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These counties did not have any STERRY entires: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Rutland or Westmoreland. Obvious errors and repetitions have been omitted.

$, e, > = Relatives Named in Source


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STERYRachelJohn STERY/Mary (F)C3 Jan 1762Westbury on Severn
STERYRhodaGeorge STERY/Martha Elizabeth (F)C1 Dec 1861Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRYRichardSpouse: Jane PITSTOW (M) eSAbt 1660Longhope
STERRYRichardJane PITSTOW (H)M30 Jan 1685Longhope
STIRRYRichardRichard STIRRY/Jane (M)C23 Oct 1688Longhope
STERREYRichardJane JENKINS (H)C9 Oct 1714Painswick
STIRRYRichardGeorge STIRRY/Elizabeth (M)C30 Oct 1720Longhope
STERRYRichardSamuel STERRY/Mary (M)C18 Jan 1733Westbury on Severn
STERRYRichardMary PITMAN (H)M27 Apr 1746Longhope
STIRRYRichardRichard STIRRY/Ann TOMEY (M)C21 Oct 1804Awre with Blakeney
STERRYRichardRichard STERRY/Eliza (M)C8 Jan 1860Lydney
STERRYRobertJohn STERRY/Mary (M)C25 Dec 1758Blaisdon
STERRYSamuelMary SMITH (H)M16 Jan 1726Westbury on Severn
STERRYSamuelSamuel STERRY/Mary (M)C6 Dec 1730Minsterworth
STERRYSamuelSpouse: Mary CHAMBERLAIN (M) eM19 May 1751At Westbury
STERRYSamuelJohn STERRY/Mary (M)C2 Mar 1755Blaisdon
STERRYSamuelMary CHAMBERLAIN (H)M19 May 1757Brookthorpe
STERRYSamuelSamuel STERRY/Mary (M)C13 Apr 1758Westbury on Severn
STERRYSamuelRichard STERRY/Mary PITMAN(M)eC(B)6 Jun 1762Longhope
STERRYSamuelJohn STERRY/Mary (M)C6 Mar 1763Huntley
STERRYSamuelSpouse: Hannah ELLIS e (M)BAbt 1770Of Longhope
STERRYSamuelThomas STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C28 May 1775Longhope
STERRYSamuelJohn STERRY/Mary (M)C19 May 1782Huntley
STERRYSamuelMary WHEELER (H)M28 Jan 1783Minchinhampton
STERRYSamuelSamuel STERRY/Mary (M)C29 Aug 1790Tibberton
STERRYSamuelHannah ELLIS (H)M6 Apr 1795Longhope
STERRYSamuelSamuel STERRY/Hannah (M)C1 Nov 1801Longhope
STERRYSamuelSamuel STERRY/Ann (M)C19 Oct 1823Blaisdon
STERRYSamuelHarriet CLARK (H)M21 Oct 1856Gloucester
STARRYSamuel ClementThomas STARRY/Elizabeth (M)C25 Sep 1842Blaisdon
STERRYSamuel DrinkwaterUnknown/Ann STERRY (M)C3 Mar 1832Blaisdon
STERRYSarahThomas STERRY/Sarah (F)C11 Jan 1714Longhope
STERRYSarahRichard STERRY/Mary PITMAN(F) eC(B)25 Nov 1755Longhope
STERRYSarahRichard STERRY/Elizabeth (F)C8 Nov 1767Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarahSamuel STERRY/Mary (F)C20 Oct 1770Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarahWilliam STERRY/Ann (F)C1 Oct 1771Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarahJoseph JAMES (W)M29 Dec 1775Newland
STERRYSarahJohn STERRY/Mary (F)C12 Jan 1777Huntley
STARYSarahSamuel STARY/Mary (F)C31 Aug 1783Tibberton
STERRYSarahThomas STERRY/Sarah (F)C1 Jan 1797Gloucester, St Michael
STERREYSarahJoseph STERREY/Hannah(Anna) ACTON (F) eC(B)17 Aug 1809Longhope
STEROYSarahSamuel STEROY/Ann (F)C27 Sep 1818Blaisdon
STERRYSarahWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (F)C14 Sep 1828Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarahWilliam STERRY/Marianne (F)C30 Oct 1842Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarah AnnJohn STERRY/Eliza (F)C14 Oct 1838Westbury on Severn
STERRYSarah AnnRichard STERRY/Elizabeth (F)C29 Mar 1846Blakeney
STERRYSarah LucretiaThomas STERRY/Mary (F)C4 Jun 1843Westbury on Severn
STIRRYSimonAbraham STIRRY/Elizabeth (M)C18 Mar 1725Longhope
STERRYSimonHester DAN (H)M30 Jan 1748Longhope
STERRYSophiaCharles STERRY/Sarah (F)C25 May 1800Westbury on Severn
STERRYSophiaBenjamin STERRY/Rebecca (F)C31 Mar 1805Dymock
STERRYSophiaBenjamin STERRY/Rebecca (F)C8 Oct 1809Westbury on Severn
STERRYSophia PartridgeThomas STERRY/Mary (F)C17 Apr 1836Westbury on Severn
STERRYSophia PartridgeUnknown/Eliza STERRY (F)C14 Oct 1849Westbury on Severn
STERRYSusannaSamuel STERRY/Mary (F)C17 Jul 1768Westbury on Severn
STERRYSusannaWilliam STERRY/Ann (F)C14 Jan 1776Westbury on Severn
STERRYSusannaThomas STERRY/Mary (F)C9 Mar 1823Longney
STERRYSusannahAbraham STERRY/Ann(e) (F) eC(B)1 Jun 1718Longhope
STERRYSusannahThomas STERRY/Elizabeth BULLOCK (F) eC(B)29 Jan 1771Longhope
STERRYSusannahJoseph JORDAN (W)M3 Dec 1791Maisemore
STERRYSusannahRelative: Thomas JORDAN (F) eM3 Dec 1791Maisemore
STERRYSusannahBenjamin STERRY/Rebecca (F)C8 Oct 1809Westbury on Severn
STERRYTarveyMary HILL (H)M13 Nov 1819Newent
STIRRYThomasRichard STIRRY/Jane (M)C21 Jul 1691Longhope
STERRYThomasJoseph STERRY/Mary (M)C1 Sep 1725Huntley
STIRRYThomasGeorge STIRRY/Unknown (M)C8 Oct 1732Longhope
STERRYThomasGeorge STERRY/Eliz (M)C30 Jun 1734Longhope
STERRYThomasBetty BULLOCK (H)M17 Jun 1754Longhope
STERRYThomasThomas STERRY/Betty (M)C28 Mar 1760Longhope
STERRYThomasSamuel STERRY/Mary (M)C29 Jul 1764Westbury on Severn
STERRYThomasWilliam STERRY/Ann (M)C14 Oct 1764Westbury on Severn
STERRYThomasWilliam STERRY/Ann (M)C15 May 1769Westbury on Severn
STAREYThomasWilliam STAREY/Mary (M)C22 May 1774Stroud
STERRYThomasMary PARSONS (H)M3 Apr 1782Blaisdon
STERRYThomasRobert STERRY/Mary (M)C24 Aug 1783Longhope
STERRYThomasSusannah MORGAN (H)M11 Jan 1790Hempstead
STERRYThomasAbraham STERRY/Mary (M)C8 May 1791Longney
STERRYThomasThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C1 Aug 1791Blaisdon
STERRYThomasThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C10 Mar 1799Newnham
STERRYThomasCharles STERRY/Sarah (M)C25 Oct 1801Westbury on Severn
STERRYThomasWilliam STERRY/Hannah (M)C14 Oct 1821Longney
STERRYThomasAnn MARSHALL (H)M31 Dec 1829Gloucester, St Nicholes
STERRYThomasThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C28 Mar 1834Westbury on Severn
STERRYThomasThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C28 Jul 1839Westbury on Severn
STERRYThomasCharlotte DAVIS (H)M13 Nov 1850Hardwicke
STERRYThomasSamuel STERRY/Hannah (M)C15 Apr 1804Longhope
STERRYThomas HowlesUnknown/Mary STERRY (M)C5 Oct 1788Blaisdon
STERRYThomasRichard STERRY/Mary (M)C5 Apr 1752Longhope
STERREYWallaceJohn STERREY/Eliza (M)C2 Dec 1855Taynton
STERRYWalterRichard STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C22 Jan 1775Westbury on Severn
STERRYWalterMary CLARKE (H)M19 Jun 1803Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRYWalter CharlesCharles STERRY/Mary (M)C19 Jun 1870 Leigh
STERRYWalter HenryThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C20 Sep 1846Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilfredErnest STERRY/Annie GARDINER (M)B6 Aug 1889Newnham
STERRYWilfredEdith Alice HARMAN (H)M29 Oct 1921Gloucester
STIRRIEWilliamJohn STIRRIE/Unknown (M)C11 Mar 1554Ruardean
STIRRYWilliamWilliam STIRRY/Jane (M)C1 Feb 1693Longhope
STERRYWilliamWilliam STERRY/Ann (M)C16 Nov 1766Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilliamMary BIRD (H)M5 Oct 1769Shipton Oliffe & Shipton Sollars
STERRYWilliamJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C16 Jan 1780Longhope
STERRYWilliamRichard STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C21 May 1780Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilliamDaniel STERRY/Mary (M)C18 May 1783Longney
STERRYWilliamRichard STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C5 Jan 1784Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilliamDaniel STERRY/Mary (M)C4 Jul 1790Longney
STERRYWilliamWilliam STERRY/Ann (M)C11 Oct 1795Minsterworth
STERRYWilliamWalter STERRY/Mary (M)C29 Apr 1804Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRYWilliamMary BIRD (H) eM28 May 1804Stroud
STERRYWilliamCharles STERRY/Sarah (M)C16 Jun 1805Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilliamWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (M)C14 Nov 1819Westbury on Severn
STERREYWilliamAnn SHAW (H)M28 Feb 1822Awre with Blakeney
STERREYWilliamWilliam STERREY/Ann (M)C29 May 1825Blakeney
STERRYWilliamJervis STERRY/Mary M)C26 Dec 1835Newent
STERRYWilliamThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C12 May 1839Longney
STERRYWilliamRichard STERRY/Caroline (M)C12 Sep 1858Blakeney
STERRYWilliam CharlesWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (M)C30 Mar 1845Westbury on Severn
STERRYWilliamRichard STERRY/Mary (M)C22 Sep 1758Longhope
STERRYWilliamAbraham STERRY/Mary (M)C1 Dec 1793Longney
STERRYWinterThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C20 Jun 1830Longney
STERRYWilliamRelative: Chas. Daniel EVANS (M) eBAbt 1810