence]
1802 April 25 (Born Oct 5, 1801) Thomas George Sterry son of Thomas Sterry and Joanna

St Luke Old Street
Marriages 1742-1750
(Boyds); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
1850 Apr 14 Charles Thomas Starey, full, Bachelor, Noble Street, Father: William Thomas Starey, [occupation illegible] & Sarah White, full, Spinster, Noble Street, Father: Robert White, [occupation illegible]. Banns. Wit: Wm[?] White, Elizabeth White

St Luke Old Street
Burials 1733-1980 (Ancestry); 1813-1854 [NBI]
1786 May 18 Thomas Sterry, a Man, Meazles, 3d [threepence]
1786 Oct 3 Elizabeth Sterry, a child, Fever, 3d [threepence]
1836 Jul 20 Johanna Sterry, Ironmonger Street, 77 yrs
1837 Mar 29 Sterry Alexander[sic], Withers Court, 2 yrs
1840 Jan 17 Maria Sterry, Workhouse, 39 years

St Margaret Westminster
Baptisms 1559-1688 (Modern Transcript); 1539-1688 (IGI); 1539-1945 (FindMyPast) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
1705/06 Mar 10 Mary d. Phills[?] and Anne Sterrey[?]

St Margaret Westminster
Marriages  1559-1699 (Modern Transcript); 1539-1658, 1701-1775 (Boyds); 1539-1658, 1664-1699 (IGI) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1539-1945 (FindMyPast)
1708 May 16 Sam Mitchell & Eliz Sterrey
1731 Apr 22 Wm Sterry & Patience Siddall
**1928 Sep 29 Cecil Edward Vincent, 37, Bachelor, [Occupation] Dentist, Christ Church Vicarage Westminster [Father] Edward Vincent, deceased & Evelyn Mary Sterry, 22, Spinster, Woodview Furze Lane Purley Surrey [Father] Arthur James Sterry [Occupation] Merchant

St Margaret Westminster
Burials  1559-1673 (Modern Transcript) [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]; 1539-1853 (FindMyPast)
1831 Oct 25 Mary Ann Sterry, 2, Dartmouth Street

St Martin in-the-Fields
Baptisms 1550-1636
(Modern Transcript); 1550-1877 (IGI); 1551-1945 (FindMyPast); 1800-1811 (Ancestry-BT)
**1797 Oct 9 Joseph Sterry s. of James Sterry & Elizabeth
**1801 Nov 2 [born 2 May] Mary Ann Sterry d. James Sterry & Elizabeth [BT has date of birth]
**1802 Jun 20 [born 28 Mar] Elizabeth Ann Sterry d. Joseph Sterry & Elizabeth [BT has Jun 20 and date of birth]
**1803 Sep 12 Sophia Sterray d. James Sterray & Elizabeth [not in BTs on Ancestry]
**1805 Aug 25 William Sterray s. James Sterray & Elizabeth [not in BTs on Ancestry]
**1809 May 28 Eliza Jane Sterry d. James Sterry & Elizabeth [not in BTs on Ancestry]
**1810 Dec 25 James Henry Harris s. James Stearry & Elizabeth [Stearrey and born 11 Nov on Ancestry BTs]
**1814 Oct 2 Sophia Eliza Sterry d. James Sterry & Elizabeth

Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply further information on these baptisms. Notes suggest records searched included baptisms 1801-Mar 1916:
**1801 Nov 1 Mary Ann Sterry d of James & Elizabeth born 2 May
**1802 Jun 20 Elizabeth Ann d Joseph & Elizabeth born 28 Mar
**1803 Sep 12 Sophia Sterray d of James & Elizabeth born 23 July
**1809 May 28 Eliz. Jane Sterry of James & Elizabeth Sterry born 25 July
**1810 Dec 25 James Henry Harris Sterry of James & Elizabeth, born 11 Nov
**1814 Oct 2 Sophia Eliza d. James & Elizabeth Sterry, Bedfordbury, Shoemaker

St Martin in-the-Fields
Marriages 1550-1636
(Modern Transcript); 1550-1619 (Boyds); 1550-1878, 1886-1897 (IGI); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)]; 1551-1945 (FindMyPast); not on Ancestry
1765 Feb 19 Mary Sterry & William Lammas
#1781 Dec 2 Benjamin Sterry & Sarah Cheney [of St Benet Gracechurch], by licence
1794 Apr 1 George Anne Starie & Richard Gullan [Pallot Marriage Index has Stacie not Starie and Richard Gullan is a bachelor from Westminster St Margarets; George Anne is a spinster; marriage is by licence]
**1796 Apr 10 James Steary & Elizabeth Cooper both of this parish. James left his mark. Elizabeth signed. Wit: Samuel Steary, James Dixson [both signed]
1808 Geo Starry [Starey?] & Sarah Moseley [Pallot Marriage Index]
##1836 Jun 14 Sophia Starie & Edwin Wright [Pallot Marriage Index has additional information. Edwin is a bachelor from the parish of Brightelmstone, Sussex. Sophia is a spinster. By licence.]
1854 Jan 30 Thomas Combs & Mary Elizabeth Campbell or Sterry [index only in FamilySearch. See Clerkenwell St James for previous Campbell marriage]

Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply further information on this marriage. Notes suggest records searched included marriages Sep 1781- 1784:
1781 Dec 2 Benjamin Sterry of this parish & Sarah Cheney of St Bennet, Gracechurch St., by Lic. Wit: John Plate, Elizabeth Plate

St Martin in-the-Fields
Burials 1550-1636
(Modern Transcript); 1800-1811 (Ancestry-BT); 1551-1853 (FindMyPast)

St Marylebone, All Souls
Baptisms 1825-1876
1850 Aug 2 Clara Jane Starey d. John Starey & Elizabeth

St Marylebone, All Souls
Marriages 1825-1875

St Marylebone Christ Church
Marriages 1825-1920 (Ancestry)
*30 Sep 1860 Joseph Johnson, full age, Bachelor, Plasterer, Little Carlisle St, Father: Samuel Johnson, Shoe Maker & Julia Sterry, full age, Little Exeter St, Father: John Sterry, Carpenter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Samuel Johnson, Susannah Woods

St Marylebone St Andrew
Baptisms 1847-1876 (IGI)

St Marylebone St Andrew
Marriages 1847-1886 (IGI); 1844-1920 (Ancestry)
*1856 Oct 4 John Pepper, 24, Bachelor, Bricklayer, 14 Castle St, Father: John Pepper, Clock Maker & Cecilia Greenman, 24, Spinster, 7 Castle St, Father: John Sterry, Carpenter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Sterry, Julia Sterry

St Marylebone St Luke
Marriages 1864-1921
1872 Apr 13 John Starry [Storry?], 39, Widower, Farmer, 21 Gloucester Place, Father: Thomas Starry [Storry?] deceased, Farmer & Janet Mary Petrie, 29, Spinster, 11 York Place, Father: Edward Petrie deceased, Lapodatory. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Alfred Bartlett, Margaret Petrie

Saint Marylebone, Saint Marylebone
Baptisms 1679-1876
(IGI); 1668-1812 (Ancestry); 1679-1919 (FindMyPast)
1801 Mar __ Messem[?] Elizth. d. Mattw Starey & Lucy, born 5 Feb
##1803 Aug 25 Mary Ann d. Thomas Starie & Mary Ann, born 29 July
1852 Dec 21 (born 2 Dec 1852) Edward John son of John & Elizabeth Starey, 5 Rebecca Court, Private 2nd Life Guards

Saint Marylebone, Saint Marylebone
Marriages 1668-1813
(IGI); 1668-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1668-1812 (Boyds); 1668-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
1675 Jul 5 Willm Stevens & Joan Sterrey
1682 Feb 18[?] Mary Stary & George Foster (Boyds has STARRY. Day is illegible in PR.)
1682 Jun 4 Ann Stary & Fran: Read
##1785 Aug 7 John Starey of Saint Ann Westminster in the County of Middlesex, Bachelor & Margaret Good, of this parish, Spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Ben Milward, Elizabeth Milward
##1803 Jul 30 Richard Starey, w, & Rachel Matthews of St Alban, Wood Street, London, s., L., by B.L.  Wit: Mary Eleanor Bishop, N. D. Bishop
*1812 [Banns only] Samuel Notley, Bachelor & Maria Sterry, Spinster, both of this parish as pr paper 16 Feb to Mar 1 and Mar 29. [Not in Pallot Index]
*1838 Oct 28 Robert Sterry, of full age, Bachelor, Wood Cutter, 41 Earl Street East, Father: John Sterry, a Carpenter & Elizabeth Stevens, of full age, Spinster, 41 Earl Street, Father: John Stevens, Fisherman. Both signed. Wit: James Duly, Harriet Stevens. Banns Oct 7, 14 & 21, both of this parish.
**1851 May 9 Samuel Williams, full age, Bachelor, Mariner, St Marylebone, Father: David Williams, Mariner & Mary Ann Sterry, full age, Widow, St Marylebone, Father: Titus Adamson, Brewer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Adamson, Lucy Adamson
*1862 May 5 Lot Greenman, full age, Bachelor, Costermonger, St Marylebone, Father: John Curtis Greenman, Game Keeper & Susannah Sterry, Minor, Spinster, St Marylebone, Father: John Sterry, Carpenter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Woods, Cecilia Sterry

Saint Marylebone, Saint Marylebone
Burials 1813-1980 (Ancestry)
##1801 Mar 17 George Holyoak Starey
*1850 Apr 15 Mercy Sterry, Little Exeter St, 4 years

St Pancras
Baptisms 1660-1876
(IGI); 1660-1906 (Ancestry); Pallot Baptism Index
1811 Aug 21 David [born 7 Mar 1810] s. and Mary [born 29 Jul 1811] d. Benjamin and Mary Sterry
*1835 Nov 8 (born 13 Oct) Lucy Ann (of) William & Lucy Ann Sterry, Crescent Street, Carpenter
*1837 Nov 26 (born 24 Oct) William Eli (of) William Eli & Lucy Sterry, Grafton St East, Blind Maker
*1840 Mar 29 Alfred (of) William & Lucy Sterry, Gown Pl., Blind Maker
*1844 Jul 6 Henry (of) William & Lucy Sterry, 11 Little Gowen Street, Blind Maker
##1846 Jun 28 William s. Benjamin Helps & Anne Starey, Kentish Town, Merchant
##1848 Feb 2 (born 26 Jan 1848) John Helps s. Benjamin Helps & Ann Starey, Kentish Town, Merchant
##1849 Sep 30 (born 28 Aug 1849) Augustine (of) Benjamin Helps & Ann Starey, Kentish Town, Gentleman
##1851 Aug 17 (born 12 Aug 1851) Emily (of) Benjamin Helps & Ann Starey, Kentish Town, Gent

Note: Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply further information on this baptism:
*1837 Nov 26 (born Oct 24) William Eli s William Eli & Lucy Sterry, Grafton Street East, Blindmaker

St Pancras
Marriages 1660-1876
(IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
*1834 Dec 2 William Sterry, of this parish, Bachelor & Lucy Saker, of this parish, spinster. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Churches[?], Elizabeth Yates
+1846 Aug 4 Robert Wheeler, full age, Bachelor, Groom, Uppr Rathbone Place, Father: Thomas Wheeler, Butcher & Elizabeth Sterry, full age, Spinster, Percy St, Father: Charles Sterry, Inn Keeper. Banns. Both signed. Wit: James Read, Elizabeth Nutting

St Pancras
Burials 1660-1980 (Ancestry)
1724/25 Jan 24 Peter Sterry Lodgr with half fee for bett[best?] pall. aff. 0-5-9
1802 Jan 22 Catherine Sterry, age 57, Minories, died 17, £1-11-6, Ground 2, Letter S, Info 37
1853 Aug 24 Sarah Sterrey, Little George St, 79 yrs

St Peter, Regent Square
Baptisms 1868-1906
##1877 May 10 Florence Emily (of) Joseph Thomas & Emily Caroline Starie, 17 Sidmouth St, Bookbinder
##1878 Mar 13 Hester Emily (of) Joseph Thomas & Emily Caroline Starie, 7 Sidmouth St, Bookbinder
##1878 Mar 13 Margaret Charlotte (of) Joseph Thomas & Emily Caroline Starie, 7 Sidmouth St, Bookbinder
##1879 Nov 28 Maud Mary (of) Joseph Thomas & Emily Caroline Starie, 7 Sidmouth St, Book Binder

St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico
Baptisms 1864-1945

St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico
Marriages 1864-1945 (FindMyPast)
1908 Aug 1 Henry King, full age, Widower, Painter, 1 Colchester Street [Father] Edward King, deceased, Painter & Alice Rebecca Starie, full age, Spinster, 1 Colchester Street [Father] John Starie, deceased, Warehouseman. Banns. Wit: Richard Robert Prommo[?], Frances E R Young

St Stephen, Rochester Row
Baptisms 1847-1988

St Stephen, Rochester Row
Marriages 1850-1945
*1931 Oct 24 Sidney George Ridley, 29, Bachelor, [Occupation] Clerk, 74 Vincent St SW1 [Father] Thomas Ridley, retired & Alice Louise Christina Sterry, 24, 6 Hyde Place London SW1 [Father] Maurice Phillip Sterry [Occupation] Supervising Foreman

Shadwell St Paul
Baptisms 1712-1881
(Dockland Ancestors)
1727 Jul 21 George s. John and Elizabeth Storry, Green Dragon Alley, Mariner

Shadwell St Paul
Marriages 1671-1754 (Boyds)

Shepherds Bush St Luke
Marriages 1872-1930
+1911 Dec 24 [Banns Nov 26, Dec 3, 10] Charles Sterrey, 34, Bachelor, Engineer, 8 Roxwell Road [Father] James Sterrey, deceased & Ada Brook, 33, Spinster, 8 Roxwell Road [Father] Thomas Matthew Brook, deceased, both of this parish. Wit: A T Richardson, R E Richardson

Shepherds Bush St Stephen
Marriages 1850-1930
+1922 Jan 22 William Gilbert Sterrey & Mary Elsie Harper [index only]
+1922 Aug 7 Arthur George James Radley, 26 [Father] Arthur Charles Radley & Marguerita Anna Sterrey, 27 [Father] Thomas Gear Sterrey [index only]

Shoreditch St James [Curtain Road]
Baptisms 1839-1906 (Ancestry)
1865 Mar 26 (born 8 Feb 1865) Eliza Sarah (of) George & Eliza Starie, 1 Phipps Place Phipps St, French Polisher

Shoreditch St Leonard
1745-1875 (IGI); 1558-1906 (Ancestry)
1755 Jul 20 Ann Sterry d. Samuel Sterry & Ruth, Centerground
1761 Apr 5 Richard Samuel Sterry s. Samuel Sterry & Ruth. of Moorfields, born Feb 24
1767 Jul 27 Sarah Butler d Samuel & Ruth Sterry of Butchers Close, born 30 June
##1809 Apr 3 Joseph s. Thomas & Mary Starie of John street, born 9 Sep
1823 Aug 17 (Born May 12, 1822) Maria (of) Thomas and Maria Sterry, Radnor Street, Letter Founder
1825 Mar 29 (born 3 March 1825) Thomas s. Thomas & Mary Ann Sterrey, Wellington Street, Baker

Shoreditch St Leonard
Marriage 1764-1808, 1813-1875
(IGI); 1808-1812 (BIVR); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
1790 Aug 9 George Gray, of this parish, widower & Ann Starey, of this parish, widow. Banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: William Wiley, George Limming [Not in Pallot Marriage Index under either surname]
**1833 Jan 21 William Hollis, of this parish, Bachelor & Sophia Sterry, of this parish, spinster. Banns. He signed; she marked. Wit: Charles Hollis, Jane Sterry
**1853 Dec 24 William Sterry, 51[57?], Widower, Fishmonger, 27 Bateman's Row, Father James Sterry, Shoemaker & Hannah Whitehorn, 53, Widow, Nurse, 20 Church Row, Father: Willliam Newham, Joiner. Banns. Both put marks. Wit: Geo Yarrow, Jane Whitehorn

Shoreditch St Leonard
Burials 1558-1980
1659/1660 Jan 7 Ann Stery[?] was buryed one the same day [ie 7th day]
1660 Aug 2 John s. John Storry
1700 Oct 16 Thomas Sterry from Hoxton
1757 Mar 2 Samuel Sterry, Butchers Close, 3 m[onth]
1763 Jul 23 Richard Sterry, Princes Street, 2 years
1767 Jan 28 Samuel Sterry, Butchers Close, 54 years
1771 Nov 8 Ruth Sterry, Worship Street, 35 years
1830 Jun 13 Priscilla Sterry, Wellington Street, aged 20 mths [Note: Materials donated anonymously by a private individal in 1996 to the Society of Genealogists, London, supply this burial. Records searched appear to be burials 1827-37.]

Spitalfields Christchurch (with St Mary and St Stephen)
Marriages 1754-1929 (Ancestry)
**1829 [Banns only Oct 11, 18, 25] William Stearay, Bachelor and Jane Orrell Goddard, Spinster

Spitalfields Christchurch
Burials 1813-1859 (NBI); 1729-1812 (Ancestry)
1749 Aug 7 Mary Starry, Dorset Street, aged 20

Stepney, St Dunstan
Baptisms 1770-1798
(Docklands Ancestry Ltd); 1568-1770, 1798-1875 (IGI); 1568-1906 (Ancestry)
1621 Mar 8 Alyce d. Stephen and Cicely Starie, mariner [Checked parish register. This is Stacie.]
1621 May 22 William Sterry s. William Sterry of Whitehorse terrace[?] & Anne
1625 Aug 16 Elizabeth STERRY Baptised at St Dunstan's Church, Stepney. One day old daughter of William STERRY of Wentworth Street, silkweaver and his wife Elizabeth [Smith:The Sterry Family; not in IGI. Checked parish register. Surname is FETTY not STERRY]
1634 Apr 27 Thomas s. William and Anne Stary, labourer [Rechecked PR. This is STACY]
1636 Aug 7 Isabell d. William and Anne Stary, labourer [Rechecked PR. This is STACY]
1637 May 21Thomas s.Thomas and Mercy Stary, shipwright [Rechecked PR. This is STACY]
1673 Jun 15 Robert s. Robert and Alice Stary, locksmith
1675 Dec 8 Ann Sterrey d. James Sterrey of Limehouse, Mariner & Joanna uxor
##1889 Aug 27 William (of) William & Mary Ann Dowdney Starie, 76 Willesley St, Photographer
##1889 Aug 27 Joseph (of) William & Mary Ann Dowdney Starie, 76 Willesley St, Photographer
**1904 Mar 6 (adult baptism: born 15 Jan 1888) Ethel Elizabeth (of) William Thomas & Elizabeth Sterry, 10 South Street, Labourer

Stepney, St Dunstan
Marriages 1697-1719
(Modern Transcript); 1568-1754 (Boyds); 1568-1864 (IGI); 1611-1828 (Marriage Licences London: Harleian Society); 1568-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
1602/3 Feb 6 Henry STERRY Married Elizabeth WILSON at St Dunstan's Church, Stepney. Henry of Ratclif; Elizabeth of Ratclif [Smith:The Sterry Family; IGI has Henry STERE. Checked parish register and STERE is correct]
1617/8 Feb 16 William Sterry of Lymehouse, Silkweaver and Anne Lowe of the same wydow
**1621 Oct 5 Daniel Sterry of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor & Elizabeth Jenkins of same, sp'r, her parents dead; at Stepney afs'd [Marriage Licences London: Harleian Society and Boyds; also IGI. Entry in parish register reads "Daniell Sterry of Limehouse Mariner and Elizabeth Jenkins of the same mayd maried by licence out of the office of the Bishop of London the fifth day of October"]
1624/5 Feb 27 Richard STIRRIE Married Anne SEALE at St Dunstan's Church, Stepney. Richard of Shadwell [Smith:The Sterry Family; IGI has Robart STIRREI. Checked PR and IGI is correct. Both are of Shadwell.]
1660/1 Jan 22 Isaake Winterton of St Savio[ur]s in Southwark Marriner & Deborah Sterry ibdm [of the same] [maid?]
1702/03 Jan 26 Richard Griffin of Limehouse, Shipwright and Ann Sterry of same, spinster
1712/13 Jan 1 Ric Tanner of Ratt: marr: Lydia Starey of same, Spinster [IGI has STARIE]
1794 Dec 16 Nathaniel Sterry of the parish of Saint Botolph Aldgate London, Bachelor & Catherine Rathbone of this parish, widow. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Danl Price, M Sterry
1820 Sarah Starey, spinster & Thos Davis, bachelor [both of M E O T] [Pallot Marriage Index only]
1832 Oct 14 Henry Parnell, of this parish, bachelor & Mary Elizabeth Starey, of this parish, Spinster. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Patterson, Elizabeth Welch [Not in Pallot Marriage Index]
**1861 May 20 Edward Cooper, 27, Bachelor, General Dealer, 12 York Street, Father: Joseph Cooper, General Dealer & Caroline Sterry, 25, Spinster, 8 York Street, Father: James Sterry, General Dealer. Banns. Both put their marks. Wit: John Kippen, Mary Kippen
**1877 Mar 3 Arthur Luke Priddle, full age, Bachelor, Medical Assistant, Stepney, Father: George Priddle, Surgeon & Elizabeth Ann Sterry, full age, Widow, Limehouse, Father: John Higgins, Farmer. Both signed. Wit: Ithiel[?] Price, Mary Ann Beald

Stepney, St Dunstan
Burials 1839-1844 (NBI); 1568-1912 (Ancestry)
1592 Mar 7 Elizabeth Stary of Lymehowse buried the same day [ie Mar vii]
1628 Jul 25 Katharine d. Wm Stirry of Ratcliffe high way, Silkweaver

Stepney St Faith
Baptisms 1891-1906
##1894 Feb 15 Edith Emily (of) William & Mary Starie, 71 Shandy St, Photographer
##1894 Feb 15 Mary Charlotte (of) William & Mary Starie, 71 Shandy St, Photographer

Stepney St George in the East
Baptisms 1729-1840 (IGI)

Stepney St George in the East
Marriages 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
**1892 May 22 Dunnell Sterry, 40, Bachelor, Mineral Water Manufacturer, 101 Old Gravel Lane, Father: Robert Sterry (deceased), Gentleman & Caroline Nicholls, 22, Spinster, 101 Old Gravel Lane, Father: Robert Nicholls, Blacksmith. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Charles Freaire[?] St Davies[?], Frances Maud Lawrence

Stepney St Luke
Baptisms 1909-1914
**1912 Nov 14 (born 11 Oct 1912) William Alfred s. William Alfred & Alicia Sterry, 34 Dora Street, Dock Labourer
**1913 Feb 19 [born 1 Feb 1913] Alice Georgina d. William & Georgina Sterry, 67 Limehouse Causeway, Dock labourer
**1914 Jan 29 [born 6 Jan 1914] Alfred William s. William Alfred & Alicia Sterry, 17 Garford Street Poplar, Riverside Labourer

Stepney St Thomas
Baptisms 1840-1876 (IGI)

Stepney St Thomas
Marriages 1840-1859, 1883 (IGI); 1840-1921 (Ancestry)
**1888 Sep 27 Alfred Sterry, 21, Bachelor, Fireman, 13 Gun Lane, Father: William Sterry, Sail Maker & Elizabeth Waters, 21, Spinster, 13 Gun Lane, Father: William Waters, Ships Carpenter. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Charlotte Jones, Frances Waters.

Stepney Whitechapel St Mary
Baptisms 1558-1875 (IGI); Ancestry
1610 Mar 18 Anne d. Will Stary[?]

Stepney Whitechapel St Mary
Marriages 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
1716 Oct 14 William Fairer & Elizabeth Sterrey, both of this parish, banna

Stepney Whitechapel St Mary
Burials 1558-1818 (Ancestry)
1633 May 30 Robert Sterry
1641 Oct __ John Sterey [Storey? Sterly?]
1694 Dec 17 Alice Stary a woman from Mansell Street and an affida[vit]
1726 Nov 15 Anne Sterry, A woman from Church Lane
1804 Oct 30 Joseph Starie, Roadside, 37, Fever
1804 Nov 6 Robert Grubb Starey, St Matthew Bethnal Green

Stepney, Whitechapel Infirmary
Burials 1813-1980
[Register of Death] 1904 Feb 19 Elizth Sterry, 66, Senile Decay, buried City of London
[Register of Death] 1904 Nov 6 George Sterry, 49, Hemiplegia, buried City of London

Stoke Newington, St Andrew
Marriages 1885-1930
*1918 Aug 31 Richard Rollings Gilby, 27 [Father] George Gilby & Adelaide Alice Sterry, 27 [Father] Fred Sterry [index only. Ancestry has 'Story']

Stoke Newington, St Mary
Baptisms 1559-1812
##1807 Jul 15 [born 17 Jun] Benjamin Helps Starey s. of Benjamin Starey & Elizabeth
##1839 Oct 6 (born 6 Sep 1839) Anne Bletchley (of) Benjamin Helps & Anne Starey, S S, Patent Candle Maker
##1841 Sep 29 (born 29 Aug 1841) Mary Jane (of) Benjamin Helps & Ann Starey, S S, Patent Candle Maker
##1843 Jul 23 (born 17 Jun 1843) Elizabeth (of) Benjamin & Ann Starey, S S, Merchant

Stoke Newington, St Mary
Marriages 1560-1775, 1801-1812 (Boyds); 1754-1920 (Ancestry)
**1910 Jun 21 Reginald Harbour, 23, Bachelor, Baker, 45 Ayrsome Road, Father: James Harbour, Gardener & Eliza Sterry, 21, Spinster, 45 Ayrsome Road, Father: William Sterry, Ship Builder. Both signed. Wit: Thomas John Stark, Edith Maria Ayers.

Stoke Newington, St Mary
##1835 Jan 15 Elizabeth Starey, Stoke Newington, 73 years

Stratford Bow, St Mary
Baptisms 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1884 Dec 7 (born 31 Oct 1884) Beatrice Maude Ponder (of) Ernest Ponder & Caroline Starie, 86 Malmestry Rd, Clerk

Sunbury on Thames, St Mary
Baptisms 1565-1875 (IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1858 Feb 19 Ernest Ponder (of) William & Jane Starie, Sunbury, Esqr
1879 Oct 11 Mary Lydia d. Wm Robert & Lydia Marie Sterry, Sunbury, Jockey

Sunbury on Thames, St Mary
Marriages 1566-1812
(Phillimores); 1566-1812 (Boyds); 1565-1876 (IGI); 1754-1920 (Ancestry)
##1864 Sep 14 Joseph Newman, 25, Bachelor, Gentleman, Bilton Yorkshire, Father: Robert Dawson Newman, Gentleman & Mary Elizabeth Starie, 24, Spinster, Sunbury, Father: William Starie, Gentleman. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Starie, R A Newman, Jane Starie, Augusta Maria Starie
##1868 Apr 23 Alfd Turner, Clerk in Orders, [no age stated] & Emily Sophia Starie, full age. Banns. [index only]
+1881 Jul 30 Frederick Salter, 24, Bachelor, Market Gardener, Sunbury, Father: Frederick Salter, Wheelwright & Margaret Jane Sterry, 22, Spinster, S Marylebone, Father: William Sterry, Station Master. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Salter, Ann Maria Sterrey

Sunbury on Thames, St Mary
Burials 1813-1980 (Ancestry)
1880 Aug 7 Lydia Sterry, Sunbury, 20 yrs

Tollington Park, St Mark
Baptisms 1854-1906
##1871 Aug 9 Selina (of) Charles Richard & Selina Starey, 39 Moray Rd, Accountant

Tollington Park, St Mark
Marriages 1854-1921
+1888 May 6 Thomas Perkins Sterry, 34, Widower, Engineer, 53 Hornsey Road, Father: Winter Sterry, Fruit Merchant & Fanny Hewkin Godlschalk, 29, Spinster, 52 Russell Road, Father: Charles Alfred Godtschalk (deceased), Leather Merchant. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert David Bishop, Mary Ann Eliza Bishop

Tottenham All Hallows
Baptisms 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
##1880 May 26 Catherine (of) Augustin & Helen Mary Starey, 12 Pembury Rd Tottenham, Clerk in Orders
##1881 Nov 23 Leonard (of) Augustin & Helen Mary Starey, Tottenham, Clerk in Orders
##1883 Sep 16 Lucy (of) Augustin & Helen Mary Starey, 12 Pembury Rd Tottenham, Clerk in Orders
##1885 Jun 24 Augustin Helps (of) Augustin & Helen Mary Starey, Charing Kent, Clerk in Holy Orders

Tottenham All Hallows
Marriages 1558-1837 (Phillimores); 1558-1837 (Boyds)

Tottenham St Benet Fink
Baptisms 1912-1914
1914 Jul 26 [born 24 May] Marie Edith Esturmie d. Albert William & Mabel Mary Starie, 121 Sirdar Rd, Engineer

Tuffnell Park All Saints (Dalmeny Rd)
Baptisms 1886-1906 (Ancestry)
1890 Jun 20 Harry (of) Margaret Sterry, 73 Respect Rd, [no occupation]

Twickenham St Mary the Virgin
Marriages 1538-1812
(Phillimores); 1538-1812 (Boyds)

Twickenham Holy Trinity
Marriages 1847-1930
*1928 Aug 11 Alfred Dennis Sterry, 28, Bachelor, Wireless Operator, 14 Engadine Street Southfields SW18 [Father] Hubert Lemuel Sterry, Motorman & Alma Dorothy Salter, 28, Spinster, Headdress Maker, 36 Heath Gardens Twickenham [Father] William Irwin Salter, Packer. Banns. Wit: Wm I Salter, H C Sterry

Upper Clapton St Matthew
Marriages 1866-1921
##1912 Sep 28 Alfred William King, 26, Bachelor, Chauffeur, 68 Southwold Rd, Father: George King (deceased), Mosaic Maker & Jessie Rose Starey, 24, Spinster, 8 Olinda[?] Rd Stamford Hill, Father: William John Colman Starey, Builder's Clerk. Banns. Both signed. Wit: Rosina Susan Starey, Henry James King, Florance May King

Wapping St John
1661 Jul 22 Avis Stary the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Stary was borne the 4th of July and baptized the 22: 1661

West Hackney
Marriages 1825-1921
##1859 Sep 29 Robert Starey, full age, Bachelor, Ship Broker, St Mary Islington, Father: Richard Starey, Linen Factor & Jessey Sarah Willoughby, full age, Spinster, West Hackney, Father: John Willoughby (dec.), Straw Plait Manufacturer. Banns. Both signed. Wit: John Willoughby, Denman[?] Willoughby, A C Starey, Harry Poynster[?]
##1869 Mar 13 John Starey, full age, Bachelor, Commercial Clerk, St Peter's Islington, Father: Richard Sterry, Merchant & Emma Caroline Willoughby, full age, Spinster, West Hackney, Father: John Willoughby, Straw-plait Manufacturer. Licence. Both signed. Wit: John Willoughby, M F[?] T[?] Willoughby , James Hollie[?]

West Hampstead St James
Baptisms 1888-1906
+1879 Sep 21 Walter Stanley (of) Walter & Mary Ann Sterry, 107 Hampstead RD, Hair Dresser

This marriage was obtained from an online database:
1563 May 15 John Steres and Margaret Etherton

West Kensington St Matthew
Baptisms 1872-1914
+1893 Mar 12 (born 12 Feb 1893) Doris Pheobe (of) Thomas Gears & Mary Ann Pheobe Sterrey, 15 Havelock Road, Railway Official
+1895 Sep 8 (born 4 Jul 1895) Marguerite Anna (of) Thomas and Mary Anna Phoebe Sterrey, 15 Havelock Place, Porter

West Kensington St Matthew
Marriages 1872-1921
+1891 Nov 21 Thomas Geers Sterry, 28, Bachelor, Porter, 9 Alexandra Road, Father: William Sterry, Station Master & Mary Ann Phoebe Coombs, 26, Spinster, 9 Alexandra Road, Father: William Coombs, Inspector. Banns. Both signed. Wit: William Coombs, Anna coombs, Alfred Coombs, Anna Coombs

Westminster St John the Evangelist [aka St John, Smith Square]
Baptisms 1728-1755 (IGI)

Westminster St John the Evangelist [aka St John, Smith Square]
Marriages 1728-1754 (IGI)
**1853 May 16 William Cory, 26, bachelor, Joiner, 12 Besbro' Place, [Father] William Cory, Labourer & Sarah Sterry, 27, spinster, 62 Eaton Place, [Father] John Sterry, Bailiff. Banns. Wit: James Jenner, E H Benner [Located as part of a marriage challenge by GOONS]

Westminster St John the Evangelist [aka St John, Smith Square]
Burials 1783-1853 (FindMyPast)
1832 Mar 26 Elizabeth Sterry, 69, 7 Artillery Square

Whitechapel St Mary Matfellon aka St Mary's Whitechapel
Baptisms 1758-1774 (Docklands Ancestry Ltd)

Whitechapel St Mary Matfellon aka St Mary's Whitechapel
Marriages 1616-1625 (Boyds)

Whitechapel St Mary Matfellon aka St Mary's Whitechapel
Burials (Ancestry; Boyd's City of London Burials on Find My Past)
1849 Jul 7 Sarah Starey, age 20, workhouse

There is a Quaker marriage listed in Boyd's at Longford Monthly Meetings:
#1815 Richard Sterry & Elizabeth Warner, Society of Friends Longford

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
* Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
** Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
*** = Minsterworth, Glou, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK line