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Southern Division (Coosa County)
Alabama State Prison
E P Sterry, aged 55, Blk Smith, born Connecticut, Arson


Bozrah (New London County)
Robert Sterry, 57, Farmer, born Connecticut
Value Estate Real $1300, Personal $340
Selby M Sterry, 53, Housekeeper, born Connecticut
Chas Sterry, 29, born Connecticut
Annie Sterry, 18, born New York
Rebecca Sterry, 22, born Connecticut
Elizabeth Sterry, 21,born Connecticut
Albert Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
Robert P Sterry, 11, born Connecticut

Bozrah (New London County)
George C Sterry, 46, Engineer, born Connecticut
Mary Sterry, 49, Housekeeper, born Rhode Island
Martha J Sterry, 23, Domestic, born Connecticut
Geo W Sterry, 21, Labourer, born Connecticut
Mary Sterry, 19, born Connecticut, Idiot
De Wit C Sterry, 15, born Connecticut
Frances Sterry, 13, born Connecticut
Sherwood R Sterry, 7, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Groton (New London County)
William R Sterry, 46, Mariner, born Groton Connecticut
Value of Estate Real $100, Personal $1400
Prudence Sterry, 58, born Groton Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Groton (New London County)
%%Celia E Sterry, 13, born Groton Connecticut (With Coddington Holdridge, Farmer and family. Next door to Wm R Sterry, 46, Mariner and Prudence)

Kent (Litchfield County)
(M653_81/294 )
%%Ferdinand Sterry, 14, born Connecticut (With Edward Laine, Farmer and family)

Kent (Litchfield County)
(M653_81/294 )
%%Issabella Sterry, 15, born Connecticut (With James Hayes, Mason and family. On same page as entry above.)

Kent (Litchfield County)
%%George Sterry, 18, Farm Labourer, born New York (With Theron Richmond, Farm labourer and family)

Kent (Litchfield County)
%%Harry Sterry, 21, Collier, born Connecticut (With Lewis Morey, Collier and family)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Kent (Litchfield County)
John Sterry, 33, Master Mariner, born New York
Value Estate Real $300, Personal $400
Desdemona Sterry, 26, born Connecticut

New London (New London)
Paoli Sterry, 64, Seaman, born Connecticut
Value Estate Personal $75
Hannah Sterry, 57, born Connecticut
Henry Sterry, 22, Foundry, born Connecticut
Alvin Sterry, 21, Foundry, born Connecticut
Phineas Sterry, 16, App Sail Maker, born Connecticut
Wm Thorp, 36, Seaman, born Ct
Emeline Thorp, 30, born Ct
Melissa Thorp, 8, born Ct
Emma Thorp, 6, born Ct

New London (New London County)
%%Thos Sterry, 33, Fisherman, born Connecticut
Value Estate Real $700 Personal $75
Leona Sterry, 28, born Connecticut
Mary E Sterry, 9, born Connecticut
Oliver A Sterry, 7, born Connecticut
Abby E Sterry, 5, born Connecticut (female)

New London (New London County)
Augusta M Gardner, 63, born Connecticut [Value of Estate Real] $1700 [Personal] $200
Jas Sterry, 22, Clerk, born Connecticut
John Haskins, 31, Farmer, born Connecticut
Ellin Haskins, 30, born Connecticut
Mary E Haskins, 4, born Connecticut
Rosa M Haskins, 7mths, born Connecticut

Norwich (New London County)
Louisa Sterry, 18, Operator, born Connecticut (In Boarding House with others)

Norwich (New London County)
John Sterry, 27, Book Keeper, born Connecticut
Value Estate Personal $800
Louisa Sterry, 29, House keeper, born Connecticut
Humce(?) I Sterry, 6, born Connecticut
Alice W Sterry, 3, born Connecticut
Thomas H Sterry, 11mths, born Connecticut (next door to family below)

Norwich (New London County)
Edward A Sterry, 49, Faucet Manufacturer, born Connecticut
Estate Value Real $4000 Personal $1200
Catherine Sterry, 47(?), Housekeeper, born Connecticut
Geo E Sterry, 22, Druggist, born Connecticut
Estate Value Personal $300
Frank W Sterry, 20, Druggist, born Connecticut
Tully W Sterry, 18, Scholar, born Connecticut
Carrie Sterry, 14, born Connecticut
Maria Kelly, 15, Domestic, born Connecticut (next door to family below)

Norwich (New London County)
William P Sterry, 40, Engineer, born Connecticut
Value Estate Real $1500, Personal $150
Nancy E Sterry, 38, Housekeeper,born Connecticut
Value Estate Personal Real $700
Ferdinand E Sterry, 3, born Connecticut

Norwich (New London County)
%%Charles Sterry, 25, Printer, born Connecticut (With Augustus Hyde, 58, Farmer and family)

Norwich (New London County)
Thomas Sterry, 26, Engineer, born Connecticut
Julia Sterry, 20, Housekeeper, born Connecticut (With David Moore, Ice Dealer and family)

Norwich (New London County)
%%Myron Sterry, 17, Carpenter, born Massachusetts (With Sydney Risley, Potter and family)

Norwich (New London County)
James M Sterry, Machinist, 49, born Connecticut
Estate Value Real $300, Personal $300
Eliza Sterry, 49, born Connecticut
Thomas N Sterry, 27, Engineer, born Connecticut
Estate Value Real $300
Juliett Sterry, 20, born Connecticut
Happy C Champlin, 17, Student, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Tolland (Tolland County)
Samuel Sterry, 33, Shoe Maker, born Connecticut
Value estate Real:$800, Personal $300
Harriet Sterry, 33, born Connecticut
Charles Sterry, 7, born Connecticut

Barnes District (Dekalb County)
Moses R Sterrey, 33, Farmer, born Georgia
(Value Real Estate $1400, Personal $1400)
Mary Sterrey, 30, Domestic, born Georgia
Henry D Sterrey, 7, born Georgia
John C Sterrey, 5, born Georgia
Josiah J Sterrey, 4, born Georgia
Sarah S Sterrey, 2, born Georgia

Ellisville Village (Fulton County)
%%Cathrine Sterry, 52, born Massachusetts. (With Franklin and Mary Miller, Day Labour)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Dixon (Lee County)
Christian Sterry, (male), 65, born Maryland
Henry Sterry, 25, Farmer, born Maryland (Value Estate Personal $550)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Esmond (Livingstone County)
Christopher W Sterry, 34, Farmer, born Maine
Value Estate Real $3000, Personal $625
Amanda M Sterry, 23, born Ohio
Amanda M Sterry, 1yr 2mths, born Illinois
Wm A Brown, 17, Farm Labour, born Ohio

Milo (Bureau County)
%%Mary Stery, 74, born Rhode Island (With Steinhance family)

Edinburgh (Johnson County)
%%Silas C Sterry, 39, Waggon Maker, born New York
Value Estate Personal $100
Marion Sterry, 29, born Connecticut
Addie L Sterry, 7, born Indiana
Emily Sterry, 5, born Indiana
Harry D Sterry, 3, born Indiana
Cornelia Sterry, 4mths, born Indiana
Nancy Edwards, 34, Servant, born Indiana
John Cutsinger, 18, Day Laborer, born Indiana
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Madison (Jefferson County)
Jackson Sterry, 30, Farm, born V Y(?) (With Mervin Prindle & family)

New Orleans, 2nd Ward (Orleans Parish County)
+++John Sterry, 50, Broker, born Maine
Estate Value Real $60,000, Personal $400
Mrs Eliza Whidden, 35, born New Hampshire
Julia Whidden, 18, born New Hampshire
John Whidden, 14, born Newx Hampshire

New Orleans, 2nd Ward (Orleans Parish County)
Charlotte De Shon, 41, born Louisiana
Estate Value Personal $25
William Sterry, 27, Barber, born Louisiana
Virginia Sterry, 20, born Louisiana
(Source: Ancestry.com)

New Orleans, 11th Ward (Orleans Parish County)
N Sterry
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Starks (Somerset County)
David Sterry, 44, Farmer, born Maine
Value Estate Real $1000, Personal $445
Hannah Sterry, 42, born Maine
Albert Sterry, 23, Farm Laborer, born Maine
Value Estate Personal $100
Merron Sterry, 20, Domestic, born Maine
Eliza Sterry, 18, born Maine
Carosanda Sterry, 16, born Maine
Rose Sterry, 14, born Maine
Sophia Sterry, 12, born Maine
Mark Sterry, 10, born Maine
David Sterry, 6, born Maine
Phebe Sterry, 3, born Maine
Henry Sterry, 1, born Maine

Starks (Somerset County)
Edward L Sterry, 74, Farmer, born Maine
Estate Value Real $1800, Personal $357
Phebe Sterry, 70, born Massachusetts (next door to entry below)

Starks (Somerset County)
Edward L Jr Sterry, 41, Farmer, born Maine
Value Estate Real $300. Personal $150
Hannah Sterry, 38, born Maine
Sarah Sterry, 18, Domestic, born Maine
Hannah Sterry, 16, born Maine, Idiotic
Charles Sterry, 13, born Maine
Llewellyn Sterry, 11, born Maine
Tamar Sterry, 4, born Maine
John Sterry, 4, born Maine
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Westbrook (Cumberland County)
+++Meron?(Mira M?) Sterry, 18, Domestic, born Maine (With Benjamin G Arne, Teacher Academy & family)

Boston (Suffolk County)
Ward 10
Charles W Sterry, 43, Counsellor, born New Hampshire
Value Estate Real $6,200, Personal $2000
Elizabeth M Sterry, 43, born Massachusetts
Morrfield(?) Sterry, (male), 15, born Massachusetts
Marvana(?) F Sterry, (female), 8, born Massachusetts
Susan T Sterry, 8, born Massachusetts
Mary A Morefield, 40, born Massachusetts
Value Estate Personal $600
Ellen Dunn, 20, Domestic, born Ireland

Malden (Middlesex County)
Norris D Sterry, 25, Rubber Cutter, born Connecticut
Sarah Sterry, 22, born Scotland
Lavina Sterry, 7mths, born Massachusetts

Newton (Middlesex County)
Anna Sterry, 70, born Massachusetts (With Ann M Carginn & family)

Lake City (Wabasha County)
Dewitt C Sterry, 45, Cong. Clergyman, born Connecticut
Value Estate Real $1700, Personal $200
Alvina Sterry, 40, born Ohio
Clinton Sterry, 16, Student, born Connecticut
Ava Sterry, 7, born Connecticut
(Source: Ancestry.com)

New Jersey
Elizabeth (Union County)
Ward 3
John O Sterry, 50, born Massachusetts
Value Estate Real $70,000, Personal $50,000
Margaret Sterry, 37, born Pennsylvania
Mary L Sterry, 17, born New Jersey
Ann A(?S) Sterry, 15, born New Jersey
William Sterry, 14, born New Jersey
Emma Sterry, 12, born New Jersey
John Sterry, 10, born New Jersey
George H Sterry, 9, born New Jersey
Matilda Sterry, 7, born New Jersey
Eliza Conolly, 32, Servant, born Ireland
Jane Laney, 32, Servant, born Ireland
Ann Linn, 29, Servant, born Ireland

New York
Albany City 8th Ward (Albany County)
Chauncey Sterry, 22, Book Keeper, born New York
Sarah Sterry, 22, born New York
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Chateaugay (Franklin County)
John Sterry, 29, Farm Labourer, born Vermont
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Friendship (Allegany County)
Munroe Sterry(?), 17, Farm H, born New York (With Garden family)

Harrison (Westchester County)
%%James H Sterry, 32, Brush Maker, born New York (With James Cross, Farmer & Brush Maker and family and large number of farm labourers and brush makers)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Lansingburgh (Rensselaer County)
Seneca E Sterry, 57, Woolen Ware Manf, born Connecticut
(Value Real Estate $2500, Personal $500)
Louisa Sterry, 50, born New York

Lansingburgh (Rensselaer County)
John Fitzpatrick, 62, Day Labourer, born Ireland
(Value Real Estate $600, Personal $100)
Jane Fitzpatrick, 61, born Ireland
James Fitzpatrick, 21, Pour Brush Maker, born New York
Mary Sterry, 25, born Ireland
William H Sterry, 8, born New York
John Sterry, 7, born New York
Mary J Sterry, 4, born New York
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Morristown (St. Lawrence County)
Marshall Eager, 50, born Vermont, Farmer
Melinda Eager, 27, born New York
Mary Eager, 3, born Michigan
Frederick Eager, 1, born New York
Wesley Sterry, 23, born New York, Mechanic

Morristown (St. Lawrence County)
Wesley Sterry, 21, Labourer, born New York
(Value Personal Estate $100) (With Myer Smith and wife)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

New York (New York County)
Ward 5 District 2 (M653_790/596)
Elizabeth Sterry(?), 18, Servant, born Prussia (With Abraham J Jackson, Corn Broker and family)

New York (New York County)
Ward 17 District 9 (M653_809/617)
%%George E Sterry, 23, Clerk, born Connecticut (With Catherine Van Orme and family)

Pittstown (Rensselaer County)
%%Marina Sterry, 55, Seamstress, born Connecticut
Value Personal Estate $400 (With David B Gibbs, 48, Farmer and family)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Saratoga Springs (Saratoga County)
William D Sterry, 33, Mst Painter, born New York
(Value Personal Estate $300)
Sarah Sterry, 33, born New York
William R Sterry, 11, born New York
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Stamford (Delaware County)
Mary Sterry, 58, born New York (With Selah M Stevens, Hotel Keeper and others)
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Wirt (Allegany County)
S M Langworthy, 13, born New York
Samuel Stery(?), 64, Day Hand, born New York
Value Estate Personal $100
Hulda(?) Stery(?), 61, born New York

Zanesville (Muskingum County)
Margaret Sterry, 19, Servant, born Ohio (With George L Shinnick, Cordage & Grocerer and family)

3rd Civil District (Cheatham County)
William Sterry, 41, Cabinet Maker, born New York
(Value Real Estate $300, Personal $200)
M Sterry, 25, born Tennessee
Wm Sterry, 9, born Tennessee
E Sterry, 7, born Tennessee
Thos Sterry, 6, born Tennessee
Chas Sterry, 3, born Tennessee
T A Sterry, 4mths, born Tennessee
E Hudgons, 44, Cooper, born Tennessee
(Source: Ancestry.com)

(Franklin County)
District 9
Patrick Sterry, 28, Stone Mason born Ireland (With H H Roberts, Farmer and family)

Matagorda (Matagorda County)
James Sterry, 31, Carpenter, born Maine
Estate Value Real $500
Nancy Sterry, 40, born New York
Christopher Sterry, 6, born Texas
Hannah Sterry, 6, born Texas
James Sterry, 4, born Texas
Julia Sterry, 1, born Texas
(Source: Ancestry.com)

Underhill (Chittenden County)
George Sterry, 33, Farmer, born Vermont
(Value Real Estate $2500, Personal $600)
Sarah Sterry, 24, born Vermont
Clayton Sterry, 2, born Vermont
Rufus Yallup, 21, Farm Labor, born Vermont

Beloit (Rock County)
Mary A Knill, 48, Housekeeper, born England
(Value Real Estate $2000, Personal $600)
Thomas H Knill, 21, Farm Laborer, born England
Charles Knill, 19, Farm Laborer, born England
Sidney Knill, 18, Farm Laborer, born England
Arthur Knill, 13, born England
Harold Knill, 11, born England
Alice Knill, 9, born New York
Mary Knill, 6, born Wisconsin
Richard H Knill, 3, born Wisconsin
Mary A Sterry, 68, born England

+++ = Starks, Maine, USA
%% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line