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Ampney Crucis
+Mill House (RG12/2034/4)
John Sterry, Head, 68, Miller, born Longhope Gou
Emma Sterry, Wife, 69, born Cheltenham Glou
Robert Sterry, Son, S, 31, Miller's Assistant, born Ampney Crucis Glou

(Parish of St James & St Paul)
41 Belmont Rd (RG12/1973/26)
+Sophia Sterry, Serv, 14, General Servant, born Bedminster Somerset (Emily Sophia d. Charles William and Elizabeth Ann Sterry)
(With John Rattenbury, Commercial Traveller and family)

+Straits Hill House (RG12/2023/114)
Emmanuel Sterry, Head, 52, General Dealer and Haulier, born Longhole(sic) Glou
Annie E Sterry, Wife, 48, Laundress, born Dauncey Wiltshire
William Sterry, Son, S, 24, Father's Help, born Stroud Glou
Jane E Sterry, Daur, S, 20, Dressmaker, born Chalford Glou

+16 Selkirk St (RG12/2043/112)
Francis W Sterry, Head, 37, Newpaper Reporter, born Rodley Glou
Clara Ann Sterry, Wife, 31, born Gloucester Glou
Frank Wm Sterry, Son, 9, Scholar, born Gloucester Glou
Clara M Sterry, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Gloucester Glou
Mignon A Sterry, Daur, 11mo, born Cheltenham Glou

+62 Burton St (RG12/2047/138)
Elizabeth Sterry, Head, Wid, 74, born Longhope Glou
Thomas Sterry, Grand son, 8, born Cheltenham Glou

+Abbey Rd (RG12/2006/84)
John Sterry, Head, 38, Coal Miner, born Drybrook Glou
Elizth Sterry, Wife, 31, born East Dean Glou
Miles J Sterry, Son, 6, Scholar, born East Dean Glou
Eva M Sterry, Daur, 4, born East Dean Glou
Frank Sterry, Son, 2, born East Dean Glou
Ada Sterry, Daur, 1, born Cinderford Glou

+Furnaces (RG12/2005/90)
Jacob Sterry, Head, 30, Labourer, born Drybrook Glou
Hannah Sterry, Wife, 30, born Newport Monmouthshire
Albert Sterry, Son, 6, born Cinderford Glou
Sarah E Sterry, Dau, 4, born Cinderford Glou
Maud Sterry, Dau, 2, born Cinderford Glou

+Church Road (Union Terrace) (RG12/2005/72)
Emanuel Sterry, Head, 45, Insurance Agent, born Longhope Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 40, born Walford Herefordshire
Mary Sterry, Daur, S, 19, born Walford Herefordshire
William H Sterry, Son, S, 17, Insurance Agent, born Bristol
Minnie E Sterry, Daur, Scholar, 11, born Bristol
Charles F Sterry, Son, Scholar, 8, born Bristol
Kate Sterry, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Bristol

Allen Sterry, Head, 27, Coal Miner, born Longhope Glou
Annie Sterry, Wife, 25, born Herefordshire
Florence Sterry, Daur, 4, born Drybrook Glou
Lily Sterry, Daur, 3, born Drybrook Glou
John Sterry, Son, 10 mo., born Drybrook Glou

East Dean
+Puddle Brook (RG12/2004/70)
Henry Sterry, Head, 29, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Ursula Sterry, Wife, 27, born East Dean Glou
Arthur Sterry, Son, 6, Scholar, born East Dean Glou
Ada Sterry, Daur, 2wks, born East Dean Glou

+Stenders (RG12/2004/70)
George Roberts, Head, 58, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Mary Ann Sterry, Wife, 56, born Whitchurch Herefordshire
Alfred Roberts, Son, S, 19, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Hannah Bia Roberts, Daur, 16, born East Dean Glou
Lily Roberts, Daur, 13, born East Dean Glou
William Roberts, Grandson, S, 18, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Clotilda Sterry, Grand daur, 7, born East Dean Glou
Frederick Sterry, Grand son, 4, born East Dean Glou
Jenny Guest, Grand daur, 5, born East Dean Glou

+Stenders (RG12/2004/70)
Charles Sterry, Head, 56, Quarry Labourer, born Longhope Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 55, born Huntley Glou
Leonard Sterry, Son, 18, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Owen Sterry, Son , 16, Coal Miner, born East Dean
Isaac Sterry, Son, 12, Scholar, born East Dean
Lambert Sterry, Grandson, 13, Scholar, born East Dean

+Hazel Hill (RG12/2004/69)
Isaac Sterry, Head, 43, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Maria Sterry, Wife, 35, born Longhope Glou
Rose H Sterry, Daur, 12, born Baggillt Flintshire Wales
Gertrude Sterry, Daur, 10, born East Dean Glou
Seth Seba Sterry, Son, 9, born East Dean Glou
Maude Sterry, Daur, 6, born East Dean Glou
Olive May Sterry, Daur, 4, born East Dean Glou
Elizabeth E Sterry, Daur, 3, born East Dean Glou
Ernest G Sterry, Son, 1, born East Dean Glou

+Wigpool, Lea Bailey Cottage (RG12/2004/62)
George Sterry, Head, 58, Farmer, born East Dean Glou
Jane Sterry, Wife, 54, born Okengates Salop
Leah Sterry, Dau, S, 21, born Wolverhampton Staffordshire

Gloucester City
(Parish Barton St Mary)
+30 Barton St (RG12/2016/85)
William Sterry, Head, 57, Joiner & Undertaker, born Gloucester
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 51, Clothes Dealer, born Linton Herefordshire
Ada A Sterry, Daur, Single, 17, born Westbury on Severn Glou
George Sterry, Son, 13, Scholar, born Gloucester
Harry Sterry, Son, 18, Scholar, born Gloucester

(Parish Barton St Mary)
**52 Lower Barton Sq (RG12/2017/38)
John Sterry, Head, 50, Grocer, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Charlotte Sterry, Wife, 48, born Kintbury Berkshire

(Parish Barton St Mary)
+15 Magdala Terrace (RG12/2017/18)
Maria Sterry, Head, M, 32, Living on own means, born Gloucester
Florence Sterry, Daur, 10, Scholar, born Gloucester
Lilian Sterry, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Gloucester
Mabel Sterry, Daur, 4, Scholar, born Gloucester
Albert Sterry, Son, 1, born Gloucester
Richard Smith, Boarder, Widr, 27, Joiner, born Gloucester

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
+5 Moreton St (RG12/2018/81)
Albert Sterry, Head, 36, Shoemaker, born Gloucester
Emily Sterry, Wife, 35, born Gloucester
Maud Sterry, Daur, 5, born Gloucester
Emily Sterry, Daur, 1 month, born Gloucester

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
+180 Barton St (RG12/2017/82)
John Sterry Head, 47, Railway Carriage & WagonFitter, born Rodley Westbury Glou
Fanny E Sterry, Wife, 45, born Gloucester
Frances E S Sterry, Daur, S, 20, Dressmaker, born Gloucester
Albert J Sterry, Son, S, 18, Machine Fitter, born Gloucester
Chas W H Sterry, Son, Single, 17, Painter & Paper Hanger, born Gloucester
Beatrice M M Sterry, Dau, Single, 15, Dressmaker's Apprentice, born Gloucester

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
+16 Kings Barton St (RG12/2016/84)
George F Sterry, Head, 26, Foreman, born Gloucester
Kate Sterry. Wife, 26, born Gloucester
Elizth Sterry, Daur, 9mo, born Gloucester

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
63 Napier St (RG12/2016/122)
Charles M Heard, Head, 32, Plumber & Gas Fitter, born Dover Kent
Annie Heard, Wife, 35, born Burton on Trent (Staffs)
Dorothy May Heard, Daur, 2, born Gloucester
Charles A Heard, Son, 3mo, born Gloucester
Eliza Sterry, Visitor, Widow, 60, born Rodley Glou

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
+Frome Villas Jersey Rd (RG12/2017/13)
William Wallace Sterry, Head, 34, Railway Engine Driver, born Frome Somersetshire
Fanny Sterry, Wife, 40, born Gloucester
William Moreton Sterry, Son, 9, born Gloucester
Wilfred Harold Sterry, Son, 8, born Gloucester
Ethel Louisa May Sterry, Daur, 6, born Gloucester
Elizabeth Gladys Sterry, Daur, 2, born Gloucester

(Parish of Barton St Mary)
25 Moreton St (RG12/2018/80)
+William Sterry, Lodger, S, 31, General Labourer, born Gloucester
(With George Brading, Corn Porter and family)

(Parish of St Catherine)
+Deans Walk (RG12/2012/93)
George Sterry, Head, 65, Gardner, born Longney Glou
Martha E Sterry, Wife, 62, born Harescombe Glou
Owen James, Grandson, 8, born Kingsbury Neasden Middlesex
Hannah Wood, Boarder, Widow, 70, born Moreton Valence

(Parish Gloucester St Michael)
+42 Eastgate Street (RG12/2014/36)
Elizabeth Wheeler, Head, wid, 39, Bootmaker, born Hardwicke Glou
Charlotte Sterry, Mother, wid, 72, Surviving on own means, born Longney Glou
Ada A Wheeler, Dau, single, 18, Shop assistant, born Edwardstones Suffolk
Violet E Wheeler, 16, single, scholar, born Hardwicke Glou

(Parish Gloucester St Michael)
10 Queen St (RG12/2014/44)
Mary Bond, Head, Widow, 49, Dress Milliner, born Abingdon Berkshire
+Louisa Sterry, Boarder, 13, Apprentice Dress Milliner, born Gloucester

(Parish of Gloucester St Michael)
+Bell Lane
Frederick T Sterry, Head, 48, Widr, Carpenter, born Gloucester Glou
Edgar T Sterry, Son, 19, Single, Carpenter, born Gloucester Glou
Agnes L Sterry, Daur, 17, S, born Gloucester Glou
Stanley L Sterry, Son, 8, Scholar, born Gloucester Glou
Norah E Sterry, Daur, 7, born Gloucester Glou

(Parish St John the Baptist)
+29 Alvin St (RG12/2014/105)
George Sterry, Head, Widr, 58, Boot & Shoe Maker, born Newent Glou
Kate Sterry, Daur, S, 23, Dressmaker, born Gloucester Glo
Edward F Sterry, Son, S, 20, Student St Pauls College Cheltenham, born Gloucester Glou

+(Parish of South Hamlet) (RG12/2016/36)
Robinhood St
Benoni Sterry, Head, 53, Carpenter, born Gloucester
Maria Sterry, Wife, 53, born Essex

Hay Lane
Edwin Pinnell, Head, 38, Ag Lab, born Sutgrove Glou
Kate Pinnell, Wife, 25, born Taynton Glou
Charles Pinnell, Son, 16, Ag Lab, born Avening Glou
Arthur Pinnell, Son, 11, Ag Lab, born Avening Glou
Florence Pinnell, Daur, 11, born Avening Glou
Herbert Pinnell, Son, 7, born Horsley Glou
Francis Pinnell, Son, 5, born Horsley
+Ernest Sterry, Step son, 10mo, born Horsley

Little Northend Farm (RG12/2007/80)
+Elizabeth A Sterry, Serv, S, 15, General Servant (Domestic), born Huntley Glou
(With Robert Eacott, Farmer, and family)

+Cottage (RG12/2007/77)
John Sterry, Head, 64, Painter and Glazier, born Blaisdon Glou
Patience Sterry, Wife, 63, born Longhope Glou

+Cottage (RG12/2007/77)
Samuel Sterry, Head, Widr, 66, Carpenter, born Blaisdon Glou
Elizabeth Clarke, Niece, S, 36, Seamstress, born Huntley Glou

+Cottage (RG12/2007/77)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 38, Ag Lab, born Huntley Glou
Elizabeth Sterrey Wife, 36, born Longhope Glou
Alice S Sterrey, Daur, 12, born Huntley Glou
Eva E Sterrey, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Huntley Glou
William C Sterrey, Son, 7, Scholar, born Huntley Glou
Stephen J Sterrey, Son, 3, born Huntley Glou (Presumeably Owen James)
Leslie F B Sterrey, Son, 1, born Huntley Glou

Children's Hospital (RG12/2011/13)
+Kate Sterry, Patient, 3, born Gloucester

+Dursley Cross (RG12/2007/58)
James Sterrey, Head, Widr, 61, Ag Lab, born Longhope Glou
Eli Sterrey, Son, S, 23, born Taynton Glou, Crippled from childhood
Ernest Sterrey, Son, S, 21, Farm Servant, born Longhope
Alice Sterrey, Daur, S, 19, Domestic, born Taynton Glou
Ellen Sterrey, Daur, 13, born Longhope Glou
Walter Sterrey, Son, 11, born Longhope Glou
Emily Sterrey, Daur, 8, born Longhope Glou
Mabel Sterrey, Daur, 4, born Longhope Glou
Stella Sterrey, Daur, 2, born Longhope Glou

+Dursley Cross (RG12/2007/58)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 64, Farmer, born Taynton Glou
Mary Ann Sterrey, Wife, 59, born Pansele(?) Herefordshire
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daur, 36, Domestic, born Longhope Glou

+Little London (RG12/2007/53)
Henry Sterrey, Head, 42, Labourer, born Huntley Glou
Ann Sterrey, Wife, 37, born Blaisdon Glou
James Henry Sterrey, Son, 13, born Longhope Glou
Thomas Sterrey, Son, 10, born Longhope Glou
Ada Elizabeth Sterrey, Daur, 8, born Longhope Glou
Albert John Sterrey, Son, 5, born Longhope Glou
Ernest Frederick Sterrey, Son, 3, born Longhope Glou
Albert Evan Sterrey, Son, 8mo, born Longhope Glou

+Little London (RG12/2007/53)
Ann Sterrey, Head, Wid, 71, Living on own means, born Upleadon Glou
John Sterrey, Son, S, 34, Labourer, born Huntley Glo
Sarah Sterrey, Daur, S, 28, born Huntley Glo

Mitchedean Rd
Marshes Farm (RG12/2007/67)
+Ann Sterrey, Serv, Wid, 71, Servant Domestic, born Longhope Glou
(With Sarah Barry, Wid, Farmer)

+Slad (RG12/2007/58)
John Sterrey, Head, 40, Ag Labourer, born Huntley Glou
Harriett Sterrey, Wife, 33, born Longhope Glou
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daur, 14, born Longhope Glou
William Sterrey, Son, 7, born Longhope Glou
Oliver Frank Sterrey, Son, 3, born Longhope Glou

+Slad (RG12/2007/58)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 64, Rate Collector, born Longhope Glou
Hannah Sterrey, Wife, 76, born Longhope Glou
Charles Sterrey, Son, S, 35, Carrier, born Longhope Glou
Anna Sterrey, Daur, S, 33, born Longhope Glou

+Dursley Cross (RG12/2007/57)
George Sterrey, Head, 52, Farmer, born Longhope Glou
Patience Sterrey, Wife, 59, born Longhope Glou
Leonard G Sterrey, Son, 14, born Longhope Glou
Gertrude Emily Sterrey, Daur, 12, born Longhope Glou
Wallace Charles Sterrey, Son, 19, born Longhope Glou
Henry Francis, Son, 9, born Longhope Glou
Florence Alice Sterrey, Daur, 6, born Longhope Glou
Herbert(sic) Sterrey, Son, 3, born Longhope Glou
John Marshall, Boarder, S, 45, born Longhope Glou

+North Cottage
Mitchedean Rd (RG12/2007/66)
John Sterrey, Head, 63, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glou
Lydia Sterrey, Wife, 39, born Linton Herefordshire

^^Primrose Hill (RG12/4337/40)
William Sterry, Head, 37, Labourer at Tinworks, born Lydney Glos
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 34, born Lydney Glos
Anne Sterry, Daur, 14, born Lydney Glos
Richard Sterry, Son, 12, Scholar, born Lydney Glos
William Sterry, Son, 10, Scholar, born Lydney Glos
Matilda Sterry, Daur, 8, born Lydney Glos
Henry Sterry, Son, 6, born Lydney Glos
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, 3, born Lydney Glos
Rose Sterry, Daur, 17mo, born Lydney Glos

^^Newern Abert St (RG12/4337/65)
Henry Sterry, Head, 27, Carpenter, born Lydney Glou
Clara Sterry, Wife, 27, born Lydney Glou
Arthur Sterry, Son, 5, born Lydney Glou
Frances Sterry, Daur, 3, born Lydney Glou
Florence Sterry, Daur, 1, born Lydney Glou

Nagshead (near Avening)
Alfred J Williams, Head, 30, Ag Lab, born Rodmarton Glou
Fanny Williams, Wife, 33, born Ampney Crucis Glou
Alfred Williams, Son, 3, born Rodmarton Glou
Sidney Wiliams, Son, 1, born Avening
Emma Sterry, Step sister, S, 39, born Gloucester

William Sterry, Head, 55, Thatcher, born Clifford's Mesne Glou
Mary A Sterry, Wife, 57, born Clifford's Mesne Glou

Plump Hill (East Dean)
Charles Sterry, Head, Single, 40, Iron Ore Miner, born Longhope Glou
John Sterry, Father, Widr, 67, Agricultural Labourer, born Longhope Glou

+Mosse Lane (RG12/2056/99)
Hubert Sterry, Head, 23, Col Miner, born The Stenders Glou
Fanny Sterry, Wife, 23, born Wigpool Glou
Edith Sterry, Daur, 1, born Ruardean Glou

United Almshouses (RG12/2010/86)
+Mary Sterry, Inmate, Widow, 79, born Gloucester (nee Gardiner, wife of William Walter Sterry)

+1 Alfred St (RG12/2010/115)
William Sterrey, Head, 67, Retired Station Master, born Ross Hereford
Ann Sterrey, Wife, 63, born Elmore Glou
John Gilbert Sterrey, Son, Married, 26, Railway Fireman, born Kilmersdon Somerset
Rhoda Sterrey, Daur in law, Married, 27, born Wolverton Somerset

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line