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These counties did not have any STERRY entires: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Rutland or Westmoreland. Obvious errors and repetitions have been omitted.

$, e, > = Relatives Named in Source


Surname First Name Male/Female
Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, CeNsus, Will, Birth of First Child, Adult Christening, MiScellaneous Event Date Town Parish
STIRRIE Unknown John STIRRIE/Unknown (M) C 16 Apr 1541 Ruardean
STIRRYAbrahamThomas STIRRY/ Unknown (M)C18 Mar 1625Ruardean
STIRRY Abraham Richard STIRRY/Jane (M) C 28 Nov 1686 Longhope
STERRY Abraham Anne TURNER (H) M 21 Jan 1711 Newent
AbrahamAbraham STIRRY(STERRY)/Elizabeth (M) eC(B)18 Oct 1724Longhope
STERRYAbrahamSimon STERRY/Esther(M)C28 Oct 1750Longhope
STERRY Abraham John STERRY/Mary (M) C 30 Apr 1761 Blaisdon
STERRY Abraham Mary PRITCHARD (H) M 17 Dec 1787 Huntley
STERREYAlbert RidleyGeorge STERRY/Martha Elizabeth (M)C10 Jan 1858Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRYAlfredWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (M)C17 Feb 1815Westbury on Severn
STERRYAlfredWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (M)C26 Feb 1817Westbury on Severn
STERRYAlfredUnknown/Ann STERRY (M)C10 Sep 1837Westbury on Severn
STERRY Alfred Spouse: Julia/Unknown (M) B 1838 Little Dean
STERREYAmosThomas STERREY/Sarah (M)C23 Sep 1827Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STERRYAnnJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS (F) eB19 May 1756Huntley
STERRY Ann Spouse: Unknown (F) e B Abt 1757 Of Longhope
STERRY Ann Thos. STERRY/Sophia (F) C 7 Apr 1771 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Ann William STERRY/Ann (F) C 23 Nov 1773 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Ann John TOWNSEND (W) M 26 Aug 1783 Newent
STERRY Ann Thos. STERRY/Mary (F) C 19 Sep 1784 Blaisdon
STERRY Ann Charles STERRY/Sarah(F) C 30 Dec 1793 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Ann John JACKSON (W) M 13 Oct 1795 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Ann Thos. STERRY/Sarah (F) C 19 Aug 1798 Gloucester, St Michael
STERRY Ann Samuel STERRY/Ann (F) C 24 May 1812 Westbury on Severn
STERRYAnnUnknown/Esther STERRY (F)C2 Aug 1818Abinghall
STEARRYAnnThomas STEARRY/Mary (F)C6 Aug 1820Longney
STERRY Ann Joseph HIDE (W) M 17 May 1821 Awre with Blakeney
STERRYAnnWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (F)C31 Mar 1833Westbury on Severn
STERRYAnnWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (F)C8 Apr 1835Westbury on Severn
STERRY Ann William DUFFEY (W) M 20 Feb 1841 Flaxley
STERRY Ann John STERRY/Ann (F) C 26 Feb 1843 Blaisdon
STERRY Ann Richard STERRY/Eliza (F) C 6 May 1864 Lydney
STERRYAnneSpouse: Abraham STERRY/Unknown (F) eCAbt 1690Of Longhope
STERRY Anne John STERRY/Mary (F) C 29 Feb 1731 Blaisdon
STERRY Anne John STERRY/Mary (F) C 21 Aug 1754 Westbury on Severn
STERRYAnneJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth (F)C19 May 1756Huntley
STERY Anne Samuel STERY/Mary (F) C 19 Mar 1787 Tibberton
STIRRYAnneRichd STIRRY/Anne TOMEY (F)C27 Apr 1802Awre with Blakeney
STIRRY Anthony John STIRRI/Unknown(M) C 13 Jun 1546 Ruardean
STERRYBenjaminAbraham STERRY/Mary (M)C17 Aug 1755Westbury on Severn
STERRY Benjamin Abrm. STERRY/Mary (M) C 28 Feb 1802 Longney
STERRY Benjamin Rebecca DAVIES (H) M 5 Sep 1804 Dymock
STERRYCarolineRichard STERRY/Caroline (F)C2 Jan 1858Lydney
STERRYCharlesJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth (M)C13 Oct 1776Longhope
STERRY Charles George STERRY/Mary(M) C 22 Mar 1795 Newent
STERRY Charles Chas. STERRY/Sarah (M) C 18 Sep 1795 Westbury on Severn
STERREYCharlesJoseph STERREY/ Anna(M)C5 Oct 1800Longhope
STERRYCharlesJohn STERRY/Margery(M)C30 Jul 1820Tibberton
STERRYCharlesWilliam STERRY/Mary Ann (M)C9 Feb 1825Westbury on Severn
STERRYCharlesThomas STERRY/Mary(M)C10 Apr 1825Longney
STERRY Charles James STERRY/Eliza (M) C 12 Aug 1827 Taynton
STERRY Charles Thomas STERRY/Mary (M) C 16 May 1830 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Charles John STERRY/Eliza (M) C 23 Feb 1840 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Charles Hannah CONSTANCE (H) C 7 Oct 1846 Longhope
STERRY Charlotte George STERRY/Mary (F) C 21 Dec 1797 Newent
STERRY Comfort Jervis STERRY/Mary (F) C 10 Jun 1840 Newent
STERRY Daniel Samuel STERRY/Mary (M) C 4 Apr 1759 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Daniel Mary HARRIS (H) M 14 Oct 1781 Standish
STERRY Daniel Daniel STERRY/Mary (M) C 3 Jul 1803 Longney
STERRY Daniel Thomas STERRY/Mary (M) C 22 Mar 1818 Longney
STERRY Daniel Thomas STERRY/Charlotte (M) C 4 Mar 1854 Hardwicke
STERRY Elisabeth John PARSONS (W) M 1 Oct 1736 Blaisdon
ElizabethAbraham STIRRY(STERRY)/Elizabeth (F)C5 Jul 1727Longhope
STERRYEliz Richard STERRY/Eliz (F) C 6 Jan 1788 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Eliza Samuel SMITH (W) M 22 Jan 1833 Ashleworth
STERRY Eliza Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 17 Mar 1834 Longney
STERRY Eliza William STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 18 Jun 1837 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Eliza George STERRY/Martha (F) C 4 Jan 1852 Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRY Eliza Ashford William STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 7 Jun 1818 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Elizabeth Spouse: Abraham STERRY (F) e B Abt 1696 Of Longhope
STERREY Elizabeth Thomas STERREY/Sarah (F) C 10 Nov 1717 Abinghall
STERRY Elizabeth George STERRY/Elizabeth HAMPTON (F) e C 13 Oct 1722 Longhope
STERRYElizabethJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS (F)C8 Sep 1765Longhope(Newent)
STERRY Elizabeth John STERRY/Elizabeth (F) C 2 Mar 1777 Westbiry on Severn
STERYElizabethWm STERRY/Unknown (F)C8 Aug 1783Stroud, Old Meeting House Independent
STERRY Elizabeth Unknown/Elizabeth STERRY (F) C 27 Jun 1784 Taynton
STERRY Elizabeth John DAVIS (W) M 28 Oct 1788 Huntley
STERREYElizabethSamuel STERRY(1770)/Hannah ELLIS(F)C30 Sep 1798Longhope
ElizabethGeorge STERRY(STERREY)/Johanna (F)C28 Mar 1802Longhope
STERRY Elizabeth Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 21 Apr 1805 Newnham
STERRY Elizabeth Richard STERRY/Anne TOOMY (F) C 2 Aug 1807 Awre with Blakeney
STERRY Elizabeth Benjamin STERRY/Rebecca (F) C 3 Oct 1813 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Elizabeth Thomas BODNAM (W) M 28 May 1828 Awre with Blakeney
STERREY Elizabeth Thomas STERREY/Mary (F) C 31 Jul 1844 Newent
STERRY Elizabeth Thomas STERRY/Charlotte (F) C 16 Nov 1851 Hardwicke
STERRY Elizabeth Henry William WHEELER (W) M 24 Jul 1871 Hardwicke
STERRY Elizth John STERRY/Mary (F) C 1 Aug 1756 Westbury on Severn
STERREY Emanuel Hannah DEAKEN (H) M 30 Jan 1793 Newland
STERREY Emanuel Joseph STERREY/Anna (M) C 1 Jun 1806 Longhope
STERRY Emma Sophia William STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 24 Nov 1839 Westbury on Severn
STERREYErnestJames STERREY/Clara Ann Pockett (M)C4 Jun 1869Longhope, Mayhill
STERRYEstherSimon STERRY/Esther(Hester) DAN (F)C30 Jun 1756Longhope
STERRY Esther John STERRY/Mary (F) C 20 Apr 1758 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Esther Thos. STERRY/Sophia (F) C 2 Nov 1759 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Esther John JENKINS (W) M 28 Oct 1792 Hempstead
STERRY Esther Saml. STERRY/Mary (F) C 19 Sep 1795 Tibberton
STERRY Esther Abraham STERRY/Mary (F) C 27 Mar 1796 Longney
STERRY Fanny Unknown/Eliza STERRY (F) C 19 Apr 1851 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Francis William Unknown/Eliza STERRY (M) C 2 May 1852 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Geo Simon STERRY/Hester (M) C 19 Apr 1752 Longhope
STIRRI George John STIRRI/Unknown (M) C 1543 Ruardean
16(14) Jun(Jul) 1695Longhope
STERRY George Elizabeth HAMPTON (H) M 1 Nov 1717 Blaisdon
STERRY George Thos. STERRY/Eliz (M) C 27 Dec 1762 Longhope
STERRY George Joseph STERRY/Betty (M) C 10 Feb 1768 Longhope
STERREY George Spouse: Johannna/ (M) e B Abt 1776 Of Longhope
STERRY George Abraham STERRY/Mary (M) C 21 Aug 1785 Longney
STERRY George Daniel STERRY/Mary (M) C 9 Oct 1785 Longney
STERRYGeorgeThomas STERRY/Mary (M)C22 Jul(5 Aug)(16 Sep) 1787Blaisdon
STERRY George Samuel STERRY/Mary (M) C 27 Aug 1788 Tibberton
STERRY George James STERRY/Sarah (M) C 11Apr 1824 Tewkesbury
STERRY George William STERRY/Hannah (M) C 4 Dec 1825 Longney
STERRY George Thomas STERRY/Sarah (M) C 2 Sep 1832 Mitcheldean, Independent-NC
STERRY George James STERRY/Eliza (M) C 7 Oct 1832 Taynton
STERRY George Jervis STERRY/Mary (M) C 5 Apr 1833 Newent
STERRYGeorgeGeorge STERRY/Martha Elizabeth (M)C8 Apr 1855Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRY Hanna William STERRY/Unknown (F) C 29 Dec 1771 Great Witcombe
STERRYHannahGeorge STERRY/Elizabeth HAMPTON (F) eBAbt 1723Longhope
STERRYHannahJoseph STERRY/Elizabeth PHILLIPS(F) eC(B)27 Feb 1763Longhope
STERRY Hannah John STERRY/Mary (F) C 15 Jul 1764 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Hannah STERREY/Ann STERRY (F) e B 11 Jul 1779 Longhope
STERRY Hannah Daniel STERRY/Mary (F) C 6 May 1787 Longney
STERRY Hannah Abraham STERRY/Mary (F) C 15 Jun 1788 Longney
STERRY Hannah Thomas Betton (W) M 19 Jan 1795 Newent
STERRYHannahSamuel STERRY/Hannah ELLIS (F) eC(B)21 Feb 1795(1796)Longhope
STERRY Hannah George RUDGE (W) M 23 Jan 1803 Newent
STERREY Hannah George STERREY/Sarah (F) C 17 Apr 1805 Newent
STERRY Hannah Unknown/Mary STERRY (F) C 30 Mar 1806 Longney
STERRY Hannah Jervis STERRY/Mary (F) C 4 May 1838 Newent
STERRYHannah GardnerUnknown/Jane STERRY (F)C28 Feb 1794Huntley
STERRYHannah MariaGeorge STERRY/Martha Elizabeth (F)C3 Jul 1853Gloucester, Saint Nicholas
STERRY Harriett William STERRY/Mary Ann (F) C 28 Sep 1826 Westbury on Severn
STERREY Harriott Unknown/Maria STERREY (F) C 8 Aug 1813 Taynton
STERREY Henry Richard STERREY/Eliza (M) C 8 Mar 1864 Lydney
STERY Hester Saml. STERY/Mary (F) C 29 Nov 1761 Westbury on Severn
STERRY Hester Thomas STERRY/Mary (F) C 10 Jan 1795 Newnham