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These counties did not have any STERRY entires: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Rutland or Westmoreland. Obvious errors and repetitions have been omitted.

$, e, > = Relatives Named in Source


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STERREY Ann Wm SUNDERLAND (W) M Jun 1776 Southwark, Saint Saviour
STERRY Arthur Charles Eleanor Brogden FORD (H) M 15 May 1667 Beddington With Wallington
STERRY Caroline Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 30 Jun 1837 Newington, Saint Mary
STERRY Caroline James STERRY/Caroline (F) C 30 Jun 1837 Newington, Saint Mary
STARYE Edmonde Ursula WOODSTOCK (H) M 19 Jun 1560 Croydon, Saint John the Baptist
STERRY Eliza Charles GOLDSMITH (W) M 15 Oct 1864 Send and Ripley
STARY Elizabeth Joseph SMYTH (W) M 15 May 1572 Bermondsey. St Mary Magdalene
STAREY Elizabeth George COLEMAN (W) M 1 Jan 1817 Croydon, St John the Baptist
STERRY Elspeth Maude Arthur STERRY/Anna Gertrude (F) C 27 Jul 1872 Beddington with Wallington
STERRY Emma James STERRY/Caroline (F) C 3 Dec 1848 Lambeth, Penfrew Pond Workhouse
STERRY Gertrude Edith Arthur STERRY/Anna Gertrude (F) C 12 May 1869 Beddington with Wallington
STERREY Hannah Thos STERREY/Unknown (F) C 31 Dec 1719 Wimbledon
STERREY Hannah William EANCOMB (W) M 30 Oct 1833 Camberwell, Saint Giles
STERRY Henry John STERRY/Emma Percival (M) C 21 Mar 1868
(16 Dec 1872)
STEERY James William STEERY/Mary (M) C 20 Jan 1788 West Molesey
STAREY James William STAREY/Elizabeth (M) C 30 Aug 1840 Tooting Graveney
STEEREY James Mary Ann BALCHIN (H) M 5 Feb 1852 Cranley
STERYE Joane Henry COATES (W) M 9 Jul 1661 Gatton
STERYE Joane John BATCHELOR (W) M 19 Sep 1661 Gatton
STARY John Ann BEST (H) M 12 Sep 1676 Wisley
STERRY John John STERRY/Emma Percival (M) C 24 Feb 1870 Nutfield
STARY Katharine Edward BACCHELOR (W) M 23 Mar 1667 Send and Ripley
STERRY Mary Henry GREENWOOD (W) M 22 Jun 1837 Bermondsey, Saint James
STERRY Mary Hannah James STERRY/Caroline (F) C 30 Jun 1837 Newington, Saint Mary
STERRY Perceval John STERRY/Emma Percival (M) C 9 Aug 1871 Nutfield
STAREY Samuel Robert Thomas STAREY/Mary Ann (M) C 5 Apr 1620 Croydon, Saint John the Baptist
STERRY Susan Spouse: True JACOB (F) e B Abt 1772 St Edmunds of Bury
STERRY William Thomas William Walker STERRY/
Alicia Susannah LING (M)
B 21 Apr 1858 Bermondsey


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STARY Elizabeth John HOSLINS (W) M 2 Oct 1677 Selsey
STERRY John John STERRY/Susanna (M) C 24 Jan 1692 Horsham
STAREY Mary William SIXTON (W) M 31 May 1730 New Fishbourne
STERRY Robert Mary PAIN (H) M 8 Jun 1704 Rogate


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STEARY Ann Samuel STEARY/Ann (F) C 4 Oct 1797 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STERRY Annie Marriott William STERRY/Mary (F) C 25 Oct 1857 Birmingham, Saint Thomas
STERRY Charles Elizabeth MADEN (H) M 17 Jan 1849 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEREY Elisabeth Thomas HEWITT (W) M 17 Oct 1765 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STAREY Elizabeth Robert CARTER (W) M 15 Jan 1821 Leamington Priors
STERRY George Frederick James STERRY/Lucy (M) C 5 Apr 1847 Birmingham, Saint Phillips
STEARY George Frederick Ann ALLEN (H) M 19 Dec 1858 Birmingham, All Saints
STEARY George Woollaston George STEARY/Martha (M) C 31 Jan 1825 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEARY James Lucy HOPKINS (H) M 3 Jul 1842 Aston Juxta Birmingham
STEARY James Samuel James STEARY/Lucy (M) C 7 Oct 1844 Birmingham, Saint Phillips
STEARY Jane Samuel STEARY/Ann (F) C 4 Aug 1794 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STERREY John Mary Amelia COOMBS (H) M 25 Dec 1854 Aston Juxta Birmingham
STERRY Lucy Elizabeth James STERRY/Lucy (F) C 4 Oct 1852 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEARY Lucy Elizabeth George ALLEN (W) M 15 Aug 1874 Birmingham, All Saints
STERRY Mary William COOK (W) M 24 Sep 1753 Birmingham, Saint Phillips
STARREY Mary James TIMMES (W) M 15 Sep 1763 Birmingham, Saint Phillips
STEARY Mary Ann William BARRS (W) M 14 Sep 1857 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STERRY Mary Ella William STERRY/Mary (F) C 13 Jan 1856 Birmingham, Saint Thomas
STERRY Mary Ella Boucher Wright William STERRY/Mary (F) C 2 Jun 1852 Birmingham, Saint Thomas
STEARY Richard James STEARY/Sarah (M) C 27 Sep 1827 Birmingham, Saint Phillips
STERRY Sarah Ann James STERRY/Lucy (F) C 28 Dec 1849 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEARY Sarah Ann John JEFFRIES (W) M 23 Aug 1868 Birmingham, All Saints
STERRY Sophia Thomas SMALLWOOD (W) M 20 Mar 1849 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEARY Susanna Thomas STEARY/Mary (F) C 29 Sep 1794 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STEARY Thomas Bartholomew Mary HARRISON (H) M 11 Sep 1786 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STERY Thomas Elcock William STERY/Unknown (M) C 27 Jun 1748 Birmingham, Saint Martin
STERRY Walter Ball William STERRY/Mary (M) C 5 Aug 1860 Biormingham, Saint Thomas
STERRY William Mary MANNING (H) M 24 Jul 1850 Birmingham, Saint Thomas
STERRY William Manwaring William STERRY/Mary (M) C 9 Feb 1854 Birmingham, Saint Thomas
STERRY Wintour Elizabeth HAYWARD (H) M 21 Mar 1869 Birmingham, Saint David


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STARY Elingor Richard Night (W) M 5 Jun 1739 Marlborough, St Peters
STERRY Elizabeth Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 11 Apr 1736 Overton
STERRY Fanny Elizabeth John Henry STERRY/Fanny (F) C 27 Aug 1873 New Swindon, Saint Marks
STAREY Jane Hugh BRUNSEN (W) M 20 Apr 1712 Bremhill
STERRY Mary Thos. STERRY/Eliz (F) C 9 Apr 1738 Overton
STERRY Sarah Unknown (F) B 1746 Of Avebury
STERRY Sarah William BAILEY (W) M 18 Sep 1767 Avebury
STERRY Walter Ernest John Henry STERRY/Fanny (M) C 25 Aug 1873 New Swindon, Saint Marks
STAREY William Mary ANDREWS (H) M 9 Oct 1698 Marlborough, St Marys
STERRY William Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 29 Jul 1732 Overton


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STARIE Unknown Richard STARIE/Mary (M) C 3 Oct 1698
(9 May 1705)
Knighton Upon Teme
STEARY Abigail Saml. STEARY/Margaret (F) C 11 Apr 1731 Worcester, Saint Helen
STERRY Agnes William STERRY/Jane (F) C 9 Jun 1861 Stoke Prior
STAREY Alice John STAREY/Unknown (F) C 6 Nov 1680 Suckley
STERY Ann William STERY/Mary (F) C 30 Jan 1709 Worcester, Saint Helen
STEARY Ann Joseph TYSAM(LYSAM) (W) M 27 Jan 1735(1736) Kidderminster
STARY Ann Joseph FROST (W) M 25 Nov 1764 Worcester
Ann James GLASERD(GLAZARD) (W) M 28 May 1787(1797) Shelsley Beauchamp
STERRY Ann Catherine George STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 27 Jan 1818 Worcester, Saint Helen
STERY Anna Maria William STERY/Mary (F) C 16 Jun 1718 Worcester, Saint Alban
STARY Anne Richard STARY/Elioner (F) C 10 Sep 1615 Knighton Upon Teme
STERRY Anne Robert VICARIS (VICARIDG) (W) M 29 Jun 1678 Doddenham
STEARY Anne Relative: Joseph William SUMMERHAYS (F) e M 3 Oct 1724 Of St Helen's
STARIE Anne John STARIE?Unitie (F) C 22 Mar 1729 Knighton Upn Teme
STAREY Anne Edward STAREY/Anne (F) C 8 Jul 1764 Shelsley Beauchamp
STAREY Anne James BLAZARD (W) M 28 Mar 1787 Shelsley Beauchamp
STAREY Anne Richard STAREY/Betty (F) C 17 Jul 1815 Shelsley Beauchamp
STEARY Betty Samuel STEARY/Margaret (F) C 15 Apr 1722 Worcester, Saint Helen
STARY Bridget James WILLIAMS (W) M 1 May 1718 Bockleton
STEARY Clary Tho. STEARY/Ann (F) C 27 Jun 1773 Worcester, Saint Swithin
STERRY Cornelia Sarah George STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 13 Apr 1819 Worcester, Saint Helen
STERRY Dorothy William ROWBERRY (W) M 18 Jun 1690 Eastham
STARY Edward Elizabeth PRICHET (H) M 19 Oct 1719 Hallow
STARY Edward Edward STARY/Elizabeth (M) C 7 Dec 1722 Great Witley
STAREY Edward Anne (H) M 16 Nov 1762 Shelsley Beauchamp
STAREY Edward Edward STAREY/Anne (M) C 4 May 1766 Shelsley Beauchamp
Edward Sarah STARLIN (H) M 1(21) Nov 1787 Shelsley Beauchamp
STIRRY Elinor Owen STIRRY/Anne (F) C 5 Nov 1646 Eastham
STARY Elinor Francis FLELLOW (W) M 15 Oct 1689 Bayton
STAREY Elizabeth John STAREY/Margrey (F) C 22 May 1698 Areley Kings
STERRY Eliza George STERRY/Mary (F) C 30 Oct 1616 Worcester, Saint Helen
STAREY Eliza William STAREY/Mary (F) C 29 Mar 1840 Bromsgrove
STARY Elizabeth Richard STARY/Elioner (F) C 15 Feb 1617 Knighton Upon Teme
STARY Elizabeth Ric. STARY/An. (F) C 7 Nov 1687 Linridge
STARIE Elizabeth John STARIE/Anne (F) C 2 Oct 1706 Knighton Upon Teme
STARY Elizabeth Edward STARY/Elizabeth (F) C 13 Jul 1721 Great Witley
STERREY Elizabeth Richard STRINGER (W) H 7 Apr 1735 Kidderminster
STAREY Elizabeth Ezekiel POTTER (W) H 31 Aug 1735 Worcester, Saint Swithin
STARY Elizabeth William BRUNT (W) M 15 Jun 1736 Rochford
STERRY Elizabeth Thomas STERRY/Elizth. (F) C 21 Feb 1739 Worcester, Saint Alban
STARIE Elizabeth John STARIE/Unknown (F) C 10 Apr 1739 Knighton Upon Teme
STERY Elizabeth Charles LEE (W) M 9 Feb 1755 Worcester, St Helens
STARY Elizabeth John STARY/Margery (F) C 18 Sep 1651 Rochford
STERRY George Thos. STERRY/Elizth. (M) C 19 Feb 1738 Worcester, Saint Alban
STERRY George Lucy MAURICE (H) M 15 Jan 1793 Worcester, Saint Martin
STERRY George George STERRY/Lucy (M) C 14 May 1793 Worcester, Saint Martin
STARIE Hanna John STARIE/Anne (F) C 28 Aug 1717 Knighton Upon Teme
STARIE Hannah Thomas (W) M 1693 Knighton Upon Teme
STARRY Hannah Josiah STARRY/Dorothy (F) C 9 May 1776 Great Kyre
STERRY Harriet John ALEXANDER (W) M 17 Mar 1847 Worcester, Saint Peter
STERRY Henry Owen STERRY/Anne (M) C 4 Oct 1643 Eastham
STERY Hester Samuel STERY/Margret (F) C 6 Oct 1719 Worcester, Saint Alban
STARY James William STARY/Unknown (M) C 7 Aug 1701 Worcester, Saint Helen
STARIE James Elenor WILLIAMS (W) M 7 May 1703 Knighton Upon Teme
STEAREY James Thomas STEAREY/Mary (M) C 9 Oct 1720 Worcester, Saint Alban
STARY James Susannah COLLEY (H) M 21 Dec 1753 Worcester, Saint Clement
STEARY James Catherine SMITH (H) M 26(27) Jun 1763 Worcester, Saint Martin
STEARY James Mary BUTLER (H) M 16 Jul 1780 Worcester, Saint Peter
STARY James Richard STARY/Susanna (M) C 18 Feb 1739 Great Witley
STARY James Elizabeth PAGE (H) M 11 Jan 1790 Worcester, Saint Peter
STEROY James James STEROY/Sarah (M) C 16 Jan 1820 Upton on Severn
STAREY James William STAREY/Mary (M) C 7 Jul 1844 Stoke Prior
STARRY Jane Relative: Hyrum FINCH (F) e M 14 Mar 1808 Of Little Witley
STAREY Jenny Richard STAREY/Susanna (F) C 19 Oct 1784 Shelsley Beauchamp
STARY John John STARY/Margery (M) C 27 Mar 1649 Rochford
STARY John Unknown/Jane STARY (M) C 2 May 1686 Lindridge
STARY John Margery NOTT (H) M 3 Aug 1696 Worcester, St John's
STARY John John STARY/Margery (M) C 30 Sep 1696 Areley Kings
STARY John Anne HALL (HULL) (H) M 3 Mar 1700 Bayton
STARYE John Mary LEA (H) M 13 Jan 1709 Worcester, Saint Swithin
STERRY John Elisabeth SOUTHAL (H) M 30 Mar 1725 Kidderminster
STAREY John Edward STAREY/Elizabeth (M) C 8 Mar 1726 Great Witley
STARIE John Unitie BANISTER (H) M 2 May 1729 Knighton Upon Teme
STARIE John John STARIE/Unity (M) C 27 Sep 1731 Knighton Upon Teme
STARY John John STARY/Eliz. (M) C 27 Aug 1732 Grimley
STERRY John Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 26 Oct 1742 Worcester, Saint Alban
STERRY John John STERRY/Catharine (M) C 12 Feb 1749 Worcester, All Saints
STARIE John Josiah STARIE/Dorothy (M) C 12 Nov 1781 Hanley William
STERRY John Henry Mary Ann WARD (H) M 16 Sep 1884 Worcester, Saint Clement
STARIE Josiah John STARIE/Unity (M) C 13 Apr 1737 Knighton Upon Teme
STARIE Josiah Josiah STARIE/Dorathy (M) C 17 Feb 1774 Great Kyre
STERRY Lucy George STERRY/Lucy (F) C 21 Nov 1794 Worcester, St Andrew
STERRY Lucy William OLIVER (W) M 18 Jul 1814 Claines
STARIE Lydia John STARIE/Anne (F) C 12 Jun 1712 Knighton Upon Teme
STEARY Margaret Samuel STEARY/Margaret (F) C 22 Aug 1725 Worcester, Saint Helen
STARIE Margaret John STARIE/Unitie (F) C 13 Aug 1733 Knighton Upon Teme
STARIE Margaret Josiah STARIE/Dorothy (F) C 11 May 1783 Hanley William
STERRY Martha Peter STERRY/Charlotte (F) C 20 Jun 1809 Claines
STERREY Mary William FLEETE (W) H 29 Jun 1662 Tibberton
STERRY Mary Spouse: John PRICE (F) e B Abt 1668 Of Clifton
STERRY Mary John PRICE (W) M 25 Apr 1689 Clifton on Teme
STARY Mary Richard JONES (W) M 31 Oct 1691 Bayton
STERY Mary Thomas STERY/Mary (F) C 16 Sep 1717 Worcester, Saint Alban
STERRY Mary Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 9 May 1725 Worcester, Saint Alban
STEARY Mary Samuel STEARY/Mary (F) C 11 Dec 1727 Worcester, Saint Helen
STAREY Mary Gerrard HILL (W) M 24 Apr 1728 Upper Arley
STARIE Mary Richard STARIE/Elizabeth (F) C 13 Sep 1731 Knighton Upon Teme
STEARY Mary Samuel STEARY/Margaret (F) C 21 Oct 1733 Worcester, Saint Helen
STAREY Mary George STAREY/Lucy (F) C 31 Aug 1746 Upper Arley
STAREY Mary Henry GRIFFITHS (W) M 19 Jun 1751 Lindridge
STARRY Mary Thomas PHILPOTS (W) M 30 May 1759 Worcester, Saint Peter
STEARY Mary William LEYES (W) M 6(7) Oct 1765 Worcester, Saint Martin
STAREY Mary Edward STAREY/Anne (F) C 22 Dec 1771 Shelsley Beauchamp
STARRY Mary Edward BEVAN (W) M 16 May 1791 Abberley
STERRY Mary Richard TAIM (W) M 22 Jul 1860 Kidderminster
STEARY Mary Ann James STEARY/Elizabeth (F) C 26 Aug 1792 Worcester, Saint Peter
STERRY Mary Anne John TURBERFIELD (W) M 15 Apr 1822 Hallow
STAREY Matthew George STAREY/Lucy (M) C 27 Feb 1743 Upper Arley
STERRY Newberry Elizabeth BROOMHALL (H) M 26 Aug 1819 Claines
STERRY Paul Margaret THOMAS (H) M 4 Aug 1807 Claines
STERRY Peter Peter STERRY/Charlotte (M) C 1 May 1808 Claines
STARY Phillippe John STARY/Margery (M) C 20 Sep 1646 Rochford
STARIE Richard Richard STARIE/Elinor (M) C 30 Apr 1626 Knighton Upon Teme
STARY Richard Richard STARY/Alice (M) C 12 Dec 1672 Knighton Upon Teme
STARY Richard Richard STARY/Anne (M) C 25 Jan 1698 Lindridge
STARIE Richard Richard STARIE/Elizabeth (M) C 14 Nov 1734 Knighton Upon Teme
STAREY Richard Edward STAREY/Anne (M) C 3 Apr 1763 Shelsley Beauchamp
STAREY Richard Betty PALMER (H) M 10 Jul 1815 Shelsley Beauchamp
STERRY Richard Jane YOUNG (H) M 26 May 1831 Claines
STERRY Richard Maurice George STERRY/Lucy (M) C 14 May 1802 Worcester, Saint Martin
STEARY Saint John
Saint Andrew
George STEARY/Lucy (M) C 27 Dec 1796 Worcester, St Andrew
STARY Samuel Martha MYER (H) M 15 Dec 1703 Hallow
STAREY Sarah Samuel STAREY/Margaret (F) C 2 Jun 1740 Worcester, Saint Helen
STERY Sarah Samuel STERY/Margaret (F) C 20 Sep 1742 Worcester, Saint Helen
STEARY Sarah Thos STEARY/Unknown (F) C 19 Jun 1769 Worcester, Saint Clement
STARIE Sarah Josiah STARIE/Dorothy (F) C 13 Dec 1785 Hanley William
STERRY Sarah Unknown/Mary STERRY (F) C 2 Feb 1851 Elmbridge
STAREY Susan Edward STAREY/Hannah (F) C 21 Aug 1821 Shelsley Beauchamp
STEARY Susanna James STEARY/Susanna (F) C 15 Jul 1759 Worcester, Saint Peter
STARY Susannah Unknown/Jane STARY (F) C 7 Sep 1806 Great Witley
STARYE Thomas Constance WALKER (H) M 29 Nov 1623 Hanley William
STARIE Thomas Richard STARIE/Ele. (M) C 15 Nov 1629 Lindridge
STAREY Thomas Margarett GARDINER (H) M 7 May 1664 Upper Arley
STERRY Thomas Mary BATE (H) M 30 Dec 1684 Worcester, Saint Michael
STERY Thomas Sarah KNIGHT (H) M 20 Apr 1697 Powick
STARIE Thomas John STARIE/Anne (M) C 9 Feb 1707 Knighton Upon Teme
STAREY Thomas Mary CASH (H) M 25 Sep 1707 Worcester, Saint Michael
Thomas Edward STARY/Elizabeth (M) C 1 Nov(Dec) 1724 Great Witley
STEARY Thomas Samuel STEARY/Margaret (M) C 27 Oct 1729 Worcester, Saint Helen
STERRY Thomas Elisabeth PILKINGTON (H) M 15 Apr 1734 Worcester, Saint Alban
STARIE Thomas John STARIE/Vinity (M) C 12 Jun 1735 Knighton Upon Teme
STERRY Thomas Thos. STERRY/Elizth. (M) C 19 Feb 1738 Worcester, Saint Alban
STERRY Thomas Thoms. STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 22 Jun 1741 Worcester, Saint Alban
STERRY Thomas John STERRY/Catharine (M) C 6 Jan 1751 Worcester, All Saints
STARRIE Thomas Josiah STARRIE/Dorothy (M) C 5 Jan 1778 Great Kyre
STARY Thomas Unknown/Anne STARY (M) C 14 Nov 1784 Stockton on Teme
STERRY Thomas William James STERRY/Anne (M) C 9 Jan 1870 Dodderhill
STERRY Valentine Bridges George STERRY/Lucy (H) C 7 Mar 1804 Worcester, Saint Martin
STARY William Richard STARY/Unknown (M) C 28 Feb 1612 Knighton Upon Teme
William William STERRY/Anne TAYLER (M) C 29 May 1675 Eastham
STERRY William Edward STERRY/Mary (M) C 2 Feb 1685 Hanley William
STAREY William John STAREY/Margery (M) C 21 Apr 1700 Areley Kings
STEARY William Samuel STEARY/Margaret (M) C 25 Dec 1723 Worcester, Saint Helen
STEARY William James STEARY/Susan (M) C 26 Jun 1757 Worcester, Saint Peter
STARRY William Thomas STARRY/Mary (M) C 7 Sep 1834 Dodderhill
STERRY William William STERRY/Mary (M) C 4 Feb 1838 Upton Warren


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STARRY Anna George SMITHSON (W) M 11 Nov 1679 Thorpe Bassett
STARY Christopher Marshall STARY/Jane POUNDER (M) C 27 May 1836 Ripon, Priest Lane Primitive Methodist
STYRIE Eliza. John STYRIE/Unknown (F) C 12 Nov 1776 Wakefield, All Saints
STERRY Francis Peter STERRY/Unknown (M) C 12 Feb 1679 Leeds, Saint Peter
STERRY George Peter STERRY/Unknown (M) C 17 Nov 1682 York, Saint John Ousebridge
STIREY George Betty HAWORTH (H) M 24 Nov 1792 Clapham
STARRY Henrie Thomas STARRY/Unknown (M) C 21 Aug 1642 New Malton, Saint Leonard
STARY Jana Thomas MOORE (W) M 4 May 1647 Patrington
STERRY John Mary LECKBY (H) M 16 Nov 1682 Brompton by Sawdon
STERRY John John STERRY/Unknown (M) C 18 Jan 1748 Rotherham
STARRY John William STARRY/Elizabeth (M) C 29 May 1815 York, Saint Sampson
STERRY John Robinson Harriet Elizabeth COLES (H) M 9 Dec 1876 Middlesborough
STERRY Joseph Jo. STERRY/Unknown (M) C 26 May 1749 Wakefield, All Saints
STARY Maria William STARY/Mary Ann (F) C 5 May 1844 Acomb
STERRY Mary Richard STERRY/Unknown (F) C 3 Apr 1716 Hutton Bushel
STERREY Mary Joseph STERREY/Unknown (F) C 25 Oct 1751 Kingston Upon Hull, Holy Trinity
STAREY Mary Ann Job STAREY/Martha (F) C 17 Dec 1863 Eston
STARRY Robert Thos. STARRY/Elizh. (M) C 7 Apr 1839 Brompton by Sawdon
STARYE Thomas Judith CLARKE (H) M 13 Dec 1655 York, Saint John Ousebridge
STERRY Thomas Edward John STERRY/Elisabeth (M) C 6 May 1857 Guisborough
STARYE William Esther TOMSON (H) M 25 May 1573 Aston
STARREY William William STARREY/Mary Ann (M) C 29 Mar 1846 Acomb