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These counties did not have any STERRY entires: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Rutland or Westmoreland. Obvious errors and repetitions have been omitted.

$, e, > = Relatives Named in Source


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STERRY Isaac Richard STERRY/Unknown (M) C 27 Jun 1703 Longhope
STERREY Isaac Thos STERREY/Sarah (M) C 2 Feb 1823 Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STERREY Jacob Thomas STERREY/Sarah (M) C 16 Jan 1825 Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STERRY James Unknown/Mary STERRY (M) C 16 Jun 1793 Longhope
STERRY James George STERRY/Mary (M) C 12 Feb 1797 Huntley
STERRY James Abraham STERRY/Mary (M) C 20 Jan 1799 Longney
STERRY James Thomas STERRY/Mary (M) C 25 Jul 1802 Newnham
STERREY James Elizabeth HYETT (H) M 19 Sep 1820 Saul
STERREY James Eliza MARKEY (H) M 25 Jan 1827 Taynton
STERRY James James STERRY/Eliza (M) C 13 Sep 1829 Newent, Culvert Street
STERRY James James STERRY/Eliza (M) C 7 Oct 1832 Taynton
STERRY Jane Edward STERRY/Anne (F) C 23 Mar 1711 Ruardean
Jane George STIRRY(STERRY)/Elizabeth HAMPTON(F) C(B) 30 Sep 1718 Longhope
STERRY Jane Spouse: Thomas HART/Unknown (F) e B Abt 1722 Of Longhope
STERRY Jane Thomas STERRY/Sarah (F) C 8 Mar 1723 Abinghall
STERRY Jane John RUDDHELL (W) M 28 Jul 1737 Pitchcombe
STERRY Jane Thomas HART (W) M 26 Aug 1743 Longhope
STERRY Jane Unknown (F) B 2 Nov 1760 Gloucester, Saint Mary De Crypt
STERRY Jane Joseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS (F) e C 20 Feb 1771 Longhope
STERRY Jane Samuel KERTON (W) M 2 Sep 1801 Huntley
STERRY Jane James STERRY/Sarah (F) C 10 Mar 1822 Tewkesbury
STERRY Jarvey Mary HILL (H) M 13 Nov 1819 Newent
STERRY Jeremiah George STERRY/Joanna (M) C 16 Jun 1799 Huntley
STERRY Jervis George STERRY/Mary (M) C 13 Jul 1800 Newent
STERREY Joanna Thomas STERREY/Unknown (F) C 6 Apr 1724 Abinghall
STERRY Johanna Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth BULLOCK(F) e C 9 sep 1764 Longhope
STERREY Johanna Spouse: George STERREY (F) B Abt 1780 Of Longhope
STIRRY John Richard STIRRY/Jane (M) C 22 Mar 1697 Longhope
STIRRY John Mary PARSONS (H) M 29 Jan 1723 Flaxley
STIRRY John George STIRRY/Elizabeth (M) C 30 May 1726 Longhope
STERRY John Samuel STERRY/Mary (M) C 7 Jan 1727 Westbury on Severn
STERRY John Spouse: Mary BULLOCK (M) e B Abt 1751 Of Longhope
STERRY John John STERRY/Mary (M) C 28 Nov 1756 Blaisdon
STERRY John Samuel STERRY/Mary (M) C 15 Jun 1766 Westbury on Severn
STERRY John Mary BULLOCK (H) M 7 Dec 1776 Longhope
STERRY John John STERRY/Mary (M) C 5 Mar 1794 Huntley
STERRY John Samuel STERRY/Mary (M) C 30 Jul 1797 Tibberton
STERRY John Daniel STERRY/Mary (M) C 20 Aug 1797 Longney
STERY John John STERY/Maria (M) C 9 Aug 1801 Tidenham
STERRY John Charles STERRY/Sarah (M) C 19 Jun 1808 Westbury on Severn
STERREY John Samuel STERREY/Ann (M) C 23 Jul 1826 Blaisdon
STERRY John William STERRY/Hannah (M) C 24 Aug 1828 Longney
STERRY John Thomas STERRY/Mary (M) C 6 May 1832 Westbury on Severn
STERRY John Ann HARPER (H) M 4 Sep 1842 Blaisdon
STERRY John John STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 24 Dec 1843 Westbury on Severn
STERRY John Emma CLARK (H) M 29 Jun 1846 Gloucester
STERRY John Walter STERRY/Ellen (M) C 26 Mar 1874 Newland
STERREY John Elizabeth PHIPPS (H) M 21 Apr 1884 Cheltenham, Christ Church
STERRY John Baron William STERRY/Mary Ann (M) C 28 Oct 1832 Westbury on Severn
Joseph George STERRY(STIRRY)/Elizabeth HAMPTON (M) C 23 Aug 1730 Longhope
STERRY Joseph Elizabeth PHILLIPS (H) M 19 Nov 1754 Huntley(Newent)
STERRY Joseph Relative: Edward PHILLIPS e M 19 Nov 1754 Of Longhope
STERRY Joseph Abraham STERRY/Mary (M) C 17 Jul 1758 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Joseph Joseph STERRY/Elizabeth (M) C 6 Aug 1758 Huntley
STERREY Joseph Robert STERREY/Mary (M) C 21 May 1786 Longhope
STERRY Joseph George STERRY/Joanna (M) C 28 Sep 1794 Huntley
STERRY Joseph Unknown/Hannah STERRY (M) C 8 May 1799 Newent
STERREY Joseph Anna ACTON (H) M 6 Jan 1800 Longhope
STERRY Joseph Joseph STERRY/Anna (M) C 26 Dec 1802 Longhope
STERRY Julia Spouse: Alfred STERRY (F) e B 1840
STYRRY Juliana Thome STYRRY/Unknown (F) C 9 Mar 1616 Ruardean
STERRY Kathleen Margaret Wilfred STERRY/Edith Alice HARMAN(F) B 30 Mar 1928 Gloucester
STERRY Letitia William STERRY/Mary Ane (F) C 24 Oct 1830 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Louisa Richard STERRY/Anne TOMEY (F) C 24 Sep 1809 Awre with Blakeney
STERRY Louisa Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 3 Feb 1828 Longney
STERRY Marey John EDWARDS (W) M 25 Oct 1780 Hardwicke
STERRY Maria Thomas STERRY/Frances (F) C 19 Aug 1804 Gloucester, St Michael
STERRY Maria Samuel STERRY/Ann (F) C 18 Apr 1820 Blaisdon
STERREY Mariah Bearde William STERREY/Hannah (F) B 17 May 1823 Longney
STERRY Martha Samuel STERRY/Mary (F) C 7 Apr 1763 Westbury on Severn
STERREY Martha Thomas STERREY/Sarah (F) C 9 Nov 1834 Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STIRRY Mary Unknown (F) C 24 Jun 1580 Kings Stanley
STERRY Mary Unknown (F) C 11 Mar 1676 Ruardean
STEREY Mary Edward STEREY/Ann (F) C 5 Feb 1715 Ruardean
STERREY Mary Thomas STERREY/Sarah (F) C 6 Nov 1720 Abinghall
STERRY Mary George STERRY/Elizabeth HAMPTON (F) e B Abt 1725 Longhope
STERRY Mary John STERRY/Mary (F) C 15 Feb 1729 Blaisdon
STERRY Mary Abraham STERRY/Eliz (F) C 23 Apr 1731 Longhope
STERRY Mary Richard STERRY/Mary PITMAN(F) e C(B) 7 Apr 1747 Longhope
STERRY Mary John BENNETT (W) M 1 Mar 1753 Gloucester, Saint Peters
STERRY Mary Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth BULLOCK (F) e C(B) 17 Jun 1756 Longhope
STERRY Mary Richard STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 20 Apr 1758 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Joseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS e(F) C(B) 24 Aug 1760 Huntley
STERY Mary William STERY/Ann (F) C 31 Aug 1760 Westbury on Severn
STERY Mary Samuel STERY/Mary (F) C 19 Oct 1760 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Spouse: Robert STERRY (F) e B Abt 1761 Longhope
STERRY Mary Thomas STERRY/Sophia (F) C 1 Nov 1767 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary William STERRY/Mary (F) C 25 Mar 1769 Cranham
STERREY Mary Unknown (F) B Abt 1771 Of Longhope
STERRY Mary James BAILY (W) M 26 Jul 1775 Newland
STERRY Mary Thomas SARGEANT (W) M 21 Mar 1781 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Abraham/Mary (F) C 10 Aug 1783 Longney
STERY Mary Samuel STERY/Mary (F) C 20 Feb 1785 Tibberton
STERRY Mary John HANKS (W) M 12 Jun 1791 Moreton Valence
STERREY Mary Unknown (F) C 11 Mar 1792 Longhope
STERRY Mary Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 4 Dec 1796 Newnham
STERREY Mary Richard STERREY/Ann (F) C 3 Sep 1797 Minsterworth
STERRY Mary Charles STERRY/Sarah (F) C 18 Feb 1798 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Richard REAR(KEAR) (W) M 6 Jun 1819 Awre with Blakeney
STERREY Mary Thomas STERREY/Sarah (F) C 18 Apr 1830 Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STERREY Mary Ann George STERREY/Johanna (F) e C(B) 28 Dec 1806 Longhope
STERRY Mary Ann William STERRY/Ann (F) C 8 Sep 1822 Blakeney
STERRY Mary Ann Edward TURLEY (W) M 6 Feb 1844 Newland
STERRY Mary Anne William STERRY/Mary Anne (F) C 16 Dec 1821 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Anne Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 7 Aug 1836 Longney
STERRY Mary Hannah John STERRY/Eliza (F) C 22 Aug 1847 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Mary Jane Hillier John STERRY/Elizabeth(F) C 2 Oct 1870 Bream, Saint James
STERRY Mary Louisa Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 10 Oct 1841 Westbury on Severn
STIRRIE Michael John STIRRIE/Unknown (M) C 2 Oct 1557 Ruardean
STERREY Miles Jervis STERREY/Mary (M) C 15 Jul 1843 Newent
STERREY Mosella George STERREY/Mary (F) C 16 Oct 1805 Newent
STERRY Patience Samuel STERRY/Mary (F) C 7 Apr 1763 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Phebe Thomas STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 23 May 1768 Longhope
STERRY Priscilla Abraham STERRY/Mary (F) C 13 Dec 1789 Longney
STERRY Priscilla Daniel STERRY/Mary (F) C 11 Aug 1793 Longney
STERRY Prudence Joseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS(F) C(B) 20(23) Mar 1774 Longhope