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#Beddn Lane (RG10/852/22)
Arthur Sterry, Head, 32, Barrister in Practice, born Upminster Essex
Anna Gertrude Sterry, Wife, 24, born Streatham Surrey
Gertrude Edith Sterry, Daur, 2, born Beddington Surrey
Eliza Allen, Servant, unm, 29, Nurse Domestic, born Stafford Staffordshire
Eliza Brunson, Servant, unm, 26, Cook, born Poltimore Devon
Sophia Stonebon, Servant, unm, 25, Housemaid, born Chardstock Dorset

Bramley Hill
Rose Mount (RG10/840/120)
#Priscilla Sterry, Head, unm, 43, Annuitant, born Peckham Surrey
Charlotte Gearing, Serv, unm, 54, Cook, born Chailey Sussex
Ann Snelling, Serv, unm, 24, Housemaid, born Croydon Surrey

#London Road (RG10/799/91)
Woodgate Villa
Arthur C Sterry, Head, 36, Paraffin Wax and Oil Refiner employing 12 men and 1 boy, born Southwark Surrey
Eleanor B Sterry, Wife, 31, born Camberwell Surrey
Eleanor S Sterry, Daur, 2, born Ewell Surrey
Ada S Sterry, Daur, 1, born Ewell Surrey
Margaret S Sterry, Daur, 6mo, born Ewell Surrey
Alice Ford, Sister in law, unm, 19, born Camberwell Surrey
Mary Rowley, Serv, unm, 22, Nurse, born Ewell Surrey

#Dell Croft (RG10/835/71)
John Sterrey, Head, 65, Retired Merchant, born Leyton Essex
Emma P Sterrey, Wife, 32, born London Middlesex
John Sterrey, Son, 1, born Nutfield Surrey
Emma Leddeard, Serv, unm, 32, born Teddington Gloucester
Eleanor Harrison, Serv, unm, 31, born Cambridge Cam

Carlton Grove
9 Clyde Terrace (RG10/734/34)
Elizabeth A Sterry, Visr, unm, 20, born New York America
(With Robert Lister, Bricklayer & Builder, and family)

#15 Rye Common (RG10/732/109)
Jos[ep]h Sterry, Head, 71, Medical Plaster Manufacturer employing three men, born Bardfield Essex
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 71, born Battersea
Jno Sterry, Son, unm, 29, Oil Refiner, born Southwark
Emma Stragnell, Serv, unm, 45, Housemaid, born Bermondsey
Hannah Linsell, Serv, unm, 28, Cook, born Colchester

Rotherhithe (parish)
**Paradise Place (RG10/645/69)
William Sterry, Head, 69, Green Grocer, born St Martin the Fields Westminster
Hannah Sterry, Wife, 69, born Bermondsey Surrey

Southampton St Mary
**1 Chapel Rd
John W Sterry, Head, 32, Foreman S Dock Company, born Rotherhithe Miidelsex
Ann Sterry, Wife, 30, Spitalfield Middlesex
Ann J Sterry, Dau, 2, Southampton Hants
Gertrude M Sterry, Dau, 1, born Soutampton Hants
Jamima[?] J Sterry, Mother, Widow, 65, Annuitant, born Sandwich Kent

**25 Gum St
Henry Sterry, Head, 30, Dealer, born Christchurch
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 32 , born Christchurch
Samuel Sterry, Son, 12, born Christchurch
Mary A Sterry, Daur, 10, born Christchurch
Carry Sterry, Daur, 8, born Christchurch
Eliza Sterry, Daur, 6, born Christchurch
Teddy Sterry, Son, 5, born Christchurch
Harry Sterry, Son, 4, born Christchurch
Charley Sterry, Son, 6mo, born [not stated]

#Eastbury (RG10/719/38)
Henry Sterry, Head, 69, Justice of the Peace, born Bermondsey Surrey
Jane Sterry, Wife, 47, Marylebone Middlesex
George F Robinson, Son, unm, 21, Student at law, born Bermondsey Surrey
Alice M Robinson, Daur, unm, 18, born Bermondsey Surrey
Charles E Robinson, Son, unm, 15, Scholar, born Bermondsey Surrey
Edith Robinson, Daur, unm, 14, born born Southwark Surrey
Maud Robinson, Daur, 12, born Southwark Surrey
and four servants

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line