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IGI coverage dates can only be considered a guide and may have errors and gaps. The LDS organised the records in the IGI into 'batches'. These batches relate to how and when the information was extracted from source material. The dates below are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the 'batch'. The batches referenced are from actual parish register extracts rather than personal submissions by LDS members. Much of the information was taken from the excellent website by Hugh Wallis: IGI Batch Numbers for Herefordshire, England

NBI = National Burial Index 3
BIVR = British Isles Vital Records Index (LDS-2nd ed.)
HMI = Herefordshire FHS Marriage Index. [Note: Presumed year range is from beginning of register up to 1837]

For photos of many of the churches below, see Herefordshire Church Images

The following parishes records have been searched without finding any STERRYS:

Abbeydore aka Dore St Mary (Baptisms 1635-1686, 1724-1874-IGI; Marriages 1660-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1635-46, 1655-86, 1724-1839-NBI)
aka Acornbury St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1736-1875-IGI; Marriages 1736-1883-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1736-38, 1741, 1745-48, 1751, 1754, 1757-60, 1763-64, 1767-69, 1775, 1788-90, 1795-1810-NBI)
Acton Beauchamp
St Giles (Marriages-HMI; Burials 1700-1803, 1813-39-NBI)
St Andrew (Baptisms 1660-1939-IGI; Marriages 1660-1852-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1698-1700, 1704-28, 1742-1839-NBI)
St Mary (Baptisms 1595–1681, 1745-1771-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1660-1860-IGI; Baptisms 1595-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1598–1679, 1745-1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1664-1837-IGI; Marriages 1598-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1598-1754-Boyds; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1596–1681, 1745– 1771-Modern Transcript of PRs); Burials 1772-1839-NBI
Ashperton St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1538-1884-IGI; Marriages 1538-1853-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1539-60, 1563-65, 1568-75, 1578-1616, 1621-63, 1666-78, 1681-1839-NBI)
Aston aka Pipe Aston St Giles (Baptisms 1813 - 1851-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1754 – 1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1815–1851-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1693-1716, 1719-55, 1758-65, 1768-75, 1779-87, 1790-92, 1796-1800, 1803-10, 1813, 1816, 1822-27, 1832-39-NBI)
Aylton (Baptisms 1749-1869-IGI; Marriages 1756-1859-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Aymestrey St John the Baptist & St Alkmund (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1880-1894-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1730-1839-NBI)
Bacton St Faith (Baptisms 1663-1846-IGI; Marriages 1663-1846-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1724-65, 1770-1807, 1810-39-NBI)
Ballingham St Dubricius (Baptisms 1595-1856-IGI; Marriages 1599-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1595-1600, 1603-4, 1607, 1613-61, 1664-67, 1670, 1673-86, 1690-92, 1697-1718, 1721-29, 1732-1839-NBI)
Bartestree St James (Baptisms 1813-1884-IGI; Marriages 1813-1850-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Birley St Peter (Baptisms 1663-1845-IGI; Marriages 1663-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1757-63, 1766-84, 1787-1820, 1823-33, 1836-NBI)
Bishopstone St Lawrence (Baptisms 1660-1846-IGI; Marriages 1665-1845-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-36, 1839-NBI)
Bishops Wood (Baptisms 1841-1916-Forest of Dean Family History, Marriages 1846-1936-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1845-1956-Forest of Dean Family History)
Blakemere St Leonard (Baptisms 1662-1850-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1663-1835-IGI; Marriages 1837-1903-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662-1839-NBI)
Bolstone (Baptisms 1744-1854-IGI; Marriages 1743-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1760-85, 1788-93, 1799-1813, 1817-23, 1826, 1831-35-NBI)
Bosbury Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1559–1560 1708–1726-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1559-1861-IGI; Marriages 1559-1855-IGI; Marriages 1762-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1559–1624-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1559-1624, 1813-16, 1819-31, 1837-NBI)
Brampton Abbotts St Michael (Baptisms 1561-1875-IGI; Marriages 1562-1837-IGI; Burials 1692-1839-NBI)
Brampton Bryan St Barnabus (Baptisms 1638, 1663-1849-IGI; Marriages 1638, 1665-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-39-NBI)
Bredenbury St Andrew (Baptisms 1607-1645, 1660-1975-IGI; Marriages 1607-1645, 1660-1846-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813, 1817-20, 1823-29, 1833-36, 1839-NBI)
Bredwardine St Andrew (Baptisms 1723–1856-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1723–1856-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1660-1855-IGI; Marriages 1660-1837-Boyds; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1723–1856-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1660-1767, 1775-1805, 1811-39-NBI)
Breinton St Michael (Baptisms 1662-1875-IGI; Marriages 1670-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662-1784, 1787-1839-NBI)
Bridge Sollers St Andrew (Baptisms 1615-1853-IGI; Marriages 1615-1853-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1615, 1618-27, 1630-42, 1645-49, 1662-67, 1670-77, 1681-82, 1697-1723, 1727-32, 1737-46, 1762-73, 1791, 1795-1802, 1806-39-NBI)
Bridstow St Bridget (Baptisms 1580-1875-IGI; Marriages 1580-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1679, 1725, 1730, 1739-1839-NBI)
Brilley St Mary (Baptisms 1587–1619, 1625–1837-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1580-1860-IGI; Marriages 1587–1619, 1625–1837-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1582-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1587–1619, 1625 – 1837-Modern Transcript of PRs)
Brimfield St Michael (Baptisms 1661-1865-IGI; Baptisms 1561-1863-BIVR; Marriages 1661-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-39-NBI)
Brinsop St George (Baptisms 1660-1862-IGI; Marriages 1665-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1695, 1698, 1702-12, 1715-23, 1727-33, 1737-42, 1745-53, 1756-60, 1763-70, 1773-80, 1784-85, 1789-1822, 1825-39-NBI)
Brobury St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1760–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1760–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1665-1882-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1760 – 1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1788-89, 1792, 1800-6, 1813-17, 1820-27, 1831-1835, 1838-NBI)
Brockhampton [nr Bromyard] All Saints (Baptisms 1757-1812, 1822-1841-IGI; Marriages 1804-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1817, 1829, 1833-NBI)
Brockhampton [nr Ross] Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1596-1852-IGI; Marriages 1576-1841-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Bromyard Independent (Births/Baptisms 1696-1836-IGI)
Bromyard Society of Friends (Marriages-HMI)
Bullingham aka Bullinghope aka Upper Bullingham (Baptisms 1683-1694, 1697-1764, 1769-1875-IGI; Marriages 1684-1694, 1712-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Burghill St Mary (Baptisms 1655-1875-IGI; Marriages 1656-1885-IGI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Byford St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1660-1853-IGI; Marriages 1663-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Byton St Mary (Baptisms 1660-1866-IGI; Marriages 1660-1841-IGI; Burials 1813-15, 1818-1839-NBI)
Callow St Mary (Baptisms 1662-1740, 1813-1849-IGI; Baptisms 1578-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1583-1633, 1669-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1578-84, 1587-88, 1591, 1599-1602, 1612-34-NBI)
Canon Frome St James (Baptisms 1664-1812-IGI; Marriages 1672-1884-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814-21, 1825-1839-NBI)
Canon Pyon St Lawrence (Baptisms 1662-1849-IGI; Marriages 1667-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Castle Frome St Michael (Baptisms 1660-1864-IGI; Marriages 1660-1865-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Clehonger All Saints (Baptisms 1670-1671, 1704-1739, 1787-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1671-1787, 1880-1885-BIVR; Marriages 1670-1850-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-39-NBI)
Clifford St Mary (Baptisms 1662–1837-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1690-1844-IGI; Marriages 1662–1837-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1660-1851-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662–1837-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Clodock St Clodock (Baptisms 1825-1839-IGI; Marriages 1825-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Coddington All Saints (Baptisms 1660-1872-IGI; Marriages 1660-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Colwall St James (Baptisms 1553-1859-IGI; Marriages 1660-1895-IGI; Marriages 1560-1652, 1834-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Coningsby Hospital (Marriages-HMI)
Craswell St Mary (Marriages-HMI)
Credenhill St Mary (Baptisms 1662-1965-IGI; Marriages 1667-1837, 1844-1859-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Croft St Michael (Baptisms 1565-1846-IGI; Marriages 1565-1844-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1709-10, 1720, 1724-25, 1735, 1743, 1747-49, 1753, 1757, 1761, 1764-65, 1776-80, 1784, 1787, 1792, 1796, 1800, 1805, 1813, 1839-NBI)
Cusop St Mary (Baptisms 1662–1899-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1663-1848, 1860-1862-IGI; Marriages 1662–1899-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1662-1846-IGI; Marriages 1700-1812, 1820-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662–1899-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Cwm Primitive Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1828-1837-IGI)
Dewsall St Michael (Baptisms 1582-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1812-1849-BIVR; Marriages 1583-1839-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-18, 1822-26, 1831-38-NBI)
Dilwyn St Mary (Baptisms 1558–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1733-1885-IGI; Baptisms 1559-1732, 1880-1885-BIVR; Marriages 1558–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1558-1806-IGI; Marriages 1806-1895-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1558–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1559-1620, 1627-39, 1733-1839 (NBI)
Dinedor St Andrew (Baptisms 1660-1888-BIVR; Marriages 1672-1842-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-39-NBI)
Discoed St Michael (Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Donnington [nr Ledbury] St Mary (Baptisms 1755–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1672-1877-IGI; Marriages 1754–1835-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1666-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1765–1841-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1817-19, 1822, 1832-33, 1838, 1841, 1847-50-NBI)
Dormington St Peter (Baptisms 1661-1828-BIVR; Baptisms 1828-1884-IGI; Marriages 1697-1832-BIVR; Marriages 1831-1861-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814-1838-NBI)
Dorstone St Faith (Baptisms 1662-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1807-1907-BIVR; Marriages 1662-1848-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burial 1813-1839-NBI)
Downton St Giles (Baptisms 1621-1638, 1660-1876-IGI; Marriages 1661-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Dulas St Peter (Baptisms 1757-1812, 1818-1850-IGI; Marriages 1770-1810-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1818-23, 1826, 1830-32, 1836-37-NBI)
Eardisland St Mary (Baptisms 1660-1849-IGI; Baptisms 1560-1858-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages 1615-1895-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Eardisley St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1669-1875-IGI; Marriages 1661-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Eastnor St John (Baptisms 1661-1851-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1851-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1561-65, 1568-78, 1591-1617, 1626-41, 1666-1839-NBI)
Eaton Bishop St Michael (Baptisms 1588-1875-IGI; Marriages 1591-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1747-1839-NBI)
Edvin Loach St Mary (Baptisms 1576-1727, 1752-1754-IGI; Marriages 1576-1727, 1752-1832-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Edvin Ralph St Michael (Baptisms 1652-1812-IGI; Marriages 1661-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Elton St Mary (Baptisms 1657-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1812-1849-BIVR; Marriages 1684-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Evesbatch St Andrew (Baptisms 1700-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1661-1865-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1834-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1796-1801, 1804-7, 1810-32, 1835-39-NBI)
Ewyas Harold St Michael (Baptisms 1734-1875-IGI; Marriages 1735-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1775-1839-NBI)
Eye St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1573–1717-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1666-1875-IGI; Baptisms 1573-1666-BIVR; Marriages 1573–1717-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1573-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1573–1717-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1762-1839-NBI)
Eyton All Saints (Baptisms 1682-1686, 1713-1849-IGI; Marriages 1743-1844-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1774-93, 1796-1839-NBI)
Felton St Michael (Baptisms 1637-1875-IGI; Marriages 1639-1838-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Ford St John of Jerusalem (Baptisms 1742-1812-IGI; Marriages 1742-1812-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814, 1820, 1826, 1830-NBI)
Fownhope St Mary with Fawley (Baptisms 1560–1668-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1539-1637, 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1538–1673-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1538-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1726-1839-IGI)
Foy St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1861-IGI; Marriages 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-IGI)
Ganarew St Swithin (Baptisms 1661-1876-IGI; Marriages 1671-1853-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1815-1836-NBI)
Garway St Michael (Baptisms 1664-1870-IGI; Marriages 1665-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-IGI)
Goodrich St Giles (Baptisms 1558-1812, 1846-1884-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1661-1874-BIVR; Marriages 1680-1717, 1754-1804-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1661-1843-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1558-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hampton Bishop St Andrew (Baptisms 1670–1740-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1670-1862-IGI; Marriages 1670–1740-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1669-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1670–1740-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1670-1740, 1813-39-NBI)
Hardwick by Hay (Baptisms 1851-1884-IGI)
Harewood St Denis (Baptisms 1671-1812-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1671-1875-IGI; Marriages 1671-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1813-1884-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1671-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-14, 1820, 1839-NBI)
Hatfield St Leonard (Baptisms 1615–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1615-1877-IGI; Marriages 161 –1774-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1617-1841, 1860-1873-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1616–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-34, 1838-39-NBI)
Hentland St Dubricius (Baptisms 1558-1860-IGI; Marriages 1560-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hereford Cathedral St Ethelbert (Marriages-HMI)
Hereford St James (Baptisms 1870-1885-IGI; Marriages 1870-1885-IGI)
Hereford St John (Baptisms 1670-1837-BIVR; Baptisms 1838-1860-IGI; Marriages 1638-1836-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hereford St Martin (Baptisms 1559-1641, 1671-1875-IGI; Marriages 1559-1634, 1671-1706, 1754-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Hereford St Nicholas (Baptisms 1556-1837-IGI; Baptisms 1837-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1557-1754, 1837-1885-IGI; Marriages 1754-1837-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hereford St Owen (Baptisms 1626-1654, 1671-1705-IGI; Marriages 1626-1654, 1671-1711, 1723-1724-IGI; Marriages 1813-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hereford St Peter (Baptisms 1670-1677-IGI; Baptisms 1556-1883-BIVR; Marriages 1556-1754-BIVR; Marriages 1670-1677, 1754-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hereford Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1829-1837-IGI)
Hereford Berington Street Lady Huntingdons (Baptisms/Births 1814-1836-IGI)
Hereford Eign Brook Independent (Births/Baptisms 1690-1729, 1772-1836-IGI)
Hereford St. Nicholas Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1821-1854-IGI)
Hereford Society of Friends (Marriages-HMI)
Hereford Union Street Primitive Methodist (Births/Baptisms 1831-1837-IGI)
Holme Lacy St Cuthbert (Baptisms 1561-1885-IGI; Marriages 1662-1846-IGI; Marriages 1565-1835-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Holmer St Bartholomew with Huntington and Shelwick (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Hope Mansell St Michael (Baptisms 1555-1682, 1686-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1555-1640-IGI; Marriages 1603-1682, 1686-1814-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1602-1629, 1665-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1559-1682, 1686-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1814-1835-NBI)
Hope under Dinmore St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
How Caple St Andrew & St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Huntingdon nr Kington St Thomas of Canterbury (Baptisms-BTs 1661–1753, PRs 1674–1837-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1754-1846-IGI; Marriages -BTs 1661–1753, PRs 1674–1837-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1754-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials-BTs 1661–1753, PRs 1674–1837-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-33, 1836-NBI)
Huntingdon nr Holmer/Hereford [see Holmer]
Kenchester St Michael (Baptisms 1663-1850-IGI; Marriages 1663-1850-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-21, 1825-39-NBI)
Kenderchurch St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1856-IGI; Marriages 1674-1813-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814-28, 1831-39 -NBI)
Kentchurch St Mary (Baptisms 16611849-IGI; Marriages 1664-1685, 1714-1728, 1838-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kilpeck St Mary & St David (Baptisms 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1666-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kings Caple St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1661-1851-IGI; Marriages 1662-1842-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kings Pyon St Mary (Baptisms 1538-1647, 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1538-1646, 1660-1839-NBI)
Kingsland St Michael (Baptisms 1548-1791-BIVR; Baptisms 1792-1885-IGI; Marriages 1754-1895-IGI; Marriages 1539-1754-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kingstone St Michael (Baptisms 1661-1865-IGI; Marriages 1661-1849-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kington St Mary (Baptisms 1660–1753-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660–1753-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1661-1873-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1660–1753-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Kington Lower Chapel Particular Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1791-1837-IGI)
Kington Wesleyan (Births/Baptisms 1805-1837-IGI)
Kinnersley St James (Baptisms 1626-1651, 1681-1685, 1714-1930-IGI; Marriages 1627-1846-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1837-NBI)
Kinsham All Saints (Baptisms 1660-1868-BIVR; Marriages 1699-1838-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1819-1837-NBI)
Knill St Michael (Baptisms 1586-1857-IGI; Marriages 1590-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Ledbury Emmanuel Free Church (Births/Baptisms 1871-1880-IGI; Births/Baptisms 1857-1865-BIVR)
Ledbury Independent (Births/Baptisms 1785-1837-IGI)
Ledbury Wesleyan (Baptisms 1874-1916-Forest of Dean website)
Leinthall Earles St Andrew (Marriages 1766-1768, 1776, 1830-1832-IGI; Marriages 1766-1880-BIVR; Marriages-HMI)
Leintwardine St Mary Magdalene (Marriages 1754-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Leominster Broad Street Meeting Independent (Births/Baptisms 1829-1834-IGI)
Leominster Etnam Street Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1733-1837-IGI)
Leominster Moravian or United Bretherns (Births/Baptisms 1786-1837-IGI)
Leominster Society of Friends (Marriages-HMI)
Letton St John the Baptist [near Staunton on Wye] (Baptisms 1660-1885-IGI; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Leysters St Andrew (Baptisms 1703-1789-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1660-1877-IGI; Marriages 1703-1754-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1662-1848-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1703–1789-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Lingen St Michael (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Little Birch St Mary (Baptisms 1557-1875-IGI; Marriages 1557-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-33, 1838-39-NBI)
Little Cowarne St Guthlac (Baptisms 1563-1812-IGI; Marriages 1575-1883-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Little Dewchurch St David (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1841-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1660-1790, 1793-1839-NBI)
Little Marcle (Baptisms 1749-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1660-1662, 1748-1875-IGI; Marriages 1754-1812, 1837-1936-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1748-1836, 1857-1860-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Llancillo St Peter (Baptisms 1727-1763, 1813-1839-IGI; Marriages 1744-1859-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Llandinabo St Dinabo (Baptisms 1596–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1596-1863-IGI; Marriages 1596–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1813-1839, 1854-1863-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1596–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1815-1840-NBI)
Llangarron St Deinst (Baptisms 1569-1846-BIVR; Baptisms 1661-1681, 1857-1881-IGI; Marriages 1569-1632, 1661-1837, 1857-1881-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Llanrothal St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1663-1740-IGI; Baptisms 1747-1884-BIVR; Marriages 1663-1748-IGI; Marriages 1754-1882-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1815-26, 1830-39-NBI)
Llanwarne St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814-1839-NBI)
Long Grove or Llangrove Christ Church (Baptisms 1857-1875-IGI)
Lucton St Peter (Baptisms 1662-1875-IGI; Marriages 1662-1884-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1833, 1836-1839-NBI)
Lyonshall St Michael (Baptisms 1660-1697; 1717-1720-IGI; Baptisms 1682-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1697, 1717-1720, 1837-1890-IGI; Marriages 1682-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Madley Nativity of the Virgin (Baptisms 1559-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1559-1753-IGI; Marriages 1559-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Mansell Gamage St Giles (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1667-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Mansell Lacy St Michael (Baptisms 1660-1875-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-33, 1836-39-NBI)
Marden St Mary (Baptisms 1600-1886-IGI; Baptisms 1616-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1617-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1834-1835, 1837-1952-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1804-1839-NBI)
Marstow St Matthew (Baptisms 1707-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1662-1853-IGI; Marriages 1662-1706-IGI; Marriages 1712-1834-BIVR; Marriages 1707-1812, 1816-1940-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1707-1812-Forest of Dean Family History; 1813-1836-NBI)
Mathon St John the Baptist (Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Michaelchurch Eskley St Michael (Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Moccas St Michael (Baptisms 1660-1846-IGI; Marriages 1665-1886-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Monkland All Saints (Baptisms 1660-1831, 1845-1856-IGI; Marriages 1662-1831-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Monmouth Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (Baptisms 1850-1888-Forest of Dean Family History)
Monnington on Wye St Mary (Baptisms 1660-1846-IGI; Marriages 1660-1825-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1834-NBI)
Mordiford Holy Rood (Baptisms 1621–1788-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1661-1874-IGI; Baptisms 1621-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1621–1788-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1661-1853-IGI; Marriages 1621-1838-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1621–1788-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Moreton on Lugg St Andrew (Baptisms 1681-1804-IGI; Marriages 1681-1753, 1759-1833-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-19, 1822-35, 1838-NBI)
Morton Jeffries St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1670-1812-IGI; Marriages 1670-1710, 1824-1832-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813, 1817-27, 1831-33, 1836-39-NBI)
Much Birch St Mary & St Thomas of Canterbury (Baptisms 1599-1875-IGI; Marriages 1599-1863-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Much Dewchurch St David (Baptisms 1558-1812-BIVR; Baptisms 1813-1869-IGI; Marriages 1559-1764-BIVR; Marriages 1754-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Munsley St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1662–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1662-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1708-1869-BIVR; Marriages 1662–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1662-1812-IGI; Marriages 1725-1868-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1838-NBI)
Norton Canon St Nicholas (Baptisms 1661-1861-IGI; Marriages 1662-1836, 1842-1857-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Ocle Pychard St James (Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1662-1837-IGI; Burials 1813-1836-NBI)
Orcop St Mary (Baptisms 1661-1863-IGI; Marriages 1667-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Orleton St George (Baptisms 1660-1840-IGI; Baptisms 1840-1851-BIVR; Marriages 1660-1840-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1565-1675, 1767-1839-NBI)
Pembridge St Mary (Baptisms 1566-1859-BIVR; Marriages 1567-1895-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1642-54, 1661-78, 1813-39-NBI)
Pembridge Home Missionary Independent (Births/Baptisms 1822-1836-IGI)
Pencoyd St Dennis (Baptisms 1564–1811-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1564-1783, 1813-1851-IGI; Marriages 1564–1811-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1564-1810, 1815-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1564–1811-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1784-1805, 1809-39-NBI)
Peterchurch St Peter (Baptisms 1660-1932-IGI; Marriages 1660-1846-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1660-1757, 1760-1839-NBI)
Peterstow St Peter (Baptisms 1540-1892-BIVR; Marriages 1538-1850-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1679-1839-NBI)
Preston Wynne Holy Trinity (Baptisms 1730-1875-IGI; Marriages 1730-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1731-33, 1740-47, 1750-1839-NBI)
Preston on Wye St Lawrence (Baptisms 1664-1849-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1672-1989-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Pudleston St Peter (Baptisms 1660-1876-IGI; Marriages 1661-1875-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1560-1616, 1619-47, 1661-1838-NBI)
Putley (Baptisms 1662-1863-IGI; Baptisms 1567-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1579-1837-BIVR; Marriages 1668-1863-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1799-1839-NBI)
Ross Congregational (Baptisms 1734-1903, 1911-1916-Forest of Dean Family History)
Ross Society of Friends (Marriages-HMI)
Rowlestone St Peter (Baptisms 1702-1841, 1868-1881-IGI; Marriages 1702-1896-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Ryeford Particular Baptist (Births/Baptisms 1785-1837-IGI; Burials 1786-1976-Forest of Dean Family History)
Sarnesfield St Mary (Baptisms 1660-1897-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1660-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660-1897-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1660-1869-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1660-1897-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Sellack St Tysilio (Baptisms 1566-1678-IGI; Baptisms 1679-1858-BIVR; Marriages 1566-1858-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Sollers Hope St Michael (Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1838-NBI)
St Devereux St Dubricius (Baptisms 1669-1885-IGI; Baptisms 1661-1719-BTs-BIVR; Marriages 1661-1885-IGI; Marriages 1661-1719-BTs-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1669-1712, 1720-1840-NBI)
St Margaret St Margaret (Baptisms 1813-1851-IGI; Marriages 1813-1851-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1712-34, 1737-42, 1746-47, 1750-51, 1763-65, 1768-1837-NBI)
St Weonards St Weonard (Baptisms 1624-1864-IGI; Marriages 1625-1852-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Stanford Bishop St James (Baptisms 1699-1921-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1699-1837-IGI; Marriages 1837-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Staunton on Arrow St Peter (Baptisms 1571-1875-IGI; Marriages 1563-1654, 1673-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Staunton on Wye St Mary (Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Stoke Edith St Mary (Baptisms 1539–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1539–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1539–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-33, 1836-39-NBI)
Stoke Lacy St Peter & St Paul (Marriages 1754-1885-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-IGI)
Stretford St Cosmos & St Damion (Baptisms 1719-1810-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1720-1885-IGI; Marriages 1719–1754, 1771–1802-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1720-1802, 1826-1895-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1519–1767, 1769-1810-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-19, 1823-39-NBI)
Stretton Grandison aka Stretton-Grandsome St Lawrence (Baptisms 1560-1885-BIVR; Marriages 1559-1844-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Stretton Sugwas St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1733-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Sutton St Michael St Michael (Baptisms 1678-1787-IGI; Marriages 1682-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-28, 1831-34, 1838-NBI)
Sutton St Nicholas St Nicholas (Baptisms 1587-1814-BIVR; Marriages 1589-1837-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1835-NBI)
Tarrington St Philip & St James (Baptisms 1561–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1561-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1561–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1562-1837-IGI; Marriages 1562-1812-Boyds; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1561–1812-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Tedstone Delamere St James (Baptisms 1745-1800-PR; Baptisms 1690-1990-IGI; Baptisms 1660-1838-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548; Marriages 1695-1905-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Marriages 1660-1838-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548; Burials 1745-1800-PR; Burials 1813-1839-NBI; Burials 1660-1838-Modern Transcript BT-LDS Film 992548)
Tedstone Wafer (Baptisms 1729-1812-IGI; Marriages 1730-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI)
Thruxton St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1582-1988-IGI; Marriages 1582-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-17, 1820-39-NBI)
Titley St Peter (Baptisms 1570–1678-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1570-1812-IGI; Baptisms 1813-1888-BIVR; Marriages 1570–1678-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1570-1885-IGI; Marriages 1888-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1570–1678-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Tretire with Michaelchurch St Mary (Baptisms 1586-1812-IGI; Marriages 1586-1884-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1838-NBI)
Turnastone St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1678-1984-IGI; Baptisms 1678-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1707-1905-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-16, 1819-22, 1829-31, 1835-38-NBI)
Tyberton St Mary (Baptisms 1672-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1672-1988-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1814-1839-NBI)
Ullingswick St Luke (Baptisms 1561-1875-IGI; Marriages 1591-1809-IGI; Marriages 1810-1839-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Upper Bullingham See Bullingham
Upper Sapey St Michael (Baptisms 1750-1800-PR; Baptisms 1683-1884-BIVR; Marriages 1679-1747-IGI; Marriages 1679-1808, 1814-1906-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1750-1800-PR; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Upton Bishop St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1571-1910-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1571-1801-BIVR; Marriages 1571-1699, 1712-1908-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1571-1837-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1571-1956-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Vowchurch St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1769-1914-IGI; Marriages 1754-1846-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Wacton (Baptisms 1660-1877-IGI; Marriages 1710-1877-BIVR; Marriages-HMI)
Walterstone St Mary (Baptisms 1712-1785-IGI; Baptisms 1781-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1712-1776-IGI; Marriages 1777-1835-BIVR; Marriages-HMI)
Wellington St Margaret (Baptisms 1559-1707, 1731-1875-IGI; Marriages 1560-1695, 1706-1707, 1731-1838-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Welsh Bicknor St Margaret (Baptisms 1699-1916-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1699-1714, 1728-1812-IGI; Marriages 1699-1706, 1737-1812, 1818-1851-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1701-1831-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1699-1956-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Welsh Bicknor Courtfield RC (Baptisms 1773-1790, 1805-1832-IGI)
Welsh Newton St Mary (Baptisms 1798-1875-IGI; Marriages 1758-1812-BIVR; Marriages 1813-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Weobley St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1635-1875-IGI; Marriages 1635-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Westhide St Bartholomew (Baptisms 1588-1839-Modern Transcript; Baptisms 1588-1636, 1661-1812-IGI; Marriages 1575-1840-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1575-1634, 1662-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burial 1580-1841-Modern Transcript; Burials 1815-1839-NBI)
Westhope St Francis (Marriages-HMI)
Weston Beggard St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1587-1875-IGI; Marriages 1604-1836-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Weston under Penyard St Lawrence (Baptisms 1568-1920-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1568-1906-BIVR; Marriages 1570-1768, 1799-1905, 1907-1944-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1569-1865-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1569-1876-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Whitbourne St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1748-1790-PR-dark and difficult to read; Baptisms 1588-1812-IGI; Marriages 1590-1759-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1748-1790-PR-dark and difficult to read; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Whitchurch St Dubricius (Baptisms 1634-1883-Forest of Dean Family History; Baptisms 1813-1841-BIVR; Baptisms 1842-1875-IGI; Marriages 1636-1838-Forest of Dean Family History; Banns 1823-1899-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1761-1838-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1634-1950-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Whitchurch Doward Independent (Births/Baptisms 1820-1833-IGI)
Whitney St Peter & St Paul (Baptisms 1660–1837-Modern Transcript of BTs 1660–1837 with gaps & PRs 1740-1837; Baptisms 1740-1875-IGI; Marriages 1660–1837-Modern Transcript of BTs 1660–1837 with gaps & PRs 1740-1837; Marriages 1740-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1660–1837-Modern Transcript of BTs 1660–1837 with gaps & PRs 1740-1837; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Whitchurch and Ruxton Congregational (Baptisms 1840-1916-Forest of Dean Family History; Marriages 1845-1941-Forest of Dean Family History; Burials 1838-1953-Forest of Dean Family History)
Wigmore St James (Baptisms 1572-1869-IGI; Marriages 1573-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Willersley St Mary Magdalene (Baptisms 1836-1844, 1872-1875-IGI; Marriages 1815-1836, 1863-1872-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1819-NBI)
Winforton St Michael (Baptisms 1690-1812-IGI; Marriages 1691-1810, 1815-1835-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Withington St Peter (Baptisms 1573–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1573-1641, 1671-1875-IGI; Marriages 1573–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1573-1649, 1671-1840-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1573–1839-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Wolferlow St Andrew (Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Woolhope St George (Baptisms 1561-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages 1559-1812-Modern Transcript; Marriages-HMI; Burial 1558-1812-Modern Transcript; Burials 1813-1839-NBI)
Wormbridge St Peter (Baptisms 1612-1812-BIVR; Baptisms 1753-1812-IGI; Marriages 1612-1627, 1678-1752, 1756-1833-IGI; Marriages 1612-1812-Boyds; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813, 1816-1839-NBI)
Wormsley St Mary (Baptisms 1749-1885-BIVR; Marriages 1749-1884-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1813-1829, 1832-1839-NBI)
Yarkhill St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1563–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Baptisms 1563-1973-IGI; Marriages 1563–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Marriages 1563-1840-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1563–1840-Modern Transcript of PRs; Burials 1561-1620, 1623-78, 1683, 1687-1735, 1738-1839-NBI)
Yarpole St Leonard (Baptisms 1561-1857-BIVR; Marriages 1562-1754-BIVR; Marriages 1754-1837-IGI; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1800-1839-NBI)
Yazor St John the Baptist (Baptisms 1620-1839-BIVR; Marriages 1632-1836-BIVR; Marriages-HMI; Burials 1784-1839-NBI)

The following parishes have been searched and have located STERRYS or similar:

Aston Ingham St John the Baptist
Baptisms 1662-1855
(BT)*; 1633-1853 (PR); 1633-1812, 1854-1810 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1662-1856 (IGI)
+1711/12 Mar 2 Jane ye dtr of Abraham Sterry & Mary his wife bapt March 2nd [not in FOD]
+1752 Dec 10 John the son of Richd and Joan Sterry baptised
+1755 Apr 3 Abraham ye son of Richd Sterry and his wife was baptised
+1759 Feb 18 Betty dtr of Richd Sterry and his wife baptised
+1763 Jan 16 George son of Richd Sterry and Joan his wife bapt
+1765 Sep 1 Thos son of Richd Sterry and Joan his wife bapt (BT has Nov 1, 1765)
+1767 Oct 25 Hannah dtr of Richard Sterry & Joan his wife bapt
+1773 Jun 27 William son of Richd Sterry and Joan his wife bapt
+1798 Dec 18 Mathew and Hannah twins of Mathew and Hannah Nash baptised
1807 Aug 30 Absolom son of Elizabeth Sterrey bapt (PR has Absalom)
1812 Apr 26 Sophia dtr of Elizabeth Sterry bapt
+1823 Mar 4 Thomas s Jarvis & Mary Sterrey, Aston Ingham, Thatcher
+1825 Aug 23 Anne d Jervas & Mary Sterrey, Aston Ingham, Thatcher
+1828 Dec 20 Mary d Jervoise & Mary Sterrey, Aston Ingham, Thatcher
+1846 Jul 12 Anne d Thomas & Mary Sterrey, Newent, Labourer
+1849 Mar 5 William s Thomas & Mary Sterrey, Clifford Meen, Labourer
+1851 Mar 8 Mary d Thomas & Mary Sterrey, Clifford Meen, Thatcher
+1853 Dec 4 Sarah Emily d Thomas & Mary Sterrey, Clifford Meen, Thatcher (BTs have Dec 3)
+1859 Jan 20 Fanny d. Thomas & Mary Sterry, Clifford Meens, Thatcher
+1859 May 8 Julia d. Charles & May Anne Sterry, Warren Lane, Shop-Keeper
+1862 Aug 10 Allen s. Charles and May Anne Sterry, Mill Lane, Shop Keeper
+1863 May 1 Mathew Miles s. Thomas and Mary Sterry, Cliffords Meene, Thatcher. Private baptism-P.B. in margin.
+1864 Jan 3 Fanny d. Thomas & Mary Sterry, Mesne Common, Thatcher
+1864 May 8 Alfred James s. Charles & May Anne Sterry, Warren Lane, Shop Keeper
+1866 Apr 1 Alice d. Charles & Mary Anne Sterry, Warren Lane, Shop Keeper
+1886 Aug 8 Emily Alice d. Samuel & [not stated] Sterry, Gorseley, Vagabond
+1887 Aug 13 William s. Samuel & Emily Ann Sterry, Gorsley, Cottage Farmer, 1 month

Aston Ingham St John the Baptist
Marriages 1622-1855
(BT)*;1633-1837 (PR), 1633-1936 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1662-1854 (IGI); (HMI)
+1751 Jun 25 Richard Sterry & Joan Keyse botp (Familyhistoryonline website has June 28, 1751)
+1798 Jul 2 Mathew Nash, of this parish, bachelor and Hannah Sterrey, of this parish, spinster by banns. Wit: John Awbery, George Sterrey
+1825 Apr 7 James Sterry wid. of this parish & Elizabeth George, Spinster, of this parish Wit: William Garland & Thomas Awberry. By banns. Both put their marks.
+1844 Feb 19 Thomas Sterrey, thatcher; Father: Jervois Sterrey & Mary Gatfield; Father: Miles Gatfield. Wit: Charles & Elizabeth Markey
+1858 Nov 27 Philip Sellers, of age, Bachelor, Labourer, Aston Ingham, Father: Richard Sellers, Labourer & Hannah Sterry, Minor, Spinster, Aston Ingham, Father: Jervis Sterry, Thatcher. Both sign. Wit: Mary Fryer, Jervis Sterry
+1863 Jun 29 William Sterrey, Bachelor, Thatcher, Aston Ingham [Father] Jervis Sterrey, Thatcher & Mary Anne Child, Spinster, Newent [Father] William Child, Labourer Wit: Priscilla Salcombe, Thomas Child
+1865 Nov 26 James Taylor, of age, bachelor, labourer, Aston Ingham, Dather: Peter Taylor, Saddler & Elizabeth Sterry, of age, spinster, labourer, Aston Ingham, Father: Thomas Sterry, Thatcher. He marks, she signs. Wit: Ann Sterry, William Sterry
+1874 Nov 26 Joseph Wyatt, full age, bachelor, Westbury on Severn, Father: Joseph Wyatt, labourer & Mary Sterry, full age, spinster, Aston Ingham, Father: Thomas Sterry, Thatcher. Both mark. Wit: John Butler, Sarah Ann Wyatt

Note: The 1751 marriage of Richard Sterry & Joan Kezie appears in Merrell's Marriage Index for Herefordshire. Entry reads: "25 June 1751 Storry Richard Joan Keyse Aston Ingham" This marriage entry is also in Herefordshire Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS but date reads June 28, 1751.

Aston Ingham St John the Baptist
Burials 1711-1855
(BT)*; 1633-1881 (PR); 1633-1812 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1633-41, 1648, 1653-1839 (NBI)
+1799 Jan 5 Mathew Nash an infant buried
+1802 Sep 7 William Sterrey age 28 buried
+1802 Oct 23 Richard Sterry age 79 buried
+1808 May 24 Joan Sterrey Age 76 buried
+1846 Oct 6 Hannah Sterrey, Meens Newent, Age 64
+1855 Oct 19 Sarah Emily Sterrey, Clifford Meen Age 2
+1860 May 27 Julia Sterrey, Warren Lane, 1yr & 1 month
+1861 Sep 4 Mary Anne Sterrey, Bromsash Linton, 25
+1869 Dec 8 Alice Sterrey, East Dean Gloucestershire, 3yrs & 9 months

 *Records in places difficult to read

Avenbury St Mary
Baptisms 1661-1875
There is an IGI baptism:
%%%1801 Aug 30 William s. Thomas Starey & Anne

Avenbury St Mary
1662-1886 (IGI); (HMI)
There is an IGI marriage:
%%%1800 Jul 7 Thomas Starey & Anne Collier

Note: The above marriage also appears in Merrell's Marriage Index and Herefordshire FHS Marriage Index.
John Todd checked the marriage entry in the PR and obtained the following additional information:  Banns Jun 22 & 29 and Jul 6. Wit: George Stevenson (?) and Anne Nott.

Avenbury St Mary
Burials 1661-1839

Bishops Frome St Mary
Baptisms 1564-1874
1814 Mar 27 Harriott d. Robert Sterry & Judith [See Robert Starey in Ledbury]

Bishops Frome St Mary
1564-1885 (IGI); (HMI)
1807 Jan 5 Robert Sterry & Judith Homes, by licence.

Bishops Frome St Mary
1687-1759, 1813-39 (NBI)
1829 Oct 27 Judith Sterry aged 54
1829 Nov 30 Jane Sterry aged 56

Bodenham St Michael
Baptisms 1584-1590, 1635-1875 (IGI)

Bodenham St Michael
1635-1885 (IGI); (HMI)
##1769 Nov 23 Thomas Starie of the parish of Stoke Prior & Mary South of this parish. By Licence. (Also in Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS.)

Bodenham St Michael
Burials 1730-1839 (NBI)

Bromyard St Peter
Baptisms 1621-1837
(Modern Transcript of PR); 1538-1821, 1874-1949 (IGI); 1821-1874 (BIVR)
%%1634 Jun 8 Georgius s. Oweni Stirry & Elizabethae

There is an IGI baptism:
%%1634 Jun 8 Georgius s. Oweni Stirry & Elizabethae

Bromyard St Peter
Marriages 1752-1837
(LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 992639); 1621-1837 (Modern Transcript of PR); 1538-1751, 1821-1869 (IGI); 1752-1837, 1869-1906 (BIVR); (HMI)
1769 Apr 15 William Hill and Jane Starey
1814 Aug 14 George Stary, bachelor of this parish and Mary Anne Williams, spinster of this parish. Wit: Joseph Palmer & Catherine Farnham (In Modern Transcript George Stary is transcribed as George Storey.)

There is an IGI marriage:
1814 Aug 14 George Starry & Mary Anne Williams

Bromyard St Peter
Burials 1621 – 1837
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1752-1839 (NBI)
23 Mar 1800 Thomas Sterry aged 55 found dead at bottom of Bromyard Down (John Todd found the following entry in a Modern Transcript for Bromyard. Also checked against PR. No coroner's report, no will or admon, no report in 'Hereford Journal'.)

Bucknell St Mary
There is a marriage in Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS:
1686 Jun 1 James Sterry and Anne Taylor. He is of Burrington.

Burrington St George
Baptism 1541-1639, 1656-1854
There is an IGI baptism:
1628 Oct 19 Jacobus s. Jacobi Sterry
1657 Jun 6 Alis d. Jacobi Sterry

Burrington St George
Marriages 1544-1639, 1656-1836
(IGI); (HMI)
There are IGI marriages:
1677 Aug 24 Anna Styrrey and Henricus Lewes

Burrington St George
Burials 1813-39 (NBI)

Collington St Mary
Baptisms 1566-1872 (IGI)

Marriages 1566-1836
(IGI); (HMI)
1760 Dec 13 John Palmer and Susanna Starey; he is of Stoke Bliss.

Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Cradley St James
Baptisms 1670-1875 (IGI)
1708 Apr 26 Sammuel d. Sylvestri Stary & Annae Francis

Cradley St James
Marriages 1560-1895 (IGI); (HMI)

Cradley St James
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Docklow St Bartholomew
1660-1856 (LDS Vital Records British Isles)
1708 May 9 William s. Elizabeth Stary

Docklow St Bartholomew
Marriages 1660-1837 (IGI); (HMI)
1787 May 3 William Starr and Anne Parry. He is of Stoke Prior.

Docklow St Bartholomew
Burials 1813-1837 (NBI)

Marriages 1883-1936 (Forest of Dean Family History)
+1920 Aug 2 William Sterry, 29, Bachelor, labourer, Birmingham, Father: Alan Sterry, Haulier & Sarah Ann Speers, 27, Spinster, Cliffords Mesne, Father: Charles Speers decd., farm labourer. Banns. Both sign. Wit: William George Norman, Violet Mary Sterry

Grendon Bishop St John the Baptist
1662-1875 (IGI)
##1789 __ 6 William s. Josiah Starye & Dorothy of Grendon Warren (This IGI entry has been checked and added to by John Todd from the PR)

Grendon Bishop St John the Baptist
Marriages 1665-1884 (IGI); (HMI)

Grendon Bishop St John the Baptist
Burials 1813-1839

Hereford All Saints
Baptisms 1662-1819 (BT-IGI); 1820-1858 (BIVR)

Hereford All Saints
1662-1818 (BT-IGI); 1819-1844 (BIVR); (HMI)
##1807 Dec 26 John Starie and Mary Rogers. By licence [Not in IGI-year 1807 missing in BT marriages]

Hereford All Saints

Baptisms 1660-1828, 1844-1867
1772 Apr 18 John s. Thomas Starie & Mary [See Stoke Prior; this is a personal submission and is probably incorrect. The Stoke Prior one is extracted from the register.]

Marriages 1661-1828, 1845-1846
(IGI); (HMI)
1675 Nov 27 Katherine Starie & William Stansbie

Humber St Mary
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Kimbolton St James
Baptisms 1565 – 1837
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1565-1875 (IGI)

Kimbolton St James
Marriages 1565–1837
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1565-1853 (IGI); (HMI)
1583 Jul 9 Margareta Styrrie & Ricus Widhose
##1724 Feb 1 Elizabeth Starye and Lucas Hall

Kimbolton St James
Burials 1565 – 1837
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1813-1839 (NBI)

Lea St John the Baptist [Note: part of this parish was historically in Gloucestershire]
Baptisms 1581-1704 (IGI); 1581-1650, 1706-1895 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1813-1855 (PR-Ancestry)
+1870 Jun 19 Walter Charles Sterry s. Charles Sterry & Mary, East Dean, Shopkeeper

Lea St John the Baptist [Note: part of this parish was historically in Gloucestershire]
Marriages 1705-1857
(IGI); 1581-1650, 1706-1837 (Forest of Dean Family History); (HMI)

Lea St John the Baptist [Note: part of this parish was historically in Gloucestershire]
Burials 1581-1650, 1706-1812
(Forest of Dean Family History); 1813-1858 (PR-Ancestry)
+1851 Apr 16 Charles Sterry, 74, Lea Hereford

Ledbury St Michael
1556-1631 (Modern Transcript); 1556-1576, 1660-1865 (IGI);1556-1631-1939 (Forest of Dean Family History Project)
1744 Sep 9 Michael s. Thomas Stary & Mary
1807 Dec 16 Susanna d. Robert Starey & Judith
+1816 Apr 21 Maria d. Charles Sterry & Elizabeth, High St, Chair Maker[?] [Forest of Dean site has STEREY]

Ledbury St Michael
(Modern Transcript); 1556-1778, 1779-1917 (Forest of Dean Family History Project); 1556-1576, 1660-1837 (IGI); (HMI)
1831 Jan 24 William Taylor, Bachelor, Ledbury & Susanna Sterry, Spinster, Ledbury. Banns. Both sign. Wit: Thomas Taylor, Benjamin Bowkett [Bride signs as Sterrey]
1836 Jan 15 Robert Sterry, Widower, Ledbury & Ellen Allen, Widow, Ledbury. Banns. Both sign. William Taylor, Susanna Taylor
+1910 Aug 1 George Henry Sterry, 32, Bachelor, Carpenter, 52 Calton Road Gloucester, Father: Daniel William Sterry, Carpenter & Louie Carless, 26, Spinster, 71 Albert Road Ledbury, Father: James Carless, Gardener. Banns. Both sign. Wit: Thomas Carless, Eliza Carless

Ledbury St Michael
Burials 1576-1624 (Modern Transcript); 1556-1686, 1744-1834, 1862-1962 (Forest of Dean Family History Project); 1813-1839 (NBI)

Ledbury Methodist Circuit
1866-1970 (Forest of Dean Family History)
+1872 Apr 19 [born March 1872: at May Hill] Alice d. James & Clara Ann Sterry, Taynton
+1874 Aug 14 [born 27 May 1874: at May Hill] Maria d. James & Clara Ann Sterrey, May Hill Taynton
+1877 Jun 1 [born 27 April 1877] Margaret Ellen d. James & Clara Ann Sterry, May Hill Taynton
+1898 Jan 18 [born 28 Dec 1897: at May Hill] Reginald Oliver s. Eli & Rose Sterrey, May Hill Taynton
+1901 Mar 11 [born 4 Feb 1901: at May Hill] Ivor James s. Eli & Rose Sterry, Glasshouse Hill nr Longhope
+1903 Apr 20 [born 12 March 1903: at May Hill ] Flossie Alice d. Eli & Rose Sterry, May Hill Taynton
+1904 Sep 20 [9 Aug 1904] Ethel Lily d. Allan & Harriet Sterry, May Hill Taynton born
+1905 Oct 10 [born 4 Sept 1905: at May Hill] Eva d. Eli & Rose Sterry, May Hill Taynton
+1907 Jun 11 [ born 16 May 1907: at May Hill] Edward Victor s. Eli & Rose Sterry, Longhope
+1916 Apr 18 [born 3 Oct 1912: at May Hill] Charles Arthur s. Eli & Rose Sterry, May Hill
+1934 Oct 28 [born 16 Sept 1934: at May Hill] Janet Mary Rose d. Charles Arthur & Nellie Sterry, Elmbridge Farm May Hill

(Newent Section)
+1948 Jul 4 [born June 23 1948] Carol Ann d. Reginald Thomas & Mary Rosina Sterry, The Moors May Hill Longhope

Leinthall Starkes St Mary Magdalene
Baptisms 1660-1739, 1805-1846, 1862-1869 (IGI); 1740-1805 (BIVR)

Leinthall Starkes St Mary Magdalene
Marriages 1742-1753 (IGI); 1678-1833 (BIVR); (HMI)

Leinthall Starkes St Mary Magdalene
Burial 1813-1839 (NBI)
The following event is listed in Smith's The Sterry Family:
1650 Apr 29 John STERRY Will proved. John STERRY of Leythall Starkes, bachelor, which was written Feb 8, 1649/50. He mentioned no relatives.

Leominster St Peter & St Paul
Baptism 1660-1875
##1808 Jun 16 Sophia d. Theodosia Starie
##1824 Jan 1 Eliza d. Sophia Starie

Leominster St Peter & St Paul
Marriage 1660-1836, 1846-1847
(IGI); (HMI)
1664 John Stary and Mary Jones [This marriage may not have occurred here but the marriage allegation for them states that this was where they intended to be married. Their children were baptised at Thornbury.]
1678 Nov 11 Elianor Stary & William Owen
##1794 Oct 11 John Starie & Theodosia Gatehouse
##1809 Apr 20 Theodosia Starie & John Bradford

There are marriages in Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS:
##1705 Nov 14 Benjamin Starry and Elizabeth Adams of Tenbury
##1794 Oct 11 James Starie and Theodosia Gatehouse. By licence.
##1809 Apr 20 John Bradford, a widower and Theodosia Starie, a widow, both of this Borough. By Licence. [Checked against entry in BT]

Leominster St Peter & St Paul
Burials 1800-1812
(BTs-LDS Film 992234); 1813-1839 (NBI)
##1805 Feb 15 Joseph Starie [infant]
##1805 Apr 3 John Starie
##1806 Aug 17 Thomas Starie
##1806 Oct 6 John Starie
##1824 Jan 5 Eliza Starie

Linton St Mary
Baptisms 1570-1916
(Forest of Dean Family History Project); 1662-1847 (IGI)
+1951 Jan 7 [born 25 Feb 1951] David Ronald s. Ronald & Barbara Alice Sterry, Woodend Fm Linton, Farmer
+1954 Mar 10 [born 14 Oct 1953] Michael Charles s. Ronald Dennis & Barbara Alice Sterry, Little Woodend Fm Ln, Farmer

Linton St Mary
Marriages 1570-1837
(Forest of Dean Family History Project); 1662-1837 (IGI); HMI

Linton St Mary
Burials 1570-1656, 1662-1812, 1874-1956
(Forest of Dean Family History Project); 1813-1839 (NBI)
+1994 Mar 14 [died 10 July 1989] Barbara Alice Sterry, Little Woodend Farm Linton, 60, Wife of Ronald Dennis Sterry, disposal of cremated remains
+1994 Mar 14 [died 27 Feb 1994] Ronald Dennis Sterry, Little Woodend Farm Linton, 70, cremated remains disposed on 14 March 1994, husband of Barbara Alice Sterry

Little Hereford St Mary Magdalene
Baptism 1667-1671, 1725-1877
1732 Jun 27 Edward s. James Stary & Jane
1738 Feb 18 James Stary s. James Stary & Jane
1740 Apr 20 Jane d. James Stary & Jane

Little Hereford St Mary Magdalene
Marriages 1667-1671, 1725-1841
(IGI); (HMI)
1737 Mar 9 James Stary & Jane Waindrid

Little Hereford St Mary Magdalene
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Ludford [See Shropshire]

Lugwardine St Peter
Baptisms 1538 – 1783
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1538-1858 (IGI); 1813-1900 (BIVR)

Lugwardine St Peter
Marriages 1538 – 1758
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1538-1885 (IGI); 1886-1906 (BIVR); 1538-1758 (Boyds); (HMI)
1606 Jun 10 Willielmus Stery & Jannam Hall [Boyd's has William Stery and June Hall]

Lugwardine St Peter
Burials 1538 – 1783
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1813-1839 (NBI)
1542 Walter de STHURYE

Middleton on the Hill St Mary
Baptisms 1650–1838
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1650-1911 (IGI)

Middleton on the Hill St Mary
Marriages 1650–1838
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1659-1853 (IGI); 1800-1871 (BIVR); (HMI)
1672 Jan 25 Edward STAREY and Bridget Good of Thornbury [See Marriage Allegation for additional detail]

Middleton on the Hill St Mary
Burials 1650–1838
(Modern Transcript of PRs); 1813-1839 (NBI)

Much Cowarne St Mary
1559-1885 (LDS Vital Records British Isles Film 1040324)
%%1633 Aug 25 Elizabetha d. Oweni Stirrey & Elizabethae died 1 Sep 1633

Much Cowarne St Mary
Marriages 1559-1642, 1663-1885 (IGI); (HMI)

Much Cowarne St Mary
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Much Marcle St Bartholomew
Baptisms 1629-1686, 1787-1886
(Forest of Dean Family History); 1556-1875 (BIVR)
+1865 Jun 24 Ellen d Miles & Ellen Sterry, Much Marcle, Labourer [Private baptism]

Much Marcle St Bartholomew
1629-1812 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1556-1847 (IGI); (HMI)
1803 Feb 10 Sarah Stary & John Powell, both widowed. By licence. Both sign. Wit: Edward Dobbs, Mary Powell, William Taynton.

Much Marcle St Bartholomew
1629-1678, 1787-1812 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1813-1839 (NBI)

Pencombe St John
Baptisms 1538-1871 (IGI)

Pencombe St John
1550-1837 (IGI); 1836-1854 (BIVR); (HMI)
##1773 Apr 13 Josiah Starie farmer of the Parish of Kyre in Worcestershire, widower & Dorothy Caldwell of this parish spinster. By Licence. Wit: John Jenks, Sarah Caldwell. [Entry checked in PR by John Todd and cross referenced to marriage bond]

Pencombe St John
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Pipe cum Lyde St Peter
Baptisms 1558–1812 (Modern Transcript of PRs); 1559-1862 (IGI)

Pipe cum Lyde St Peter
Marriages 1564–1771 (Modern Transcript of PRs); 1559-1885 (IGI); 1558-1780 (Boyds); Marriages (HMI)

Pipe cum Lyde St Peter
Burials 1558–1812 (Modern Transcript of PRs); 1558-66, 1569-70, 1573-78, 1581-1602, 1605-38, 1641-46, 1660-63, 1671-1700, 1703-1839 (NBI); FindMyPast
##1834 Dec 6 Mary Starie

Pixley St Andrew
Baptisms 1660-1735, 1750-1756, 1777-1869 (IGI); 1750-1811 (BIVR)

Pixley St Andrew
1663-1735, 1750-1756, 1777-1862 (IGI); 1753-1830 (LDS Vital Records British Isles); (HMI)
1768 Feb 6 Samuell Gibbons, of Yarkhill & Mary Stary

Richards Castle St. Bartholomew [parish is partly in Shropshire]
1774 Sep 11 Edward Wright and Mary Stary. By licence.

Ross on Wye St Mary
Baptisms 1671-1889
(BIVR); 1671-1916 (Forest of Dean Family History)
+1818 May 10 Elizabeth d. Charles Sterry and Elizabeth, in this parish, Ostler
+1821 Aug 22 Caroline d. Charles Sterry and Elizabeth, of this parish, Inn Holder
+1823 Nov 19 William s. Charles Sterry and Elizabeth, of this parish, Inn Holder
+1825 Nov 16 Charles s. Charles Sterry and Elizabeth, Town of Ross in this parish, Inn Holder
+1933 Apr 22 Doris May d. Allen & Ivy Sterry, Harrow Hill Drybrook Ross, Collier
+1936 Oct 26 [born 14 Oct 1936] Maisie d. Allen & Ivy Sterry, Harrow Hill Drybrook, Collier, P [in margin]

Ross on Wye St Mary
Marriages 1663-1670
(IGI); 1754-1888 (BIVR); 1671-1935 (Forest of Dean Family History); (HMI)
#1744/45 Jan 8 Daniel Niblet & Jane Sterry. Banns.
+1814 Jan 10 Charles Sterray, Bachelor of this parish and Elizabeth James, Spinster of this parish. By licence. He marks, she signs. Wit: Mary Ann Weare, John James
+1860 Aug 26 Charles Sterry, age 38, Bachelor, Labourer, Ross, Father: Thomas Sterry, Labourer and Elizabeth Healing, age 44, Widow, Ross, Father William Stone, Labourer. Banns. Both Mark. Wit: James & Elizabeth Smith
+1865 Jun 6 Henry Perkins, age 42, Widower, Mason, Ross, Father: Emanuel Perkins, Stone Merchant and Ann Sterrey, age 22, Spinster, Ross, Father: John Sterrey, Miller. Banns. Both sign. Wit: John and Jane Taylor Alice

There are marriages in Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS:
#1744/45 Jan 8 Jane Sterry and Daniel Niblet (Also found on familyhistoryonline website)
+1814 Jan 10 Charles Sterray and Elizabeth James. By licence.

Ross on Wye St Mary
Burials 1671-1771, 1788-1956
(Forest of Dean Family History); 1671-1839 (NBI)

Shobdon St John the Evangelist
Baptism 1556-1869
1571 Aug 23 Joan d. John Stirry & Alice
1571 Aug 23 John s. John Stirry & Alice
1572 Mar 8 Katerine d. John Stirry & Alice
1574 Jan 24 William s. John Stirry & Alice
1576 Oct 3 James s. John Stirry & Alice
1578 Oct 10 Elizabeth d. John Stirry & Alice
1580 Jun 4 Thomas s. John Stirry & Alice
1582 Feb 21 John s. John Stirry & Alice

Shobdon St John the Evangelist
Marriages 1557-1786, 1813-1835
(IGI); (HMI)
1601 May 14 Elenor Stirie and Humphrey Woodhouse
1623 Oct 14 Elizabeth Stirry and Walter Morrice

Shobdon St John the Evangelist
1813-1839 (NBI)

Stoke Bliss St Peter
Baptisms 1571-1875 (IGI)
##1632 Mar 3 John s. Richard Stary & Catherine
##1634 Jul 20 Joane d. Richard Stary & Catherine
##1635 Mar 19 Edward s. Richard Starie & Catherine
%%1635 Mar 19 John s. Owen Sterrie & Elizabeth
##1637 May 25 Thomas s. Richard Stary & Catherine
##1639 Dec 19 Anna d. Richard Starie & Katherine
%%1640 Apr 1 Roger s. Owen Sterry & Elizabeth
%%%1804 Jul 29 James s. Thomas Starey & Ann (Checked in PR by John Todd)
%%%1807 Jul 19 Mary d. Thomas Starey & Ann (Checked in PR by John Todd)

Stoke Bliss St Peter
Marriages 1571-1875 (IGI); (HMI)

Stoke Bliss St Peter
Burials 1571-94, 1598-1851
%%1638 May 8 Maud Sterry
##1641 Feb 27 Catherine Starie
%%1641 Mar 13 Elizabeth Sterry
##1641 Feb 27 Anne Stary
1649 Nov 26 Richard Starry
%%%1821 Oct 21 Ann Starey, 56
%%%1827 Nov 12 James Starey, 23
%%%1828 Jun 3 Thomas Starey, 73

Stoke Prior St Luke
1754-1891 (PR-Mike Cole); 1648-1875 (IGI)
##1770 Sep 16 Thomas s. Thomas Starie and Mary
##1772 Apr 18 John s. Thomas Starie and Mary
##1773 Jul 30 William s. Thomas Starie and Mary
##1774 Oct 23 Thomas s. Thomas Starie and Mary
##1777 Sep 4 Joseph s. Thomas Starie & Mary
##1780 Jul 17 Patience d. Thomas Starie and Mary his wife
##1784 Jan 5 William s. Thomas Starie and Mary his wife
##1847 Jun 27 William Chantler s. Thomas Starie & Margaret Kay, Stoke Prior, Farmer
##1848 Sep 6 George Bertenshaw s. Thomas Starie and Margaret Kay, Stoke Prior, Farmer

Stoke Prior St Luke
Marriages 1678-1754, 1805-1837 (IGI); (HMI)

Stoke Prior St Luke
Burials 1802-1839
(NBI); 1754-1912 (PR-Mike Cole)
##1769 Jul 8 Patience the wife of Thomas Starie
##1770 Nov 15 Thomas s. Thomas Starie and Mary
##1774 Jul 31 John Starie
##1778 Feb 15 Mr Thomas Starie
##1784 Jul 7 Mary Starie aged 39
##1791 Nov 17 William the son of Mr Thomas Starie
##1803 Dec 24 Thomas Starie aged 67
##1821 Jun 2 Ann South aged 71, Stoke Prior
##1826 Mar 28 William South aged 73, Stoke Prior
##1836 Jun 28 Elizabeth Jane Starie aged 4, Stoke Prior
##1842 Feb 17 Maria Ann Starie aged 23, Stoke Prior
##1845 Sep 4 Thomas Starie aged 70, Stoke Prior
##1848 Jan 17 Patience Starie aged 67, Stoke Prior
##1850 Jul 2 Thomas Starie aged 34, Stoke Prior
##1881 Jun 14 Mary Ann Sirrell aged 78, Stoke Prior
##1908 May 4 Sophia Ellen Starie aged 75, Leominster

The following MIs were provided by Mike Cole [Taken from the tombs at Stoke Prior Church Yard.] All are from the Starie, Shropshire, UK line.
1769 Jul 5 Patience Starie aged 59 (Vault 1) [wife of Thomas who died 1778 below]
1770 Nov 13 Thomas Starie aged 3 grandson (Vault 1) [grandson of Thomas who died 1778 below]
1774 Jul 28 William Starie aged 13 months (Vault 1) [grandson of Thomas who died 1778 below]
1778 Feb 12 Thomas Starie aged 71 (Vault 1)
1784 Jul 5 Mary Ann Starie wife of Thomas Starie aged 39 of Hampton Park (Vault 1)
1791 Nov 13 William Starie his son aged 7 [son of Thomas Starie who died 1803 below] (Vault 1)
1803 Dec 20 Thomas Starie late of Leominster 67 years (Vault 1)
1821 May 30 Ann South aged 72 (Vault 3)
1826 Mar 22 Wm South aged 74 (tablet on porch)
1836 Jun 21 Elizabeth Jane Starie aged 4yr 7 mths (Vault 1)
1842 Feb 9 Maria Ann Starie daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Starie aged 24 'On Christ I throw myself for mercy' (Vault 1)
1845 Aug 27 Thos Starie aged 71 of London (Vault 3)
1848 Jan 8 Patience Starie of the Hall aged 68 (Vault 3)
1850 Jun 27 Thos Starie of Old Hall aged 34 (Vault 2)
1881 Jun 10 Mary Ann Sirrell aged 77 (Vault 2)

Thornbury St Anne
Baptism 1538-1875
1665 Mar 28 Elinor d. John Stary & Mary
1669 Mar 28 William s. John Stary & Mary
1670 Mar 9 John s. John Stary & Mary
1672 Feb 8 Jane d. John Stary & Mary
1674 Dec 22 Bridget d. Edward Stary & Bridget
1675 Mar 12 Elizabeth d. Edward Stary & Bridgett
1678 Sep 15 Elizabeth d. John Stary & Mary
1678 Sep 15 Joane d. John Stary & Mary
1679 Feb 20 Bridgett d. Edward Stary & Bridget
1683 Dec 26 Edward s. Edward Starye & Bridget
1768 Jan 24 Thomas s. Joseph Starey & Mary

Thornbury St Anne
Marriages 1538-1837
(IGI); (HMI)
1670 Apr 25 Joan Stary & William Farmer

Thornbury St Anne
Burials 1813-1839 (NBI)

Walford St Michael
Baptisms 1663-1871
(BIVR); 1663-1916 (Forest of Dean Family History)
#1713 Dec 27 Anne d. Edward and Anne Sterry, Ruardean
+1870 Jun 12 Clara Elizabeth d. Emanuel Sterrey and Elizabeth, Parbrook Walford, Laborer

Walford St Michael
Marriages 1663-1906
(BIVR); 1663-1942 (Forest of Dean Family History); (HMI)
#1711 Jun 2 Edward Sterry, Parish of Ruardean & Anne Morgan, Parish of Ruardean. Banns.
#1734 Dec 24 Guy Goode, Ruardean & Ann Sterry, Ruardean. Banns.
+1836 Nov 16 William Haile, Bachelor, Walford and Mary Sterry, Spinster, Walford. Banns. Wit: James & Elizabeth Haile
+1870 Nov 21 Henry Stephens, Father: William Stephens and Ann Sterry, Father: Thomas Sterry (Additional information from notes by Cecily Sterry: Both were of full age; Henry was a Basketweaver from Walford and Ann was a spinster and Domestic Servant from Walford. Henry's father, William was a Carrier and Ann's father, Thomas, was a Thatcher. Witnesses Thomas Sterry, Harriett Sterry)

There is a marriage in Marriage Index by Herefordshire FHS. Also in Forest of Dean FH.
#1711 Jun 2 Edward Sterry and Ann Morgan both of Ruardean, Glos

Walford St Michael
Burials 1663-1956 (Forest of Dean Family History); 1813-1839 (NBI)


+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
%%= Stonington, Connecticut, USA line
%%%=Worcestershire, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK line