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These counties did not have any STERRY entires: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Rutland or Westmoreland. Obvious errors and repetitions have been omitted.

$, e, >> = Relatives Named in Source


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STERRY Agnes Maria David STERRY/Julia (F) C 21 Jun 1868 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Alfred Ernest John Steward STERRY/
Ellen CALVER (M)
C 4 Mar 1867 Lowestoft, St John
STERRY Alice Joseph/Mary (F) C 23 Nov 1685 Lowestoft
STERRY Alice Henry STERN (W) M 28 Apr 1713 Lowestoft
STERRY Alice Jonathan BURRIDGE (W) M 1 May 1740 Lowestoft
STERRY Alice Thomas STERRY/Hannah (F) C 8 May 1871 Suffolk County BTS
STERRY Alice Elizabeth Robert STERRY/Emily (F) C 30 Jun 1867 Gislingham
STERRY Alice Sarah Ann Frederick STERRY/Sarah Ann (F) C 3 Jan 1864 Lowestoft
STERRY Allexand. Ann BREWER (H) M 7 Nov 1625 Sudbury, All Saints
STERRY Allice Daniel/Elizabeth (F) C 28 Apr 1633 Lowestoft
STERRY Ann Philip STERRY/Lydia (F) C 12 Jun 1743 Reydon
STERRY Ann John JACKSON (W) M 26 May 1760 Bury Saint Edmunds, St James
STERRY Ann William STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 2 Feb 1764 Lowestoft
STERRY Ann Thomas MOYSE (W) M 27 Aug 1769 Reydon
STERRY Anne Daniel STERRY/Unknown (F) C 27 Feb 1591 Mutford
STERRY Bridget John STERRY/Mary (F) C 7 Sep 1727 Bury Saint Edmunds, Saint James
STERY Bridget William HARROLD (W) M 1 Oct 1750 Bury Saint Edmunds
STERRY Castile Relative: Samuel WEEKES (M) e B
STERRY Daniele Daniel STERRY/Unknown (M) C 10 Feb 1594 Mutford
STERRY Daniell Samuel/Judith (M) C 16 Dec 1627 Lowestoft
STERRY Edward Charlotte KETTLESS (H) M 5 Apr 1873 Lowestoft
STERRY Eliza Robert STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 26 Jul 1813 Southwold
STERRY Eliza John STERRY/Martha (F) C 8 Jun 1851 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Eliza James Farrow STERRY/Anne (F) C 6 Sep 1857 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Elizabeth Daniell/Judith (F) C 26 May 1629 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth Robert STERRY/Mary (F) C 26 May 1754 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth William STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 4 Dec 1767 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth James STERRY/Mary (F) C 10 Dec 1773 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth John BRAME (W) M 29 Dec 1774 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth Nathaniel STERRY/Sarah BUTCHER (F) C 28 Mar 1790 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth Samuel CHAMBERS (W) M 7 Aug 1796 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (F) C 21 Mar 1803 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth John ROBERTS (W) M 6 Dec 1814 Lowestoft, St Margarets
STERRY Elizabeth Martin STERRY/Martha (F) C 31 Mar 1816 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Elizabeth William MAC COWAN (W) M 27 Oct 1817 Southwold
STERRY Elizabeth William WARRANT (W) M 20 Nov 1817 Southwold
STERRY Elizabeth Joseph STERRY/Mary (F) C 26 Jul 1823 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth James Henry STANNARD (W) M 19 Apr 1826 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth James STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 3 Apr 1859 Lowestoft
STERRY Elizabeth David STERRY/Julia (F) C 9 Apr 1871 Suffolk County BTS
STERRY Ellen Robert HOWARD (W) M 30 Nov 1832 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Ellen Emis John Steward STERRY/Ellen CADON (F) C 15 Feb 1863 Lowestoft, St Johns
STERRY Frank George Samuel STERRY/Sarah Ann (M) C 26 Jul 1874 Suffolk County BTS
STERRY Fred Goodman George Samuel STERRY/Sarah Ann (M) C 26 Jul 1874 Suffolk County BTS
STERRY Frederic William John STERRY/Ann (M) C 10 May 1835 Lowestoft, Old Meeting
High St - Independent
STERRY Frederick John Cook Frederick STERRY/Sarah Ann (M) C 3 Oct 1858 Lowestoft
STERRY George William STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 20 May 1761 Lowestoft
STERRY George Willm. STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 8 Jan 1766 Lowestoft
STAREY George Sarah BIRT (H) M 2 Jul 1823 Ipswich, St Clements
STERRY George James STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 3 Apr 1859 Lowestoft
STERRY George Arthur George Samuel STERRY/Sarah Ann (M) C 26 Jul 1874 Suffolk County BTS
STERRY Harry William William Cook STERRY/Emily (M) C 27 Dec 1874 Suffolk County BTS
STERRYE Hellen Samuell/Judith (F) C 4 Sep 1636 Lowestoft
STERRY Hellen Unknown/Hellen STERRY (F) C 11 Aug 1723 Lowestoft
STEARY Henary Elizabeth CLARKE (H) M 17 May 1666 Sudbury, Saint Gregory
STERRY Henrietta Nathaniel STERRY/Maria (F) C 7 Jun 1813 Lowestoft
STERRY Henry Robert STERRY/Emily (M) C 20 Apr 1862 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Henry Watling John STERRY/Mary (M) C 11 Nov 1813 Lowestoft
STERRY Isabel Anne William Woodard STERRY/Jane (F) C 2 Aug 1874 Lowestoft
STERRY Isbell John STERRY/Mary (F) C 9 Nov 1730 Bury St Edmunds, Saint James
STERRY James Jno. STERRY/Unknown (M) C 2 Sep 1719 Lowestoft
STERRY James Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 9 Jan 1740 Lowestoft
STERRY James Sarah SOANE (H) M 3(31) Mar 1763 Lowestoft
STERRY James James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 14 Aug 1765 Lowestoft
STERRY James Willm. STERRY/Eliz. (M) C 6 May 1769 Lowestoft
STERRY James Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (M) C 5 Oct 1799 Lowestoft
STERRY James Relative: Robert F. Neslen (M) e B 1811 Lowestoft
STERRY Mrs James Spouse: James STERRY (F) e B 1812 Lowestoft
STERRY James John STERRY/Ann (M) C 26 Sep 1824 Southwold
STERRY James Hannah MASTERTON (H) M 1 Sep 1825 Lowestoft
STERRY James Mary Ann WOODARD (H) M 23 Jan 1826 Southwold
STERRY James James STERRY/Mary Ann (M) C 7 May 1832 Southwold, Independent
STERRY James Robert STERRY/Maria (M) C 2 Jun 1850 Rickinghall Superior
STERRY James Masterson James STERRY/Mary Ann (M) C 11 Nov 1826 Lowestoft
STERRY James Soane John STERRY/Mary BALLS (M) B(C) 9(10)Apr 1806 Lowestoft
STERRY James William James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 30 Jan 1813 Southwold
STERRY James William Mary Ann ADAMSON (H) M 16 Sep 1835 Aldeburgh With Hazlewood
STERRY James William John Steward STERRY/Ellen CALVER (M) C 30 Dec 1864 Lowestoft, St Johns
STERRY Jane Matthew STERRY/Sarah (F) C 13 Mar 1786 Lowestoft
STERRY Jane James SPURDING (W) M 29 Aug 1804 Lowestoft
STERRYE Jeames Daniell/Elizabeth (M) C 16 Mar 1640 Lowestoft
STERRY Joanna Nathaniel STERRY/Maria KETTLE (F) C 4 Jun 1809 Lowestoft
STERRY John Samuell/Judah (M) C 11 Dec 1631 Lowestoft
STERRY John Joseph/Mary (M) C Aug 1677 Lowestoft
John Mary BALDRIE(BALDRY) (H) M 17 Jan 1702
STERRY John Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 28 Nov 1746 Lowestoft
STERRY John Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 28 Jan 1749 Lowestoft
STERRY John William STERRY/Eliz. (M) C 31 Jan 1757 Lowestoft
STERRY John James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 7 Apr 1771 Lowestoft
STERRY John Susannah BRANE(BRAME) (H) M 4 Mar 1773 Lowestoft
STERRY John Spouse: Mary BALLS (M) e B Abt 1775 Of Lowestoft
STERRY John John STERRY/Susan (M) C 22 May 1775 Lowestoft
STERRY John John STERRY/Susanna (M) C 12 Oct 1778 Lowestoft
STERRY John John STERRY/Susanna (M) C 15 May 1780 Lowestoft
STERRY John John STERRY/Susanna (M) C 23 Oct 1785 Lowestoft
STERRY John Relative: Robert F. Neslen (M) e B 1800 Lowestoft
STERRY John Mary BALLS (H) M 7 Sep 1800 Lowestoft
STERRY John John STERRY/Mary BALLS (M) C 25(27) Jun 1801 Lowestoft
STERRY Mrs John Spouse: John STERRY (F) B 1802 Lowestoft
STERRY John Ann MEWSE (H) M 25 Dec 1823 Southwold
STERRY John Frances BARKER (H) M 25 Nov 1824 Sibton
STERRY John Mary Mitchells BARCHAM (H) M 12 Apr 1825 Lowestoft
STERRY John Thomas STERRY/Alice (M) C 9 Jan 1866 Lowestoft, St John
STERRY John Steward James STERRY/Hannah (M) C 22 Apr 1834 Lowestoft
STERRY John William Frederick STERRY/Sarah Ann (M) C 5 Mar 1862 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph Jno. STERRY/Mary (M) C 26 Jan 1715 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph Susan JESSUP (H) M 9 Jan 1725 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph Relative: Richard JESSOP (M) M 4 Jan 1726 Of Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph Sarah BEASTON (H) M 25 Jun 1732 Hadleigh
STERRY Joseph Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 3 Feb 1751 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph William STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 9 Feb 1774 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph John STERRY/Susanna (M) C 29 Jan 1783 Lowestoft
STERRY Joseph Mary GOFFIN (H) M 1 Jun 1808 Lowestoft
STERRY Lorina John Steward STERRY/Ellen Caroline (F) C 4 Nov 1860 Lowestoft
STERRY Lorina Hill James STERRY/Hannah (F) C 22 Jul 1837 Lowestoft
STERRY Louisa Ward Robert STERRY/Emma (F) C 9 Jul 1837 Lowestoft
STERRY Lydia Joseph STERRY/Lydia (F) C 17 Apr 1748 Reydon
STERRY Lydia Jacob MORLING (W) M 16 Mar 1758 Reydon
STERRYE Margaret John/Mary (F) C 1 Feb 1675 Lowestoft
STERREY Margarett John BLAQUE (W) M 18 Sep 1701 Lowestoft
STERRY Maria Nathanael STERRY/Maria KITTLE (F) C 11 May 1807 Lowestoft
STERRY Maria John STERRY/Frances BARKER (F) C 20 Oct 1833 Peasenhall
STERRY Martha Daniell/Elizabeth (F) C 11 Dec 1636 Lowestoft
STERRYE Martha Samuell/Judith (F) C 6 Oct 1639 Lowestoft
STERRY Martha Joseph STERRY/Mary GOFFIN (F) C 23 Mar 1826 Lowestoft
STARRY Martha William PARSON (W) M 10 Jul 1833 Wattisfield
STERRY Mary William WILLKESON (W) M Dec 1677 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary John/Mary (F) C 16 Jan 1709 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary John STERRY/Mary (F) C 25 Sep 1723 Bury Saint Edmunds, Saint James
STARRY Mary Francis STARRY/Mary (F) C 25 Dec 1728 Chelsworth
STERRY Mary Joseph STERRY/Lydia (F) C 24 Jun 1744 Reydon
STERRY Mary Robt. STERRY/Mary (F) C 31 Aug 1744 Lowestoft
STAREY Mary Isaac PURCHAS (W) M 26 Mar 1758 Semer
STERREY Mary Relative: Henry J. LILLEY (F) e M 3 Jun 1765 Of Halesworth
STERREY Mary Robert LILLY (W) M 3 Jun 1765 Reydon
STERRY Mary Thomas BUTCHER (W) M 12 Sep 1765 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Robert STERRY/Sarah (F) C 6 Sep 1767 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary James STERRY/Sarah (F) C 15 Jan 1769 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Nathaniel STERRY/Sarah (F) C 27 Jan 1778 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Nathaniel STERRY/Sarah (F) C 16 Sep 1782 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Robert COOKE (W) M 29 May 1804 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Joseph STERRY/Mary GOFFIN (F) C 19 Nov 1810 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Samuel Botwright MANTRIPP (W) M 29 Oct 1836 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Ann Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (F) C 20 May 1798 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Ann John STERRY/Mary BALLS (F) C 5 Apr 1803 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Ann Elisha STANNARD (W) M 4 Jun 1819 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Ann James STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 27 Dec 1850 Lowestoft
STERRY Mary Eliza Nathaniel STERRY/Maria Kiddle (F) C 23 Oct 1804 Lowestoft
STERRYE Marye Daniell STERRYE/Marta (F) C 13 Apr 1606 Mutford
STERRY Nathanael Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 29 Apr 1753 Lowestoft
STERRY Nathaniel Sarah BUTCHER (H) M 26 Jan 1775 Lowestoft
STERRY Nathaniel Nathaniel STERRY/Sarah (M) C 16 Mar 1780 Lowestoft
STERRIE Nathaniell Daniell STERRIE/Unknown (M) C 9 Apr 1603 Mutford
STERRYE Nathaniell Samuell/Judith (M) C 17 May 1635 Lowestoft
STERRY Nathaniell Joseph/Mary (M) C 19 Jan 1682 Lowestoft
STERRY Rebeckah John STERRY/Mary (F) C Nov 1724 Bury Saint Edmunds, Saint James
STERRY Rebekah Thomas COOK (W) M 4 Jan 1752 Ipswich, Saint Matthew
STERRY Robert John/Mary (M) C 28 Mar 1711 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Mary BURRIDGE (H) M 21(31) Jul 1737 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 4 Nov 1738 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 25 Dec 1741 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Sarah HARRIS (H) M 25 Apr 1765 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 5 Apr 1767 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert William STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 12 Jun 1771 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Mary CHAMBERS (H) M 9 Jul 1795 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (M) C 16 Jun 1796
(2 Apr 1807)
STERRY Robert John STERRY/Mary BALLS (M) C 18 Feb 1808 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Elizabeth BARBER (H) M 23 May 1813 Southwold
STERRY Robert Emma WARD (H) M 21 Jul 1836 Lowestoft
STERRY Robert Sarah HOWE (H) M 1 Jul 1845 Groton
STERY Robert Robert STERY/Sarah (M) C 12 Apr 1846 Groton
STERRY Robert Cooke George STERRY/Sarah (M) C 29 May 1824 Ipswich, St Clements
STERRY Rosabel Clara Relative: Robt F. Neslen (F) e B 1840 Lowestoft
STERRY Sammuel Daniell STERRY/Martha (M) C 18 Jan 1600 Mutford
STERRY Sammuell Daniel STERRY/Unknown (M) C 19 Nov 1598 Mutford
STERRY Samuel Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (M) C 9 Dec 1805 Lowestoft
STERRY Samuel Harris William STERRY/Eliz. (M) C 10 Jul 1755 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Daniel GOOCH (W) M 13 Feb 1705
(13 Mar 1706)
STERRY Sarah James STERRY/Sarah (F) C 27 Mar 1764 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Robert STERRY/Sarah (F) C 25 Dec 1765 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Nathaniel STERRY/Sarah (F) C 9 Aug 1775 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Charles LOCKWOOD (W) M 8 Feb 1787 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Thomson SWAN (W) M 24 Mar 1794 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah John STERRY/Mary BALLS (F) C 22(27) Sep 1804 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah John STERRY/Frances BARKER (F) C 29 Jan 1826 Sibton
STERRY Sarah Benjamin BAINES (W) e M 22 Mar 1836 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Ann Nathaniel STERRY/Maria KITTLE (F) C 2 Aug 1811 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Ann Joseph STERRY/Mary (F) C 24 Dec 1818 Lowestoft
STERRY Sarah Soane Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (F) C 3 Dec 1804 Lowestoft
STERRY Susannah John Cornaby BOYCE (W) M 6 May 1802 Lowestoft
STERRY Susanna John STERRY/Susabba (F) C 31 Aug 1776 Lowestoft
STERRY Susanna John STERRY/Susanna (F) C 27 Oct 1777 Lowestoft
STERRY Susanna Frederick STERRY/Sarah Ann (F) C 5 Aug 1860 Lowestoft
STERRY Thomas Samuel/Elizabeth (M) C 14 Nov 1630 Lowestoft
STERRY Thomas Thomas STERRY/Unknown (M) C 7 Jun 1688 Hadleigh
STERRY Thomas Martin STERRY/Martha (M) C 29 Mar 1818 Rickinghall Inferior
STERRY Thomas Woodard James STERRY/Mary (M) C 8 Jan 1835 Southwold, Independent
STERRY Timothy John STERRY/Ann MEWSE (M) C 30 Apr 1826 Lowestoft
STERRY Will. William/Sarah (M) C 26 May 1681 Lowestoft
STERRY William Susan BEARE (H) M 14 Oct 1733 Monks Eleigh
STERRY William Elizabeth MAYES (H) M 23 Jan 1755 Lowestoft
STERRY William Robert STERRY/Mary (M) C 19 Dec 1756 Lowestoft
STERRY William Robert STERRY/Mary CHAMBERS (M) C 9 Jun 1801 Lowestoft
STERRY William James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 24 Apr 1817 Southwold
STERRY William Sarah Bloom (H) M 20 Sep 1818 Gorleston With Southtown
STERRY William Rhoda BOUTELL (H) M 10 Jan 1822 Redgrave with Botesdale
STERRY William Hannah WELCH (H) M 10 Sep 1839 Southwold
STERRY William Johnson William STERRY/Eliz. (M) C 26 Nov 1758 Lowestoft
STERRY Wm Relative: Robert F. Neslen (M) e B 1813 Lowestoft
STERRY Mrs Wm. Spouse: Wm. STERRY (F) e B 1814 Lowestoft
STERRY Woodard Ann Elizabeth GURNEY (H) M 3 Jan 1875 Lowestoft
Eliz Relative: Robt F. Neslen (F) e B 1824 Lowestoft