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The "historic" City of London refers to the pre-1889 boundaries. It is bounded on the south by the river (Thames), to the east by the famous Tower of London, on the west by the Fleet River (now underneath Farringdon Road), and to the north by the City wall. There were gates out of the city leading to other settlements, like 'Bishopsgate' and 'Aldgate'.

Acknowledgement is made of reference to the excellent series of London parish transcriptions by the Harleian Society. See Boyd's Inhabitants of London for Sterry entries following parish entries.

NBI = National Burial Index (3rd ed.)
BIVR = British Isles Vital Records Index (LDS-2nd ed.) [Note: Dr William's Library of Nonconformist Registers and Wesleyan Methodist Peternoster Row is also included on this index]

IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis:

The following parishes records have been searched without finding any STERRYS:

Aldermanbury Postern Independent/Congregational Chapel (Births/Baptisms 1730-1801-BIVR)
All Hallows Barking
(Burials 1813-46, 1850-53, 1861-NBI.) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.
All Hallows Honey Lane
(Baptisms 1538-1859-IGI; Baptisms 1697-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1697-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1546-1656, 1664-1666, 1818-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1546-1666, 1818-1836-IGI; Burials 1627-1812-Modern Transcript)
All Hallows the Great (Baptisms 1668-1812-IGI; Marriages 1671-1722, 1741-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1799-IGI)
All Hallows the Less (Baptisms 1558-1861-IGI; Marriages 1558-1666-Boyds; Marriages 1799-1873-IGI)
Artillery Street Bishopsgate Parliament Court Chapel Baptist (Baptisms 1791-1811-IGI)
Austin Friars, Dutch Church (Marriages 1571-1752, 1812-Boyds; Burials 1813-27, 1830-45, 1851-53-NBI)
Bartholomew Close And Pinners Hall Independent (Baptisms 1740-1779-IGI)
Bridewell Chapel (Marriages 1701-1725-Boyds; Burials 1813-44-NBI)
Bridewell Hospital Chapel (Baptisms 1667-1845-IGI; Marriages 1671-1693-Boyds)
Bunhill Fields Burial Ground (Burials 1788-1853-NBI)
Carey St. New Court Independent Non Conformist (Births/Baptisms 1707-1837-IGI)
Carter Ln Blackfriars Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1711-1811-IGI)
Christ Church [See St Leonard & Christ Church]
Crutched Friars And Southwark Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1729-1761-IGI)
Fetter Lane Independent (Births/Baptisms 1730-1837-IGI)
Fetter Lane Moravian (Births/Baptisms 1741-1857-IGI; Marriages 1742-1792, 1811-1832-IGI)
Finsbury Circus Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1824-1837-IGI)
Founders Hall Lothbury Scots Church (Births/Baptisms 1702-1771-IGI)
Friar Street Blackfriars New Jerusalemite (Births/Baptisms 1787-1837-IGI)
Guildhall Chapel (non-parochial) (Marriages 1668-1685-Boyds)
Haberdashers Hall Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1825-IGI)
Hand Alley And New Broad Street Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1705-1753-IGI)
Hand Alley Dissenters (Births/Baptisms 1760-1789-IGI)
Hamburg Lutheran Chapel (Burials 1813-14, 1818-38, 1841-47-NBI)
Holy Trinity Gough Square (Baptisms 1842-1875-IGI; Marriages 1869-1885-IGI)
Holy Trinity the Less (Baptisms 1547-1836-IGI; Marriages 1542-1730-Boyds)
Jewin Street Crescent Welch Chapel Calvinistic Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1799-1837-IGI)
Jewin Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1788-1837-IGI)
Kings Weight House Fish Street Hill Independent (Births/Baptisms 1738-1840-IGI)
London Wall Scotch Church (Births/Baptisms 1769-1880-IGI)
Mercers' Hall Chapel (non-parochial) (Marriages 1701-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1641-1754-IGI; Burials 1814-17, 1821, 1828, 1833-NBI)
Miles Lane Chapel Cannon Street And Albion Chapel Moorgate Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1792-1837-IGI)
Miles Lane Chapel Cannon Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1786-1795-IGI)
Milton Princes And Wilson Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1798-1819-IGI)
New Broad Street Independent(Births/Baptisms 1727-1837-IGI)
Old Jewry Presbyterian (Births/Baptisms 1716-1819-IGI)
Oxford Chapel Vere Street (Marriages 1736-17543-IGI)
Pinners Hall Broad Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1777-1787, 1812-1824-IGI)
Poultry Chapel Camomile Street Independent (Births/Baptisms 1702-1753, 1781-1837-IGI)
St Alphage London Wall (Baptisms 1813-1863-IGI; Marriages 1754-1885-IGI)
St Andrew Hubbard [See St Mary at Hill] (Baptisms 1538-1599[with Mary at Hill], 1706-1790[with Mary at Hill], 1800-1837-IGI; Marriages 1538-1622-Boyds; Marriages 1800-1811, 1815-1837-IGI)
St Andrew Undershaft (Baptisms 1558-1875-IGI; Marriages 1726-1837, Banns 1754-1760, 1764-1775, 1801-1814, 1824-1837-Boyds)
St Ann Blackfriars (Baptisms 1560-1861-IGI; Burials 1813-49-NBI)
St Antholin Budge Row (Baptisms 1538-1754-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1872-IGI; Marriages 1538-1754-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1754-Boyds); Marriages 1538-1837-IGI; Burials 1538-1754-Modern Transcript)
St Augustine Watling Street (Baptisms 1559-1861-IGI; Marriages 1559-1836, Banns 1754-1775, 1801-1805-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1754-IGI)
St Bartholomew by the Exchange (Baptisms 1558-1840-IGI; Marriages 1558-1706, 1712-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1723-1840-IGI)
St Bartholomew Moor Lane (Baptisms 1850-1861-IGI)
St Bartholomew the Great (Baptisms 1616-1875-IGI; Marriages 1716-1885-IGI; Burials 1813-53-NBI)
St Bartholomew the Less (Marriages 1547-1837-IGI) Note: Records still at church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.
St Benet Fink (Baptisms 1538-1880-IGI; Marriages 1538-1836, Banns 1653-1662, 1699-1715, 1754-1775, 1801-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1845-IGI)
St Benet Gracechurch Street (Baptisms 1801-1836-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837, Banns 1754-1775-Boyds)
St Benet Gracechurch and Saint Leonard Eastcheap (Baptisms 1730-1812, 1833-1866-IGI; Marriages 1730-1837-IGI)
St Benet Sherehog (Baptisms 1557-1860-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1557-1860-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1557-1837-Boyds; Burials 1547-1860-Modern Transcript)
St Botolph Billingsgate (Marriages 1754-1835-Boyds)
St Christopher le Stocks (Baptisms 1557-1781-IGI; Marriages 1557-1780, Banns 1755-1780-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1780-IGI)
St Clement Eastcheap [See St Martin Orgar] (Baptisms 1539-1839-Modern Transcription; Marriages 1539-1839-Modern Transcription; Marriages 1539-1839, Banns 1801-1830-Boyds; Burials 1539-1663, 1671-1853-Modern Transcription)
St Edmund the King & Martyr, Lombard Street (Baptisms 1670-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1670-1865-IGI; Marriages 1670-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1673-1812-Boyds; Burials 1670-1812-Modern Transcript)
St Ethelburga Bishopsgate (Baptisms 1671-1873-IGI; Marriages 1679-1754, 1792-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1671-1885-IGI; Burials 1813-49-NBI)
St Faith under St Paul (Baptisms 1645-1875-IGI; Marriages 1813-1837-Boyds)
St Gabriel Fenchurch (Baptisms 1571-1859-IGI; Marriages 1572-1683, 1813-1837-IGI)
St George Botolph Lane (Baptisms 1813-1863-IGI; Marriages 1537-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1885-IGI)
St Giles Cripplegate Barbican Independent (Baptisms 1776-1837-IGI)
St James Garlickhithe (Baptisms 1535-1864-IGI; Marriages 1708-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1754-1868-IGI)
St John the Evangelist Friday Street (Baptisms 1653-1821-IGI; Marriages 1653-1666-Boyds)
St John the Baptist on Wallbrook (Baptisms 1682-1754-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1682-1812-IGI; Burials 1682-1754-Modern Transcript)
St John in the Tower [Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
St John Zachary (Baptisms 1640-1875-IGI; Marriages 1750-1837-with Saint Anne and Saint Agnes-IGI)
St Katherine Coleman (Baptisms 1710-1876-IGI; Marriages 1563-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1741-1876-IGI)
St Katherine Cree (Baptisms 1663-1875-IGI; Marriages 1663-1885-IGI; Burials 1813-53-NBI)
St Lawrence Jewry (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript)
Saint Lawrence Jewry and Saint Mary Magdalene Milk Street (Baptisms 1538-1812-IGI; Marriages 1538-1880-IGI)
St Lawrence Pountney (Baptisms 1538-1739-IGI; Marriages 1538-1715, 1813-1837, Banns 1654-1659-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1666, 1737-1812-IGI)
St Leonard Eastcheap (Baptisms 1538-1812-IGI; Marriages 1538-1705-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1705-IGI)
St Leonard Eastcheap and St Benet Gracechurch (Baptisms 1730-1812, 1833-1866-IGI; Marriages 1730-1837-IGI)
St Leonard & Christ Church (Burials 1813-36-NBI)
St Magnus the Martyr (Baptisms 1800-1850-IGI; Marriages 1557-1837, Banns 1754-1757, 1801-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1800-1850-IGI)
Saint Magnus The Martyr and Saint Margarets New Fish Street (Baptisms 1669-1768-BIVR; Marriages 1675-1754-IGI)
St Margaret Moses, Friday Street (Baptisms 1558-1853-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1559-1836-IGI; Marriages 1558-1853-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1558-1666-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1666, 1813-1839-IGI; Burials 1558-1853-Modern Transcript)
St Margaret New Fish Street [See Saint Magnus the Martyr]
St Margaret Pattens (Baptisms 1559-1812-IGI; Marriages 1559-1660-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1754-IGI)
St Martin Orgar  (Baptisms 1625-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1625-1738-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1625-1726-Boyds; Burials 1624-1812-Modern Transcript)
Saint Martin Orgar and Saint Clement Eastcheap (Baptisms 1539-1877-IGI; Marriages 1539-1839-IGI)

St Martin Orgar (Hugenot) (Baptisms 1698-1762-IGI; Marriages 1698-1751-Boyds)
St Martin Outwich (Baptisms 1670-1873-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1670-1873-IGI; Marriages 1670-1873-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1670-1837, Banns 1755-1776, 1824-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1670-1872-IGI; Burials 1670-1873-Modern Transcript)
St Martin Pomeroy (Baptisms 1539-1860-IGI; Marriages 1539-1647-Boyds; Marriages 1539-1647-IGI )
St Martin Vintry (Baptisms 1617-1874-IGI; Marriages 1675-1710-Boyds; Marriages 1617-1649, 1675-1710, 1813-1836-IGI)
St Mary Abchurch (Marriages 1558-1837, Banns 1757-1762-Boyds)
St Mary Aldermanbury (Baptisms 1558-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1862-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1701-1721, 1751-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1880-IGI; Burials 1538-1859-Modern Transcript)
St Mary Aldermary (Baptisms 1558-1754-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1558-1860-IGI; Marriages 1558-1754-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1558-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1836-IGI; Burials 1558-1754-Modern Transcript)
St Mary at Hill [See St Andrew Hubbard] (Baptisms 1558-1837-IGI; Marriages 1701-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1560-1837-IGI)
St. Mary at Hill with St. Andrew Hubbard (Baptisms 1538-1599, 1706-1790-IGI)
St Mary Bothaw (Baptisms 1536-1653-IGI; Marriages 1754-1812, Banns 1754-1764-Boyds)

St Mary Magdalen Milk Street (see Saint Lawrence Jewry)
St Mary Mountshaw (Baptisms 1568-1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1568-1837, 1849-1861-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1568-1666, 1754-1835-Boyds; Marriages 1568-1666, 1754-1849-IGI; Burials 1568-1849-Modern Transcript)
St Mary Somerset (Baptisms 1557-1853-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1558-1871-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1558-1775, 1801-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1558-1878-IGI; erryBurials 1557-1853-Modern Transcript)
St Mary Staining (Baptisms 1673-1812-IGI)
St Mary Woolchurch Haw [See St Mary Woolnoth] (Baptisms 1538-1760-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1558-1699-IGI; Marriages 1538-1760-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1559-1666-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1666-IGI; Burials 1538-1760-Modern Transcript)
St Mary Woolnoth (Baptisms 1538-1760-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1760, 1813-1830-IGI; Marriages 1538-1760-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1885-IGI; Burials 1538-1760-Modern Transcript)
St. Mary Woolnoth and Woolchurch (Baptisms 1760-1812-IGI)
St Mathew Friday Street (Baptisms 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1858-IGI; Marriages 1538-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1775, 1801-1836-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1836-IGI; Burials 1538-1812-Modern Transcript)
St Michael Bassishaw (Baptisms 1558-1853-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1558-1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1764-Boyds; Burials 1558-1853-Modern Transcript)
St Michael Crooked Lane (Marriages 1539-1835, Banns 1754-1775, 1801-1835-Boyds)
St Michael Le Querne [See St Vedast Foster Lane] (Baptisms 1685-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1685-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1686-1705, 1813-1836-Boyds)
St Michael Paternoster Royal (Baptisms 1558-1742-BIVR; Baptisms 1743-1837-IGI; Marriages 1558-1837-Boyds; Marriages 1559-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1743-1754, 1813-1885-IGI)
St Michael Queenhithe (Baptisms 1651-1860-IGI; Marriages 1701-1753-Boyds; Marriages 1653-1711-IGI)
St Nicholas Acons (Baptisms 1539-1812-Modern Transacript; Baptisms 1559-1875-IGI; Marriages 1539-1663/4-Modern Transacript; Marriages 1539-1664-Boyds; Marriages 1539-1664, 1813-1837-IGI; Burials 1540-1812-Modern Transacript)
St Nicholas Olave (Baptisms 1704-1860-IGI; Marriages 1705-1720, 1813-1836-IGI)
St Olave Jewry (Baptisms 1538-1862-IGI; Marriages 1538-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1875-IGI)
St Peter Cornhill (Baptisms 1538-1859-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1538-1774-IGI; Marriages 1538-1754-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1538-1754-Boyds; Marriages 1538-1666, 1673-1837-IGI; Burials 1538-1774-Modern Transcript)

St Peter on the Tower or Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula [Records still at the church. Not included in the LMA/Ancestry dataset.]
St Swithin London Stone (Baptisms 1615-1860-IGI; Marriages 1726-1775, 1801-1837, Banns 1754-1760, 1801-1837-Boyds)
St Thomas of Acon (Marriages 1618-1698-Boyds)
St Thomas in the Liberty of the Rolls (Baptisms 1842-1862-IGI; Marriages 1845-1885-IGI)
St Vedast Foster Lane (Baptisms 1558-1836-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1559-1837-Boyds)
St. Vedast Foster Lane and St. Michael Le Querne (Baptisms 1558-1836-IGI, Marriages 1558-1837-IGI)
Spa Fields (Burials 1795-98, 1802-49-NBI)
The Temple (Baptisms 1629-1853-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1629-1853-IGI; Marriages 1628-1760-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1701-1760-Boyds; Marriages 1628-1760-IGI)
The New Synagogue (Births 1774-1859-IGI)
Tower Hamlets Cemetery (Burials 1841-1852-NBI)
Venetian Chapel (Catholic) (Baptisms 1744-1796-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1744-1754-Modern Transcript; Burials 1772-1788-Modern Transcript)

The following parishes have been searched and have located STERRYS or similar:

All Hallows Bread Street
Baptisms 1538-1875
1691 Dec 8 James Sterry s. Clement Sterry & Mary, wollen drap

All Hallows Bread Street
Marriages 1538-1837

All Hallows Lombard Street
Baptisms 1813-1846 (IGI)

All Hallows Lombard Street
Marriages 1553-1837; Banns 1654-1663, 1755-1775, 1801-1837
(Boyds); 1813-1837 (IGI); 1550-1921 (Ancestry)
1717 Dec 5 Thomas Starey and Mary Wall. By Licence.
1767 Jun 25 Robert Wilson of this parish Batchelor & Ann Sterry of the same parish, Spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wt: Prasilla Auld[?], Nevill Thompson

This marriage is also recorded in the London Evening Post  for Thursday, June 25, 1767: Same day (Saturday last) was married by the Rev. Mr. Dalton, at Allhallows Lombard-street, Mr. Robt. Wilson, Broker, to Miss Sterry, niece to Nathaniel Newberry, Esq., of Taplow.

All Hallows London Wall
Baptisms 1559-1875
(IGI); 1559-1812 (Ancestry)
1601 Mar 26 Mary d Randoll Sterry [also in Walter Smith's book]

All Hallows London Wall
Marriages 1559-1675, 1701-1837; Banns 1823-1837(
Boyds); 1559-1880 (IGI); Ancestry
1672/73 Jan 26 John Price and Ann Starie
1673 Dec 2 William Sterey & Mary Broothes
1711 Feb 6 Edw Sterey [Storey?] & Margaret Williams

All Hallows Staining
Baptisms IGI 1642-1870 (IGI)

All Hallows Staining
Marriages 1653-1740, 1748-1750 (Boyds); 1754-1837 (IGI), 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
#1812 Jul 25 Thomas Johnson Sterry, of this parish, Bachelor & Hester Horner, of the parish of Christ Church Surry Widow. By licence. Both signed. Wit: Elisa Burne, Elizabeth Burne

Christ Church, Newgate Street (also known as Christchurch Greyfriars)
Baptisms 1538-1754
(Modern Transcription); 1804-1875 (IGI)

Christ Church, Newgate Street (also known as Christchurch Greyfriars)
Marriages 1538-1754
(Modern Transcription); 1538-1588, 1667-1754 (Boyds); 1542-1753, 1804-1880 (IGI); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
1782 ___ Thomas Sterrey b. & Johanna Sterrey s. [Pallot's Marriage Index only. Note the parish registers of Christchurch Newgate Street for baptisms 1656/7-1724, marriages 1667-1837, burials from 1666 were destroyed by enemy action in 1940.]

Christ Church, Newgate Street (also known as Christchurch Greyfriars)
Burials 1538-1754
(Modern Transcription)
1745 Jul 1 Frances Sterry, pensioner

There is a burial at Christ Church Newgate St in Boyd's London Burials:
1680 Jn Sturry

Fleet Prison
Marriages 1667-1754 (
Boyds-Extracts); 1667-1777 (; 1667–1754 (Ancestry: London, Clandestine Marriage & Baptism Registers)
1701 Feb 12 Philip Sterry, Coachman, [Abode] Maiden Head & Castle In Piccadilla St James & Ann Catch, [Abode] Maiden Head & Castle In Piccadilla St James [Performed by] Colton [Reference] RG7/Piece _008/Folio 119 [In BMD Registers only]
1717 Jul 28 Thomas Sterry Widr & Joyner of St Gilles in Feilds and Rachell Clark Widw of St Gilles in Feilds [Performed by] B W [Ancestry only]
#1720 Apr 18 Benjamin Reeve, B[achelor], St Saviour's psh Indigo Maker [&] Elisabeth Sterry, S[pinster], St Olaves [Ancestry only]
1726/27 Feb __ James Starie Bat[chelor] & Carman & Sarah Gash Spinster both of St Georges in Mill Street
1737 Jun __ Robert Barning, St Georges Hanover Square & Phillis Sterry, [Registration Town] Southwark, London [Barret's Mint Register] [Ref] RG7/123/29 [In BMD Registers only]
1740 May 17 William Sterry, Mariner, St Andrews Holborn & Ann Conner, St Martins in the Field [Ministers] Ashwell & Wyatt [Ref] RG7/186/25 [In BMD Registers only]

Holy Trinity Minories
Baptisms 1563-1861 (IGI)

Holy Trinity Minories
Marriages 1683-1698
(PR and Index); 1579-1663 (Boyds); 1547-1812 (Ancestry)
1694 Apr 26 William Carver ba[chelor] & Margaret Sterry sp[inster] both of Stepney

Note: Holy Trinity Minories was one of several London churches and chapels which were a centre of the trade in irregular and clandestine marriages. Marriages that took place away from the home parishes of the spouses (but after banns or licences) or at an improper time were termed irregular. Clandestine was applied to irregular marriages if there was secrecy involved. Secrecy might be needed because the marriage did not have the parents' consent or apprentices might wish to marry before the expiry of their term or the husband might have deserted his wife and wish to remarry; sailors or soldiers going abroad  or pregnant women might want a quick marriage. Many clergymen were willing to conduct such marriages for a fee. Almost half of all London weddings between 1676 and 1683 were taking place at Holy Trinity Minories or St James Duke's Place. (Herber M., Ancestral Trails, 1998 p. 226)

Lamb's Chapel, Monkwell Street (non-parochial)

Walter Smith in his book The Sterry Family lists a marriage in this parish in his Miscellaneous Sterrys:
1709 Jun 16 Christopher STERRY Married Jane LINGTOOL at Lamb Chapel, London. Both Christopher and Jane of Waltham Abbey.

St Alban Wood Street
Baptisms 1662-1786, 1800-1812 (Ancestry); 1800-1852 (IGI)

St Alban Wood Street
Marriages 1662-1786, 1800-1812 (Ancestry); 1800-1836 (IGI)
##1727 Nov 27 By Licence Willm Harris of St Bride's Fleet Street Batchelor & Eliz: Stary of St Alban's Woodstreet, Spinster

St Alban Wood Street
Burials 1662-1786, 1800-1812 (Ancestry)
##1729 Sep 1 Thomas Postern Stary ch[urch] y[ar]d

St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Baptisms 1558-1860
(IGI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
1594 Oct 26 Joane d Nicolas Starry
1636 Feb 24 Anne d. John Sterry

St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Marriages 1558-1840 (IGI)

St Andrew by the Wardrobe
Burials 1813-50

St Andrew Holborn
Baptisms 1694-1715
1707 Aug 31 Susanna d. Thomas Starey and Rose

St Andrew Holborn
Marriages 1559-1921
1609 May 29 George Sterry and Marie Bamford
#1796 Dec 23 The Reverend John Newman of the parish of Southweald in the county of Essex, Clerk, a Bachelor and Ellen Sterry of the parish of Saint Andrew Holborn London, Spinster, a Minor. By Licence by and with the consent of Eleonora Sterry, Widow, the natural and lawful mother of the said minor. Both signed. Wit: Jas Newman, Rd Perry
1816 Dec 31William Mills of this parish and Mary Sterry of this parish. By banns. Both signed. Wit: Robert Crosby, Sarah Sterry

St Andrew Holborn
Burials 1559-1856
(NBI); Ancestry
1726 Aug 3 Elizabeth Sterey from Purpoole lane
#1776 Aug 25 Sarah Sterry, Wandsworth in Surrey
1840 Dec 17 Ann Starey, Grays Inn Lane Workhouse, age 46

St Anne and St Agnes, Aldersgate
Baptism 1640-1861
(IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
#1850 Mar 20 (born 28 Aug 1811) Charles (of) Henry & Beatrice Sterry, Trinity Square Tower Hill, Gentleman.

St Benet and St Peter, Paul's Wharf
Baptisms 1607-1837
(Modern Transcription); 1619-1861 (St Benet Baptisms-IGI)

St Benet and St Peter, Paul's Wharf
Marriages 1607-1837
(Modern Transcription); 1619-1837 (St Benet Marriages-Boyds); 1607-1660, 1684, 1698-1705, 1828-1834 (St Peter Marriages-Boyds); 1619-1668, 1680-1879 (St Benet Marriages-IGI); 1619-1812 (Ancestry)
1721/22 Mar 20 Charles Loveland of Putny Surry W. and Mary Stary of Wimbleton Surry W [Also in 'The Sterry Family' by Walter Smith]
1723/24 Feb 11 John Read of Woolwich Kent, W, & Mary Sterrey of St Martin in the Fields Midx, S
1749/50 Feb 20 William Bowman of Alhallows, Barking, L, B. and Susanna Sterey of St Olave, Hart Street, L, S.

St Benet and St Peter, Paul's Wharf
Burials 1607-1837
(Modern Transcription)

St Botolph Aldersgate (also known as St Botolph Without Aldersgate)
Baptisms 1640-1844
(IGI); 1638-1906 (Ancestry)
##1826 Aug 30 (born 16 Jul 1826) Albertina  d. of Richard and Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate Street, Linen Factor
##1828 Aug 6 (born 20 Jun 1828) Elizabeth d. Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate, Merchant
##1830 May 19 (born 16 Feb 1830) Charles Richard s. of Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate Street, Factor
##1832 Mar 9 (born 3 Dec 1831) Samuel s. Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate Street, Factor
##1833 Nov 15 (born 4 Aug 1833) Robert s. Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate Street, Merchant
##1835 Feb 25 (born 13 Nov 1834) Edward s. Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate Street, Linen Factor
##1837 Mar 8 (born 31 Oct 1836) Anne Catherine d. of Richard & Elizabeth Starey, Aldersgate St, Merchant

St Botolph Aldersgate (also known as St Botolph Without Aldersgate)
Marriages 1640-1725
(Modern Transcript); Marriages 1640-1755, Banns 1653-1664 (Boyds); 1754-1872 (IGI); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index); 1638-1812 (Ancestry)
1791 May 21 Hannah Sterrey & Richard Phillips
1809 ___ Robert Starry, bachelor & Elizth Brown, spinster [Pallot Marriage Index only]

St Botolph Aldersgate (also known as St Botolph Without Aldersgate)
Burials 1813-1853 (NBI); 1638-1812 (Ancestry)
##1734 Jan 8 Poston Starye
##1736 Jun 12 Ann Starye
##1833 Jun 11 Samuel Starey, Hampstead, age 1yr 6 mths

St Botolph Aldgate (also known as St Botolph Without Aldgate)
Baptisms 1571-1875 (IGI)
1796 Sep 7 [born 31 May] Tristiana Starey d. John Starey & Sophia, Houndsditch

St Botolph Aldgate (also known as St Botolph Without Aldgate)
Burials 1558-1812 (Ancestry); 1813-53 (NBI)
1751 Sep 21 Elizth Stery Woman, New Square Minories [with much thanks to Hilary Blanford]

St Botolph Bishopsgate (also known as St Botolph Without Bishopsgate)
Baptisms 1558-1690
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1862 (IGI); 1558-1906 (Ancestry)
1685 May 17 Thomas Starey s. John Starey & Joan
1750 Sep 17 William Starey s. William Starey & Elizabeth
1769 May 21 Thomas George Sterry s. Barnard Sterry & Elizabeth
1789 Sep 13 Mary Ann Starrie d. William Starrie & Martha
1898 Jul 31 (born 29 May 1898) Helen Muriel (of) Alfred & Harriet Sterry, 2 Colden Street Bridge St Manchester, Artisan

St Botolph Bishopsgate (also known as St Botolph Without Bishopsgate)
Marriages 1558-1753
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1754 (Boyds); 1558-1793, 1802-1846 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
#1762 Nov 4 Richard Beadle, of the parish of St Botolph Bishopsgate London, Bachelor and Margaret Sterry, of the parish of Wandsworth in the County of Surrey, Spinster. By licence. Both signed. Wit: Benjamin Maskill, Ann Peaty. [Information on their marriage licence is given in the SOG Great Card Index: 1762 Oct 27 Marriage Licence Bishop of London Margaret Sterry, 21, single of Wandsworth Surrey and Richard Beadle, s, Bot Bpsgate London, 25, Bachelor]

St Botolph Bishopsgate (also known as St Botolph Without Bishopsgate)
Burials 1558-1752
(Modern Transcript); 1813-49, 1853-55 (NBI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
1684 Aug 11 Ann Stary, aged 18

There is a burial in Boyd's London Burials for St Botolph Without Bishopsgate:
1581 Tho Starry [Checked PR. Event is Nov 29 1581 but surname is Stacy]

St Bride Fleet Street
Baptisms 1587-1736, 1813-1859
(IGI); Ancestry
1692/93 Feb 1 John s. Edward & Rebeca Sterray

St Bride Fleet Street
Marriages 1587-1735, 1775-1865, 1870-1880 (IGI); 1574-1812 (Ancestry)
#1714 Oct 20 John Sterry, Bach & Elizabeth Collier, Spinst Arch Bps Lic
#1715 Sep 9 James Reynolds of Wandsworth in Co Surrey Bachelor & Elizabeth Sterry of the same spinst
#1725 Aug 10 James Harrison of Fulham in co Middlesex Bach[elor] & Rachel Sterry of Wandsworth in co Surrey Spinster Bp Lond. Licence
#1727 Sep 9 John Sterry of Wandsworth in co Surrey, widr & Cornelia Bowden of Mitcham in the same county widw

St Bride Fleet Street
Burials 1574-1812 (Ancestry); 1813-54 (NBI)
1641 Jul 11 Elizabeth d. Isack Stary
1711 Dec 21 Francis Sterry, Ug

St Dionis Backchurch
Baptisms 1538-1754 (Modern Transcription); 1538-1877 (IGI)

St Dionis Backchurch
Marriages 1538-1754 (Modern Transcription); 1538-1837, Banns 1754-1775, 1801-1823 (Boyds); 1538-1837 (IGI)
1562 Aug 31 William Thomson of London Dyosiss & Elinor Stary of thus p[ar]ishe was married the xxx1 day of August [Checked against PR]

St Dionis Backchurch
Burials 1538-1754 (Modern Transcription)

St Dunstan in the East
Baptisms 1558-1758
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1758, 1766-1816 (IGI)

St Dunstan in the East
Marriages 1558-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1605-1625 (Boyds); 1558-1880 (IGI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
#1729 Jul 22 Wasey Sterry of St Thomas in Southwarke & Hannah Pike of St Olave in Southwarke, both in Surrey; L

St Dunstan in the East
Burials 1558-1766
(Modern Transcript)
1750 Aug 19 Richard Sterey

St Dunstan in the West
Baptisms 1800-1840 (IGI)

St Dunstan in the West
Marriages 1701-1775, c1801-1812[extracts], Banns 1754-1757 (Boyds); 1800-1837 (IGI)

St Dunstan in the West
Burials 1813-56 (NBI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
1647 Sep 15 George Starey Infnt buryed churches coffin [Rechecked PR -looks like STARCY]

St Giles Cripplegate
Baptisms 1561-1863
(IGI); 1561-1812 (Ancestry)
#1684 Jul 1 Ralph Sterry s. Peter Sterry Gentl & of Doro[thy] born 14 Jun
#1686 Nov 16 Dorothy Sterry d. Peter Sterry & Dorothy, Gent
#1687/88 Feb 16 Richard Sterry s. Peter Sterry, Gent & Dorothy, bo[rn] 2nd

St Giles Cripplegate
Marriages 1561-1625
(Boyds); 1561-1885 (IGI); 1561-1921 (Ancestry); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
1704 Dec 24 Joseph Starey & Ann Jackson
1745 Sep 17 Samuel Sterry & Catherine Christian. Lycence [Marriage licence dated 17 Sep 1745 provides some additional detail. He was a bachelor, aged 30 and she was a spinster, aged 24, of the same parish. He was of the parish of St Mary Abchurch, London and a Tailor. Parish church specified for marriage: St Giles Cripplegate.]
1775 Jul 24 Ann Sterry and John Peake
1825 Jan 20 [Banns Dec 26, Jan 2, 9] John Chapman, of this parish, widower & Sarah Sterry, of this parish, spinster. Banns. Both signed. Wit: C P Wimp, L Samuel

St Giles Cripplegate
1813-53 (NBI); 1561-1812 (Ancestry)
1628 Jul 31 Eliz d Robert Sterrey, twister
1638 Mar 24 Robert Sterrey, Twister als Clothworker
#1685 May 1 George son of Peter Sterry, Gent, ricketts, below
#1687/88 Feb 19 Richard son of Peter Sterry Gent , convulsions, below
#1697 Sep 17 Dorothy dau of Peter Sterry, Mercht, consumpt, below
#1706/07 Jan 30 Peter Sterry, Gent, aged, below
1719/20 Mar 20 Ann Stery widdow, aged
#1731 Dec 1 Dorothy Stery Widdow age
1783 Jan 12 Elizabeth Sterry, a woman, con[sumption]

St Gregory by St Paul
Baptisms 1559-1686, 1813-1821 (IGI)

St Gregory by St Paul
Marriages 1559-1754
(Boyds); 1559-1687, 1813-1821 (IGI); 1559-1812 (Ancestry)
1577 Jan 17 Charles Styrrie & Elizabeth Gibson

St Helen Bishopsgate
Baptisms 1575-1837
(Modern Transcript); 1575-1837, 1844-1874 (IGI)

St Helen Bishopsgate
Marriages 1575-1837
(Modern Transcript); Marriages 1575-1837, Banns 1754-1777 (Boyds); 1575-1870 (IGI)
#1699 May 8  Peter Sterry of the parish of St Peter's Poor, Gent and Merria D'Lillers of the parish of St Andrew's Undershaft (also in Boyd's)

St Helen Bishopsgate
Burials 1575-1837
(Modern Transcript)
#1672 Nov 24 Mr Peeter Sterry in ye Chancell under the great Stone on the Right Hand

St James Duke's Place
Baptisms 1747-1860
(IGI); 1813-1906 (Ancestry)
#1844 Apr 26 Elizabeth (of) Henry & Beatrice Sterry, Trinity Square, Gentleman

St James Duke's Place
Marriages 1664-1668, 1678-1837
(Boyds); 1664-1868 (IGI)
1666 Dec 27 John Sterre & Grace Perry
1682/83 Feb 24 Henry Ayshtoghe, Br & Jane Stary, Spr [Checked PR: 'Stacy' not 'Stary']

St Margaret Lothbury
Baptisms 1558-1774
(IGI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
1714 Jun 27 Richd s. Richd & Grace Stery [Stecy?]

St Margaret Lothbury
Marriages 1558-1754 (Boyds); 1558-1837 (IGI)

St Margaret Westminster
Baptisms 1660-1675
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1934 (

St Margaret Westminster
Marriages 1664-1675
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1934 (
1708 May 16 Jam. Mitchell & Eliz Sterrey

St Margaret Westminster
Burials 1660-1661
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1934 (
1753 Jun 24 William Steary G.N.

St Martin Ludgate
Marriages 1626-1700
(Boyds); 1539-1812 (Ancestry)
1631 Mar 25 John Lordon & Hester Sterrey License Faculties [Boyds has 1632]

St Martin Ludgate
Burials 1813-48 (NBI); 1539-1812 (Ancestry)
[1563 Oct 25] The same daie was buried Katherin the daughter of daughter of John Sterry

St Mary Colechurch
Baptisms 1558-1870
(IGI); 1558-1812 (Ancestry)
##1788 Dec 30 Ann Prudence d. Samuell & Elizabeth Starey, born Oct 23 [Checked against PR; entry is correct]

St Mary Colechurch
Marriages 1558-1666, 1683-1684
(Boyds); 1538-1837 (IGI)
1781 May 26 Stephen Storry of this parish, bachelor & Elizabeth Rain, of this parish, spinster. By licence. He signed; she put her mark. Wit: Wm Reid, Mary Reid, Hester Foster [Boyd's has this marriage under St Mary Colechurch; Ancestry has this marriage under St Mary le Bow]

St Mary Le Bow
Baptisms 1558-1631, 1653-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1538-1837 (IGI)

St Mary Le Bow
Marriages 1538-1631, 1675-1812 (Modern Transcript); Marriages 1538-1631, 1675-1837, Banns 1754-1837 (Boyds); 1538-1631, 1697-1836 (IGI); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
1781 May 26 Stephen Storry & Elizabeth Rain [Presumed to be an error in location of marriage stated by Ancestry. See St Mary Colechurch above]

St Mary Le Bow
Burials 1538-1630; 1653-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1538-1812 (Ancestry)
#1750 Oct 7 John Sterry from Wandsor

St Mary Magdalen Milk Street  
Baptisms 1558-1666 (Modern Transcript); 1813-1859 (IGI)

St Mary Magdalen Milk Street  
Marriages 1558-1812 (Modern Transcript); 1559-1666 (Boyds)
1562 Dec 28 Robert Stere and Tabitha Ode

St Mary Magdalen Milk Street  
Burials 1558-1666 (Modern Transcript)

St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street
Baptisms 1539-1645, 1664-1812 (IGI)

St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street
Marriages 1664-1754
(Boyds); 1538-1638, 1664-1877 (IGI); 1539-1812 (Ancestry)
1580 Jun 23 Elizabeth Sterrye & Richard Broxe. By licence.
1700 Aug 4 Sarah Sterry & John Catler [not found in Ancestry]

St Michael Cornhill
Baptisms 1546-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1545-1754, 1783-1812 (IGI)

St Michael Cornhill
Marriages 1546-1754
(Modern Transcript); Marriages 1546-1650, 1701-1836, Banns 1754-1775 (Boyds); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
**1860 Aug 25 William Jex Sterry, full age, Bachelor, Traveller, Noble Street Aldersgate Street Cornhill, Father: James Masterson Sterry, Fish Merchant & Catherine Abraham, full age, Spinster, Noble Street Aldersgate Street Cornhill, Josiah Abraham, Jeweller. Licence. Both signed. Wit: John Galsworthy, Sarah Shurd[?]

St Michael Cornhill
1546-1754; 1817-1847 (Modern Transcript); 1546-1980 (Ancestry)
1642 Jul 13 Appolina Sterrey out of Paul's Churchyard
#1817 Aug 11 Thomas Johnson Sterry, Parsonage Row Newington Surrey, 48 years, in the old vault
#1847 Dec 15 Hester Sterry, No 8 Montague Place Clapham Rd, 85 years, in the old vault.

St Michael Wood Street
Baptisms 1559-1662, 1801-1811 (IGI)

St Michael Wood Street
Marriages 1674-1837
(Boyds); 1801-1811 (IGI)
1727 William Harris and Elizabeth Starey [Marriage Allegation dated 27 Nov 1727 Elizabeth Starey, Spinster, age 21, of parish of St Michael Woodstreet and William Harris, Bachelor, age 26, of parish of St Bride, licenced to marry St Michael Woodstreet, London - Allegation Ref MS10091/67. Marriage not found.]

St Mildred Bread Street
Baptisms 1558-1853
(Modern Transcript); 1658-1837 (IGI)

St Mildred Bread Street
Marriages 1558-1853
(Modern Transcript); Marriages 1670-1837, Banns 1754-1774 (Boyds); 1670-1837 (IGI)

Walter Smith in his book The Sterry Family lists a marriage in this parish in his Miscellaneous Sterrys:
1616 May 30 Jane STIRRIE Married Gulston THEODORE at St Mildred's Church, Beal Street, London. Jane, widow of Fortizim STIRRIE, yeoman of Prittlewell, Essex; Gulston of St Dunstan's in West London, haberdasher

St Mildred Bread Street
Burials 1558-1853
(Modern Transcript)

St Mildred Poultry
Baptisms 1538-1870
##1789 Jan 30 [born 13 Jan 1789] Jane d. Benjamin Starey & Frances [Ancestry:LDS Film 374989]

St Mildred Poultry
Marriages 1538-1754
(Boyds); 1754-1921 (Ancestry); 1538-1837 (IGI); 1780-1837 (Pallot Marriage Index)
##1787 Dec 27 Thomas Lyttleton Green, Clerk, Bachelor, of the Parish of Tenbury in the County of Worcester & Jane Starey, of the Parish of St Mary Colechurch, Spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: T[?] Starey, E Starey
##1788 Jan 31 Benjamin Starey, of the Parish of St Mildred's, Bachelor & Frances Mander, of the Parish of St Botolph Bishopgate, Spinster. Licence. Both signed. Wit: Thomas Mander, I R Mander, N Mander, D Starey

St Mildred Poultry
Burials (Ancestry)
##1789 Mar 19 [died Mar 15] Mrs Frances Starey
1803 Dec 20 Elizabeth Mary Stary, Buried in C[hurch] y[ar]d

St Nicholas Cole Abbey
Baptisms 1538-1875 (IGI)

St Nicholas Cole Abbey
Marriages 1584-1812
(Boyds); 1584-1885 (IGI); 1538-1812 (Ancestry)
##1726 Nov 22 William Starey & Elizabeth Thomas. By licence. (Marriage Licence dated 22 Nov 1726 adds William Starie, age: 21, Bachelor, of parish of Wood Street, St Alban and Elizabeth Thomas, Spinster, age: 30, of parish Woodstreet, St Alban Licenced to Marry Church of St Nicolas Cole, London Allegation Reference Number:Ms 10091/66 [Anecestry])

St Olave Hart Street
Baptisms 1563-1700
(Modern Transcript); 1563-1865 (IGI)

St Olave Hart Street
Marriages 1563-1700
(Modern Transcript); 1563-1754 (Boyds); 1563-1876 (IGI)

St Olave Hart Street
Burials 1563-1700 (Modern Transcript); 1813-1853 (NBI)
1825 Jul 5 Mary Charlotte Sturry aged 3+ [NBI has Jul 7]

St Pancras Soper Lane
Baptisms 1697-1837 (Modern Transcript); 1538-1875 (IGI)

St Pancras Soper Lane
Marriages 1697-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1674, 1818-1836 (Boyds); 1538-1674, 1818-1836 (IGI)

St Pancras Soper Lane
Burials 1627-1812
(Modern Transcript)
Burial 1750 Oct 7 John Sterry from Wandsor

St Pauls Cathedral
Baptisms 1875-1897
(Modern Transcript)

St Pauls Cathedral
Marriages 1697-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1697-1758 (Boyds)
#1707/8 Jan 19 Robert Austin of ye parish of St Saviours, Southwark in ye County of Surrey, batchelor and Sarah Sterry of ye parish aforesaid, spinster, were married by License in ye Cathedral Church of St Paul's, London ye 19th of January, 1707 by me Henry Gostling.

St Pauls Cathedral
Burials 1766-1899
(Modern Transcript); 1814-40, 1843-48, 1851-53 (NBI)

St Peter Le Poer
Baptism 1561-1860
(IGI); 1561-1812 (Ancestry)
#1701 Mar 26 Dorothy d. of Peter Sterry & Mariam [entry states born but under column for baptised]

St Peter Le Poer
Marriages1561-1775, 1801-1837, Banns 1755-1775, 1801-1817
(Boyds); 1561-1722 (IGI)

St Peter Le Poer
1813-53 (NBI); 1561-1812 (Ancestry)
1703/04 Jan 3 Peter Sterry Buried in the North Isle

St Peter Paul's Wharf
Baptisms 1607-1837 (IGI)

St Peter Paul's Wharf
Marriages 1607-1660, 1684, 1698-1705, 1828-1834 (Boyds); 1607-1625, 1639-1660, 1698-1704, 1828-1834 (IGI)
1657/1658 Thomas Cocking & Rachell Stury [checked against PR]

St Peter Westcheap
Baptisms 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1597, 1813-1868 (IGI)
1576 Jul 29 (female) ____ d. Thomas Sterrye
1577 Sep 27 Jarrett s. Thomas Sterrye

St Peter Westcheap
Marriages 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript); 1538-1698, 1814-1836 (Boyds); 1538-1597, 1815-1836 (IGI)
1599 Jarret Stirry & Agn Pinner [not found in Ancestry]

St Peter Westcheap
Burials 1538-1812
(Modern Transcript)

St Sepulchre Holborn (also known as Holy Sepulchre Without Newgate)
Baptisms 1663-1692
(Parish Register LDS Film 374998); 1662-1812 (Ancestry)
1703 Aug 28 George s. of George Sterry & Mary, Cock Lane

St Sepulchre Holborn (also known as Holy Sepulchre Without Newgate)
Marriages 1662-1754 (Boyds); 1754-1921 (Ancestry)
1781 Feb 22 David Cusden of this parish, Batchelor & Mary Sterry of this Parish, Spinster. By banns. He signed, she marked. Wit: Thos Collier, Thos Moring

St Sepulchre Holborn (also known as Holy Sepulchre Without Newgate)
Burials [Boyd's London Burials on Find My Past]
1756 Nov 26 Charles Starey, age 42, Cow Cross

St Stephen Coleman Street
Baptisms 1538-1875 (IGI)

St Stephen Coleman Street
1701-1754 (Boyds); 1538-1754 (IGI); Ancestry
1626 May 18 Arthur Stary and Dennis Sphering

St Stephen Coleman Street
Burials 1813-48, 1851-53 (NBI)

St Stephen Walbrook
Baptisms 1557-1860
(Modern Transcript)

St Stephen Walbrook
Marriages 1557-1860
(Modern Transcript); Marriages 1557-1837, Banns 1754-1837 (Boyds)
1797 Jan 22 John Lamley of St Botolph, Aldgate, Middx, b, & Catherine Smith of St S, W. w. L.A.C., by G.S.T. Wit: William Lyne, M. Sterry

St Stephen Walbrook
Burials 1547-1860
(Modern Transcript)

St Thomas Apostle
Baptisms 1558-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1859 (IGI)

St Thomas Apostle
Marriages 1558-1754
(Modern Transcript); 1558-1754 (Boyds); 1558-1672, 1754-1835 (IGI)

St Thomas Apostle
Burials 1558-1754
(Modern Transcript);; Ancestry
##1826 Nov 5 Thomas Starey, aged 71, died of a decline
[Ground 16/-, Bell 4/8, Minister 4/-, Clerk 2/-, Sexton 2/-, Grave 5/-, Register 2/-, Bearers 12/-, Desk Service 10/- Total #2/17/8. From No 16 Clock Lane. Buried Church Yard.]

Threadneedle Street, French Huguennot
Baptisms 1600-1840
1704 Mar 15 Abraham Stiry s. of Nicolas Stiry & Ester

Threadneedle Street, French Huguennot
Marriages 1599-1752 (Boyds)

Boyd's Inhabitants (or Citizens) of London

This index consists of 238 volumes of entries, recording about 60,000 London residents from the 15th to 19th centuries (particularly the 17th century). These volumes are indexed in 27 further volumes. The original volumes at the Society of Genealogists were referenced to obtain the following information. With much thanks to David Sterry.

There are 7 entries in the index volume under STERRY, but only 5 have full entries that can be accessed using the 5 digit reference number.

Reference No 18163
#Benjamin STERRY of St Saviour Southwark
Born 1655
Married 1680 Apr 24 Vic Gen Mge Lic
Wife Anne Wall of Hackney Middx Born 1659 June 5 at St Pancras Sopher lane daughter of John Wall
Profession Citizen Haberdasher
1701 Poll List

Reference 26784
#Peter Sterry of St Peter Le Poor
Father Peter Sterry
Born 1675
Married 1699 May 8 at St Peter le Poor Vic Gen Mge Lic
Wife Miriam De Lillers of St Andrew Undershaft Born 1681 Daughter of Isaac De Lillers and Miriam Juise
Profession Citizen & draper Apprentice 1689 to George Juise
1700 Poll List Clerk 1700 – 1703
Died 1703 Jan 3 Buried at St Peter le Poor
Will 1703 PCC 50 Ash junior Children not named

Reference 34754
#Samuel STERRY of St Saviour Southwark
Born 1646
Married1675 Jan 24 Fac. Off Mge Lic
Wife Sarah Webb of St Mary Woolwoth Born 1654 daughter of William Webb gent.
Profession Linen draper citizen haberdasher
1700 Poll List

Reference 36627
Thomas STERRY of St Peter Westcheap
Profession Citizen & Goldsmith
Will 1578 PCC 43 Langley

Reference 46279
Robert STERRE of St Michael Crooked Lane
Wife Matilda
Will 1313 Hustings I242
Will of Matilda Hustings 1328 I335
Robert Fish Will 1318 Hustings I279
Roger Will 1328 Hustings I335

The other two index entries for which there are no details are:
M 1727 Jos TIN
1682 Jos Lee DYE Fees

There are no headings to give any clue of what this might mean.


# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
* Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK line