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(Edited by David Vaisey, Oxford University Press, 1985)

A Richard Sterry, an "oil-man" or "oil and colorman" of Southwark, Surrey supplied the shop of Thomas Turner, shopkeeper of Easse Hoathby, Sussex and he appears several times in the diary. Thomas Turner seems to have been quite friendly with Richard Sterry from whom he received a letter describing a fire on London Bridge in 1758. Thomas also supped and stayed the night with Richard Sterry when he went up to London to pay his bills and select further goods for his shop.

(Information kindly supplied by Rose Hatch of Southampton, England from correspondence with Ann Winser of East Sussex, England.)

And further correspondence on this subject kindly supplied by Ann Winser of East Sussex, England received 21st September, 1997:

"My ancestor, Edward WINSER (1744-1829) was a grocer and draper of Tenterden, Kent.  He sold other things as well. In 1781 a Richard Sterry, "oilman" of 156 Borough High St was one of Edward's suppliers.  Borough High St is just south of London Bridge.  Richard was succeeded by Anthony Sterry (presumeably his son) in 1783.  He was still an oil man at 156 Borough High St in 1793.  Richard Sterry must have had the same business in the same place for quite a number of years as he was supplying another shopkeeper, Thomas TURNER, of East Hoathly, East Sussex in 1758.  Thomas Turner seems to have been on friendly terms with him, as he sometimes stayed overnight with him when he went up to London to pay his bills and select more goods for his shop.  In 1758 he received a letter from Richard Sterry, describing a fire on London bridge."

Edward Winser kept an accounts book which is still in the family's possession. The Diary of Thomas Turner, 1754-1765, ed. David Vaisley, has more recently been re-published by CTR Publishing, East Hoathly, 1994 ISBN 0-9524516-0-3.  There are several references to Richard Sterry in this diary.